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Qatar Cancer Society in words ..

Qatar Cancer Society was founded in 1997, its one of the charitable organizations leading in Qatar, which aims to increase awareness among members of the community of cancer prevention in local and regional levels and interact with organization in this regard. Qatar Cancer Society is working under the umbrella of the Ministry of labor and social affairs.

What is cancer? Is an abnormal growth of cells in the tissues of the body that able to spread into healthy tissue as the small groups which may be separated from the original tumor shifting to another place, consisting of secondary tumors. Objectives: 1 - Global awareness of cancer and how to prevent it. 2 - Financial support to cancer patients who are unable to afford treatment. 3 - Make recommendations and provide the necessary plans to fight all cancer types. 4 - Submission of projects on health policy and a comprehensive national program to fight cancer. 5 - Coordination between the various stakeholders cancer treatment and follow-up emerging from other countries. 6 - Determine the size of the problem, including the incidence of the disease and the extent of its spread and the number of deaths resulting from it. 7 - Prepare and support research and special studies of cancer and access to the latest therapeutic means to cope with this disease. Events and Activities: Awareness: Health education department works in the Qatar Cancer Society to deliver lectures, seminars, training courses and workshops for all members of the community through schools, universities and government institutions and non-governmental organizations, companies and individuals, male and female at all levels of the educational and professional Research: QCS is working to coordinate with the health and research institutions, universities and local participation in conferences, regional and international to keep up with the latest developments in the areas of prevention, detection and treatment of cancer. Social Responsibility: Organize and participate in local events and festivities on multiple occasions through which we publish awareness through associated activities, publications and educational material. Looking forward to Create Patient Services Center works specialist.

Management: QCS elected board has seven members, including the President and the Council shall chose from its members a general secretary administers the affairs of the Association.

Membership Program: Qatar cancer society designed Membership program, which allows any member of the community to contribute to the work and activities during the leisure which is determined by the member in order to invest energies and capacities through the allocated times. The member have to pay a minimal fee for membership and after one year membership he/she has the right to run for membership of the Board of Directors and to vote. Volunteer program: A volunteer program that allows anyone in the community to participate in the activities and work of the Assembly at the times that suit them is not required to pay any volunteer and also is not entitled to vote or to stand for the election of members of the Board of Directors.
Funding: QCS funding comes from on grants, donations, supporting institutions and companies, members of the community donations, membership fees, and income from some of the charitable activities of the association. Volunteer invitation: The National Cancer Society has provided humanitarian targets for all individuals on the homeland of the citizens and residents and visitors. Qatar Cancer Society welcome all who would like to spend some time in the service of society and contribute to the humanitarian objectives of the association. Please to become a Volunteer with us send your name and phone number to e-mail: QCS phone number 44847777 Fax 44847778 to donate to the National Cancer Society you can transfer the amount to the following accounts to donate and support: Qatar National Bank (Main Branch) 0011-181555-001 IBN Code #: QA58QNBA000000000011181555001