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Wiccan Spells

Wiccan spells are usually looked at in two

distinct groups, “White magic” being associated
with good and benevolent motives and “Black
Magic” associated with evil deeds and satanic

Most modern Wiccans now have stopped using

this Black and White terminology to describe
their art, arguing that the colour black is just a
colour overly dramatised by Hollywood, any
reference to the colour itself should not have
any associations with satanic rituals or evil at

Wiccans believe magic spell casting is a fundamental law of nature, Wiccans are
essentially nature worshippers who believe in the Sun God and the Moon Goddess.
There are of course many variations to this basic creed with the God and Goddess
being viewed as separate parts of the same entity.
Wiccan witches adhere to the principle than magic and spell casting are part of the
natural order, and that modern science has yet to be able to completely understand the
process of magic.

Many believers of the Wicca Religion do not

claim to know how their magic works at all, it is
enough though that it does work for them and
that they have seen it work for them

Wiccan spells or Wiccan Magic is defined by

most Wiccans as “the Art of causing changes
to occur in compliance with one’s own will”.
The term Wiccan, simply refers to anyone who
practises the Wiccan Religion.

A Wiccan spell is a practise or ritualised event

which leads to measurable changes in the
emotional or physical sphere in accordance with the intentions of one or more Wiccans
who are casting the spell.
Wiccan White Magic Spells include love spells, health and healing spells, fertility spells,
prosperity spells as well as spells to help remove any bad influences from your life.

Wiccans usually cast their spells during ritual practices inside of a structure called “the
Sacred Circle”. Ritual carried out in the circle attempt to bring about changes to the
world via magic using Wiccan spells, rituals and sometimes paraphernalia like candles
(for Wiccan candle magic) and knives.

A Sacred Circle is a circle or sphere of space

consecrated by Wiccans to either contain energy and
form a sacred space, or to form a barrier of protection.
The Sacred Circle can sometimes be both.

Sacred Circles are created by making a ring from salt

or chalk. Some Wiccans will even scratch a line in the
earth and in some cases the Sacred Circle can simply
be visualised by a Wiccan Witch to produce the same
results. Similar circular constructs appear in some
Eastern religions

Wiccan spells, in the majority of instances are cast to help materialise a benevolent
result. The truth is the majority of magic spells cast by Wiccans (as well as other
advocates of the “Old Religions”) are cast for good and to promote harmony and peace.

This is well demonstrated by the Wiccan Rede, which states "An it harm none, do what
ye will”. Many Wiccans also believe in another element of Wiccan morality which is
“The Law of Threefold Return”.

This law holds that regardless of what type of Wiccan

spell is cast, be it benevolent or malevolent, the
actions of the spell will return to the practitioner with
triple the force or power.

This belief is very similar to the eastern philosophy of

Karma, first espoused in ancient India and later
appearing in various forms in the Buddhist, Jain, Sikh
and Hindu philosophies. This is one reason why Wicca
is regularly referred to as the yoga of the west.

Yoga, itself is one of the six schools of Hindu

philosophy. Yoga is about discipline and training
working together to help the consciousness reach a
state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquillity. Many
modern Wiccans will view this statement as a fair definition of their belief systems too.

Wiccan Spells come in many types and variations, so long as you practise your spell
casting with a good and benevolent mental attitude, you will find like many of that the
old nature religions such as Wicca can be rewarding and as fulfilling as many more
eastern and western belief systems.

Blessed Be.

(Nathan Ward)