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ready for
with the

Lesson :
First, let us see two basic tenses of

Simple Simple
present past

get gets got

No trick here ! The formula for a
Subject + Verbis simple:
+ complement

get )
Get me a Coke, please.
Erick gets twenty dollars daily.

I got my diploma last week.

GET loves to get
around with “friends”. Multiword Verb
Let us meet them. (compound verb)

GET + Partic
Now the le
details on
In other words, we can combine
GET with any of these “particles”. e
GET a pencil and take notes !
Combination 1
GET + preposition
Get + preposition Synonym Spanish version

Get to arrive llegar

Get in enter entrar
Get through finish acabar
Get on continue continuar

Now the
Application 1 – Let’s talk about Miss Bell
Miss Bell is a busy
She gets to work
by bus.
She gets in the
Now, can you get the office at 8:00 a.m.
Spanish version ?
She gets through
her paper work at
She gets on well
Now, Combination 2
Get + adjective

Get + adjective Spanish version

Get angry disgustarse
Get dark oscurecer
Get rich enriquecerse
Get better mejorar

Now the
Application 2 – Get ready... The boss is here !

Mr. Davis never gets angry

at work.
He doesn’t want to get rich
He cannot go to Rome until
Can you give he gets better of his flue.
the Spanish He will leave the office
version ? before the day gets dark.
and Combination 3
Get + Participle

Get + Participle Spanish version

Get worried Preocuparse
Get involved involucrarse
Get tired cansarse
Get confused confundirse

Now the
Application 3 – Let’s talk about a
frustrated secretary, Miss Taylor.
Miss Taylor gets confused
with just a few files.
She also gets worried too
much about her duties.
Sometimes she gets tired
of so many work.
Give the
Spanish The other day she got
version. involved in a silly problem.
Get your pen and copy this
Simple forms With particles

get prepositions

gets adjectives

got participle
Okay, time for a short
M,m,m...Don’t get nervous !

The next two pages collect some

sentences. Underline the action. For those
sentences with a expression in parenthesis
beside, you may substitute the underlined
action with the expression. This is another
way to express the same idea.
1. She got a lot of paintings from her uncle
2. Get permission to take a few days off from work.
3. He got his friend into trouble.
4. She didn't get to Chicago until after midnight (reach to)
5. Get me those books over there, please. (bring or take back)
6. This time I got him. ( get even )
7. The Brazilian team got 4 goals. ( achieve a.. )
8. I got funny spots all over my body.
9. He got AIDS.
10. The operator couldn't get Kobe because of the
earthquake. (communicate with)
11. Get someone mad.
12. Did you get it? She didn't get the joke. I just don't get
him. ( grasp or understand... )
13. What do you get when you add up these numbers?
14. Where did she get these news?
15. What did you get at the toy store? ( purchase )
16. He got 5 years in prison. (receive )
17. The cat got the goldfish. ( overcome or destroy )
18. Got me--I don't know the answer!
19. Let's get down to work now
20. He got his arm broken in the scuffle.
Here is a collection of expressions with GET

get down get off get dressed

get under one's skin get out get even
get about get rid of get into
get back get started get in touch
get by get the best get lost
get cracking get together get married
get down get well get married
Hey, do you
know what
the frog told
the spider ?
I got you !
Well time to get out !

Here is a proverb:

The best way to

get praise is to
Did you get it ?
So we hope !

This presentation was prepared for

Miss Cobas and Miss Lemus by
Jaanrod Studio
July 2006