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Dear all, With this third and last issue in 2013 of the UNV Cambodia Newsletter, we would like to wish you all the best for the New Year! It has been a busy year, filled with exciting events, new team members and a lot of achievements from UN Volunteers in Cambodia, some of which are presented in this issue. A special highlight is given to IVD Celebrations, during which over 750 volunteers from all over the country gathered on 5th December in Phnom Penh. The objective of the celebrations was to recognize the contributions that volunteers make to Cambodias development. With this in mind, we would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of you, for your great work and accomplishments this year. We hope that 2014 will bring you all a lot of success in your professional and personal lives, and first and foremost happiness! Happy reading and we will be back in the New Year!

Inspiration in Action Newsletter # 3

Phnom Penh, December 2013

In this issue:
International Volunteer Day Addressing Food Insecurity UNV Field Trip

Transforming from Good To Great

Disability shouldnt be a barrier

Student visit from Japan

Happy New Year 2014!

Your UNV Field Unit

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Celebrating Volunteer Role Models Addressing Rising Food Insecurity Disability Should not Be a Barrier From Cambodia to Germany Visit of Japanese Youth to UNV UNV Field Trip with Youth Star Welcome to new UN Volunteers New Opportunities Khmer Corner 2 3 4 5 6 6 7 7 7

IVD 2013

Celebrating volunteer role models

Creating positive role-models for youth in Cambodia is very important and therefore the celebrations were held under the motto Be a role model, be a volunteer! in line with the global theme this year: Young. Global. Active. The purpose of both events was to recognize the hard work of volunteers all over Cambodia, demonstrate the benefits of volunteerism to the society as whole as well as to individual volunteers. discussion on skills development and intercultural learning through volunteerism. Young volunteers were especially interested in the information about the ASEAN Youth Volunteer programme, presented by Prof. Dato' Dr. Saran Kaur Gill, Executive Director of AYVP@AsiaEngage, and opportunities to volunteer abroad and gain international experience.

3rd National Forum on Volunteerism, Phnom Penh ,Photo: Veronika Jemelikova, UNV Cambodia, December 2013

Volunteerism is a two way street. Even as volunteers help generate positive change for others, their own lives are often transformed by the act of volunteering itself, said UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon in his message on the occasion of International Volunteer Day. On 5th of December, the volunteer community in Cambodia together with volunteers all over the world celebrated the International Volunteer Day. On that day, over 750 young volunteers attended the 3rd National Forum on Volunteerism and IVD fair organized in Phnom Penh by the National Committee for Promoting Volunteerism under the leadership of the Ministry of Education, Youth & Sport.

3rd National Forum on Volunteerism, Phnom Penh ,Photo: Veronika Jemelikova, UNV Cambodia, December 2013

The 3rd National Forum on Volunteerism aimed at UN Volunteer Jan Naplava from Czech Republic on IVD National Forum included a motivating participants to engage more in their The communities and provide information about presentation about MY World survey by Fair, Phnom Penh, Photo: JiriPasz, Cambodia, December 2013 UNV Intern Peter Prix, which stressed the different opportunities in Cambodia and abroad. importance of gathering voices from all over the purpose of this campaign is to enhance the In his opening speech Dr. Marc Derveeuw form UNFPA world in order to create the new Post-2015 recognition of volunteers and provide them with a space to share their stories and become positive role-models for their peers and in their communities. With the different pictures received, the UNV FU created a face map of development agenda. Celebrations of IVD 2013 in Cambodia, Photo: Jiri Pasz, 5th December 2013 volunteers in stressed the importance of volunteers for the society: Many participants used the opportunity to vote Cambodia. During IVD celebrations, participants We recognize that young volunteers are delivering and choose their priorities in the survey right were encouraged to join this campaign and share critical services: they help to keep our environment during the event. their story, picture and video. clean, many volunteers in Cambodia are tutoring, teaching, mentoring, coaching and helping their During the IVD fair, participants had the peers, some elderly, or disadvantaged groups, or opportunity to closely engage with 3rd National Forum on Volunteerism, Phnom urban poor in Cambodia today are having a better representatives of more than ten national Penh ,Photo: Veronika Jemelikova, UNV Cambodia, and international volunteer involving life because of the work of volunteers. organizations, members of VolCam, to talk December 2013 Michelle Vizzard, First Secretary of Development to experienced volunteers and find out more Cooperation of the Australian Embassy about benefits of volunteering and its great highlighted the significance of volunteerism, impact. Volunteers could enjoy performances which could also be a stepping stone in by local dance group supporting children professional career: I have been a volunteer both education Tiny Toones and the evening was in Australia and internationally and I credit that concluded by a concert of Koh Thlok band. experience with helping me to gain the position I IVD preparations and the willingness by all hold today. stakeholders to recognize volunteers across During the sessions with representatives of the Cambodia were supported by a launch of a private sector and the ASEAN Youth Volunteer nationwide campaign, Recognize Me!. The Programme, the youth had an opportunity to engage with senior staff for inspirational

Food for the poor

Addressing Rising Food Insecurity

Unskilled wage dependent on seasonality Unskilled wage is main source of income for This causes lack of labour in agriculture, many poor families. In Cambodia there are leading to increasing the wages to attract couple of major areas of unskilled more workers back to rural areas. employment agriculture, construction and factories. The unskilled wage rate in In order to address better needs of vulnerable Cambodia changes a lot based on seasonality. communities, WFP has two cash transfer During rainy season opportunities for programs: cash scholarships and productive construction work decreases, negatively assets and livelihood support, where affecting demand for unskilled labor in the electronic cash transfers are delivered field.. During the land preparation and through a micro-finance institution to food harvesting season the demand for agricultural insecure households and targeted vulnerable unskilled labor increases. Rukhshona group, feeding those people unable to explains and adds that the phenomenon of participate in the activities because of urban factories and increasing numbers of physical and social incapacity, concludes workers employed in them changes the Rukhshona. distribution of labour: This shift may be explained by perceived stability of factory work compared to seasonal agricultural work.
UNV Rukhshona Rajabova during collection of data on local Market. Photo: Archive of Rukhshona Rajabova

Collection of data on local Market. Photo: WFP, 2013 Understanding the environment, risks and factors causing food insecurity is crucial for work of World Food Programme. In 2008 a comprehensive nation-wide study revealed that 1, 7 million people in Cambodia are food insecure. Rural areas are more affected as more than 90 percent of the food insecure households live in rural areas. In order to address this problem and enable effective interventions combating food insecurity, WFP monitors food prices and wage rates of unskilled labor on a monthly basis. It aims to identify changes going abroad to find work and disappearing. and trends in the food purchasing power of Rukhshona recalls sad stories, which some families vulnerable households. . These belong to the main shared with her. responsibilities of UN Volunteer Rukhshona Rajabova, who works in WFP as Programme Officer Predicting food insecurity in the Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping unit.

Every month WFP, jointly with the Ministry of Rukhshona is originally from Tajikistan and she spent Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, publishes 5 years working for FAO and UNDP also on the Cambodia food price and wage bulletin. The Afghan-Tajik border, not one of the easiest work purpose of the monthly bulletin is to estimate the locations. But many times she finds the food security situation in Cambodia depressing: In 1, 7 million purchasing power of vulnerable households. This information is crucial in predicting increased Phnom Penh the problems are less visible, but vulnerability and rising food insecurity in going to the field is very challenging, she people in describes. We conducted a survey among poor Cambodia Cambodia and also allows WFP to quickly and precisely target the most vulnerable areas. households about food consumption. We were are food Rukhshona explains. asking questions like When did you eat last insecure. time, or What are you most afraid of and We collect food prices as well as price of many of the people cried, when asked about unskilled labor wage on monthly bases in 21 local their situation. Seeing people in such hard markets in 11 provinces. Rukhshona describes conditions is very difficult. Some of them eat the extensive tasks of her team. Food monitors twice a day only a bit of rice and maybe a small collect food prices each month from fixed traders to fish, Rukhshona shares her experience with minimize fluctuation. I, myself go to collect prices to vulnerable communities. Kandal province, which allows me to get sense of the market and evaluate accurateness of data, The problem of food insecurity has a deep impact on Rukhshona describes work in her team.Rice and the demographic of poor areas. Most of the wages are not the only items the WFP team households have one or two family members as researches, the prices of other 5 most commonly migrant workers in neighbouring countries, but even consumed staples for monitoring retail price of food with the remittances sent home it is hard for the commodity. families to get by. There were also cases of people

UN Youth Volunteer

Disability Should not Be a Barrier

Helping people with disabilities was always important for UN Volunteer Eoin Ryan. Eoin now works for UNDP in Cambodia on the design of a national programme aiming to improve the rights of persons with disabilities. When I was a teenager my parents were very involved in our community and I started working with a community support group, which organised local people to volunteer with people with disabilities, Eoin describes his first encounter with this issue. This experience motivated him to study social science and social work in university and while studying, Eoin worked with an organization providing services to people with disabilities for five years. In my undergraduate thesis I specialized in disabilities and in my master

A field trip to Ratanakiri province, Cambodia, Eoin Ryan on left with colleagues and members of community. Photo: Archive of Velibor Popovic, UNDP, April 2013

thesis I focused on mental health/disabilities. But at the same time I always wanted to work in development, so when Irish aid announced a UNV position focused on disabilities I applied for my dream job. Eoin describes his journey leading him to Cambodia. Fighting against stigma According to estimates there are over 2 million persons with disabilities living in Cambodia. Due to the violent history of the country, it is very likely that the number is much higher. According to Eoin it is quite challenging to

work on the issue of disabilities because of necessary to have a well organised, multi the different perceptions and cultural sectoral system in place. Our programme is differences. In Cambodia there is a the first step in this process, Eoin explains. stigma against people with The Right support can change disabilities. If you have a lives disability it is sometimes But I dont have In an ideal world, people with believed that you did a disability, I disabilities could benefit hugely something bad in your former from the most appropriate form of life and this is your am just missing punishment. At the same a leg intervention. It is necessary to have NGOs, associations or time, the understanding of governmental agencies, who would what disabilities are differs a lot in Cambodia. As a part of our research work in smaller geographical areas on provision of services. The NGO I worked for we travelled to different regions and some in Ireland provided day services, respite, very remote parts of the country. We organized employment, training; we had interviewed many people and one person we spoke to was a landmine victim. We psychologist, social workers, psychiatrists, language therapists and kinesiologists asked him, how it feels to be living with among others. This is a very challenging disability and he told us: But I dont have a disability, I am just missing a leg. Eoin work, but it is crucial to have specialists in issues that people with disabilities face. recounts his experience from the field. Physical disabilities are very visible in Many people with disabilities experience Cambodia, but other forms of disability difficulties in finding employment, but including psycho-social, autistic-spectrum disabilities should not prevent disorders or intellectual are them from being an active part of rarely visible. People the society. Like all of us, if sometimes think someone is If you have a people with disabilities receive disability it is possessed by a demon/spirit the right type of support, they can if they act differently, so they sometimes work in a sector which suits their dont know what kind of believed that you own talents, skill or interests, but supports they need or that did something bad also accommodates their needs. they could lead a normal life, in your former life In many communities here in says Eoin. and this is your Cambodia people with disabilities punishment. There are people with different help their families, but many times the families dont realize kinds of disabilities in their potential, and that they Cambodia, which are not properly advocated for. The could do much more if they have the right support, concludes Eoin, who programme, on the design of which Eoin is hopes his work will contribute to a more working, will aim at reducing the stigma, inclusive society, which will offer equal informing the public and reducing the barriers people with disabilities are facing. opportunities to people living with disabilities in Cambodia. Even in a country like Ireland persons with disabilities still face some barriers, so it is

Inspiring women

From Cambodia to Germany

for women and girls to show respect, they jobs from fresh graduates. It is important for have to obey and follow the elders, and youth to practice skills they learned in the To follow her dream Naroth accepted respect their husbands. It is hard for women school in their community; and if they the offer and moved to Germany with and girls to voice their ideas in the family, volunteer their time to share their her family and baby on the way. the community and the society as a whole. knowledge they can gain more experience. Before we came to Germany, I was But Naroth is very optimistic and sees the Moreover doing volunteering makes people expecting that it would be very potential of women in Cambodia developing happy because they can help, do something challenging for me as well as quickly: I see that more women from their heart and feel appreciated. my family to adjust to the new are going to the city or abroad to Family is the greatest motivation environment where we dont continue their study or work. They speak German and everything It is important are learning about the world. But Her hard work requires a strenuous effort. for youth to is new to us. It was a big they should also believe more in When she needs support, Naroth turns to change for us, from developing practice skills their ability to do something. The her family and herself: My family always country to Europe, from hot to they learned in real success will come to you when supports me, encourages me and motivates Naroth (second from right) with her former colleagues during the Launch of the a very cold climate, Naroth you believe in yourself and when me when I face some challenges. If I didnt the school in describes. But her new life and State of the World's Volunteerism Report in Phnom Penh . Photo: Archive UNV you want to do something from have them, I could not stand here today, I their work brings a lot of the bottom of your heart. love my family. Also the work that I have community. excitement. Working in the UN in Bonn is great. Women all over the world strive for personal and According to Naroth, learning and done motivates to continue doing my best I met many colleagues from different professional success. Sovannaroth Diep (called education are the key to solve with my full capacity and potential. And I backgrounds, nationalities and everyone here Naroth), former Programme Assistant in problems such as gender based violence, and believe I can do it, Naroth shares her truly is very helpful and supportive. UNV Field Unit in Cambodia, who is empower women to strive for equality in inspiring determination. currently responsible for UN Volunteers You learn from your their lives. You learn from your experience, Naroth moved to Germany in the beginning of in the East Asia and Pacific region as you learn from your mistakes, you learn from March and she saw snow for the first time in experience, you Portfolio Associate, proves that there are your past, you learn her life. However snow was not the only learn from your little boundaries for people, who work from your failures. If novelty and Naroth became intrigued by many mistakes, you learn hard and are determined to help others. you accept this it differences between Cambodia and Germany. from your past, you will bring you on the People are more independent from their Naroth started working with UN path towards learn from your families, streets are full of pedestrians instead Volunteers in Cambodia in 2008 and her success. Naroth of motorbikes and drivers obey traffic rules. failures. If you outstanding performance was reflected shares her advice to But the most impressive for Naroth was the accept this, it will in an offer from UNV Headquarters in all women. organization of the society. In Germany I can Bonn to work for East-Asia and Pacific bring you on the see more equal distribution between the Portfolio as Portfolio Associate. Since I Volunteering path towards people, the rich and the poor. They have social started working with UNV Cambodia, it makes you happy success. security, health insurance coverage, pension, was my dream to work at UNV HQs in Naroth has worked and they are enjoying other benefits. They Germany. Naroth recalls her with volunteers for dont need to worry to save money for spending when aspirations. She worked very hard to make this dream many years and they are sick, or when they are retired. This is a very good happen. It is always in my mind: on the first day you believes that the thing. step into your new job at the office, make colleagues world needs more smile and happy to work with you and on the last day Women have to believe in themselves of them. There is a that you step out, make people remember you for the high demand for With her great achievements, Naroth is truly a role model to good things." Naroth explains her working philosophy, Cambodian women, who are facing variety of challenges in Naroth (on left) during her visit to UNV Cambodia with her two children and former colleagues: thanks to which she was also awarded Winning Spirit their country. I see that many women and girls cannot Programme Officer Isabelle Devylder and Programme Assistant Markara Nuon from UNV Cambodia. Award from UNDP Cambodia in 2012. fully participate in decision making and are given less voice Photo: Veronika Jemelikova, UNV Cambodia, 2013 in the family. Because it is the cultural norm in Cambodia Moving to the land of snow

Feel, learn and discover

Student visit from Japan to UN

Feel, learn and discover was the objective of the Japanese Goodwill Mission, which was welcomed by the United Nations Volunteers Field Unit in Cambodia on September 19th. As a part of the International Youth Development Exchange Program, 15 young talented Japanese students came to learn more about the mission of United Nations in Cambodia and the role of volunteerism and UN Volunteers within the UN system. Similar youth exchanges take place between Japan and other countries since 1994. In 2013, 53 Japanese participants have visited Cambodia, Dominican Republic and Lithuania, while 60 young participants from these countries have visited Japan as part of the cultural exchange. The young members of the delegation were very eager to meet with UN representatives and broaden their global perspective and understanding of international cooperation. UN Volunteer Peter Prix from UN Resident Coordinator Office introduced in his presentation the UN system and the role of the UN in Cambodia.
Photo:Veronika Jemelikova, UNV Cambodia, September 3013

success by three exceptional women, originally from Japan, who works in the UNDP originating from Japan and working currently Environment Unit on UN-REDD project. for the UN in Cambodia. The UNDP Country Director Mrs. Setsuko Photo: Veronika Jemelikova, UNV Cambodia, September 3013 Yamazaki welcomed warmly the delegation and after that Japanese UN Volunteer Haruka Ishii, currently working for UNDP as Gender Based Violence Specialist, shared her story of becoming UN Volunteer and inspired the students by her dedication and her great professional experience. Story sharing was concluded by Junior Professional Officer Moeko Saito Jensen, also

The Japanese students further learned the UNDP project Loy9. Mr. Socheath Heng from UNDP started his presentation with highlighting very striking facts from the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice survey conducted among youth in Cambodia in 2010. According to this survey less than 2% of Cambodians reach tertiary education, only 8% ever voiced their opinion to government officials and 62% do not know what the National Assembly is. As a response to this survey UNDP in cooperation with BBC media action decided to create an entertaining and inspiring mass media campaign on TV, radio and online, in which many young Cambodians can take part, while learning about their country and civic participation. The importance of youth participation and presence in the public life was further stressed by UNV Programme Officer Isabelle Devylder, who explained the mission and work of UN Volunteers in Cambodia. The students also learned more about benefits of volunteering and different ways how to get involved in their daily lives. A unique opportunity for the students was also to hear three stories of

Community volunteers

UNV Field Trip in Partnership with Youth Star

In the week prior to the IVD celebrations, the UNV Field Unit conducted a field visit together with another VolCam member, Youth Star, to meet Cambodian volunteers assigned in a small community in Kampong Thom. During the field visit, the UNV Field Unit had a chance to discuss with the volunteers as well as with representatives of the community, where the volunteers work and the beneficiaries in local school. The field trip provided an interesting insight on the challenges of deploying volunteers in rural and traditional environments, even for volunteers of the same nationality and cultural background. Both Youth Star volunteers and community members stressed the importance of trust and mutual understanding to build strong relationship with local partners which allow the successful implementation of activities.

Photo: Veronika Jemelikova, UNV Cambodia, September 3013

Photo: Veronika Jemelikova, UNV Cambodia, December 3013


Welcome new UN Volunteers

Mana Kheng graduated with double Bachelors Degree in Education from the Institute of Foreign Languages and in International Relations from University of Cambodia. For over 4 years, she has been engaged in various community service and youth empowerment activities with the Fulbright and Undergraduate State Alumni Association of Cambodia (FUSAAC), hoping to make sounds and positive changes in Cambodia. Now Mana works as LGBT Human Rights Officer at UNOCHR, Cambodia.

Organizations operating in Cambodia, click for more information about vacancies:

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Malaria Consortium CWS Medical Teams International Workforce Humanity Care Groupe Energies Renouvelables, Environnement et Solidarits

Maria Mutya Frio is the Project and Communications Specialist for UNDP's Clearing for Results Project and she is based at the Cambodia Mine Action and Victim Assistance Authority in Phnom Penh. Maria previously served as an International UNV at UNDP in South Sudan and has worked in various development projects, more recently working with UNDP's recovery response to Typhoon Haiyan in her native Philippines. She has more than 10 years of professional experience in Development Communication, working with local and international NGOs in India, Kenya, Senegal and Mali.

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More on CAMHR AND Bong Thom.

Shuji Sekine is a 3rd year University student majoring in humanities, English and American literature at Rikkyo University, Japan. He is UN Youth Volunteer and works for UNV Field Unit in Cambodia as Youth Volunteering Specialist. Shuji is interested in fostering volunteerism since he realized it has great power through volunteer activities he participated in the Philippines.

Happening in Phnom
Sovanna Phum Shadow Puppet Theater independent Khmer art association in Phnom Penh . It has a dynamic network of 120 energetic professional artists. Performances every Friday and Saturday from 7:30pm on street 99, #166. Cambodian Living Arts - dance performances every day from Monday to Saturday night in front of the National Museum. This season offers 3 dynamic and unique performances, Children of Bassac, Mak Therng, and Passage of Life. You can purchase tickets online here. PhotoPhnomPenh Festival For its 6th edition, the PhotoPhnomPenh Festival is even more devoted to urban space, offering several outdoor exhibits and screenings, from the Wat Phnom Square to the Sisowath Quay, including the walls of the French Embassy or the Central market. Exhibitions at Bophana Center until January 3rd.


Pocket dictionaryTransportation
Airport jom-nort yoo-un hoh bicycle gong boat kanoe / touk bus laan krong bus station suh-ta nee laankrong car laan cyclo sih-kloa ferry sah-laan motorcycle taxi motodup plane gbul hoh taxi laan chnool distance chom ngai /

Khmer corner

outside kang krau in front of kang meuk / tuel meuk behind kang krao-ee up krauk chngai joh how far is it? Ta veer chom down ngai pbon-maan na? next to bpun-too-up bpee near jeut half kon-la across chlong kat inside kang knong

Warped Traditions ExhibitionIkat has been woven in Cambodia for centuries, but the skill was nearly lost during the Khmer Rouge. basik 855, a company based in Phnom Penh, aims to stimulate a renaissance of this craft by imparting a modern, global aesthetic onto ikat which is created on traditional warps and looms. Artillery, 240, Phnom Penh Exhibition Images of faith: Korea through a Cambodian eye: Last October, six Cambodians went to Korea on a solidarity trip to visit Cambodian migrant workers and the villagers of Gangjeong in Jeju island, struggling to preserve their culture against the building of a naval base. Craft Peace Caf, Phnom Penh CORE - Exhibition by Ben Thynalexplores ideas around the individual and the community in Cambodian society , Romeet Gallery, 178, Phnom Penh

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