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THE PRAYER MOUNTAIN: Cathedral of Praise Pilgrimage and Worship Complex

Madelline Joy U. Ritarita 09277934855/

Arch. Leah M.P. dela Rosa Architecture College of Architecture

One of the problem in church growth is there are little or no growth in many Christian churches. There are factors that hinders the growth of the church, hindering it not only in numbers but also in un-measurable growththe deeper relation to God. Carnality, fading focus of evangelism, fading fear of God, lack of facilities and even over growth in numbers are some of the factors that hinders church growth. In the thesis, the historical, qualitative and the quantitative aspect of church growth were analyzed. With this, presented in the study is meeting the need of the church by providing necessary services and facilities that are conducive for learning deeper knowledge about God and Bible teachings and designing a solitary place of seeking and spending time with God exclusively for the church members. The thesis project will serve as the prayer mountain facility owned by a local church Cathedral of Praise that would strengthen the prayer life of the members. By this, the local church will grow qualitatively and quantitatively in pursuing the mission of Pentecostal church of discipleship.

Church growth, Prayer Mountain, Pentecostalism, Worship

Spiritually, the people commit their lives to God, growing in grace and build spiritual lives. Also, reviews has shown an association between faith and a number of positive health benefits, including protection from illness, coping with illness, and faster recovery from it. The word of God reveal to people teachings that would equip them for the issues of life thus producing spiritual and intellect growing people. Architecture can have a spiritual impact is also reflected in the language associated with religious buildings. Immanence of God here refers to God dwelling outside of the realm of earth and even midst of us at various times. Architecture and designing has a great role in building sanctuaries for the Lord and for the users. It affects their perception in coming to solitary place and sanctuaries by giving importance to their life with God.

The project will support the Pentecostal Mission and the biblical church structure focus of soul winning, keep the core of Cathedral of Praise as a local church and to be enhance in their lifelong commitments, strengthen the individual church members core, and create facilities for strengthening and supplementing the members relationship with God. The project will serve as the prayer mountain facility owned by a local church Cathedral of Praise.