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TASK 2 ( Esssay Writing )

Why I Further My Studies.





Everyone in the world does not have the right to choose the race they are born with, or families they grow up in, but people can make decisions about what they can do with their lives. I believed that a person with better education has better future ahead of them. In this life, people are thrown obstacles they will need to overcome on their own, a path to decide, and to walk on. I also recognized, that the harder a person work, the further they can reach out, and when they accomplish their goals, that will lead to the future they have drawn early on. My decision to further studies entails numerous causes. But here, I would like to emphasize the three main reasons that triggered me to hit that yes button. Gain expertise depth in what I do Translation of information into knowledge is possible because of education, and that is the core to my job. I am the medium to confer information into knowledge within a persons mind. In order for me to provide education, I must first gain education, starting from the attainment of knowledge. A good educator is a good student. A good student is an educated student, and to be labeled as such, I must be able to question an anciently defined concept that has continually been reformed and renewed for adaptation to an ever changing society. I teach science, and science is a constantly evolving field. New facts come and go through continuous research and experiments. Hence, furthering studies is a relevant way to keep my skills up to date. I will need to adapt my skills of teaching with the fast-paced ever changing characters in different generations. Ummar Al Khatab, a khalifah in the Islamic history once mentioned the way of teaching to different generations. He said: teach your children with contemporary knowledge, since they were born in different eras than yours1. Immanuel Kant, a famous philosopher said: science is organized knowledge, wisdom is organized life2. To gain wisdom, we must first gain knowledge. Promoting myself well for a strong career path Living in the 21st century means living with people with greater qualities, in coherent with the flow the world has demanded, which is a good sign, since that proves that our country is making progress towards our mission: to become a developed country by the year 2020.

However, that also means living in the world of increasing competitiveness. A person who pursues higher education stands a better chance to be in a stronger standing in his/her career path. I believe that getting myself a higher qualification in this area of expertise means Im crisis-proofing my career. I would like to keep a job that I could make a career out of and in the same vein, a future that I would look forward to live in and enjoy every day. Contribution to the community I believe that furthering my education is an effort of promoting diversity in professional development in the country, and helping the country to transform into a better nation. To gain significance internationally, one must begin with oneself. In the Holy Quran, there is a verse that goes: verily Allah (SWT) will not change the fate of a people unless the people themselves who change what is in themselves what they. (QS13:11)3 There are goals that need to be fulfilled. I want to be able to give back to my community and help younger generations that need a good educator by their side to guide them, and light up their way to adulthood. I want to be involved. Thats one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.-Neil Armstrong 1969.2

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