Forklift Quiz

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Section One: Knowing Your Job and Equipment
1. 2. 3. Who is required to be forklift trained? When is it legal to operate a forklift? Which of the following are types of forklifts? A. Electric Battery B. Gasoline 4. 5. 6. C. D. Liquid Propane Diesel Fuel

Date: __________

Inspections should be done on a ____________ basis. Name five items that must be included on an inspection checklist. Where should forklifts be refueled and recharged?

Section Two: Safe Operating Rules
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. What is a three-point dismount? When is it required to wear the forklift seatbelt? How high should the forks be from the floor when traveling? What procedures should be followed to alert pedestrians and other traffic when approaching a blind corner? How does the steering of a forklift differ from a car or truck? Which of the following are true? A. Forklifts should never be used for horseplay. B. Forklifts should never be used to transport hitchhikers. C. Forklifts should never be used as an elevator unless you’ve attached an approved safety platform. D. All of the above. 7. What are the three major points of the stability triangle? 8. Which direction will the center of gravity shift when lifting and carrying a load on the forks? A. B. Toward the forks. Toward the counterbalance.

9. In what situations must you lower the forks, set the parking brake and remove the key when exiting a forklift? A. B. C. D. When exceeding a distance of 25 feet. When the forklift is out of view. All of the above. None of the above.
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Forklift Quiz
10. 11. True / False One of the most important considerations is the safe working limits (lifting capacity) of the forklift? True / False the mast. The forklifts lifting capacity increases as the center of gravity extends further from

Section Three: Hauling a Load
1. Which of the following affects the forklift stability? A. B. C. D. 2. The placement of the load on the forks The height the load is lifted. Whether the forklift is on an incline. All of the above.

Which of the following should not be done when tipping a forklift? A. B. C. D. Brace your feet against the floor. Pull chest to the steering wheel. Hold on. Jump. You should cross a railroad track and speed bumps diagonally to avoid tipping

3. 4.

True / False sideways.

When driving with a bulky load that blocks your vision, you should drive ___ _________.

Section Four: Lifting
1. 2. True/ False For a safe pickup the forks should be centered and evenly spaced.

When lifting a load, which of the following should be done? A. B. C. D. E. F. Move the forks to the widest setting. Level the forks a few inches from the floor. Insert the forks slowly. Raise the forks 4-6 inches from the floor. Tilt the mast back to secure the load. All of the above.

Section Five: Unloading
1. When unloading you should: A. B. C. D. E. 2. Position the load in front of the drop off point. Carefully tilt the mast completely upright. Lower the forks until resting solidly. Back away slowly to remove the forks. All of the above. Height limits and mast clearance are not important on high-piled storage.

True/ False

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