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adehidayatchaniago: good morning, i'd like to know about how many questions for each subject in enterance test?

and the time given... mimerypaul: questions... 1 hour per subject, and for english there is 50 question, for math and psychotest 30

adehidayatchaniago: is it sure that on the test for engineering, there is physic test (not Psychotest)? and there are 30 questions too for this?? mimerypaul: mimerypaul: mimerypaul: physics for engineering only yup you can use calculator

adehidayatchaniago: really??? mimerypaul: yes

adehidayatchaniago: how about the test called "mathematics engineering" adehidayatchaniago: is it different with the ordinary one??? mimerypaul: mimerypaul: mimerypaul: thats mathematics that you study at SMA in Science class IPA

adehidayatchaniago: i see, adehidayatchaniago: hmmm adehidayatchaniago: so adehidayatchaniago: all of the quests will be given in english, isnt it? mimerypaul: yup

adehidayatchaniago: it sounds difficult.... mimerypaul: mimerypaul: yeah not really basically all the subject you have studied before at high school

adehidayatchaniago: By the way, may i know how important the photocopy of any certificates....? mimerypaul: we check the result you got with your academic report from high school to determine your Scholarship Category adehidayatchaniago: is a full scholars need to pay the dorm beside the free tuition fee?? mimerypaul: yup


Full Scholar only for tuition fee,,

adehidayatchaniago: hmm.. mimerypaul: not include dormitory fee, and matriculation fee

adehidayatchaniago: it looks that almost every student get job after the graduation.....hmmm, is it a kind of am... adehidayatchaniago: let say job guarantee?? adehidayatchaniago: coz PU has many relations everywhere.... adehidayatchaniago: ?? mimerypaul: mimerypaul: mimerypaul: mimerypaul: yup we have relations with many company for internship program and 93% our alumni get their first job from internship program

adehidayatchaniago: sorry, would u please tell me about this internship program... mimerypaul: mimerypaul: internship program is Program Magang you do your internship Program for 8 months

adehidayatchaniago: while we are studying...??? mimerypaul: mimerypaul: after you finish your Study, but before graduation so if you haven't finish your internship program, you can't Graduate

adehidayatchaniago: good prgms... adehidayatchaniago: oh...i almost forget.. adehidayatchaniago: how about the quota of the full scholarship programs adehidayatchaniago: especially for fac. of engineering...??? mimerypaul: mimerypaul: if your test average is above 85 then we will give you 1st Scholarship Category.. we don't have quota per Scholarship Category

adehidayatchaniago: mr,/mrs, i've seen the table of schlrsp category, it just explain GPA(IP) rules..., (>3 for full scholar)... adehidayatchaniago: how if we got lower when....ex: smester 4...??? mimerypaul: we will give you fine (denda) if by the end of semester 6 you can't achieve that GPA (3.0), the fine will cost you 2jt/semester and we will fine you for semester 7 and semester 8

adehidayatchaniago: so, the GPA is the avarage for 6 semesters....??? adehidayatchaniago: or every semester we must aim 3 or more??? mimerypaul: mimerypaul: mimerypaul: mimerypaul: mimerypaul: no, its like this we check your GPA per 2 semester and we give you time untill semester 6 to fix your GPA as our request every 2 semester you should get 3.0 accumulative from sem 1 + sem 2

adehidayatchaniago: oh....i see, adehidayatchaniago: mr/mrs, would u mind to inform about how many interested applicants for this program, last year maybe... mimerypaul: mimerypaul: almost 10.000 student have join our test but we only have 800 seats right now

adehidayatchaniago: hmmm, 800...?? adehidayatchaniago: is it total seats.... adehidayatchaniago: (for scholar and non scholar...??) adehidayatchaniago: non scholr students enter this PU without any test, isn't it??? or i made a mistake....? mimerypaul: mimerypaul: yup, non scholar they don't have do the test 800 are total seats we have

adehidayatchaniago: let say if non scholar applicant raise 700......???? oh..... adehidayatchaniago: maybe u have the data of the total applicants that have applied so far....?? (for the test/ scholar only) adehidayatchaniago: if u dont mind...... mimerypaul: mimerypaul: semester fee its arround 8.500 students have join the test and 750 students have confirmed to join President University and have paid the 1st

adehidayatchaniago: it mean there just 50 seats for any scholar students....?? mimerypaul: yup 50 seats left

adehidayatchaniago: so, altough we pass 8.50 in test even in report, it is not automatically mean that we get the scholar...??? so how PU decide..?? mimerypaul: if you pass 8.50 average from your test we will check your report

mimerypaul: if your high school show us that your average is more than 85 so we will sure that you are qualified for scholarship rank 1 adehidayatchaniago: it will be complicated when there are more than 50 applicants qualified as what u explain, isnt it???? mimerypaul: mimerypaul: skills mimerypaul: yeah first come first serve lah not all of them who got scholarship rank 1 wants to join with us, some just try their

they still look up for Universitas Negeri

adehidayatchaniago: In ur opinion, what things that PU wins from State University....(negri).....??? mimerypaul: mimerypaul: mimerypaul: mimerypaul: mimerypaul: mimerypaul: 1. You will learn how to practice your english everyday coz your books, exam and paper assigment, presentation will use english 2. we have internship program 8 months even you can extend untill 1 year so after you graduate you got 1 year work exp

adehidayatchaniago: oh...thank you very much for the informations....