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Practical Activities To Stimulate Multiple Intelligences

Different Learning Styles

If we cater to only one learning style, students who dont learn best this way will fall behind and will not progress. If we cater for as many learning styles as possible, we will reach all our students and they will become successful language learners.

HOWARD GARDNER There are 9 different types of intelligence.


Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence
A sensitivity to the meaning and order of words

Logical/Mathematical Intelligence
Ability in mathematics and other complex logical systems

Visual/Spatial Intelligence
The ability to think in pictures, to perceive the visual world accurately, and recreate (or alter) it in the mind or on paper

Musical/Rhythmic Intelligence
The ability to understand and create music

Bodily/Kinaesthetic Intelligence
The ability to use owns body in a skilled way, for self -expression or towards a goal.

Interpersonal Intelligence
An ability to perceive and understand other individuals their moods, desires and motivations.

Intrapersonal Intelligence
An understanding of ones own emotions

Naturalist Intelligence
An ability to categorise, classify and distinguish features of the environment.

Existential Intelligence
An understanding of the whole

Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence
Discussions Storytelling Listening to tapes and talking books Wordgames - word searches - acrostics

Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence examples

What words rhyme withcar? Storytelling does the book have a storyline? Write your name: give me ONE word, related to you for each letter Give me a word that sounds similar to Italian (same meaning) Lets speak Italian with English accents Im Tracey and I like.. Im Tracey and I can .

Logical/Mathematical Intelligence
Logical Problems and puzzles Calculations Crosswords Word or sentence ordering Sequencing information

Logical/Mathematical Intelligence - examples

Buzz Dictations of calculations Word or sentence ordering 1-2-3-5-7-11-13-17-19-etc ??? 2-4-6-8-10-12-14-etc????

Visual/Spatial Intelligence
Charts, maps, diagrams, graphic organisers Videos, slides, films, DVDs, CD-ROMs Flashcards Art, painting, collage Craft activities Picture dictations Games like Pelmans or Bingo

Visual/Spatial Intelligence examples

What are others wearing? Who has blue eyes? Dont cheat!! What can I make with the shadows and my body? Picture dictations.lets do one!

Musical/Rhythmical Intelligence
Listening to music Playing musical instruments Jazz chants Raps Songs Background Music

Musical/Rhythmical Intelligence examples

1, 2, 3 Look at me, Ive got 3 green teeth What can you do with your hands? Raps on a train Tennis Sounds made by?? Cat? Dog? Cow?

Bodily/Kinaesthetic Intelligence
Movement TPR Brain Gym 5-minute activities, warmers, coolers, something on a rainy day

Bodily/Kinaesthetic Intelligence examples

Instructions one by one, increase number TPR Brain Gym Eat food; miming activities Whos the tallest? Oldest?

Interpersonal Intelligence
Group brainstorming Pair work Questionaires, surveys and interviews Team Games - Noughts and Crosses Board games - Snakes and Ladders - Dominoes

Interpersonal Intelligence examples

Brainstorm . Food, sports, TV programmes, etc (alphabetise them) Find someone who.

Intrapersonal Intelligence
Independent work Individualised projects Options for homework Emotions and Feelings e.g. Christmas is. Summer is .. Hiakus, Poems Diaries

Intrapersonal Intelligence examples

Write a sentence. Add one word each time, dictate last sentence Write a haiku. Write what you ate for lunch today. Yesterday, day before?

Naturalist Intelligence
Categorising and classifying Displays and collages using natural materials Spot the difference Odd one out The natural world

Naturalist Intelligence - examples

How many breeds of dog do you know? What food comes from Italy? OR Where does Paella come from? Sushi? Give me another example.. Fill in the map with.

Existential Intelligence
Teach science/maths/geography through English Encourage self-learning (e.g.dictionaries) Similarities amongst different cultures Specialists in class to speak to SS See things from different points of view

Existential Intelligence examples

Who knows what Christmas is in another language? And what happens in that country? Food? Activities? Who can tell me (use a picture dictionary) 3 objects on page X? If I stand on a chair, what can I see that I cant see now? What holidays do Italians celebrate that other cultures dont? (why, why not??) See things from different points of view

Verbal Linguistic
How do I use the spoken or written word in the classroom?

Logical mathematical
How can I bring numbers and logical thinking into the classroom?

How do I use visual aids?

How can I bring in music?

How can I involve the whole body?

Do I use pair and group work?

How do I evoke emotions and feelings?

Intrapersonal Naturalist

How can I bring in observation and research?

Do I bring the whole picture into my questioning?

Thought for the day

If the child is not learning the way you are teaching, then you must teach in the way the child learns

Rita Dunn