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The Impact of Organization Culture on Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

Submitted by: Mian Ahsan Ali Raza Submitted to: Sir Haroon Elahi Toor

Intro uction!
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept that has attracted orld ide attention and ac!uired a ne resonance in the "lobal economy# Hei"htened interest in CSR in hich demands $or enhanced recent years has stemmed $rom the ad%ent o$ "lobalization and international trade& ha%e re$lected in increased business comple'ity and ne transparency and corporate citizenship# Moreo%er&

hile "o%ernments ha%e traditionally

assumed sole responsibility $or the impro%ement o$ the li%in" conditions o$ the population& society(s needs ha%e e'ceeded the capabilities o$ "o%ernments to $ul$ill them# The basics o$ today(s CSR mo%ement are considered to lie in the 1)*+s (Ason"u& *++,)# -urin" that time& corporations in the" and telecommunication industries started to embrace the concept# Around three decades later& in the 1)/+s& CSR as $irst re"arded as an area o$ mana"ement studies (0aner1ee& *++,)# 2r"anization culture can be positi%ely lin.ed $rom di$$erent ith CSR pursuance moti%ation to impro%e or"anization culture o$ operational acti%ity en%ironment& obtainin" in%estment support ays o$ the a%ailable core business acti%ities by minimizin" socio3 en%ironmental ris.s to create "ood ima"e %alue $or host countries& $osterin" sustainable business& social in%estment and philanthropic action to mobilize basic competencies and a%ailable resources $or supportin" nearby communities& connectin" policy dialo"ue and ad%ocacy acti%ities $or indi%idual and collecti%e actions to in$luence the %ulnerable en%ironment and can also be interlin.ed un$amiliarity internal "uidelines and culture as particular e'planations on ho oriented culture chan"e# ith implementation barriers by" ith or"anization en%ironment& mana"erial hierarchy& lac. o$ resource& ell as e'ternal rooted barriers& human resources $rom

di$$erent cultures& ima"e in society and technolo"y# 4urthermore& there e'ist little corporations can realize and implement responsibility3

"#" Purpose of the stu y!

To e'amine the relationships and impact o$ or"anizational culture on Corporate Social Responsibility Acti%ities (CSRA) ith mediation o$ CSR 5ursuance Moti%ation and CSR 6mplementation 0arriers# *

"#$ Research ob%ectives!

Attitudes ha%e direct relationship ith actions# Same is the case o$ or"anization beha%ior

ith or"anization outcomes# The ob1ecti%e o$ the study is to see. issues and challen"es or"anization $ace hile implement CSR Acti%ities#

"#& Scope of the Stu y!

The scope o$ the study is delimited to" and Telecommunication or"anizations in the t in city o$ 6slamabad and Ra alpindi# Middle le%el mana"ement o$ mentioned or"anizations is the tar"et respondents#

"#' Significance of the stu y

6t adds on the e'istin" academic and mana"ement literature about the %ariables o$ or"anizational culture (2C)& CSR acti%ities and can be used to "uide policy" in $inancial institutions and telecommunication or"anizations# 6t also supports mana"ers in buildin" throu"h CSR decisions and e%en .no s ho or"anization culture and CSR acti%ities# they can rethin. about their

"# (iterature Revie)

$#" Corporate social responsibility
Accordin" to 0o en (1)/7)& corporate social responsibility (CSR)& is businessman $ollo in speci$ic ob1ecti%es and %alues o$ society# hich ay o$ action to achie%e desired "oals in terms o$

$#$ Organization Culture!

0y Schein (1))*) or"anization culture is the pattern o$ basic assumptions that a "i%en "roup has in%ented& disco%ered or de%eloped in learnin" to cope e'ternal adaptation and inte"ral inte"ration# ith its problems o$

$#* Organization culture an corporate social responsibility activities!


8artic. 9 Cochran (1):/)& in their attempt to conceptualize a model $or CSR& rede$ined Carroll(s (1),)) $our dimensions o$ corporate social responsibilities as the ;5rinciples o$ CSR< (Ethical& philanthropy& economic and le"al dimensions)# Hence& accordin" to these scholars& the culture o$ a company ould $orm the $oundation upon hich it ould $ormulate and mana"e its social responsibilities#

Pursuance motivation an

corporate social responsibility The study by

Solomon and =e is pro%ided e'tensi%e reasons $or CSR moti%es& hich included: To impro%e company(s ima"e To the company To the company(s products 5ressure $or customers>consumers To comply ith re"ulations To attract in%estment 5eer pressure $rom companies in the same industry As an acceptance o$ a chan"e in society(s ethics As a $orm o$ political lobbyin" To meet the demand $or en%ironmental in$ormation To led"e social responsibility As a result o$ company ethics (Solomon 9 =e is& *++*& p# 1?1)#

$#' CSR implementation barriers an activities!s


corporate social responsibility

CSR issues di$$er dependin" on socio3economical conte't and ha%e di$$erent meanin"s amon" di$$erent countries& re"ions and companies#" at the CSR acti%ities are adopted and e'aminin" ho much ei"ht is put on each CSR issue is one understand the speci$ic meanin" o$ CSR under di$$erent conte'ts# There are se%eral $or the current study# hich ay to ays

o$ identi$yin" CSR acti%ities and an issues mana"ement approach is the most appropriate

Issues management approach

As su""ested by 8artic. and Rude (1):?)& issues mana"ement is a process $or the corporation to identi$y& e%aluate and respond to those issues that ha%e an impact upon it# 6ssues mana"ement ori"inates $rom the 6ntelli"ence3-esi"n3Choice3 6mplementation3 4eedbac. (=earnin")36ntelli"ence" process (0ronn and 0ronn *++*)# The issues mana"ement approach can apply to %arious types o$ issues& such as public policy issues& en%ironmental issues& cost issues and strate"ic business issues (8artic. and Rude 1):?)# 6t plays an important role in allo in" a business to e$$ecti%ely monitor its en%ironment (0ronn and 0ronn *++*)

$# Propose +etho ology!

This chapter addresses the approach to the study here it includes an e'planation o$

the Respondent& Research -esi"n& Research 6nstrument& Sample and Statistical Tools# These ob1ecti%es are outlined in the $ollo in": $#" Respon ent! This research mana"ement# ill conduct study on employees $rom middle le%el

$#$ Research Instrument! The 6nstrument that Auestionnaire< usin" / points li.ert scale

ill be used is ;Structured Close3Ended hich is commonly used $or the

!uantitati%e research# The %ariables( items are adopted $rom di$$erent sources#

S#No 1 * 7 @

,ariables 2r"anization Culture CSR 5ursuance Moti%ation CSR 6mplementation 0arriers CSR Acti%ities

Sources (Ho$stede& Beui1en& 2hay% et al#& 1))+) Cor"e A# Are%alo& -eepa Ara%ind (*+11)# Cor"e A# Are%alo& -eepa Ara%ind (*+11)# Matthias Heyder& =ud i" Theu%sen (*++:)#


Scope of the stu y! The e'pected or"anizations are $rom" and Telecommunication industry o$ t in cities o$ ;6slamabad< 9 ;Ra alpindi<#

$#* Sampling -esign! ;T o Sta"e Bon 5robability Samplin"< ill be used $or data collection# 1# 4irst Sta"e 3 Auota Samplin" *# Second Sta"e 3 Con%enience Samplin"


Statistical Tools! A$ter conduct o$ $ield sur%ey& the responses throu"h 5earson Correlation 9 Multiple Re"ression#

ill be analyzed