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GLOW Elixir Island Gazette

Summer Edition | 2013 Whats GLOWing?

A warm welcome from your GLOW Elixir Island Hosts GLOW Gourmet by Chef Scott & GLOW Island Cooking Academy

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Gino General Manager Scott CheF&BM anager Ball Front Office Manager
We want you to have such a GLOW time! Meet with one of us, your GLOW Elixir Island Hosts who will be happy to assist you during your stay. Welcome Home! Gino, Scott , Ball and all associates Page 7

- Bits n Pieces - Personal Island Experience - Keeping you Safe - Keeping you Comfortable - Dining GLOW Facts & GLOW Your Way Secluded Private Beach Dinner & GLOW Perks for your return visit & Special Discount for Facebook fan

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Enjoy a delicious frozen Thirst Quenching GLOW drink at Elixir Liquid Bar or at the poolside. Make sure you join us at Lalin Restaurant to feel your A very warm welcome to your own Piece tummy GLOW with cozy indoors or fresh of Paradise at GLOW Elixir Koh Yao Yai, a ocean breezes outdoors on our ocean natural side of Phuket. side terrace. Finally, if your idea of the Your stay with us will be delightful, your ultimate vacation is ultimate relaxation, home away from home as we, all your and its all about being pampered, look GLOW island hosts, like to say! We pride no further than a soothing massage by ourselves in our warm hospitality so in the pool. Our professional therapists are the event you may need something; please available seven days a week to ensure dont hesitate to ask for assistance from you get your GLOW time. us.

And a perfect GLOW is all around you...

Enjoy your GLOW Experience! While staying at home at GLOW Elixir Koh Yao Yai, you can enjoy the view of the crystal clear turquoise water and pristine Your GLOW Elixir Island Hosts beach by relaxing under the swaying palm trees or lying on one of our sun loungers by the beach. GLOW Elixir Koh Yao Yai

Live, Fresh Free Range

KOH YAO YAI LOBSTER, prepared the way you like. Contact Chef Scott at Lalin Restaurant for more details.

GLOW Elixir Island Gazette

Summer Edition | 2013

By Chef Scott

While regularly conducting cooking classes for our GLOW guests, a subject that is brought up repeatedly is how spicy a traditional green curry should be. said Chef Scott
Italian guests a few weeks back told me that the processed Green Curry Paste that they buy in Italy is extremely spicy and had only tried to make the green curry at home once, as they found it too spicy. Needless to say I found this interesting as in my experience with Thai cuisine the Gaeng Kiaw Wan Gai (Green chicken curry) is a mild and fragrant curry. Red curry paste would be the hottest of the three main types of chili pastes with yellow curry paste being the mildest. Naturally every Thai household has their own secret recipe that has been passed down for generations, so undoubtedly no 2 green curries would be the same. This green curry paste recipe is simple enough to make and has a fantastic balance of flavor. Green Curry Paste: Lemongrass 1 stalk Green birds eye chili 2 Shallot 3 small Garlic 4 cloves Fresh Galangal (Thai ginger) 2 inches Coriander roots/stalks cup (chopped)Thai Basil cup (chopped) Green Peppercorns 1 Tsp. Ground Coriander Tsp. Fish Sauce 4 Tbsp. Lime Juice 3 Tbsp. Palm Sugar (unrefined) 1 Tsp. Coconut milk 2 Tsp. Traditionally all ingredients, without the liquids, are pounded in a pestle and mortar to make a paste and then the liquids are mixed in. In modern day cooking I would recommend placing all the ingredients into a food processer and blitz to a paste.

Thai Cooking Class

GLOW Island Cooking Academy


Enjoy your self-made delicious Thai Lunch at only THB 800++ per person
Select 3 of your favorite Thai dishes; Som Tam (Tangy and spicy green papaya salad), Porpeah Tod (Vegetable spring rolls), Tom Yam Goong (Sour and Spicy Thai Prawn Soup), Tom Kha Gai (Chicken and coconut soup), Gaeng Keaw Wan Gai (Green chicken curry with coconut milk), Phad Kraprao Gai (Stir-fried Chicken with Sweet Basil leaves), Yam Mamuang (Green mango salad), or Pad Thai (Stir fried noodles with prawns and tamarind sauce). The course includes 2 hours of cooking and dining, all Ingredients for cooking, GLOW recipe cards, Delicious self-made Lunch, Certificate, and Bottled Water, Tea and Coffee.

To make a reservation, please contact Front Desk. GLOW Elixir Koh Yao Yai 2

GLOW Elixir Island Gazette

Summer Edition | 2013

Bits n Pieces

Personal Island Experiences

Keeping you Safe

Keeping you Comfortable


How to GLOW
Resort Information
Welcome to GLOW Elixir Koh Yao Yai where all guests can experience the natural side of Phuket, the way rural tropical Thailand was before the influx of crowded beaches and congested roads. An island where one can still enjoy the sounds of wild birds, wonderful nature walks, quiet evenings with brilliant sunsets and most importantly, genuine Thai hospitality. Relax and let us help you peek at a part of unseen Thailand without giving up the comforts of home. This directory provides a brief review of answers to questions you may have. Check-out Time Check-out time is 12:00. Should you require an extension, please contact the Front Desk. Luggage Collection We will collect all luggage 10 minutes prior to your scheduled departure. If a different arrangement is desired, please contact Reception by dialing 0. Telephone Room to Room : Direct dial the desired room number. Within Thailand: Please ask for assistance from the Reception. International: IDD is not available from Koh Yao Yai. Please ask our team at the Reception Sala if you need to make an urgent international call.

Quote of the day The glow of one warm thought is to me worth more than money.
- Thomas Jefferson

Jitsak (Gino) Lim-Pakornkul General Manager

+Bits n Pieces

GLOW Elixir Koh Yao Yai

GLOW Elixir Island Gazette

Summer Edition | 2013

Diving The Phang Nga is renowned for wonderful diving locations around its numerous islands. Our Team will be delighted to assist in booking dive excursions through Elixir Divers. For first time divers and guests who wish to be certified, a PADI Open Water training course is available. PADI Certification training takes about three days. Please contact the Elixir Divers Team. Fishing A variety of deep sea and coastal fishing excursions can be arranged with Elixir Divers. Night fishing with local long-tail boats is a unique way to experience the waters around the island. Please contact our Reception Team for more information. Fitness Center The Fitness Center is open daily from 7:00am to 7:00pm. Although the facility is airconditioned, we do recommend that all guests use caution when exercising in the hot humid climate of Thailand. Proper gym attire with sport shoes is required: no swim suits, street clothes, sandals, bare feet, flip flops etc. If you wish to have a towel in the gym with you, please bring one of the towels provided in your villa. An antiseptic spray bottle is provided and as a courtesy to other guests please clean and wipe down all equipment after use. Please also re-rack all weights and dumb bells after use. *Use of the fitness facilities is at your own risk. The resort will not be responsible for accidents or injury. Internet Wi-Fi internet is available without charge 24/7 in the Lobby, Elixir Bar, Lalin Restaurant and Dive Centre. NETGEAR Wi-Fi: Requires no password Elixir Wi-Fi: Password is sharkpoint Linksys Wi-Fi: Requires no password

+Personal Island Experiences


Activities around Koh Yao Yai

on and How to Part of the natural and special GLOW beauty of our island is that it is

remote, small and unencumbered. This unique feature creates a wide range of intimate and personal experiences for you to enjoy at your own pace, in your own time. Every activity under the sun can be found at GLOW Elixir Koh Yao Yai, from scuba diving to sea kayaking, island hopping, off-road biking and learning about the varying sea tide tables. Various village tours, weekly healthy living activities and nature walks all await you, just steps from your villa door. Please ask our Reception Team for recommendations, prices and any special requests. Books A selection of books in different languages as well as magazines are available in the Elixir Bar. The books may be taken to the Villas without charge, however, please return them before checking out. Coral Exploring the sea coral while the tide is out can be a fun family activity. Many small fish can be seen with a coral walk. Please be advised that all coral in the Phang Nga archipelago is protected by Thai law. Caution is recommended when swimming while the tide is low to avoid injury from coral cuts. Places of Worship Koh Yao is a predominately Muslim island, with several small mosques dotted across the island. The nearest Buddhist temples are in Phuket Town, where several Christian churches can also located.

Jogging and Hiking Trails A number of back road roads are suitable adventuresome jogger or Team will be happy recommendations. Massages A variety of massages are available in the privacy of your Villa or at the poolside sala. Reservations can be booked by visiting the Reception Sala or dialing 0. Traditional Thai Massage Aromatherapy Oil Massage Foot Massage Neck/Shoulder/Back Massage trails and for the hiker. Our to make

Motorbike Rentals Light (manual and automatic) motorcycles can be booked at the Reception Sala. Please wear the helmets provided and exercise extreme caution on the roads around the island, many of which are not paved and very rough. Also please note that most of the drivers on the island are unlicensed and uninsured. *Use of motorbikes is at your own risk: the resort will not assume liability for accidents or injuries.


GLOW Elixir Koh Yao Yai

GLOW Elixir Island Gazette

Summer Edition | 2013

Swimming Pool The main swimming pool is located beachside and provides a beautiful setting for relaxing the day away reading, resting & rejuvenating. Aqua exercise classes are available for all guests, please see reception for scheduling and class times. Children under the age of 12 should not be left unattended at the pool. **No lifeguard is on duty, use the pool at your own risk** Wildlife Koh Yao Yai is a predominately tropical jungle environment and plays host to an interesting variety of birds, reptiles, insects, animals, as well as flora and fauna. While walking the trails one can see monkeys, squirrels, numerous birds and perhaps glimpse a wild boar or small red deer. There are snakes on the island and the vast majority are harmless, but cobras and poisonous vipers can be found in the rubber plantations, rice paddies and jungles. Staying on established trails is recommended. Monthly we thoroughly fumigate all villas and restaurant for insects; however, as we are in nature, ants and the occasional spider can be seen in the villas or restaurant, these are harmless. For your additional comfort, Housekeeping cleans and sprays the nooks and crannies of the villas each day.

Personal Island Experiences

TV & DVDs Thai and foreign language television channels are available for your viewing pleasure, offering a mix of news, sports and movies. DVD players and a number of DVDs are available for use free of charge by guests and may be obtained from our Team in the Reception Sala. Please return all DVD movies before checking out. Newspapers Local and international newspapers are delivered three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and can be found in the Reception Sala. Plunge Pools Daily filtration of all pools is done between 7PM and 8PM: guests may use the pools while the filtration is undertaken. Sailing Various sailing excursions and sunset cocktail cruises can be arranged through Elixir Divers, please contact the Reception Team to obtain details and confirm bookings. Shopping There are local shops and kiosks on the island, but the nearest shopping centers are located in Phuket. Snorkeling Fun and exciting locations like Koh Khai Nai are only minutes away by longtail boat and provide hours of fun in the sun. Please contact the Reception Team for details about various snorkeling opportunities in and around the beautiful Phang Nga waters. Our Team will be happy to arrange the bookings.

+Keeping you Safe

Beach Cleaning The beaches are cleaned daily by the gardeners, but from May to November the rough seas can deposit trash on the beaches, please exercise extra caution when entering the water. If you would like to help keep nature cleaner, you can join us as a beachcomber, collecting debris or alerting our team to larger items that has washed to shore in the waves. Fire In the event of a fire, immediately leave all villas and buildings and notify any member of our staff. Flashlights A flashlight and spare batteries can be found in each villa near the entrance. It gets dark early and a use of a flashlight is recommended when walking in the evening. Hospital A government operated hospital is within 10 minutes of the resort, with a doctor on call 24 hours a day and capable of handling almost all emergency situations as well as general treatment requirements. A number of high quality hospitals are available in Phuket, boasting stateof-the art dialogistic equipment and internationally trained and certified specialists. In-Room Safe Each room is equipped with a safe. Please ask our Team if you require assistance.


GLOW Elixir Koh Yao Yai

GLOW Elixir Island Gazette

Summer Edition | 2013

Coffee / Tea Facilities Complimentary coffee, tea, bottled water and sachets of sugar are available. Amenitiespersonal items Shaving kit, sewing kit, toothbrush set are available at Front Desk. Umbrella In the event of inclement weather, umbrella is available at Front Desk. IDD Call ZEST Caf / Restaurant International Direct Dialing (IDD) is available from the telephone in your room. Ashtray Ashtray is available upon request in smoking room only. Please contact our Front Desk and the items will be delivered to your room. Wake Up Calls Wake-up calls can be arranged through our Front Desk personnel. Bottle Opener Bottle opener is available upon request. Please contact our Front Desk and the items will be delivered to your room. Mini Bar Each room has a small refrigerator, ZEST Caf / Restaurant is a all-day dining caf serves a selection of international and local favorites, delectable Asian fusion dishes and a la carte menu. Location : 1st Floor Operation Hours : Room Service

Keeping you Safe

In Room Safe A personalized, electronic safe box is located inside the cabinet in all rooms. Hotel Floor Plan It is located on the inside of your rooms door. The Floor Plan indicates Emergency Exits. In the event of an emergency, please DO NOT use the elevators. Security Hotel security personnel maintain 24 hours surveillance. However, management encourages all guests to engage the swing latch and to use the viewer prior to opening their door. Guests are encouraged to double lock all doors during the night.

GLOW Bar Glow Bar is a place for relax and unwind with favorite cocktails, frappes and ice blended drinks that keep you cool and fresh. Top up some of our snacks and enjoy the tranquil environment with friends. Location : Ground Floor and 1st Floor Operation Hours :

+Keeping you Comfortable

Air-Conditioning Every room has its own individual central air-conditioning for guests regulate the room temperature. This can be done via the thermostat located on the wall. Baby Cot Baby cot is available upon request at no cost. Please contact our Front Desk and the items will be delivered to your room. Iron and Ironing Boards An iron and ironing boards are available upon request. Please contact our Front Desk and the items will be delivered to your room. Pillows A delicious pillow-top mattress and two types of dreamy pillows. Hair Dryer It is located in the bathroom beside hand basin.

Have a GLOW time!

GLOW Elixir Koh Yao Yai

GLOW Elixir Island Gazette

Summer Edition | 2013

KOH YAO YAI by number




The area (in square kilometres) of Mangrove Forest in Koh Yao Yai.

The number of small islands that are nestled in Koh Yao archipelago, including two main islands Koh Yao Noi and Koh Yao Yai.

The area (in square kilometres) of coral reefs in Koh Yao Yai. The healthiest reefs can be found on both the upper and lower west of the island where 30 percent is still alive.

The dimensions (in square kilometres) of Koh Yao Yai.

The percentage of Muslim population on Koh Yao Yai.

98% 1,355
The area (in square kilometres) of Koh Yao archipelago. The population of Koh Yao Yai.

GLOW time
We know you love having a GLOW time. It s your holiday, so enjoy your leisure time!


GLOW Local Way

Our GLOW talents can teach you some of local arts & crafts; Palm Waving, Thai Garland Making, Fruit Carving, etc.

GLOW Gourmet
Meet with Chef Scott and learn about Thai Spices & Flavours the secret of Siamese Gourmet.


GLOW underwater
Introduction to diving. Please book the lesson at the diving center beforehand

GLOW Explorer
Walk with our resort talent through the jungle, the next beach and fishermans village.

Your GLOW time varies by your passion. Please feel free to contact GLOW Island Resort Hosts to help you find your inner GLOW. Lets GLOW more with us!

GLOW Elixir Koh Yao Yai

GLOW Elixir Island Gazette

Summer Edition | 2013

GLOW Perks
for your return visit




the last night for your next booking*** made upon check out.
*** Book ahead for a minimum 3-night stay on the best available rates. One night deposit is required.

Contact Front Desk for more information.

We want to GLOW more!

We appreciate your feedbacks.

To help making GLOW Elixir Koh Yao Yai better than ever, it is only with your feedback we can improve.
Contact GLOW Island Resort Hosts or write to us at info.kohyaoyai@glowbyzi THANK YOU

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