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how to post AUC expense to asset value

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Girish km 11-Aug-2008 16:02 Hi Gurus, In Asset under construction ,while doing Some e !ense will incurred th"t e !ense i h"#e to "dd in Asset ,how to "dd th"t e !ense to "sset $!ls tel me

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Re: how to post AUC expense to asset value

K.Hari Prasad 11-Aug-2008 1,:00 *in res!onse to Girish -m+ ) c"n cre"te "n Intern"l order thru ./01 "nd 0oo- the e !enses$ At !eriod end settle the I/ to the "sset

or cre"te "n "sset *either " A)12re"l "sset+ "nd then 0oo- the e !ense directl3 to the "sset thru 4-50

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Re: how to post AUC expense to asset value

rau moder 11-Aug-2008 21:72 *in res!onse to Girish -m+ Hi Girish,

4or cre"ting A)1 through Intern"l /rder,

1$ 1re"te A)1 Asset 1l"ss with In#estment 8e"sure - /A/A 2$ 1re"te Intern"l /rder - ./01 "s %e"l Intern"l /rder 7$ 9oo- : !enses to Intern"l /rder through 496028I%/ '$ ;uring the month end !rocess settle it to A)1 through ./88$ &$AIA9 - ;istri0ure 6$AI9)- Settle

A)1 com!lete

1$ 1h"nge the st"tus o< Intern"l /rder to Tech$ 1om!leted in ./02$ 2$ 4in"ll3 settel the e !enses <rom A)1 to <in"l "sset through ./88$ 7$AIA9 - ;istri0ure '$AI9)- Settle &$1lose intern"l order st"tus to 16S;$

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Re: how to post AUC expense to asset value

Venkat Krishna 12-Aug-2008 06:26 *in res!onse to Girish -m+ Hi Girish,

=ou c"n settle A)1 in two w"3s

1$ through intern"l order *./88+ 2$ Through distri0ution "nd settlement *AIA9 "nd AI9)+

The m">or di<<erence 0etween the two is th"t in c"se o< Intern"l /rder 3ou c"n est"0lish 0udgets in the Intern"l /rder which is 1ontrol the costs$ 9ut in c"se o< direct !osting to the A)1, 3ou would not 0e "0le to control the cost$

In the Intern"l /rder scen"rio "ll the cost is <irst !ooled to the /rder "nd then settled to the Asset "t regul"r inter#"ls$ ?here "s in c"se o< the second method "ll the e !enses "re !osted directl3 to the A)1 "nd then it is 0eing ;istri0uted "nd settled to #"rious Assets "s required

1$ Asset settlement thought intern"l order is gener"l used <or "ssets under construction$ All costs "re !ooled in the intern"l order$ @eriodic"ll3 or whene#er w"nts the intern"l order is settled *within " <isc"l 3e"r+ i$e$ the "mounts in the intern"l order "re c"!it"liAed$

4irst cre"te "n intern"l order *./01+, t"-e o0>ect cl"ss "s in#estment "nd gi#e in#estment !ro<ile$ Bow s3stem "s-s "nd cre"tes one A)1 "ccount under "sset cl"ss '001$

Then cre"te settlement rule *./02+ "nd rele"se the order *control d"t" t"0+ @ost some "mounts *li-e w"ges or non-!roduction m"teri"l+ to intern"l order$ Then come to ./88, <irst t"-e the "utom"tic settlement "nd run$

The "ccounting entr3 !"ssed is

Asset under construction "2c ;r To ?"ges "2c

I< 3ou w"nt to com!lete the settlement to "uc, then t"-e now <ull settlement o!tion "nd run

The "ccounting entr3 !"ssed is

Asset "2c ;r To Asset under construction "2c

?hile doing settlement in ./88, 3ou c"n gi#e "n3 settlement !eriod, !osting !eriod "nd "sset d"te, 0ut "ll should 0e in the s"me <isc"l 3e"r$ I< 3ou w"nt to close the order go to ./02, gi#e order num0er "nd t"-e control d"t" t"0 "nd clic- on technic"l com!lete t"0 on the screen "nd s"#e$ Intern"l order will 0e closed$

2$ I< 3our A)1 is under Asset cl"ss '000

this "uc "ccount is cre"ted directl3 0ec"use o< direct !ostings to A)1 "ccount$ @osting "re m"de through 4-50 4or e "m!le

A)1 "2c dr To #endor or 0"n- "ccount

Go to AIA9 ---C Gi#e distri0ution rule "nd go to AI9) --C Settle the "sset

:ntr3 !"ssed is Asset "2c ;r To A)1 "2c

Th"n-s @"r"
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Re: how to post AUC expense to asset value

Kiran K 12-Aug-2008 0,:01 *in res!onse to Girish -m+ Hi Girish , An"l3se the <ollowing ste!s :--u2022 Bum0er %"nges *AS08+, Screen 6"3outs "nd Account ;etermin"tion <or Asset 1l"ss o< @roducing ?ells D Su!!orting :qui!ments$

u2022 u2022

Asset 1l"ss <or @roducing ?ells */A/A+$ Asset 1l"ss <or Su!!orting :qui!ments */A/A+$

u2022 ;etermine ;e!reci"tion Are"s <or e"ch Asset 1l"ss o< @roducing ?ells D Su!!orting :qui!ments */A=E+$ u2022 Assign G26 Accounts <or integr"tion with Gener"l 6edger *A/50+$

u2022 8"int"in ;e!reci"tion -e3s <or @roducing @ro!ert3 "nd Su!!orting :qui!ments$ u2022 8"int"in Alloc"tion structure <or Settlement o< Su!!orting :qui!ment ;e!reci"tion$ */./6+ u2022 8"int"in Settlement @ro<ile <or settlement o< Su!!orting :qui!ment ;e!reci"tion */./,+ u2022 u2022 u2022 u2022 u2022 8"int"in Intern"l /rder T3!e *./T2F4)B1A%:A+ D Intern"l /rder *./01+ Assign Intern"l /rder to Su!!orting :qui!ment Asset 8"ster %ecord *AS02+ Acti#"te Account "ssignment o0>ects <or Intern"l /rder S!eci<3 Account "ssignment t3!es <or Account Assignment /0>ects$ Settlement o< ;e!reci"tion <rom Intern"l /rder to @roducing ?ell Asset$ *./88

Th"n-s D %eg"rds, .ir"n .onu>ul"