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CHAPTER III RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODOLOGY The study was conducted by a constructive research process using both

the qualitative and quantitative methods of investigation. 3.1. RESEARCH METHODS: 3.1.1. Qualitative Research: Qualitative research, on the other hand, is concerned with qualitative phenomenon, i.e., phenomena relating to or involving quality or kind. This type of research aims at discovering the underlying motives and desires using in depth interviews for the purpose. This research is designed to find out how people feel or what they think about a particular subject or institution. Qualitative research is important in the behavioral sciences where the aim is to discover the underlying motives of human behavior. ( _Methodology.pdf) The qualitative research of the study was made by doing personal involvement such as conducting interviews with the involved sectors, site visitation, actual observation as well as the personal analysis of the data gathered from this method.
The diagram shows the qualitative and quantitative approach for the project

3.1.2. Quantitative Research Quantitative research is based on the measurement of quantity or amount. It is applicable to phenomena that can be expressed in terms of quantity.

Biblical facts regarding the behavior of people and their relationship with a Supreme Being. Kothari. the events happened from the past will be some of the basis in understanding the scope of Christianity. In the field of religion and spirituality. By gathering descriptions of “what is” and . (C. With this the researcher will be able to provide solutions for the future by consider the findings. its doctrines and history of the church since it would be the basis of the design and scope of the project. say. living condition of a community. or describes attitudes towards an issue. These would be a source of pattern and guide for truthfulness and honesty of the topic. Descriptive Research Descriptive research attempts to describe systematically a situation.R. Historical Research It is concerned with describing past events or facts in a spirit of inquiring critically for the whole truth. periodicals.3.R. Also the complications and reasons of unhealthy spiritual life are unfolded from the past. problem phenomenon. The major purpose of descriptive research is description of the state of affairs as it exists at present. service or program. (C. We may consider history as a broad field covering the whole expanse of the human past. magazines. It is important to consider the missions and vision of the church. 3. or provides information about . 2004) Descriptive research may be used most effectively in observations of life experiences of the people involve regarding the project. Past records of benefits of healthy spiritual life and prayerful life and motivations and reason behind pursuing these are tracked and observed.1.Quantitative research was done by means of gathering data from secondary resources such as books. pamphlets plus the used of internet sources as well as photography and documentations. the life of Jesus Christ and other facts concerning prayer. Also part of historical research is the development of the Cathedral of Praise Church as the significant user of the project. Kothari. 3.1. 2004) Descriptive research includes surveys and fact-finding enquiries of different kinds. connection with God and growing in relationship are guided by Bible scriptures.4.

One can survey        the journals which publish abstracts of papers published in various journals. status of the problem.2. workshops.2. This gives correlational researches for the topic. journals which publish research articles.2. It is very essential to know whether the defined problem has already been solved. and self-reports of behavior. advanced level books on the chosen topic. 2004) 3. The researcher could generalize responses to number and certain people involve in the topic. Surveys Structured questions to assess peoples’ beliefs. reprint/preprint collections available with the supervisor and nearby experts working on the topic chosen and Internet. attitudes. etc.R. proceedings of conferences. (C. Kothari. solutions in nourishing the spiritual life of the people. the environment and architecture of prayer facility and others. review articles related to the topic chosen. OTHER RESEARCH METHODS 3.2. It can help us design methodology for the present work.. techniques that are useful to investigate the problem and other relate details. books another documents related to Prayer Mountains. Case studies Detailed analysis of a single or number of related projects is considered to know the basis. prayer life of a Christian. We can also explore the vital links with the various trends and phases in the chosen topic and . objectives and how a certain example is designed. A review on past work helps us know the outcome of those investigations where similar problems were solved. considerations. 3.comparing them to “what we would like” the researcher can see the area that needs to be addressed. Literature survey It is a collection of research publications.

2. Further. know their needs and wants with regards to comfort. . 3. interviews of designers and architects who have been involved in such kind of projects. Also.familiarize with characteristic precepts. The interviews for members of the church are conducted to know the perception and effect of the project to the main users. how the project will affect the church growth qualitatively and quantitatively and what the Bible tells about having this kind of project. their personal experiences. efficiency and spiritual growth. know the operations of the church that will be a guide in programming of the project. Ocular Visits and Immersion The researcher will visit Prayer Mountains in certain areas to observe the trends applied to holistic architecture in terms of religion. (arXiv:physics. individual spiritual growth and physical environment of the project that would concern them. Recipients such as Cathedral of Praise members and nonmember of the church were given surveys regarding certain topics like prayer. Interviews This helps the researcher to reach out the insights of certain people involve and related to the project. it can help us formulate a satisfactory structure of the research proposal. major concerns and suggestions to be considered in the project. Interviews from the head pastor/ undershepherd of Cathedral of Praise or department pastors composed of topics regarding the benefits and importance of having the Cathedral of Praise prayer mountain facility. their concepts and design basis for the certain project and the management of the project.2. 3. This will give guide as the project progress. Observations and photo documentations will be noted and used as references for the design of the project. Survey Questionnaires are given to specific type of recipient to know the insights. concepts and interpretations. worship places. The interview conducted with the design head of the church includes the site intended and eyed for the church.2006) 3.