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Project Management Plan Update From Conduct Procurement

Stakeholder Register

Process Flow PMBOK 5

Develop Project Management Plan
Project Mgmt Plan Scope Mgmt Plan

Communication Management Plan

Project Charter

Cost Management Plan

Scope Baseline

Project Mgmt Plan

Project Doc Update

SOW Business Case

Develop Project Charter

Project Charter Project charter

Project Management Plan Updates

Requirement Management Plan

Project Mgmt Plan Project charter

Schedule Mgmt Plan

Project Charter

Cost Baseline

Direct and Manage Project Plan

Prj Funding Req
Work Performance Data

Plan Scope Management

Scope Mgmt Plan Req Trac Matrix

Plan Schedule Management

Schedule Management Plan

Plan Cost Management

Cost Management Plan Activity list Schedule Management Plan

Requirement Doc Req Traceability Matrix

Req Mgmt Plan

Identify Stakeholders
Procurement Document

Cost Management Plan Basis of Estimates


Monitor & Control Project Work

Schedule Forecost

Define Activities
Activity Attributes Schedule Activity Activity list Milestone Management Attribute Plan Activity Attributes

Project Charter Stakeholder Register

Collect Requirements
Req Doc

Estimate Activity Resources

Scope Baseline / Project Document Update Resource Calendar Activity Resource Requirements Schedule N/W Diagram Resource Breakdown Structure Activity Attributes Risk Register

Scope Baseline Develop Schedule

Risk Register

Project Charter

Risk Register

Resource Calendar HR Management Plan HR Mgmt Plan

Accepted Deliverables

EEF Updates PMP

Prj Doc Update

Prj Funding Req

Define Scope
Req Doc

Sequence Activities
Schedule Management Plan

Activity list

Project Scope Statement

Project Management Plan

Scope Mgmt Plan

Schedule Management Plan Activity List

Activity Resource Requirement Resource Calendar Project Management Plan Process Improvement Plan Quality Management Plan Quality Metrics

Team Performance Assessments

Work Performance Information

Plan HR Resource Management

Develop Project Team

Control Scope

Control Cost
Verified Deliverables

Proj Doc Update

Create WBS
Risk Management Plan

Issue Log

Manage Project Team

Proj Doc Updates OPA Updates

Project Scope Statement

Control Communication
Project Communications

Control Quality

Estimate Activity Duration

Proj Doc Update

Develop Schedule
Activity Duration Estimates Risk Register Project Management Plan

Plan Quality Management

Risk Register Stakeholder Register

Perform Quality Assurance

Risk Register

Project Scope Statement


Control Procurement
OPA / Proj Doc Update

Control Risks

Resource Calendar

Project Management Plan Scope Baseline Stakeholder Register Work Performance Reports

Change Request Approved Change Request

Project Document


Approved Change Request

Plan Communication Management

Risk Register Risk Management Plan

Identify Risk
Risk Register Risk Register Quality Management Plan Project Management Plan Update Communications Management Plan Proj Doc Update

Control Stakeholder Engagement

Issue Log Change Request Change Request Change Request

Manage Communications

Plan Risk Management

Scope Baseline

Perform Quality Analysis

Perform Quantitative Analysis

Plan Risk Response

Procurement Document

Project Doc Update OPA Update

Perform Integrated Change Control

Project Management Plan

Risk Management Plan Cost Management Plan Project Management Plan Risk Register
Change Request

Plan Procurement Management

Activity Cost Estimates Project Schedule Activity Resource Requirement

Procurement Document Change Request Change Log Accepted Deliverables

Close Procurement

Close Procurement / OPA update

Close Project / Close Phase

Final Product, Service or Result Transition OPA Update

Project Mgmt Plan

Stakeholder Register Stakeholder Management Plan Stakeholder Management Plan Procurement Management Plan Procurement Documents Source Selection Criteria Make-or-buy Decision Procurement Statement of Work

Communication Management Plan

Plan Stakeholder Management

Manage Stakeholder Engagement

Selected Sellers

Conduct Procurement

Project Doc update

Resource Calendar

Created By Mariappan B & Mari Sankar T 700/238/

Project Management Plan

Proj Scope Statement

Proj Doc Update

Work Performance Data

Cost Forecost

Scope Mgmt Plan

Activity Cost Estimates

Resource Calendar

Acquire Project Team

HR Management Plan

Project Staff Assignments

Scope Baseline

Estimate Cost

Determine Budget

Prj Schedule Prj Calendar Schedule Data


Validate Scope

Control Schedule
OPA Update