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INTRODUCTION The game of netball required different equipment, coaching techniques, technical rules and regulations, and venues.

In regard to equipment for instance, it requires specific ball for the game (Navin, A., 2008 . This assignment attempt to develop a brief module of netball game that covers some fundamental histor! of the event in "ala!sia, equipment involves venue and some basic training guide for a starter. In the initial part of this brief module, the #riter #ill e$plain the nature of netball. %hat are the requirements in the event particularl!& %hat are the suitable coaching techniques to be taught to ne#comers& ' are some of the questions that #ill be ans#ered in this part. This module #ill briefl! elucidate the netball event from the historical perspective. (! loo)ing from the historical perspective of the event, #e #ill be able to understand the current dominance of the event especiall! in ma*or meets such as +ommon#ealth ,ames. In this module, I #ill also briefl! elucidate the equipment involves and suitable venue for the event. These #ill be elucidated and presented in this small module. The final part of this module #ill e$plain some basic training guide to netballer. A step b! step guide #ill be given in order to ease coaches and teachers to train their athletes. The guide sho#s in this module is suitable for a ne#comer for this game.

HISTORY AND BRIEF BACKGROUND IN MALAYSIA Netball is a sport that is pla!ed among the #omen and men. The rapid gro#th and development of this game have triggered netball as one of the favourite sports of international arena, particularl! among +ommon#ealth countries (-ha)espeare . +aldo#, 200/ . 0r. 1ames Naismith, a +anadian, has introduced indoor sports for students of 2h!sical Training +ollege, -pringfield, "assachusetts, 3-A in 48/4. 5e uses a ball large enough to be easil! received and sent, and cannot run #ith the ball. ,oals that are used are made of bas)et par)ed on higher ground as a challenge to be able to focus on s)ills. In addition to strength, 0r. 1ames Naismith set of thirteen (46 of the la#s of the game. The game gained popularit! #hen nets #ere introduced and legal aspects of the facilit! as #ell as purified and Netball created. (as)etball brought to 7ngland from the 3nited -tates b! 0r. Toles #hen he visited the +ollege 2.T. 8sterberg in 48/9 (-ha)espeare . +aldo#, 200/ . 5e introduces scored a game #here the ball into the dustbin. "adam 8sterberg team gained an international reputation through 0artford +ollege. In 48/:, netball is pla!ed on a grass field in the 3nited ;ingdom. After more sophisticated games, <one of the ne# game, #hich depicts the ring, is divided into three areas introduced. In 4/9:, at a meeting held in =ondon, an agreement on the use of the la# #as made *ointl! b! 7ngland, Australia, Ne# >ealand, Northern Ireland, -outh Africa, 3nited -tates and %ales. International ?ederation #as formed in a meeting held in +e!lon in August 4/@0. The meeting #as attended b! representatives from 7ngland, Australia, Ne# >ealand, -outh Africa, +e!lon and the %est Indies. +onstitutional and legal ethics international game agreed upon during the meeting. Ariginall!, netball #as introduced in "ala!a b! missionaries +hristian missionaries from 7ngland to students of primar! school 7nglish in the -traits -ettlements in the da!s of (ritish rule. In the late 4/@0s, the -chools -ports +ouncil of "ala!sia ("--" is established under the leadership of +hairman Technical "rs. Teh ,in -ooi, netball started to gro# e$tensivel!. ?rom the 4/:0s until the

late 4/80s, the "ala!sian netball #as pla!ed in female students in schools, colleges, universities and government departments and clubs. N-% Netball Association is the first association registered #ith the Begistrar in the earl! 4/:0s. This #as follo#ed b! several other states such as 2enang, 2era), Negeri -embilan, "ela)a, 1ohor and 2ahang. -ome state associations affiliated #ith the "ala!sian Netball Association (2(1" . "ala!sian Netball Association (2(1" #as established on "arch 24, 4/:8 under the patronage of 5B5 Almarhumah Teng)u Ampuan 2ahang. 3ntil 4//0 #hen the -tate Netball Association received application from some affiliates, ma)ing the final state is established. The 2(1" has 4@ affiliates comprising 46 Affiliates from 6 states and nonCstate Affiliates of the Bo!al "ala!sia 2olice, Arm! "ala!sia and the National 7lectricit! (oard. In 4//0, the National 7lectricit! (oard also becomes Tenaga Nasional (erhad. 2(1" is currentl! having 4: Affiliates that consists of all the 4D states in "ala!sia and three nonCstate Affiliates. 2(1" has *oined forces #ith the Al!mpic +ouncil of "ala!sia (A+" #as established in 4/80 b! the International (as)etball ?ederation (I?NA starting from 4/82. %hen the Asian Netball ?ederation #as founded in 4/89, "ala!sia became one of the founding members. Ane of the main activities is organi<ing the tournament 2(1" ball nets at the national level. T#o annual tournament held at the national level is the National (as)etball +hampionship (as)etball +hampionship and 3nder 24 Eears. National Netball +hampionships (;(1; has been held since 4/:/. It is open to all affiliates. Netball +hampionship 3nderC24 started in 4/8D. A championship at the national level is the field for the selection of pla!ers to international level.


Plate 1: The d !e"# $" $% "et&all '$()t -imilar to bas)etball, the netball is pla!ed on hard courts #ith loop points pointed end of the court. The ball is also resembled to a bas)etball, but lighter, smaller, slightl! softer in construction and mostl! #hite. The netball circles have smaller dimensions and lo#er than a bas)etball circle, and also it does not have a board bac)ground. The dimension of netball courts are divided into three that controls the movement of each individual in the team, and t#o halfC circle Fcircle scorers C (shooting circles F at each end #here the entire thro#sC goal needs to be done. There are seven pla!ers on each team, appointed, designated position. 7ver! pla!er must #ear a FbibF, as indicated in Table 4 to sho# the pla!erGs position. 7ach pla!er is allo#ed onl! at certain angles in the courtH pla!ers out of their position are considered Fone of the C (offside F. The rating is described belo#H

POSITION IN NETBALL P$# t $" ,oal -hooter ,oal Attac) A&&)e* at $" ,A+a "#t ,oal ;eeper. ,oal 0efense %ing defense +entre %ing Attac) Pe)! tted a)ea,#Attac)ing goal third including goal circle


Attac)ing goal third, goal circle, and center third Attac)ing goal third and center third, e$cluding goal circle 7ver!#here e$cept goal circles 0efensive goal third and centre third, e$cluding goal circle

%ing Attac)


+entre %ing 0efense ,oal 0efense ,oal ;eeper

+ %0


,oal Attac) 0efensive goal third and centre third, including goal circle ,oal -hooter 0efensive goal third, including goal circle


Ta&le 1: P$# t $" " "et&all In terms of its pla!ing venue, netball court is slightl! larger than a bas)etball court, the #idth of 60.9m and 49.29m. The line length is called the line side and the long line )no#n as the =ine ,oals (,oal =ines . This line is divided into three regions of equal si<e. The si<e of the middle ring is about /0cm diameter center. 5alf circle diameter (radius D./m on each line is )no#n as the ,oal +ircle. The #idth of the ring is not more than 90mm. The goal posts are 6.09m tall from the top of the loop. The rings are appro$imatel! 680mm and 490mm from the post. The loop is made of steel 49mm diameter.

Plate .: The %eat()e# $% +$al /$#t0 E1UIPMENT AND ATTIRE The most important equipment game is the ball. It is made of leather. 5o#ever, rubber balls and other materials are also often used in the ma)ing of the balls. ?or the seniors, the circumference of the ball used is @/0 C :40mm and #eighing D00CD90 grams, *ust li)e football. 1unior pla!ers use balls that are smaller and lighter.

Plate 2: The "et&all /)$d('ed &3 !a"(%a't()e)

+lothing pla!er is currentl! e$periencing a ver! interesting change. Traditional clothing such as short s)irts and collared #hite shirt is no# converted into a tight shirt and shorts and multiC coloured shirts. This clothing is ver! popular amongst netballers. "an! teams have the same colour clothes trac)s used during #armCup. 5o#ever, the clothing is sometimes sub*ect to cultural and religious definitions. Among "uslim #omen in "ala!sia, for instance, the! are required to observe their aurah even during sports activities including netball.

Plate 4: The $)d "a)3 'l$th "+ %$) "et&alle)#

Plate 5: M(#l ! 6$!e" tea! 6ea) att )e that # #( ta&le %$) the!

-hoes are also changing, #ith man! manufacturers started to produce special shoes for the game of netball. Appropriate foot#ear is shoc) absorbent, supportive soles and soft and comfortable to #ear. As netball is a game #ithout a t#ist, use of safet! equipment is ver! limited. There are fe# countries that #rap the an)le of his pla!ers to avoid in*ur!. There are also pla!ers #ho #ear mouth guards. In arena, the post #rapped to prevent serious in*ur! in the event of a collision.


Indeed, basic s)ills are ver! important in sports )no#n b! the pla!ers. The purpose of s)ill should also be informed. The pla!er #as informed about it since childhood C a child or since he #as at primar! school level. The reason is that the s)ills #ill continue to improve over time and adapted to the stage and condition of the sport. +oaches hence pla! a vital role enhancing the s)ills of the pla!er. +oaches #ill correct mista)es and give pla!ers advice and guidance as needed. In netball, specific s)ill needs should be obtained if the pla!er reall! #anted to succeed. These s)ills involve aspects of bod! control, stamina, team#or) and ball control. ,enerall!, there are t#o t!pes of s)ills in this game. ?irst and foremost, the basic personal s)ills involve movement of the feet, hands and bod!. -econdl!, ball handling s)ills involve capturing, thro#ing, controlling, prevent and selectivit!. This s)ill also involves sending (thro#s , grabbing, *umping and control (bloc)ing . Therefore, s!stematic training is needed to improve the s)ills of the pla!ers.

Catching There are t#o #a!s to catch the ball, the catch #ith one hand and catching #ith t#o hands. To be a good pla!er, one should be able to catch the ball properl!. "ost effective if the pla!er catches the ball #ith t#o hands and in the meantime he loo)ed quic) ball movement. %hen shooting the ball, the pla!er should use the second C t#o handsH one hand or if it should be immediatel! follo#ed b! the other hand. Then, hold the ball correctl!, one hand holding the

top and bac) of the ball, #hile the other hand holds the bottom and front of the ball. 2la!ers must be in a state of readiness and can respond quic)l! even #hen C #hile not une$pected. Sending There are different C different #a!s to send or thro# the ball, and it depends on some distance bet#een the pla!ers, the pla!ers stumbling and efficienc!. The ball can be in motion or standing #ith one or t#o hands. 0eliveries can be made pushing the ball, thro#ing, s#ipe or through the head. %hen the ball is sending and receiving b! a pla!er to another, the! must understand each other.

Delivered shoulder level C deliver! is often done. This shoulder is cast far and high. This #ill not be caught or grabbed easil! b! opponents. 0eliveries #ill be more po#erful and accurate. -uch deliver! ma! be made to the front of the receivers.

Delivered at breast C breast height is sending a strong deliver!, fast and for the not so distance. 0eliveries are suitable for the fast and do not require immediate action.

Bounce pass C it is often used #hen there are man! pla!ers gathered in one C one of the court, especiall! the close to the net#or). This lo# pass onl! and do #hen pla!ers bloc) higher of the pla!ers #ho ma)e or ta)e deliver!. -ubmissions can bounce thro#n #ith one or t#o hands, and often #ith both hands.

Passing on the head C this is similar to sending a pass in the done in football, e$cept the pla!erGs feet are a bit loose in the thro# ball net. 2assing on the head is used #hen pla!ers involved guarded or bloc)ed b! an opponent.

Passing sight C 0eliver! can be made lo# and under if the barrier straightens his arm for#ard to stop. 0eliveries can be made using one or t#o hands. 5o#ever, this submission is rarel! used because less accurate and sometimes C sometimes difficult to accept.

The movement away In the game of netball, leg movement is one of the essential s)ills. ?or this s)ill, a pla!er must use her speed and distance. There are several #a!s in #hich the movement of the foot can be practised in the game of netball. ?oot movement s)ills often al#a!s associated #ith other s)ills. ?oot movement here means that #hen a pla!er has received the ball, he *ump or *umped #hile sending and shooting. 2la!ers can practice these s)ills easil! and avoid another either during deliver!, receiving the ball and scored.

Control and avoid 2la!ers should be able to be the aggressor and stumbling once. Then each pla!er must s)ilfull! attac) or bloc). 5e should master the basic s)ill of catching and thro#ing the ball. %hile attac)ing, the pla!er must move s#iftl! across his opponent and to the open for a pass. 2la!ers can leave the opponent or escape from opponents to dodge, *ump or change direction #hile running. 7ach movement must be done quic)l!. 2la!ers #ho ta)e deliver! of their part

should also move quic)l! either for#ard or to the side of the pla!er #ho ma)es the deliver! so she could avoid bloc)ed b! an opponent. %hen controlling, preventing opposing pla!ers must ma)e deliver! or net#or). As a deterrent, the pla!er #ill control the opponent and the ball #ill be thro#n. %hen controlling and preventing, pla!ers must guess the direction or path of the ball to be thro#n. T!picall!, the control is done one on one. 7ach pla!er #ill control his opponent throughout the game.

Trawling -hooting is another important s)ill in this game. 7ach pla!er must s)ilfull! score the point for their teams. Although onl! t#o pla!ers allo#ed to score, but the pla!ers C other pla!ers should also learn the shooting s)ills. The goal can be done in an! place #ithin the circle net#or). The )e! is that it needs to be adapted in a #a! to catch the ball, the scorer of the circle mesh and barrier height. These s)ills required accurac! on the target net#or) and ring nets.

REFERENCES -ha)espeare, % . +aldo#, ". (200/ . NetballCsteps to success (2 nd ed. . 5uman ;ineticsH 3nited -tates Navin, A. (2008 . NetballCs)ills, techniques, tactics. +ro#ood 2ressH "arlborough