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SDCCH assign failure congestion Problem detection: SDCCH assign. congestion > 0.5 % SDCCH Load BH ( rlang !

g ! ca"acit# $ > %0 % &n'estigation:


Hig+ signaling load, > -


C+ec1 SDCCH traffic model for s"lit of ser'ices

SDCCH ca"acit# is not o"timi8ed.

?ecalculate SD!*CH time slots needed using traffic model to reac+ o"timum situation.

High % LU (> 50%) Action: C+ec1 H0 flo2 to stud# if cell needs to be do2ntilted to reduce o'erla" 2it+ neig+bors in different L3C

C+ec1 t+e 'alue of B*S4@4L /A*H: for 'alues > default < *?B - *?B C *?B C :0 C+ec1 % ?*CH re)uests )ueued: +ig+ "ercentage (> -0%$ can lead to SDCCH resources bloc1ing for *:: "eriod of time.

&ncrease cell4reslect4+#st on L3C border cells to reduce 5 of L6 (monitor of SDCCH dro" radio is necessar#$

C+ec1 2it+ arc+itecture t+e "ossibilit# to re7design L3C "lan to minimi8e as muc+ as "ossible L6

C+ec1 'alue of *9:0: and see if it is set to default 'alue

&ncrease SD ca"acit# if "ossible: Consider *C6 load Consider *CH bloc1ing

High % other services: a$ &;S& attac+ b$ &;S& detac+ c$ S;S d$ Su""lementar# ser'ices Action: :7&ncrease SD ca"acit# if "ossible: Consider *C6 load Consider *CH bloc1ing <7 ;a1e sure all neig+bor relations are defined +ando'er and reselection 97 6se t+e "arameter cell4reselect4offset to increase neig+bor=s re7selection. -7 Densification site > ?e)uest for ?/P stud#.

Signaling load ( SDCCH re)uests ! *CH re)uests