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Fifth Dimension Exercise by Dr. Bruce Goldberg Now listen very carefully.

I want you to imagine a bright white light coming dow n from above and entering the top of your head. Filling your entire body. See it, feel it and it becomes reality. Now imagine an aura of pure white light emanating from your heart region. Again surrounding your entire body. Protecting you. See it, feel it and it becom es reality. Now only your masters and guides and highly evolved loving entities who mean you well will be able to influence you during this or any other hypnoti c session. You are totally protected by this aura of pure white light. In a few moments I am going to count from 1 to 20. As I do so you will feel your self rising up to the superconscious mind level where you will be able to commun icate with your Higher Self. Number 1 rising up. 2,3,4 rising higher. 5,6,7, let ting information flow. 8,9,10, you are half way there. 11,12,13, feel yourself r ising higher. 14,15,16, almost there. 17,18,19 number 20 you are there. Take a m oment and orient yourself to the superconscious mind level. Now I want you to merge with your Higher Self and be prepared to enter a wormhol e. Take a few moments and perceive yourself actually entering and merging with t he white light of your Higher Self.