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Liam Schwartz Peer Recognition (2012-13) Selected to the list of Most Highly Regarded Individuals in the field of Corporate Immigration Law 201 (Who's Who Legal) !resident"s Commendation for #utstanding Leadership $merican Immigration Lawyers $ssociation %$IL$& Public Service (2012-13) Chair' (Innovation in the )isa !rocess( Roundta*le Series Council on +oreign Relations' ,ashington' -.C. Mem*er' $IL$ -epartment of State Liaison Committee Mem*er' /0ecutive Committee' $IL$ Rome -istrict Chapter %2012& Mem*er' $IL$ 1lo*al Migration Section Conference Committee Social Media Creator and $dministrator' (Consular Corner( (Consular Corner( is a community in which consular officers and immigration attorneys share information' e0change viewpoints' and deepen their appreciation for each other2s roles in the visa application process. Manager' Visa Forum' 34/5 34/5 is the online presence of Israel"s largest media group' Yediot Aharonot

Publications (2012-2013) $uthor' 6Consular Corner7 %monthly column on consular and visa issues pu*lished *y Le0is4e0us&. Consular Corners Best of FAM 201 Le!is "e!is# $ecem%er 1&# 201 Author# 'srael( )i*h Court Stri+es $own Len*th, $etention of Mi*rants Global Migration Digest# "o-em%er 201 Council on Forei*n /elations 0olic, 'nno-ation Memoran1um 2Faster# Safer# an1 Smarter( A Mo1ern Visa S,stem for the 3nite1 States42 Co8author' (,elcoming 5ourists in a !ost 9:11 ,orld( The Wall Street Journal ;anuary 2<' 2012 Co8author' (-os and -on"ts for $ttorneys Representing )isa $pplicants( AILA Consular Practice Handbook $uthor' (=pdates to 9 +$M( AILA Consular Practice Handbook Co8author' Israel Chapter' lobal !obilit" Handbook' >a?er @ McAenBie $uthor' (March Madness for =.S. )isa $pplications( $IL$ !ractice =pdate %March C' 201 & $uthor' (SeDuestration and )isa $dEudications( $IL$ !ractice $lert %March 1' 201 & Co8author' (IsraelF Immigration =pdate( lobal !igration #igest +e*ruary 201 2Liam Schwartz 'nter-iews /o%ert 5lsen2 Le!is "e!is Fe%ruar, 2&# 201 2Liam Schwartz 'nter-iews /ust, $eMoss2 Le!is "e!is 6anuar, 7# 201 Co8author' (Iranians and =.S. )isas( $IL$ !ractice =pdate %4ovem*er 1' 2012& $uthor' ($dministrative !rocessing( $IL$ !ractice !ointer %Septem*er 1C' 2012& Co8author' (Guestions and $nswers with =.S. Consulate 1eneral ;erusalem( $IL$ !ractice =pdate %$ugust 2H' 2012&

Interviewed in Haaret$ %e&s'a'er articleF (=.S. -emands !roof of !arentage for I)+ >a*ies(%+e*ruary 1' 2012& Interviewed in The !arker (inancial %e&s'a'er articleF (#*amaF ,e"ll Ma?e it /asier for 5ourists to Receive )isas( %;anuary 2 ' 2012& $uthor' (Guestions and $nswers with Consul 1eneral at =.S. /m*assy' $ccra' 1hana( $IL$ !ractice =pdate $pril H' 2012 $uthor' (4I) Interview ,aiver !ilot !rogram( $IL$ !ractice =pdate +e*ruary I' 2012 Lectures and Con erences (2012-2013) Spea?er' 6Hidden 1ems from the +oreign $ffairs Manual7F 201 R-C +all Conference %London& #rganiBer and Spea?er' (201 #pen +orum on =nited States )isas and Immigration with the =nited States /m*assy and =nited States Consulate 1eneral( featuring the /m*assy and Consulate 1eneral )isa Chiefs and the /81 )isa Consul %5el8$viv& -iscussion Leader' (5he Ins and #uts of )isa +raud(F 201 $IL$ $nnual Conference %San +rancisco& Spea?er' 6Increasing /mployer Compliance J $n /0amination of Recent Changes and Current 5rends(F 201 $IL$ 1lo*al Immigration +orum %San +rancisco& #rganiBer and Spea?er' (=nited States Relocation Conference J Hot 5opics 20128 201 ( featuring the )isa Chief and others from the $merican /m*assy %5el8$viv& -iscussion Leader' ($dvanced 4onimmigrant )isa Issues(F 2012 R-C +all Conference featuring the )isa Chief and others from the $merican /m*assy %London& Spea?er' (=S CitiBenship and Children >orn $*road(F 2012 $IL$ $nnual Conference %4ashville& Spea?er' 6,or?ing $*road LegallyF $ !rimer on ,or? !ermit Classifications(F 2012 $IL$ 1lo*al Immigration +orum %4ashville& -iscussion Leader' (Hot 5opics in Consular !rocessing(F 2012 R-C Spring Conference %>ucharest& Spea?er' (5he Challenges of -oing >usiness in the Middle /ast and South /ast $sia(F 2012 R-C Spring Conference %>ucharest&

Selected Past Pro essional !ctivities -iscussion Leader' -#S #pen +orum 2011 $IL$ $nnual Conference %San -iego&K +aculty Mem*er' Consular !anel' 2011 $IL$ $nnual Conference %San -iego&K Co8 organiBer and -iscussion Leader of the 2011 $IL$ Consular !rocessing /vent with Current and +ormer #fficials of the State -epartment2s >ureau of Consular $ffairs %,ashington' -C&K -iscussion Leader' 2011 R-C Spring Conference %+ran?furt&K +aculty Mem*er' 2011 +all Conference %London&K +aculty Mem*er' 2011 $IL$ 1lo*al Migration +orumK +aculty Mem*er' 2011 +all Conference %London&K Co8$uthor' $IL$ Liaison Guestions for )isa Chief at =.S. /m*assy' $thens' 1reece %$IL$ March 2011&K $uthor' 6Consular G@$ Column7 ,hen in Rome' the R-C Guarterly 4ewsletter 2011 82012K $uthor' 5he Consular !ractice !ro*lem Solver' R-C 2011 Spring Conference Hand*oo?K $uthor' 201182012 Consular !ractice $dvisories %topics ranged from criminal grounds of inadmissi*ility to >lan?et L )isas to )isa $ppointment ,ait 5imes to >81 )isa $pplications in Me0ico& K !ast chair' $IL$2s -epartment of State Liaison CommitteeK !ast chair' R-C Consular Liaison CommitteeK !ast chair' R-C Communications CommitteeK Chair' 2009 $IL$ Rome -istrict Chapter Spring ConferenceK #rganiBer' $IL$ 5ours of =.S. Consulate 1eneral' )ancouver %200C& and of =.S. /m*assy' London %200L and 200<&K +aculty Mem*er' 2010 $IL$ $nnual ConferenceK +aculty Mem*er' 2010 R-C Spring ConferenceK +aculty Mem*er' 2010 $IL$ 1lo*al Migration +orumK +aculty Mem*er' 2009 $IL$ Rome -istrict Chapter +all ConferenceK -iscussion Leader' 2009 $IL$ 5eleconference 6Current Issues in 4onimmigrant )isa !rocessingF $ Roundta*le with )isa Consuls7K #rganiBer and Moderator of the 2009 6/ )isas Made /asy7 seminar' co8sponsored *y the $merican8Israel Cham*er of Commerce and the Israel -iamond /0change' and featuring the entire / visa section of the =nited States /m*assy in 5el8$viv.K -iscussion leader' 2009 IL,.C#M -epartment of State three8part seminar series %with the participation of =.S. consular officers from around the worldM in8house immigration attorneys from ,alt -isney' 4i?e and McAinseyM and prominent immigration law colleagues&.K Moderator' 200C $IL$ 5eleconference entitled Current Issues in 4onimmigrant )isa !rocessingF $ Roundta*le with )isa ConsulsK -iscussion leader' 200C IL,.C#M Consular !rocessing for /0perts three8part seminar seriesK -iscussion Leader' -#S #pen +orum 200L $IL$ $nnual ConferenceK Moderator' 200L $IL$ Spring Conference !anel entitled -#S J Standards in )isa !rocessingK Spea?er' 200L $merican Council on International !ersonnel $nnual Symposium' Current =.S. Consular !racticesK Spea?er' 200L +ederation of Israeli Cham*ers of Commerce Seminar entitled #n the Road to Success in the =.S.K Spea?er' 200I $merican Council on International !ersonnel $nnual Symposium' $pplying for )isas @ $dmission J >eing !ractical @ !reparedK +aculty Mem*er' 200C' 200L' 200I' 200<' 200H' 200 ' 2002' $IL$ $nnual ConferencesK +aculty Mem*er' $IL$ J International >ar $ssociation 1lo*al >usiness Immigration Conferences 200 ' 200<' 200L' 2009K $uthor' 6Inadmissi*ility to the =SF 5he Hidden Cost of Criminal Convictions7 %Israeli >ar $ssociation 2010&K Co8author' 99 State 5en 3ears #nF Is the Relationship >etween Consular #fficers and Immigration $ttorneys $dvancing the )isa $pplication !rocessN !u*lished in Immigration and

4ationality Hand*oo?' 2009810 /d.K $uthor' Relocating to $merica J 5ips for 4avigating the =.S. )isa !rocedure pu*lished in /SR$ MagaBine' +all 2009K Co8 author %Israel&' $IL$ 1oing 1lo*alF 5rends in #ut*ound Immigration %2009&K $uthor' 6Consular !rocessing of /81 )isas at the =.S. /m*assy in 5el8$viv' Israel7' 5he International ,ho2s ,ho of Corporate Immigration Lawyers 200CK Co8author' 5he $ttorney and the ConsulF +ostering 1ood Relationships when Representing )isa $pplicants' Immigration Law 5oday ;uly:$ugust 200CK $uthor' Stand and -eliverF !ractice 5ips on !reparing 3our Client for an 4I) Interview' Immigration and 4ationality Hand*oo?' 200H80< /d.K $uthor of the chapters on the =S /m*assy' 5el8$viv and the =S ConsulateK 1eneral' ;erusalem for the $IL$ )isa !rocessing Hand*oo? 2002' 200 ' 200H' 200<' 200I' 200L' 200C' 2009 and 2010 editionsK $uthor' =.S. )isas for Corporate Relocation %1lo*es +inancial !u*lishers&K $uthor' =nited States /ntry and ,or? !ermits %Aluwer Law !u*lishers& "ar !d#issions 4ew 3or?' 4ew ;ersey and Israel