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Piedmont, OK 73078
13106 La Cresta Drive
Healing Touch Oklahoma
Healing Touch Level 1
Oklahoma City, OK
Integris Baptist Medical Center
June 6-7, 2009



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Cell Phone _______________________________
Email for Health Care Professionals
and Others Committed to Healing
 Course Investment - $275
 HTI, AHNA, ONA/OSNA member - $250 Level 1
 Student (with ID) - $200
 Repeat: - $125 Oklahoma City, OK
 Recommended Text -- $30 June 6-7, 2009
 Early Investment -- $25 discount.
Must receive by May 16 Certification by
 CEU Certificate - $5 (Certificate of attendance will be HEALING TOUCH INTERNATIONAL, INC.
provided; for CEU Certificate in addition) Healing Touch International, Inc. is the non-profit professional
membership and educational organization for Healing Touch. It was
Amount enclosed $ ____________________ established in March 1996, to receive the AHNA Healing Touch
(minimum deposit $50 – nonrefundable) Certificate Program and the process for Healing Touch Certification
of Practitioners (CHTP) and Instructors (CHTI) from the American
 Yes, I can bring a massage table Holistic Nurses Association.

 No, I can’t bring a massage table Endorsed by

The American Holistic Nurses Association
Make Checks Payable to: Healing Touch Oklahoma The American Holistic Nurses Association is a nonprofit
membership organization dedicated to the principles and
Send to: Healing Touch Oklahoma practice of holistic nursing defined as “the renewing and
13106 La Cresta Drive enhancing of the art of nursing and caring for the whole
Piedmont, OK 73078 person”
This course is an approved course of study of the HTI Healing
Healing Touch Certificate Program Level 1 Course Content Touch Certificate Program. The HTI Healing Touch Certificate
1. Energy system concepts related to health Program is an endorsed program of the American Holistic Nurses
The Healing Touch Certificate Program is a multi-level course of study
2. Basics of the energy system – energy field and energy centers Association.
in energy-based therapy that moves from beginning to advanced
3. Location and function of the chakras Healing Touch International, Inc.
practitioner and is complementary to heath care. The program
4. Assesment of the energy field and energy centers 445 Union Blvd. Suite 105 Lakewood, CO 80228
incorporates a variety of energy-based modalities that are sequenced
5. Meditation for centering and maintaining energetic flow Ph: (303) 989-7982 Fax: (303) 980-8683
in Levels 1 through 5, allowing participants to progress from beginner
6. Principles and practice of Healing Touch e-mail
to practitioner. Students receive a certificate of completion at each
7. Selected intervention techniques: Basic Healing Touch
level. Upon completion of levels 1-5 and additional requirements,
students are eligible to apply for certification through Healing Touch Sequence, Magnetic Passes, Magnetic Clearing, Chakra
International, Inc. Level 6 prepares the individual to become an Connection (1 on 1, 2 on 1, self), Headache Techniques
instructor. (tension, migraine, sinus), Ultra Sound, Laser, Chakra Spread,
Scudder (Optional), Mind Clearing (Optional) Continuing Education Contact Hours
Each level in the Healing Touch Program includes both didactic and 8. Principles of self-healing Participants will receive a certificate of attendance.
experiential learning in which participants’ practice and share 9. Personal development as a healer Continuing Education Contact Hours s are also available:
experiences using energy-based healing techniques. In addition the 10. Legal and professional aspects of touch therapies
program encourages the developing practitioner to enhance skills and Nursing: 18 continuing education contact hours
knowledge through recommended readings and practice sessions. Workshop Information NCBTMB: 18 continuing education contact hours
There is also a strong commitment to personal growth and knowledge
of holistic health principles.
Schedule: June 6-7, 2009
9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Target Audience
The Healing Touch Certificate Program is a nursing continuing Location: Integris Baptist Medical Center This continuing nursing education
education program for registered nurses, health care professionals, activity was approved by the American Holistic Nurses
body-oriented therapists, psychotherapists or other licensed health Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses
care professionals and individuals who desire an in-depth
Instructors: Carol Hjersted-Smith, RN, CHTP/I Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.
understanding of healing work that uses energy-based concepts. Carol is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor. She is
co-founder of Integrative Healing Arts, LLC, and Healing Touch
Certification as a Healing Touch Practitioner is an appropriate goal for Oklahoma, offering Healing Touch Workshops and introductory
those who wish to establish a Healing Touch practice or incorporate courses and presentations to professional and community groups.
Healing Touch as a major focus within an existing professional She enjoys a private practice in Healing Touch, has conducted HTI is approved by the National Certification Board for
practice. research using HT with hospitalized patients, provides HT sessions Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing
for inpatients, and incorporates holistic nursing and HT into her education Approved Provider.
Level 1 Description practice as an emergency services nurse.
Level 1 begins with 15-17.5 continuing education contact hours of Oklahoma classes are sponsored by the Oklahoma Nurses
Raine Benham, RN, CHTP, HTI Association and the Oklahoma Student Nurses Association.
instruction, allowing persons with varying backgrounds to enter, Raine Benham is a holistic nurse and has worked within the
acknowledge their previous learning and to further develop concepts The ONA and OSNA allow you the opportunity to join nursing
healthcare system for over twenty years. Her background includes
and skills in energy-based therapy. A strong commitment to personal colleagues in bringing better nursing care and education to the
intensive care, and psychiatric nursing, as well as working with and people of Oklahoma and the nation. The ONA works to refine
growth is required. counseling battered women. She is a Certified Healing Touch nursing services for the public, advance the profession of
Practitioner with a full time private practice where she offers Healing nursing, provide peer support, and improve working conditions
Level 1 Objectives Touch sessions and other holistic/complementary care modalities. for nurses. Fro membership information call (405) 840-3476 or
The participant will: She has been a networker for the American Holistic Nurses 1-800-580-3476 or visit the website at
1. Describe the human energy system relationship to physical, Association for the Oklahoma City area since 1997. She is co-
emotional, mental and spiritual health. owner and founder of Integrative Healing Arts and Healing Touch
2. Discuss energy principles basic to Healing Touch. Oklahoma, LLC.
For further information contact or visit:
3. Assess the energy field and energy centers.
4. Identify a basic Healing Touch sequence. Disclosure: Carol Hjersted-Smith and Raine Benham are
5. Demonstrate specific intervention techniques used in HT. instructors of the HTI Healing Touch Certificate Program and have Raine Benham, RN, CHTP, HTI 706-7716
6. Discuss applications of Healing Touch in personal and the right to use the intellectual property of the HTI Healing Touch
professional practice. Certificate Program Course of Study.
7. Discuss expected ethical conduct and standards of practice Carol Hjersted-Smith, RN, CHTP/I 627-3606
within Healing Touch.