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1) Comparative or superlative? - A car is(expensive) than a bicycle. - Tokyo is (large) city in the world. - An elephant is ..(heavy) than a horse.

- Spain is (big) than England. - My car is. (bad) than your car. - Helen was the (beautiful) woman in Greece. - An aeroplane is ..(fast) than a plane. - This exam is the ..(difficult) of all - Old people are (intelligent) than young people. - Winter is(cold) than autumn. - The (hot) dessert of all is the Sahara and it's in Africa. - Germany is (far) from home than France. - My health is (good) now than 5 years ago. - Chinese is the .(difficult) language in the world. - Valencia played (bad) yesterday than last week. - Cats are not ..(intelligent) as dogs. - I think you must tell me the .. (good) way to do it, or it will take me ages to finish. - My sister Anne had a (tidy) room than me, but was always having arguments with everybody. - Who is (talkative) person in class? - I am . (old) than my sister. 2) What time is it? 12.20 17.30 7.35 10.00 8.00 12.25 3) Tell the numbers 5756 654 2764 853 12 555 4) Translate 13.50 21.15 8.10 11.45 12 p.m 12 a.m

. Ftbol es ms peligroso que tenis. . Marta est detrs de tu casa . Cul es el deporte ms extremo? . El polo no es tan fcil como el ftbol . Yo juego al bisbol en el gimnasio . Tu coche rojo no es tan bonito como el nuestro . Estn tus primos en el cine? . Hay un baln dentro de tu casa, cerca de tu cama, junto a tu mochila. . El hermano de tu padre est al final de la calle. . El libro de matemticas no est sobre la mesa, est en el suelo. 5) Prepositions - _______ radio, you can listen to Cadena Dial. - She has arrived _____________ Barcelona. After, she arrived ___________ her house. - She goes ____________ the library every day. - ______ library, you can study quietly. - She was in the living room and then she came ____________ the kitchen. - There are many people ___________ the bus. - The books are __________ your bag. - Your pencil case isnt __________ the floor. - Marta is in the second row. Juan is in the first one. Marta is seated _____________ Juan and Julia is seated __________________ her. The teacher is seated _________________ us. - There is a restaurant _____________________our house, on the other side of the road. - Marta is with me ______ the bus. She sat ______________ me. - My mother is not here now. She is _____________. - My grandmother is going ________________ her bedroom to go __________ the kitchen. 6) Plurals bike life mouse donkey leaf child school sheep boy potato box fish uniform policewoman girl match family thief