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WHY High Pressure Hydraulic Lines are having Square Flanges Instead Of Circular Flanges:

The Square flange is having m re thic!ness than a circular flange f r a given PC" and #aterial$ The %nd # ment flange is m re than that material saved 'y thi!ness$ The f Inertia f r square

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Crankshaft Deflection: Marine Diesel Engine Components

The crankshaft of the marine diesel engine is a huge bulky component which should remain as straight as possible during operation, otherwise it could lead to serious damage to the engine and the vessel. Learn about deflection in a crankshaft and how to keep the alignment within limits.

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In the previous article we studied about marine diesel engine crankshafts in terms of their construction, materials and so on. In this article we will proceed to learn about one very important task related to marine diesel engine crankshafts and that is learning to take their deflections. In the succeeding paragraphs you will learn about the importance and procedure of the same.

The +eed t

#easure "eflecti n

If you remember about the construction of the crankshaft from the previous article, you will recall that apart from other parts, it consists of crank-webs, crank-pins and journals along its length. The weight of the crankshaft is supported by the main bearings at the journals. Over a period of time as the engine keeps running, the wear in the bearings may not be uniform across the entire length of the crankshaft. This means that the crankshaft will not remain in the initial straight line but will get bent either upward or downwards to a slight degree which may not be visible with the naked eye but could be sufficient to cause dangerous levels of fatigue in the crank-webs. ence there is the re!uirement of measuring crankshaft deflections at regular intervals to ensure that the alignment of the shaft is within permitted limits and these deflections can be measured as described in the ne"t section. to check turbocharger statically and dynamical balancing$

%nswer. statical check& mark a point on hte wheel. turn the shaft, if the point comrs back to
same place.. its unbalanced.... 'ynamic balancing is carried with load cells while the shaft is rotating at appro" operating speed... the forces on teh load cells will be shown as a graph which on analysis gives massed to be aaded to counteract the forces.. mostly done on test rig.. not onboard #. e"plain how to do (ero setting and senstivity test of OIL )I*T '+T+,TO-$ %nswer. .ero setting check- /. 0ote the position of chember having hot spot pointed by sampling knob. 1. Operate the selector bottom turn the sampling to (ero position for (ero check.alarm should stop. 2. Operate check button ,the meter should swing on the scale and alarm should sound. 3. -elease the selector button, if alarm comes from same then it is confirmed to be true. ,hecking sensitivity- /. graviner detector meter is graduated from 4 to /5 at right hand of scale. 1. 6ress check button and meter should move to /5. 2. -ed indicator warning light should come and audible alarm should sound..

orals at dg shipping /4 dec 14/2 taken by km rao function 3b /. e"plain y inelligent engine called intelligent engine$ 1. e"plain with diagram the flow of fuel oil through and fuel how it recirculates. 2.e"plain super vit. to calculate cylinder oil consumption$ 7scoc8 fuel rack is brought to 4 when engine is stopped$ draw and e"plain. l.o low pressure trip works to stop the main engine.he wanted to know evry thing in detail and complete. ;.high temperature fire. result & repeat ...he wanted every thing in detail n accurate with diagram. 41-/1-/2 orals at dgshipping kanjurmarg 2rd attempt e"ternal- mr. k.m. rao fn 3b /. why are we taking cards, draw all cards, significance of all cards, draw card when fuel injector leaking, during afterburning, compression pressure low, how will you avoid after burning if no f!s or vit is there, what is vec 1. difference between sul(er rd,rnd and rta fuel pumps, fuel pump timimng of rta engine, 2. material of liner and properties of material of liner, piston ring 3. what is running in, how will you carried out running in when one unit liner and piston rings renewed, 9. types of turbocharger, diff between ae turbocharger and me turbocharger, difference between radial turbocharger and a"ial turbocharger, how the thrust of tubine can be minimised

:. turbocharger water washing and grit washing, duration, if grit is not available on board how will you go for it ;. what all test carried out on boiler water, what is p alk and t alk, what happens if t alkalinity increases, what types of scales are formed in boiler how to avoid id and how to remove it 5.types of crankshaft <. cylinder lubricator function is it load dependent or speed depedent /4. if pma" is high what will happend respect to anne" : //. purifier how it is disludge, what is the function of water chamber, pairng discs the oral took almost 1 hrs, finally he said to wait outside. call me at /;24 and said go u r passed. finally cleared class 1 thanks to this group. keep posting guys it will be very helpfull to others in this group.

1=/1=14/2 int-'utta e"t >adwal ?un 2 3 : Type of propeller....wet or dry type...dry type...draw...position of nut @ hub on shaft and materials. *tarting air system ....y d position of kick lever is not aft interlocks ?uel injector only 0iddle assmly...lift$ @ how lift is avoided$ Types of fire fighting in +-...working f portable foam e"tinguisher...composition of foam >lr safety v=v only spindle v=v @ seat assembly.....dont show pin in v=v @ spindle +lectronic Aovernr..... ow fuel lever is control 'raw card....'raw ,lr 3> In all he is trying 1 confuse by lots of B!uestion. 3th attempt.. )r )ishra ?unction 3b /. IA system with safeties etc. each and everything 1.'eck seal type on last ship. draw @ e"plain..safeties, alarms and trips 2.rotary type burner, draw 3. liner material, with full composition 9.Cnloader diagram of -eefer :. *tarting air system of )+ with cross !uestions. ?n 3b Dapoor. /.chain inspection and tightening 1. where will u check clearance in bottom end bearing and how$ 2. any servey attended on ship..i said main bearing then he asked procedure will u come to know which servey is due$ fn3b.. )ishra --specifications for mainengine,generator,boiler for last vessel --back pressure valve principle n diagram --types of rudder,bearing pintles purpose n diagram --boiler corrosion reasons --?EA salinometer working principle --main engine f.o system diagram n safeties in the system

1<=//=14/2 )r D) -ao fn 3,: result& cleared 3 fn 3 /- Ehat are the methods of reducing 0OB$ 1- 'etails of 0OB file$Ehat components are listed in it$$ 2- Ehy is an intelligent engine called so$ 3- )aterial of piston ring and liner $$ 9- 'ifference between material and construction of )=+ and %=+ piston ring$$ : Types of bearings7 he wanted thick shell ,thin shell type8 and its details$ /- If liner is cracked how will u take ship to safety$$ 1 >earing material has wiped off, how to repair on board$ 2 ow to do grit cleaning if grit is not there on board$$ >adwal 15=//=14/2 'A* 2.3b,: %ir starting diagram. %ir starting valve. %sked the procedure and abt how air is cut off after engine starts. ?uel injector wants to know abt thrust plate. how butt clearance measured Loop scavenge and uniflow scavenge. no other !uestions asked passed 3b date 15=//=14/2 badwal func 2,3b,9 Deyed and keyless propeller assemble diag *afety valve diag ?uel valve diag -udder carrier diag ?unction of tie rod *tarting air system diag )r. sirish kumar ?n 3 Ehat is the difference between sul(er rta t and rta m as I have done both$ 1- crankshaft deflection$ Ehy$ ow$ 'raw table put readings. I did all- then what you will do$ ow will you determine the problem$ Ehy do you plot graph$ does anyone know the answer to why do we plot a graph$ 2- draw sul(er fuel pump. ow it works$ Ehat is vit- how is it attached to pump and where. Ehere is f!s attached- in this I fucked up. 3- me jcw e"p tank level going down. Ehat will you do. Told him some stuff- leak from, liner what will you do if no spare liner. I answered we can weld or cut off unit- he says you will never cut off- how will you weld$ 'ont know 3th attempt +"t & barwal ?un 2 @ 3b /. >oiler safety valve

1.propeller attachment dig etc 2. ?uel injector, lift details 3. *tart air system 9. Aovernor details -esult & cleared 3b

/st attempt 'A* kanjurnarg 45=//=/2 Only internal mr. D. ). -ao ?n 3 and : 'iffernce between crosshead of -ta and )cc engine ow lubrication is acheived in detail. Ehat type of bearing in crosshead. Lubrication of intermediate bearing. Thick and thin shell bearing diff, whr dey are used, can they b used in same engine$ 'iff bearings in a engine. ),, engine main bearing removal in detail..cross !uestioing in every point. *lippage of journal, what will happens how will u find out slippage. +"haust temp of one unit going up. ,rankcase inspection$ Types of boiler on ur ship. *team pressure reducing valve principle$ 5 0ov 14/2 'utta and one more but not interested in listening. ?unc 3 Ehat types of different fuel injection system are there$ +"plain in detail common rail. #.%s I have done )ec engine. e asked difference between it and )cc #.,ylinder lubrication of sul(er and )an difference$ 'iagram. #.diff. between cloverleafing and scuffing #.,FLI0der lube oil how changed on )an.what values u use and value u calculate to put in )I$ #.different types of choks and the procedure of bedding$ #.'efine engine structure$ ow u tight tie rods.what to check in tie rods from crankcase. //=//=/2 kanjurmarg /st attempt Internal )r.'utta, +"ternal )r 'uttar fun3b rta and man "-head diff, why /:bar used in rta 3stroke con rod checks, why ovality only in 3stroke, conrod bolt stress7ans only tensile8 Orals 5=//=/2 'A* kanjurmarg /st attempt Internal-banerjee, e"ternal-D) -ao Oral taken only by D) -ao ?C0,3 -Types of engines done. .-T%, >@E A?,%. -Type of cylinder lubricator in -t%, e"plain how flow of oil is regulated to cylinder depending on load.

-difference between m=e @a=e governors....e"plain working of both )=+ electronic and hydraulic governor in detail. - ow in sul(er engine fuel cut off takes place when engine is brought from running to stop condition. -boiler water tests. .. e"plain all recorded parameters. .etc -gentrator decarb.... wat all checks n inspection u will carry out on diff parts during oGhaul. -6urifier.... as 1nd engr,Ehat all inspection n checks during bo"ing up. ow interface is maintained in %L,%6 6urifier. -if oil level is low in refer compressor and if there is fall in refrigerating to detect n wat action ul take to rectify. %gain, lots of cross !uestions even when u think u answered correctly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

4:=//=/2 kanjumarg e"t-dattar. , internal - %.>. dutta all functions function 3b type of engine worked.)an > @E ), what is the difeerence between ), and ),, engine.. serrated con rod checks$ why ovality occur in 3s not in 1s governor limiter$7scavenge limiter and tor!ue limiter how do they work8 'ate- :=//=14/2 Danjurmarg +"t-trassi baba and internal-gadkar ?n.3 /.difference between -L% @D*. fuel pump7 as i did only sul(er rla and man ks( eng8 1. -L% fuel pump timing

2.D*. stand for what 1< O,T 14/2 D%0HC- )%-A I0T+-0%L& )- A%'D%- +BT+-0%L& )- '%TT%-7I)+I8 10' %TT+)6T ?C0, 3 / types of engine...both smc and rta .....was happy said with a i can ask you on both....i also smiled... 1. diffrence in fuel pumps...and cross head bearings....was happy with the answer 2. what is vit and super vit$ 3. how is f!s achieved in smc.... 9. tri metal bearing.....why ni dam :. how is cylinder lub achieved in sul(er ; tribopack technology : november trassi ?unction 3> & /. +ngines worked on & *),-, 1. fuel pump timing of *),-, engines$ 2.working of -ef Cnloader. 3. 6erformance on Aenerators$ 9. )=+ )ain >earing *urvey. :.//.14/2 Tarasi sir n gudkar sir.. %ll function ?n3b /.Types on engine worked, as I worked on mc and mcc engines... specifications n bore to stroke ratio... 1.*ul(er fuel pump timing... 7asked about tool for for removing valve n valve sheet... drawn as given in rahulGs note but not satisfied asked 1 refer mannul...8 2.Tie rod tightening procedure told... 3.'ifferece between mcc n me engines... datrpol anne" /e& 4:=//=/2 kanjumarg e"t-dattar. , internal - %.>. dutta all functions function 3b type of engine worked.7sul(r ;rta ;1u and :rta 35d8 what is the difeerence between two engines, what does d and u represents and 1 and 5 represents. s1 stroke " head difference between sul(er and b@w$ y we r maintaining /: bar in sul(er serrated con rod checks$ why ovality occur in 3s not in 1s y no" emission more in 1s than 3s$7high temperature for long period in 1s8 !uills working , pulse jet and alpha lubricator difference and working principle$ governor limiter$7scavenge limiter and tor!ue limiter8 in drydock while assembeling propeller what will u check$ oral on 2/st oct 14/2 mr. trassi and mr. benarjee fn 2 and 3b

fn 3b /. use of countersunk screw onboard$ 1. how do u find out ur generator engine air cooler is leaking$ 2. manoeuvring diagram 3. how to make sure that ur jack bolt is perfectly fitted$ 1<=/4=/2 Danjurmarg 2rd %ttempt +"t& )r.Trassi. Int& )r. 'atta. ?unc 3b& /8)ain engine hunting reasons$ 18-easons for vibrations in the )ain +ngine$ 28-efer unloader working mechanism$ 38%=+ air cooler is leaking, how will u find out during rounds and how will u confirm from where is the leak$ 98*mc fuel pump timing$ Oral 2/ oct 14/2 )r trassi n banerjee ?n 3b /. 'iff bet tie rods of b @ w n sul(er *hort n long type, distance7tick8 1.smc fuel pp timing adj. 7Tick8 2. %u" eng performance 59=<4J load, tk all parameters n compare it with sea trial data wrt that load.7tick8

24th oct 'A* Danjurmarg )r D) -ao ?un 3 -T fle", lot of cross !tns...crank angle sensor, recirculation of fuel cyl lubrication system on sul(er advan disadvan againt not say precise timingK mechanical lubricator working principle, includin drive prt types of steel ....wat is brittle to increase tensile strength...hardness...lots on materials and properties... *tuffing bo" checks, clearances, materials... 24./4./2 datta n badwal fn 2,3b types of boiler,draw draw safety valve manoeuvring diagram e"plain governor line to fuel pumps with dia arrangement to prevent motoring in steering,draw

startin air valve n lot of "-!uestion in that thats all he asked 1<=/4=14/2 'A* 1nd attempt D.) -oa func 2 which ships done ?un 3b /. Ok nw u have taken oil with more ash content...onboard wat all measures u wl take ...i tol optimum purification with less feed...send sample to lab after purifier.... now tell me parametrs in ).+ which wl change wen ash content is high... 1.what is static and dynamic balancing... 2.Ehat is vibration...vibration is heigher in 1stroke or 3stroke eng.... 3.C- ships ??+... i tol foam...its working... 9.)aintainance on ?oam... ?un : /.)ain eng )ain bearing clearance hw will u take... told him wl remove lube oil pipe ...we have a depth gauge...he tol antting else... i told by telescopic type feeler gauge...wl u get correct values frm it...i tol not soo mch...i tol bridge gauge...he wanted tat only.... 1.)ain bearing removal procedure.... isolate,risk ass and all those stuff....what is risk assesment...told in my own words we wl identify all ha(ards and we have a chart ...we wl check etent of risk... 2.Aenerator decarb what all checks... El check piston bush clearance...piston ring butt clearance...ovality of con rod...connectin rod bolts...hw wl u check conrod ovality and wat checks in conrod bolts.... 13=/4=/2 )r. 'atta and )r. I!bal 0ew 'gs ?uc 2 /.Inclination e"pt in detail 1.why bilge plate is under stressed all time 2.garbage mgt plan 3.0o" reduction method 9. *o" reduction method :. Ehat is situation awareness$ ?unc 3 /.engine worked on 1. )+-> engine in detail 2.double impeller pumps bracing present in which type of engine$ 9. fundamental idea behind top bracing$ 15=/4=14/2, )ishra fn-2 solas chapter-// tanker deck fire fighting system and foam name how to ensure that foam is correct for fire fighting anne"-: how to calculate ships speed fn-3

types of safety valves types of fuel pumps refer unloader types of fwg and working of salanity orals on 15=/4=14/2 intL datta e"tL badwal fun& 3b /. 1. 2. 3. 9. uniflow and loop scavenging starting air line in deep fuel injector starting air valve difference in main engine and au". engine governor

finally cleared class 1 with gods grace thanks everyone 1<=/4=/2.....T-%**I *I- %0' '%TT% *I?C0,T 3> /8)%I0 +0AI0+ II>-%TI0A -+%*O0* 18 C0TI0A O? )%I0 +0AI0+ -+%*O0* 28 OE TO T%D+ 6+-?O-)%0,+ O? A+0+-%TO-*,6%-%)+T+-*,6+%D 6-**C-+ TO E I, I%LC+ TO ,O)6%-+ EIT , OE EILL FOC ,O)+ TO D0OE T %T ,O--+,T 6+%D 6-+**C-+ %* >++0 )%I0T%I0+',....+T, 38E I, I* T + +)+-A+0,F *TO6 T %T I* LO,%T+' O0LF O0 >-I'A+ ?C0,T : /8TF6+* O? T -+%' 18*, 34 28-+?-IA+-%TIO0 ,O)6-+**O- C0LO%'+- )+, %0I*)

1 attempt 13=/4=14/2 mr i!bal and mr datta function 3 /. vit and supervit in brief 1. main engine full details 2. caustic embrittlement in boiler 3.type of main engine lub oil pump and why$ 9. mc and mcc difference :. vibrations and remedies 19=/4=/2 )r datar and )r gadkar. 3th attempt. 3b -difference between rta and mc crosshead bearing. c=! use of /9 bar pressure. - difference bet. white metal and tim aluminium bearings -Tribopack - electronic cylinder lube oil system used by sul(er

c=! workin of 6L* system. -T=c surging causes. -IT% T=c -significance of ,,- as per I*O 51/; - ,,%I c=! ignition lag will affect 3s or 1s more$ 2rd attempt dattar 7 not imei one8 and datta 19=/4=/2 funtn 3b type of ship sailed on, grt and bhp, diference bet man and uec engine as i have done both engine construction- bedplate, foundation bolts, a frame , draw chocks, how chocks are placed while construction,- i told him we will jack up then how will u make sure its sitting correctly ans is to apply persian blue he gave me hint of purifier tie rod tightness and checks. pinching screw location i said in crank case. if it breaks then procedures. draw chain drive, how to tighten it.. what is moment compensator vit for man then difference in sul(er, super vit, f!s- how it functions- how it operates. 2rd attempt 13=/4=14/2 )r. I!bal !uatib and Aadkar ?un 3 Ehich type of engines you worked on I told him all )%0 > @ E ),-, engines :. Ehat type of turbocharging on your shipM.. I told him constant pressureM..and on generatorM.. I told him pulse turbochargingMMso he asked me can we put pulse in )=+ and constant in genM..i said no because both has uni!ue !ualities for 1- stroke and 3-stroke. ;. )ain air compressor safeties, bursting disc in both side or intercooler and aftercooler or not, I told him L=O low pressure trip then he asked me which type of lubrication does your compressor has I told him splash then he crossed me how then L=o low pressure trip, I also told him fusible plug which is air bottle safety. 5. In refer plant T+I is there it has capillary tube which li!uid and its purposeM.. I told him to decrease superheat so that in evaporator coils more latent heat is absorbed M.but he was not satisfied. <. Ehich type of propeller on your ship single screw or double screwM.i told him single screw he asked me which has more efficiency with respect to same power o=pM.. I told him single screw M. e asked me whyM.. I have told him due to losses in single screw is moreM.. but he was e"pecting some answer relating *++)6 funda which I didnNt know. Orals on 12./4./2. )r. 6akrashi. ?unction-3b /8 18 28 38 Thrust block Types of turbine no((le ring is secured. +"haust v=v and v=v seat material. ,amless engine advantages.

11nd Oct-14/2 'A* D%0HC-)%-A I0T+-0%L& )- *CDC)%-%0 +BT+-0%L& I* 0%)+ E%* , %DDI I AC+** ,>%*I,%LLF OE TO T%D+ O-%L*.

+ E%* T-%I0I0A


?03& /.E %T %-+ T + *%?+TI+* I0 ?-%)O *F*T+)*$ 1.E %T %LL )%I0T+0%0,+ C ,%--F O0 T %T *F*T+)$ OE EILL C 6C-A+ T + ,O??+- '%)$'-%E *I)6L+ *D+T, $E %T EILL FOC 'O I? FOC ?I0' OIL$ 2.E %T I* T + 'I??+-+0,+ >+TE++0 >%LL%*T 6C)6 @ ,%-AO 6C)6 I0 % ?-%)O *FT+)$ 3. OE )%0F *+%L* %-+ T +-+ I0 ,%-AO 6C)6$E +-+ %-+ T +F 6L%,+'$ 9.TI+ >OLT*$?C0,TIO0 O? TI+ >OLT*$%* % *+,O0' C %I+ TO , +,D E +T +T +F %-+ *L%,D O- 0OT OE EILL FOC AO %>OCT IT$ :.T I* E%* 0+E >F T %T T-%I0++$E F I* L%)>'% ,O0T-OLL+- ,%LL+' L%)>'% ,O0T-OLL+-$I TOL' I) ?C0,TIO0 >CT + *%I' >F 0OE C D0OE T %T >CT E F I* IT ,%LL+' L%)>'% ,O0T-OLL+-$ orals at 'A* 1:.4<.14/2 )r >anerjee and )r trassi ?n,2,3>,: %sked to write to previous !uestions didint as anythg from dat ?unc 3> /8 'ifference between IIT and *uper Iit Ert to )%0 >E +ngines .. 18 %rrangements of Loading 'ischarging 6ipelines In IL,, to prevent *agging ,and static electricity. 'rawn 'iagram .. 28Ehy *'0- valve 6rovided on discharge side of %ir compressor$. 38 *pecs of >rine .$ ogging and

Trassi and datta, ?n3b &/. >oiler bulge repairs. 1. Lantern ring 2. Thrust pads clearance and maintenance 3. Iarious s=b ratio of engines I have worked on. 15th august 14/2 mr. trassi mr. ghadkar fn 2 , 3>, 9...... fn 3 /8 vlcc center tank coating....... acording to our discussion i said Oamine cured epo"y phenolic resin applied 2m from top 2m from bottom and on the floorO.... but

he said that i missed smthing..... to give me hint he said Our tank vl get corodedO....... but i cudnt remeber anything 18 rtfle" reversing...... 28 tie rod tightening....... 38 m=e t=c7water cooled8 holed...... same according to our discussion but he asked / more corss !uestion Oin air cooler from wher u tap a line.....$$$O..... i said Ofrom manometerO..... he didnt agree....... then i said Ofrom press. gaugeO..... he didnt agree....... %bhishek sharma Orals P dgs on 4;=/4=14/2 )r. >anerji=mr. trassi but only mr. trassi was there. Types of ship and cargo carried$ ?n 3.. /. *ul(er fuel pp timing$ *topped me for fn of pressure bush..told him to hold the valves with help of springs..didnt agree 1. Types of purier worked on $ why use brakes$ Told him sludge wala funda M agree 2. Ehy jack bolt used in sul(er and not in b@ w$ 3. 3 s conrod speciality$told him all but not agree with obli!ue cut.. 9. *ome more..cant recall ?n 9.. /. .ener diode$ ?irst line shud be that it works as relief vv in elect system..happyMthed asked whr it is placed$ Told him that it is placed in safe area and o=p goes to ha(ardous area. 1. )sb safeties and e"tMtold him all then he told me u r missing one last I told him that is case of fire it can be disconnected from other section with help of a breaker situated at rear panelM 2. *yn motor working and whr it is used$ 3. / more !ues. ?n :.. /.smc bearing survey 1. ow to start msw pp and y disch vv is kept shutMnot agree for high current funda. 2. cross blow down$e"p with diag. 3.types of thread with dies$ wanted to listen full name instead of bsp,bswM 9 life boat buoyancy test..told him to check freeboard when life boat is new but not agree.i think this was my failing !ues in this fn.guys pls comment on thisM e was getting late for lunch so he told me to stop.