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INDRAJIT DEY Contact: +91 9036314609 ~ E-Mail: JOB OBJECTIVE Seeking a challenging and rewarding career in ER a!

S" "#" ro$e!!ional where % can contri&'te my knowledge and !kill! $or growth and de(elo)ment o$ the organi*ation and to &e a&le to im)lement !ol'tion! that meet the c'!tomer re+'irement! '!ing my (ariety o$ !o$tware de(elo)ment !kill! and technical e,)erti!e. PROFILE SUMMARY " dynamic )ro$e!!ional with o(er 3 year! o$ e,)erience a! SAP R/ ABAP/! rogrammer with SD and MM -od'le! re!ently a!!ociated with 2- %n$otech (t. .td./ #angalore a! S" "#" 0on!'ltant 1ained hand!2on e,)erience &y handling the 3ata 3ictionary/ Re)ort!/ -en' ainter/ Screen ainter/ -od'le ool rogramming/ S" Scri)t/ Smart $orm!/ #30!/ #" %/ R40/ ".E5%360S and all enhancement! techni+'e!/ 66"#" / er$ormance 7ool! and 0ro!! "))lication! "&ilitie! in ma))ing the re+'irement!/ c'!tom de!igning !ol'tion! 8 tro'&le!hooting $or com)le, !o$tware 8 a))lication )ro&lem! 4'lly e,)erienced in end2to2end de(elo)ment o$ !o$tware )rod'ct! $rom re+'irement analy!i! to !y!tem !t'dy/ de!igning/ coding/ te!ting/ de&'gging/ technical doc'mentation and maintenance E,)erience o$ working in 0ore S" "#" along with carried o't knowledge o$ the $'nctional area! like SD" MM E,cellent knowledge o$ R3#-S conce)t! 1reat enth'!ia!m in !ol(ing di$$ic'lt/ non2tri(ial )ro&lem!. Solid knowledge o$ 66 S "#" 5 0ore "#" )rogramming lang'age E,)erti!e on 0'!tom 9!er %nter$ace 3a!h #oard E,cellent analytical and logical a&ility E,)erti!e on er$ormance 7'ning50ode Re(iew50ode 6)timi*ation CORE COMPETENCIES P#o$%ct Mana&%'%nt -a))ing client:! re+'irement! and )ro(iding them &e!t !ol'tion! in(ol(ing e(al'ation and de$inition o$ the !co)e o$ the )roject and $inali!ation o$ the )roject re+'irement! ro(iding end to end management o$ m'lti)le )roject! $rom conce)t'ali!ation 8 (i!'ali!ation to technology ma))ing and $inal e,ec'tion o$ )roject! So(t)a#% D%*%lo+'%nt ;andling com)lete !o$tware de(elo)ment li$e cycle in(ol(ing )roject )lanning/ e!timation/ tracking and deli(ery artici)ating in de!ign re(iew! to en!'re integrity o$ the !ol'tion< )ro(iding S." and co!t! $or e,i!ting !ol'tion=!> )rior to #'!ine!! 0a!e5 ro)o!al 3e(elo)ment D%,i&nin& - D%*%lo+'%nt 3eli(ering and im)lementing the )roject a! )er !ched'led deadline! and e,tending )o!t2im)lementation and maintenance !'))ort 3e!igning/ de(elo)ing and im)lementing the work$low )rogram/ )re!entation and handling (ario'! )ha!e! o$ inter$ace de(elo)ment &a!ed on technical !)eci$ication OR.ANISATIONAL E/PERIENCE Sinc% A0&123 P4M In(ot%c5 P*t6 Lt76" Ban&alo#% a, SAP ABAP Con,0ltant

8%9 R%,0lt A#%a,: Re!)on!i&le $or 3e(elo)ment o$? o %nteracti(e and 0la!!ical Re)ort! &y '!ing "#" .i!t @iewer =".@> and Smart $orm!/ S" Scri)t! and related control )rogram! o 6&ject! $or -- 8 S3 o 0la!!ical #atch %n)'t and ')loading o$ data into S" !y!tem $or (ario'! tran!action

-en' inter$ace! $or (ario'! !creen! 8 %nteracti(e li!t!. Screen! $or '!er2de$ined tran!action! and writing o$ a!!ociated mod'le! mainly $or data entry in '!er2de$ined ta&le! o 1ra)hical '!er inter$ace that gi(e! the '!er ea!y acce!! to a n'm&er o$ $'nction!. Enhancing the )er$ormance o$ "))lication! '!ing R'ntime "naly!i!/ SA. 7race and 3e&'gging 0arrying o't the con$ig'ration and !etting!/ di!tri&'tion o$ ma!ter data &y %360!? 0reation and E,tended %360! o o

EDUCATION 2010 200C -0" $rom Be!t #engal 9ni(er!ity o$ 7echnology/ ;aldia/ Be!t #engal #.Sc. $rom 7he 9ni(er!ity o$ #'rdwan/ #'rdwan/ Be!t #engal

IT S8ILLS .ang'age!? "#" 54/ 0/ D"@" ER ? S" R53 @er. E00 E.0/ E00 6.0 R3#-S? 6racle 6)erating Sy!tem!? Bindow! F5C5 G ro$e!!ional ackage? ;7-./ -S 6$$ice 8 %nternet "))lication! PERSONAL DETAILS 3ate o$ #irth? 9th -ay/ 19FE -arital Stat'!? 9nmarried 1ender? -ale "ddre!!? 9253 7'l!hi 7heater Road/ -arathahalli/ #angalore/ E6003C .ang'age! Hnown? Engli!h/ ;indi and #engali a!!)ort Io? D4F40940 =@alid ') to 22 nd 4e& 2021> Iationality? %ndian .ocation re$erence? #angalore/ 0hennai l!. re$er to anne,'re $or )roject! detail!

Ann%:0#% P#o$%ct-I 0lient? eriod? En(ironment? 3e!cri)tion? Hriti %nd'!trie! %ndia (t. .td. "'gJ122Io(J13 S" E00 6.0. 7he Hriti 1ro') %ndia .td. i! a re)'ted man'$act'rer o$ )la!tic )olymer )i)ing !y!tem!/ mo'lded )la!tic )rod'ct! and )remi'm +'ality re$ined !oya &ean )rod'ct! with a loyal c'!tomer &a!e &oth in %ndia and internationally. 7he greater )art o$ the )rod'ct! man'$act'ring i! &a!ed in 0entral %ndia with a &ranch in the Be!tern region. 7he whole )roject in(ol(e! Re)orting/ -3 / Smart 4orm!/ and Enhancement!.

R%+o#t,: 3e(elo)ed? o 0la!!ical re)ort that im)lement! (alidation! on c'!tomer acco'nt n'm&er and $or the (alid c'!tomer di!)layed c'!tomer detail! o %nteracti(e re)ort that !ho'ld mo(e $inally to the material ma!ter tran!action &a!ed on the !ale! doc'ment n'm&er o %nteracti(e re)ort $or di!)laying (endor in$ormation &a!ed on the !election made the corre!)onding (endor &ank detail! are li!ted !'ch that the line !elected in &a!ic li!t wa! (i!i&le with !econdary li!t o ".@ re)ort to di!)lay (endor e(al'ation detail! $or on2time deli(ery S'a#t(o#',: 0reated a? o Smart 4orm to )rint the in(oice detail! &a!ed on 0'!tomer Io. and %n(oice Io. o Smart 4orm to )rint the in(oice detail! along with 0o)ie! and 4inal Bindow! BDC ;Batc5 Data Co''0nication<? 3e(elo)ed a #30 )rogram $or ')loading @endor 'rcha!ing data $rom $lat $ile to -H01 '!ing 0all 7ran!action -ethod 0reated a #30 )rogram to ')load 0'!tomer -a!ter 3ata $rom $lat $ile to G301 '!ing Se!!ion -ethod ALE/IDOCS: ;andled the con$ig'ration o$ needed !etting! $or 0'!tomer -a!ter 3ata di!tri&'tion &y '!ing 3E#-"S -e!!age 7y)e 1enerated %360S along with re+'ired Segment! &y di!carding 'nwanted Segment! o$ an %360 7y)e En5anc%'%nt,: ;andled the im)lementation o$? o -EI92EG%7 &y '!ing #"3%J! $or 4#.3I which gi(e! e,tra men' item! like (endor detail! o S0REEI EG%7 &y '!ing #"3%JS to add additional !creen $ield! $or G301 like a!!)ort detail!/ etc. o 49I07%6I EG%7 &y '!ing 09S76-ER EG%7 to check whether the 0'!tomer &elong! to 0o'ntry? 1ermany and i$ region i! e+'al to S)ace and then rai!ed an error "dded a c'!tom !creen in 0D92 tran!action to di!)lay the date5name o$ the )er!on created the )roject.

P#o$%ct-II 0lient? eriod? En(ironment? 3e!cri)tion?

@i!hay 0om)onent! (t. .td. -ayJ112D'lJ12 S" E00 6.0 7hi! main )'r)o!e o$ the )roject wa! to incl'de S" %m)lementation $or @i!hay com)onent!. %t wa! '!ed in (irt'ally all ty)e! o$ electronic de(ice! and e+'i)ment/ in the ind'!trial/ com)'ter/ a'tomoti(e/ con!'mer and telecomm'nication!/ military/ aero!)ace and medical market!. @i!hay:! glo&al $oot)rint incl'de! man'$act'ring $acilitie! in 0hina

Role? 0hecked the $'nctional !)eci$ication )ro(ided and de!igned the technical !)eci$ication Engaged in de(elo)ment o$ technical !)eci$ication! 3e(elo)ed a? o Re)ort to di!)lay material! and their item! in$ormation in ;ierarchical ".@ 4ormat o #30 )rogram to ')load c'!tomer ma!ter data to S" R53 data&a!e o S0R% 7 .ayo't to di!)lay 'rcha!e 6rder 3etail! like -aterial I'm&er/ A'antity/ Iet )rice/ etc. o Red'ced -e!!age 7y)e $rom an e,i!ting -e!!age 7y)e along with re+'ired Segment! and re+'ired 4ield! o 0'!tom #" % to tran!$er data $rom in)'t $ile into 0'!tom 3ata&a!e 7a&le ;andled the con$ig'ration o$ 0hange ointer! !etting! $or 0RE-"S to !end only change! in @endor -a!ter 3ata 1enerated %360S with re+'ired 0om)any code! only &y !etting condition at 3i!tri&'ted -odel @iew er$ormed im)lementation o$ a 4'nction2EG%7 &y '!ing 0'!tomer EG%7 to )redetermine to Sold2to2 arty &a!ed on !ome condition! 0arried o't 7e!ting/ @eri$ying and @alidation o$ the de(elo)ed o&ject! 3eli(ered the o&ject! in time with a good +'ality in term! o$ )er$ormance .iai!ed with the client $or i!!'e clari$ication! and other )roject related acti(itie!

and other "!ian co'ntrie!/ %!rael/ E'ro)e/ and the "merica!/ and !ale! o$$ice! aro'nd the world.

P#o$%ct-III 0lient? eriod? En(ironment? 3e!cri)tion?

-cHe!!on/ 9S" "'gJ102")rJ11 S" E00 6.0 7he -cHe!!on to'che! (irt'ally e(ery a!)ect o$ healthcare. %tJ! a large!t )harmace'tical di!tri&'tor in Iorth "merica. %tJ! the nation:! leading healthcare %7 0om)any with !o$tware and hardware technology in!talled in more than hal$ o$ the nation:! ho!)ital!.

R%+o#t,: ;andled the de(elo)ment o$? o Re)ort which allowed the )lanner! to go and ')date the )rod'ction order )riority &a!ed on the )riority entered in the !election2!creen o 0la!!ical re)ort that im)lement! (alidation! on c'!tomer acco'nt n'm&er and $or the (alid c'!tomer di!)layed c'!tomer detail! o -onthly re)ort where the interacti(e re)ort look! ') all )'rcha!e order! o$ gi(en date range. %t !how! all order! with item!/ +ty ordered/ +ty recei(ed and in(oiced Sc#i+t,: 4'nctioned on Standard Scri)t -E3R90H to di!)lay the term! and condition! &ack !ide o$ a )age 0hanged the addre!! $ormat/ logo and $or the .ine item!/ $or each material )rinted the doc'ment no. and 3oc'ment (er!ion! at the item le(el BDC ;Batc5 Data Co''0nication<: 3e(elo)ed a inter$ace )rogram to create the )rod'ction order with !erial n'm&er!/ &atch n'm&er/ !tart date5End date/ order ty)e/ E,)iration date and !hi))a&le date =0601> En5anc%'%nt,: 0arried o't enhancement o$? o Screen o$ @endor -a!ter "))lication '!ing S0REEI2EG%7S o 9!er de$ined men'! 'nder !a) men' 9!ing -EI92EG%7S o Screen $or )'rcha!e re+'i!ition tran!action '!ing #"3% o Screen in the tran!action @"01 $or entering additional detail! o Screen like adding the c'!tom $ield! in #ill o$ material! 7ran!action!

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