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Survey: The Proposed COP Prayer Mountain For: Cathedral of Praise Members The purpose of this survey is to evaluate

the depth of knowledge of the members of the church Cathedral of Praise to the project: The Proposed Cathedral of Praise Prayer Mountain Facility and to consider its advantages to the spiritual life of the members and their walk with God. Also, this survey is designed to meet the needs of the members and how it can assess their expectations regarding the project. Feel free to jot down comments for these will be also considered. Individual responses are confidential and will only be used for statistical purposes. Name:____________________________________ District No.:_____ Gender: F M Age Grp: 14-17 y/o 18-21 y/o 22-25 y/o 26-30 y/o 31-35 y/o 36-40 y/o 40 y/o and above Status: Single Married Widowed Separated Check the answer that corresponds to what applies to you.

Outside your house (garden, lanai, balcony, etc.) 5. If given a chance to go to outdoor solitary places to pray and to have a private time with God, where would it be? Garden Prayer Mountain Mall Public Park 6. In the verse, Phil 4:6Do not be anxious about anything but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God; what are the benefits of prayer to the health of a person? You may choose more than 1. One overcome the stress and anxiety Pacify our mind, spirit and body Better self-control, self-esteem and confidence Gives pressure and discomforts 7. Cathedral of Praise is growing and prospering local church. What do you think of it (if ever) having its own Prayer Mountain Facility that would help the people in their walk with God? Its beneficial Its not beneficial


Being an E3 Christian, every individual is passionate about seeking God daily. (Jeremiah 29:13). Do you agree then that prayer and fasting has always been part of being an E3 Christian? Yes No If No, Why?____________


During your daily devotion (pray, read the Word, & praise), when do you usually have this? Early in the morning At night time


The ideal way of going to the prayer mountain is through: Public transportation Own car Walk


How long do you usually have your devotion? Thank you for your honest response. God bless. 15min to 30min 1hr to 1hr & 30min 30min to 1hr 2hrs and more Prepared by: Madelline Joy Ritarita


Jesus went to solitary place to pray to the Father. (Mark 1:35). Where do you usually pray or have your devotion? In a closed door room In your living room