Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009

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September 2009 URGENT cramnote You must have this information before they take down the website You !"S# $o to http%&&www 'anadastreetnews 'om&ind e( html Cru'ial) soul savin$ information 0* +, 2009

Sau't Ste Mar!e )ntar!o c emtra!'s 200* to 2009 see Sau'tStreetNews+com

BIG Brot er !s try!n" to s#ray our s$!es a"a!n w!t %&EMTRAILS
before s'hool starts I will do'ument everythin$ -ere are the past pi's of

SAULT c emtra!'s .200/ to 20090 B!"

1hy is our $overnment poisonin$ our skies with our ta( dollars2 3lu pandemi' is planned to depopulate Canadians -arper4s solution to "nemployment ,e'come to t e New

S!ster !s te''!n"(

,or'- )r-er
http%&&www SaultStreetNews 'om

.)U ARE SLEEPING SAULT( Your politi'ians and professionals are L))/ING )UT for their PA.%&E0UES1 N)T .)U( FLU PANDEMIC? PLANNED GENOCIDE by o r !"s#$st %o&ern'ent?
Is this your I h"&e O(GONED the who)e "re" "n* I w$)) #ont$n e to *o so+ nt$) I see ALL #he'tr"$)s *$ss$,"te - $#.)y/.Your

1 subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
567869S would rather i$nore and de$rade me) instead of helpin$ you 0".e UP SAULT1 8ana0 Masonry an- % r!st!an!ty a4'e to e<!st to"et er #he S > C says no) but does nothin$ to
7re 'orre't the fa't that thousands of men in their 'onvention are !asons &!re'!n" #astors are to cowar-'y to #reac a"a!nst Masonry 5or 5ear o5 'os!n" t e!r =9o4= &ow w!'' men $now t at Masonry !s an e6!' assoc!at!on 5!''e- w!t occu't sym4o's1 an- 4'as# emy1 !5 we -on3t e<#ose !t If they are truly 'onverted) they will 'hoose to leave it) if they are warned about its o''ult influen'e

0* 29 2009 2ana3s Tr!4ute to 2EA2 TE2 /ENNE2.
May you rest as #eace5u''y as t e r!tua''y

if you are havin$ trouble tryin$ to de'ide whi'h reli$ious path to walk down) you 'ould try ,!cca1 Pa"an!sm1 Bu-- !sm1 Tao!sm) maybe if you fear those reli$ions then you 'ould settle with Christianity anythin$ other then Satanism works 3or the person who 'hooses the 5u'iferian path is the person who freely 'hooses a permanent path of sufferin$) make your 'hoi'e wisely) as I am now e(posin$ this Satani' Vampire 7nyone knows to c oose Satan !s to c oose Eterna' Su55er!n") if you are already su55er!n" 5rom Luc!5er/Satan1 t e t!me to ea' an- sa6e yourse'5 !s now) ?ust 'hoose any path other then Satan&5u'ifer) if you want Christianity $o home to @esus) and if you have evil demons followin$ you) do an e(or'ism in any faith) any spiritual path or reli$ion ot er t en Satan!sm/Luc!5er!an will heal you If you 'hoose 1i''a) ?ust 'all the Aoddess) if you 'hoose >uddhism ?ust meditate to rea'h Nirvana) It4s time to heal) and let 5u'ifer take 'are of his own business No human was ever meant to be a Satanist !ake your 'hoi'es 1isely) I know I love bein$ in the arms of the Aoddess) and I know other people who love @esus Christ) and I know other people who love and thank >uddha every day

sacr!5!cec !'-ren at Bo em!an Gro6e+ May
you "et 4u""ere- u# t e ASS !n t e AB.SS 5or 7000 years+ .our ME2IA T8 w ores 'o6e you+++so t ey can 9o!n you(

Goo- R!--ance(

S ee#'e((( #he I''um!nat! owns the #66V66
,A/E UP FLEE%E / /ILL US all soon: Luc!5er .aka ;hoeni() Satan) S7N7# <umara) 7pollo) #hunderbird0 is 'omin$ to $et his e$o stroked a$ain !ost people will be fooled #heir orc estrate- econom!c co''a#se .09 09 09 plan0 and BEAST BRIBE 'omes with 'onse=uen'es .)UR 2AMNE2 S)UL:
#hey are self made Stars for you to worship before they

=8at!can Assass!ns> ,oun-e- In T e &ouse )5 My Fr!en-s= B) in ,9/+) a Cardinal

workin$ in 'on?un'tion with the @esuits was involved in the murder of an 7meri'an politi'al leader #he Cardinal was Franc!s S#e''man) who had a spe'ial parlor .9oom number three0 at the @esuit Novitiate of St Isaa' @o$ues in 1ernersville) ;ennsylvania #he politi'al leader was our wounded in the house of his friends C

Pres!-ent ;o n F!t?"era'- /enne-y @;F/A) http%&&www vati'anassassins or$&

Freemasonry T e wors !# o5 Luc!5er1 SATAN T&E RAINB), S,ASTI/A: REP)RT T) T&E ;E,IS& PE)PLE AB)UT NE, AGE ANTISEMITISM

http%&&www 'hristrin$ or$&khandie&You1ill<now#hem>y#heir3 ruits htm DBeware


Satan ,ors !# !ns!-e t e c urc + Many men are !n6o'6e- !n !t-

o5 5a'se #ro# ets) whi'h 'ome to you in s ee#Bs c'ot !n"1 4ut !nwar-'y t ey are ra6en!n" wo'6es+ Ye shall know them by their fruits
8o men $ather $rapes of thorns) or fi$s of thistles2 6ven so every $ood tree brin$eth forth $ood fruitE but a 'orrupt tree brin$eth forth evil fruit 7 $ood tree 'annot brin$ forth evil fruit) neither 'an a 'orrupt tree brin$ forth $ood fruit 6very

* subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
tree that brin$eth not forth $ood fruit is hewn down) and 'ast into the fire 1herefore by their fruits ye shall know them Not everyone that saith unto me) 5ord) 5ord) shall enter into the kin$dom of heavenE but he that doeth the will of my 3ather whi'h is in heaven Many w!'' say to me !n t at -ay1

Lor- Lor-1 a6e we not #ro# es!e- !n t y nameC An- !n t y name a6e cast out -e6!'sC An- !n t y name -one many won-er5u' wor$sC An- t en w!'' I #ro5ess unto t em1 I ne6er $new you> -e#art 5rom me1 ye t at wor$ !n!Du!ty+E @Matt F>7G:2HA

Aet food) non perishable and dried beans&seeds .for sproutin$0 No ele'tri'ity means no freeIer) no 'lean water 3ood pri'es will SH79 soon

%ANA2IAN %)RRUPTI)N: Au"ust 221 2009 Better -e'aye-1 yet #osteI am 'ontinuin$ with my rant I have spread the word about what is 'omin$ 16 N668 9675 !6N) 9675 <NIA-#S-not ?ust a handful who are 'lose to me 1omen 'an4t do it alone ;oli'e 'orruption- if I am ?ailed for free spee'h) you will $o down in history I assure you #his is NH# H"9 AHV69N!6N# #-6S6 S7#7NIS#S !"S# >6 removed A5H>75 AHV69N!6N# for the people not for S7#7N&5u'ifer I will 'ontinue my rant until they kill me or we fi( this mess !HV6 I# you have more to lose then I do #a$s% 9675 !6N 9675 <NIA-#S ;oli'e 'orruption AHV69N!6N# A5H>75 AHV69N!6N# S7#7N&5u'ifer N1H poli'e 'orruption !68I7 5I6S

8at!can Assass!ns Part 7 && 8at!can Assass!ns Part 2 && 8at!can Assass!ns Part H Po#e> Roman %at o'!c 3% urc 3 on'y one true c urc C Accor-!n" to
w oC Peter: w o -en!e- % r!st .de$raded women and !ary !a$dalene .wife of Yahshua0 an- Pau' w o $!''e- % r!st!ansC 9epeatin$ 'enturies of history) 9ome has on'e a$ain revealed its own dominion theolo$y of prima'y) and indeed) sole le$itma'y) as the only true C'hur'hC on earth) in a do'ument approved by the 'urrent false prophet o''upyin$ the anti'hrist Vati'an) ;ope >enedi't FVI) on @une 29) 200G #his blasphemous) perverted assertion is in fa't ?ust the opposite of the #ruth #he false reli$ion of 9omanism is NH# >ibli'al Christianity) but is in fa't a CChristianiIedC form of the an'ient pa$an reli$ion of histori'al >abylon www+c r!st!an'!5ean-'!4erty+net/%AT&)LI %:0F:07+2)%

&ARPER w!'' "enoc!-e %ANA2IANS+ Bo em!an Gro6e mur-ers are not enou" 5or !m+ &IG& TREAS)N(((( %ana-!ans are "o!n" to ta$e you 2),N( SATANIST1
Ste# en &ar#er t e Pu##et // I3m w!''!n" to -!e to e<#ose t at 2e6!' )4ama+ @&onora4'e ;ames 2a6!- Mann!n" : A rea' $n!" t/rea' man(A // FEMA %AMPS N), REA2. IN AMERI%A MARTIAL LA, 2009 AFTER 2)LLAR %)LLAPSE AN2 ,)RL2 ,AR H

8at!can Assass!ns Part I && 8at!can Assass!ns Part G && 8at!can Assass!ns Part * 0* 2G 2009 Toronto Street News

is on its way: Aet your or"one mater!a's while you still have time .they will be worth more than $old soon0 >a'k up important files with Te'e#ort Pro+ Video downloads play on Rea' P'ayer+

,e t e S ee#'e o5 Amer!ca + subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
%o-e< A'!mentar!us !s a 6ery scary set o5 5oore"u'at!on to 4e en5orceon 2ecem4er H7st1 2009 1e
should all $et informed about the -an"ers o5 "enet!ca''y mo-!5!e- 5oo-s1 as#artame and other bad thin$s that we put in our bodies daily Nobody knows the effe't of all these 'hemi'als bein$ put inside an human body) we will only see soon #he son$ is 1e #he Sheeple of 7meri'a) ;ayday !onsanto http%&&www myspa'e 'om&payIe

w!t wor'- !ssues a55ect!n" your assets an- your '!5e+

8acc!nes More 2ea-'y T an T e Sw!ne F'u: 4y 2r+ Mae:
,an &o an- Pro5+ ;oe %umm!ns It !s a messy com4!nat!on o5 seDuences 5rom 4!r-1 uman an- sw!ne 5'u 6!rus '!nea"es 5rom Nort Amer!ca an- Euras!a+ A sen!or 6!ro'o"!st 4ase- !n %an4erra1 Austra'!a1 to'- t e #ress e t ou" t t at t e


an- re'ease- 4y acc!-ent+ Some ana'ysts e6en su""est1

6!rus a6e 4een create- !n a 'a4oratory

2en3"'$n F )!or* 4 NESA(A bew"re1 No wonder you never responded to
any of my emails:

!t was ma-e !ntent!ona''y as a 4!owea#on1 w !'e ot ers
w!t out corro4orat!n" e6!-ence1 t at 4'ame t e !ntens!6e '!6estoc$ !n-ustry an- e<tens!6e tra55!c$!n" o5 'o6e an!ma's o6er 'on" -!stances1 w !c #ro6!-e #'enty o5 o##ortun!ty 5or "enerat!n" e<ot!c recom4!nants+

GESARA N), Alobal 6'onomi' Se'urity and 9eformation 7't J ,or'2o''ar/Beast A"en-a o5 Luc!5er ant e Goons+ 0* 2K 2009 &ARPER &AS FLU S&)TS 5or a'' %ANA2IANS+ T !s w!'' 5!< t e UNEMPL).MENT PR)BLEM !n %ANA2A+ MASS GEN)%I2E You $o first S#6VI6: CHN- servatives and
5iberals ne(t: #hen- >a(ter International) Ala(oSmith<line)

worr!es t e #u4'!c most !s t e mass 6acc!nat!on #ro"rammes "o6ernments are #utt!n" !n #'ace to com4at t e emer"!n" #an-em!c1 w !c cou'- we'' 4e worse t an t e #an-em!c !tse'5+
But w at

,&) @,or'&o'ocaust )r"an!?at!onA

,e can watc t e resu'ts w en we PUT .)U a'' !nto FEMA %AMPS MU(DE(E(S1
Novartis and Sanofi-7ventis and 7stroLene'a

%at er!ne Aust!n F!tts : T e %ras J , at3s A ea- www rense 'om

an- mass 6acc!nat!on 5e6er :K6acc!nat!on
e<#ertsB are -om!nate- 4y t e

T e So'ar! Re#ort "!6es you %at er!ne3s un!Due #ers#ect!6e on w at3s rea''y a##en!n"

6acc!ne ma$ers stan-!n" to "a!n 5rom t e enormous'y 'ucrat!6e 6acc!ne anant!6!ra' contracts

, subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
awar-e- 4y "o6ernments+ But t e -ec!s!6e ar"ument a"a!nst mass 6acc!nat!ons !s t at

5'u s ots s!m#'y -onBt wor$ an- are -an"erous+

:F'u 6acc!nes are eDua''y use'ess 5or a-u'ts1 !nc'u-!n"
t e e'-er'y1 "!6!n" '!tt'e or no #rotect!on a"a!nst !n5ect!on or !''nesses !nc'u-!n" #neumon!a

To<!c a-9u6ants !n 5'u 6acc!nes

8acc!nes t emse'6es can 4e -an"erous1 es#ec!a''y '!6e1 attenuate- 6!ra' 6acc!nes or t e new recom4!nant nuc'e!c ac!- 6acc!nes L70M1 t ey a6e t e #otent!a' to "enerate 6!ru'ent 6!ruses 4y recom4!nat!on an- t e recom4!nant nuc'e!c ac!-s cou'- cause auto!mmune -!seases+


: G'a<oSm!t /'!neBs 6acc!ne w!'' 4e ma-e u# o5 ant!"ens o5 t e recent'y !so'ate- !n5'uen?a stra!n w!t an a-9u6ant !s com#ose- o5 sDua'ene1 2L:a:toco# ero' an- #o'ysor4ate N0+ T e &GN7 6acc!ne a'so conta!ns t !omersa'1 as we'' as Po'ysor4ate N01 )cto<yno' 701 an- 6ar!ous !nor"an!c sa'ts+ T e com#any !s a""ress!6e'y #romot!n" 6ar!ous a-9u6ant systems as !ts Ka-9u6ant a-6anta"eB t at re-uces t e -ose o5 6acc!nes+ ,&) 2!rector: Genera'1 2r +Mar"aret % an1 an- t e Un!teNat!ons Secretary: Genera'1 Mr Ban /!:moon1 met w!t sen!or o55!c!a's o5 6acc!ne manu5acturers an- as$e- t em to reser6e #art o5 t e!r #ro-uct!on ca#ac!ty 5or #oor countr!es t at wou'- ot erw!se a6e no or '!tt'e access to 6acc!ne !n t e case o5 a #an-em!c+ T e 'ast mass:6acc!nat!on !n t e US was a -!saster+ In 79F*1 cases o5 sw!ne 5'u were 5oun- !n so'-!ers at Fort 2!<1 New ;ersey1 an- one o5 t em -!e-1 most '!$e'y o5 # ys!ca' o6ere<ert!on rat er t an 5rom t e !n5ect!on LFM+ T !s 'e- to t e 'aunc o5 a mass 6acc!nat!on o5 I0 m!''!on a"a!nst a #an-em!c t at ne6er mater!a'!?e-+ T ousan-s 5!'e- c'a!ms 5or !n9ury+ At 'east 2G -!e- anG00 -e6e'o#e- #ara'y?!n" Gu!''a!n:Barre syn-rome+

-an"erous 'e6e's o5 mercury !n t e 5orm o5 t !merosa'1 a -ea-'y
Most 5'u 6acc!nes conta!n #reser6at!6e G0 t!mes more to<!c t an mercury !tse'5 L9M+ At !" enou" -oses1 !t can cause 'on":term !mmune1 sensory1 neuro'o"!ca'1 motor1 an- 4e a6!oura' -ys5unct!ons+ A'so assoc!ate- w!t mercury #o!son!n"

aut!sm1 attent!on -e5!c!t -!sor-er1 mu't!#'e sc'eros!s1 an- s#eec an'an"ua"e -e5!c!enc!es+ T e Inst!tute o5 Me-!c!ne as warne- t at !n5ants1 c !'-ren1 an#re"nant women s ou'- not 4e !n9ectew!t t !merosa'1 yet t e ma9or!ty o5 5'u s ots conta!n 2G m!cro"rams o5 !t+
are :Anot er common a-9u6ant !s

a'um or a'um!n!um

!c can cause 6acc!ne a''er"y1 ana# y'a<!s1 an- macro# a"e myo5asc!t!s1 a c ron!c !n5'ammat!on syn-rome1

y-ro<!-e1 w


:In 2ecem4er1 a Ba<ter 5ac!'!ty !n Austr!a sent a
uman 5'u 6acc!ne contam!nate- w!t t e -ea-'y &GN7 '!6e a6!an 5'u 6!rus to 7N countr!es1 !nc'u-!n" t e %?ec Re#u4'!c1 w ere test!n" s owe- !t $!''e- t e 5errets !nocu'ate- L2IM+ %?ec news#a#ers Duest!one- w et er Ba<ter was !n6o'6e- !n a -e'!4erate attem#t to start a #an-em!c+

ere are o46!ous'y sa5er an- more e55ect!6e ways to com4at t e #an-em!c t an mass 6acc!nat!ons> was !n" an-s o5ten1 snee?!n" !nto a t!ssue t at can 4e sa5e'y -!s#ose- o51 a6o!-!n" unnecessary "at er!n"s1 an-e'ay o#en!n" sc oo's O a'' a-6!se- 4y "o6ernments : an- we wou'- a--1 eat!n" ea't !'y1 e<erc!se1 an"ett!n" enou" 6!tam!n 2 to 4oost your natura' !mmun!ty tt#>//www+"'o4a'researc +ca/!n-e<+# #C conte<tP6aJa!-P7IN*9

%SNE,S So'ut!on: BE%/ PR)T)%)L+
Learn ow to ma$e a ?a##er an- co''o!-a' s!'6er "enerator+ Buy c ea# ?a##ers at www+or"onecrysta's+com

:Nor6at!s1 anot

er 4!" # arma1 as #ro-uce- a sw!ne 5'u 6acc!ne t at conta!ns TweenN01 S#anNG1 ansDua'ene+ In stu-!es o5 o!':4ase- a-9u6ants !n rats1 t e an!ma's were ren-ere- cr!##'e- an- #ara'y?e-+ SDua'ene 4rou" t on se6ere art r!t!s sym#toms !n rats1 an- stu-!es !n umans "!6en sDua'ene s owe- se6ere !mmune system !m#act an- -e6e'o#ment o5 auto!mmune -!sor-ers+ :No6art!s !n a c'!n!ca' tr!a' o5 a &GN7 6acc!ne !n Po'an-+ t e 6acc!ne was "!6en to HG0 ome'ess #eo#'e1 27 -!e-+


4y T!m

0N 2I 09 Future Ant!c r!st J &!s Re!"n
are t e 'ast -ays1 an- w!t T ese !t1 a man w!'' r!se an- -eat subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
an- e'' w!'' 5o''ow+ T !s 6!-eo "!6es us a "'!m#se o5 t e orror t at must come+ Are you rea-y to meet t e Lor-C I5 not1 your t!me !s runn!n" out( -e'us!ons1 !nc'u-!n" t e #re#osterous an- se'5:ser6!n" c'a!m t at 8ancou6er !s t e =4est c!ty !n t e wor'-+= T an$s to t e !nte"r!ty an- coura"e o5 Mr+ Pau' Pr!tc ar-1 t e wor'- now as a "'!m#se o5 t e true nature o5 =t e true nort 1 stron"1 an- 5ree= $nown as %ana-a+ T e term R%MP once stoo- 5or Roya' %ana-!an MountePo'!ce an- %ana-!ans were a'' so #rou- o5 t e!r nat!ona' 5orce+ Now R%MP on'y means Re-nec$ %orru#t Mur-erous P!"s+ T e sa--est t !n" o5 a'' !s t at %ana-!ans w!'' #ro4a4'y N)T -o anyt !n" to mot!6ate t e!r "o6ernment to ma$e swee#!n" c an"es !n t at corru#t!on r!--'e- 5orce+ %ana-!ans are 9ust too se'5: centere-1 s ort:s!" te-1 an- #'a!n o'- LAQ.+

S erry L!6e N:70:2009 : Satan3s P'an o5 Tota' %ontro' )6er Peo#'es M!n-s an- T e E'!m!nat!on o5 Free ,!'' tt#>//www+s errys r!ner+com/ S erry L!6e N:7F:2009 : A'!ens !n t e B!4'e Part 7 tt#>//www+s errys r!ner+com/ S erry L!6e N:2I:2009 : A'!ens !n t e B!4'e Part 2 tt#>//www+s errys r!ner+com/

As T e 2ays o5 Noa ,ere Return o5 t e A'!ensC
T&E ,AT%&ERS> Fa''en an"e's1 2!nosaurs1 J UF)s // M!sty E-war-s : As In t e 2ays o5 Noa

%ana-a3s % !'- %r!mes : /!-3s Ne<t 2oor
%T8> R%MP us!n" Taser on -!sa4'e- man S#ea$!n" out :8ancou6er Po'!ce %orru#t!on J Bruta'!ty Part 7
;ames : %raw5or- III o5 t e 5am!'y %ra!" s#ea$s out a4out !s 5!rst an- treatment 4y t e 8ancou6er Po'!ce 2e#artment+ A ta'e o5 Po'!ce %orru#t!on an- Bruta'!ty1 !t a##ears t ey ma$e u# t e 'aw as t ey "o a'on"1 ant en retroact!6e'y c ar"e a #erson1 to co6er t e!r own asses+ , at a##ens w en you -o not "!6e your 'e"a' nameC &ow are you treate- as a uman 4e!n"C 2o #o'!ce rea''y t !n$ t ey can =-o w ate6er t ey want=C ;ames a'so re'ays t e story o5 ow t e 8P2 tr!e- to "et !m to entra# Ro4ert:Art ur>Menar- o5 T !n$Free 4y o55er!n" !m money1 an- to -ro# a'' c ar"es+++ =,e can ma$e t !s a'' "o away ;ames1 or !t can a'' "et a L)T worse+++ ;ust "o un-er sur6e!''ance an- "et us Menar-++= More to come as t e story !s u#-ate-+++ For more on Po'!ce1 Po'!t!cs an- %orru#t!on1 c ec$ out &!9ac$!n" &uman!ty : tt#>// !9ac$!n" uman!ty+com

0N 2H 09 ,&) %AN .)U %)UNT )NC Not t e %o#s( T ey 4eat u# on our ome'ess on Toronto streets w en t ey try to se'' T)R)NT) STREET NE,S+ %),AR2S w!t a "un+ S&AME )N .)U(
8ancou6er A!r#ort .8R Taser /!''!n" o5 Ro4ert 4y R%MP Po'!ce // Po'!ce Bruta'!ty> ,oman Beaten )55 %amera @"ra# !cA // MARTIAL LA, 9:77> R!se)5T ePo'!ceState : Se''!n" Torture
Be"!nn!n" w!t a care5u' ana'ys!s o5 t e 4ruta' mur-er o5 Mr+ Ro4ert 2?!e$ans$!1 t !s 6!-eo #ro6!-es a #ass!onate1 sat!r!ca' #ers#ect!6e on %ana-!an soc!ety an- some o5 !t3s most !ns!-!ous an- -an"erous

G20 ,oman Ta'$s )5 &er In9ur!es In5'!cte- By Po'!ce // E6!-ence Po'!ce %o6er u# caus!n" -eat // %ana-!an P)LI%E cau" t try!n" to start r!ot

0N 22 2009 FIG&T F)R

%ANA2A: BEF)RE ,E L)SE )UR %ANA2A+ .our #o'!t!c!ans
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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009

won3t e'# you+ T ey 4ow -own to t e!r SE%RET S)%IETIES/ LU%IFER FIRST( @G'o4a' Go6ernment 2I%TAT)RS&IP !s com!n"A
%ana-aStreetNews+com )r"one1 Torna-oes J Toronto: Au"ust 221 2009
%ana-aStreetNews+com )r"one1 Torna-oes J Toronto1 .or$ Re"!on:nee- to "o to )r"onemasters+!n5o an- "et t ose mater!a's 5or or"one+ I can3t ma$e t em a''+ .ou a6e to 'earn to #rotect your areas+ To t e y4r!see-'!ne t at tr!e- to "et r!- o5 me a 5ew years a"o1 you nee- to "et o6er !t an- start 5!<!n" t !s mess+ Ser6!ce to se'5 w!'' -amn you to &ELL+ .our sto'en 5un-s nee- to 4e #ut !nto somet !n" w!t !nte"r!ty suc as Seren!ty"'o4a'+com+ T ere !s not !n" o5 a so'ut!on out t ere t at I see ot erw!se+ RAE1 &ARPER1 IGATIEFF are N,) satan!c #u##ets+ &ARPER as a 5'u s ot 5or you to $!'' you o55 w en EI runs out+ LEARN T) PR)TE%T yourse'5+ Not one #erson can -o !t a'one+

!nstea- o5 wor$!n" w!t !n t e 5ramewor$ o5 t e esta4'!s e- #o'!t!ca' or-er an- w!t t e co''a4orat!on o5 t e #art!es a'rea-y !n e<!stence1 5or t e #ur#ose o5 !m#ro6!n" t ose con-!t!ons w !c we cons!-ereunsoun- an- !n9ur!ous+ , y must we a6e a new #arty1 an- es#ec!a''y w y a new re6o'ut!onC T e answers I "!6e t em are> T e e'ements o5 con5us!on an- -!sso'ut!on w !c are ma$!n" t emse'6es 5e't !n Amer!can '!5e1 !n t e conce#t o5 '!5e !tse'5 an- t e w!'' to nat!ona' se'5:#reser6at!on1 cannot 4e era-!cate- 4y a mere c an"e o5 "o6ernment+ More t an enou" o5 t ose c an"es a6e a'rea-y ta$en #'ace w!t out 4r!n"!n" a4out any essent!a' 4etterment o5 t e -!stress t at e<!sts !n our nat!on+ A'' t ese %a4!net reconstruct!ons 4rou" t some #os!t!6e a-6anta"e on'y to t e actors w o too$ #art !n t e #'ayR 4ut t e resu'ts were a'most a'ways Du!te ne"at!6e as 5ar as t e !nterests o5 t e #eo#'e were concerne-+ As t!me as "one on t e t ou" ts an- #ract!ca' '!5e o5 our #eo#'e a6e 4een 'e- astray !nto ways t at are unnatura' to t em an- !n9ur!ous+ )ne o5 t e causes w !c 4rou" t a4out t !s con-!t!on o5 a55a!rs must 4e attr!4ute- to t e 5act t at t e structure o5 our e'ecte'ea-ers !# an- t e!r met o-s o5 "o6ernment are -amn!n" to our own nat!ona' c aracter1 our !stor!ca' -e6e'o#ment an- our nat!ona' nee-s+ It !s out o5 t e Duest!on to t !n$ t at suc a re6o'ut!onary reconstruct!on cou'- 4e carr!e- out 4y t ose w o are t e custo-!ans an- t e more or 'ess res#ons!4'e re#resentat!6es our current e'ecte- 'ea-ers !#1 or 4y t e #o'!t!ca' or"an!?at!ons 5oun-e- un-er t e o'- 5orm o5 "o6ernment+ Nor wou'- !t 4e #oss!4'e to 4r!n" t !s a4out 4y co''a4orat!n" w!t t ese !nst!tut!ons1 4ut on'y 4y esta4'!s !n" a new mo6ement w !c w!'' 5!" t a"a!nst t em 5or t e #ur#ose o5 carry!n" t rou" a ra-!ca' re5ormat!on !n #o'!t!ca'1 cu'tura' an- econom!c '!5e+ An- t !s 5!" t w!'' a6e to 4e un-erta$en e6en at t e sacr!5!ce o5 '!5e an- 4'oo-1 !5 t at s ou'- 4e necessary+ In t !s connect!on !t !s wort y o5 remar$ t at w en t e a6era"e #o'!t!ca' #arty w!ns a 6!ctory no essent!a' c an"e ta$es #'ace !n t e !stor!ca' course w !c t e #eo#'e are 5o''ow!n" or !n t e outer as#ect o5 #u4'!c '!5eR w ereas a "enu!ne re6o'ut!on t at ar!ses 5rom a #ro5oun- !-eo'o"!ca' !ns!" t w!'' a'ways 'ea- to a trans5ormat!on w !c !s str!$!n"'y !m#ress!6e an- !s man!5est to t e outs!-e wor'-+ In c'os!n" t e nee- 5or our "enerat!ons re6o'ut!on !s more t en e6!-ent !n Amer!ca to-ay+ T !s war w!'' c an"e t e course o5 not on'y our !story 4ut t e !story o5 t e wor'- as a w o'e+ , en t at 5ate5u' -ay comes t at our so'-!ers are ca''eto arms may our men1 women1 an- c !'-ren ma!nta!n t e coura"e an- t e w!'' to #reser6er t rou" w at e6er o4stac'es are t rown !n our #at + 5or our 5!" t !s t at o5 r!" teous cause an- may

&o'y ea't y+com !n -eta!' a4out t e .or$ %at o'!c 2!str!ct Sc oo' Boar&o'y ea't y+com :I am -!scuss!n" a 4!t more c'ear'y w at a##ene- to me at &o'y %ross %at o'!c &!" sc oo'1 .or$ %at o'!c 2SB an- ow t !n"s trans#!re-1 now t at I am not so camera s y+

FR)M Un!te- States Nat!ona' M!'!t!a So'-!ers For Free-om 2UE T) T&E T&REAT T) T&E %)NSTITUTI)NAL RIG&TS )F T&E AMERI%AN %ITIQEN1 I ,AS %)NTA%TE2 B. A%TI8ISTS T) RE%ITE 3T&E MESSAGE3+
It !s my onor1 -uty an- #ersona' c o!ce to rea- t !s messa"e on'!ne an- a6e comm!tte- no cr!me !n -o!n" so1 nor -oes anyone w o s#ea$s out on t e!r own 4e a'5+ I rea- t at you are cons!-ere- a 3TERR)RIST3 !5 you s#ea$ u# on an!ma' or uman r!" ts+++Too 'u-!crous to e6en contem#'ate+ &ere !s t e Letter !n !t3s ent!rety =, en I tra6e' t rou" out t e country1 s!m#'y as a #u4'!c s#ea$er1 #eo#'e 5rom e6ery #o'!t!ca' stan- #o!nt as$ me w y ! 4e'!e6e t at a re6o'ut!on !s necessary1

'ea- us to 6!ctory+

Go-3s -!6!ne "u!-ance

T an$ you 5or your t!me= AUT&)R /N),N AS 3;3 Un!teStates Nat!ona' M!'!t!a So'-!ers For Free-om

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009 QI)NIST SATANI% PUPPET 5or t e 0N 7N 2009 2!6!ne Fem!n!ne 6s 2!6!ne Mascu'!ne+ N,)+ GET L)ST( @2ana A % emtra!'s !n Toronto to 4r!n" on t e &urr!cane Au"ust 20 /Au"ust 9 Storm Torna-o+
As reDueste- 4y commenter1 w y -!- I not ta$e #!cs+ ,e'' ere you " o1 t !s morn!n"s 5a4 c emtra!'s #!cs "ett!n3 rea-y 5or t e urr!cane+ Toronto !s "ett!n" t em non sto#+ &ar#er wants a u"e #ort!on o5 !s c!t!?en3s -ea-+ An- Toronto a- a u"e SARS e6ent remem4er+ My 'un"s a6e ne6er 4een t e same+ I ta$e 'otta 6!tam!ns t ou" + P+S I5 t ey are ta$!n" us out++++t ey w!'' 4e we'' -ocumente-+ A'e< ;ones Toronto % emtra!'s Man Ma-e Storms &aar# Sca'ar ,ea#onry Tes'a Bar!um Arsen!c Pro9ect c'o6er'ea5 #ro9ect 4'ue4eam

Luc!5er1 A#o''o1 Beast1 m!croc !##!n"1 &ELL 6s Mary Ma"-a'ene1 2!ana
Luc!5era1 tt#>//www+seren!ty"'o4a'+com Gnost!c 4!4'e1 Na" &amma-! see tt#>//www+cana-astreetnews+com Au"ust 7G !ssue an- ,A/E T&E &ELL UP(

P!sta So# !a:;esus J t e 2!6!ne Fem!n!ne 4y ;; &urta$
From t e or!"!na' co#t!c A'an Ste!n5e'- -!scusses t e P!sta So# !a @ o'y w!s-omA w/ ;; &urta$s 5rom a new trans'at!on e -!- w!t !s w!5e 2es!rea &urta$3s 5rom t e %o#t!c o5 ;esus3s teac !n" o5 So# !a1 t e 2!6!ne Fem!n!ne+ T !s ta$es #'ace !n !s #ost resurrect!on -ays to !s ma'e an- 5ema'e -!sc!#'es !n'cu-!n" Mary Ma"-a'ene+

Anot er man ma-e Torna-o !n Toronto Se6ere Torna-o Format!on 2owntown Toronto N/20/09 Torna-o !n Toronto .on"e S B'oor Au" 201 2009 ,oo-4r!-"e torna-o 5rom t e I00 nort 4ounToronto1 Torna-o Au"ust 201 2009 areas w ere t e torna-oes touc e- -own are>
2ur am1 8au" an1 ,oo-4r!-"e1 Ma#'e1 Newmar$et1 P!c$er!n"1 Barr!e+

So# !a

@#ronounce- sew:5ee3a A !n Gree$1 &o $ma !n &e4rew1 Sa#!ent!a !n Lat!n1 %e't!c "o--ess:5!"ure S ee'a:na:"!"s : a'' mean w!s-om1+ T e ;u-eo:% r!st!an Go-3s 5ema'e sou'1 source o5 !s true #ower !s So# !a+ As Go--ess o5 w!s-om an- 5ate 1 er 5aces are many> B'ac$ Go--ess1 2!6!ne Fem!n!ne1 Mot er o5 Go- T e Gnost!c % r!st!ans1 So# !a was t e Mot er o5 %reat!onR er consort an- ass!stant was ;e o6a + &er sacres r!ne1 &a"!a So# !a !n Istan4u'1 !s one o5 t e se6en won-ers o5 t e wor'-+ &er sym4o'1 t e -o6e1 re#resents s#!r!tR s e !s crowne- 4y stars1 a M!--'e Eastern !con1 to !n-!cate er a4so'ute -!6!n!ty+ tt#>//www+crysta'!n$s+com/so# !a+ tm'

T&E FALL )F LU%IFER T e Mar$ o5 %a!n1 %ross o5 Lorra!ne : Luc!5er3s % !'-ren , o
are t ose o5 t e Mero6!n"!an B'oo-'!ne C 2on3t 4e'!e6e t e '!e to'- to you !n 2an Brown3s 2a 8!nc! %o-e+ T ey are t e 2escen-ents o5 %a!n an- t us Luc!5er3s % !'-ren+

An"e's 2ont P'ay T !s &AARP : weat er man!#u'at!on1 c emtra!'s m!n- contro'1 m!crowa6es ,&)3s %ontro''!n" t e ,eat erC // ,eat er %ontro' 5or New ,or'- )r-erC

, o ,as /!n" ;ames Rea''yC
tt#>//nomore oa<es+com/e<tens!ons+ tm'

&!story w!'' te'' you t at /!n" ;ames was !n-ee- a #e-o# !'e w o en9oye- se< w!t

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
sma'' 4oys w !'e 4at e- !n an!ma's 4'oo-1
w !c ma$es t e use o5 scr!#ture to -en!"rate "ays1 a'' t e more !"norant+ T e -eca-ent /!n" t ou" t t at ;esus was !n 'o6e w!t ;o n1 an- state- so !n an En"'!s court+ tt#>//www+w !st'esto##er+com/5orum/s owt rea-+# #CtP7G*2 un-re-s o5 years a5ter ;esus1 not 4y t e A#ost'es1 4ut 4y ot ers w o use- t e!r names 5or aut or!ty1 as was the habit of the time Some may have been rewritten ;a$aniIin$ or addin$ to the ori$inal versions Stor!es were c an"e- to 6!n-!cate % urc &!erarc y an- #o'!t!ca' as#!rat!ons In 70GI t e B!s o# o5 Rome sc !sme- 5rom t e )rt o-o< % urc 5or #o'!t!ca' reasons+

SATANI% RITUAL ABUSE J FREEMAS)NR. // mason!c an-s a$es J 9a 4u'on J 4a# omet // T e em!ssar!es o5 ;a 4u'on *T*

- Artem!s 4ecame !-ent!5!e- w!t t e Roman 5ert!'!ty Go--ess 2!ana =Go--ess o5 t e &unt=+ #he 9oman !oon Aoddess Luna C5una that shines by ni$htC She had #emples on the 7ventine -ill and the ;alatine -ill 5una was repla'ed by 8iana also known as Cthe bri$ht AoddessC) and be'ame know as the Go--ess 2!ana Luc!5era+ -!any believe 2!ana to a6e or!"!nate- !n #re !stor!c matr!arc a' soc!et!es as t e Mot er Go--ess 7''ordin$ to mytholo$y) 2!ana was 4orn w!t er tw!n 4rot er A#o''o on t e !s'an- o5 2e'os1 -au" ter o5 ;u#!ter an- Latona 8iana was part of an an'ient trinity) the 5ema'e Pa"an Tr!n!ty) with two ot er Roman -e!t!es

0* ,K 2009 A Loo. on the 25(IG6T SIDE OF SPI(ITUALIT7/ Ma!-en o5 L!" t:&o'y )rt o-o< Tem#'e http%&&www maidenofli$ht 'om&
T e S !5t o5 t e A"es @I217F:2FA Na" &amma-! Scr!#tures

-C#he 5atin 8iana was 'on'eived as a t ree5o'un!ty o5 t e -!6!ne untress1 t e Moon "o--ess1 an- t e "o--ess o5 t e net er wor'-1 &e$ate C T !s !s t e or!"!n o5 t e &o'y Tr!n!ty use- !n t e % r!st!an c urc a5ter Pau'+ #he ear'!est ;ew!s % r!st!ans1 an- t e 5am!'y o5 ;esus1 4e'!e6e- t at ;esus was a =Ser6ant o5 Go-=1 not t e =Son o5 Go-=+ T ey -!- not 4e'!e6e !n t e -!6!n!ty o5 % r!st1 t e annunc!at!on1 t e resurrect!on1 or t e 6!r"!n 4!rt 1e read in the writin$s of ;ames1 t e o'-er 4rot er o5 ;esus) not the mira'ulous stories of the Aospels) but of ;esus as a uman 4e!n"1 t e way e wou'- a6e tau" t an- o5 -o!n" "oo- wor$s In the 5etter of ;u-e t e youn"er 4rot er o5 ;esus we read the warn!n"s o5 5o''ow!n" t e 5a'se teac !n"s t at were o6erta$!n" t e new mo6ement+ -CIn Ita'y t e o'- re'!"!on of Stre" er!a em4race"o--ess 2!ana as 0ueen o5 t e ,!tc esR

http%&&$nosis or$&na$hamm&nhl html Now I a6e come t e secon- t!me !n t e '!$eness o5 a 5ema'e) and a6e s#o$en w!t t em+ I s a'' te'' t em o5 t e com!n" en- o5 t !s a"e) and teac t em a4out t e 4e"!nn!n" o5 t e a"e to come1 t e one w!t out c an"e1 w ere!n our a##earance w!'' 4e c an"e- ,e s a'' 4e #ur!5!e- !n t ose aeons 5rom w !c I re6ea'e- myse'5 !n t e t ou" t o5 t e '!$eness o5 my mascu'!n!ty+ I settled amon$ those who are worthy in the thou$ht of my 'han$eless aeon

w!tc es 4e!n" t e w!se women ea'ers o5 t e t!me Aoddess 8iana 'reated the wor'- o5 er own 4e!n"


1hen the Em#eror %onstant!ne ma-e % r!st!an!ty t e o55!c!a' re'!"!on o5 Rome) he 'hose the Pau'!ne 6ers!on1 mar"!na'!?!n" t e or!"!na' 4e'!e5s o5 t e 5am!'y o5 ;esus+ !ost of the Aospels of the New Testament were wr!tten

a6!n" !n erse'5 t e see-s o5 a'' creat!on yet to come+ It !s sa!- t at out o5 erse'5 s e -!6!-e- !nto t e -ar$ness an- t e '!" t1 $ee#!n" 5or erse'5 t e -ar$ness o5 creat!on an- creat!n" er 4rot er A#o''o1 t e '!" t+ Go--ess 2!ana 'o6e- an- ru'e- w!t er 4rot er A#o''o1 t e "o- o5 t e Sun+

9 subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
7s time went on) the Eart was create- an- 2!ana -escen-e- to Eart 1 as -!- er 4rot er A#o''o 2!ana tau" t ma"!c an- w!tc es were 4orn Hne ni$ht usin$ wit'h'raft in the form of a 'at) -is most beloved animal) 2!ana tr!c$e- A#o''o+ S e "a!ne- entrance to &!s c am4er w ere S e se-uce- &!m 3rom this union a dau$hter was born) the "o--ess Ara-!a C T us t e re'at!on o5 t e Sun Go- A#o''o1 2!ana Luc!5era1 an- &e$ate In the Aospel of 7radia it was 2!ana w o "a6e 4!rt to t e stars1 and create- t e wor'- #he CMorn!n" StarC is use- to -escr!4e 4ot Luc!5er an- t e #ro# et ;esus !n t e B!4'e an- !n t e %at o'!c Encyc'o#e-!a In t e % r!st!an era muc o5 t e 4eauty o5 t e anc!ent Go--ess1 t e anc!ent matr!arc y1 an- t e !m#ortance o5 women !n ear'y % r!st!an!ty was re#resse- w!t t e 5au'ty sermon o5 a##o!nte- M!rya! to 5o''ow !m as 'ea-er -er youth prevented the immedia'y of her be'omin$ leader) thus @ames) the brother of @esus followed as interim leader until !iryai matured 7lthou$h the 6ssene !ovement believed in stri't $ender e=uality) ;esus a- a##o!nte- !s a#ost'es !n eDua' num4ers1 5rom eac o5 t e t ree ;ew!s sects1 to re#resent eac 4ranc o5 ;u-a!sm1 t e anc!ent Essene 4e'!e51 w!t t e two more conser6at!6e sects t e Sa-ucees an- P ar!sees1 5rom w !c Peter came+ !iryai herself was from a Conservative @ewish family) a family of wealth) she was priviled$ed and edu'ated A woman s e was a4'e to #ass ;ew!s '!nea"e1 accor-!n" to ;ew!s Law ;u-a!sm may on'y 4e !n er!te- t rou" t e mot er3s 5am!'y '!nea"e S e was a '!$e'y successor to ;o n t e Ba#t!st an- ;esus as 'ea-er o5 t e Essenes+ T us1 on'y M!rya! 5u'5!''s t e #ro# ecy o5 t e Mess!a + #he mean!n" o5 t e term =% r!st= !n t e 5em!n!ne =% r!sta= !s on'y t e Gree$ term 5or t e 'ea-er o5 t e Essene Mo6ement+ #hus to the ;ew!s Essenes M!rya!1 ;esus1 an- ;o n t e Ba#t!st cou'- a'' 4e cons!-ere- to 4e % r!sts+ #he A"e o5 ADuar!us w!'' 4r!n" w!t !t t e rea'!?at!on o5 our La-y % r!sta M!rya!1 to some !t w!'' 4r!n" t e -ua'!ty o5 ;esus an- M!rya! as a co: % r!st+ M!rya! s e w o !s acce#te- 4y a'' re'!"!ons1 s e w o w!'' re4u!'- t e =Tem#'e o5 ;erusa'em= t rou" un!ty o5 wor'- re'!"!on+ #he A"e o5 ADuar!us will be followed by the 7$e of Capi'orn .the maiden-$oat0) in whi'h 2!ana Luc!5era w!'' 4e re6ea'e- as Go--ess) the 5u'5!''ment o5 4ot anc!ent #ro# ecy ant e Process!on o5 t e EDu!no<+

Po#e Gre"ory I !n G971 -e5am!n" t e !ma"e o5 our La-y Mary Ma"-a'ena as t e 'ea-er o5 ear'y
% r!st!an t ou" t+ T e sermon o5 Po#e Gre"ory w !c was ne6er acce#te- 4y t e )rt o-o< 5a!t 1 led to a repression of the beauty of the an'ient matriar'hy) the pla'e of women as leaders of Christianity) and the rise of a male dominant hierar'hy in the Catholi' Chur'h

'o6e o5 M!rya! !s common to a'' wor're'!"!ons ;a$an) @ew) Christian) !ani'hean) !uslim)
#he -indu) >uddhist) M!rya! -escen-e- 5rom t e &ouse o5 2a6!-+

eresy o5 t e s#!r!tua' teac !n"s o5 M!rya! was Peter3s re9ect!on o5 M!rya! as 'ea-er or % r!sta 4ecause s e was a woman #he Essenes o5 Mount %arme' 4e'!e6e- !n
#he 5!rst str!ct "en-er eDua'!ty 7fter the s#'!t !n t e a#ost'es1 resu't!n" 5rom t e 5!rst eresy o5 Peter) M!rya! sent t e a#ost'es to teac t e 5a!t on t e!r own accor-1 in 'ells or $roups) with eac a#ost'e 5orm!n" t e!r own 4e'!e5 system w!t !n t e ma!n teac !n"s+ #he secon- eresy was t e rewr!t!n" o5 t e "os#e's 4y Pau'1 t e -!stort!on o5 t e ear'y s#!r!tua' % r!st!an teac !n"s !nto Roman Pa"an!sm1 t e 5a'se -e!5!cat!on o5 ;esus @esus had followed @ohn the >aptist) the spe'ial ;rophet) as the leader of the 6ssene !ovement ;esus

T e ADuar!an % r!st!ne % urc Un!6ersa'1 Inc+

1/ subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
http%&&www a=uarian'hur'h Ioomshare 'om&0 html is based on C#he 7=uarian Aospel of @esus the ChristC .,90G0 trans'ribed by 5evi - 8owlin$ from the >ook of 5ife 'alled the 7kashi' 9e'ords C#he 7=uarian AospelC tells the story o5 ;esus3 w o'e '!5e !nc'u-!n" t e m!ss!n" years 5rom a"es 7H:H0 w en e tra6e'e- to In-!a1 T!4et1 Pers!a1 Greece an- E"y#t+ =ADuar!an= re5ers to t e A"e o5 ADuar!us1 t e Go'-en A"e an- =% r!st!ne= means =% r!st 4ear!n"+= Some of our tea'hin$s in'lude% the 5em!n!n!ty o5 t e &o'y S#!r!t1 t e Mot er Go-R '!4erat!on 5rom t e cyc'e o5 re4!rt t rou" t e Ascens!on #rocessR an- Ascen-eMasters #he spiritual 'on'epts of the 7$e of 7=uarius) $ood&bad vibrations) karma and rein'arnation that have be'ome popular and widespread in modern 7meri'an and other 1estern so'ieties in the last 'entury) is due in part to the influen'e of C#he 7=uarian Aospel C #hy 1ill is bein$ done: -eaven and earth are one: Aive us today the >read of -eaven 1e are for$iven) 7s we have for$iven others 5ead us unto #hy <in$dom) 3or #hou hast delivered us throu$h #hy Salvation 3or 1isdom) -onor) Alory) ;ower) 9i'hes) >lessin$) and Stren$th are yours) H Christ) for ever and ever 7men

*** T e Peacoc$ An"e'/ Sanat /umara / Luc!5er/ A#o''o / AtonUNAT) At'as / A#o''yon / SATAN U NASA @ PR)U2 as a PEA%)%/ /P oen!<A
http%&&$nosti'tea'hin$s or$&forum&inde( php2showtopi'JK02 In #ibet the ;ea'o'k 7n$el appears to be manifest as 7mitibha) the pea'o'k-ridin$ dhyani buddha who sits upon his ;ea'o'k #hrone in the heaven of Sukhavati and o''asionally takes a physi'al in'arnation as the /!n" o5 t e ,or'- !n 'e"en-ary S am4 a'a1 t e 'an- o5 !mmorta's t at 5'!es t e Peacoc$ F'a"+ S am4 a'a1 mean!n" t e =P'ace o5 a##!ness1= !s a #'ace -es!"ne- as e!" t terr!tor!es or =#eta's= an- reco"n!?e- to 4e t e eart c a$ra o5 #'anet Eart +

Some o5 our teac !n"s !nc'u-e>

M Go- !s a Tr!n!ty% #he 3ather) Son and -oly Spirit #o us the -oly Spirit is feminine and is #he !other Aod 1e speak of the #rinity as #he Fat er1 t e Mot er an- % r!st1 T e Son+ M % r!st or Go- t e Son !s synonymous to L!5e1 L!" t1 an- Lo6e 5ove pervades the "niverse 6very planet that is a world has e(perien'ed Christ) Aod @esus manifested Christ and so was Aod and man - -e is 8ivine M Seven 8ivine Spirits emanate from the #rinity and are 'alled the Seven 6lohim #hey are represented by the Seven 7r'han$els in the 7n$eli' ;lane M 1e are 'omposed of body) soul and Spirit M E6eryone3s S#!r!t !s 2!6!ne an- Immorta' It has always e(isted 1e refer to It as one4s 8ivine I 7! Spirit M &ea6en an- &e'' are states o5 m!n- #he devil is an alle$ory for our self-'entered) lower nature 6vil and dis'ord are synonymous M ,e are co:creators o5 our own 2est!ny #he <in$dom of -eaven is within 1e all must work to 'reate -eaven on earth M #he 'y'le of re4!rt or Re!ncarnat!on !s en-e- w en we acce#t % r!st or t e L!" t an- 4ecome )ne w!t Go-1 2!6!ne #his pro'ess of perfe'tin$ oneself throu$h -!sc!#'!ne an- !''um!nat!on is known as the Ascens!on M !any humans have a'hieved this and are known as Ascen-e- Masters) su'h as% @esus) 6li?ah) !oses) >uddha) !other !ary and @oseph


Ascen-e- La-y Master Na-a !s )ur Lor- ;esus t e % r!st3s $!n-re- sou' an#er5ect com#'!ment+ <nown as M!r!am !n t e AG
M #he

s e was a -e6out -!sc!#'e w o san" sacre- son"s1 stoo4y t e cross an- was t e secon- w!tness to t e

M!r!am Na-a re#resents t e /!n"-om o5 &ea6en w !c !s t e Br!-e o5 % r!st
Resurrect!on o5 ;esus #he

Peacoc$ An"e' anT eoso# y
#he - Ma-am &e'ena B'a6ats$y: T!4et at S !"atse1 was a seat o5 t e Peacoc$ An"e' !n t e East an- connecte- 4y tunne's to S am4 a'a+ 1ithin the information re'eived by B'a6ats$y @as we'' as 4y er ear'y stu-ent A'!ce Ba!'ey0 Sanat /umara was re5erre- to as t e /!n" o5 t e ,or'-1 t e ,or'- Guru1 an- as t e sou' o5 Eart 1 t e =P'anetary Lo"os)C whi'h is defined as the 6arth4s 'olle'tive mind and will manifestin$ throu$h the a'tions of all 6arth4s inhabitants) in'ludin$ all humans It has been spe'ulated that if there ever was an a'tual =5a''= w en t e Peacoc$ An"e' or Sanat

M S!'ence !s "o'-en+ S!'ent #rayer !s #ract!ce- at ser6!ces an- !s cons!-ere- -!rect commun!on w!t Go-) the Got at '!6es w!t !n your eart S#o$en #rayer an- mus!c !s a'so 5eature-+

T e Per5ect Prayer
Hur 3ather and !other 1ho art in -eavenE -oly is #hy Name #hy <in$dom is 'ome:

11 subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
/umara -!- !n-ee- 4ecome Luc!5er !t must a6e occurre- a5ter e 4ecame t e P'anetary Lo"os 3ollowin$ this union) 6arth humans be$an to develop an intelle't and e$o) and development that in turn 'aused the 'olle'tive 'ons'iousness of all humanity) Sanat /umara1 to a'so -e6e'o# an e"o #he resu't o5 t !s e6o'ut!on was t at 4ot umans an- t e #'anetary sou' =5e''= 5rom "race to"et er Sin'e that time) the is 'onspi'uous in their mutual annual holiday) 7pril 22nd 7''ordin$ to the Sufi Idries Shaw1 t e )r-er o5 St+ / a-r was ta$en 4y $n!" ts to Great Br!ta!n w ere !t e6o'6e!nto t e )r-er o5 St+ Geor"e) also known as the Hrder of the Aarter #he /n!" ts Tem#'ar may a6e a'so 'earne- o5 t e Peacoc$ An"e' -!rect'y from the YeIidis) some of whom were livin$ in Syria near the !iddle 6astern 'astles of the #emplars >ut there was one more plausible sour'e of the <ni$hts4 ;ea'o'k 7n$el wisdom It is known that the /n!" ts were !n!t!ate- !nto a =;o ann!te= '!nea"e o5 "nost!c masters t at a- or!"!nate- !n t e East1 #oss!4'y w!t t e Peacoc$ An"e' as Sanat /umara1 or one o5 !s stu-ents #his '!nea"e was ta$en west w!t t e "nost!c Man-eans1 w o mer"e- w!t t e ;ew!s Essenes to 5oun- t e Na?arene sect) within w !c were 4orn ;o n t e Ba#t!st an- ;esus

e"o as 4een o#erat!n" #ower5u''y w!t !n a'' umans1 anSanat /umara as 4een ru'!n" t e Eart as t e e"ot!st!ca' anse'5:ser6!n" Luc!5er+

;o n t e Ba#t!st #asset e success!on o5 t !s '!nea"e to ;esus1 w o !n turn #asse- !t to ;o n t e A#ost'e an- Mary Ma"-a'ene+ From t ere !t mo6e- -own
a '!nea"e o5 masters a'' name- ;o n unt!' !t was #asseto t e /n!" ts Tem#'ar 5o''ow!n" t e F!rst %rusa-e

T e Peacoc$ An"e' an- t e &o#!s
#he -opis know the ;ea'o'k 7n$el as their Masaw1 t e /!n" o5 t e ,or'- durin$ this era of the 3ourth 1orld 7''ordin$ to their tradition) !asaw) whom the -opis address as the =Great S#!r!t1= was ru'er o5 t e T !r- ,or'- 4ut t en 5e'' 5rom "race 4ecause o5 !s #r!-e -e subse=uently lost his position as planetary ruler but was then reinstated to that e(alted offi'e at the be$innin$ of the 3ourth 1orld In the history of the -opis it is said that they 'ame from the 6ast by Cisland hoppin$C a'ross the ;a'ifi' It appears that they may have acDu!re- t e!r $now'e-"e o5 t e Peacoc$ An"e' as Masaw -ur!n" t e ear'!est years o5 t e!r e<!stence !n t e East+

T e Peacoc$ An"e' !n t e &o'y Gra!' Tra-!t!on
#he ;ea'o'k 7n$el fi$ures prominently in the &o'y Gra!' 'e"en-s as t e #r!ma' F!s er /!n" #his is most evident in 1olfram von 6s'henba'h4s ;arIival) where the seeker of the -oly Arail) ;arIival) en'ounters the 3isher <in$ 7nfortas wearin$ a hat or 'rown of pea'o'k feathers 7nfortas was the latest of a lon$ line of 3isher <in$s) ea'h of whom refle'ted the Peacoc$ An"e'1 t e 5!rst an- arc ety#a' F!s er /!n"1 t e #r!ma' Guar-!an an- Em4o-!ment o5 t e &o'y Gra!' #he #ower o5 t e &o'y Gra!' !s t e '!5e 5orce1 t e #ower w!e'-e- 4y t e F!s er /!n"+ T rou" !s '!5e 5orce #ower t e F!s er /!n"1 w o !s t us a man!5estat!on o5 t e Green Man1 wou'- annua''y ma$e !s $!n"-om "reen w!t #ro'!5!c 6e"etat!on+ #he sou' o5 t e Peacoc$ An"e' was a##arent'y #asse- -own a'on" t e '!nea"e o5 F!s er /!n"s1 a'' o5 w om a- a #ro#ens!ty 5or 5a''!n" 5rom "race -ue to #r!-e Eac 4ecame se'5:ser6!n" w!t t e!r su#ernatura' #ower anw!s-om1 t us 'ea-!n" to a 4att'e w ere t ey are cut -own an- 'e5t cr!##'e- #hey loose their life for'e power and their kin$doms be'ome barren #here was only one 'ure of their ailment% a passer by must ask them the =uestion C1ho does the Arail serve2C #his Duest!on a##arent'y tr!""ers an awa$en!n" w!t !n t e #ara'y?e- F!s er /!n" an- a su4seDuent ea'!n" o5 4ot !mse'5 an- !s $!n"-om Su'h a healin$ is the dire't result of the re6e'at!on t at t e $!n" a- 4een us!n" t e #ower o5 t e &o'y Gra!' 5or !s own #ur#oses w en !t was rea''y meant 5or a'' #eo#'e+

T e Peacoc$ An"e' amon" t e /n!" ts Tem#'ar
#he <ni$hts #emplar were initially introdu'ed to the Peacoc$ An"e' as t e Su5!s3 A':/a-!r1 t e =Green )ne1C whom they 'ame to know as St+ Geor"e #he root of the name Aeor$e is C$eo)C denotin$ the 6arth #hus) Geor"e !s t e =Eart man+C 6viden'e of the 'onne'tion between A':/a-!r and St Aeor$e

1* subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009 T e Peacoc$ An"e' an- t e Sumer!ans Toronto Street News 8o' 771 VH Au"ust 7 to 7G 2009
In the reli$ion of Sumeria the Peacoc$ An"e' was man!5est as En$!) the Lor- o5 t e Eart ) who was also the Lor- o5 ,!s-om an- t e Ser#ent on the Tree o5 2!'man1 t e Sumer!an E-en #he Sumerians may have adopted 6nki from YeIidi emissaries from India who played a role in the fled$lin$ Sumerian 'iviliIation Hr they may have re'eived him from the $nosti' se't of !andeans who were also assimilated into Sumerian 'iviliIation after mi$ratin$ from the 6ast) spe'ifi'ally Sri 5anka) the island patroniIed by the Peacoc$ An"e' as t e &!n-u Muru"an or Sanat /umara+

Lo6e 5rom Lo6ecry Lo6e%ry1 T e Street$!-s )r"+5ace4oo$
#his is for a non-profit that runs in #oronto) Canada Its 5or t e ome'ess an- t e A4use- 1e work on all abuse issues 1e do many thin$s for the homeless) we also spread the word of 7buse 1e supply the Toronto Street News@A #a#erA to t e ome'ess1 so they have somethin$ to sell other than ?ust askin$ for money 1e are all over the internet 1e have many sites 'ontainin$ information on 7buse 2onat!ons are a'ways we'come !ay they be 'lothes) food) bathin$ supplies) blankets) sleepin$ ba$s or money 1e need all the help and 'ompassion we 'an $et If you wish you know more about us) 'he'k the websites If you wish to $et in 'onta't with us for volunteer work or donations) please feel free too Hur door is always open for the 7bused or people who want to stop abuse or help the 7bused

Na?! Germany : A %reat!on o5 t e 8at!can an- ;esu!ts NE, ,)RL2 )R2ER+T&E 2E8IL IN T&E 8ATI%AN(( #tF T e 4oo$ o5 Re6e'at!ons+

2EM)NS1 %&RISTIANS %)INE2 T&E N)TI)N )F T&E 2E8IL+ T&E %&UR%& 2EM)NIQE2 MAN. G)2S AN2 MAN. )R2INAR. PE)PLE+ #-6I9 N7!6S 796 INC5"868

IN 7 5HNA 5IS# H3 #-HS6 #-7# 796 C57I!68 #H -7V6 -78 ;H5Y!H9;-IC N"75I#I6S H3 86VI5S >775 7N#IC-9IS# 7N">IS 7;H55H 79I65 7S#79#6 >65;-6AH9 >65"S >97-!7 C-79HN 69HS -6C7#6 -69!6S ISIS I9IS @";I#69 !69C"9Y !I#-97 !H5HC- N6;#"N6 H8IN HSI9IS ;7N ;-H6NIF ;5"#H S797C6N V6N"S V"5C7N and 7>>78HN7 7>I9HN 7>H9Y! 7C7HS 7C-7! 56VI7#-7N 5"CI369 !7AHA !6;-IS#H;-656S !INHS S7#7N SIN #6"#7#6S V"5C7N L7>"5HN LILI!79 7mon$ many other artists drew #-6 CHN35IC# >6#166N AHH8 7N8 6VI5 7NA65S in his C179 IN -67V6NC S-H1INA note other C81793S or 86!HNS or !I8A6#S or 5I##56 ;6H;56C

2) N) &ARM

1hen we i$nore our heart we break it >ut we i$nore our hearts to save ourselves heart break 5ife tells us that we are all here to $ive our love we have to others 7nd in parti'ular%

>ut when we re5use to "!6e t !s 'o6e !n 5ear o5 t e #a!n) 16 >967< H"9 H1N -679# #hus 'ausin$ ourselves pain and this is the way we harm ourselves 1e also harm others as we blo'k the natural flow of love

%an-'e In T e ,!n-> A Pr!ncess 2!ana Tr!4ute- 5ady 8iana was a ritual sa'rifi'e by the Illuminati
Satanists She was murdered in the ;onte 7lma tunnel) passa$e of the !oon Aoddess 8iana- ,+ pillar) +,st day -er baby was taken out and is bein$ raised by Nueen 5iIardbeth #hey plan to put ;IN879 . dra$on0 into this 'hild and have him be the ne(t 7N#IC-9IS# #imin$ is a bit off) but time will tell what happens with the hi?a'ked 9HY75 bloodline throne



To #ract!ce 2) N) &ARM> 1e must help the natural flow of love - #o do this we must make sure we listen to our -679#S Aivin$ that love to whom or where it would naturally $o 7n$el

, o /!''e- Pr!ncess 2!anaC 0* ,+ 2009
.numerolo$y *%,+%,,0

Hur other sites% http%&&www love'ryheals 'om& http%&&love'ry or$& http%&&an$elwin$+09 tripod 'om&heartli$ht& http%&&an$elwin$+09 tripod 'om& http%&&ma?i'-an$el+ tripod 'om&spiritualma?i'& http%&&an$elwin$+09 tripod 'om&love'ry& http%&&love'ry200G tripod 'om& http%&&inmemoryof?effery tripod 'om& http%&&an$elll* tripod 'om&spirituality&

1+ subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009 reac es t e !" er '!" t #he 5am!'y !s e'0* ,, 2009 .numerolo$y *%,,%,,0
%ana-aStreetNews+com : Au"ust 771 2009 I orsemen1 y#er!n5!n!ty o5 crysta's1 or"one1 re#t!'!an 4'oo-'!ne I''um!nat!R 6uni'e <ennedy Shriver) 7rnold SwartIene$$er) !aria <ennedy Shriver) imbreedin$ reptilians) ritual sa'rifi'e) @3< sa'rifi'ed for wantin$ to $et rid of 3ederal 9eserve) 7shkanaIi @ews vs Semeti' @ew) Nueen 5iIardbeth) #im 9ifat) H''ult S'ien'e) wars) demoni' a''ess in 'rystals and bones&blood .will power manifests thru blood ritual al'hemy0 http%&&www serenity$lobal 'om) http%&&www 'anadastreetnews 'om) http%&&www ?r$enius 'om REAL REP)RTING :T!m R!5at -!scusses SATANISM and &2T8 M!n- %ontro'
http%&&www rense 'om

to"et er 4y t e 'o6e o5 a'' t at !s and all that is establishes itself both within and without and in all futures and the past I am that you are and you are that I am there is no other way 3eel the words 'ir'le upon the waves and be'ome the dreamtime >eyond the dream there is un!on !n t e 5u''ness o5 s#!r!t w ere a'' sou's com4!ne !n t e "reater wor'- !n oneness o5 4e!n" #he #er5ect c!rc'e o5 4e!n" !s 4orn !n t e sa5e wor'- o5 t e 'o6!n" arms o5 t e mot er "uar-e- 4y t e stren"t o5 t e 5at er and both are fulfilled as the c !'-ren o5 t e Se6ent &ea6en1 t e Se6ent L!" t1 t e ADuar!an A"e an- t e new Go'-en A"e

0* 0* 09
;ess!ca3s Messa"e to &uman!ty Pt+7 && Messa"e to &uman!ty Pt+2 && &uman!ty #t+H && &uman!ty #t+I && http%&&www youtube 'om&user&?essi'amysti', && Ra!n4ow ,arr!ors
1hen the 'hief priests and s'ribes of the @erusalem #emple 'rin$e at the din of 'hildren 'ryin$ C-osanna to the son of 8avid)C @esus s'olds them% CYea) have ye never read)

;u'y 20 2009 TIM RIFAT: New ,or')r-er 2era!'s with rense 'om

0* 09 09
)r"one Masters an- New Para-!"m Peo#'e+ In-!"o % !'-ren1 %rysta's1 Inte"r!ty1 or$onemasters info) serenity$lobal 'om T e % !'-ren o5 L!" t awa$en !n t e Se6ent 2ay o5 %reat!on #he tone brin$s out to you that whi'h you a6e a'ways $nown an- now $now you can a'!"n to t e 6!4rat!ons t at !nsta'' t e #ro"rams that will develop into the Se6ent Sun) the final universal tone that brin$s about the An-rome-an En'!" tenment A'!"n anascen- w!t t e R!6er o5 &ea6en as it flows into the %entra' Sun+ T e Mot er o5 %reat!on "!6es '!5e to t e Fem!n!ne % r!st ,!t !n #he Fat er o5 %reat!on a'!"ns w!t t e %entra' Sun w!t !n an- t e Fam!'y

)ut o5 t e mout o5 4a4es an- suc$'!n"s t ou ast #er5ecte- #ra!se2C .!atthew 2,% ,/0

0* 0G 09


S erry L!6e F: 2F:2009 : T e S ema Star !s 'os!n" !ts 4r!''!ance1 "o!n" to cras +++B!4'e

1, subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
%o-es on t e S ema star
http%&&www sherryshriner 'om&

?ail&arrests for the poor) more bailouts for the ri'h EI runn!n" out 5or many S Fe-era' Reser6e %orru#t!on/%ounter5e!t!n": I''um!nat!3s So'ut!on JFLU S&)TS PAN2EMI% S Econom!c %o''a#se S Genoc!-e

S erry L!6e N:0H:2009 : My %on6ersat!on w!t %!sco , ee'er http%&&www s herryshriner 'om& Re> E<#os!n" T e Rot sc !'-s 7/* Re> E<#os!n" T e Rot sc !'-s I/* Re> E<#os!n" T e Rot sc !'-s G/* Re> E<#os!n" T e Rot sc !'-s */*

&& && //

Geor"e &ELP(: T ere are 2RAG)NS !n our Go6ernment an- ot


0* 0/ 2009 Full moon tonight. Hide your babies from the SATANISTS
Treee3s ta'es 1 Re#t!'!ans 10E!! Bo em!an Gro6e an- &o#e && !ts treee :2A8I2 I%/E ,R)TE T) ME AN2 ,ANTS T) F)LL), UP )N )UR EART& ST)RE. 2ona'- Mars a'' ;r-

%ana-a 4an> Ga''oway 5aces !s accusers a ;ew!s 2e5ence Lea"ue @;2LA =Terror!st=
8e'ember 02) 200*

&ar#er S&UT 2),N


96S# in ;67C6

9e% 9eal News people-Vi'tor 'omments-I $as glad to see the cli! but they are
$hat you $ould call %gate-&ee!ers%. The audience $as a$ay ahead of them -the audience $anted to see some real blood -they had none. They $ere mamby-!ambies# 7nd now they4re askin$ for money when they already have lots:-- Vi'tor


1ritten about 2ona'- Mars a'' ;r ) who at the youn$ a$e of ,G was wron$fully 'onvi'ted of a murder that he did not 'ommit -e was tar$eted by poli'e who had previous runins with !arshall and de'ided based on his skin that he should $o to ?ail for the homi'ide be'ause he was in the area !arshall spent ,, years of his life in ?ail before they admitted they were wron$ #his son$ was written for him

0* 0K 2009
Clinton to the Rescue- satanist rescues N Korean ournalists from !rison. "A"# 79SHN- re'y'lin$ plant outside #oronto $oes up in an e(plosion !ore !edia 3ear) $un 'onfis'ation) ra'ial profilin$) N1H propa$anda) >57C< ;H;6 death a$enda) 36!7) world army) -779;) mind 'ontrol weapons) e'onomi' 'ollapse) -urri'anes) >C forest fires) 9ape and ra'ial profilin$ to prep for ra'e war) biker $an$s) 'ops) native) >IA >9H#-69) sink holes) more

- to avoid 'onfiden'e vote) stay in power O for'e thru his ri$htwin$ a$enda )##os!t!on #art!es ma$e a"reement to -e5eat &ar#er "o6ernment on 4e't t!" ten!n" econom!c #'an #he 5iberals and the New 8emo'rats had a deal to form a 'oaliton $overnment and push the Stephen -arper Conservatives out of offi'e #he a$reement was also si$ned by the >lo' Nuebe'ois althou$h they were not to be part of the 'oalition 5iberal leader Stepahne 8ion and the N8;s @a'k 5ayton si$ned the a''ord whi'h would see the two parties work to$ether until @une 20,, Ailles 8u'eppe of the >lo' Nuebe'ois also si$ned the a$reement whi'h would see his party support the 'oalition till @une 20,0) thou$h the >N would not be part of the 'oalition #he move 'ame after finan'e minister @im 3laherty tabled an e'onomi' and fis'al update last week that did not in'lude a stimulus pa'ka$e for the re'ession that has $ripped the Canadian and $lobal e'onomies In the pa'ka$e was a #'an to en- "o6ernment 5un-!n" o5 #o'!t!ca' #art!es !m#'emente- 4y t e % ret!en "o6ernment to sto# #o'!t!c!ans 5rom 4e!n" 4e o'-en to t e cor#orat!ons t at "!6e t em money1 a -ec!s!on to ta$e away t e r!" t to str!$e 5or #u4'!c ser6!ce un!ons1 a mo6e to cut 5!nanc!n" 5or '!t!"at!on !n #ay eDu!ty ear!n"s1 an- se''!n" o55 "o6ernment assets #he subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
opposition =ui'kly ?umped on the -arper and 3lahertys austerity and belt ti$htenin$ proposals and laisseI-faire attitude at a time when nations around the world were pumpin$ money into their e'onomies to boost 'onsumer 'onfiden'e and threatened to brin$ down the $overnment 3earin$ theyd made a blunder 3laherty removed the abolition of party fundin$ and ba'ked off from takin$ away the ri$ht to strike for publi' workers from the bill #he ;rime !inister also postponed the vote on the bill by a week to 8e'ember the *th In the meantime the opposition $ot to$ether to dis'uss a 'oalition and spent all weekend workin$ on the deal and had told Aovernor Aeneral !i'haelle @ean that they had enou$h votes to form a $overment Involved in the ne$otiations were former ;rime !inster @ean Chretien and former N8; leader 6d >roadbent #he Conservatives had atta'ked the idea of a 'oalition sayin$ it was un'onstitutional and went as far as re'ordin$ a 'onferen'e 'all by the N8; 'au'us tryin$ to say that this was not about the e'onomy but a power $rab #he >lo' and N8; responded by remindin$ -arper that he had asked for a similar a$reement in 200K when he tried to topple then ;rime !inister ;aul !artins minority $overnment #he deal by the 5iberals and the New 8emo'rats would see a 2P member 'abinet with the 5iberals $ettin$ ei$hteen ministers and the N8; $ettin$ / as well as / parliamentary se'retaries #his would be histori' be'ause the New 8emo'rats have never formed or been part of the 3ederal $overnment in Canada #he =uestion remained of who would lead the 'oalition as 5iberal 5eader Stephane 8ion stepped down after the 5iberal 5eadership 'onvention Sunday Ni$ht in #oronto the + 5eadership 'andidates !i'hael I$natieff) >ob 9ae and 8omini' 5e>lan' 'ame to an a$reement) and at a liberal 'au'us meetin$ on !onday the vote was unanimous 3ree download% http%&&therealnews 'om Cate$ory% Nonprofits O 7'tivism


See more at Secret Soc!et!es 0* 02 2009
. yesterday was * 0,-2009 or 9-,, numerolo$y >oy it was obvious 80

%ana-aStreetNews+com me-!a uNscrE,S Au"ust 021 20091 ;t , @uly +, was ,,%,,) 7u$ , was 9-,, 3ires on 1 'oast en'ana pipelines) "3H) ne$ or$one) 7lberta massive storm) -779;) 6dmonton !issin$ 'hildren) #ori Stafford father Childfind "nder$round bases) sinkhole 3in'h&8ufferin) Cn tower) skydome) >ush Clinton) Cal$ary) 1it'h'rft ritual sa'rifi'e of our 'ities 7f$hanistan invaded by "S) Canadian >ritish troops 9evelations Clunker 'ars are needed No 'hip will run without $rid system A4a--on1 A##o'yon1 A#o''o) Y 'hromosome) 7) 'hromosome F is maternal 7$$ression is Y >aby droppin$ ritual Sikh s'hool e(plosion suspi'ious -arper) 6n'ana) 9C!;) #oronto) 7rturo Aatti) wife blamed due to 'han$e in will ;robably inno'ent if media says $uilty 1ampum 1ay) http%&&www ?r$enius 'om http%&&www serenity$lobal 'om %ana-aStreetNews+com me-!a uNscrE,S: Au"ust 021 2009 #t 21 999) NY airport bombthreat 9-,,) terrorist threat) 5iberals) Conservatives) N6S797) ) 5u'iferian) 7pollo) @ehovah) -inn) -a$ee) more fear) 'hip 'hildren wakin$ up) or$one) Sherryshriner 'om) -ollywood movies) 1orld 1ampum) serenity$lobal 'om) positive ener$y) opera) fre=uen'y vibration

;ew!s %ana-!ans> =,e are as ame- o5 t e %ana-!an "o6ernment3s su##ort o5 Israe'3s "enoc!-e o5 Pa'est!ne= outs!-e o5 conser6at!6e MP Peter /ent3s o55!ce : 07+7F+2009

((( 0* 0+ 2009
.today is ,,%,, too0

T(EEE $s b"#. w$th her story/
Bo em!an Gro6e1 Re#t!'!ans1 M!c ae' Ro-"ers1 P!n-ar:4r!n"!n" m!rac'es 4ac$ 2 '!5e PART 7 )F 2 && PART2 )F 2 B)&EMIAN GR)8ES &ILLBILL.%AMP MEMBER MI%&AEL LEE R)2GERS J T&E REPTILIANS PAER 7 )8 2

C) #"rs "re the on)y #"rs th"t w$)) o,er"te when the %r$* %oes *own/ Don9t %$&e
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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009 0G +, 2009 .,,%,, numerolo$y0 ,e a6e t e $t to 22///#on&ert the sa5e return o5 our astronauts en%$ne to r n on to-ay(

")tern"t$&e ! e)s1
-ow pervasive is the mi'ro'hip2 If you took the mi'ro'hips out of every appli'ation in whi'h they are now used) the results would be stunnin$ and fri$htenin$ !i'rowave ovens) dishwashers) and many other kit'hen applian'es would stop workin$ #elevisions and VC9s would fade to bla'kE stereos would $row muteE and most 'lo'ks would stop Cars wouldn4t start) and airplanes would be unable to leave the $round #he phone system would $o dead) as would most streetli$hts) thermostats) and) of 'ourse) a half-billion 'omputers 7nd these are only the most obvious appli'ations 6very fa'tory in the industrial world would also shut down) as would the ele'tri'al $rid) sto'k e('han$es) and the $lobal bankin$ system ;a'emakers would stop) too) as would sur$i'al e=uipment and fetal monitorin$ systems in obstetri's wards 9ead more% http%&&2020ok 'om&books&GK&one-di$ital-dayhow-the-mi'ro'hip-is-'han$in$-our-world+*0GK htmQi(II0!(PYA(Sr

IT3S %)MING++++MARTIAL LA,1 FEMA Tra!ns an- %AMPS+ T at3s not a''+++ %ana-aStreetNews+com me-!a uNscrE,S ;u'y H71 2009

A4a--on/A#o''yon/A#o''o T e Nat!on3s 2eat 4eT&IS 8I2E) IS TIMING )UT+ &ERE IS T&E 2),NL)A2 @5'6A
rea' me-!a player is in video se'tion

Goo"'e 8!-eo as 5ro?en t e 6!ew count s!nce Fe4ruary 2009 an- as a'so re-ucet e G star rat!n"s 4y o6er 700) w !c e55ect!6e'y censors t !s 5!'m+ P'ease s#rea- t !s '!n$ an- su##ort t e 5!'mma$ers 4y o4ta!n!n" a !" Dua'!ty 282+ ,!'' we 'et t e e'!te #u'' t e #'u" on %ana-a3s so6ere!"ntyC 7 do'umentary e(plorin$ the Se'urity and ;rosperity ;artnership and how it is a steppin$ stone for an eventual North 7meri'an "nion #he film also e(plores the resistan'e movement to the S;; and the protests of 7u$ust 200G in !ontebello) Canada #o obtain a hi$h-=uality 8V8) please visit% http%&&pressfortruth 'a

;oli'e State) Hbama and >eer Summit at the 1hitehouse) with -enry Aates and white 'op !edia makin$ 'ops look 'orrupt& ra'ist& 'ontrolled 6'onomy) "S7 and 'redit 999 federal reserve year end is Sept 9eptilian bloodlline) 5iIardbeth @ust-us system) admiralty law ;risons for the poor) ta(es for the middle'lass and >i$ >onuses for >i$ >rother !elissa # and Stephanie 9en$el murder- G years in prison) tried as adult 6arl @ones $ets out on R+0 000 bail Ianiero 1oodbrid$e) Aatti murder ;roblem) rea'tion) solution- world 'ourt sset up Aatti- $ash in ba'k of head) <nife went away) wife not 'har$ed with murder now Aatti died many times in rin$) now poli'e say sui'ide Sink hole #oronto may be under$round base "nder$round bases everywhere See videos on CanadaStreetNews 'om for review of today -ollow 679#-) 7A79#-7) >lue >loodline) Illuminati ,+ bloodlines) 7tlantis) 7pollo) ;hallus) ;atriar'hal Solution 'anadastreetnews 'om serenity$lobal 'om ?r$enius 'om

@uly 2009

REW NI J t e )#erat!on Gar-en P'ot && )#erat!on Gar-en P'ot // Moon R!s!n" #t * 1. subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009 &o''ow Eart 1 &y#er4orea1 A"art a1 -9e( *P) short for Rea-!ness E<erc!se ,9*P) was a #'an 4y
t e Un!te- States 5e-era' "o6ernment to test t e!r a4!'!ty to -eta!n 'ar"e num4ers o5 Amer!can c!t!?ens in 'ase of mass!6e c!6!' unrest or nat!ona' emer"ency 6(er'ises similar to 9e( *P happen periodi'ally P'ans 5or roun-u#s o5 #ersons !n t e Un!te- States !n t!mes o5 cr!s!s are 'onstru'ted durin$ periods of !ncrease- #o'!t!ca' re#ress!on su'h as the ;almer 9aids and the !'Carthy 6ra 3or e(ample) from ,9/G to ,9G, the FBI $e#t a '!st o5 #ersons to 4e roun-e- u# as su46ers!6e1 -u44e- t e =A2EW= '!st 7''ordin$ to s'holar 8iana 9eynolds% T e Re<:NI A'# a E<#'an @Rea-!ness E<erc!se 79NI1 E<erc!se P'anR ot erw!se $nown as a cont!nu!ty o5 "o6ernment #'anA) indi'ates that FEMA !n assoc!at!on w!t HI ot er 5e-era' c!6!' -e#artments an- a"enc!es con-ucte- a c!6!' rea-!ness e<erc!se -ur!n" A#r!' G:7H1 79NI It was 'ondu'ted in 'oordination and simultaneously with a @oint Chiefs e(er'ise) Ni$ht #rain *P) a worldwide military 'ommand post e(er'ise .in'ludin$ %ont!nenta' U+S+ Forces or %)NUS0 based on mu't!:emer"ency scenar!os o#erat!n" 4ot a4roa- an- at ome In the 'ombined e(er'ise) Re<:NI Bra6o1 FEMA an- 2)2 led the other federal a$en'ies and departments) in'ludin$ the %entra' Inte''!"ence A"ency) the Secret Ser6!ce) the Treasury1 t e Fe-era' Bureau o5 In6est!"at!on) and the Veterans 7dministration throu$h a $amin$ e(er'ise to test m!'!tary ass!stance !n c!6!'

S am4 a'aU @2o5FA

UF) &unters : Un-er"roun- Bases : 2u'ce 7/G // 2u'ce 2/G /// 2u'ce H/G // 2u'ce I/G // 2u'ce G/G // &o''ow Eart 1 A"art a1 2NA1 Ser#ent Ma"net!sm

0G +0 2009 Pe""y /ane Inter6!ew 8o'ume 7 : Re#t!'!an A"en-a
In the first-ever 8V8 of the C"3H -ypothesesC series) "3H resear'her and talk show host ;e$$y <ane .C"3H7L)C CHff #he 9e'ord)C and C#he Cuttin$ 6d$e)C all publi' a''ess talk shows ori$inatin$ out of #u'son) 7riIona0 dis'usses her odyssey into the stran$e realms of 6V; .E'ectron!c 8o!ce P enomena 0 and 9S .9everse Spee'h0) whi'h led her into on"o!n" con6ersat!ons w!t t e -ea- now res!-!n" !n t e 'ower astra' wor'- -er resear'h also led to a multi-year 'onta't with one 3ran'is -aley) an endentured servantturned adventurer who died in ,*+0 7s she e(plored further) !s <ane 'larified de'ades worth of resear'h and be$an to formulate her own "3H hypothesis !s <ane is now con6!nce- t at a re#t!'!an ET race 5rom )r!on as ta$en contro' o5 t !s 'ower astra' rea'm+ -er hypothesis also su$$ests that the re#t!'!an ET ="o-s= co'on!?e- our Eart 'on" a"o1 an- cont!nue to use Eart umans as a s'a6e race an- 5oo- source+ .Not !nten-e- 5or anyone un-er 7N years o5 a"e or s$e#t!cs 0 re#t!'!ans UF) Pe""y /ane re#to!-s astra' It -!mens!on mars s#!r!t net matr!< y4r!-s #'anetW co6er u# man!#u'at!on cyc'e $arma contro' an"e's ETs a'!ens #'e!a-!ans 'ower astra' !" er astra' c'oa$!n" 'ea-ers cra5ts c'ones et'

c!6!' -!stur4ances1 ma9or -emonstrat!ons an- str!$es that wou'-e5ense #he e(er'ise anti'ipated a55ect cont!nu!ty o5 "o6ernment and&or resource mo4!'!?at!on To 5!" t su46ers!6e act!6!t!es) there was aut or!?at!on 5or t e m!'!tary to !m#'ement "o6ernment or-ere- mo6ements o5


#o#u'at!onsat state and re$ional levels) the arrest o5

certa!n un!-ent!5!e- se"ments o5 t e #o#u'at!on1 an- t e !m#os!t!on o5 mart!a' ru'e+ E<!stence o5 a master m!'!tary cont!n"ency #'an1 =Gar-en P'ot= and a similar earlier e(er'ise)C5antern SpikeC were ori$inally revealed by ?ournalist 9on 9idenhour) who summariIed his findin$s in =Gar-en P'ot an- t e New Act!on Army+= 9e( *P was mentioned durin$ the Iran-Contra -earin$s in ,9*G) and subse=uently reported on by the !iami -erald on @uly K) ,9*G 7 number of websites and alternative publi'ations that span the politi'al spe'trum have hypothesiIed upon the basi' material about 9e( *P) and in many 'ases hyperboliIed it into a form of urban le$end or 'onspira'y theory 9e( *P is sometimes 'ited as an e(tension of the fi'tional <in$ 7lfred ;lan) a strate$y to detain 7fri'an 7meri'ans Nonetheless) the 4as!c 5acts a4out Re< NI anot er cont!n"ency #'ann!n" rea-!ness e<erc!ses::ant e #otent!a' t reat t ey #ose to c!6!' '!4ert!es !5 5u''y !m#'emente- !n a rea' o#erat!on::are ta$en ser!ous'y 4y sc o'ars an- c!6!' '!4ert!es act!6!sts+ .thanks #ony 80

S!n$ &o'e o5 2eat :

sink hole in #oronto 'ould be similar to the sink hole in Auatamala "3H4s appeared after that point Could #oronto4s sink hole be an under$round base2

0G 2* 2009 %ana-astreetnews+com
me-!a uNscrE,S: ;u'y 2N1 2009 #t7

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
N6S797 ) A6S797) star$ate 7tlantis) 5emuria) 1orld 8ollar) Capri'orn2) -ydron Collider) portal) 6nki) 6nlil) Aarba$e) #im !'lean) man'huran 'andidate) ,,%,,) #H9HN#HJ8IS7S#69) 6ndeavour) -ubble teleso'ope) robots) sinkhole) water to St Clair) 6ast so$$y) or$one neutraliIes ne$ative weather) mylar blankets and water purifi'ation pills
Unt!' we come to"et er as a 5orum and uneart t e su##resse- 4oo$s an- true !story .mu'h tu'ked away in the Vati'an vaults and under the Ira=&Iran) we well never know the real truth #he Br!t!s R).AL 5am!'y IS a re#t!'!an 4'oo-'!ne o5 %AIN . serpent seed0 ;indar and somethin$ that inhabits Nueen 6 'ontrolled the entire $lobal 'orporation of ;57N6# 679#- S57V69Y Could that be 5ilith in there2 L!'!t is a 'onfusin$ term En"'!s !s a con5us!n" 'an"ua"e Trans'at!ons were 'e5t to t e satan!sts w o !n6ente- En"'!s . reverse of -ebrew0 >ritishJ6n$lishJ $lobal lan$ua$eJ satani' reveral of -ebrew 2!ana !s t e AR.AN uman a'5 and P!n-ar t e Re#t!'!an a'5 o5 t e new Ant!c r!st $!n" #he fetus was taken from 5ady 8i4s womb durin$ her ritual sa'rifi'e&murder under the ;onte 7lma >rid$e . passa$e of the moon $oddess) ,+th pillar) +,st day 0 .I'ke0 N 5iIardbeth has the 'hild apparently says #reee0

%ana-aStreetNews+com me-!a uNscrE,S : ;u'y 2N1 2009 #t 2
1innepe$ shootin$) >us beheadin$) Iran-IsSraSlE 7lberta oil refinery shut down) !oosavi-puppet >ritish Aov4t ) P horseman of apo'alypse) murder sui'ide) airlineand rail bar$ains drain your in'ome Need to prepare for survival !i'hael @a'kson) 7tlantis patriar'hial-7n'ient of 8ays) Sanat <umara) SatanE 5emuria- !atriar'hal- mother 679#http%&&www serenity$lobal 'om E !i'hael @a'kson- murder mu'h like others) C7N787 is a ;H5IC6 S#7#6


Pre5'oo-: At'ant!s1 Lemur!a1 Mu+

#hese sons o5 t e "o-s -!- not 'oo$ Re#t!'!an Re#t!'!an / uman a##arent'y crosse- to ma$e "oo- ,ARL)R2s .s'a6e -r!6ers: co'- 4'oo-e-1 eart'ess $!''ers0 for the human ra'e a''ordin$ to !i'hael #sarion Christian writin$s say that 5a''en an"e's 'ost t e!r 'oo$s w en t ey -!so4eye- t e creator an- mate- w!t t e uman women to #ro-uce a race o5 "!ants1 ne# a'!m !ytholo$y needs to be analyIed and the whole C967#IHN story fi$ured out with inte$rity Aet those hidden books #he Re#t!'!an ascen-e- masters w!'' anot er trut on us soon E8IL 2)ES RULE T&E ,)RL21 so #re#are to 4e -e%EI8E2 80 try an- #us

Re6e'at!on 7F , ore Ba4y'on Ant!c r!st : Part 7
#his is a study of the >ook of 9evelation 'hapter ,G #he 7postle @ohn4s vision on the island of ;atmos in 9/78 #he >ible identifies the 9oman Catholi' Chur'h as the harlot and !ystery >abylon - ;art ,

CC2!scre#ency an- &UGE contrast !n w o !s w oCC

MATERNAL BL))2LINE M)T&ER starts w!t E8EAHH8N6SS -"!7N 787! is her twin flame . likeness of 8umuIi and Innana0 LILIT& is +&P 7nnunaki ,&P human 3ather was either 6nki or 6nlil . dis'repen'y0

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009 Re#t!'!an 6ers!on ne<t @I -!sa"ree w!t SAMAEL/SATAN !s ENLIL t e ne<t e<#'anat!on o5 Satan: Gar-!ner @!''um!nate-A !n LILIT&> T e Uncensore- 8ers!on
http%&&petra$rail tripod 'om&lilith html

says EN/I !s SAMAEL+A . S66 1-Y I#
IS SH -798 #H ;I6C6 #-IS !6SS #HA6#-69: 80

Samael&Satan&6nlil .brother of 6nki0 raped 6ve in the Aarden 6ve $ave birth to Cain .5u'ifer .$lows like his father0 and 5ilith Cain and 5ilith are sister&brother&husband&wife Illuminati J 6nlil& &5u'ifer&5ilith 179NINA% #his pa$e is NH# suitable for 'hildren due to the se(ual and bloody nature of the 5ilith le$end LILIT&+++ISIS+++2IANA 7#-6N7% 41-H 17S #-7# !7S<68 1H!7N2
!illions of women worldwide have been in'reasin$ly drawn to the story of 5ilith be'ause they have heard she was some sort of Ce=ualC to 7dam in @ewish le$end #his =5em!n!st= 6ers!on o5 E6e su##ose-'y as 4ecome t e #atron:sa!nt o5 t e 'es4!an mo6ement as we'' as w!tc es1 New A"e a- erents1 an- a w!-e 6ar!ety o5 mus!ca' #er5ormers hopin$ to ride the wave of 5ilith 'uriosity >ut ?ust who is this 5ilith2 1here is the

T&IS summary '!n$ IS FR)M LAUREN%E GAR2INER)) '$n"t$-sh",esh$!ter s"t"n$st
L" ren#e G"r*ner - Le#t re 1 :A,r$) 9;7< 2)oo*)$ne o! the 6o)y Gr"$)/',= ra-!o : Laurence Gar-ner : Lecture H @;une 39NA : Genes!s o5 t e Gra!' /!n"s+m#H Gene Is!s o5 t e Gra!' /!n"s 5u'' 6ers!on #-5 // Gene Is!s o5 t e Gra!' /!n"s summary ere http%&&www mailar'hive 'om&'trlTlistserv aol 'om&ms$2/,0* html

CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC ere: Samae'/En$! L!'!t P Tree o5 /now'e-"e o5 GooE6!' http%&&www mailJ J

ori$in of her le$end2

more here

)ccu't!sm J Re'!"!on : Gnost!sm : T e Na" &amma-! : T omas J P !''!#e Gnost!c Gos#e'+m#H Mar-u$ : &o'y B'oo-1 &o'y Gra!'+m#H 2X,!''!am %oo#er : Mystery Ba4y'on 72 : &!erarc y )5 T e /n!" ts Tem#'ar : Is mae'!tes : ,T% Bom4!n"+m#H CCCCCCCC

ar'hive 'om&'trlTlistserv aol 'om&ms$2/,0* html Ser#ent was $uardian of knowled$e Serpent J En$!R En$! J 5ord of 6uphrates

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
En'!' P L'u:/ur:Ga' P As ur P Amurru P E':E'yon P E':S a--!a P ;e o6a
http%&&www mailLu'uwa P 2au" ter o5 %a!n J L!'!t E 7tun J Son of Cain O 5ilithE Nenokh J Son of Cain O 5ilithE 7tun J <in$ of <ish .+K00 >C0 7tun J <in$ 6tanaE -enokh J 6no'h &am J son o5 Tu4a':%a!n .bible% son of Noah is in'orre't0E 6mIarah J wife of NoahE Canaan J son of Noah .not $randson0 Goat o5 with -am ar'hive 'om&'trlTlistserv aol 'om&ms$2/,0* html En'!' J used bla'kheaded people as slaves && En$! J wanted bla'kheaded people edu'ated&freed Satan P sons o5 "o-s J servants only for a$$ressive a'tions of the $ods E Satan J brother&don of @ehovah &am was %a#r!corn Men-es is asso'iated

ar'hon of ,0th 7$e of -is symbol was the !n6erte- #enta"ramR @%a#r!corn !s a'so t e name o5 NESARA3s s#ace s !# t at !s carry!n" Luc!5er or AtonA+ &ermes #risme$istus J T ot &8?ediE #hoth J s'ribe of the $ods #hoth J -am .Arandson of #ubal-Cain0 J 6$yptian <hemE #hoth J !el'hiIadek .wrote book of the dead0E -am J Larathustra .Loroaster .not the son of Noah0

@or !s SATANP;E&)8A&PEn'!': w o '!$eto eat 5'es ( 2A
A-am was 5!rst eart 'y #r!est: $!n" of an'ient Sumer appro( +*00 >C with w!5e N!n:/ awa @E6eA A-am/E6e J 7tabba&-awahR E6e3s 5!rst son was %a!n J Nayin .7dam was not the father0 Fat er o5 %a!n was En$! P Samae' J 5ord of Sama!esopotamia 2nd son was -evel J A4e' .father was 7dam0

Iran P Aryan .3ollowed 6nki&Samael&7hura !aIda0E Arail <in$ship J %a!n1 Lamec 1 Tu4a':%a!n1 &am1 N!mro- .tubal 'ain rin$ looks like the fa'ebook lo$o0 Pta J Vul'an of 6=yptR Ma3at J $oddess of truth and lawE

Go'-/P'at!num in mono-atomi' hi-spin rate 'an a'tivate the endo'rinal $landular system



an- /a'! are T!t'es+ 0 as !n 0ueen/0uay!n asso'iated with the Moon/Lunar %yc'e 0 P 8enus Sym4o' P Is!s P L!'!t P N!n:/ ursa" P /a'!+ L!'!t
was also the 'onsort to ;e o6a .her $randfather0 as well as 6nki and 7dam L!'!t was said to have re:!ncarnate- as &a"ar an- 0ueen S e4a &a"ar J wife of !oses 0ueen S e4a J wife&'onsort of Solomon Moses P A$ enatenR Ne5ert!t! P w!5e o5 MosesR Amen ote#:III P 5at er o5 MosesE #iye .Nueen0 J mother of !osesE

O !ilk from $oddesses 'aintained an enIyme 'alled #elomerase that prolon$s life Scar'et women were source 5or star5!reE S'arlet 1oman J Sa'red womanE Sa'red woman J -ierodulai .$reek0E Sacrewoman P &ar'ot .en$lish0 Sacre- woman P &ores/, ores/4e'o6e- )nes .$erman0 Rose o5 S aron J Sha .Hrbit0 9on .5i$ht0 Sha9a-Hn J -ouse of 5i$htE Me'aton!n J Ni$ht1orker .boosts immune0E Ir!-!um was key firestone element Pow-er o5 "o'- in'reases melatoninE Pow-er o5 Ir!-!um in'reases Seratonin

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
Mar$ o5 %a!n !s o'-est "rant o5 arms P %ross w!t :!n %!rc'e .Huroberos0 J snake 'lut'hin$ it4s tail J !idrash&;hoeni'ians Mar$ o5 %a!n was le$a'y of the T!amat t e 2ra"on 0ueen 9oyal 'ourt of the dra$on ori$ins 2,G0 >C Rosy %ross P Ros!:cruc!sE 9osi J 8ew&1atersE Cru'is J Cup&Chali'eE En$! P 'or- o5 t e sacre- eyeE A'c emy J 7l .#he0 <hame .>la'kness0 J #he >la'kness -KU of brain is 'omposed of iridium and rhodium 1hen sin$le ruthenium atoms are pla'ed at ea'h end of the 8N7 double heli( it be'omes ,0)000 more 'ondu'tive Ant!:a"!n" com#oun-s J iridium O rhodium 8N7 'ellular levels 'ontain ruthenium and platinum

In the Seren!ty System) we are the RAINB), ,ARRI)RS Aet $oin$ #reeeEART& M)T&ER 5or t e ,est %oast 1e need rea' /NIG&TS not those murderin$ $lobal elites at >H-6!I7N A9HV6 -ope the or$one burned their balls while they ran na$e-1 #!ss!n" on trees1 4u""er!n" eac ot er1 w !'e ra#!n"1 $!''!n" an- eat!n" sto'en women an- c !'-ren -ere is where the problem lies Not with "S) it is with those that CHN#9H5 H"9 !HN6Y RRRRRR #he >east system

Vlad III J Count 8ra'ula J son of 8ra'ul .8ra$on0

0G 2G 2009

.G %9%,, or 9 numerolo$y today S'ary days @uly 29- G%,,%,,) and @uly +,-,,%,,0

CC BIG BR)T&ER((- 1hy are you blo'kin$
'omments) email) web a''ess and video 'apabilities be'ause See important !6SS7A6S >65H1) 7N8 A6# IN#H S)LUTI)N !H86


ILLUMINATI ,ILL TAN/ T&EIR ),N ST)%/S 7N8 SATANI% M)NE. S.STEM S))N %ana-aStreetNews+com %T8 uNscrE,S : ;u'y 2F1 2009 pt , ;t ,- Strikes-VI7) 5C>H) A79>7A6) disruption of servi'es) in'reased animosity with strikes 1hen Aas $oes up- $et use to the farm look in your 'ity) 5i=uor-Illuminati adds 'ar'ino$ens to produ'ts Still disabled by utube and other web 'ommuni'ations ;alin- S'arlet 1omen- 1hore of >7>Y5HN 9everse symbolism 7nti'hrist $an$ will take their parasites with them #hen we 'an finally live in ;67C6 on 679#Treee !s 4ac$ 5rom Bo em!an Gro6e B!" Brot er %o#s escorte- er out o5 town #hey were $oin$ to 'har$e her with publi' nuisan'e In the satani' money system) we are the nuisan'e .$oyim0

2e-!cate- to Ma"-a'a
. !ary !a$dalene- #rue Nueen of -eaven and 6arth0

C1hen the earth is dyin$ there shall arise a new tribe of all 'olours and all 'reeds #his tribe shall be 'alled #he 1arriors of the 9ainbow and it will put its faith in a'tions not words C C#here will 'ome a time when the earth is si'k and the animals and plants be$in to die #hen the Indians will re$ain their spirit and $ather people of all nations) 'olors and beliefs to ?oin to$ether in the fi$ht to save the 6arth 7!69IC7N IN8I7N 7NCI6N# ;9H;-6SY

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
7 day will 'ome when the animals) win$ed ones and those who swim will be$in to disappear #he ea$le) bear) wolf and buffalo will be s'ar'e be'ause people will be'ome $reedy and will not love ea'h other #he sky will be'ome bla'k and the trees and plants will die #he beautiful rainbow will disappear be'ause people will not remember to keep the !other 6arth sa'red and will destroy its beauty Children of the 9ainbow 1arriors will 'ome before all destroyed and they will love the trees and the animals #hey will love and respe't ea'h other and they will help people to live in pea'e with all 'reation #he rainbow in the sky will return as a si$n of the Creator4s $ra'e O T!m R!5at warns that the S,INE =e<#er!menta'= 6acc!ne that they will for'e you to take in the fall is loaded with mi'ro'hips. BEAST ***0) heavy poisons) and the >67S# virus that was deliberately du$ up in ,9,* to kill us off a$ain >east emer$es in 11, and now a$ain #his !"S# 6N8 NH1 1a<6 ";: . See @uly 2/ audios0 ;u'y 20 2009 TIM RIFAT: New ,or')r-er 2era!'s with rense 'om ;une 2I 2009 :Ben9am!n Fu'5or- : ,ar )n I''um!nat! with rense 'om ;u'y 221 2009 :Ben9am!n Fu'5or- ,or'Econom!c %r!s!s u#-ate with rense 'om Pa'!n P!cs Sara Pa'!n1 , ore o5 Ba4y'on : 2emon: crats an- Re#t!':'!cans are o##osames+ Pa'!n an- &!''ary are &IG& SATANI% ,IT%&ES+ P'ay!n" out t e Boo$ o5 Re6e'at!ons+

0G 2K 09 NEWT: 2EAT&1 2RAMA1 FEMA TRAINS1 FEMA %AMPS an- Mart!a' LA, 5or T)R)NT)+ BE,ARE o5 t e UN2ERGR)UN2 4ases un-er % urc St+ an- ;ar6!s !n Toronto %entre+ Te)) the G)ob") E)$te to sto, r",$n%+ ' r*er$n% "n* e"t$n% o r 2A2IES1
2!- t e #o'!ce arrest t e I''um!nat! t !s wee$ at Bo em!an Gro6e 5or t ese cr!mesC
I 'ould not have said it better- Che'k out

0G 2/ 2009

.numerolo$y J*0

Canadastreetnews 'om media uNs'r61S - @uly 2/) 2009- 3ires in >C)
6"9H;6 #im 9ifat) 3ulford) 1orld 6'onomy update) VI7 97I5 on tra'k for now) planes) trains) automobiles still a tar$et for Illuminati N1H SarkoIy) serenity$lobal 'om) A7#6S professor and H>7!7- ra'ial profilin$ theme #oronto pt , %ana-astreetnews %T8 uNscrE,S: ;u'y 2*1 2009 utube blo'kin$ 'omments and views) N6S797) 3ulford) ;alin) Clinton) $un violen'e) Nueen 5iIardbeth) shootin$s) 7r'ti' Soverei$nty) N1H) CHNservative) Hppo-sames ;t 2

8eesIllustrations 'om on @eff 9ense www+rense+com T e B'ac$ Po#e: Er!c P e'#s: m!ss!n" '!n$ !n t e "'o4a' cons#!racy

Rea!t+++Freemasons "a6e !t to me+
http%&&www vati'anassassins or$

Letter to )E%TA Un!on UNREPRESENTATI8E E2 %&U2A/

http%&&www holyhealthy 'om 7ll that I warned the York Catholi' >H798 about is 'omin$ true before your eyes S7#7NIS#S run our s'hool systems >y September) s'hools will 'lose) and the pensions will be $one on Illuminati 9o'kafeller&9oth'hilds bankin$ system is broke #hey are 'au$ht 1ith the monetary system 'ollapse) a deliberate introdu'tion of the ;7N86!IC VI9"S) depopulation will devastate our e'onomy 6verthin$ will shut down 3or'ed va''ines will kill more people and enslave the livin$ masses #hat is the plan You 'an thank the bureau'rats .who have

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
been bribed by the RS7#7NIC money RyRtem0 to <I55 YH" H33

MILITAR. Bu!'- u# MARTIAL LA,C1hat >ills
and 571S are bein$ ;7SS68 now2 7re they a$ainst the CHNS#I#"#IHN 2 Y6S

REAL REP)RTING :T!m R!5at -!scusses SATANISM and &2T8 M!n- %ontro'
http%&&www rense 'om

Mount Forest re'!6es mur-er


2ana3s comments on utu4e an5ace4oo$ 6!-eos an- 6ar!a

"'aysonY"ue'# mercury+com


V 7 lone H;; offi'er followin$ a hun'h did mu'h more than find the remains of ei$ht-year-old Vi'toria W#oriX Stafford when he intuitively sear'hed a lonely little laneway southeast of !ount 3orest on Sunday afternoon 8et -S$t @im Smyth simultaneously reminded a 'lose-knit "pdate on utube 'omments) fa'ebook !onitored and utube fun'tions disabled by >> 3i( for the homeless #hou$hts for today Stay tuned for uNs'r61S dana ;t 2 video 'ounter Iero a$ain) te(t 'omments blo'ked from $ood folk Clarify-the poor need to $o into the N61 'ities and small towns) 'otta$e areas Not #H9HN#H or other ma?or 'ities whi'h are ritual sa'rifi'e vorte( 'entres for the N1H 3ema trains and 'amps to 'ome Canadastreetnews 'om @uly 2K 09 NH#6- blo'k your web 'am and mi' when not in use >> spies on you

tra"!c -eat o5 e!" t: year:o'- Er!n Bur$ o'-er1 w o !n 79NN was se<ua''y assau'te-1 mur-ere- an-um#e- !n t e woo-s near a "ra6e' #!t 'ocate- not 5ar nort o5 w ere Sta55orwas -!sco6ere-+
farmin$ 'ommunity of the

INTEGRATING t e MALE an- FEMALE ENERGIES: resear'hed by 8ana -oro'howski

Not on'y were t e two:e!" t:year o'-s 5oun- w!t !n $!'ometres o5 eac ot er1 Smyt unco6ere- Sta55or-Bs rema!ns !n a woo-e- area near'y 27 years to t e -ay a5ter Bur$ o'-er was 5oun- un-er near'y !-ent!ca' c!rcumstances+ But t e eer!e s!m!'ar!t!es !n t e two cases "o 4eyon- t e t!me an- #'ace w ere t e two "!r'sB 4o-!es were 5oun-+ more here R!-eau %ana' mur-ers %ana-astreetnews+com uNscrE,S: ;u'y 2H1 2009 9ideau Canal murders are probably linked to
more poli'e 'orruption 'overups and ritual sa'rifi'e

%ana-aStreetNews+com *N0 me-!a uNscrE,S: ;u'y 2I1 2009VI7 97I5) ;7N86!IC) CHNservatives) martial law) online sellin$) rain) arenas in #oronto full of $arba$e) !arkets- finished by 9-9-9 S'hool boards to 'lose s'hools #oronto is $oin$ 8H1N: 36!7 #rains !7SS Araves

%ana-astreetnews+com me-!a uNscrE,S: ;u'y 2H1 2009- ) Mart!a' Law1 SATANI% G'o4a' E'!t!sts1 %ana' mur-ers1 rac!a'

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009 #ro5!'!n"1 race wars1 Bo em!an Gro6e1 Me-!a ScrE,S: unscrewe)PP1 R%MP1 I''um!nat!1 New ,or'- )r-er1 Sw!ne 5'u1 utu4e1 Tor! Sta55or-1 NATI)NAL FN %&IEF S awn At'eo1 ,AMPUM1 Po'!ce % !e5 Ste6e Tanner1 Po'!ce STATE J UNIT.1 2ANGER)US corru#t!on1 GEN)%I2E1 0ueen L!?ar-4et %ana-astreetnews R!-eau %ana' mur-ers @2AuNsrE,S : ;u'y 2H12009 <INAS#HN 9ideau Canal murders are probably linked to more poli'e 'orruption 'overups and ritual sa'rifi'e Re> R+I+P 8!ctor!a Sta55or- Z &er 4o-y as now 4een c'a!me- : Tues-ay 1 ;u'y 27st 2009 [ Fam!'y was #re#are- 5or t e worst1 says Tor!3s -aE<: om!c!-e co#s trou4'e- 4y Tor!3s case
http%&&wat'h 'tv 'a&news&'lip,/GP,PQ'lip,/GP,P #wo e(-dete'tives) one who investi$ated the %ec!'!a Q an" $!-na##!n":mur-er case) wei$h in on the stran$e developments in the 'ase of missin$ 1oodsto'k) Hnt $irl #ori Stafford

From mystery to tra"e-y> T e Tor! Sta55or- t!me'!ne
!ay 2* Terr!:Lynne Mc %'!nt!c !s c ar"e- w!t 5!rst: -e"ree mur-er @eanine 5e9oy) the a''used4s lawyer) said her 'lient was 'ontinuin$ to 'o-operate with poli'e in their efforts to lo'ate #ori4s body -al !attson) Ra55erty3s 'awyer1 a- a-6!se- !s c'!ent to not co:o#erate w!t aut or!t!es !ay 29 ;oli'e tell 9odney Stafford t ey m!" t ne6er 5!n-au" ter3s 4o-y+ !s

Summer recent News // ;u'y 2H to H7 2009 // ;u'y 7G to 22 09 / ;u'y N to 7I / ;u'y 7 to F / ;UNE 2H T) H0 / ;une 9 to 27 / ;une 7: N


@uly ,G Accuse- M!c ae' Ra55erty "ets a new 'awyer #oronto lawyer S'ott 9eid) who repla'ed &a' Mattson) said he would C6!"orous'y -e5en-= !s c'!ent It would be a Csafe assumptionC 9afferty would not 4e #'ea-!n" "u!'ty) he said !attson said 9afferty likely won4t fa'e trial until some time in 2070+ @uly 20 ;oli'e announ'e they have -!sco6ere- uman rema!ns near Mount Forest1 Hnt It is a rural town in 1ellin$ton North #ownship 1hile the identity had to be 'onfirmed by forensi' testin$) investi$ators said the remains are likely #ori4s @uly 2, ;oli'e hold a news 'onferen'e to 'onfirm that the remains dis'overed the previous day were those of #ori Stafford 3orensi' e(perts used dental re'ords to 'onfirm her identity #ara !'8onald) #ori4s mother) asked for priva'y

2ANGER)US %ENS)RS&IP( I must 4e r!" t a4out my c'a!ms BIG BR)T&ER BL)%/ING 5ree-om o5
0G 22 2009
s#eec ( UTUBE comments/ 6!ews counter to T)RI STAFF)R2 6!-eo '!n$s an- my 9r"en!us c anne' are 4'oc$e-+ I cannot #ost my t ou" ts to t e #u4'!c+

Remem4er!n" Tor! Sta55or- : Rest In Peace
@we are "o!n" to 5!< t !s Tor!+++I #rom!se 4a4y+++-A

S erry L!6e F:20:2009 : T e S ema Star ,!'' %RAS&1 Re6e'at!on 72 an- U#com!n" E6ents http%&&www sherryshriner 'om&

Bo em!an Gro6e: F>22 am/#m &UMAN RITUAL SA%RIFI%E o5 ;esus % r!st 4y our G'o4a' E'!t!sts+

8!ctor!a =Tor!= Sta55or- Memor!a' Tr!4ute

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009 T ree arreste- !n R!-eau %ana' -eat s I''um!nat! r!tua''y sacr!5!c!n" http%&&wat'h 'tv 'a&news&'lip,/GP,PQ'lip,9/29P women an- c !'-ren to-ay+ R!tua' Sacr!5!ce o5 Mary Ma"-a'ene at 8IA Ra!' Bo em!an Gro6e1 %a'!5orn!a+ see cance's
tr!#s !n '!" t o5 str!$e t reat F!rst Tam!5'u:res!stant &7N7 case 5oun- !n %ana-a % !e5s 5rom across %ana-a are e'ect!n" a new Nat!ona' % !e5 !n %a'"ary+ A5" an "!r' $!''e- !n acc!-enta' s oot!n"
7n 7f$han $irl has been killed in an a''idental shootin$ by Canadian soldiers in <andahar provin'e

treee9s tr th

Ta'$!n" a4out Mary Ma"-a'ene1 Troy Re"as #ro#erty w ere I a- my 6!s!on1 Bo em!an Gro6e J Re#t!'!ans && TREEE-S-79INA SH!6 I!;H9#7N# IN3H 7>H"# >H-6!I7N A9HV6-N6II O S7NA79I7N 96;#I5I7NS-M. G)AL IS T) ME2IATE BET,EEN T&E &UMANS AN2 REPTILIANSS"9VIV75 H3 #-6I9 S;6CI6S 7N8 H"9S#here are both evil and those repitilians that heave learned love *S*P72 m!rror 27P FSFSF 1 ;esus1 Ma"-a'ene

&ea't :care -e4ate > %T8 Nat!ona' News> ;oy Ma'4on on )4ama3s ea't care #'an
" S ;resident >ara'k Hbama went on primetime television 1ednesday ni$ht to sell his plan to make sweepin$ 'han$es to the 7meri'an health 'are system Some 'riti's are usin$ the Canadian system to dis'redit him

Latest > &7N7 s#rea- > %T8 News % anne'> 2r+ R!c ar- Sc a4as1 5ormer )ntar!o c !e5 me-!ca' o55!cer &7N7 s#rea2r+ R!c ar- Sc a4as says all the eviden'e su$$ests that the 5a'' 5'u s#ear- a'ert !s a 5a'se a'arm -e su$$ests it is the responsibilitiy of publi' health offi'ials to 4look beyond possibilities and also 'onsider probabilities 4

Bo em!an Gro6e> I''um!nat! Meet T !s ,ee$ 5or Satan!c R!tua's 4y
&enry Ma$ow P +2+ http%&&savethemales 'a& #he

;ac$son !n6est!"ators see$ mans'au" ter e6!-ence ,est /e'owna e6acuees a''owe- to "o ome N,) mess: ow !t a'' starte- && Accounta4!'!ty !n Pro5ess!ons && T e Awa$en!n" o5 t e Go--ess IsIs

Satan!st cu't

is meetin$ this week at


co'on!?e- man$!nBo em!an Gro6e N0 m!'es o5 San Franc!sco
that has

Hver 2000 mem4ers -- the #o'!t!ca'1 cor#orate1 cu'tura' an- m!'!tary e'!te of the world -- will be $athered for Satan!c r!tua's) possibly in'ludin$ uman r!tua' sacr!5!ce #hey have been meetin$ here sin'e the ,**04s Accor-!n" to =Treee1C a youn$ 5as Ve$as woman who 'laims to have 'onta'ts inside the se'retive 'lub) a r!tua' sacr!5!ce o5 Mary Ma"-a'ene ta$es #'ace Tues-ay ;u'y 27R an- t e r!tua' sacr!5!ce o5 ;esus % r!st ta$es #'ace ,e-nes-ay1 ;u'y 22+ 7 uman 4o-y or e55!"y !s 4urne- !n 5ront o5 an 'ar"e ow' sym4o'!?!n" Mo'oc 1 t e #a"an %anaan!te Go-

0G 2, 2009 -

*6 subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
7le( @ones filmed a similar 'eremony 'alled CCremation of CareC @uly ,K) 2000 It 'an be viewed here If havin$ our world leaders belon$ to a satani' 'ult weren4t bad enou$h) the 5as Ve$as woman says t e I''um!nat! are actua''y an a'!en re#t!'!an s#ec!es t at occu#!es uman 4o-!es an- 5ee-s o55 our ener"y I find this hard to believe) but then I would also find it hard to believe the world leadership is makin$ sa'rifi'es to owls So) I listen and reserve ?ud$ment She says% #his re#t!'!an s#ec!es is 'alled CSan"er!ansEC they are a C5ourt -!mens!on raceC and make up H\ o5 t e wor'-3s #o#u'at!on She 'laims to have met Cmore than one) more than on'e C #hey have t ree: earts1 s !5t s a#es) are co'4'oo-e-) but are -e6e'o#!n" uman 5ee'!n"s 5rom -e6our!n" uman 5'es an- 4'oo- CTen #er cent now "et t e!r 4'oo- 5rom t e Re%ross C E<ce#t 5or sacr!5!ce1 t e!r e6ery r!tua' !n6o'6es se< 0ueen E'!?a4et !s a 'ea-!n" re#t!'!an CIt all sounds s'i-fi and unbelievable)C the woman says C>ut everythin$ fits C #he 5as Ve$as woman plans to demonstrate outside the $ates of >ohemian Arove this week dressed in a lumines'ent robes She invites people to ?oin her She says we must send the >ohos the messa$e that we know who they are She says umans must o#en a -!a'o"ue w!t t ese creatures or else 4ot s#ec!es are -oome- more ere


in the 'omin$


Luc!5er wants to #ossess you anSTEAL your S)UL( A-am /a-mon 2NA act!6at!on w!'' #ut you !nto a 4ee !6e trance+
Mo-ern Mystery Sc oo' 4y Gu-n! Gu-nason

0G 20 2009

.G%2%,, or 9%,, numerolo$y today0

Treee "oes to Bo em!an Gro6e to-ay+ AHH8
5"C< #9666::: A6# YH"9 !I97C56: >e safe) espe'ially tomorrow @"5Y 2, 2009 . G% GYGYG%,,0 - when the Illuminati hold the

R!tua' Sacr!5!ce o5 Mary Ma"-a'ene


$oo$le illuminatreee or earthmother2b

Me-!a ScrE,S A#o''o #'ans to "o to MARS: or is AP)LL)

com!n" 5rom MARS2 ;57N6# F or "3H CI9C"S SHHN #H 799IV6 with the 7SC6N868 .5a''en an$els0 MASTERS

S a#e:S !5t!n"1 Monoatom!c "o'"'ow!n" ")2S are 'omin$ to save the e'onomy and
brin$ 5a'se PEA%E on EART&

REAL REP)RTING :T!m R!5at -!scusses SATANISM and &2T8 M!n%ontro' http%&&www rense 'om ALIEN AGEN2A an- rescue m!ss!onPro9ect LU%IFER $ets 'loser by the day #hey need to reveal more s'rew ups on #eeVee) so that the #u4'!c can cry out 5or TRUT& an;USTI%E T ese "oons $now not !n" about brin$in$ in the 2I8INE FEMININE+
http%&&inspiritus-web 'om&Audni asp(

&uman rema!ns found in !ount 3orest Hntario H;; 'ops sayin$ it 'ould be Tor! Sta55or- .R!tua''y Sacr!5!ce-C %o#s sa!- s e -!e- on A#r!' N1 not #asso6er A#r!' 91 !n me-!a news1 so t ey must $now ow s e -!e-+ 0
;u'!an Fant!no) -i$h Freemason )PP Po'!ce %omm!ss!oner said it is probably her #he body was found near ro'ks) in the woods) remote) only to !ennonite 'rossin$ >i$ >rother is doin$ more

than weenie roasts there

8!ctor!a Sta55or- .numerolo$y J*0 went missin$ 0P 0* 2009) before passover .0P 09 2009J*0) before a full moon >londe) blue- eyed 7ryan 'hild inno'ent >orn 0G ,K 2000J *

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
.perfe't a$e N-number of 'ompletion0 ;arents are $ettin$ harrassed by >i$ >rother Cops 1oodsto'k-hippy&dawnin$ of the a=uarian a$e 7!>69 7569#- promotes mi'ro'hippin$ of 'hildren ;roblem 9ea'tion Solution %ec!'!a Q an" @9A . born 0+ +0 ,99PJ770 was also found in a similar state -er occu't r!tua' a''oween mur-er .,, +, 200+ J770 was also blamed on the wron$ $uy: % en was represented by well known cr!m!na' 'awyer ;o n Rosen1 w o a- -e5en-e- $!''er an- ser!a' ra#!st Pau' Bernar-o ZPB !in Chen was senten'ed to life imprisonment with a 'han'e of parole after 7G years .#he 579A6 funeral was held at ;6H;56S C-"9C- in #oronto ALL T&E BIG BR)T&ER PUPPETS attended Very symboli' Lhan$4s parents and ;astors at ;eoples 'hur'h $ot a holyhealthy 'om video 0 #here are many e(amples of r!tua' mur-ers t at t e ME2IA #rou-'y STRUTS on #66V66) !n your 5ace) while you sit apatheti'ally doin$ NH#-INA about it T ey are com!n" 5or you soon++++,A/E UP( C t ey s a'' m!n"'e t emse'6es w!t t e see- o5 men C 8an 2%P+ #hey are mi(ed in with the -umans so you sometimes 'an4t tell 7''ordin$ to the bible it started in the 8ays of Noah and possibly before that: !atthew ,+%+*

G))2 SEE2 are t e c !'-ren o5 t e $!n"-omE but the TARES ARE T e %&IL2REN )F T&E ,I%/E2 )NER
#he field is the worldE the Numbers ,+% ++7nd there we saw the "!ants1 t e sons o5 Ana$ ) whi'h 'ome of the $iants% and we were in our own si$ht as $rasshoppers) and so we were in their si$ht #his is a !ust 1at'h Video) #he Scr!#ture o5 t e B!4'e are 'lear) Fa''en An"e's a6e s'e#t w!t t e &umans an%reate- &y4r!-s #hey were the G!ants !n t e T!me Past1 J t e Myt !ca' %reatures an- Go-s1 an- E6en A'!ens o5 t e Present 8ay 7lthou$h) 6$yptians depi't 7liens on there walls so that isn4t !odern #hey have a Cse'retC a$enda) but the bible lets you know if you want to know) what that is 5ets learn and resear'h this to$ether -ere4s what I know a''ordin$ to the bible other names for Ne# !'!ms and what they mean are 8H 7 >I>56 1H98 S679C- 7# >I>56 CH! @Ne# !'!mA means CT ose w o 5e''1 or +++ t e 5a''en onesC Nephilim translated by <in$ @ames as Aiants other names for Nephilim NH# CH!!HN5Y <NH1N [Re# a!m - from the root rapha J s#!r!ts1 s a-es Aen ,P%K [Ana$!m : race o5 "!ants Num ,+%++ des'endants of Nephilim [Em!m : t e #rou- -eserters1 terrors1 race o5 "!ants Aen ,P%K [Qu?!m: t e e6!' ones1 roam!n" t !n"s Aen ,P%K [Qam?umm!ms : t e e6!' #'otters) 8eut 2%20 [Qo# !m : watc ers1 an"e's w o -escen-e- Num 2+) -!st!nct 5rom = o'y watc ers= a'!"ne- w!t Go[Se# er!m : t e many 8H YH"9 H1N 96S679C-

/e'owna B% 5!res ra$in$ on 'oast as /000 people

stand by for eva'uation P0U fire under 'ontrol) ,K0 he'tares 0U 'ontained


7lberta hit with wild wind) hail and storms this

, ere !s BIG BR)T&ERC Bo em!an Gro6e Party !n Fu'' sw!n"C
B)&EMIAN GR)8E1 ;UL. 20091 T&E REPTILIANS1 0UEEN ELIQABET& !!1 !LLUMINATI B)&EMIAN GR)8E1 REPTILIANS1 SANG ARIAN RITUALS // Treee3s ta'$!n" a4out t e ;ews1 /!n" &ero-1 ;esus an- t e Romans1 e<#'a!n!n" w at rea''y a##eneSatan3s See-'!ne Pt7 A'!ens1 Re#t!'!ans1 &y4r!-1 Ne# !'!m && Pt 2 // M!c ae' Tsar!on : Ser#ents1 L!?ar-s1 Re#t!'!ans J &umano!-s && #t 2
7ll the 'redit for this des'ription and video $o to mornin$sun29 ;lease wat'h my other videos on the sub?e't to $ive yourself a e(panded view and a $reater understandin$ who the nephilim are It would be wise also)

tt#>//&!--enTrut T8+com

many links to videos that will open your mind to lies that you4ve been told) from -ow money really works to 3ree 6ner$y 7vailable #oday:

0G ,G 2009

.*J numerolo$y0

!edia S'r61S &7N7 FLU 2EAT& T&REATS and va''ine
$eno'ide ME2IA PR)PAGAN2A 'ontinues

to rea- t e
a6e a

4oo$ o5 Enoc

) Satan an- &!s Fa''en An"e's see- '!ne or .offsprin$ 'hildren0 here on the earth

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
%ANA2A says t at !t w!'' a6e #'enty o5 &7N7 6acc!ne 5or t e 5a'' #hey have it already2 T !s w!'' GI8E .)U T&E FLU an$!'' you FREA/ A%%I2ENT: 3allin$ 'on'rete from ,* floor of Marr!ott &ote' kills woman in sushi bar in !ontreal)
#hursday evenin$ 7 slab of 'on'rete 'ame 'rashin$ thru the hotel $lass roof) killin$ the ++ yr old woman who was 'elebratin$ her birthday with her partner disappeared after the 'rime No one has seen him sin'e >las 8el$ado 3a?ardo) who had befriended the 'ouple from 1oodbrid$e) Hnt ) is now the only suspe't wanted for their 3eb 20) 200/ ) slayin$

P)PE BEAST Bene-!ct

broke his wrist last ni$ht 2 rods in his wrist 3ell last ni$ht in his va'ation home in the alps S-7;6 S-I3#INA was he2

Bom4s "o o55 !n ;a$arta In-ones!a)
tar$ettin$ tourists in 2 hotels) killin$ 9) in?urin$ K0 Sui'ide bombers posin$ as $uests apparently- says Iionist media .pope&=ueen 'ontrolled A':%IA:-a blamed0 #he blasts at the ;+,+ Marr!ott and R!t?:%ar'ton hotels) lo'ated side-by-side in

Manu5actur!n" 9o4s "o!n" e<t!nct !n %ana-a- 4y -es!"n Po#u'at!on e<t!nct!on NEWT

0G ,K 2009

.G%/%,,J2PJ/ numerolo$y0

an ups'ale business distri't in @akarta) blew out windows and s'attered debris and $lass a'ross the street) ki'kin$ up a thi'k plume of smoke 3a'ades of both hotels were redu'ed to twisted metal

Encana B%: #!#e'!ne 4om4s $oin$ off

3ear indu'ed sin'e last bombin$ on 0G 0P 2009 .,,%,,0 7n anonymous letter warned 6nCana that if it doesn4t shut down its operations in northeastern > C ) the bombin$s that have dama$ed the 'ompany4s pipelines and wellheads sin'e last H'tober will only $et worse

S#!r!tua' attac$s !ncrease as t e -ece#t!on !s 5urt er unco6ereT)2A.+ Lots o5
numero'o"y use- !n t e Q!on!st1 Satan!c1 ;ESUIT:contro''e- ME2IA Me-!a ScrE,S PR)BLEM/REA%TI)N:McGu!nty wants to "!6e you u# to a ]701000 rebate if you buy an

Tory Sta55or-3s accuse- killer is swit'hin$ lawyers
#ory was a definite )%%ULT RITUAL SA%RIFI%E 4y BIG BR)T&ER See !ay 20 CSN61S issue

T)R)NT) Gar4a"e Str!$e L))MS )N to destroy the

6'onomy of this warrior ener$y 'ity California born !ayor 8avid !iller trashed by !a'leans

e'ectr!c car GM crus e- t e ELE%TRI% car years a$o) and now they want to introdu'e it 8on4t trust I''um!nat! contro''e- %or#orat!ons or Aovernment

centra' %ana-a this weekend

Storms to &AARP

T)R)NT)4s MAS)NI% BUREAU%RAPs- 8H YH" NH# -7V6 6NH"A- GARBAGE PILING UP IN T)R)NT) with your I55"!IN7#I- 'ontrolled "NIHNiIed) 2P day "ar4a"e str!$e2 S)LUTI)Ns:Get t e %omuun!ty %urrency "o!n"+ -ire the unemployed for S,0&hr to 'lean up %)N8ERT t e %ARS to ,ATER ENGINES BUIL2 &IG& TE%& TRAINS in those em#ty car 5actor!es and let4s $et $oin$ by RAIL to redu'e
our C79>HN 3HH#;9IN# and ener$y 'onsumption

Cool weather has redu'ed bee population and produ'tions

S)N. @S e'' )!' New .or$A sell musi' to try to
s=ueeIe more money out of !i'hael @a'kson4s murder

Ian!ero mur-er !n Me<!co- ;oli'e now blame the
se'urity $uard for the ritual murder of this 1oodbrid$e Hntario 'ouple Cops blamed two #hunder >ay women ori$inally #he former hotel worker had military trainin$ and

*9 subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
LIN/ UP our sma'' commun!t!es and start 4arter!n" and tra-!n" amon" sma'' commun!t!es @ usury 5reeA+ %ANA2IANS do not want to be m!croc !##e-1 ens'a6e- 4y BIG B)W ST)RES that promote "'o4a' s'a6e 'a4our and #o!son t e masses with their %ARTEL %RAPP. #ro-ucts+ ^^^ Go6ernments too s'ow to e'# w!t F!rst Nat!ons 'oo$!n" e'sew ere 5'u1 so Ga''u# Po''> &on-uras ouste- #res!-ent more #o#u'ar t an re#'acement Gu!'ty 6er-!cts 5or t ree Toronto "an" mem4ers w o $!''e- 4ystan-er Loon!e r!ses 5or a t !r- -ay as stoc$ mar$ets 9um# an- "reen4ac$ tum4'es Fam!'y o5 m!ss!n" Bram#ton woman o55er rewar)'-est woman to "!6e 4!rt -!es at *9 !n S#a!n1 'ea6!n" tw!n to--'ers &ea6y com4at !n IraD may a6e 4een a 5actor !n so'-!er s'ay!n"s at ome US m!'!tary #resence !n %o'om4!a wou'e<#an- w!t -ea' 5or "reater use o5 a!r1 sea 4ases Swarms o5 F'!es !n6a-e a No6a Scot!a commun!ty R%MP say o55!cer s ot B+%+ man a5ter e ramme- #o'!ce cars !n attem#t to 5'ee N+,+T+ 9o!ns cross:4or-er Pac!5!c: Nort west "rou# o5 states1 #ro6!nces B+%+ news#a#er rece!6es secon- 'etter connecte- to #!#e'!ne 4om4!n"s Me<!an -ru" carte' see$s 6en"eance a"a!nst 5e-era' 5orces1 esca'at!n" 6!o'ent -ru" war )MAR /&A2R needs to be released from Guantan!mo #r!son -is truth about C7N78I7N $ov4t
'orruption and what happened to him needs to be e(posed .;ut Stephen -arper in that 'ell !'Auinty 'an be his bunkie%00

BLAST )FF- /%0+ pm est .90 for the /th attempt of the spa'e shuttle 6N867VH"9 2 P billion dollar spa'e laboratory pie'e for ;a#an is to be delivered by this mission 2 Canadians to meet up S'ary to see what fate is planned for this mission ,/ 87YS) K S;7C6 175<S Canada4s ;u'!e Payette on board ,Kth fli$ht
for Canada "nusual amount of debrise fallin$ from shuttle 7lso 'arryin$ maple syrup) beef ?erky and our water from + $reat lakes #oo symboli' for no 7A6N87


&!''ary Mor# - -illary Clinton on #eeVee spoutin$ her N,) SATANI% a$enda to INV786 I97N ne(t: Can4t see her mouth 'learly anymore Aotta drink some blood there -illary) you4re -e:c'oa$!n" #ime 9unnin$ Hut for Iran to @oin Nu'lear #alks) Clinton 1arns IRAN AIRLINE 5'!" t F90N ./0 &IT,/ minuters after takeoff from Te ran1 an ?et e(plodes ,/* ./0 people die horrifi'ally in an I97NI7N plane 'rash Russ!an made ?et Hn route to 7rmenia @ust the be$innin$ of #error for I97N 8efinite o''ult satani' ritual sa'rifi'e

Pan-em!c Genoc!-e TARGET-+ summer 'amps in
S Hntario) 22G .90 people ill with -,N, flu P+ related deaths in Canada) says Iionist C#V media

% !na two 5ace- economy

Car industry $rowin$ but millions of mi$rant workers are unemployed .$oyim or vermin as the Illuminati 'all them 0

Gun5!re eru#ts near U+S+ %a#!to'1 7 man s ot

LAP2 treatin$ ;ac$son -eat

#!L says+ M!c ae' ;ac$son3s -ru" a--!ct!on J he was possessed by demons



+/ subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
-Israe' so'-!ers e(pose for their horrifi' Cshoot firstC poli'ies in A7L7 Tsunam! warn!n" cance''e- a5ter F+N: ma"n!tu-e eart Dua$e !ts o55 New Qea'an_`_ _`_ _`_ S erry L!6e F:7H:2009 : UF)S an- Star S !#s are %ras !n"( U#com!n" E6ents
http%&&www sherryshriner 'om http%&&www un or$&en&do'uments&'harter&inde( shtml)http%&& www a=uaa' or$&about&about html arti'le entitled) C7 New 1orld 9eli$ionC) by 1illiam @asper) Share International&>en?amin Creme% http%&&www share-international or$E Hn !asons worshipin$ 5u'ifer% http%&&www 'uttin$ed$e or$&free,, htmlE Hn !asons de'eivin$% 7lbert ;ike) father of the S'ottish 9ite) writes% C!asonry 'on'eals its se'rets from all e('ept the 7depts and Sa$es) or the ele't) and uses false e(pla nations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misledE to 'on'eal the #ruth) whi'h it 'alls 5i$ht) from them) and to draw them away from it


N,) 2ISINF) A"ents E<#ose- .revised version0
#he purpose of this video is to inform and spread awareness by e(posin$ disinformers New 1orld Hrder propa$anda -Some do not spread disinformation intentionally .'au$ht up in a lie or a multi level of lies0 -Some do) whi'h makes them double a$ents

Ga''ery o5 s ame++ t e ;ews t at #er#e977( http%&&www davidi'ke 'om&forum&showthread php2

T ey are M!s'ea-!n" .ou/ T e Trou4'e w!t t e Trut Mo6ement
8r Norman Aeisler writes) CT e 5!rst rea' #ara''e' o5 a -y!n" an- r!s!n" "o- -oes not a##ear unt!' A+2+ 7G01 more t an a un-re- years a5ter t e or!"!n o5 % r!st!an!ty 8r Aary -abermas and 8r @ ; !oreland write) CNot one c'ear case o5 any a''e"e- resurrect!on teac !n" a##ears !n any #a"an te<t 4e5ore t e 'ate seconcentury A+2+1 a'most one un-re- years a5ter t e New Testament was wr!tten C Charlie Campbell says) CTo

!ns!st t at ;esus % r!st !s a myt Vthat -e never e(istedVas the Leit$eist movie does) !s 5oo'!s

#eo#'e te'' a'5 trut s m!<ew!t '!es1an- or m!s!n5ormat!on A'e< ;ones1 2y'an A6ery @Loose % an"eA1 Bar4era ,a'ters1 Peter ;ose# @Qe!t"e!stA1 ;e55 Rense1 2a6!- Ic$e1 A'an ,att1 Leo Qa"am!1 Leonar- &orow!t?1 ;or-an Ma<we''1 Geor"e Bus 1 Barac$ )4ama1 M!c ae' Tsar!on1 Er!c 8on 2an!$en1 Ac arya S1 2a6!- ,!'coc$1 Ron Pau'+
#he followin$ #his is all part of the N1H a$enda If they 'an sta$e someone like 9on ;aul in ;oliti's) then who said they 'an4t produ'e a$ents within the #ruth !ovements2 5earn to see they have planted in some areas of alternative media - 'ontrolled opposition

>eside the twenty seven New #estament do'uments that verify -e lived) there are thirty nine sour'es outside of the >ible) written within ,K0 years of @esus life that mention -im #hese sour'es in'lude the @ewish #almud) the 9oman historian #a'itus) the 8ida'he) 3lavius @osephus) ;liny the Youn$er) Suetonius) the Anosti' $ospels .e $ ) the $ospel of #homas0) et' #hese e(trabibli'al sour'es reveal to us more than ,00 fa'ts about -is life) tea'hin$) death and even resurre'tion C>lavatsky http%&&www blavatsky net& http%&&www blavatskyar'hives 'om&) #heosophy% #-6 #-6HSH;-IC75 SHCI6#Y% Its Hri$in) ;lan and 7ims http%&&www theoso'iety or$&pasadena&b'w&bG*-K-+ htm) 5u'ifer !a$aIine ;ubli'ations availble for pur'hase on www amaIon 'om) @ordan !a(well% http%&&www ?ordanma(well 'om&bio& http%&&www truthseeker 'om& http%&&www Ieit$eistmovie 'om&) <ersey Araves%http%&&www atheists or$&)Christ Conspira'y) 7li'e >ailey% http%&&www lu'istrust or$& ."N NAH0 #he 8estiny of the Nations by 7li'e 7 >ailey) 8is'ipleship in the New 7$e 2 Volumes by 7li'e 7 >ailey) #he 6(ternaliIation of the -ierar'hy by 7li'e 7 >ailey) #he 9eappearan'e of the Christ by 7li'e 7 >ailey) "N Charter .fo'used on 'hpt * ,,0%http%&&www un or$&aboutun&'harter&) #he Aarland of Nation-Souls% Complete #alks at the "nited Nations >y Sri ChinmoyE #-6 N61 7A6 IN35"6NC6 7# #-6 "NI#68 N7#IHNS

, o !s ;esusC 2oes !t matter @7 o5 2A 2072 -e4un$e- @7 o5 2A && 2072 -e4un$e@2 o5 2A && Persecut!on or a Great Awa$en!n" %ons#!r!tus : Part H // %ons#!r!tus : Part I // %ons#!r!tus : Part G // %ons#!r!tus : Part * // %ons#!r!tus : Part F // %ons#!r!tus : Part N // %ons#!r!tus : Part 9 // BEST S&APES&IFTING E8I2EN%E T) 2ATE

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
#he pattern and pra'ti'e of #r!ests in positions of responsibility for the trainin$ of men for the priesthoodV

TIM RIFAT w!t t e Rea' 2ea' on ,)RL2 E8ENTS URGENT au-!os to
-own'oaT e Trut
.ri$ht 'li'k-save tar$et as0 http%&&www timrifat 'om&

re'tors) 'onfessors) spiritual dire'tors) novi'e masters) and other 'ler$yVwho have se<ua' re'at!ons w!t sem!nar!ans an- ot er #r!ests !s ram#ant !n t e %at o'!c % urc !n t e Un!teStates+ I have
reviewed hundreds of do'uments that re'ord ?ust su'h behavior and interviewed s'ores of priests who have suffered from this a'tivity Pr!ests1 se<ua''y act!6e in the above manner have fre=uently been appointed by the

a4out Remote In5'uenc!n"

http%&&edu'ateyourself or$&rv&truthremoteinfluen'in$,0?un0+ shtml Se'rets of the <ni$hts #emplar - ;art G

!edia S'r61S
G%,+ pm est laun'h delayed for the 6ndeavour Spa'e Shuttle #ryin$ on G-,+ 20092 7# /%P/ ;!2 If not) then on 0G 29 ,009 . G%,,%,,0 -as been $rounded P times) yesterday due to li$htnin$ strikes -mm ;ray for their safety N7S7 is satani'ally 'ontrolled) of 'ourse Canadian >o(er 7rturo Aattu found dead in a hotel room yesterday) in >raIil 1ife 'har$ed with murder ;9H>7>5Y INNHC6N# China- violen'e&riots out of 'ontrol >loody ethni' 'lashes in the streets Aovernment 'ra'kdown Somalia- "N pea'ekeepers and fi$hters 'lash INCH Sudbury plans strike&Aarba$e strike in #oronto

8at!can to be or-a!ne4!s o#s or even 'reated car-!na's

T ey ALL )FFER &UMAN SA%RIFI%E( 1hether torturin$ and rapin$ and
murderin$ inno'ent 'hildren teens) adults) et' ) and then sa'rifi'in$ on 'rosses or altars) this is what they do fervently and 'ontinually

!nnocent 6!ct!ms -!e on satan!st a'tars e6ery s!n"'e year in Amer!ca a'one) yet 99 #ercent o5 a'' satan!c cu't whether by satan!st 9u-"es1 'awyers1 mayors1 #o'!ce and s er!55 -e#artments !n5!'trate- w!t SATANISTS/ILLUMINATI to co6er u# 5or t em 5rom t e !ns!-e cr!mes are a'' co6ere- u# http%&&dis' yourwebapps 'om&dis'ussion '$i2 dis'J,P9P9KEarti'leJ,2P9*0

%ons#!r!tus : Part 7

A4out omose<ua's an- secret soc!et!es
http%&&ben?aminfulford typepad 'om&ben?aminfulford&

, o !s Ben9am!n Fu'5or-C An- , y .ou S ou'- %are
http%&&www allfaith 'om&9eli$ions&Noahide&fulford html

Incest Sur6!6or E<#ose- I''um!nat! Satan!sts
!ar'h +,) 2009 by -enry !akow ;h 8 http%&&www henrymakow 'om&in'estSsurvivorSliftedSveilSon h tml

http%&&www ri'hardsipe 'om&8o'sSandSControversy&Statemen t-to-;ope html

T e Te- Gun-erson F!'es
yourself or$&t$&


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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009 -!ore Sabbatean @ewish satanists in'lude% Leonar- M!''man1 Monarc M!n- %ontro' 8!ct!m1 Br!ce %IA -ru" money 'aun-erer and SI5V6978H SC7N875 fi$ure from 8enver Colorado) a BIG uman Tay'or>G&, Bus :PE2)P&ILE
T e 3Re"ent3 )5 Satan1 Ma!treya1 J T e Fa'se Pro# et Part Fo59 T e 2ra"on J Fa'se Pro# et

sacr!5!c!n"/c !'- ra#!n"/na!'!n" % r!st!ans a4-ucte- 5or sacr!5!ce to crosses SABBATEAN -is former son-in-law told me a lot and my father4s former hi$h priest warned me a$ainst him #hey 'laim he is de'eased) but I don4t know MAN. o5 t em 5!na''y 5a$e t e!r -eat in the papers to $o under$round to es'ape le$al 'onse=uen'es #he BR)NFMANS are Sa44atean satan!sts ;oe L!e4erman !s one Geor"e Soros is one 7nd the list $oes on and on and on #hey all aspire to be the r!c 1 t e e'!te an- t e #ower5u' '!$e T&E R)T&S%&IL2S 7nd everyone who investi$ates su'h 'rimes knows that the R)T&S%&IL2S o55er 4ruta' uman sacr!5!ce to Satan 5or #ower cont!nua''y+ You see) AL G)RE was a ar-:core uman sacr!5!c!n" satan!st 5rom TN) mu't!"enerat!ona') 'onfirmed to me by my ;enta$on sour'e) 7l Cuppett #he HN5Y kind of V; Aore would ever have) would be a satanist himself Satan!sm !s ram#ant t rou" out t e Senate an- &ouse an- %a#!to' buildin$ #hey are 'alled 2% SATANISTS @ust read &AR)L2 R)SENT&AL3S INTER8IE,) se'retary to ;A%)B ;A8ITQ -e admitted that @7VI#L 17S HN6 75SH: I say Aore 17S) be'ause AL G)RE IS 2EA2: You only now see his 8H">56 #hat is why even ma$aIine arti'les 'omin$ out write thin$s like) C#-6 N61 5HH< H3 75 AH96 C Gore was sacr!5!ce- 4y t e Bus I''um!nat! S/ULL AN2 B)NES $an$ for darin$ to 'hallen$e that >"S- 1HN #-6 656C#IHN 9ival fa'tions of the Illuminati were vyin$ for that position #he >ush Illuminati bloodline wanted #-6I9 SHN to have it Aore dared to 'hallen$e it with the ba'kin$ of H#-69 Illuminati fa'tions who wanted -I! in power) as S&ERMAN S/)LNI%/ 'onfirmed in one revealin$ arti'le about AL Gore 4e!n" t e c o!ce o5 some I''um!nat! to win that ele'tion and 4r!n" Amer!ca -own un-er t e N,) an- MARTIAL LA,+ I read a sho'kin$ arti'le by several independent investi$ative ?ournalists who feared for their lives after un'overin$ and writin$ the report about A' Gore 4e!n" sacr!5!ce- !n reta'!at!on 4y S/ULL AN2 B)NES r!" t a5ter t e e'ect!on In one ritual they were able to $ain a''ess to ) they heard and wrote about the words uttered at that ritual of human sa'rifi'e) CREAM &IM LI/E .)U REAME2 AL G)RE(C Mean!n" 4ruta''y sacr!5!ce an- ac$ !nto #!eces1 et' 5ook 'arefully at all modern pi's of C75 AH96 C Compare with mu'h older ones You will see immediately that T&IS IS N)T AL G)RE: >ut to 'over their murder 'rime) they must use a -ou4'e to 'arry on his role @ust like SA22AM &USSEIN -e was NE8ER e<ecute- nor

Sa44atean Satan!sts notes ;u'y 701 2009 5rom Pam Sc u55ert to &enry Ma$ow at sa6et ema'es+ca
http%&&www henrymakow 'om&SohSdearShenrySi html shortened Hh) dear -6N9Y: I was almost killed by the Sabbateans in 7S-6VI556 NC: Ao to www edu'ate-yourself or$&ps and read my reports on 7sheville satanism: #he 'oven I un'overed in 7sheville had !7NY @ewish Sabbateans in it 2r+ P !''!# /!ttner1 2r+ Ben9am!n ,e!ss) and many others in a list $iven to me by a former lon$ term member 'ome out finally to tell me all I wrote a letter pleadin$ with <I##N69 to 'ome out of this horrible darkness) remindin$ him of his @ewish herita$e that forbade su'h horrors 7fter that)I was warned by the satani' 'rime investi$ator in that area) that now t at I ac a''en"e- t em an- wr!tten a 'etter to /ITTNER1 they would move a$ainst me to <I55 !6: Mean!n" a4-uct ansacr!5!ce: 7nd they tried 7nd /ITTNER wou'- a6e 4een one o5 t e ma9or #eo#'e mur-er!n" me on t e!r a'tar t ere+ 7 satani' 'rime investi$ator 'onfirmed the ;ew P !''!# /!ttner 5rom N; .an a4ort!on!st now retired i n 7sheville0 was a ma?or part of the power people 'oven in 7sheville) NC SH did others from the 'oven

++ subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
tried:9675 S7887! -"SS6IN perfe'tly white and perfe'tly ali$ned teeth the one they tried and alle$edly killed C9HH<68 7N8 Y655H168 #66#-: 7 5a$e tr!a' to a##ease t e masses+ %&RISTIANS ,ERE T&E MA;)R TARGE !n t e 5uture ) be'ause t ey wou'- ne6er acce#t t e!r N,) 4ecause o5 t e BIBLE T&E. BELIE8E IN 7nd they further told me that every Christian arrested under martial law would 'ount as )NE M)RE SA%RIFI%E to "et #ower to 4r!n" -own t e!r N,) #herefore) they told me) 4ruta' ra#e an- torture an-eat awa!te- t em on'e they start arrestin$ them under martial law in 7meri'a and Canada #his is what they do to % r!st!ans once t ey a4-uct t em 5or sacr!5!ce+ T ey 4ruta''y ra#e1 torture1 um!'!ate an- tem#t t em to -eny ;esus 7nd !5 t ey w!'' not1 t ey are sacr!5!ce- 7nd they L)8E to use crosses to sacr!5!ce % r!st!ans on+++es#ec!a''y


wre'kin$ havo' on %ana-a with odd tornadoes) li$htnin$ storms and hail the siIe of tennis balls

E%)N)MI% %)LLAPSE URGENT- >7N<s to show
Iero balan'e 'onspira'y


,e are "o!n" to wa$e u# one morn!n" and !att 5auer will inform us of the followin$ CI4ve $ot $ood news and bad news for you) 7meri'a #he "oo- news1 5or most o5 you1 !s t at t ere !s no more -e4t+ No "o6ernment -e4t1 #ersona' -e4t or cor#orate -e4t+ .ou "et to $ee# w at you a6e1 your ouse1 your cars1 your 5'at screen T8s+ .ou owe not !n"+ T e 4a- news1 5or some o5 you1 !s t at t ere are no assets+ .our 4an$ accounts are em#ty1 a'' stoc$ !s wort 'ess1 an- t ere !s not !n" !n your I07/ or IRA+= None of our CleadersC in 8 C will want to take the blame for this) and will need an e('use for this !ost people will understand and even for$ive how this happened when !att $oes on to say% C , at I a6e to'- you !s t e -!rect resu't o5 a com#uter 6!rus t at as !n5ecte- t e wor'-w!-e 5!nanc!a' com#'e< t at com#'ete'y me'te- t e 4a'ance s eets so t at no one $nows w o owes w at to w om anymore+ T !s !s w y we a6e to start o6er+ ;ust t !n$ o5 !t as !tt!n" t e reset 4utton+ 2eta!'s on t e new "o6ernment monetary system w!'' come out s ort'y+= Pro4'em so'6e-1 a'' a4so'6e-+ 1hen the firestorm arrives) you will be $lad you live in New -ampshire 7t least here we may have a 'han'e 8urin$ the dark days of the ,9+04s peoples faith and morality held so'iety to$ether Not so today sadly #alk with your family) friends


I''um!nat! Sa44ateans

Great Smo$y Mounta!ns of #N .7 pla'e Gore an- 5am!'y o5ten 9o!ne- !n 5or sacr!5!ce r!tua's 0 Sa44atean!sm !s bi$ in N.% and N@ Many as#!re to 4e r!c an- #ower5u' '!$e t e who on'e had their base in NYC Same in 17S-INA#HN 8C re$ion well 7nd 35orida 7nd California It !s e6eryw ere+ SATANIST FR)NT %&UR%&ES in 7meri'a By -ay t e #astor #reac es a #erson1 an- 4y n!" t e o55ers sacr!5!ce w!t t e mem4ers t at attenSatan!sm !s 4!" !n t e 8at!can( An- !n t e Mormon =% urc += Hne former CI7 told me) C) a'' o5 us !n t e %IA $now w at t e cam#s are 5or( ,e a'' $now t ey are to TERMINATE T&E FUTURE RESISTERS )F T&E N,) un-er mart!a' 'aw:C

T !n"s are a4out to 4ecome u"'y+ 8ery U"'y+ >y% 9oyS3SArieder
and nei$hbors Come up with a plan royonthehillTtds net

Ant!c r!st

3rom 1ikipedia) the free en'y'lopedia

!aitreya 7nti'hrist ready to 6mer$e:

T e Ba''a- o5 Mary Ma"-a'en : %ry %ry %ry // T e Bro$en RoaMary Ma"-a'ene// T e 'ost Gos#e' o5 Mary Ma"-a'ene Se#tem4er 9 20091 9: 9:091 9991 anPro# ec!es 5or 2009

0G ,0 2009


+, subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
%AT&)LI% PR)P&E%.
. pi'-Sermon and 8eeds of the 7nti'hrist .Close-up of the devil instru'tin$ the 7nti'hrist0 5u'a Si$norelli) ,P99-,K02 .#C1 ;96S6N#S SC-H5795Y 1H9< >Y YV6S 8";HN#0 In #oday4s Catholi' 1orld .#C10 November 2/) 200/ 7 8 http%&&www thepopeinred 'om&anti'hrist htm It is =uite 'lear) that Ant!c r!st w!'' come a5ter t e A"e o5 Peace #he A"e o5 Peace1 w !c w!'' a'so 4e t e A"e o5 Mary) will co!nc!-e w!t the rei$n of the Great Monarc whi'h is to follow immediately after the co''a#se o5 %ommun!sm Ant!c r!st w!'' 4e'!e6e !n Go>ut) like 5u'ifer) he w!'' re4e' a"a!nst Goan-1 worse st!''1 e w!'' #roc'a!m !mse'5 to 4e Go-R -is s#!r!tua'!ty will be that o5 t e -e6!' he will be a ;ew 'ea-!n" t e ;ew!s nat!on Israel may still be a ne$li$ible power on the world s'ene today) but by the end of the rei$n of the Areat !onar'h) it will be very powerful indeed Israe'1 t en1 w!'' acce#t Ant!c r!st as t e Mess!a and will rule over the whole world .or nearly0 for a short time T us w!'' 4e 5u'5!''e- t e Ta'mu-!c -ream o5 wor'-om!nat!on an- )ne: ,or'-!sm+ #hus we first had the 9eformation in the ,/th Century at the 'lose of the ,000 years of pea'e within the Chur'h In a world of believers su'h as it was then) the prea'hin$ of an atheisti' philosophy was unthinkable #he #ur#ose o5 t e -e6!' was to wea$en an-1 #oss!4'y -estroy t e %at o'!c % urc by su4st!tut!n" a watere-:-own 5orm o5 % r!st!an!ty -e failed) for the Catholi' Chur'h is still aliveE but he did su''eed in sowin$ seeds of dis'ord and division) and in promotin$ the # !'oso# y o5 L!4era'!sm t at came w!t Protestant!sm and $radually passed from the re'!"!ous 5!e'- !nto the econom!c an- #o'!t!ca' areas+ shall try yet a -!55erent sc eme> he will ra!se Ant!c r!st1 not !n or-er to -eny t e e<!stence o5 Go-1 4ut !n or-er to 4e a-ore- as Go- &!mse'5+ 3or if the hearts of men 'annot do without the notion of Aod) let us tell them that I am Aod Suc w!'' 4e t e #ur#ose o5 t e -e6!' t rou" Ant!c r!st) and the 3athers of the Chur'h tell us that it is so -C3or when he is 'ome) and of his own a''ord 'on'entrates in his own person the apostasy) and a''omplishes whatever he shall do a''ordin$ to his own will and 'hoi'e) s!tt!n" a'so !n t e Tem#'e o5 Go- so t at !s -u#es may a-ore !m as t e % r!st C .St Irenaeus0 =Ant!c r!st w!'' e<cee- !n ma'!ce1 #er6ers!ty1 'ust1 w!c$e-ness1 !m#!ety1 an- rut 'essness an- 4ar4ar!ty a'' men t at a6e e6er -!s"race- uman nature+ -en'e St ;aul emphati'ally 'alls him at e man o5 s!n t e son o5 #er-!t!on1 t e w!c$e- one1 w ose 4!rt an- com!n" !s t rou" t e o#erat!on o5 Satan1 !n a'' manner o5 se-uct!on an- !n!Du!ty+3 .2 #hess ) 20 #hrou$h his $reat power) de'eit and mali'e he shall su''eed in de'oyin$ or 5orc!n" to !s wors !# two t !r-s o5 man$!n- E the remainin$ third part of men will 'ontinue true to the faith and worship of @esus Christ most steadfastly >ut in his satani' ra$e and fury) Ant!c r!st w!'' #ersecute t ese 4ra6e an-e6out % r!st!ans durin$ three years and a half) and torture them with su'h an e(tremity of barbarity) with all the old and newly invented instruments of pain) as to e('eed all past perse'utors of the Chur'h 'ombined -e will obli$e all !s 5o''owers to 4ear !m#resse- u#on t e!r 5ore ea-s or r!" t an-s t e mar$ o5 t e Beast and w!'' star6e to -eat a'' t ose w o re5use to rece!6e !t+ C .St Cyril of @erusalem0-C7nd the 'hur'hes) too will wail with a mi$hty lamentation) be'ause neither oblation nor in'ense is attended to) nor a servi'e a''eptable to AodE but the san'tuaries of the 'hur'hes will be'ome like a $arden-wat'her4s hut) and the &o'y Bo-y an- B'oo- o5 % r!st w!'' not 4e s own !n t ose -ays #he publi' servi'e of Aod shall be e(tin$uished) psalmody shall 'ease) the readin$ of S'ripture shall not be heardE but for men t ere s a'' 4e -ar$ness an'amentat!on on lamentation) and woe on woe 7t that time s!'6er an- "o'- s a'' 4e cast out !n t e streets1 and none shall $ather themE but a'' t !n"s s a'' 4e e'- an o55ence 3or a'' s a'' 4e ea"er to esca#e an- to !-e an- t ey s a'' not 4e a4'e anyw ere to 5!n- s e'ter 5rom t e woes o5 t e EnemyR 4ut as t ey carry !s mar$ a4out t em1 t ey s a'' 4e rea-!'y reco"n!se- an- -ec'are- to 4e !s+ #here shall be 5ear outs!-e1 an- trem4'!n" !ns!-e both by ni$ht and by day In t e streets an- !n t e ouses t ere t e -ea- s a'' '!eE in the streets and in the houses there shall hun$er and thirst beE in the streets there shall be tumults) and in the houses lamentations 7nd beauty of 'ountenan'e shall be withered) for their forms shall be like those of the deadE and the 4eauty o5 women s a'' 5a-e) and the -es!re o5 a'' men s a'' 6an!s >ut in spite of all this) not even then will the mer'iful and beni$nant Aod leave the ra'e of men without some 'omfortE -e will shorten even those days to the period of three years and a half) and -e will 'urtail those times on a''ount of the remnant of those who hide in the mountains and 'aves) that the phalan( of all those saints fail not utterly >ut t ese -ays s a'' run t e!r course ra#!-'yR and the 7nd then) finally) in the twinklin$ of an eye shall the fashion of this world pass away) and the power of men shall be brou$ht to nau$ht) and all visible thin$s shall be destroyed C .St -ippolytus0

havin$ realised that at e!st!c Mater!a'!sm was st!'' #ower'ess to -estroy t e /!n"-om o5 % r!st) the -e6!' subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
-Ant!c r!st will be #ossesse- 4y Satan and be the !''e"!t!mate son o5 a ;ew!s woman 5rom t e East C .St @ohn Chrysostom0 CAnt!c r!st w!'' ea' t e s!c$1 raise the dead) restore si$ht to the blind) hearin$ to the deaf) spee'h to the dumb) raises storms and 'alms them) re-names mountains) make trees blossom and wither at a word) re-build the temple of @erusalem) and make @erusalem the 'apital 'ity of the world with the vast wealth of hidden treasures C .9abanus !aurus) private0 -.Note0 Ant!c r!st cannot wor$ "enu!ne m!rac'esE he 'annot $ive life ba'k to the dead >ut he 'an raise a$ain those who appear to be dead a''ordin$ to human knowled$e and e(perien'e) but are yet not really dead -e 'an also re: an!mate -ea- 4o-!es by the power of Satan so as to make them appear alive 7s for his healin$ powers and his dominion over the elements and plants) -=Ire'an- w!'' un-er"o En"'!s o##ress!on for a week of 'enturies but w!'' #reser6e er 5!-e'!ty to Go- an- &!s % urc 7t the end of this time Ireland will be delivered and the En"'!s !n turn must su55er se6ere c ast!sements Ireland) however will be to the unity of the 3aith C .St ;atri'k) ,2th 'entury0 .Note0 #his prophe'y was made four 'enturies before the .hereti'al0 An"'!can % urc was 5oun-e-+ C#he En"'!s w!'' 4etray eac ot er1 as a result of whi'h their soverei$nty will be broken) and they will stain their swords and battle-a(es with blood #he En"'!s an- t e Ir!s o5 Ire'an- w!'' un!te in one 'onfederation a"a!nst t e 5orces o5 t e Sa<ons Hne monar'h will rule in Ireland) over the 6n$lish and the pure Irish 3rom the rei$n of that man) the people shall suffer no destitution C .St Senanus) /th 'entury -1hen the fear of Aod has been disre$arded everywhere) 6!o'ent an- 5ur!ous wars will take pla'e 7 mu't!tu-e o5 #eo#'e w!'' 4e s'au" tere- and many c!t!es w!'' 4e trans5orme- !nto ea#s o5 ru44!s #he Son o5 %orru#t!on an- Ru!n w!'' a##ear an- re!"n 5or on'y a s ort t!me1 -e will not 4e Satan !mse'51 4ut a uman 4e!n" eDua''!n" an- resem4'!n" !m in atro'ious hideousness &!s mot er) a -e#ra6e- woman #ossesse- 4y t e -e6!'1 w!'' '!6e as a #rost!tute !n t e -esert She will de'lare that she is i$norant as to the identity of his father) and will maintain that her son was presented to her by Aod in a supernatural manner) as was the Child of the >lessed Vir$in --is mot er w!'' se'-om 'et any one see !m1 an- yet 4y ma"!c art1 s e w!'' mana"e to "a!n t e 'o6e o5 t e #eo#'e 5or !m -e will be raised at different se'ret pla'es and will be kept in se'lusion until full $rown 1hen he has $rown to full manhood e w!'' #u4'!c'y announce a ost!'e -octr!ne on re'!"!on+ -e will lure and attra't the people to himself by $rantin$ them 'omplete e(emption from the observan'e of all divine and e''lesiasti'al 'ommandments) by for$ivin$ them their sins and reDu!r!n" o5 t em on'y t e!r 4e'!e5 !n !s -!6!n!ty -e will spurn and re?e't baptism and the $ospel -e will open his mouth to prea'h 'ontradi'tion -e will say) \@esus of NaIareth is not the son of Aod) only a de'eiver who $ave himself out as AodE and the Chur'h instituted by him is only superstition4 #he true Christ has 'ome in his person -e will say) \I am t e Sa6!our o5 t e wor'-3 6spe'ially will he try to con6!nce t e ;ews that he is the !essiah sent by Aod) and the ;ews w!'' acce#t !m as su'h -is -octr!ne o5 5a!t w!'' 4e ta$en 5rom t e ;ew!s re'!"!on and seemin$ly will not differ mu'h from the fundamental do'trine of Christianity) for he will tea'h that there is one Aod who 'reated the world) who is omnis'ient and knows the thou$hts of man and is ?ust) who rewards the obeyers of his 'ommands and the trespassers he 'hastises) who raises all from the dead in due time #his Aod has spoken throu$h !oses and the ;rophets) therefore the pre'epts of the !osai' laws are to be kept) espe'ially 'ir'um'ision and keepin$ the Sabbath) yet by his moral laws he will try to reverse all order on earth #herefore he is 'alled in -oly 1rit the aLaw'ess )ne3 -e will think that he 'an 'han$e time and laws -e will dis'ard all laws) morals and reli$ious prin'iples) to draw the world to himself -e will $rant entire freedom from the 'ommandments of Aod and the Chur'h and #erm!t e6eryone to '!6e as !s #ass!ons -!ctate >y doin$ so he hopes to be a'knowled$ed by the people as deliverer from the yoke) and as the 'ause of prosperity in the world Re'!"!on e w!'' en-ea6our to ma$e con6en!ent -e will say that you need not fast and embitter your life by renun'iation) as the people of former times did when they had no sense of Aod4s $oodness It will suffi'e to love Aod -e will let the people feast to their heart4s 'ontent so that they will pity the unfortunate people of former 'enturies &e w!'' #reac 5ree 'o6e and tear asunder family ties -e will s'orn everythin$ holy) and e w!'' r!-!cu'e a'' "races o5 t e % urc w!t -e6!'!s moc$ery -e will 'ondemn humility and foster proud and $ruesome do$mas -e will tear down that whi'h Aod has tau$ht in the Hld and New #estament and maintain sin and vi'e are not sin and vi'e >riefly e w!'' -ec'are t e roa- to &e'' !s t e way to &ea6en -1hen the $reat ruler .t e Great Monarc who is to ru'e Euro#e after the 'ollapse of Communism0 e(terminates the #urks almost entirely) one of the remainin$ Mo amma-ans will be 'onverted) be'ome a priest bishop and 'ardinal) and when the new pope is ele'ted .immediately before 7nti'hrist0 this 'ardinal will kill the pope before he is 'rowned) throu$h ?ealousy) wishin$ to be pope himselfE then when the other 'ardinals ele't the ne(t pope this 'ardinal will pro'laim himself Ant!:#o#e) and two:t !r-s o5 t e % r!st!ans w!'' "o w!t !m -e) as well as Ant!:c r!st) are des'endants of the tr!4e o5 2an

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
#he mar$ @o5 Ant!c r!stA w!'' 4e a e''!s sym4o' o5 Ba#t!sm) be'ause thereby a person will be stamped as an adherent of 7nti'hrist and also of the 8evil in that he thereby "!6es !mse'5 o6er to t e !n5'uence o5 Satan 1hoever will not have this mark of 7nti'hrist can ne!t er 4uy nor se'' anyt !n" an- w!'' 4e 4e ea-e- -#he streets of @erusalem) will then shine in the bri$ht- est $old with the 4'oo- o5 % r!st!ans w !c w!'' 5'ow '!$e water+ Simultaneously 7nti'hrist will try to in'rease his wonders -is e<ecut!oners w!'' wor$ suc m!rac'es w en t ey torment t e % r!st!ans that the people will t !n$ Ant!c r!st !s t e true Go- #he e(e'utioners will not permit the Christians to win the martyrs4 'rown easily for they will endeavour to prolon$ their pain until they renoun'e their faith Yet some will re'eive a spe'ial $ra'e from Aod to die durin$ the torments Ant!c r!st w!'' ma$e t e eart mo6e1 'e6e' mounta!ns1 -ry u# r!6ers1 #ro-uce t un-er an- '!" tn!n" an- a!'1 remo6e t e 'ea6es 5rom t e trees an- return t em a"a!n to t e trees1 ma$e men s!c$ an- cure t em1 e<orc!se -e6!'s1 ra!se t e -ea- to '!5e+ -e will appear to be cruc!5!ean- r!se rom the dead 7ll in all) % r!st!ans w!'' 4e astoun-e- and in $rievous doubts while the followers of 7nti'hrist will be 'onfirmed in their 5a'se 5a!t 3inally) when he shall have 'onverted all his plans into a'tion) he will $ather his worshippers about him and tell them that he will presently ascen- towar- &ea6en -owever) at the moment of the as'ension a 4o't o5 '!" tn!n" w!'' o6erw e'm anann! !'ate !m #he #'anne- ascent into heaven will have been #re#are- 4y t e art5u' em#'oyment o5 !n"en!ous -e6!ces) and the moment at whi'h the event was to have taken pla'e) leadin$ to his destru'tion) will produ'e a 'loud that will spread an unbearable odour #hrou$h this many people will a$ain 'ome to their senses and to understandin$ #hen the people should prepare for the 'ast 9u-"ment) the day of whi'h is indeed veiled in se're'y and obs'urity) but not far distant C .St -ilde$ard0 CAs !n % r!st -we''s t e 5u''ness o5 t e Go- ea- so !n Ant!c r!st t e 5u''ness o5 a'' w!c$e-ness Not indeed in the sense that his humanity is to be assumed by the devil into unity of person ) but that the devil by su$$estion infuses his wi'kedness more 'opiously into him than into all others In this way all the wi'ked that have $one before are si$ns of 7nti'hrist C .Summa III%*%*0-CT e cr!me o5 Ant!c r!st !s -u#'e<% -e is a$ainst Aod and he puts himself before Christ In o##os!n" Go-) he puts himself above the true Aod) in pla'e of all false $ods and even denies the parti'ipation of humans in the Aodhead #he #r!-e o5 Ant!c r!st sur#asses t at o5 a'' !s #re-ecessors and like Caesar and the <in$ of #yre he will say he is Aod and man and so represented he will sit in the temple C Ant!c r!st w!'' 4e -estroye- 4y t e s#!r!t o5 t e mout o5 % r!st #hat is) 4y t e &o'y G ost or by Christ4s 'ommand in that !i'hael will kill him on !t Hlivet when'e Christ as'ended into -eaven ?ust as @ulian .the 7postate0 was e(tin$uished by the divine hand CAnt!c r!st w!'' en9oy t e use o5 5ree w!'' on whi'h the devil will operate as it was said of ;u-as% \Satan entere!nto !m)4 that is) by insti$atin$ him -e shall de'eive both by worldly power and the operation of mira'les In the matter of worldly power) St @ohn .7po' FIII0 says \&e w!'' contro' t e treasures o5 "o'- an- s!'6er an- a'' t e #re6!ous t !n"s o5 E"y#t+3 T e #ower o5 m!rac'es w!'' 4e s!mu'ate-+ a&e w!'' -o won-rous s!"ns an- e6en ma$e 5!re come u#on t e eart 4 .8an FI0 and thus) he will 'eamany !nto error e6en1 were !t #oss!4'e1 t e e'ect4 . !att 2P0 C7fter the two #ro# ets1 @&enoc an- E'!asA are $!''et e "reatest #ower on eart w!'' 4e "!6en to Ant!c r!st #hen they will set up cau'-rons on t e streets w!t 4o!'!n" contents) and -r!6e t e men w o are $nown as % r!st!ans1 an- t e!r w!6es an- c !'-ren) there) to 'hoose either to profess in the 8eity of 7nti'hrist and thereby to keep their family and be rewarded with ri'hes and a home) or to #ro5ess t e % r!st!an 5a!t 1 ant ere4y1 -eat !n t e 4o!'!n" cau'-ron #hereupon the women and their 'hildren) who will 'hoose to die for love of @esus) will be thrown into a pit of fire 'overed with wood and straw and burnt C#he An"e's w!'' en'!" ten men and in the third week they will wonder if this is truly the 7nti'hrist) and realisin$ that it is t ey w!'' e!t er a6e to 5!" t to o6ert row !m or 4ecome !s s'a6es

e w!'' massacre t e #r!ests1 t e mon$s1 t e women1 t e c !'-ren1 an- t e a"e-+ -e will
7nti'hrist will be re'o$nised by various tokens% in espe'ial show no mer'y) but will pass tor'h in hand) like the barbarians) yet invokin$ Christ: -is wor-s o5 !m#osture w!'' resem4'e t ose o5 % r!st!ans) but his act!ons w!'' 4e

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
t ose o5 Nero and of the Roman #ersecutors -e will have an ea"'e !n !s coat o5 arms as also his lieutenant) the other wi'ked ruler - this latter will be a Christian who will die when 'ursed by the ;ope) who will be ele'ted at the be$innin$ of the rei$n of 7nti'hrist 7fter the -estruct!on o5 Rome1 Ant!c r!st w!'' a##ear ane<a't !mse'5 a4o6e #a"an -e!t!es an- t e Tr!n!ty -is name si$nifies one who is a$ainst Christ >e$otten) of a sinful man and of a woman into whom the devil has entered) 7nti'hrist will be born of the tribe of 8an in the 'ity of CoroIain #he $ood an$el assi$ned to him at his birth will be obli$ed to leave him as wit'hes) ne'roman'ers and other disreputable 'hara'ters take 'har$e of his edu'ation in >ethsaida Comin$ to ;erusa'em1 he will #roc'a!m !mse'5 % r!st and at 5!rst 5e!"n to 4e o'y &e w!'' succeet rou" 5a'se #reac !n"1 m!rac'es1 "!5ts1 terror1 a!-et rou" out 4y t e -e6!' 7n e6!' s#!r!t w!'' come out o5 t e a!r an- -escen- u#on !s 5o''owers -e shall fei$n a resurrect!on 5rom t e -ea-1 cause ra!n to 5a''1 stone !ma"es to s#ea$1 an- #er5orm ot er won-ers1 a'' t rou" t e #ower o5 t e -e6!'+ #he re'allin$ of the dead to life will be only apparentE devils enterin$ the dead bodies will 'ause the illusion 7nti'hrist will be the $reatest tyrant of all time -is adherents will be marked with his si$n 8evils shall be let loose from hell #he ;ews w!'' we'come !m C .9i'hard 9olle of -ampole 179 SC9H55 .9eferen'e ,N!0 #he 2escr!#t!on o5 t e Esc ato'o"!ca' ,ar For t e Instructor1 t e Ru'e o5 t e ,ar #he 5!rst attac$ o5 t e Sons o5 L!" t s a'' 4e un-erta$en a"a!nst t e 5orces o5 t e Sons o5 2ar$ness) the army of Be'!a'% the troops of E-om1 Moa41 t e sons o5 Ammon1 t e Ama'e$!tes1 P !'!st!a1 an- t e troo#s o5 t e /!tt!m o5 Ass ur Supportin$ them are those who have 6!o'ate- t e co6enant #he sons o5 Le6!1 t e sons o5 ;u-a 1 an- t e sons o5 Ben9am!n1 t ose e<!'e- to t e w!'-erness1 shall fi$ht a$ainst them with Z B a$ainst all their troops) when the e(iles of the Sons o5 L!" t return 5rom t e ,!'-erness of the ;eoples to 'amp in the 1ilderness of @erusalem #hen after the battle they shall $o up from that pla'e and the kin$ of the <ittim shall enter into 6$ypt In his time he shall $o forth with $reat wrath to do 4att'e a"a!nst t e $!n"s o5 t e nort ) and in his an$er e s a'' set out to -estroy an- e'!m!nate t e stren"t o5 Israe'+ #hen there shall be a t!me o5 sa'6at!on 5or t e Peo#'e o5 Go-1 an- a t!me o5 -om!n!on 5or a'' t e men o5 &!s 5orces1 an- eterna' ann! !'at!on 5or a'' t e 5orces o5 Be'!a'+ #here shall be "reat #an!c amon" t e sons o5 ;a# et ) Assyr!a s a'' 5a'' with no one to 'ome to his aid) and the suprema'y of the <ittim shall 'ease that wi'kedness be over'ome without a remnant T ere s a'' 4e no sur6!6ors o5 a'' t e Sons o5 2ar$ness ;lease see this site for more information% http%&&tinyurl 'om&aaemvK ;lease also see my 'ompendium of writin$s on the 6ssenes on this link) in'ludin$ a true e(planation of what the s4pherot are% http%&&www $eo'ities 'om&dordot200,&inde( html

-C7t the time when Ant!c r!st !s a4out twenty years o'-1 most o5 t e wor'- w!'' a6e 'ost t e 5a!t Ant!c r!st w!'' 4e -escen-e- 5rom t e tr!4e o5 2an #he #eo#'e at that time will be 6ery corru#t -e will #reac to t e #eo#'e w !'e 5'y!n" t rou" t e a!r !any fervent priests and reli$ious !n t e w!'-erness an- -esert w!'' 4e m!racu'ous'y susta!ne- 4y Go- Some of them will travel about to en'oura$e the Christians to remain firm in the faith till death http%&&www thepopeinred 'om&anti'hrist htm

I A'ways T ou" t )r!on an Un5!tt!n" Name
-http%&&www $eo'ities 'om&dordot200,&Hrion"nfittin$Name ht m

A#oca'y#t!c at 0umran

Pa#a' Pro# ec!es : En- 2ays Sa!nt Ma'ac y
http%&&www 'rystalinks 'om&papalprophe'ies html

3ollowin$ the reader will find a sele'tion from the famous C1ar S'rollC- one of the 8ead Sea S'rolls #he si$nifi'an'e of this s'roll is its apo'alypti' fervor and its des'ription of the famous war to end all wars at the end of history 7fter readin$ it) we will dis'uss the apo'alypti' ideas of the Numranites http%&&www theolo$y edu&apo'G htm

, ore o5 Ba4y'on

3rom 1ikipedia) the free

T e ,ar o5 t e Sons o5 L!" t A"a!nst t e Sons o5 2ar$ness ,ar Scro'' @70MA

http%&&www bibliote'apleyades net&sit'hin&$uerradioses&$uerr adioses02a htm

UF)s an- =a'!en= a4-uct!ons> -!a4o'!ca' man!5estat!ons
http%&&www tldm or$&newsK&"3H-=uotes htm


3rom 1ikipedia) the free en'y'lopedia

0G 0* 09
Re#t!'!an S a#es !5ters are startin$ to lose their c'oa$!n"+ Loo$ on Tee8ee+ Loo$ at the Eyes @s'!tsA and the Mout ++ is it 'lear or morphin$2 &ar#er 6ery ner6ous around media at the GN Re#t!'!an &y4r!- Q!on!st I''um!nat! Summ!t in fas'ist Ita'y+ 1here is your soul2 I 'an4t see it in your

T e ,AR S%R)LL1 t e True Boo$ o5 Esc ato'o"!ca' Pro# ecy- #he Boo$ o5 Re6e'at!on !s not a B!4'!ca' 4oo$ o5 #ro# ecy+ It !s t e ^scr!#t^ accor-!n" to w !c t e 8at!can !s wor$!n" #his video will
dire't you to the true >ook of ;rophe'y that will e(plain the 'omin$ war and prepare you for it% T&E ,AR S%R)LL o5 t e 2ea- Sea Sect1 & a-1 also known as the Essenes #-6

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
eyes2 8id you leave it at a >H-6!I7N A9HV6 S7#7NIC 9I#"752 !en in >la'k- A* leaders found 'onsensus on e'onomy but not on $reenhouse $ases !aybe they will have lot4s of $as while they meet with ;H;6 >67S# this week !eetin$ follows 9ussian Summit CraIy * will dis'uss their massa'res in Iran) Ira=) ;akistan and 7f$hanistan

So# !a was) and is) one of the most worshiped Aoddesses 6ven today) a

!eetin$ moved to previous earth=uake Ione in Italy 1-Y2 Sta$in$ another event2

hu$e Sophia 'ult still e(ists -er

means =,!s-om= Sophia is the
Areek version of her name Hthers in'lude%

Per5ect 2ay o5 %om#'et!onJ * with 2r+ Len &orow!t?: must LISTEN an- S&ARE - "pdate on flu and how to !$> th$s MESS ON T6E PLANET1
ea't ywor'-so'ut!ons+com G2N &? FreDuency Trans5ormat!on anM!rac'es @2NA Re#a!rA #hese ori$inal sound
fre=uen'ies were apparently used in Anc!ent Gre"or!an % ants) su'h as the $reat hymn to St @ohn the >aptist) alon$ with others that 'hur'h authorities say were lost 'enturies a$o #he 'hants and their spe'ial tones were believed to !m#art tremen-ous s#!r!tua' 4'ess!n"s w en sun" !n armony durin$ reli$ious masses #hese powerful fre=uen'ies were redis'overed by 8r @oseph ;uleo as des'ribed in the book -ealin$ Codes for the >iolo$i'al 7po'alypse by 8r 5eonard -orowitI I $ive honor to both of these $entleman for the part theyve played in helpin$ return these lost fre=uen'ies ba'k to humanity

&o $ma @&e4rewA1 Sa#!enta @Lat!nA1 Mot er o5 A'' @Gnost!cA1 &o'y S#!r!t @Ear'y % r!st!anA
http%&&www sistersofearthson$ 'om&SH;-I7&SH;-I7 html Committin$ yourself to Sophia w!'' 'ea- you on a -!55!cu't #at If you respe't her s e w!'' 'ea- you to your trut and your 9ust!ce 1e find wisdom inside ourselves throu$h Sophia She is asso'iated with a'c emy -er al'hemi'al pro'esses take pla'e inside you Re- is definitely the 'olor most asso'iated with Sophia She is often depi'ted as a red win$ed woman with a red $own #here are many traits asso'iated with SophiaE r!" teous1 w!se1 'o6!n"1 commun!cat!6e1 $now'e-"ea4'e1 creat!6e1 #rotect!6e1 "!6!n" an- trut 5u' C7 Sophia woman sees !t an- te''s !t as !t !sE she has no 5ear o5 t e trut C .www $oddess$ift 'om0 7s a bibli'al fi$ure) she has been des'ribed as a co:#artner o5 Go- and sometimes as T&E 5ema'e Go- #he early Christians sometimes used her as a meta# or 5or % r!st -er ori$ins are almost impossible to tra'e She 'an be tra'ed to every era) 'ulture and so'iety She is the manifestation of the 2!6!ne Fem!n!ne and 'an be linked with pra'ti'ally every $oddess In'ludin$% 5ilith) Isis) Inanna) -e'ate) Spider Arandmother) Ishtar) Sekmet) !aat) -era) 7nath) Vir$in !ary) 6ve) !ary !a$dalene) @uno) #ara) 8emeter and ;ersephone She is symboliIed by a -o6e1 crescent moon1 stars1 a cu# or a tree Russ!a as a'ways a-ore- an- 6enerateSo# !a Sophia is also known as the Gra!' Go--ess #he Arail le$end 'an be tra'ed ba'k to preChristianity 7 bla'k $oddess .Sophia0 $uards the $rail with the !nterests o5 t e eart at eart .Interestin$ note% the $rail was ori$inally depi'ted as a 'auldron 0 1hen the /n!" ts Tem#'ar were arrested and tortured in H'tober) ,+0G) they were con6!cte- o5 eresy Hne of the supposed hereti'al 'har$es was wors !#!n"1 BAP&)MET #here have been many different e(planations as to what >7;-H!6# is #here is one that relates to Sophia Hne important pie'e of information first #he #emplars are said to be the #rotectors o5 t e Gra!') whi'h many say is a'tually

Ascens!on:Ra!s!n" .our 8!4rat!ona' FreDuency
T e S!< So'5e""!o FreDuenc!es !nc'u-e% "# +9/ -I 5iberatin$ Auilt and 3ear 96 P,G -I "ndoin$ Situations and 3a'ilitatin$ Chan$e !I K2* -I #ransformation and !ira'les .8N7 9epair0 37 /+9 -I Conne'tin$&9elationships SH5 GP, -I 7wakenin$ Intuition 57 *K2 -I 9eturnin$ to Spiritual Hrder

Return!n" to S#!r!tua' )r-er 3or e(ample) the

t !r- note1 5reDuency G2N1 re'ates to t e note MI on the s'ale and derives from the phrase C!I-ra $estorumC in 5atin meanin$ =m!rac'e+= Stunnin$ly) this is the e(a't fre=uen'y used by $eneti' bio'hemists to re#a!r 4ro$en 2NA the $eneti' blueprint upon whi'h life is based: !usi' 'omposed by @andy 7<7 @eIebel8e'ibel

7s'ension 20,2 -i$her Vibrations vs 5ower Vibrations && #he 9oad to 7s'ension% 8avid 1il'o'k .;t P of P0

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
the '!nea"e o5 ;esus % r!st an- Mary Ma"-a'ene Some believe So# !a came to eart !n t e 4o-y o5 Mary Ma"-a'ene+ In the ,9*04s) a 8ead Sea S'holar used the 7tbash Cipher) whi'h has been used as far ba'k as K00 > C 6 ) to de'ipher BAP&)MET+ &e "ot S)P&IA In the Gnost!c Gos#e's) So# !a !s t e creator o5 t e wor'- She is $reater than @esus So) did >7;-H!6# J $oddess worship2

AMERI%AN: Br!t!s : Q!on!st GEN)%I2E ,ARs must 4e EWP)SE2+ So'-!ers $!''e- !n c o##er cras "!6en ram# ceremony 5arewe''+ #he military has not said what 'aused the 'rash
>ody of Canadian soldier killed in 7f$hanistan returns to Canada http%&&www /*0news 'om&news&headlines&more ?sp2 'ontentJ20090G0GS,,,0P0S22/P http%&&www /*0news 'om&news&headlines&more ?sp2 'ontentJ20090G0/S,/,G+2S9K20


2omest!c terror!sm-/ ;ipeline bombs put 'ommunity on ed$e It4s a !YS#69Y Ann!6ersary date of deadly U/ trans!t 4om4!n"s ;rin'e Charles was at -IA- ;79< for the !emorial .$uilty a$ain20 Hn 0G 0G 200K @F>F>FA P atta'kers) bombed + subway trains and a bus

0G 0G 2009

.G%G%,, numerolo$y with a 3ull !oon in Capri'orn& partial lunar e'lipse0

&&&&&& T e I''um!nat! an- T e %ounc!' on Fore!"n Re'at!ons )ne:,or'-:Go6ernment %ons#!racy an- T e Protoco's o5 t e Learne- E'-ers o5 Q!on
http%&&?ahtruth net&illumin htmQ;roto'ols ;roof


SATANISTS ALIGNING t !s wee$+ Me-!a Screws
^Sony was starte- 4y t e Roc$e5e''ers ^w o owneStan-ar- )!' o5 New .or$ +++ P S+)+N+.+((

, at -o t e #o#es -oC #hey take money 5rom the #oor and "!6e !t to t e r!c E oar-!n" !t in the 8at!can3s 6au'ts @creat!n" mass #o6ertyA - the H;;HSI#6 of what Christ said -is followers
must do

IF t e #o#es wor$ 5or % r!st1 w y -o t ey -o t e )PP)SITE of what they were 'ommanded to do2 It is be'ause t ey ser6e mammon N)T Gohttp%&&?ahtruth net&darth htm

M!c ae' ;ac$son 8s+ Sony RE%)R2S: s#eec at 'on-on 3T e New ;erusa'em %o6enant Pro9ect31 to t e creat!on o5 t e !n5ant 3Un!te- Re'!"!ons3-http%&&www tros'h or$&msn&mason$raphi's html

PUPPET PM &ar#er runn!n" o55 to meet BEAST Po#e Bene-!ct and the GN Satan!sts in I#75Y on 1ed
http%&&www /*0news 'om&news&headlines&more ?sp2 'ontentJ20090G0GS0*PK29SG,2

* %ana-!an So'-!ers NEE2LESSL. 2IE2 in 7f$hanistan) so far this month #hese

Taro Aso1 ;a#an3s 5!rst %at o'!c #r!me m!n!ster1 meets

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
http%&&www /*0news 'om&news&world&more ?sp2 'ontentJw0G2PP,022 Aso is the first of the world leaders $atherin$ for the Aroup of 6i$ht summit in Italy to meet with the pope Pres!-ent Barac$ )4ama will visit the Vati'an on 3riday

Po#e Bene-!ct W8I

#oronto on a Cworld travel wat'hC -- a list that in'luded -onduras) for its military 'oup) 5ibya) for its outbreak of buboni' pla$ue and #hailand) for its tourist e(tortion s'hemes >ut) number one on the list is #oronto -abe$$er told the #oronto Star he was not tryin$ to dissuade tourists from visitin$ #oronto) but merely make people aware of situations that 'ould affe't their travel plans

)BAMA meets PUTIN in !os'ow today 9ussia doesn4t trust "S7 No one does Pa'!n #o##!n" u# !n t e NE,S Says she 'an4t predi't what she plans to do after retirin$ as 757S<7 AHV69NH9 early .blamin$ le$al fees in fi$htin$ ethi's 'har$es from opposers0 BULL %RAP PALIN you know e(a'tly what is planned for you QI)NIST ME2IA doesn4t put you on #eeVee for nothin$ ,as !n"ton 4oun- no doubt Sara Pa'!n> Not a Du!tter1 a 5!" ter1 4ut #o'!t!ca''y s#ea$!n"1 3!5 I -!e1 I -!e+ So 4e !t+ http%&&www /*0news 'om&news&world&more ?sp2
'ontentJw0/+9/,92/ O


F'oo-s !n %a'"ary !ore rain to 'ome

0u!te t e ME2IA %IR%US -!stract!on1 w !'e ,,H #resses on+
M!c ae' ;ac$son STAPLES %oncert !n Los An"e'es .lost an$els0 area flooded with poli'e and heli'opters !any thousands are planned to $ather for the memorial to be broad'ast at , pm 6S# )%%ULT RITUALC . %e'e4rat!on F>F>77R Born 0* 29 ,9K*J / 2!e- on 0/ 2K 2009J /) !i'hael @oseph @a'ksonJ * . number of 'ompletion0E name means , o !s '!$e Go-C
G!5t 5rom Go-+ In t e B!4'e1 St+ M!c ae' was t e conDueror o5 Satan an- #atron sa!nt o5 so'-!ers


c !'- of the @a'kson family0


http%&&en wikipedia or$&wiki&!i'haelS@a'kson

US commun!ty re'!e6e- at -eat o5 sus#ecte- ser!a' $!''er1 4ut st!'' 'oo$!n" 5or answers http%&&www /*0news 'om&news&world&more ?sp2

, at w!'' a##enC hmm 1ill they 'hemtrail the people with the flu virus2 Cast an occu't!c s#e'' on t e #eo#'e2 -arness the ener$y of sorrow into the Eart 3s "r!- system2 #he 1est Coast is due to $o underwater soon

EU r!" ts a"ency says EU !s not -o!n" enou" to #re6ent c !'- tra55!c$!n"
http%&&www /*0news 'om&news&world&more ?sp2 'ontentJw0GP2+GG2*

!s out o5 money t !s mont 7rnold didn4t tell you2

%a'!5orn!a 5or we'5are+

Ener"y stoc$s sen- TSW 'ower1 o!' 5a''s 5or 5!5t -ayR N+.+ a'so -ec'!nes
http%&&www /*0news 'om&news&business&more ?sp2 'ontentJb,G0+K0,+

No -ea-'!ne to 'e"!s'ate str!$!n" Toronto wor$ers 4ac$ to wor$> McGu!nty
http%&&www /*0news 'om&news&headlines&more ?sp2 'ontentJ20090G0/S,*P*29SKK+/

Tra6e' wr!ter a-6!ses a"a!nst 6!s!t!n" Toronto -ue to str!$e
http%&&www /*0news 'om&news&headlines&more ?sp2 'ontentJ20090G0GS0*22+GSKK/0 -7 well-known online travel writer has warned 7meri'ans not to travel to #oronto due to the 'ity4s 'ivi' workers strike) whi'h has shut down parks) ferry servi'e and $arba$e 'olle'tion Not sin'e S79S has #oronto attra'ted this kind of ne$ative publi'ity In Sunday4s San 3ran'is'o Chroni'le ) writer 5arry -abe$$er in'luded

,EIR2C I sense a NE, AGE AGEN2A &ERE( ,!'' M!c ae' r!se 5rom t e -ea-C
, y !s !s 4o-y at t e Sta#'es %entreC 6ven thou$h !i'hael

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
'onverted to ISLAM) his family is $ivin$ him a ;e o6a 3s ,!tness 4ur!a' in a $old plated 'asket with ]2G1000 US .he4d better $et to heaven
before the dollar $oes bust0 Sounds like the 7rk of the Covenant #he Ar$ o5 t e %o6enant was a "!5t 5rom a'!ens to Moses #his $ift was a #'uton!um #owere- manna ma$!n" mac !ne In many different te(ts it says that only 'ertain people) su'h as the elders or the reli$ious leaders) 'ould $o near the 7rk of the Covenant #he 7rk of the Covenant was eventually lo'ked up sin'e anyone who 'ame near would die a Cstran$e death C #his was obviously due to the massive radiation #he ark itself was 'onstru'ted of a'a'ia wood overlaid with "o'- an- 4u!'t to s#ec!5!c -!mens!ons #he ar$ was to##e- 4y two "o'-en c eru4!m an- was carr!e- 4y two #o'es) also made of acac!a an- o6er'a!- !n "o'- http%&&everythin$2 'om&node&,2*9,2 E http%&&san'tepater blo$spot 'om&2009&0/&ark-of-'ovenantabout-to-be-unveiled html publi' relations asap before the an$er of the fans overtakes them If you have time please send both these posts to as many !@ fans as you know:: M; 6s Sony : I am con6!nce- e was mur-ere-+ In this video M!c ae' ta'$s a4out ow Sony crus es an art!st s#!r!t) that e own 7/2 o5 Sony3s mus!c #u4'!s !n") and that Tommy Motto'a !s t e -e6!' I am 'onvin'ed he was murdered JJJJJJJJ NESARA INTERNATI)NAL: Poste- 4y> =M!'son Mac'eo-= ^F))TN)TE> Yes) he was murdered and it was observed one of the 8ark 6ntities present was for'ed to leave as he 'ould not take it any more) 5i$ht havin$ been fo'ussed upon him by a 5i$htworker - - - but it was not enou$h to stop the plan alto$ether #his one is now in a -ell of his own makin$

Pretty o46!ous t at M!c ae' ;ac$son was an )%%ULT SA%RIFI%E SHNY 96CH98S will make more money with @a'kson dead , o

#he #ruth about #he 7rk of #he Covenant- more #9"#- by @ah at
http%&&?ahtruth net&truth htm

owns S)N.C
^I5 !s FANS See T !s IT IS T&E EN2 F)R S)N. : ,)RL2 ,I2E B).%)TTS^ 9ayelan) Sunday) Kth @uly) 2009 0P%2,%22 http%&&www rumormillnews 'om&'$i-bin&forum '$i2 readJ,K0+K* 9emember) &even if Snopes 'om denies it& most resear'hers a$ree that ^Sony was starte- 4y t e Roc$e5e''ers ^w o owneStan-ar- )!' o5 New .or$ +++ P S+)+N+.+(( If !i'hael4s fans see this video) their an$er will spill out over the world and pound SHNY into the earth It will be the 6N8 of SHNY and their 'ontrol over artists:: >ut will !i'hael4s fans ever learn the 96S# of the story of S)N.1 t e Roc$er5e''ers1 t e %!ty o5 Lon-on an- t e s'a6e state they want 755 of us to live in 1ith $ood fortune on our side) they 1I55 learn the truth:: I knew that M!c ae' was s'!me- w!t t e #e-o# !'e c ar"es I fi$ured it was be'ause of his work with Gunt er an- t e #e-o# !'e unters) now I see that M)NE. was t e root o5 !t the money an- #ower o5 t e New ,or')r-er who were tryin$ to bankrupt !i'hael in order to $ain 'ontrol of the >eatles 'atalo$ of son$s) whi'h !i'hael was $oin$ to $ive ba'k to ;aul !'Cartney I think I now know who was behind the delay in $ettin$ !i'hael help it was the delay that killed him -owever) I am 'onvin'ed that M!c ae' a- a -ou4'e w o was a -ancer an- a s!n"er I was told that !i'hael had no problem doin$ the K0 'on'ert tour be'ause of this double It makes me wonder whi'h one was killed and if only HN6 of them was killed where is the other one2 T !s $!n- o5 t !n" !s -one 4y Fact!on Two a'' t e t!me 2eat s are 5a$e- to $ee# #eo#'e a'!6e 'on" enou" to 4r!n" #eo#'e to 9ust!ce: SHNY needs to start repairin$ their

/// S&AME )N t e 8ATI%AN:QI)NIST #u##et #o'!t!c!ans who do not represent the VHIC6 of the ;eople
179 C9I!6S $alore 7;7#-6#IC fen'e sitters in'luded Your NESARA SLA8E MASTERS plan to remove&kill you anyway

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
5rom t e e6er -e'aye- BEAST AGEN2Ahttp%&&www hlin'-Iionsake or$&>abylon&,K-N1H9evolution html -#he New ,or'- and its 'onne'tion with Amer!can Freemasonry and the ;esu!ts -#he link between Euro#e Freemasonry and the #r!nc!#'es o5 wor'- re6o'ut!on+S

SATANISTS #'ann!n" a MASS r!tua' sacr!5!ceC !i'hael @a'kson !emorial today !edia shows

pi's of other famous people who were ritually sa'rifi'ed by the @esuit Vati'an ;uppets . <ennedy) 5ennon) 6lvis) et' IN YH"9 37C60 -@7C<SHN 6V6N# distra'tin$ from the takeover of 7!69I<7 S#7;56S 'on'ert- Illuminati owned CH9poration >61796 of !IN8 CHN#9H5 CH!INA #-9" the 8IAI#75 #V http%&&www 'tv 'a&m?memorial& 0H. 0H. 0H. 0H. 0H. 0H. 0H. 0H. 0H. 0H. 0H. 0H. #he Fu'' Moon is a t!me o5 !''um!nat!on) cra?y @'oonyA 4e a6!or) re6e'at!on1 ce'e4rat!on an- !" s#!r!ts #his Fu'' Moon !n %a#r!corn !s 5o''owe- 4y a #art!a' 'unar ec'!#se1 whi'h can 4r!n" start'!n" e6ents 7 s ow-own 4etween t e 6a'ues o5 com#ass!on and t ose o5 "reewill 'ontinue throu$h the summer ,!'' !t 4e a summer o5 'o6e1 or a summer o5 e'' .as predi'ted by some0 @imi -endri( pretty mu'h summed it up with his

htt!())nesara.insights*.org)*++,.html This e-ent $as first brought for$ard as re'o&") o! the I)) '$n"ti had to be carried out as a !riority before the announcement. They $ill be ta&en off-!lanet to many destinations. $here they may e>,er$en#e the ?o$* or re)$&e Stone A%e #on*$t$ons/ Some $ill be uncreated/ some $ill finally decide to oin the 0ight. In the meantime there has been *e)"y "!ter *e)"y. as Aton a$aits the most !ro!itious moment.- 1uring this time increased !hoton acti-ity $ill also e)$'$n"te those o! h$%h)y ne%"t$&e &$br"t$ons/ their bo*$es w$)) be %"there* , "n* #re'"te* . the souls !assing on to a more suitable location. Humanity $ill be s!ared from obser-ing this un!leasant scene.

Satan!sm In T e 8at!can(
http%&&www ?esus-is-savior 'om&3alseU209eli$ions&9oman U20Catholi'ism&satanismSinStheSvati'an htm

It !s t e Ta'mu-!c ;ews an- t e Noa !-e Laws t at are rea''y 4e !n- t e New ,or'- )r-er an- t e en5orcement o5 t e com!n" #ersecut!on o5 % r!st!ans+
http%&&www talmudblasphemy 'om&

famous =uote) C

D, en t e #ower o5 'o6e o6ercomes t e 'o6e o5 #ower1 the wor'- w!'' $now #eace _

N)A&I2E LA,S P 2eca#!tat!on 5or %on5ess!n" =;ESUS or .a us ua IS L)R2= T&E TALMU2 UNMAS/E2: T&E SE%RET RABBINI%AL TEA%&INGS %)N%ERNING %&RISTIANS >y 9ev I > ;ranaitis .9oman Catholi' ;riest0 http%&&www talmudunmasked 'om& T&E )%%ULT AN2 ,)RL2 RE8)LUTI)N Two ma!n t emes are co6ere->

,+ subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
-#his 5u'' Moon/ec'!#se acce'erates w ate6er #ur"!n" an- e'!m!nat!n" we3re -o!n" !n our '!6es It4s a "reat t!me to 'et "o o5 w at3s urt!n" t e eart #here4s li$ht shinin$ on how we -eny our emot!ona' rea'!ty) in order to keep up Cappearan'es C 5ots of people these days are harried and stressed) tryin$ to make ends meet #he li$htbulb $oes off on where you4re e(ertin$ serious effort) and askin$ yourself) =, ere3s t e Lo6eC= in return #his full !oon reveals whether the '!5e structure1 #art!cu'ar'y #ursu!t o5 wea't an- career1 is in 4a'ance w!t your ome '!5e 8o you have -ownt!meC 8o you un#'u" 5rom wor'-'y concerns) to let yourself re'a<C8o you find time to play and $i$$le -- to 4e a c !'-C http%&&astrolo$y about 'om&od&themoon&=t&3ull!oonCap09 ht m

MMM E-"ar %ayce an- Future Pro# ec!es
http%&&www arti'lesbase 'om&reli$ion-arti'les&ed$ar-'ay'eand-future-prophe'ies-2++/G html

T e Pro# ecy> A Great Pur!5!cat!on an- Eart % an"es >y !edi'ine AriIIly >ear
5ake-#hom #raditional Native -ealer and Spiritual #ea'her www nativehealer net .7pril 200/0 1e should be$in to #ur!5y our m!n-1 4o-y1 an- sou' 4y use o5 t e anc!ent r!tua's and 'eremonies that) sin'e time immemorial) a6e 4een -one w!t t e Eart 1 an- accor-!n" to sacre- 'aws annatura' cyc'es It is now time to $ive ba'k to the 6arth to -o ea'!n" ceremon!es 5or t e Eart ) and to pray for and e'# eac ot er 7nd the 6lders further advise) perhaps we should be$in to #re#are 5or sur6!6a') by helpin$ ea'h other prepare for the Great Pur!5!cat!onE let the r!c e'# t e #oor) let the wise help the i$norant) let those who have plenty share with the poor 7nd this approa'h must be done with a "ooeart an- !n a s#!r!tua' way 7s for the Nat!6e Amer!can #eo#'e) our 6lders advise% 1e are the or!"!na' careta$ers o5 t !s 'an-+ Br!n" 4ac$ your sacre- -ances1 r!tua's1 an- ceremon!es+ ;erform the reli$ious a'tivities with 'leanliness and a''ordin$ to traditional 'ustom and law% No a'co o'1 no -ru"s1 a4sta!n 5rom se<1 a6o!- Moont!me .menses power and ener$y0) do not re'ord or photo$raph these a'tivities) and do not sell the reli$ion for profitE otherwise it will not be spiritual #he sacre- -ances an- ceremon!es are t e too's and knowled$e that was ori$inally $iven to us in the >e$innin$ to help $ee# t e wor'!n 4a'ance

3rom earth=uakes to fire from the skies and the se'ond 'omin$ of @esus #he possibility of the book of 9evelations 'omin$ true) et' 7nd yes 6d$ar Cay'e does hint at some of these thin$s 'omin$ to pass in the near future A ma9or eart Dua$e !n ;a#an w ere a'5 or more o5 ;a#an 5a''s !nto t e sea A restructur!n" o5 our cont!nent N.% un-er water or destroyed in some fashion >ut he also) in many of his readin$s tells of a more $radual 'han$e and a new birth for our world 7 world with stron$er reli$ious ties and a $lobal unified family 7''ordin$ to Cay'e) ;esus seconcom!n" w!'' 4e s#!r!tua' w!t a reawa$en!n" o5 re'!"!on an- un!ty -e relates the 'omin$ 'han$es that are ne'essary prior to this unified world to mankinds wanton use and disre$ard of natures resour'es

Myt 1 Ma"!c an- mystery http%&&www menstruation 'om au&
: A woman3s 4'ee-!n" was cons!-ere- a cosm!c e6ent1 re'at!n" anconnect!n" one to t e moon1 t e 'unar cyc'es an- t e t!-es+ S e was

,, subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
t ou" t to 4e at t e e!" t o5 er #ower at t !s t!me1 an- 5or t !s reason was encoura"e- to s#en- t!me '!sten!n" to er !nner 6o!ce w !c wou'- o5ten o55er su""est!ons an- w!s-om w !c wou'- 4ene5!t t e w o'e tr!4e+ #his 4!oootime4 was later distorted into a per'eption of 4un'leanness4 and women were for'ed to $o apart) unable to parti'ipate in the preparation of food for men or 'eremonies .althou$h to be honest) the women probably still en?oyed the break) whatever the reason:0 and their wisdom was deni$rated) 'alled luna'y) and for'ed under$round

Around 2.+++ years ago the !endulum began to s$ing a$ay from "oddess- centred $orshi! and to$ards
the !atriarchal. militaristic and mechanistic !osition that $e find oursel-es in today. w ere women occu#y a secon-ary #'ace !n soc!ety !n many ways1 an- anyt !n" w !c !nter5eres w!t '!near t ou" t1 #ro-uct!6!ty ane55!c!ency !s re"ar-e- as a waste o5 t!me+ Menstruat!on1 w !c can !n6o'6e a'tere- states o5 awareness an- o5ten t e nee- 5or so'!tu-e does not fit within these parameters) and therefore we are en'oura$ed to i$nore it) and suppress with tampons and va$inal deodorants what can 4e t e most creat!6e an- s#!r!tua' t!me of the month for many women

0F 0I 2009 @77>77A &a##y B!rt -ay Amer!/A+ May you
oust t e cr!m!na's !n "o6ernment N),La-y L!4erty
'rownin$ moment today She was shut down sin'e the 9-,, satani' ritual New York sa'rifi'e of September ,,) 200, .H''ult sa'rifi'e tar$et0 La-y L!4erty !s ISIS/Sem!ram!s/Inanna/ Mot er Go--ess/ At ena/A# ro-!te+ S e w!'' $!c$ SATAN3s ASS !n t e en-+ 7lso known as the BRI2E o5 %&RIST

http%&&www devvy 'om& Amer!ca3s Last Stan-: 2e66y /!-www renseradio 'om

Amer!ca Un-er Se!"e: 2e66y /!-www renseradio 'omE http%&&www open'on$ress 'omE

T&E RE8)LUTI)N> B))TS )N T&E GR)UN21 %)UNT. B. %)UNT. >y% 8evvy @une ,) 2009 ` 2009 &), MAN. M)RE LIESC >y% 8evvy @uly /) 2009 ` 2009 - News,!t 8!ews+comR
http%&&www newswithviews 'om&8evvy&kidd72 htm

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
T e Statue o5 L!4erty an- Freemasonry
http%&&www freemasonrywat'h or$&statueSofSliberty html

Is!s> =0ueen o5 &ea6en=

-ollywood previewin$ this week2 I'e 7$e% 8awn of the 8inosaurs&-arry ;otter- ;otter and the -alf->lood ;rin'e O

by Carl #ei'hrib http%&&www 'rossroad to&arti'les2&2002&'arl-tei'hrib&Kisis htm


http%&&yahushua net&babylon&liberty&

)BAMA !s -one 4y Se#tem4er H01 2009
#he end of the fis'al year for the S7#7NIC !oney !79<6# 6nd of the 3I7# 'urren'y 'alled the 7meri'an 8ollar NESARA @GESARA now) will try and introdu'e a 1H958 8H55790 Same #ro4'em1 -!55erent costume @une 2+- 3rom #okyo - >en?amin 3ulford - 1ar Hn Illuminati www rense 'om

E8IL &AARP &ARM)NI%S) 3loodin$
and 8rou$hts) 679#- C-7NA6S) 1ar and 8eath) 8isease and ;estilen'e 'ontinue to pla$ue the planet ;a#anese Roya' B'oo-'!ne !n %ana-a for a few days to stren$then diplomati' relations Careful who you 'hoose to trust Satanists are not trustworthy L!4era's an%)Nser6at!6es are !n5este- w!t SATANISTS

,ARNING: R)MANISM anNESARA 2E%EPTI)N .Still waitin$ for
your email ba'k BEN FULF)R2( It mont +danahT?r$enius 'om 0 as 4een o6er a NESARA !s "o!n" to -ece!6e us w!t t e ANTI%&RIST/ALIEN AGEN2A+ %ana-!ans 2)N3T NEE2 an ASIAN M)NE. BRIBE to ens'a6e us+

Beware o5 t e =New A"e= A'!en A"en-a com!n" to 2E%EI8E t e wor'-+++NEWT(
T e Luc!5er T!me %o-e Part 7 >y Aoro 7da'hi
http%&&nilevalleynetwork net&theSlu'iferStimeS'odeSSpartS, htm

/EEP .)UR NESARA )UT )F %ANA2A+ Gan"sters/Mur-erers are not "o!n" to 4r!n" !n a 2I8INE PLAN+8ATI%AN !s not to 4e truste-+ It !s SATAN %ENTRAL 3ulford vs the Illuminati ;art ,--IS #-IS 3H9
96752::: In this video Ben9am!n Fu'5or- announ'es the en- o5 t e 5!nanc!a' e'!te cr!me syn-!cate3s =New ,or'- )r-er= #'ans 5or mass!6e #o#u'at!on re-uct!on to$ether with Illuminati representative ;rin'e 5eo 5yon La$ami of Santa 6lia) Si'ily Pr!nce Qa"am! 'ame to #okyo to meet Fu'5orand ne$otiate plans for future 'han$es to 4ene5!t t e #eo#'e an- t e #'anetCCCCCC.See also part 2 0


Pa'!n steppin$ down as 7laska

Aovernor 7imin$ for a 1hite -ouse position

, ore o5 Ba4y'onC
http%&&open salon 'om&blo$&madameSbit'h&200*&09&,/&isSsar ahSpalinStheSwhoreSofSbabylon

&!''ary Ro- am %LINT)N wants t e #res!-ent3s %R),N+ &IG& M)T&ER )F 2AR/NESS has worked hard for that
position @Per a#s we a6e somet !n" 5or you B)T& !n t e AB.SS+ A


/orea firin$ short ran$e missiles today .G so far0) and P last week "S7 says it
is worried about bein$ hit with these missiles ,)RR. a4out t e BUS&/%LINT)N cron!es and the rest of the Re#t!'!an S a#e S !5ters ,orry a4out t e AS%EN2E2 Masters who will 'ome to the res'ue 1hat is @esuit-LIHNIS#

Er!c P e'#s Duotes and au-!o e<#os!n" ALEW ;ones as a ;esu!t PA,N Leo Qa"am!1 Te- L Gun-erson an- More
http%&&www spirituallysmart 'om&Ia$ami html &E3S SMART( tt#>//www+s#!r!tua''ysmart+com/

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009 B!'' %oo#er : A'!en A"en-a : Are A'!ens Er!c P e'#s Leo Qa"am! -e4ate on Rea'C Ne# !'!m1 Mars1 Moon1 Pyram!-s In6est!"at!6e ;ourna' 2/79/0N
http%&&spirituallysmart 'om&Ia$ami html see more 1illiam >ill Cooper 7lien 7$enda >road'ast Hri$inally 7ired 7u$ust 22) ,99G -e starts out by talkin$ about) 7000 #o!nts o5 '!" t an- Luc!5er : t e 4r!" t an- T e morn!n" star -e answers the =uestion) what does the illuminati .mystery s'hools0 have to do with what is happenin$ in the world today #he #eo#'e !n t ese mystery sc oo's 5o''ow t e re'!"!on o5 t e cosmos #hey have a "oa' to #resent an e<terna' t reat to t !s eart .like they did to the "S with Saddam -usein O Hsama >in 5aden) a fake e(ternal threat that was made to be believed was real0) a su#er!or race 5rom anot er #'anet #his will be used to "et r!- o5 a'' nat!on states an- re'!"!on to 5orm a one wor'- "o6ernment Nasa is one of the main instruments of this de'eption 7lso) the 8at!can !s 4e !n- t !s an- ea6!'y !n6o'6eA#o''o spa'e pro$ram is a referen'e to the anc!ent "o-1 A#o''o 7pollo spa'e pro$ram 'rest 'arries symbolism of 7pollo the sun .aka osiris0.isis the moon0) 'onstellation of orion) in the 'enter) the + pyramids in e$ypt) and the earth represents the full body of initiates known as horus Nasa4s photos have been proven to be faked) so none of them 'an ever be trusted ;o n 2ewey sa!- t at someone to'- !m t at t e 4est way to en- a'' wars 5ore6er an- un!te a'' uman!ty on t !s eart !n a wor'- "o6ernment wou'- 4e !5 we were attac$e- 4y some ot er s#ec!es 5rom some ot er #'anet+ -e said this in ,9,G It was tested in 79HN w!t )rsen ,e''s 9adio pro$ram to see if people would believe this story+ T ey w!'' say t at mars was #o#u'ate- 4y an anc!ent race w o -estroye- t e!r #'anet !n war5are+ At some #o!nt !n !story1 t ey came to eart an- #o#u'ate- !t w!t t e sur6!6ors+ , en t ey came ere1 t ey a- re'at!ons w!t ear'y man an- t e uman race was t e resu't o5 t at m!<e- "rou#+ T !s w!'' 4e t e t rust o5 a'' t at we w!'' ear an- !t w!'' 4e use- to -estroy % r!st!an!ty+ #his is the story that the illuminati will push T ey w!'' #o!nt to Genes!s in the >ible to say that the sons of A-d had relations with the dau$hters of men and that the sons o5 G:- are a'!ens #he ne# !'!m will be said to be the 'hildren of umans an- a'!ens 3or >ibli'al truth on nephilim) visit http%&&www smokes'reendesi$n 'om&nephilim html &ow can % r!st!an!ty or any ot er re'!"!on sur6!6e w en t e wor'- w!'' 4e #resente- w!t w at t ey w!'' 4e'!e6e to 4e #roo5 t at '!5e on t !s eart was not create- 4y Go-1 4ut 4y some a-6ance- e<tra terrest!a' a-6ancerace 5rom some ot er wor'-+ 7nd that we have been owned by them and shepherded in our e(isten'e all throu$h the history of the world #his is the true #ur#ose o5 t e UF)3s1 5'y!n" saucers1 an- a4-uct!on re#orts+ A'!en a4-uct!ons are the result of ser!ous m!n- contro' e<#er!mentat!on UF)3s e<!st and are operated by US "o6ernment and probably several other $overnments Newsflash% Qa"am! an- Er!c P e'#s a##reare- on Gre" S?ymans$!3s Investi$ative ?ournal 3eb ,9 from Gpm 6S# to 9pm and dis'usssed La$ami4s involvement with #homas !i'hel S@ and his statements re$ardin$ 7lberto 9ivera4s testimony whi'h 'an be read in the book #he ;rophet >ottom line Qa"am! did not retra't any of this but ?ustified himself and further stated that ;erusa'em s ou'- 4e an Internat!ona' %!ty an- stat!n" t at ;esu!t %ar-!na' Bea was a Q!on!st !n5!'trator an- #ur#ose'y 5e- A'4erto w!t =Q!on!st -!s!n5ormat!on+= .#he anti-Lionist 'rowd is $oin$ to love this:0 La$ami literally mo'ked .5H54d0 the idea that their may be @esuit Coad?utors tryin$ to infiltrate this hu$e anti Vati'an movement #his is all A Ty#!ca' ;esu!t %oa-9utor #rotoco'+ Sadly) 6ri' ;helps retra'ted his a''usation that La$ami is a @esuit Coad?utor >ut I don4t I remain believin$ that Qa"am! !s wor$!n" w!t t e 8at!can co6ert'y ano#en'y now+ #his is my opinion from the all the details I have been $iven from La$ami4s own words -Independant @ournalist) #homas 9i'hards

Er!c P e'#s 8at!can Assass!ns Inter6!ew
5iberty and @usti'e 3or 7ll #his interview dis'usses T e ;esu!t )r-er1 Freemasonry1 and who is behind the s'enes 'reatin$ or-er out o5 c aos 6ri' @on ;helps reveals same basi' history of the "nited States #his is a $reat introdu'tion to his 2nd 6dition of his book -e re'ently published a +rd edition Che'k out more information at http%&&www s'ribd 'om&people&view&KP+092

7lso see ,)RL2 %)N0UEST T&R)UG&
http%&&www biblebelievers or$ au&prIion, htm

^]^ ^]^ ^]^ stren"t en t e L)8E 8IBRATI)N on the ;57N6#4s 6N69AY
1e need to A9I8S to stabiliIe this C-7HS Stay out of 3679 and they 'an4t feed off your ener$y

0G 0+ 09 Sherry 5ive /-29-2009 - Ar$ o5 t e %o6enantC "p'omin$ 6vents
http%&&www sherryshriner 'om&

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009 that a su#ercon-uct!6e mater!a' w!'' 'ose a4out I0\ o5 M)NAT)MI% G)L2 INF)RMATI)N !ts we!" t as a resu't o5 re#u's!n" t e eart s own
http%&&www davidi'ke 'om&'ontent&view&PG&K,& 9e'ently there has been mu'h written about !onatomi' Aold 7n'ient 'ultures su'h as the E"y#t!ans an- Sumar!ans use!t to 5ee- t e!r '!" t 4o-y and encoura"e s#!r!tua' trans5ormat!on an- en'!" tenment and #romote o#t!mum ea't 9e'ent advan'es in modern s'ien'e and tireless investi$ation by 'redible resear'hers have started to 'onfirm that this fas'inatin$ substan'e indeed has =e<ot!c= #ro#ert!es an- can '!tera''y) a''ordin$ to lab data) a'ter s#ace1 t!me an- "ra6!ty

ma"net!c 5!e'- #his 'ould have made the transport of the ark mana$eable and therefore 'onsistent with bibli'al referen'es of the ark bein$ mar'hed around the 'ity of @eri'ho for e(ample #he ark4s desi$n $ives 'reden'e) as well) to stories of the -estruct!6e #owers o5 t e ar$ >ibli'al re'ords 'learly spe'ify that the ark was 'onstru'ted of woo- san-w!c e4etween 'ayers o5 "o'- Aardner realiIed that these are the spe'ifi'ations of a s!m#'e ca#ac!tor) and 'al'ulates that the ark would have c ar"e- to se6era' t ousan- 6o'ts1 ma$!n" !t a #ower5u' an- -ea-'y wea#on Numerous an'ient referen'es of mfkIt) often 'alled =w !te 4rea-= or =manna= relate to it bein$ eaten for its healthful affe'ts Recent 4!oc em!ca' e<#er!ments a6e con5!rmet at Monoatom!c #'at!num "rou# meta's a6e s own ant! a"!n" a55ects 4y !ncreas!n" me'aton!n #ro-uct!on1 st!mu'ate t e #!nea' an- #!tu!tary "'an-s1 an- !n turn react!6at!on =9un$ 2NA+=

Qero Po!nt Tec no'o"!es1 Monoatom!c Go'-1 an- T e Secret o5 Mo-ern A'c emy

1hite ;owder Aold
Superhealth #hrou$h !odern 7l'hemy

S#ontaneous 2NA1 T e Ra#ture1 an- T e R!se to Fourt 2ens!ty
#his 'uttin$ ed$e te'hnolo$y is summed up in only a few words% monatom!c .or monoatomi'0 and diatomi' elements Classi'al s'ien'e tea'hes us that the three phases of matter are $asses) li=uids) and solids .but now there are the newer plasmas) 'ondensates and li=uid 'rystals0 Some solids 'rystalliIe into latti'e stru'tures we 'all metals 1hat 'lassi'al s'ien'e does not tea'h us is that there is) in fa't) another phase of matter 'alled =monatom!c+= 5auren'e Aardner4s 'ontention is that the B!4'!ca' Ar$ o5 t e %o6enant was !n rea'!ty> a ca#ac!tor t at ma-e !t a #ower5u' an- -ea-'y wea#on1 a su#ercon-uctor t at a''owe- !t to 'e6!tate a4o6e "roun-1 an- a mac !ne 5or manu5actur!n" a su4stance ca''e- =M5$?t= 4y t e anc!ent E"y#t!ans1 =manna= 4y t e &e4rews1 an- t e =# !'oso# ers stone= 4y a'c em!sts 7t first $lan'e) these propositions seem preposterous) and yet) after followin$ his trail of lo$i') one wonders how it 'ould have been anythin$ other than what he insists it was >y a spe'ial pro'ess of arc eat!n"1 "o'- an- ot er #'at!num "rou# meta's1 can 4e turne- !nto a s!n"'e atom or Monoatom!c su4stance) that has super'ondu'tive properties Su#ercon-uct!6e mater!a's are ca#a4'e o5 'e6!tat!on a4o6e ma"net!c 5!e'-s) and Aardner spe'ulates) that the #ow-ere- su4stance conta!ne- !n t e ar$ m!" t a6e "!6en !t suc ca#a4!'!t!es -ow else) he asks would it have been possible for four men to 'arry the ark when the lid alone) whi'h was made of pure $old) has been 'al'ulated to have wei$hed around 2)G,P pounds It has been determined E6eryt !n" !n t e un!6erse 6!4rates an- osc!''ates #herefore the 'onne'tin$ link between all forms of ener$y is 6!4rat!on1 sym#at et!c armony1 an- resonance+ 8r 8an >uris'h) 8avid 1il'o'k) and others have dis'overed that a simple Duart? crysta'1 e'ectr!c!ty1 and water are all the in$redients needed to 'reate a me-!um 5or s#ontaneous 2NA to a##ear !n t e 6acuum 6very m!n- e55ects t e ot er and our unifi'ation 'reates this reality around us -owever) we are not the only intelli$ent 'ons'iousness in this universe Hur planet 6arth) the sun) and all of it4s sister stars are very mu'h alive and 'ons'iouses 7nd they evolve on a ma'ro s'ale ?ust like the amoeba evolve on a mi'ro s'ale 2072 mar$s t e e6o'ut!on o5 our wor'-+ #he s#ectra' ra#ture !n w !c our 2NA w!'' unra6e' anun!5y uman 4e!n"s who are bound by an an'ient 'osmi' prophe'y

Mono Atom!c Go'- :T !n$ Tw!ce
<en 7da'hi ]6ditorTedu'ateyourself or$^


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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
http%&&edu'ateyourself or$&'n&monoatomi'$oldthinktwi'e,Kau$0K shtml )rmus also pertains to Gnost!c!sm in the an'ient world Hrmus is also the -ebrew words for b"o'-en treeE) whi'h 8avid finds appropriate sin'e this white $old is the eli(ir of life that the sho-bread .O manna0 was made from #his is said to be the reason the Pr!est "'owe- when he 'ame out of the -oly of -olies) after eatin$ the sho-bread 8avid -udson) told 'o-author 3ritI that he was supportive of the ca4a'!st!c "oa' o5 A-am /a-mon >e'ause -udson knew the 'abala very well) it seems likely that &ouse o5 Rot sc !'e un-erstan-s w at

response SATANI% N,) 5u'' s#ee- a ea-+ .)U ARE N)T IMMUNE2 to t e!r -e6!' -ee-s+ ,A/E UP( T)R)NT) !s current'y un-er attac$+ But s ee#'e are st!'' s'ee#!n"+ ,atc 5or ;u'y I ..0G 0P 2009 J ,,% ,,0 Satanists may atta'k "S7 and blame N <orea 0 ,atc 5or 9:9:9 I97N needs to be 'ontrolled by the S7#7NIS#S by then Br!ta!n1 USA1 ISRAEL) and #u##et QI)NIST "o6ernments .like %ana-a4s0 are to blame for their involvement in war 'rimes) apathy and 'rimes a$ainst humanity .ou w!'' rea# w at you a6e sown+ ,E NEE2 T) 2EN)UN%E T&ESE G)8ERNMENTS+ 2on3t 5or"et a4out t e 8ATI%AN+ T ey are t e to# SATANISTS+
http%&&www vati'anassassins or$


/a-mon !s rea''y a'' a4out

Monarc s'a6es o5 t e a6e re6ea'e- ow t e I''um!nat! are a4'e to -o w at t ey ca'' Pro<y!n"

#his is a M!n-:S#!r!t trans5er1 -one by the ,+tw!nn!n" traumas1 2 c anne'!n") + te'e#at !c commun!cat!on) and P astra' #ro9ect!on so t at a'' s'a6es wor'-w!-e are 4e!n" #u''e- !nto one s!n"'e !nter'!n$e- 2emon!c )ne ,or'- M!n- Zthis is the so 'alled 3 !6e m!n-3 'hara'teristi' of the Re#t!'!an a'!en "rou#s that -om!nate an- !nter4ree- w!t t e uman I''um!nat! <en 7da'hiB

, ere !s M!c ae' ;ac$sonC 7FG00
@7HA 5ree t!c$ets 5or Sta#'es memor!a' concert on F:F:2009 @ F:F:77A http%&&www youtube 'om&user&>erean>ea'on &e so'!s sou' to t e -e6!'(

0G 02 2009 .9%,, numerolo$y0
,estern1 )%%ULT1 m!n- contro''e- ME2IA ,&)RES report invasions of 'ountries) assassinations) murderin$ of inno'ent 'ivilians) repla'in$ stable $overnments with puppet

%at o'!c InDu!s!t!on an- T e Torture Too's
!ost people have some knowled$e of the holo'aust #he / years of torture and atro'ities that the @ews suffered under -itler and the NaIis durin$ the Se'ond 1orld 1ar 1hile in no way downplayin$ the terrible events of the holo'aust) su'h a massa're does not 'ompare to the severity to the torture and murder that took pla'e under ;apal authority durin$ the *0G years of the InDu!s!t!on From t e 4e"!nn!n" o5 t e Pa#acy1 unt!' t e #resent t!me1 !t !s est!mate- 4y cre-!4'e !stor!ans t at more t an G0100010001 men anwomen a6e 4een s'au" tere- 5or t e cr!me o5 eresy c ar"e- a"a!nst t em 4y Pa#a' Rome #his Video 'ontains a'tual photo$raphs of some of the instruments of torture that were used Sin'e we 'onsider this Video on the In=uisition one of the more important messa$e that we have $iven) please make it known to others) and if possible post the link on your own website &y#er!n5'at!on Nat!on NI7 National Inflation 7sso'iation http%&&inflation us&videos html #he National Inflation 7sso'iation is an or$aniIation that is dedi'ated to preparin$ 7meri'ans for hyperinflation and helpin$ 7meri'ans not only survive) but prosper in the up'omin$ hyperinflationary 'risis

presidents) potential missile strikes from North <orea) and sele't bombin$ of #'anes1 tra!ns an- automo4!'es with delayed res'ue

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009 1ith an ]77 tr!''!on nat!ona' -e4t and ]GG tr!''!on !n -Gar4a"e str!$e 'ontinues to ;la$ue #oronto) 4y un5un-e- o4'!"at!ons for pro$rams su'h as Soc!a'
Secur!ty1 Me-!care an- Me-!ca!-) it is our belief that the "nited States for all intents and purposes is bankrupt and 7meri'ans need to take steps immediately to prote't themselves from the potential loss of the pur'hasin$ power of their " S 8ollars

-es!"n You need to 5!re your #o'!t!c!ans and bureau'rats !any are satan!sts Set up 'oca' commun!ty currency and $et the people with nothin$ to do busy: #rain the ne(t $arba$e $uardians) home day'are workers and learn to work out of your home You are $oin$ thru drama for a reason You have to 'han$e your ways:

#he " S 4s re'ently passed ]FNF 4!''!on st!mu'us #'an alon$ with the 3ederal 9eserve e(pandin$ its balan'e sheet by over R, trillion in a sin$le day brin$s the total potential outlays from the 3ederal 9eserve and " S #reasury durin$ the finan'ial 'risis up to ]7H+7 tr!''!on It is our belief that t e rest o5 t e wor'- !s un'!$e'y to 'en- t e U+S+ t !s money and the 3ederal 9eserve will most likely have to print the money out of thin air #he " S has abused its status of havin$ the world4s reserve 'urren'y for far too lon$ 1e are on an unavoidable path towards hyperinflation 7t this point) we believe it is only a matter of time before the value of the U+S+ 2o''ar co''a#ses 1ith % !na likely to be'ome a net seller of " S #reasuries to fund their own ri$htfully deserved RK*/ billion stimulus plan) we believe there will soon 4e a run on t e 2o''ar an- a rus !nto Go'- an- S!'6er+

, ere3s t e Bee5C

T&R), IT )UTC IN A GARBAGE STRI/E(C Illuminati Cartel Pres!-ent % o!ce is re'allin$ 2G00 k$ .90 of beef produ'ts due to e'oli 6'oli and parasites are always on meat #he a$enda here is to tan$ t e %ANA2IAN Bee5 In-ustry and raise the pri'es 57#69 1ith no ele'tri'ity in the near future) you may want to start learnin$ how to make re'ipes with sprouts and thin$s that don4t re=uire refri$eration Seeds will be worth more then the paper 'urren'y that is 'alled the 8H5579 ,!t ]7G+H m!''!on @9A o5 t e %ana-!an M!nt &!9ac$e-1 you mi$ht as well $!ss t e 6a'ue o5 our -o''ar "oo-4ye and start over before the I55"!IN7#I tries to shove the AMER) -own our t roats 1at'h for -illary and 7l Aore to take the s'ene a$ain .;ut them in ?ail already0 PESTILEN%E !andarin offerin$ free food til *%+0 pm around the 'ountry 1e may hear drama tar$etin$ 7sian food a$ain Fam!ne A'4erta an- Sas$atc ewan- worst drou$ht in de'ades 'ould be remedied with a proper dose of -779; I3 16 -78 7 AHV69N!6N# 1-H C7968) they 'ould send rains to that area- immediately

0G 0, 2009 &a##y B!rt -ay My %ana-a
It !s my w!s t at you wa$e u#1 ta$e 4ac$ your so6ere!"nty1 !nte"r!ty an- sou' 4!rt r!" t+ are Mu't!: 2!mens!ona' In5!n!ty+

%ana-!an %oncerns
%ana-!an So6ere!"nty1 Amer!ca: Sty'e >y 9yan

http%&&www 'anadian'ontent net&'ommtr&'anadiansoverei$nty-ameri'a-styleSGP/ html

;ac$ Layton Spoke Hut A"a!nst Nort Amer!can Un!on in 200G >ut Says Not !n" 2ur!n" 200N Canadian 6le'tion Campai$n
?a'kSlaytonSspe html

http%&&reality'he'k typepad 'om&'ommentarySnews&200G&0+&

%ana-a3s so6ere!"nty

as 4een 3castrate-3

http%&&www ale(andrasamuel 'om&vansun&PSeptember2002 h tml

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
-ebrew armies to embark on a 'ampai$n of $eno'ide to depopulate all of the re$ion4s e(istin$ 'ities and towns 0 6" pushin$ for a list of airlines that are bein$ deemed "NS736 to fly 1-Y^^^be'ause the S7#7NIS#S are blowin$ these planes up2

@une 2009 *Pmont 5or SAMAEL !n t e I''um!nat! 0/ +0 2009
. /- +- ,, or 9-,, numerolo$y0

Tra!ns e(plodes in Italy killin$ at least ,+ people Is Italy bein$ punished for tryin$ to oust the ;!
;69V69# S7#7NIS# Ber'uscon! from his liIard throne22

%ar bombs e(plodin$ in Ira= killin$ at least 2P) as "S troop

attempt to withdrawl from the 'ities SY!>H5IC day today for the "S role to leave I97N and 'ease invasion and $enoide by 20,, ;roblem rea'tion solution Lionist 'ar bombin$s and media lies will try to 'onvin'e the S-66;56 that we need a ;H5IC6 S#7#6 for S6C"9I#Y . from the S7#7NIS#S blowin$ up these 'ars in the first pla'e0 7pparently the 6le'tions in Iran were fine #he rest of the story2 M))SA8I !s su##ose-'y t e Br!t!s 1 ?!on!st satan!st #awn that is tryin$ to oust the $overnment

@une ,9 - #im 9ifat - >ritish Satani' 7ttempted Coup In Iran & @une 2+ - #im 9ifat - #he Illuminati H''ult Nemesis from www rense 'om ,A/E UP %ANA2A( ,e a6e to 4u!'- a "'o4a' wor'- 4an$ 5rom ere+ %oo#erat!6e1 co6anent1 "'o4a' commun!ty w!t no usury+ , at are you wa!t!n" 5orC
http%&&www serenity$lobal 'om&


I''um!nat! ta$!n" -own P'anes1 Tra!ns anAutom4!'es t at o##ose t e EU3s N,) a"en-a+ UNITE2 NATI)NS !s a NAQI SATANI% wor'- "o6ernment+ A!r4us
with ,K+ .90 passen$ers $oes down near !H9HNI in the Indian H'ean Yesmin airbus was banned from 6" airports // passen$ers swit'hed to airbus ++0 before the rest 'ontinued to the Indian H'ean - 3ran'e airbus 'rashed re'ently) as well as a post 9-,, airbus in New York HCC"5# S7C9I3IC62 Not too obvious .!ormon-!oroni is his son !ormon S7#7NIC Chur'h is in Salt 5ake City) "#7- N6S7974s anti'hrist planned arrival in "#7- before $oin$ to the New @erusalem . Mormon "o- !s ;e o6a - ?ealous) flesh eatin$ $od of the bible0 0 http%&&www whitekni$hts9,, net&'f&'fS,0S20S200K htm @ Go-s o5 E-en e 4oo$ p$ G9-6arly human writers often portrayed mankind4s Custodial C$odsC as bloodthirsty 'reatures prone to e('essive violen'e Sadly) those lamentable =ualities did not improve with @ehovah 1hen the -ebrew armies rea'hed Canaan) @ehovah displayed a $enuinely psy'hopathi' bent #o establish the -ebrews in their new homeland) @ehovah ordered the

0/ 29 09

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
Toronto res!-ents an- tour!sts turne- o55 4y stenc o5 streets as str!$e enters secon- wee$ CIf it $oes as lon$ as 1indsor has) it will
be a bi$ problem 6spe'ially in a bi$ 'ity like #oronto)C said Savoni) who added frustration is mountin$ in the southwestern Hntario 'ity as a similar strike enters its ,2th week

3or now) it seems the sten'h will stay #he City of #oronto is still ne$otiatin$ with the members of two lo'als from the Canadian "nion of ;ubli' 6mployees representin$ the /)200 outside workers and ,*)000 inside workers

%urrent'y: &AARP an- EART& % an"es w!'' a-- 2RAMA to t e I orsemen o5 t e A#oca'y#se: PESTILEN%E1 FAMINE1 2EAT& an,AR
@une 2+- 3rom #okyo - >en?amin 3ulford - 1ar Hn Illuminati www rense 'om Sewa"e 'e6e's !" !n )ntar!o waterways1

Sas$atc ewan mar$s 5!rst sw!ne 5'u: re'ate- -eat as num4ers a'so r!se !n 0ue4ec LIAR-;rime !inister Ste#
en &ar#er said durin$ a stop in -alifa( on #hursday that he4s concerne- a4out t e ea't o5 nat!6e #eo#'e on reserves -e said federal health offi'ials are tryin$ to determine why abori$inal people appear to be harder hit by this illness @2ELIBERATE GEN)%I2EA -1hile a4or!"!na's only make up about ,0 per 'ent of !anitoba4s population) they a''ount for rou" 'y two:t !r-s o5 t e #eo#'e w o a6e reDu!re- !ntens!6e care 5or sw!ne 5'u Saskat'hewan is still waitin$ for the full pi'ture to emer$e from some of its isolated 'ommunities @&!story re#eate-:Tar"ette- "enoc!-eA

report says /*0News staff 7n environmental $roup said billions of litres of untreated sewa$e are $ushin$ into Hntario4s waterways due to a$in$ infra-stru'ture and poor provin'ial oversi$ht

5e-era' "o6ernment as as$e- t e #ro6!nce to 4e rea-y 5or un!6ersa' 6acc!nat!on #ro"rams start!n" !n No6em4er+ @ EI w!'' run out 4y t en+++-e#o#u'at!on !s t e!r so'ut!onA+

&ARPER an- I"nat!e55 are NAQIs( 8A%%INES ,ILL GI8E .)U T&E FLU( SATANISTS want %ANA2A3s resources1 not &EALT&. %ANA2IANS+ Gar4a"e str!$e won3t a55ect Pr!-e
report says /*0News staff !ayor 8avid !iller said that talks are pro$ressin$ but union offi'ials disa$ree) and have said that they are prepared for the strike to 'ontinue for a lon$ time

A4ous5!an A4-e'ra?!$ 5aces cont!nuec a''en"es -es#!te 9oy5u' omecom!n"
7bdelraIik 'laims he was tortured before Sudanese authorities eventually released him and says CSIS

R!6er 'e6e's r!s!n" a5ter areas o5 Man!to4a -ouse- w!t 700 m!''!metres o5 ra!n 9iver
and lake levels in eastern !anitoba) from 1hiteshell to 5ittle Arand 9apids) will be unusually hi$h and 'otta$e owners are bein$ asked to 'he'k on their properties 5evels in the 9ed 9iver) whi'h runs throu$h 1innipe$) are e(pe'ted to rise si$nifi'antly but the water is e(pe'ted to remain well within its banks

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
and 7meri'an 3>I offi'ers interro$ated him over alle$ed terrorist links >oth the 9C!; and CSIS 'leared him of any involvement in terrorism or 'rime and 7bdelraIik has also denied ties to Hsama bin 5aden -7bdelraIik spent the past ,P months livin$ on a 'ot in the Canadian embassy in <hartoum 6ven thou$h supporters 'hipped in to buy him a ti'ket home) his passport had e(pired and he 'ould not leave Sudan without one In 7pril) 3orei$n 7ffairs !inister 5awren'e Cannon rene$ed on a promise to issue 7bdelraIik an emer$en'y passport if he 'ould $et a plane ti'ket It was not until the 3ederal Court of Canada ordered the -arper $overnment to issue him a passport earlier this month that he was finally 'leared to 'ome home --is lawyer Yavar -ameed) who travelled to the Sudanese 'apital to brin$ his 'lient home) notes 7bdelraIik4s listin$ on a "nited Nations nofly list at the re=uest of the "nited States means he will live with a strin$ of restri'tions C-e has a freeIe of assets) it4s a federal offen'e to employ him) to $ive him money)C -ameed said C#here4s all sorts of barriers to him ?ust leadin$ a normal life C

A"e )5 ADuar!us U =T ere3s )n'y )ne o5 us &ere: @Gre"" Bra-enA

T e A"e o5 ADuar!us !s U#on Us
Notes 3rom #win 3lames 6ri'a and 8waine
http%&&twinflameseri'aanddwaine blo$spot 'om&2009&02&a$eof-a=uarius-is-upon-us html -#he 7=uarian 7$e is dawnin$) and !ts !n5'uence w!'' "ra-ua''y 5ree uman!ty 5rom t e 4on-a"es o5 m!n- ans#!r!t) whi'h we have suffered for billions of years #he son$ does announ'e the a'tual start of the a$e within the first linesa C1hen the !oon is in the seventh house) and @upiter ali$ns with !ars #hen pea'e will $uide the planets) and love will steer the stars C #his ali$nment happens on

Fe4+ 7I

20091 8a'ent!ne3s 2ay

It is offerin$ hope and assuran'e that frees the mind and spirit and allows it to soar to yet undreamed-of hei$hts -#he 7=uarian 7$e will assist us to 4rea$ out o5 t e s e'' o5 !"norance) 'ac$ o5 se'5:esteem) and 5ear so that we 'an be'ome) for the first time in history) tru'y 5ree 7s we be'ome free to e<#'ore our own !nner nature) the wor'aroun- us w!'' 4ecome se'5: actua'!?ed In the 7=uarian 7$e) it will not be whom you

0/ 2/ 09 )5 course t ere !s a MI%&AEL ;A%/S)N %)NSPIRA%.( Toronto Street News ;une !s &ERE(( 6o' 70 2H ;une 7 to 7G 2009 &&& 6o' 70 2I ;une 7* to H0 2009

w at you can -o yourse'5 t at w!'' count
asso'iate with but

!i'hael @a'kson Conspira'y - #he H49eilly 3a'tor - Interview
M!c ae' ;ac$son and Farra Fawcett died yesterday .0/ 2K 2009 numerolo$y J/ 0 Aentle souls 9I; 2)N3T trust ;ESSE ;A%/S)N( 3esse King-. !t 5 Ste-e co&ely .

Persona' s$!''s1 w!s-om) and c aracter will be valued 6veryone will be 'onsidered 'apable of '!6!n" !s or er #ass!on an- trut 1e will $ain our own sense o5 se'5:wort t rou" uncon-!t!ona' 'o6e 5or se'5+ 6a'h of us will be aware of our own -!6!n!ty 6a'h of us will set our own "oa's 5or se'5:-e6e'o#ment an- ser6!ce 7s we look at our own inner nature) sou' Dua'!t!es will be$in to be valued 1e will e(perien'e 5ree-om an- creat!6!ty 1e believe the 7$e of 7=uarius is that t!me w en uman!ty ta$es contro' o5 t e Eart and its own -est!ny as !ts -!6!ne 4!rt r!" t 7s su'h) humanity will be'ome the =Essence o5 Go-= 1e believe that the keywords for #he 7$e of 7=uarius are

3ac&son Killed 4artin 0uther

No other C#V !68I7 8IS#97C#IHN at this time: #oo =uiet out there Stoc$s $oin$ up) means drama soon) to brin$ them -own PERMANENTL.:


en'!" tenment1 5ree-om1 creat!6!ty1 o#e1 uman!tar!an!sm1

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009 !-ea'!sm1 awa$en!n"1 # !'ant ro#y1 T !s A"e Br!n"s Fort T e ReUn!on un!6ersa' 'o6e1 an- #eace #he destiny of )5 T e Tw!n F'ames humanity in the 7$e of 7=uarius is the re6e'at!on o5 trut and the e<#ans!on o5 consc!ousness In the 7=uarian 7$e) In )r-er To Restore T e Un!ty )5 e<#'orat!on1 4o'-ness1 an- coura"e will be aspired to #he Go-3s %reat!ons An- %o''a#se 7=uarian 7$e will be 'hara'teriIed by !nte''ectua' -e6e'o#ment 1e will want reasons for our beliefs and will 2ua'!ty
want) as mu'h as possible) to acDu!re $now'e-"e 5!rst: an- 5or ourse'6es http%&&www e('ele($old 'om&aboutStwinSflames&aboutStwinSf lamesSmainte(t htm YH"9 ;96CIH"S 8N7 7N8 !H96 6S;6CI755Y #-7# #69!68 ;UN/ 2NA) IS 1-7# !7<6S #-6 3.)U3 AN2 3.)UR3 FIRE T,IN FLAME #H#755Y "NIN"6 "NIV69S75 C967#IHNS 2)N3T GI8E IT A,A. 7S it IS AH58 8"S# 7N8 NH1 YH" 796 >6INA 8971N >7C< #H 3H9! #-6 1-H56 7A7IN: http%&&www ne(ta$emission 'om&soulmateswebpa$e200/ htm -In the 7=uarian 7$e) we will all be e(pe'ted to -e6e'o# t e L!" t w!t !n to "u!-e our own '!6es 1e 'an only learn to $uide our lives if we are free to make our own 'hoi'es and if we 'an see the 'onse=uen'es of our 'hoi'es) and then 'earn 5rom our e<#er!ences -7s a new 7=uarian) we w!'' 9u-"e our creat!ons 4y our own stan-ar-s) not by what others think 1e will be "u!-e4y our !nner 6!s!on) not by e(ternal praise or 'riti'ism 1hen we resonate with the world around us) we 'an learn to live in harmony with it 1hen we 'an resonate with Sour'e Cons'iousness) we 'an understand the 8ivine 5aw and ;lan and 'an understand what we need to do to move forward in the s'heme of evolution #he ADuar!an A"e !s an a"e o5 !n-!6!-ua' 5ree-om anres#ons!4!'!ty b we will 'earn to contro' an- -!rect our own '!5e 1e su$$est if you want help navi$atin$ throu$h the 7=uarian 7$e) you should 'ea6e room 5or s!'ence !n your '!5eE 'reate a 'enter in your life) involvin$ a connect!on to SourceE maintain a com#ass!onate eartE connect w!t a commun!ty o5 '!$e s#!r!ts in universal friendshipE be'ome more se'5:re'!antE avoid bein$ hypnotiIed by the C$roup tran'eCE take 'ontrol of your everyday attitudes and let $o of e(ternal events for your inner fulfillment and re'ease t e ne"at!6es of your world In this way) we re'ease mater!a'!sm an- su#er5!c!a'!ty and re#'ace !t w!t '!6!n" an- 'o6!n" t !n"s It is time for us to look at the world with the eyes o5 a c !'- and

T e T!me !s Now U A"e )5 ADuar!us U 2072 UNITING the T0IN FLAMES
http%&&www unitin$twinflames 'om& Your eart as 4een sa- throu$h most of time It has not been filled with what it so desired and remembered to

be the one true 'o6e You now move towards one another as the ma$neti' pulse of the )ne &eart draws you 'loser and 'loser #his ma$neti' pulse es'orts you into a pla'e of rememberin$ and re'onne'tin$ with this divine union) but

5!rst you must reconnect w!t t e )ne eart w!t !n se'5 http%&&www awakenin$healin$ 'om&7--News5etters&#winU203lames U207ntholo$y htm

3or the actua' meet!n" u# once more as Tw!n F'ames) proves one of the ar-est) if not the most test!n" 9o!nt 9ourneys of all #his is where 3ALL3 t e 4a""a"e inherited throu$h life times) has to be c'ear'y reco"n!se- an- #'aceon t e ta4'e) no secrets1 t en c a''en"e- ea- on if hopin$ to move onwards and upwards) to$ether #he a'tual ?ourneys naturally vary dependin$ on life4s situations and spe'ifi' 'ir'umstan'es for #win 3lames http%&&www ne(ta$emission 'om&soulmateswebpa$e200/ htm 8on4t worry) as the $reater 'reation ensures you meet up with a final link) but of 'ourse you have to play your part by rema!n!n" aware) while also ca''!n" t rou" your m!n-s eye 5or t e meet!n" to e6o'6e You have to 5ee' 'essons are 'earne- so this automat!ca''y -raws your ot er -!6!ne a'5 5orwar- ?ust as soon as they too are ready -2o not hold or limit yourself from ?ourneyin$ forward by reta!n!n" any ne"at!6e t ou" ts) bitterness or indeed re$ret one sin$le aspe't or moment of your '!5e 9ather take all e(perien'es as #os!t!6es and ?ourneys you had to take) then thin$s 'an pro$ress forward as that ori$inally desi$ned If there are still ne"at!6es attac e-1 t en mere'y o'-s one 4ac$ 5rom t e ot er a'5 and for lon$er periods !i$ht even miss a divine opportunity and need to wait for another

a &armon!c Uto#!a N),


-9emember that e6eryt !n" !s ener"y 7nythin$ 'an be morphed) transformed) re-'reated in the moment) simply by s !5t!n" our 6!4rat!ona' rea'!ty+

A"e o5 ADuar!us
http%&&forum blo$talkradio 'om&inde( php2showtopi'JP0P

A"e o5 ADuar!us

3rom 1ikipedia) the free

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
life period to evolve http%&&www ne(ta$emission 'om&soulmateswebpa$e200/ ht m 1hen eac tw!n as ac !e6e- an eDu!6oca' eDu!'!4r!um and 4ot resonate to an !-ent!ca' 6!4rat!on of the hi$her 'ons'iousnessE the Tw!n F'ame s ou'- automat!ca''y a##ear) as the 'reator has or'hestrated the union It will happen be'ause the #win 3lames have been sealed irrevo'ably to$ether from the moment of their 'reation -#he meetin$ of another #win 3lame 'alls upon the !n-!6!-ua' to "row s#!r!tua''yR ea' emot!ona''y1 menta''y an- # ys!ca''y and to look beyond the e"o1 # ys!ca' '!m!tat!ons an- a"e -!55erences -#he ener"y com4!ne- 5rom 4ot Tw!ns) is different from that of individuals It is a s#ec!a' o55er!n" t at t e Tw!ns "!6e to eac ot er and e(pend in their ser6!ce to uman!ty Hn our planet) out o5 t e -ar$ness '!" t w!'' emanate) illuminated by an in'reased number of 5'ames 6a'h flame represents the consc!ous an- armon!ous re'at!ons !# 4etween Tw!n Sou's 7s the numbers of #win Soul 'ouples 'ome to$ether) there will be a multitude of flamesE an a4un-ance o5 '!" t and a profusion of ener$y on the ;lanet whi'h would a't as a cata'yst and help to effe'tuate the e(pe'ted 4rea$t rou" !n consc!ousness 5or t e e6o'ut!on o5 Eart + -En'!"

Tw!n Sou's : Tw!n F'ames
It is said that ea'h and e6ery sou' as a s#!r!tua' counter#art or a twin that is their e<act #o'ar o##os!te 1hen the soul was 'reated it was manifested in a Go-/Go--ess ima$e from the infinite sour'e Hne twin polariIed to the y!n or 5ema'e side and one twin polariIed to the ma'e or yan" side

>y <irsten @ones http%&&www astrostar 'om&#winSouls-#win3lames htm

6a'h of the twins retained a see- o5 t e!r counter#art #hese spiritual 'ounterparts are linked to$ether throu$hout eternity #win souls or flames embody a -ee# uncon-!t!ona' 'o6e t at !s eterna'1 #ure an- o5 t e !" est 5orm #he 'o6e !s =-!6!ne= in nature and is representative of the 'o6e t at t e un!6erse e6o$es It is said that throu$h a $ra'ious dispensation $ranted by the Creator) Tw!n F'ames 5rom a'' 5reDuenc!es are reun!t!n" a"a!n in order to restore t e Un!ty o5 a'' creat!ons an- to co''a#se -ua'!ty -owever) 4e5ore an !n-!6!-ua' can meet an- un!te w!t t e!r Tw!n F'ame there is a myriad of work to en ance t e consc!ousnessE su'h as re'eas!n"1 ea'!n" an- 4ecom!n" an !nte"rate- w o'e #he eart must 4e stron" anres!'!ent t rou" su55er!n" "r!e51 #a!n an- 'oss as well as e(perien'in$ many unified and lovin$ soul mate re'at!ons !#sE whi'h would 'ontribute to the intensity of bein$ finally united with the twin flame 7 love 'orrelation cannot e<!st !n a co:-e#en-ent1 e"o: 4ase- re'at!ons !# or from a per'eived 4need4 that another person would make them whole and 'omplete Eac a'5 must !n!t!a''y 4a'ance t e!r !nner ma'e an- 5ema'e ener"!es 4e5ore t ey can un!te 7 powerful resonant ma$neti' ener$y field with a flow of total and uncon-!t!ona' 'o6e 'an attra't twin flames) invokin$ a spiritual 'onne'tion between the trinity or triad of the 8ivine 7ll #hat Is and the twin flames) ?oined by their one soul and eternally allied to Aod

tene- #eo#'e are #re#ar!n" t emse'6es for this in their own ways) realiIin$ it is time for us to awaken to our ori$ins and our potential and ta$e res#ons!4!'!ty 5or ourse'6es an- 5or t e eart 1e believe that tw!n sou's have a spe'ial

'ontribution to makeE their 'omin$ to$ether in numbers at this time has a reason at both the individual and planetary level 1hen twin souls ?oin) they "enerate a 6orte< o5 ener"y t at may 4e seen as a '!" t in the darkness of so'iety4s un'ons'iousness http%&&www les'arney 'om&soulSmates htm

Gnos!sXSecretXGateXtoXGar-enXo5 XE-en+
Inanna From ,!$!#e-!a1 t e 5ree encyc'o#e-!a The M"rr$"%e o! INANNA @ DUMUAIB
http%&&www reweavin$ or$&inanna2 html http%&&www reweavin$ or$&inanna html subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
Sumerian !inor Aods and Aoddesses L!Duor Boar- o5 )ntar!o str!$e2- >ad idea for the $overnment 'ash flow >est to -ra!n #eo#'es 4an$ accounts and 'reate a S#9I<6 SC796 1ith an Hshawa li=uor warehouse the siIe of ,0 -ome8epots) who 'an afford to keep it full #hat would hurt the $overnment4s payroll R,G million made in HN6 87Yyesterday) for the bottled bad dream -You will now have 'ess money 5or sur6!6a' necess!t!es1 once t ey cut o55 t e e'ectr!c!ty to the 'ity Boo?e !s nee-e- 5or mass m!n- contro') a$$ression and depression #hey won4t suppress the SPIRITS too easily .7l'ohol $ives low vibrational spirits a''ess to your soul0 8on4t trust >i$ >rother #hey 'an also manipulate what $oes into the >HHL6 produ'ts too

http%&&www 'rystalinks 'om&sumer$ods, html

Inanna) Nueen of -eaven and 6arth
http%&&www theoso'iety or$&pasadena&sunrise&K2-02-+&mielo2 htm

6N<I S;67<S !essa$es 3rom 6nki% -umanity4s 3ather !arduk foils marria$e of 6nlilite Inanna O 6nkiite 8umuIi 8umuIi and Inanna
http%&&www 'alres'o or$&kawash&timeP htm

Awa$en!n" to Qero Po!nt @Gre"" Bra-en 799*A pt ,

http%&&www enkispeaks 'om&6ssays&2G8umuIiandInanna htm C1e are $oin$ throu$h a time of tremen-ous c an"eC ar'haeolo$i'al resear'h and stunnin$ visual eviden'e) >raden reveals the "eo# ys!ca' s !5ts #re-!cte- centur!es a"o O ow t e s !5t to =?ero:#o!nt= !n5'uences our emot!ons1 !mmune systems1 an- e6en our "enet!c co-e c and how ea'h of us 'an use the 3ive 6ssene #enets of Compassion to help tri$$er a new era for humankind 7re these the lost keys to the ne(t phase of human evolution2 Are$$ >raden invites viewers to wat'h) listen) and de'ide for themselves c as he takes them on an unfor$ettable e('ursion Beyon- Qero Po!nt+ F'ower o5 L!5e1 2run6a'o1 Gre"" Bra-en1 S !5t o5 t e A"es1 20721 "eo'o"!st1 sacre- 9ourney "u!-e1 s#!r!tua'1 Gre"" Bra-en> Sc!ent!st o5 %om#ass!on .with a profound intuitive insi$ht re$ardin$ the 'han$es that we are under$oin$0

Inanna O 6reski$al

http%&&www hrana?anto 'om&$oddess$allery&inanna html

7wakenin$ to Lero ;oint .Are$$ >raden ,99/0 #art2

0/ 2P 09 Gar4a"e str!$e !n Toronto will 'reate the
e'onomi') health) environmental disaster needed to take down this CRa!n4ow ,arr!or Ener"yC 'ity ;erfe't time for the summer >lame the "nion leaders and $overnment offi'ials) who are Illuminati puppets "nions are >IA !HN6Y

7wakenin$ to Lero ;oint .Are$$ >raden ,99/0 part+ 7wakenin$ to Lero ;oint .Are$$ >raden ,99/0 partP

0/ 2+ 09 -6 subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009 Sherry 5ive /-22-2009 8acc!ne 2an"ers
http%&&www sherryshriner 'om&

>y <en 7da'hi ]6ditorTedu'ate-yourself or$^ http%&&edu'ate-yourself or$&v'd&inde( shtml

2eman- t e remo6a' o5 FLU)RI2E an- As#artame 5rom our F))2/,ater SUPPL.
C;aid out professionalsC know that it #o!sons you) -um4s you -own and they nee- to 4e e'- accounta4'e for the death and destru'tion of so many lives 8acc!nes are deadly too %LASS A%TI)N LA,SUITS need to be started 2ra!n t e!r 4an$ accounts o5 t e 4'oo- money sto'en 5rom t e ens'a6emasses+ FLU)RI2E IS RAT P)IS)N (((

8acc!ne Nat!on - 8ire'tor4s Cut .Aary
3or most people) va''inatin$ themselves and their 'hildren seems like a $ood idea Va''ines are safe) effe'tive and are supposed to prote't us a$ainst dan$erous infe'tious diseases 9i$ht2 1ron$:

, at you -onBt $now can arm you or $!'' you( In t !s "roun-4rea$!n" 5!'m1 you w!''> ^ See t e trut a4out t e -an"ers o5 6acc!nes an- t e!r -!rect re'at!ons !# to auto!mmune -!seases1 !n5ect!ons1 a''er"!es an- a mass!6e !ncrease o5 -e6e'o#menta' 'earn!n" an- 4e a6!ora' -!sor-ers !n c !'-ren1 suc as Aut!sm+ M

ASPARTAME ((( T e TRUT& A4out F'uor!-e( F'uor!-e !s Po!son( 2on3t use !t(
http%&&www lovethetruth 'om&truthSaboutSfluoride htm

8is'over the trut a4out t e !story o5 6acc!nes and how they have NE8ER 4een #ro6en to 4e sa5e an- e55ect!6e 5or anyone M 1itness the le$a'y of "o6ernmenta' -ece#t!on an- co6er:u#s asso'iated with va''ines M 5earn about the corru#t!on w!t !n t e sc!ent!5!c commun!ty anow 6acc!ne stu-!es are ser!ous'y 5'awe- M YouXll also follow heart-wren'hin$) real life stories of the parents and 'hildren devastated by the effe'ts of va''ines @oin dire'tor Aary Null ;h8 and over P0 of the worlds foremost va''ine e(perts in this sho'kin$ e(poseX that will shatter the truth as you know it 8V8 'opies are available at www $arynull 'om


%ar#con6erters+!n5o ^^^ Barac$ )4ama Re'ate- to S!< US Pres!-ents
#he New 6n$land -istori' Aenealo$i'al So'iety released their $enealo$y report #uesday after tra'in$ the family trees of the top presidential 'andidates , y Are Most I5 Not A'' U+S+ Pres!-ents Re'ate- to Eac )t erC 7 very biIarre fa't of apparent politi'al reality is that the ma?ority of " S ;residents are related to one another in their family trees) as well as havin$ '!nea"e to t e roya' 5am!'!es o5 Euro#e 1e are supposed to be a 9epubli') a kind of laisseI-faire representative demo'ra'y) so what is up with these ;residents bein$ related to ea'h other2 Is it 'oin'iden'e2 If we dis'over this to be the 'ase with one) two) or possibly three e(amples) then yes) an ar$ument 'an be made that the matter was purely 'oin'idental) but there apparently are many e(amples of these stran$e hereditarial family tree relationships #here was re'ent press 'overa$e reportin$ that Barac$ )4ama !s a cous!n o5 8!ce Pres!-ent 2!c$ % eney 1hat

,ater F'uor!-at!on
http%&&www fluoridealert or$&fluoridation htm

P)IS)NC .ou 4et your sweet as#artame( 32IET3 2RIN/S ARE SPI/E2 ,IT& P)IS)N)US %&EMI%ALS( #he world is bein$ poisoned by 'hemi'als O sweeteners: ;eople are dyin$ and the word isn4t $ettin$ out) the media are 'overin$ this up:

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
are we to make of the apparent fa't that Hbama is related to his politi'al nemesis Cheney2 In addition) when ?ournalists asked Hbama about Cheney bein$ related to him) Hbama replied somethin$ to the effe't that he was not worried) althou$h he was not $oin$ to $o out on a huntin$ trip with him #hat was a way of passin$ off a very stran$e politi'al fa't with a ton$ue-in-'heek ?oke 6ven thou$h it was a $enuinely funny response) Hbama never e(plained the un'anny fa't that he and Cheney were indeed 'ousins "nited States ;residents and #he !asoni' ;ower Stru'ture If you study the of famous !asons) ?ust lookin$ at a name means very little 1hen you date and pla'e those names in the proper time line and pla'ement of power you be$in to see the de'eption and vastness of this power elite 1hat will sho'k you even more is to learn w o t e #owers are 4e !n- t e Freemasons+ Noti'e the death4s of non !asoni' presidents or those who lost favor) and the shufflin$ of the vi'e presidents to $et them in the position of takeover before the presidents were killed or removed Note also the number of presidential runnin$ mates who lost the ra'e for presiden'y were !asons also 7 win win situation re$ardless of the out'ome of the ele'tion #he Mason3s a6e contro''e- t !s country 5rom t e 4e"!nn!n"+ http%&&www 5ove-ai$ht or$&noSwar

S7VIH"9S after or'hestrated e'onomi' 'ollapse and $lobal unrest2 T at3s t e PLAN( N1H Conne'tions% ;ro?e't >luebeam and S'ientolo$y2

BB% %au" t In Mass Pu4'!c 2ece#t!on ,!t Iran Pro#a"an-aNews 'orporation uses photo from pro7hmadine?ad rally) 'laims it represents anti$overnment protest http%&&www prisonplanet 'om&bb''au$ht-in-mass-publi'-de'eption-with-iran-propa$anda html

, ere w!'' t e B).S o5 2EAT& BE: )NE M)NT& FR)M N),C 2ohe'$"n Gro&e


http%&&www ?esus-is-savior 'om&3alse U209eli$ions&1i''aU20O U201it'h'raft&bohemianS$roveSe(posed htm

T e Bo em!an Gro6e E<#ose-

0/ 2, 09 Q!on!st/8at!can owneME2IA %)NTINUES T) .)U+


Emer"ency Broa-cast( New ,or'- )r-er A ea-( N,) Pro"ramm!n"> Pro4'em: Iran ele'tions Ille$al as usual) unrest breaks out) fueled by provo'ateurs and "N 9H>HCH; !I5I#79Y ;H5IC6 React!on: &ELL:ary and )BAMA on hand to show 'on'ern I"nat!e55 and Netanya u e(press their FALSE com#ass!on 5or Iran!ans+ @T ese SATANISTS are %om#ass!onate an- %oncerne- a4out contro''!n" IRAN an- t e )ILA

Aeor$e >ush) @ohn <erry) 8avid Aer$en) and many others have admitted their membership of the Skull and >ones 7<7 the >ohemian Arove 1oe unto 7meri'a: Many o5 our nat!on3s !" est 'ea-ers wors !# Satan1 and are willin$ servants of 6VI5 #hey are 'ontrolled by Satan) the $od of this world .2nd Corinthians P%P0 Satan contro's t ese men t rou" t e occu't .i e ) ChiddenC or$aniIations0 @esus said Cin se'ret have I done nothin$C .@ohn ,*%200) be'ause -e had nothin$ to hide , y t e secrecy 5rom our nat!on3s to# 'ea-ersC It3s 4ecause t ey are o5 t e 2e6!' Skull and >ones is of the 8evil 3reemasonry is of the 8evil #he 4!?arre #a"an r!tua' o5 t e Bo em!an Gro6e) the %remat!on o5 %are ceremony ) is pra'ti'ed by its members .all men0) in'ludin$ both Pres!-ents Bus 1 B!'' %'!nton1 R!c ar- N!<on1 ;!mmy %arter1 %o'!n Powe''1 an- &enry /!ss!n"er to name 4ut a 5ew+ -@ust as L!'!t !s t e -emon!c "o- o5 Bo em!an Gro6e1 so is Ba# omet @t e son o5 Luc!5er an- L!'!t 0 the -emon!c "o- o5 Freemasonry 8o you see how all these demoni' o''ult or$aniIations are linked to$ether2 In modern 5u'iferianism) L!'!t !s cons!-ere- a consort an-/or an as#ect o5 Luc!5er and is identified with the fi$ure of >abalon She is said to 'ome from the mud and dust) and is known as the 0ueen o5 t e Sucu4! 1hen she and 5u'ifer mate) they form an an-ro"ynous 4e!n" ca''e- =Ba# omet= or the =Goat o5 Men-es1= also known in 5u'iferianism as the CGo- o5 ,!tc es C -SH"9C6% #he Chur'h of 5u'ifer >ohemian Arove is rooted in 5u'iferianism::: #he writin$s by !i'hael 3ord) C#he 3oundations of the 5u'iferian ;ath)C 'ontends that L!'!t 5orms t e Luc!5er!an Tr!n!ty) 'omposed of er1 Samae' an- %a!n 5ikewise) she is said to have been %a!n3s actua' mot er1 as o##ose- to E6e) but throu$h her 5ilith here is seen as a $oddess of wit'hes) the dark feminine prin'iple) and is also known as the $oddess &ecate+

0/ ,9 2009
So'ut!on: 375S6 ;67C62 !7I#96Y7 'omin$ soon2 "3H 37<6 97;#"962 7N#IC-9IS# S7N7N87 and S7N7# <"!7972 375S6


&ere comes t e N,)+ &AARP weat er wars1 #'a"ues1 5am!ne1 #est!'ence1 ,AR+

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
A'' !n t e name o5 GREE2 an- EG)( Pre,"re !or the CS6IT TO 6IT T6E FAN1C %ana-!an Go6ernment %orru#t!on T e Q!on!st E'e# ant In T e Room #he 8avid I'ke Newsletter /-,P-9 http%&&www rense 'om& Geor"e Ga''oway e<#oses Q!on!st #ro#a"an-a && T e !''um!nat!1 t e M!--'e East1 J me-!a #ro#a"an-a // Mass Mur-er !n Pa'est!ne http%&&www youtube 'om&user&$eor$e$alloway dot'om
You know from a re'ent previous issue on pa$e ,P the story about the Israeli Iionists sendin$ fi$hter pilots from Israel to Sri 5anka to kill #amils Canada is awake:: No !ore #ri'ks from N1H: #he Iionists have been sellin$ arms to both sides and $et weapons from Cambodia for at least one 'ountry Lionists assassinated the leader of Sri 5anka about ,2 years a$o and tried to $et the #amils blamed for it #he false 'har$es fell throu$h be'ause they were inno'ent 9ae4s latest lies 'laimin$ he is 'on'erned for #amils in his ridin$ is ?ust 'rap >ob 9ae has a'hieved nothin$ in his so-'alled 'areer e('ept make 'onta't with 1all Street bankers and other international intri$ue -is brother horribly bullied >en 3ulford when their fathers were Canadian ambassadors to !e(i'o -e tried to sell Hntario -ydro to 6nron #his $uy was never an N8;er -- he is an international outlaw 7lso) I$natieff4s ridin$ has been a sour'e of ;! appointments - the lo'al ridin$ asso'iation pi'ked their own 'andidate and in Chretien4s day he appointed a bla'k woman there -- the 5iberals have embedded in their poli'y the =uota of K !;s whi'h they 'an appoint a$ainst the wishes of the lo'al ridin$ asso'iation Chretien pi'ked K in #oronto alone Currenty) 8alton !'Auinty also has the same powers $iven to him by Hntario 5iberal ;arty -- Vi'tor 0/ ,G 2009 IAAY mana$es to keep C7N78I7N C9I!IN75 AHV69N!6N# afloat for now -"!7N 9IA-#S and 179 C9I!6S CHN#IN"6 No -elp for C7N78I7NS in a S7#7NIC N1H C7N78I7N 7;7#-Y CHN#IN"6S 1e have no leadership 8oes anyone 'are2 A6NHCI86 N6F# 6I won4t fi( our unemployment problem If you 'an4t lead the 'ountry) move over so someone 'an YH" -7V6 37I568 !IS697>5Y CH1798S 'lin$in$ to money and false hopes Your 'hildren have been sa'rifi'ed for your $reed and apathy

3rom 1ikipedia) the free en'y'lopedia

9ense !or$ellons 9adio Spe'ials
http%&&www rense 'om&8atapa$es&mor$9S;6C htm

9eported ;ositive #reatment for !or$ellons >y 8aisy >aleen

.I would su$$est tryin$ H(y$en blea'h powder vs the su$$ested 'hlorine produ'ts in the arti'le above-8ana0

http%&&www youtube 'om&user&fknnewI

0/ ,* 2009 .*Jnumerolo$y0 A4out our %ANA2IAN %r!m!na''y Se'ecte- Go6ernment t at our I''e"a' TAW 2)LLARS "et wasteon(
Par'!ament recesses on Fr!-ay to waste anot er summer -o!n" not !n" 5or %ANA2IANS+ #hose who destroyed Canada and think
that they will be safe now) in an off-shore haven or under$round base you are in for the surprise of your life 7 well deserved one

3ort !'!urray wildfires burnin$ near oil

&ar#er !s a REAL N,) AGENT &&& T e B!" P!cture> N,) !n %ana-a

from 6ictor Toronto Street Ne$s 8ana%%% It is likely that 9ae4s 2K trips to Sri 5anka involved the arms trade -e was already e(posed by ourselves for his !aoist brother-in-law Aary ;erly w o smu""'e'hinese into Canada with the help of !auri'e Stron$ who was known as Cun'le !oeC to >ob 9ae as his de'ades lon$ family friend

0/ ,/ 2009

./ numerolo$y0

2RAMA 4y -es!"nC ,!'' we a6e a %ANA2A a5ter t !s summerC , en t e Go6ernment co''a#ses1 !t may 9ust stay co''a#se-+

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009

,e3re In A Lot )5 Trou4'e
)4ama3s s#eec 1 5!''e- w!t unctuous 5'attery towar- t e myt o'o"y o5 Is'am!c Su#remac!sm Te ranBs Answer to )4ama
http%&&'anadafreepress 'om&inde( php&arti'le&,,992

S!n"!n" 5rom )4amaBs son" s eet
http%&&www ffwdweekly 'om&arti'le&newsviews&viewpoint&sin$in$-from-obamas-son$-sheet-+,9G& Shortly after Hbama be'ame president-ele't) &ar#er an- !s $ey m!n!sters floated the idea of a c'!mate:c an"e #act w!t t e U+S that would see Canada provide a se'ure supply of oil and $as in e('han$e for adoptin$ 'ommon standards and me'hanisms to redu'e $reenhouse $ases

!n 5a6or o5 !t In the @anuary K) 200+ edition of #he New York #imes !a$aIine) I$natieff writes% Ira= lays bare the realities of 7meri'aXs new role Ira= itself is an imperial fi'tion 'obbled to$ether at the Versailles ;ea'e Conferen'e in ,9,9 by the 3ren'h and the >ritish and held to$ether by for'e and violen'e sin'e independen'e Now an e(pansionist ri$hts violator holds it to$ether with terror #he "nited Nations lay doIin$ like a do$ before the fire) happy to i$nore Saddam) until an 7meri'an president seiIed it by the s'ruff of the ne'k and made it bark !ultilateral solutions to the worldXs problems are all very well) but they have no teeth unless 7meri'a bares it fan$s

0uest!on Per!o- Low'!" ts

http%&&ottawawat'h blo$spot 'om&2009&0/&=uestion-periodlowli$hts html


NAQI ='!4era'= I"nat!e55 try!n" to ta$e o6er %ana-a1 )BAMA sty'e+http%&&'anadafreepress 'om&inde( php&arti'le&/*/2
--e was 'ollea$ues and 'lose friends with Samantha ;ower) the Hbama forei$n poli'y adviser who resi$ned last sprin$ after referrin$ to &!''ary %'!nton as ba monsterE but has sin'e fallen ba'k into favor with #he Hne If Barac$ )4ama were a %ana-!an !s 'an"ua"e wou'not 4e un'!$e t at o5 M!c ae' I"nat!e55 w o s are!s t ou" ts on Amer!ca a5ter t e Se#tem4er 77t attac$s in the !ar'h 2002 issue >ritish literary ma$aIine Aranta% -1hile )4ama was s#ea$!n" out a"a!nst Amer!ca "o!n" to war !n IraD !n 20021 I"nat!e55 was wr!t!n" e-!tor!a's

http%&&fa'ulty washin$ton edu nsin$h&i$natieff htm0 >y 7u$ust 200G) ?ust as the " S military sur$e was be$innin$ to reap rewards) I$natieff reversed his position on Ira= 'allin$ it Dan unfoldin$ 'atastrophe _ -e was now in simpati'o with Hbama I5 )4ama !s Amer!caBs sa6!or t en I"nat!e55 !s %ana-aBs #ro-!"a' son 7fter more than a Duarter century a4roaI$natieff returned to Canada in 200K to be'ome a 6!s!t!n" #ro5essor at t e Un!6ers!ty o5 Toronto) his alma mater -owever) the prin'iple reason I$natieff 'ame home was be'ause #rom!nent L!4era's wante- !m to run 5or Par'!ament and also viewed him as a su''essor to then Pr!me M!n!ster Pau' Mart!n -I$natieff sou$ht the 5iberal nomination in a #oronto ridin$ for the @anuary 200/ federal ele'tion -e won the nomination althou$h some "krainian members of the ridin$ ob?e'ted be'ause they believed his ,99K book on nationalism B'oo- an- Be'on"!n" to be #ro: Russ!an an- ant!:U$ra!n!an 7lthou$h I$natieff was ele'ted to the -ouse of Commons) the 5iberals lost to the Conservatives after bein$ in power for ,2 years !artin immediately resi$ned as 5iberal ;arty leader thus intensifyin$ spe'ulation that I$natieff would be his heir apparent I$natieff ?umped into the ra'e to su''eed !artin in 7pril 200/ -is as'ension was too fast) too soon for some 1hile I$natieff did not 'rash and burn he made a 'ouple of missteps whi'h kept him from winnin$ outri$ht two years a$o #he downside of his eni$ma would ere't a temporary roadblo'k to his politi'al 'areer !any L!4era's a- reser6at!ons a4out I"nat!e55Bs #os!t!on on IraD , !'e %ana-a a- troo#s !n A5" an!stan e6en t e Tor!es -!- not -are sen- troo#s to IraD 7lthou$h $enerally re$arded as #ro:Israe'1 I"nat!e55 also raised the ire of some @ewish members of the 5iberal ;arty in H'tober 200/ when he a''used Israel of 'ommittin$ war 'rimes in Nana) 5ebanon durin$ the Israel--eIbollah war three months earlier -is 'omments prompted the resi$nation of his 'ampai$n 'o-'hair and then 5iberal !; Susan <adis as well as the -e5ect!on o5 se6era' #rom!nent ;ew!s L!4era's to t e %onser6at!6e Party http%&&www ameri'andaily 'om&arti'le&,/0+/&

-I$natieff earned -arperXs respe't espe'ially when I$natieff

emer$ed as one o5 t e 5ew L!4era's w o su##orte- t e cont!nuat!on o5 %ana-aBs m!'!tary #resence !n A5" an!stan In !ay 200/) I"nat!e55 #ersua-e- 2H ot er

6/ subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
L!4era's to 9o!n !m !n 6ot!n" w!t t e %onser6at!6es to e(tend the mission in 7f$hanistan to 3ebruary 2009 .whi'h has sin'e been e(tended to @uly 20,, 0 7fter the vote) &ar#er crosse- t e 5'oor o5 t e &ouse o5 %ommons to s a$e I"nat!e55Bs an- I$natieff probably saved the Conservative $overnment from fallin$ that day -!embers of the $eneral publi' don4t believe $an$ stalkin$ 'an be happenin$ 5inked are some news 'lippin$s about the e=ually horrible Satani' 9itual 7buse .S970 arena) whi'h in fa't pra'ti'es the type of 'hild torture that produ'es !<"5#97-style C!an'hurian CandidatesC

L!4era's> wo'6es !n s ee#Bs c'ot !n" >y 5loyd !ar'us !onday) @une ,K) 2009
http%&&'anadafreepress 'om&inde( php&arti'le&,,99*

Luc!5er3s Lo-"e> Satan!c R!tua' A4use !n t e %at o'!c % urc

5iberal C'radle to $rave $overnment dependen'yC pro$rams kill in'entive and ultimately hurt people

I"nat!e55 Gro6e's to P'ease T e Lo44y http%&&Iiofas'ism net&blo$&2pJP,9 )s!r!s : T e Anc!ent E"y#t!an Gohttp%&&www buIIle 'om&arti'les&osiris-the-an'ient-e$yptian$od html ^]^ ^]^ ^]^

Ron ,yatt ta'$!n" a4out ;ESUS 4'oo- sam#'e Austr!an B!s o# 2er!-es )r"y %'a!ms http%&&www buIIle 'om&editorials&G-,2-200P-

K/K,* asp -some I01000 # otos an- c !'- #orno"ra# y 6!-eos found by 'hur'h offi'ials on com#uters at t e sem!nary 1hile the 7ustrian >ishops4 Conferen'e issued a statement de'larin$ that Chomose(uality and porno$raphyC 'ould have no pla'e at the seminary) B!s o# /renn re5use- to res!"n and appeared to 'ompound the 'risis by say!n"> =T !s as "ot not !n" to -o w!t omose<ua'!ty+ It3s 9ust 4oys3 #ran$s+C

An"er at 8at!can P'an to Ban A'tar G!r's http%&&www buIIle 'om&editorials&9-2+-200+-

PKGG2 asp 7 heated battle has been ?oined in the Vati'an between moderates and 'onservatives over a dire'tive) 'alled for by the ;ope) that would bar altar $irls and stop millions of 9oman Catholi's around the world dan'in$) or even 'lappin$) in their 'hur'hes

]NGm 5or c urc 3s se< 6!ct!ms
!7N-7##7N >67C-) C7

http%&&www buIIle 'om&editorials&9-,0-200+-PK2KP asp


http%&&www reli$ioustoleran'e or$&raSm'mar htm So'iety needs to know this information If it is not done now) there will be in'omplete data available to 'ombat the ne(t disaster of this $eneral type #hree hundred years a$o) Salem) !7 be'ame 'onvin'ed that the area was infested with wit'hesE about two doIen inno'ent people were killed In the ,9*04s) seven people were tried for ima$inary ritual abuse 'rimes a$ainst youn$ 'hildren #he ne(t 'alamity may be sooner than three 'enturies from now 1e need to be on $uard #he best defense is to fully understand the past

Sunday) +0 8e'ember 200G by 1illiam - <ennedy http%&&propheti'news net&'ontent&view&P9+P& -Hne fellow told me about bein$ a4use- !n a %at o'!c 4oyBs ome in what he 'alled Dt e 4'ac$ room_) a r!tua' c am4er use- 4y #r!ests to ra#e youn" 4oys 7nother man who also lived at this home told me about 'ertain devilish pra'ti'es that o''urred in the bla'k room 7fter readin$ the Irish ?ournalist 7lison HXConnorXs book &7 !essa$e from -eaven& .20000 about the priest 'risis in Ireland) I learned that a 'ertain Irish priest used what vi'tims .who like to referred to as Dsurvivors_0 'alled bt e -e6!'Bs roomE to mo'est c !'-ren+ #here seemed to be a network of these ad ho' r!tua' c am4ers bein$ used by %at o'!c #r!ests a'' o6er t e wor'- #his was all very hard to absorb -!y theory 'on'ernin$ the history of this 'ult that appears throu$hout this study is 'ertainly within the realm of 'on?e'ture and is not offered as bein$ absolute It a'ts more as a vehi'le to initiate debate on the or!"!n o5 t !s stran"e sect w!t !n t e % urc o5 Rome It must be 'ate$ori'ally and emphati'ally stated that this study does not 'omprise a blanket indi'tment of Catholi' priests #he 6ast ma9or!ty o5 Roman %at o'!c curates /$ee# /t e!r 6ow o5 ce'!4acy an- ne6er a6e se<ua' re'at!ons 3ather !ala'hi !artin c himself a lifelon$ priest of the Chur'h of 9ome c 'laimed satan!c #e-o# !'e #r!ests const!tute on'y a4out one to two #ercent o5 a'' %at o'!c c'er!cs worldwide) an estimate based on a se'ret Vati'an se( study 'ondu'ted from ,99P-9/ and whi'h also 'on'ludes that well over 90 per'ent of Catholi' 'ler$y have never had se(ual 'onta't in their 'leri'al lives -#he ma?or pre'ept of a tru'y 5ree soc!ety is its to'erance o5 s#!r!tua' 4e'!e5s even if those beliefs are offensive to others or oneself --owever) there are #r!ests o5 t e % urc o5 Rome who have com4!ne- e'ements o5 Satan!sm an- %at o'!c!sm in the ra#e o5 women an- c !'-ren and it is these individuals I am fo'usin$ on in this book In this re$ard I refer to them as bSatan!stsE an- bLuc!5er!ansE and I should point out that I am only referrin$ to the Catholi' priests who were involved in S97 'ases >asi'ally) Satan!st #r!ests !n6o$e SatanBs name !n ma"!ca' e<es an- o55er se< r!tua's to Satan Luc!5er!an #r!ests are t ose #r!ests w o m!m!c t e act!ons o5 Luc!5er an- !n6ert t e % r!st!an r!tes w!t #er6erte- se< r!tua's >oth sorts of Catholi' priests have been well aware of ea'h other and have sometimes shared information -

A Satan!c R!tua' A4use Sur6!6orBs Story >y Nan'y 8unn

Satan!c R!tua' A4use Ma$es Gan" Sta'$!n" Seem L!$e'!er
http%&&www raven, net&sra htm

http%&&www ''mlit or$&Challen$er&Challen$erS200*&Ch$S200* 0G09S0+ html -Satanists are an or$aniIed $roupE they even have a satan!c ca'en-ar -!ctat!n" w at ty#e o5 r!tua' s ou'- a##en w en 3or e(ample) &a''oween re=uires the 4'oo- sacr!5!ce o5 an !n5antE ot er -ates re=uire the se<ua' sacr!5!ce o5 a teena"e 6!r"!n #hey attempt to 'ontrol and destroy lives throu$h a systemat!c -e uman!?at!on o5 t e sou'

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
#hat first memoryVof se6en oo-e- men standin$ round me Vwas of my se6ent 4!rt -ay >e'ause I was born on Easter Sun-ay) this made me somehow Dspe'ial _ #hey would make a mo'kery of ChristXs 9esurre'tion as they a4use- me on eac o5 my 4!rt -ays - I dis'overed that I was use- as a 4a4y 4ree-er+ I was !m#re"nate- 4y my 5at er or someone else in the $roup several times so that I would have a baby that they 'ould use as a uman 4'oo- sacr!5!ce to Satan+

Re6ea'e-1 s!< -eca-es o5 3r!tua'3 c !'- a4use> %at o'!c sc oo's anor# ana"es -amne- !n re#ort #he
8aily !ail 2009-0K-2,
http%&&www dailymail 'o uk&news&worldnews&arti'le,,*P*2*&9evealed-de'ades-ritual-'hild-abuse-Catholi's'hools-orphana$es-damned-report html

0/ ,+ 2009

./-,+-,, numerolo$y0

T e Go'- M!ss!on an- t e % r!st!an &e''
Is t e % r!st!an &e'' some !n6ent!on o5 t e % urc or a6e t ey co#!e- t e conce#t 5rom a rea' &e'' ere on Eart C
http%&&www buIIle 'om&arti'les&he-$old-mission-and-the'hristian-hel html #his real -ell was the 'reation of the alien $ods whoXs Commander En'!' later be'ame .a we and Aod #hey 'ould use as many slaves as they needed as $old miners and even as servants in their homes Hur an'estors had no possibility to es'ape 4the hand of Ner$al4 #oday we are not slaves any more but free 'itiIens with the ability to di$ for $old for ourselves) or so we think 7re we doin$ the di$$in$ and storin$ the $old for someone else2

N), IS A G))2 TIME T) ESTABLIS& a G)8ERNMENT1 BAN/1 E2U%ATI)N1 E%)N)M. an- ;USTI%E system o5 t e PE)PLE1 5or t e PE)PLE+ SPSERENIT.

Me-!a ScrE,S
IRAN #rotesters
and Ro4o%o#s 'lash on #ehran streets after ele'tions) 'laimin$ FRAU2 A ma-!ne9asele'ted) but many say that Mousa6! won by a landslide #he VH#6S have a'ways 4een 5!<e- in a system H1N68 by >IA >9H#-69 H>VIH"S5Y I97N is very upset with this sele'ted 567869 a$ain #he ele'tion was for 'han$e) not to $et the 'ontinuation of the same ;9H>56!:

http%&&news bb' 'o uk&2&hi&middleSeast&*09*GG/ stm -#he Iranian ;resident knows the #alk) S)++ Let3s see t e ,AL/: -;6H;56 knew that it was fraud) but were #HH afraid of >7C<57S- from the $overnment 1ho would vote for a fearbased man2 Geor"e Ga''oway : Ma mou- A ma-!ne9a-

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
]M)NE.] for B!" Brot er #hey are interested in @"S#-"S) not @usti'e

;UNE 2009 : M. 2IRE%TE2 ENERG. AN2 NEUR)L)GI%AL ,EAP)NS T)RTURE1 2EGRA2ATI)N AN2 MUTILATI)N %ASE SUMMAR. Person oo- Tour !n )ttawa ;une 201 2009 w!t 2a6!-:/e6!n> L!n-say

#he 6ner$ies for @une 2009

.ou w!'' $now t em 4y t e!r FRUIT
A cre-!4'e 4!rt cert!5!cate cons#!racy t eory @Iran E'ect!onA c ;une 7H 2009 c Ste6e Sc !##ert :755 of us N668 to turf that system of votin$ #hey should vote online Hne name) one vote 755 7A6S 1e vote this way for a number of thin$s already


Iran 'ea-er !n Bus

3Satan3 c'a!m

ddd %'!nton !n %ana-a with Canon dis'ussin$ >uy 7meri'a

G) &)ME &ELL:AR.+ .ou are a TERR)RIST T&REAT T) %ANA2A+ 3orei$n !inister 5awren'e Canon and C5IN#-on dis'ussed Iranian ele'tions Canon 'on'erned about intimidation) and unfair ballot 'ountin$ %LINT:on++9ust wants a SATANI% N,)+ -illary Clinton 7lso 1orships Satan

http%&&news bb' 'o uk&2&hi&middleSeast&/0KK*+P stm #he president has been makin$ li$ht of the risk of any 'onfrontation with the outside world 7''ordin$ to the Iranian media) Mr A ma-!ne9a- sa!- e a- !ns#!rat!ona' '!n$s to Go-) and went on to say that if you were a true believer) Aod would show you mira'les #hen the Iranian president said !r >ush was similar to him 7''ordin$ to !r 7hmadine?ad) the US #res!-ent also re'eives inspiration - but it is from Satan -e repeated% CSatan inspires !r >ush C

Geor"e Ga''oway ta'$!n" a4out war w!t Iran && %'!nton %!rcus // Reacts To =)4ama ,!'' Bom4 Iran=

0/ ,, 2009 J ./ -,,- ,,numerolo$y0

7 year a"o &ar#er a#o'o"!?e- to F!rst Nat!ons 5or t e GEN)%I2ES o5 t e #ast+ >"# )B8I)USL. t at was a '!e
http%&&wonkette 'om&+*2/K*&hillary-'linton-also-worshipssatan

En-ea6our didn4t fly today

N7S7 said there was a -2 leak and was too dan$erous , y not "o t ru a worm o'e like they always do 1hy the ar'hai' ma'hinery2 3or show2

2!sease+ Shame on 8r 8onald 5ow-pandemi' -!]:Ea]e ]#ec!a'!]t

2!"!ta' MIN2 %)NTR)L

#V ki'ks out rabbit ear analo$ today) in the "S7 >e prepared to be LH!>I68 SH mu'h investment for #eeVee) but nothin$ to help the 7meri'ans !"S# -7V6 7N 7A6N872 Y6S) of 'ourse -ypnoti' !IN8 CHN#9H5 and !7SS A6NHCI86 "fo4s and N6S797 de'eption with holo$raphi's Aman-a /no< . Seattle student0 a''used of murderin$ her >ritish) 'olle$e roommate is on trial) in I#75Y 7fter all ni$ht poli'e interro$ation without a lawyer) she si$ned a statement that wasn4t true) be'ause they said she was a stupid liar and she for$ot -2own w!t t e %)RRUPT ;USTI%E S.STEM: She talks about bein$ inno'ent) yet the CH;S for'ed her to say that she killed her roommate) but didn4t remember) beatin$ the messa$e into her #-7# IS #-6 17Y CH;S interro$ate 6V69Y1-696 @7I5 and the I556A75&56A75 system are BIG

PAN2EMI% ALERT: S%ARE LE8EL * #H87Y 1-H4s .1hole -olo'aust Hr$aniIation0 !ar$aret Chan said that 2G)G+G .*0 'ases of h,n, flu 'ases in the world) 29G* .*0 'ases in Canada) ,P,./0 deaths ) in GP .,,0 'ountries Now they want to
send antiviral dru$s to third world 'ountries and $et a va''ine by fall . Tam!5'u e(pirin$ this year and ]money] needs to be spent on this poison 7lso) the 6acc!ne w!'' $!'' m!''!ons be'ause >7Y69 and other ;-79!7 CH9;S-es have desi$ned it to kill you and infe't millions of others Mass -e#o#u'at!on1 Mart!a' Law1 Econom!c 2e6astat!on1 an- Ens'a6ement a5ter our !n5'at!on S)ARS+

6+ subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
-#his will infe't our #a#er currency&paper #ass#orts and the Illuminati will want to $o C7S-56SS M!''!ons -y!n" and t ose t at rema!n w!'' a6e c !# !m#'ants .in 'ards for the 656C#0 .and inside the enslaved !7SS6S of 1H9<69 >66S0 .ou nee- to ,A/E UP+ I5 you '!sten to t em1 you w!'' #er!s tremen-ous 4oost+= Ga''oway 'as e- out at Fe-era' M!n!ster o5 %!t!?ens !#1 Imm!"rat!on anMu't!cu'tura'!sm ;ason /enney when he was beamed into) via the Internet) a nearly full K**-seat !iS# theatre at the "niversity of #oronto !ississau$a #he 'ontroversial >rit was speakin$ from New York City be'ause the %ana-a Bor-er Ser6!ce A"ency ru'e- e was a t reat to our nat!ona' secur!ty and banned him from enterin$ the 'ountry C1hat was meant as a four-'ity tour has turned into a national and international story Mr+ /enney1 t an$:you 5or "!6!n" t e ant!:war mo6ement suc a tremen-ous 4oost w!t your eterna' 4'un-er!n")C said Aalloway You 'an read more at% http%&&www mississau$a 'om&arti'le&2K/K+

B. 2ESIGN: E2U%ATI)N is pumpin$
out -ro#s outs !n mass num4ers N) ;)BS1 4ut L)TS )F ARM. RE%RUITMENTS Your c !'-ren are "o!n" to 4e sacr!5!ce- for the SATANI% N,)

^^^ 0/ ,0 09 . numerolo$y J90 IF .)U BELIE8E T&E BULL )N TEE8EE1 t en your LIFE IS IN SERI)US 2ANGER(
Toronto: SA. N) to 8en-!n" Mac !nes1 So-a or As#artame !n S%&))LS <i'k-ba'kR
for the R'hool board are not worth your c !'- 4e!n" #o!sone- 4y PEPSI /%)/E or any ot er I''um!nat! %ARTEL =M)2IFIE2= #ro-ucts( Arow an or"an!c "ar-en on your property) $o hikin$ for some natura' teas) set up a bubble tea stand with oIonated 'lear water and other natural foods) and have the students run it on 'ommunity 'urren'y

, y are we !n A5" an!stanC
Geor"e Ga''oway 6s+ U+S Senate @G/7F/0GA Geor"e Ga''oway 2e5en-s A5" an F!" ters at Is'am Peace E6ent
#aken from the Alobal ;ea'e and "nity 6vent 200/ broad'ast 5ive on #he Islam Channel Geor"e Ga''oway con-emns t e U+S+ an- Great Br!ta!n 5or $!''!n" =A5" ans w o re9ect t e 5ore!"n occu#at!on o5 t e!r country+= -e then a''uses the U+S+ "o6ernment o5 5a$!n" !nterest !n t e "enoc!-e o5 2ar5ur only to $et access to stea' o!' resources) effe'tively 'ondemnin$ any future " S intervention in the area

Get o55 t e m!n- contro''!n" ME2S) c'ean u# your a!r1 water1 'an-1 m!n-1 4o-y1 '!5e1 aura and ta$e 4ac$ your c !'-ren1 country1 sou'1 an- !nte"r!ty 2) N)T&ING an- t ey w!'' GEN)%I2E an- ens'a6e t e #'anet+

7o FAT CATS "t the S#hoo) 2o"r* *on9t %$&e " ("t9s Ass "bo t those .$*s/ It9s "bo t the 'oney/ PE(IOD1 Anybody !ushing As!artame should be sentenced to !rison for attem!ted murder.htt!())$$$.s$eet!!artames$eeteners.html

)NL. you++can c an"e you( )n'y you can create ,&) .)U %&))SE T) BE+ Te'' me w y:"a?a

ASPARTAME : Monsanto B!o terror!sm : Rums5e'QI)NIST 5un-e- Bo4 RAE !;) .<in$ of #oronto Centre0was
turne- away from SRI LAN/A by the $overnment 3orei$n affairs said that %ANA2A3s treatment o5 t !s Tam!' "enoc!-e was unacce#ta4'e CH996C#- our country as 4een !9ac$e- 4y t e QI)NISTS1 w o 5un-e- t e "enoc!-e !n SRI LAN/A ;ason =/!ss Ass /enney= was appalled at the Sri 5ankan re?e'tion BE APPAULE2 ,IT& /ENNE. <enney is also a LIHNIS# ;";;6# 1ho would

1el'ome to !ISSISS7"A7 17#C- ;lease visit our website at www mississau$awat'h 'a @Banne- 5rom %ana-aA Br!t!s MP Geor"e Ga''oway4s 'omplete address at the "niveristy of #oronto !issisau$a ."#!0 3rom the !ississau$a News% >y% @ohn >kila !ar'h +,) 2009 ,,%09 ;! - 8urin$ his video appearan'e in !ississau$a toni$ht) 4anne- Br!t!s MP Geor"e Ga''oway t an$e- %ana-a3s !mm!"rat!on m!n!ster =5or "!6!n" t e ant!:war mo6ement suc a

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
wel'ome ISRAELI M)SSA2 terrorist supporters into their 'ountry 1ant a hero 'ookie2

News 9oundup% Ra!tt not sorry1 Rae sto##e- !n Sr! Lan$a an- F!at:% rys'er -ea' on t e mo6e

side of the sun 0 http%&&www informationliberation 'om&2 idJ,9KP0 -they -!scre-!t ya we ) 'han$e the y to 91 9a after all they worship satan&lu'ifer) morals and do$ma) albert pike http%&&www davidi'ke 'om&forum&showthread php2tJ,,/0*

;osted% @une ,0) 2009) 9%P2 7! by Shane 8in$man News 9oundup %ANA2A w!'' a6e t e!r "enoc!-e NEWT) if we keep this 7;7#-Y AHINA

-also wahe J yhwh J yahweh) sikhs say wahe$uru) as 'reator&sour'e) the sound is the same as yahweh&yhwh ek onkaar J one creator

,as !n"ton &o'ocaust Museum:

7n *9 year old white su#remac!st shooter went into a !useum) killed the $uard %IA owne- me-!a said that it was another 9:77 se'urity s'are CH;S were =ui'kly on the s'ene to 5HH< like -69H6S 1ashin$ton has terrorists be s'ared: >HHH: Classi' man'hurian 'andidate vi'tim a$ain It must be linked to the I''um!nat! in some way be'ause they are responsible for 9-,, T e numero'o"y !s IN .)UR FA%E( .!ost terror is Illuminati or'hestrated 0 #hey are tryin$ to start a race1 re'!"!on1 ,&ATE8ER ,AR) ?ust to wat'h us kill ea'hother off #hey feed off fear 8HN4# 3668 #-6!:

http%&&althouse blo$spot 'om&2009&0/&shootin$-at-holo'austmuseum html

R!c mon- B% sc oo' -!str!ct un-er =/I2NAPPING ,ARNING= 7n anti'ipatory note was left at the #o'!ce stat!on #hat4s all 9ust S%ARE T&E %&IL2REN and PUS& a MI%R)%&IP S)LUTI)N HN #-6! 7A7IN I! the note $s "t the POLICE STATION//worry !any of the ;H5IC6 have pled$ed

Cthe order worships another bein$) the Areat 7r'hite't of the "niverse) @ahbulon) whose nature bears a stron$ resemblan'e to that of Luc!5er #he 5reemasons are com#e''e- to 4e'!e6e !n TGATU .the Areat 7r'hite't of the "niverse0 7''ordin$ to the freemasons) ;a 4u'on !s t e %reat!6e Be!n"+ T e T r!ce Gran- Master Bu!'-er1 t e Name'ess S#!r!t w!t a &un-re- Names+= C7bove the altar is seen the Star o5 2a6!-) sometimes the red fivepointed star with a G !n t e centre #he A stands for the Go- o5 t e 5reemasons) @ahbulon #his is a 'ompound of the names of three $ods% .a we o5 Israe'1 Baa' o5 %anaan @or Be' o5 Ba4y'onA an- t e E"y#t!an )n @anot er name 5or t e "o- o5 -eat )s!r!sA #he 'ast two are a'so ca''eu#on at 4'ac$ ma"!c and Satan!st ceremon!es #he A offi'ially stands for Aeometry Hnly upon attainin$ a !" -e"ree !s t e 5reemason informed that the Areat 7r'hite't of the "niverse is 'alled @ahbulon In the de$ree 'alled the -oly 9oyal 7r'h .7Ht 0) the appearan'e of the mason!c "o;a 4u'on !s re6ea'e- -e has a s#!-er3s 4o-y an- t ree ea-s : t at o5 a cat1 a toa-1 an- a uman ea- In t !s way t e 5at er "o-1 t e "o- o5 t e ea6ens an- t e "oo5 -eat were un!te-+ :=G means also GENERATI8IT. %om#ass an- sDuare mean ma'e an5ema'e I translate the s=uare also as 81 t e mar$ o5 Luc!5er .So3 note0 C7s is well remembered the mason!c -e!ty ;a 4u'on as t e 4o-y o5 a s#!-er Spiders tend to spin their nets C So !nternet is the we4 o5 s#!-er ;a 4u'on 1e use in our e-mail the sin$ 3Y3 that it is a ser#ent s#!re ,,, means 88 88 88 J * ( V .So3 note0 http%&&www davidi'ke 'om&forum&showthread php2tJ,,/0*

alle$ian'e to a 4oy3s SE%RET S)%IET. and they are involved in this N,) a"en-a+ !any are too stu#!- to know it) but are attracte- 4y #ower an- "ree- Some are afraid to 2) T&E RIG&T T&ING and others are BLA%/MAILE2 !ore like %&I%/ENS1 Not MEN+

.S&I8A has many limbs too07tlantean hybrid $one haywire2


;ESUSPFI T e!r ")2 !s ;a :4u':on+ Luc!5er- the dark

Esus .-esus 0) i) m ) I a Ga''!c -e!ty) to whom uman 4'oo- was o55ere-) Ins'r Hrell ,99+E 5u' ,) PPKE 5a't ,) 2,) + Hne reads% C&esus:Mars !s a##ease- !n t !s mannner% they an" a man 5rom a tree unt!' !s mem4ers 5a'' o55 5rom t e 'oss o5 4'oo-C0 #he other reads% C#hey think that 6sus is !er'ury) althou$h he is honored by the mer'hants) and as war leader and $reat $od of the heavens they have Taran!s:;u#!ter) who was on'e a##ease- 4y uman ea-s but who is now 'ontent with herdsC0

T&E NAME )F T&E GREAT 2RAG)N subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
#he followers of Satanas name him with heroi' names) su'h as CAn"e' o5 L!" t=R =T e Sun=R =T e Sa6!our=R =;a 4o'osC doesn4t 'orrespond with their $reat heroeE that fa't is revealed only to few of them 3or that reason) reader must have present all the time who is the person that names this very wi'ked an$el In Genes!s H e !s set as enemy1 a-6ersary o5 t e man1 t at !s Satan In Ioannes *%PP he is named Mur-erer an- '!arR t at !s ;a 4o'os !ost of the names that he $ives to himself have more that one meanin$) su'h as AL -e also divided the sounds of his names and $ave one sound to some) and other sound to othersE for instan'e) some 'alled him @7-) and others >H5 http%&&iesous(ristos tripod 'om&/// html when he or she says C@esus ChristC he&she is really sayin$ C7nti FristosC If the reader wants to read more about the 4'as# emous wor- % r!st) please $o to Ant! Wr!stos1 -oa(olo$yE 3a't is 3a't #he reader must sear'h for the real meanin$ of the word CAH8C) be'ause not by 'han'e is the relationship 8HA-AH8 http%&&iesous(ristos tripod 'om&/// html )-!n/,o-enE#he Gau's use- to a##ease &esus anTeutas w!t uman 4'oo-E-uJ-esusE,9/ ,0K 5a'tantius) 5u'anus and !inutius 3eli( say that they had three $ods who they in their lan$ua$e were 'alled 6sus) or -esus) #eutatem and #aranis #he learned mostly take them to be !ars) !er'ury and Iupiter) -Mu amma4ecame su!c!-a': 7nd) as a result of his e(perien'e !uhammad be'ame depressed and sui'idal !uhammad had a mental disease that 'aused him to live in the darkness of doubt and fear Is the true Aod the author of !uhammad4s horrible e(perien'e2 Hr did Satan 'ause him su'h pain2 http%&&www an$elfire 'om&folk&anti'ristos&anti(ristos html ->e this enou$h to demostrate that @esus) 75) 6loah) 7llah) @ah) @ehova) Yahweh) @eshua) Yahshua) @ehoshua) the tetra$ammaton) !essiah) are some of the blaphemous names mentioned in 9evelation ,G%+) all of them lead to hell far from Iesous Fristos whose name doesn4t 'han$e% #hrou$h the a$es and 'ountries Iesous Fristos has been the same name% #he apostle Saoul and the demons knew the name Iesous Fristos without hesitation% #he apostle ;etros never 'han$ed the name of his 5ord and friend Iesous Fristos% http%&&$eo'ities 'om&?esusel'ristos&hoa(olo$yS,0 html -#he founders of both CfaithsC) the Mormons an- ;e o6a 3s w!tnesses1 were o5 t e I''um!nat! 4'oo-'!ne+ Charles #aIe 9ussell) who founded the 1at'htower So'iety .@1s0) was of the I''um!nat! Russe'' 4'oo-'!ne1 w !c a'so 5oun-e- t e !n5amous S$u'' an- Bones Soc!ety at .a'e Un!6ers!ty+ % ar'es Ta?e Russe'' was a Satan!st1 a #ae-o# !'e a''ordin$ to his wife) and a friend of the 9oths'hilds Indeed it was the 9oths'hilds who funded the @ehovah4s 1itness operation into bein$) alon$ with other Illuminati bankers) throu$h C'ontributionsC by or$anisations like the 9oths'hild'ontrolled >4nai >4rith #his was proved in a 'ourt of law in ,922 Hne of the key people involved in this was 3rank Aoldman who later be'ame ;resident of >4nai >4rith 1hy would an or$anisation set up .in theory0 to help @ewish people and promote the @ewish faith) be fundin$ into e(isten'e the @ehovah4s 1itnesses22 I think the name 9oths'hild answers the =uestion Russe'' was a'so a !" -e"ree Freemason an- /n!" ts Tem#'ar -e promoted Q!on!sm1 anot er Rot sc !'- creat!on .see 1as -itler a 9oths'hild0) on behalf of his friends and ba'kers http%&&$eo'ities 'om&?esusel'ristos&hoa(olo$yS,0 html

Re6e'at!on 20>2

kai dande ekrathsen d e 'a!- o'o5e ton dt ee drakonta d-ra"on)e ton dt ee ofin ton dser#ente ar'aion danc!ent)e oV dw oe estin d!se 8iaboloV d;a 4o'ose kai dan-e SatanaV dSatanas)e kai dande edhsen d4oun-e auton d !me 'ilia da t ousan-e eth dyears)e

-1hen the -ebrew Saoul asked

=, o art T ou1 Lor-C=) In 7uthenti' and perfe't -ebrew) the 5ord said% IES)US+ -e never said) CIesusC) CIesuC) C@esusCE 'ertainly the C@C was introdu'ed later) as it is well re'orded -#he Is'am!sm) the %rusa-es1 the InDu!s!t!ons all were planned and 'ondu'ted by the Secret Soc!et!es in order to destroy the true books of the e6an"e'!os and the books of the

&e4rews ;ersons as Benny &!nn1 B!''y Gra am1 ;ac$ % !c$1 Pat Ro4ertson are workers and worshippers of the Ant!<r!stos ;ESUS %&RIST >I>56J>I>5I7JBIBL:IA& whi'h is Cthe ,r!t!n"s o5 IA&C #he reader must understand that the Roman % urc -estroye- t e rea' Scr!#tures in order to "!6e to t e nat!ons t e scr!#ture o5 t e 4east IA&1 t at !s BIBLIA& 8ear reader) please 1ake ";) <in$ @ames and his fellows belon$ed to the same se'ret so'ieties that 1es'ott and -ort) Nestle) the popes) @a'k Chi'k) Araham) >enny -inn) and thounsands of satani' prea'hers that hate IES)US WRIST)S) you never hear these sounds in their mouths

Iesous Wr!stos

Wr!stosPT e $!n" o5 t e ;ewsP t e Sa6!or o5 t e ,or'-+ #hose who hate the divine nature of our savior have destroyed the ri$ht sound by pla'in$ the stran$e name Christ) whi'h is not in the sour'e sound and 'an

;ESU @IES81 IeCuA !s t e !" est 9ew!s curse+ So) without any
not reprodu'e the ori$inal name

doubt) when a person says =;esu Wr!stos= is sayin$ =2amn Wr!stos=) and


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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
#he satan!c 'ea-ers o5 t e ;e o6a 3s ,!tnesses know very well that ;e o6a !s Satan) for that reason they insist in pla'in$ him in the New #estament as it was pla'ed in the Hld #estament for the evil phariseesE Sadly their followers don4t pay any attention to same words of their leaders% #he 1at'htower says in #he <in$dom Interlinear #ranslation of the Areek S'riptures) ,9*P) p ,2) C1hile many are in'lined to view the pronun'iation 4.a we 4 as the more 'orre't way) we have retained the form 4;e o6a 4 be'ause of people4s familiarity with it for 'enturies C http%&&$eo'ities 'om&?esusel'ristos&hoa(olo$yS,0 htm In many of their publi'ations the masters of the or$aniIation have said so% ;e o6a !s not t e name o5 T eos) but their followers don4t 'are and lie to themselves affirmin$ 4@ehovah is the proper name of theos4) and hide the rest% !ormon reli$ion #hey were of the elite of the e'!te I''um!nat! 4'oo-'!ne) the Mero6!n"!an or =&o'y Gra!'= '!ne1 an- were a'' !" -e"ree Freemasons #hey were also Satan!sts and formed their C'hur'hC as a front for Satani' a'tivity whi'h very mu'h still $oes on today 1hy wouldn4t it) that is what it is there for #he !ormon empire was 5un-e- !nto e<!stence 4y t e Rot sc !'-s throu$h their <uhn) 5oeb) bank whi'h also funded the 9ussian 9evolution and 7dolf -itler) and yet a$ain B3na! Br!t ) the 9oths'hild intelli$en'e arm and defamer of $enuine resear'hers) was involved -#he Mormons were a'so create- as a 5ront 5or Satan!sm and) like the ,atc tower Soc!ety1 Enoc !an ma"!c 1hen I spoke in Salt 5ake City near to the !ormon #emple) I 'ame a'ross the fas'inatin$ book by 1illiam @ Shnoebelen 'alled !ormonism4s #emple of 8oom S'hnoebelen was initiated into the 1i''a reli$ion) then into 3reemasonry) before $oin$ throu$h the !ormon initiation in the Salt 5ake temple -e shows in $reat detail that all three initiations were the same #he same oaths) se'ret handshakes) and $arb Hf 'ourse they are 1e are lookin$ at one fa'e here hidden by many masks #he Sa't La$e tem#'e is 'overed with Illuminati symbols) like the A'' See!n" Eye1 and it is built with $ranite) a ro'k whi'h has been used throu$hout the a$es for temples on eart #ower centres and for esoter!c !n!t!at!on #he !ormons also use the 4ee sym4o') a 'lassi' symbol of the Mero6!n"!an 4'oo-!ne whi'h people like the author) S!r Laurence Gar-ner1 want to $!- us "oes 4ac$ to =;esus= w en !n 5act !t !s t e =&o'y Gra!'= 4'oo-'!ne o5 t e I''um!nat!1 t e =#urest= re#t!'!an '!ne+ @oseph Smith 'arried a dove medallion $iven to him by an 6n$lish masoni' lod$e #he -o6e !s I''um!nat! sym4o'!sm 5or 0ueen Sem!ram!s) the female deity in their >abylonian trinity #he Mormon

;e: o:6a !s t e name o5 t e "o- o5 t !s e6!' wor'AMERI%A UN2ER T&E %URSE )F T&E MAS)NI% M)RM)NS

;)SEP& SMIT& ,AS AN A2ULTER AN2 F)RNI%AT)R #he ;astor of the 3irst Satani' 'hur'h and the author of the Satan!c B!4'e ) Anton La6ey) wrote in the book under internal $ods one of them is listed as Mormo) whi'h is the Go- o5 t e '!6!n" -ea-) and the kin$ of the Aouls #he followers of !ormo) are 'alled Mormons -#here is substantial eviden'e to show that @oseph Smith was sealed to the wives of other men #his o''urred while the men were still le$ally married to their wives Sometimes these se'ond marria$es even o''ured outside the presen'e of their husbands !any of the poor $uys were on their missions when ;ose# Sm!t marr!e- t e!r w!6es #he most unfortunate men 'ame ba'k from their missions with their w!6es #re"nant -ow would you feel if the ;rophet asked you for your wife2 -ow would you feel if you 'ame ba'k from a business trip or a mission to find your wife months into pre$nan'y2 ,IT&)UT AN. 2)UBT> M)RM)NISM IS A GATE T) &ELL -;ose# Sm!t ) alon$ with &!ram Sm!t an- Br!" am .oun") were the key fi$ures behind the 'reation of the

% urc 1 '!$e t e ,atc tower Soc!ety1 !s a'so a 5ront 5or trauma:4ase- m!n- contro' !any survivors have told of their horrifi' torture in Salt 5ake City in !ormon buildin$s and 'entres #he Mormon "enea'o"y o#erat!on is also a front behind whi'h the I''um!nat! $ee# trac$ o5 t e re#t!'!an 4'oo-'!ne) who has it to a CpureC enou$h level and who has not -R!tua'!st!c c !'- a4use !s t e most !-eous o5 a'' c !'a4use #he basi' ob?e'tive is premeditated V to systemat!ca''y an- met o-!ca''y torture an- terror!?e c !'-ren unt!' t ey are 5orce- to -!ssoc!ate #he torture is not a 'onse=uen'e of the loss of temper) but the e(e'ution of well-planned) well thou$ht-out r!tua's o5ten #er5orme- 4y c'ose re'at!6es #he irony is that one of the ob?e'tives of the o''ult is to create mu't!#'e #ersona'!t!es within the 'hildren in order to keep the Cse'rets C #hey live in so'iety without so'iety havin$ any idea that somethin$ is wron$ sin'e the

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
c !'-ren an- teena"ers -on3t e6en rea'!?e t ere !s anot er '!5e occurr!n" !n -ar$ness an- !n secret -owever) when si(ty witnesses testify to the same type of torture and murder) it be'omes impossible for me) personally) not to believe them -% !'-ren are #ut !n a s!tuat!on w ere t ey 4e'!e6e t ey are "o!n" to -!e1 su'h as bein$ buried alive or pla'ed in a plasti' ba$ and immersed in water ;rior to doin$ so) the a4user te''s t e c !'- to #ray to ;esus to see !5 &e w!'' sa6e er+ Ima$ine a seven-year-old $irl) havin$ been told she is $oin$ to die) prayin$ to @esus to save her and nothin$ happens V then at t e 'ast moment s e !s rescue-1 4ut t e #erson sa6!n" er !s a re#resentat!6e o5 Satan -e uses this e(perien'e to 'onvin'e her that the only person who really 'ares about her is Satan) she is Satan4s 'hild and she mi$ht as well be'ome loyal to him -@ust before or shortly after their baptism into the 'hur'h) c !'-ren are 4a#t!?e- 4y 4'oo- !nto t e satan!c or-er whi'h is meant to cance' out t e 4a#t!sm !nto t e % urc #hey will be asked if they understand or have ever felt the -oly Ahost 1hen they reply that they have) they will be reminded of the horrible thin$s they have parti'ipated in and will be told that they have be'ome a son .or dau$hter0 of perdition and) therefore) have no 'hoi'e of bein$ saved or loved by our 3ather in heaven or @esus Most 6!ct!ms are su!c!-a'+ T ey a6e 4een 4ra!nwas e- w!t -ru"s1 y#nos!s1 an- ot er means to 4ecome su!c!-a' as soon as t ey start to te'' t e secrets+ #hey have been threatened all of their lives that if they don4t do what they are told their brothers or sisters will die) their parents will die) their house will burned) or they themselves will be killed #hey have every reason to believe it sin'e they have seen people killed #hey believe they mi$ht as well kill themselves instead of wait for the o''ult to do it Some personalities feel it is the ri$ht thin$ to do .more0 -Hf 'ourse) Benny &!nn !s 9ust one o5 t e t ousan-s #entecost satan!sts in every pla'e in the world) amon$ them% ,!''!am Marr!on Bran am1 /at ryn /u''man1 E''en , !te1 % ar'es Russe'') and all of those that 'an not identify that the 5ord Iesous Fristos is the same one of the Hld #estament% -7lbert 6instein) and other S'ientists and philosophers worshipped t e "reat "o- PAN BAP&)MET+ ;an .Areek ;an) $enitive ;anos0 is the Areek $od who wat'hes over shepherds and their flo'ks &e as t e !n-Duarters1 'e"s1 an- orns o5 a "oat) in the same manner as a satyr) and is one of the deities within the ar'hetype of the -orned Aod -is parenta$e is un'learE in some le$ends he is the son of Leus and in some he is the son of -ermes -is mother is said to be a nymph -#-6 A967# 9"569S -78 NH# -"!7N !H975%

A/&ENATEN ,AS A TRANSEWUAL AS BAP&)MET TEA%&ES : A$ enaten was 7I 7/2 5eet ta'') not 'ountin$ his headdress 1hen I stood ne(t to this) the top of my head 'ame up to the widest part of his hips Ne5ert!t! was ten 5eet:somet !n" She was a'tually small for her ra'e #he dau$hters were also very tall #his is a''ordin$ to #hoth http%&&$eo'ities 'om&?esusel'ristos&hoa(olo$yS0* html Hbama as !an'hurian Candidate by 1ebster #arpley & Barac$ enaten

T&E MAS)NS %)NTR)L AN2 MANAGE T&E P)RN)GRAP&. !asonry has in'orporated into its symbolism ;halli' 1orship or the worship of the male se( or$an http%&&reinmets pri ee&inde( php2 sisuJ$aleriiO$aleriiJrooma

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
S!r Laurence Gar-ner J ,!''!am F+ Buc$'ey ;r1 Re#t!'!an S a#e:S !5tersChttp%&&edu'ateyourself or$&'n&lauren'e$ardnershapeshifter shtml ddd 'eremonies It would be on my body and on the altars and on the floorin$ I have also sin'e found it on my 'hildren as well) whi'h is disturbin$ to me -8urin$ the 'eremony Gar-ner wou'- 4e t e one t at wou'- actua''y ta$e o6er 5rom t e Mot er Go--ess #here was also a male 'ounterpart to the !other Aoddess and he .Aardner0 would a'tually ta$e a 4'a-e 5rom t e ma'e 5!"ure an- e wou'- #'un"e !t !nto t e !n5ants 4o-y 7nd t en e wou'-1 a6!n" s !5te- !nto re#t!'!an 5orm1 e wou'- -e6our t e !ntest!na' 4o-y o5 t e !n5ant -,!''!am F+ Buc$'ey ;r+ @t e Amer!can #u4'!s er w o ea-s t e e'!te ;anus m!ncontro' #ro9ect at NAT) ea-DuartersA was t e most aw5u' o5 a'' o5 t em+ 0u!te onest'y e use!s teet a 'ot+ -e used to bite a lot -e $ot pleasure out of hurtin$ people by bitin$ them after he shape-shifted #o this very day I have an aversion to that kind of thin$ In his s a#e:s !5te- 5orm1 Gar-ner was '!$e a w !t!s : "rey co'our and had a very pointed ba'k of his head -is eyes were kind of elon$ated) but not so reptilian) it was almost like they were a 'ross between human and reptilian >ut dark) like a dark) $olden brown 7nd he was not very tall) he was only about si(-foot when he shifted Buc$'ey was ta''er1 e was aroun- se6en 5eet when he shifted) and he had a split in his 'rown) in other words !t 'oo$e- '!$e orns instead of the top of his head 7nd he was rounder) more of a $reenish white 'olour You see we were indo'trinated a lot at !ontauk 1e were told that there were se6en 'e6e's o5 t e re#t!'!an race and the heirar'hy of them were very similar to the -indu 'aste system So there were a''ordin$ly different shapes that o''urred #he lower levels never really shifted) they were the little worker drones) if you want to 'all it that #he top of the line) the Bra m!n:ty#e1 were 6ery ta'' an- w!n"e- @t e 2raco I talk about in the >i$$est Se'ret and Credo !utwa des'ribes in #he 9eptilian 7$enda videos0 -S&APES&IFTING #here are lo'ked se=uen'es and open se=uen'es in 8N7 Hpen se=uen'es manifest physi'ally as a 'hara'teristi' T ese #eo#'e a6e t e a4!'!ty to 'oc$ o55 certa!n "enet!c co-!n"s w !'e t ey o#en ot ers+ , en t at a##ens t ere !s a '!tera' trans5ormat!on o5 t e ce''u'ar structure1 w !c c an"es 5rom a mamma'!an to a re#t!'!an 5orm+ So it4s not like the human form $oes anywhere) it ?ust shifts) it 'han$es into a reptilian form be'ause those se=uen'es are opened #hey also have the ability to shift it ba'k >ut they do nee- mamma'!an ormona' 'e6e's !n or-er to ma!nta!n t e uman 5orm #heir base-line form is reptilian .;rin'ess 8iana4s 'onfidant) Christine 3itI$erald) told me that the &ouse o5 ,!n-sor wante- to !nter4ree- w!t 2!ana3s "enes 4ecause t ey were !n -an"er o5 4ecom!n" too re#t!'!an !n t e!r "enet!cs and would not have been able to

Mero6!n"!an B'oo-'!ne

I have most stron$ly 'ontended in my own books and talks that this 'laim about the 4'oo-'!ne o5 =;esus= !s a -!6ers!on 5rom t e 5act t at t e =&o'y Gra!'= or Mero6!n"!an 4'oo-'!ne !s a $ey re#t!'!an 4'oo-'!ne 5rom w !c 6ast num4ers o5 #eo#'e !n roya'1 #o'!t!ca'1 econom!c1 re'!"!ous1 an- m!'!tary #ower to-ay1 "enet!ca''y -escen- It is the -es!re to ma!nta!n t !s re#t!'!an "enet!c structure whi'h has led to the o4sess!6e !nter4ree-!n" for aeons to the present day of the CeliteC families S!r Laurence !mse'5 ca''s t ese =&o'y Gra!'= 4'oo-'!nes t e =-ra"on= 4'oo-'!nes) but 'laims that this term derives from the use of 'ro'odile fat in the royal 'eremonies of an'ient 6$ypt I would 'ontend that the word Cdra$onC has a mu'h more fundamental meanin$ than that T ese 4'oo-'!nes1 w !c a6e !n6ar!a4'y en-e- u# !n t e #os!t!ons o5 #ower s!nce #re: !story1 a6e a muc more -om!nant re#t!'!an "enet!c co-e w !c as resu'te- 5rom !nter4ree-!n" t ousan-s o5 years a"o 4etween a re#t!'!an race @t e =Ser#ent= race o5 en-'ess 'e"en-A an- t e mamma': -om!nate- 4'oo-'!nes w !c we ca'' = uman=+ 7 "reat -ea' o5 trut ) s#un w!t t e !-ea t at t ese -ra"on 4'oo-'!nes are not '!tera''y re#t!'!an an- are1 !nstea-1 t e "enet!c stream o5 ;esus an- Mary Ma"-a'ene In an arti'le in Ne(us !a$aIine) he a'knowled$es that an'ient le$ends said these lines were literally shape-shiftin$ reptilians) but in an obvious swipe at #he >i$$est Se'ret) he says that it is astonishin$ in these more enli$htened times that anyone 'an still believe it -7''ordin$ to Ar!?ona ,!'-er and now Stewart Swer-'ow) however) S!r Laurence Gar-ner has other duties also -ere I am $oin$ to outline in Swerdlow4s own words what he says his e(perien'es have been of Sir 5auren'e) and indeed ,!''!am F+ Buc$'ey ;r+1 t e ea- o5 t e e'!te ;anus m!n- contro' o#erat!on 4ase- at NAT) ea-Duarters !n Be'"!um> Stewart Swer-'ow told me% In the 'eremony they would have sacr!5!ces an- -ur!n" t e 4'oo-'ett!n") espe'ially if there were !n5ants !n6o'6e-) these bein$s would 'han$e into a reptilian form 7nd the interestin$ thin$ about it is that there would be this yellow-$reen slime residue after the

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
maintain a human form for many more $enerations - see #he >i$$est Se'ret0 A'' umans on t !s #'anet a6e re#t!'!an 2NA #hat4s why we have the reptilian brain @ust wat'h a 5oetus !n t e wom4 an- you3'' see !t "o t rou" a re#t!'!an 5orm 4e5ore !t 4ecomes uman 7nd that4s what they are doin$ #hey are able to s !5t t at 2NA 4ac$ to t e re#t!'!an 5orm and manifest that physi'ally -owever) when they do that t e!r #syc !c a4!'!t!es are not 6ery stron" and that4s why they have the ceremon!es anw y t ey nee- a mamma'!an 5orm w!t t e uman armon!cs !n or-er to access !" er 'e6e's o5 awareness .#his is why people like 7riIona 1ilder are mind 'ontrolled to 'ondu't the 'eremonies for them0 It is the resonance or t e 6!4rat!on o5 t e 4'oo-) whi'h 'reates an ener$eti' field that they 'an a''ess 7nd they $et plu$$ed into it #hat4s why infants and foetuses are so important to them) be'ause it4s so ener"et!c an- so #ure that they 'an really a''ess the swit'hin$ from one point to another very easily -&IST)RI%AL BA%/GR)UN2 #he re#t!'!ans were t e 5!rst ones to co'on!?e t !s #'anet+ #hat4s why they 'onsider it theirs 1hen this other $roup) a more uman 5orm came and 'oloniIed) and there were battles here) the uman 5orm actua''y won on t e sur5ace an- t e re#t!'!ans went un-er"roun- and that4s where the rumours of hell and stuff 'ame from #hat was about 2001000 years a"o It4s not as re'ent as people think #he or!"!na' re#t!'!ans are com!n" 4ac$1 t ey are ere now1 an- t e ones w o rema!ne- on t !s #'anet -e6e'o#e- t e!r own '!tt'e su4:cu'ture1 w !c went a"a!nst w at t e o6era'' #'an was+ 7nd now they4re afraid of their own people #here4s a lot of s'urryin$ around) if you want to 'all it that) to prote't a$ainst the ori$inal population that4s 'omin$ ba'k and there4s $oin$ to be a "!"ant!c 4att'e on t !s #'anet !n t e ne<t 5ew years I think there4s $oin$ to be war and the human-reptilian hybrids that are here are $oin$ to defend themselves a$ainst the ori$inals) the truebreds T !s #'anet does not have any $reatness to it) in or of itself) !t3s t e 'ocat!on !t as w!t !n t e "a'a<y an- t e 'ocat!on !t as w!t !n !nter:-!mens!ona' tra6e' t at ma$es !t so -es!ra4'e #hat4s why this pla'e is so important C So make of all that what you will If Sir 5auren'e Aardner has any reply to what Stewart Swer-'ow is sayin$) please send it to this website and I will make sure that every word is printed with e=ual prominen'e 2a6!- Ic$e 1eb posted at% http%&&www davidi'ke 'om&i'ke&arti'les2&$ardnershifts html

:Man!to4a 5!rst nat!ons people are the tar$ets of the first mass outbreak of the N1H 35" ;7N86!IC A6NHCI86 #hey need to remove the ones that are spiritually 'onne'ted to the C967#H9 and the populations who will resist the N1H YH"496 N6F# 1-I#6 !7N: #hey want our land and water Un!ons1 c!6!' soc!ety 5orce &ar#er retreat on %o'om4!a 5ree tra-e http%&&'anadianlabour 'a&
#he Canada-Colombia 3ree #rade 7$reement .CC3#70 was withdrawn from the table while bein$ debated for its se'ond readin$ in Canadian ;arliament on !ay 2G) 2009 Stalled for now) the CC3#7 will 'ertainly be ba'k% it has not been defeated) and its proponents .the Conservatives and some of the 5iberals0 await an opportunity to brin$ it ba'k #he followin$ set of =uestions and answers are intended to help those in Canada tryin$ to stop the CC3#7 .or see to it that it stays down0 Canadian ;rime !inister Stephen -arper says the CC3#7 represents Cmodern e'onomi'sC Is this true2 http%&&www rabble 'a&'ate$ory&ta$s-issues&'olombia

9edeye 1hat4s wron$ with Canada-Colombia 3#7

!ay ,) 2009f Manue' Ro?enta' is the ele'ted member of the 8ire'torate 8emo'rati' ;ole politi'al party in Colombia -e says free trade 'annot be a'hieved without repression and violen'e HHH

Montau$ Pro9ect

3rom 1ikipedia) the free

T e Montau$ Pro9ect an- t e P !'a-e'# !a E<#er!ment Montau$ Pro9ect an- Re#t!'!an M!n- %ontro' 7 o5 72 ,),: MUST RE8IE, Stewart Swer-'ow
7uthor Stewart Swerdlow spoke about a Re#t!'!an race w !c '!6es un-er"roun- an- 5!rst came ere o6er N001000 years a"o #his information was imparted to him) he 'laimed) durin$ the ,+ years e ser6e- as an e<#er!menta' su49ect !n a "o6ernment:s#onsore- m!ncontro' #ro9ect !n Montau$1 N. >etween 2001000 to H001000 #eo#'e were e<#er!menteon !n Montau$) and most of them did not survive) he said Now) m!n- contro' can 4e em#'oye- wor'-w!-e 6!a sate''!tes) he noted 7mon$ the details Swerdlow shared about the 9eptilians% #hey or!"!nate- !n t e 2raco star system1 an- arr!6e- !n our so'ar system 6!a o''owe-:out astero!-s #hey 'oloniIed a ;a'ifi' 'ontent 'alled Lemur!a and later battled with the At'anteans 6ventually t ey 5orme- a y4r!- race w!t t e At'anteans It is from this $roup that the I''um!nat! or ru'!n" 5am!'!es -escen-e- #here are seven different spe'ies in the 8ra'o empire Hne type has white se$mented skin) 'at-like eyes) win$s) and a pronoun'ed ?aw and teeth

0/ 09 09

&ERE %)MES T&E FLU PAN2EMI%: By 2es!"n+ 2on3t "et t at 6acc!ne( GEN)%I2E/

C re !or A)) D$se"ses- 6 )*" C)"r.
ere MUST REA2/SA8E( an- t e BE%/ PR)T)%)L

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009 #he I''um!nat! are #'ann!n" a =sta"e- a'!en !n6as!on= to 0/ 0* 2009 .numerolo$yJ/&*&,,0 tri'k people into formin$ a one:wor'- "o6ernment and they4ll use o'o"ra# !c tec no'o"y to #ro9ect !ma"!nary Me-!a ScrE,S
4att'es) Swerdlow warned "ltimately) t ey see$ to senm!''!ons o5 #eo#'e out to co'on!?e a4!ta4'e moons o5 ;u#!ter an- Saturn) he added 5iterary Credits in'lude% B'ue B'oo-:True B'oo-1 T e &ea'ers &an-4oo$1 T e &y#ers#ace &e'#er http%&&www e(pansions 'om&inde( 'fm

Geor"e /a6ass!'as

is ba'k with new information -e has very important information to share with us re$ardin$ our soul ?ourney and as'ension pro'ess C;lease understand the S#!r!tua' &!erarc y an- Ga'act!c %ounc!' o5 L!" t of whi'h I am a part is not t e same as a "rou# ca''!n" t emse'6es t e Ga'act!c Fe-erat!on o5 L!" t 7t the time I $ave my 200P presentation I too was bein$ manipulated by the Aala'ti' 3ederation of 5i$ht) however the ma?ority of information provided is valid 7s you read and understand my work this distin'tion will be'ome important to ea'h and everyone of us C b Aeor$e <avassilas http%&&www $eor$ekavassilas or$&

Nort /orea3s #ro4'em1 react!on1 so'ut!on Pro4'em- North <orea
apparently holdin$ ?ournalists from A' Gore T8 'aptive in North <orea to use them as pawns

React!on- &ELL:ary
%'!nton says 4Somethin$ must be 8one to 7void a 1ar: North <orea are the #errorists 4

So'ut!on- 7nother war blamed on Amer!/a)
or'hestrated by the 8at!can/0ueen/Bus Boys J Ta'mu- Q!on!st Satan!sts o5 IsRAe') and 5un-e- 4y .)UR BL))21 S,EAT AN2 TEARS: 9eptilian 7l Aore is $oin$ to try and ne$otiate their release from prison Aoody for Aore: -e will help brin$ in N6S797- the >67S# >9I>6
http%&&www voanews 'om&en$lish&2009-0/-0*-voaK9 'fm

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
http%&&network nationalpost 'om&np&blo$s&posted&ar'hive&200 9&0/&0*&=uotes-from-the-raitt-tape-i-m-ready-to-roll-thedi'e-on-this asp( -79;69 S#I55 wants you on board 1-Y 796 YH" #1H SH #IA-#2 >ound by Se're'y NH 8H">#: -ave a ni'e day 5IS7 your 6I 'he=ue will NH# >6 IN #-6 !7I5:


T e ;a#anese &er4!6orous Man+++t e NE, MAN / t e , o''y &ea't y Man( F!na''y an en- to 5uture wars+ 780C948 IN1I"9 and CR:STA0 CHI01R8N.

Rea' Pro4'em-look who is tellin$ the story
and fundin$ the $lobal terror as usual /!c$ t ese S a#e:S !5t!n" Re#t!'!ans o55 t e!r t rone a'rea-y:


:Aca#u'co Me<!co tourism destroyed due to $un fi$hts
between the 1orld fas'ist army and the CI7 dru$ 'artel $un $an$s Civilians and tourists 'au$ht in the C9HSS3I96


tankin$ the airline e'onomy now >lamin$ the airline 'rashes on poor pilot trainin$ -ow about Cmystery 'rashesC with an a$enda sounds more realisti' here

0/ 0G 2009 ./ numerolo$y0 NESARA:7Nt May1 2009 SE0UEN%E
!s 2E%EPTI)N: AT)N re#resents t e 2AR/ SI2E )F t e SUN #his is the BEAST BRIBE .7nnunaki) pro?e't bluebeam) false prophet) anti'hrist Mess!a -oesn3t come to sa6e t e economy #hose that 'hoose the money trail) 'hoose NESARA .RRRRRR0 Hthers will be tri'ked into thinkin$ that UF)3s will take the healthy off planet) to another world http%&&www nesarasu'ks 'om&

Ra!tt "ets Ratte- on-

!ystery tape in the ;arliament washroom revealed a dama$in$ 'onversation for 5isa 9aitt - Natural 9esour'es CSele'tedC !inister for the Steve C57C<6YC -arper puppet $overnment 'alled the !edi'al ISH#H;6 'risis SEW. in @anuary #he 'risis is about the money and 5isa thou$ht it would e'# er #o'!t!ca' career) if she took the 'redit for 3IFINA I# -er 7I8 !a'8onnell) was let $o for leavin$ the S6C96# ISH#H;6 C-75< 9IV69 do'uments at C#V last monthE now her #7;6 re'order .found in the parliament bathroom last 3ebruary with dama$in$ eviden'e a$ainst 5IS70 appeared in the -alifa( Chroni'le -erald Hffi'e

-&UMANS are F))2

for these $uys) so you will be farmed as sheeple

TARES are t ose t at -o not

'!sten/ ear t e ca'' to return to t e ways o5 t e %REAT)R .pure
love) truth) knowled$e0 #hose who remain on 679#- are the ,&EAT A'' T !n"s %ommon and ,ARNING e books

NESARA BRIBE 5or your S)UL-#hese

-as LIBERAL PART. Scan-a' wr!tten a'' o6er !t+

.ou w!'' sa6e %ana-!ans a w o'e 'ot o5 m!sery+ ,!'' we see o'o"ra# !cs ne<tC
5IS7 also 'ut up the -ealth !inister Nuotes from the 9aitt #ape% 4I4m ready to roll the di'e on this4

o''ow eart a'!ens 'an4t $et their a't to$ether #heir ships keep 'rashin$ from the or$one saturated skies) apparently 9idi'ulous promises of R!HN6YR)after the total takeover of our planet) with 867#- and 86S#9"C#IHN -8ue to Investi$atin$ these 'onspirators myself) I have been atta'ked by their ener$y weapons and bla'k ma?ik Needless to say) you learn to prote't yourself 9ealiIe that these are LIG&T 1H9<69S . 5IA-# man!#u'ators0 !HN6Y) ;H169) ;7#9I79C-Y) !7SHNIC&S7#7NIC 'onne'tions with the !ormon Chur'h in Salt 5ake City) "tah and the N61 @69"S756! in Israel-. the heart of LIHNIS!0

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
-AT)N !s t e!r L)R2 If you think 7#HN is a ni'e $uy) then why is their leader $oin$ to destroy the I55"!IN7#I . those that follow the ways of this AH8 of 179 and 867#-0 I4m $lad you feel safe) 'ause I wouldn4t St+ GERMAIN is the same V7!;I96 who in'arnated as S!r Franc!s Bacon .aka Shakesphere0 and $ave us the <in$ ;68H;-I5I7 @7!6S Version of the >I>56 1anna believe this $uy a$ain2 c !'- o5 Aton!sm1 an- !s a'so contro''e- 4y t ose e'!tes1 !n6o'6e- !n t e wors !# o5 t e -ar$ s!-e o5 t e sun 7nother word for this kind of worship) that a true Christian mi$ht use) is Luc!5er!an!sm Luc!5er !s a "o- o5 '!" t1 or rat er1 o5 t e -ar$ s!-e o5 '!" t+ #he secret 5ratern!t!es) whi'h preserve the most anti=ue do'trines of the Chaldeans) 8ruids and !edes) are also res#ons!4'e 5or turn!n" t e "nos!s o5 '!" t !nto a tra6esty) !n or-er to -ece!6e t e uman race an- cause meta# ys!ca' !ncon"ruence If one was to say that Aton was Luc!5er) they would not be too wron$ If one was to say that ;e o6a was Luc!5er1 t e Mart!an "o- o5 '!" t an- war1 t ey wou'- a'so 4e correctChttp%&&www femalefirst 'o uk&board&akhenaton-atonlu'ifer-the-dark-side-of-the-sun-pitt-t2,K,PK html !i'hael #sarion !i'hael #sarion was born in Northern Ireland and is a resear'her of the o''ult mi'haeltsarion 'om www taros'opes 'om O !i'helan$elo 4s Moses w!t orns+ http%&&www $eo'ities 'om&Vienna&Choir&PG92&mi'hel html from Volume 2 1here 1ere You >efore the #ree of life2 http%&&www star$ateIero 'om&forum&inde( php2 topi'J*G0 0Ewap2 -#he boy) 7ye or 7manda .born around ,+9P >C0) was one day to be known as Moses -e was edu'ated by the E"y#t!an #r!ests o5 Ra) and went on to live in #hebes as a teena$er) takin$ the name of A$ enaton be'ause of his believe in the one "o-1 Aton1 rat er t an 4e'!e6!n" !n t e #ant eon o5 E"y#t!an "o-s >y this time) his mother had $ained more power than the =ueen who had not been able to bear sons) only a dau$hter)Nefertiti -A$ enaton .7dminadab&Moses0) married his half-sister Nefertiti 7khenaten drew his power from his wife Nefertiti) the heiress -M)SES&7khenaton) now pharoah) c'ose- a'' t e tem#'es o5 t e E"y#t!an "o-s) buildin$ new ones to Aten) an omnipotent Aod who had no ima$e-the e=uivalent of 7donai .5ord0 A$ enaton was the last important ruler of the ,*th dynasty and notable as the first histori'al fi$ure to establish a reli$ion based on the conce#t o5 monot e!sm -e) M)SES established the cu't o5 Aton1 or Aten1 t e sun "o- or so'ar -!s$1 w !c e 4e'!e6e- to 4e a un!6ersa'1 omn!#resent


M)NT&L. %)MPENSATI)N Compensation for bankin$ and ta( fraud) paid to all 'itiIens and permanent residents) a sum reportedly to be about ]FG1000 mont 'y o6er a ten year #er!o-) was ori$inally stated to start about one year after the announ'ement RE:PRI%ING )F PR)2U%TS AN2 SER8I%ES Re-uce- to 7/70t o5 t e!r current 6a'ue+ Initially planned for +0 days after the announ'ement) then about 90 days after) but as this will entail e=uivalent a'tion in other ma?or 'ountries throu$hout the world) the a'tual timin$ is still somewhat up in the air In -ue course t e use o5 money w!'' 4e -!scont!nue- :0hy 2(I2E the' w$th MONE7 IN T6E FI(ST PLACE? 067 T6EN DISCONTINUE MONE7 LATE(?< 1ho is $oin$ to work if we have all that money2 #hat money bribe is worthless unless someone $ets to be enslaved !oney doesn4t plant) $row and pro'ess food people do

M!c ae' Tsar!on : A$ enaton ant e 2ar$ S!-e o5 t e Sun
=Aton !s) as we have demonstrated) ;e o6a 7nd @ehovah is the P oen!c!an: Pers!an .awna ) the 1elsh @awnah) the 6n$lish @on) meanin$ Csun C 7ton is 7dni or 7$ni) the Sun-5ord of the -indus -e is 8on of the an'ient Celts and ;hoeni'ians #he latter had founded the 'ities of #hebes and 7varis in 6$ypt T e 2ru!-s at these 'ities) and at other lo'ations) 4rou" t t e wor'- t e So'ar T eocracy) one whi'h was corru#te'ater !nto Aton!sm an- !nto ;u-eo:% r!st!an!ty A$ enaton not only brou$ht #o'!t!ca' a6oc to !s country) he brou$ht t eo'o"!ca' a6oc to t e wor'- of reli$ious ideas also -e and his 'oterie) the =Brot er oo- o5 t e Sna$e= .>ramley0) did not worship li$ht in the manner of the 8ruids #heir understandin$ of the sun and of li$ht was not akin to that whi'h we possess today ;u-eo:% r!st!an!ty !s t e

s#!r!t an- t e so'e creator o5 t e un!6erse+ It was upon the mountain at Sinai that ;e o6a 5!rst announce- !s #resence to Moses >ein$ an Aten su##orter1 Moses asked this new lord and master who he was - and the reply was 3I am t at I am31 whi'h !n # onet!c &e4rew 4ecame .a we @;e o6a A -owever) for the lon$est time afterwards) the Israelites were not allowed to utter the name @ehovah) e('ept for the -i$h ;riest who was allowed to whisper it in private on'e a year #he problem was that prayers were supposed to be said to this new $odhead but how would he know they were to him if his name was not mentioned2 1hile the -eat s o5 ot er "o-s !n Sumer!an !story are recor-e-1 "o-s suc as T!mat1 Mummu1 A#su an- 2umu: ?!) this new "o- ;e o6a ) on the other hand) is sa!- to 4e 5rom e6er'ast!n" to e6er'ast!n" .;salm 90%20 7''ordin$ to Aardner) the Israe'!te e<!'es 5rom E"y#t $new t at ;e o6a was not t e same as Aten @t e!r

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
tra-!t!ona' A-on or Lor-0) and so they presumed he must be the e=uivalent of the $reat State Aod of 6$ypt - even if not one and the same It was de'ided) therefore) to add the name of that State-$od to all prayers thereafter) and the name of that $od was 7men #o this day) the name of Amen is still re'ited at the end of prayers 6ven the wellknown Christian 5ord4s ;rayer .as $iven in the Aospel of !atthew0 was transposed from an 6$yptian ori$inal whi'h be$an% 3Amen1 Amen1 w o art !n ea6en 4 t e "reat 6u'can an- Master %ra5tsman o5 t e &at or Tem#'e -

http%&&www star$ateIero 'om&forum&inde( php2 topi'J*G0 0Ewap2 7s for the famous #en Commandments) said to have been 'onveyed to !oses by Aod upon the mountain) these too are of 6$yptian ori$in) -Not only were the Ten %omman-ments drawn from E"y#t!an r!tua') but so too were the Psa'ms .whi'h are attributed to /!n" 2a6!-0 reworked from E"y#t!an ymns 6ven the )'- Testament 4oo$ o5 Pro6er4s - the so-'alled wise words of Solomon - was translated almost verbatim into -ebrew from the writin$s of an 6$yptian sa$e 'alled 7menemope #hese are now held at the >ritish !useum) and verse after verse of the book of Pro6er4s 'an be attributed to this 6$yptian ori$inal It has now been dis'overed that even the writin$s of 7menemope were e(tra'ted from a far older work 'alled T e ,!s-om o5 Pta : ote#) whi'h 'omes from more than 2000 years 4e5ore t e t!me o5 So'omon In addition to the Boo$ o5 t e 2ea- an- t e anc!ent ,!s-om o5 Pta -hotep) various other 6$yptian te(ts were use- !n com#!'!n" t e )'- Testament #hese in'lude the ;yramid #e(ts and the Coffin #e(ts) from whi'h referen'es to the E"y#t!an "o-s were s!m#'y trans#ose- to re'ate to t e &e4rew "o- ;e o6a -1hat is parti'ularly interestin$ is that) histori'ally) this was not 5u''y contr!6e- !n t e t!me o5 A4ra am1 nor e6en !n t e 'ater t!me o5 Moses It did not happen until the *t century B%1 when tens o5 t ousan-s o5 Israe'!tes were e'- ca#t!6e 4y Ne4uc a-ne??ar o5 Ba4y'on Unt!' t at t!me1 t e &e4rew an- Israe'!te recor-s re5erre- to any num4er o5 "o-s an- "o--esses 4y !n-!6!-ua' names1 an- un-er a "enera' #'ura' c'ass!5!cat!on o5 t e E'o !m+ :#hrou$h some G00 years 5rom t e %a#t!6!ty1 t e scr!#tures e<!ste- on'y as a ser!es o5 Du!te se#arate wr!t!n"s and it was not until after the time of @esus that these were 'ollated into a sin$le volume -In %anaan1 t e t!t'e Lor- .or 5ofty Hne0 of the !ountain) was defined as E' S a--a!) and this is parti'ularly si$nifi'ant for) as previously mentioned) this was pre'isely the name related to Moses when he asked the 5ord to reveal his identity #he 5ord said 3I am t at I am @.&,&AE I am he that 7braham 'alled 6l Shaddai4 Y-1- be'ame eventually transposed to the name @ehovah but) as related in @asher .and as 'onfirmed in 6(odus when 'orre'tly read0) t !s Lor- was not a -e!5orm "o- at a''R e was ;et ro t e E' S a--a!1

In the translation of #he >ook of @asher by 7l'uin 3la''us 7lbinus) 7bbot of Canterbury .5on$man) 5ondon) ,929) se'tion #estimonies and Notes) ,P%9-++0 says there is no ment!on o5 ;e o6a 7nother very important aspe't of the book of @asher is that it e(plains that !t was not Moses w o was t e s#!r!tua' 'ea-er o5 t e tr!4es w o 'e5t E"y#t 5or S!na!R t e!r s#!r!tua' 'ea-er an- c !e5 counse''or was M!r!am1 t e a'5:s!ster o5 Moses who re'eives only passin$ mentions in the book of 6(odus Indeed) as detailed in @asher) M!r!am3s #os!t!on #ose- suc a #ro4'em 5or Moses !n !s attem#t to create an en6!ronment o5 ma'e -om!nance t at e !m#r!sone- er : as a resu't o5 w !c t e Israe'!tes rose u# a"a!nst Moses to secure er re'ease+ #here is no doubt that) for all the s'ribal manipulation of old te(ts) M!r!am @Meryamon o5 E"y#tA emer$es outside the 'anoni'al >ible as a key 'hara'ter of the era but) ?ust like Mary Ma"-a'ene in New #estament times) s e as 4een !"nore- an- 5or"otten 4y % urc esta4'!s ments 5oun-e- as ma'e:-om!nate- !nst!tut!ons+ Hf !iriam) the book of 7aron .'redited to -ur) the $randfather of >eIaleel0 relates% M!r!am from hen'e be'ame the admired of the -ebrewsE every ton$ue san$ of her praise S e tau" t Israe'R s e tutore- t e c !'-ren o5 ;aco4 an- t e #eo#'e ca''e- er1 4y way o5 em!nence1 t e Teac er+ She studied the $ood of the nation) and 7aron and the people harkened unto her #o her the people bowedE to her the affli'ted 'ame

-#o Aardner) the true re'e6ance o5 M!r!am) however) is that
s e was a reco"n!?e- 2ra"on 0ueen o5 t e matr!'!near Gra!' 4'oo-'!ne It was primarily 5rom er t at t e -ynast!c '!ne ensue- to cu'm!nate !n t e Roya' &ouse o5 2a6!-) whi'h owes its $!n"'y or!"!n to M!r!am3s # araon!c -escent) rather than to any patriar'hal herita$e from 7braham) as we are $enerally led to believe It !s w!t A4ra am3s son Isaac t at ;e o6a esta4'!s es !s co6enant+ #his line of su''ession .from %a!n an- t e Meso#otam!an -ynasts) throu$h the ear'y # arao s o5 E"y#t1 to /!n" 2a6!- an- onwar- to ;esus0) in his words) was #ur#ose: 4re- to 4e t e eart 'y #ur6eyors o5 t e L!" t #hey were the true 3sons o5 t e "o-s31 w o were 5e- 5!rst'y on Anunna$! Star F!re 5rom a4out HN00 B% an-1

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
su4seDuent'y1 on !" :s#!n meta' su##'ements 5rom a4out 2000 B% +;eter 3arley 9oswell) N! #hey find that the sa'red name of .the !asoni'0 Aod is 'omposed of three names representin$ the t ree !-ent!t!es o5 Go- It is so sa'red it takes t ree Roya' Arc Masons to 4e a4'e to s#ea$ !t++ ;a 4u 'un #he three !asons $rip hands hi$h and low and 'hant) C@ah-buh-lun) @ah-buh-lun) @ah-buhlun) @e-hov-ah C #he name @ahbuhlun has three syllables representin$ a com#os!te Go- ma-e u# o5 t ree su4or-!nate -e!t!es #he !asoni' material identifies the three as Yah.a we A1 Baa'1 an- )s!r!s 5o$i'ally) the name should be spelled .a : Baa':)n) but 8un'an4s !asoni' 9itual and !onitor .or admits that over the years the spellin$ has been C'orruptedC by 3reemasonry until it rea'hed its 'urrent form , - As$ena?!:cou'- A$ enaten be a play on the word 7skenaIi - if so it adds up to the theory and all the info about As$ena?! ;ews 1hi'h ties in with the )T/Ta'mu-/Rot sc !'-s http%&&www davidi'ke 'om&forum&showthread php2pJ/0+G2K - Rot sc !'-s are / a?ars/As $ena?! and we know they have blood relatives in hi$h pla'es all

!H96 -696 T&E 8ATI%AN AN2 T&E %ULT
)F A/&ENAT)N AN2 T&E 2AR/ SI2E )F T&E SUN pdf ;or-an Ma<we'':T e Boo$ T e % urc 2oesn3t ,ant .ou To Rea- download video

Roman -om!nat!on

http%&&www davidi'ke 'om&forum&showthread php2pJ/0+G2K Promet eus !s a'so $nows as a '!" t 4r!n"er .knowled$e and Illumination0 and have read somewhere he is also 5u'ifer ;a 4a'on the li$ht brin$ers of the emissionaries of @ahbalon ;a Ba' )n .Sol H! Hn0 + words&lan$ua$es for the word sun .also deities sun Aods0 Sol Areek deity&5atin - Hm Sanskrit the sound of the divine as in H!!!!! or 7"!!! -indu&>uddhist whi'h I think also relates to the sun 7nd Hn the last part of Aton the 6$yptian deity whi'h is like the word play on IS RA EL there4s different spellin$s .68I# of @ah bal HN0 su'h as this

T e Lost Name o5 Go-

#he >lue 5od$e !asons) en'ompassin$ the first three de$rees of !asonry) are instru'ted that they are seekin$ the 5ost 1ord or the 5ost Name of Aod It isn4t until they rea'h the level of 9oyal 7r'h !asonry .se6ent de$ree) York 9ite0 that they dis'over that the 5ost Name of Aod wasn4t lost after all It4s at this level that they learn the sa'red name of Masonry3s Go-

!ain arti'le% -istory of 9oman 6$ypt E"y#t be'ame a provin'e of the 9oman 6mpire in H0 B%) followin$ the -e5eat o5 Marc Antony an- Pto'ema!c 0ueen %'eo#atra 8II by H'tavian .later 6mperor 7u$ustus0 in the >attle of 7'tium #he 9omans relied heavily on $rain shipments from 6$ypt) and the 9oman army) under the 'ontrol of a prefe't appointed by the 6mperor) =uelled rebellions) stri'tly enfor'ed the 'olle'tion of heavy ta(es) and prevented atta'ks by bandits) whi'h had be'ome a notorious problem durin$ the period Z/+B 7le(andria be'ame an in'reasin$ly important 'enter on the trade route with the orient) as e(oti' lu(uries were in hi$h demand in 9ome Z/PB http%&&www statemaster 'om&en'y'lopedia&7n'ient-6$ypt -7lthou$h the Romans a- a more ost!'e att!tu-e t an t e Gree$s towar-s t e E"y#t!ans) some traditions su'h as mummifi'ation and worship of the traditional $ods 'ontinued -3rom the m!-:5!rst century A2) % r!st!an!ty too$ root !n A'e<an-r!a an- s#rea- Incom#at!4'e w!t #a"an!sm1 % r!st!an!ty sou" t to w!n con6erts and threatened popular reli$ious traditions #his led to #ersecut!on o5 con6erts to % r!st!an!ty) 'ulminatin$ in the "reat #ur"es o5 2!oc'et!an startin$ in H0H A21 4ut e6entua''y % r!st!an!ty won out Z//B 7s a 'onse=uen'e) E"y#t3s #a"an cu'ture was 'ontinually in -ec'!ne 1hile the native population 'ontinued to speak their lan$ua$e) the ability to read !ero"'y# !c wr!t!n" s'ow'y -!sa##eare- as the ro'e o5 t e E"y#t!an tem#'e #r!ests an- #r!estesses -!m!n!s e- #he tem#'es t emse'6es were somet!mes con6erte- to c urc es or abandoned to the desert % r!st!an!ty !s a monot e!st!cZ,B reli$ion 'entered on the life and tea'hin$s of @esus of NaIareth as presented in the New #estament http%&&www statemaster 'om&en'y'lopedia&7n'ient-6$ypt subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
&AARP weat er wars:SNH1 S#H9!S hit S 7lberta)
Saskat'hewan and other a$ri'ultural e'onomies of C7N787 3orest 3ires in >C interior) frustrated by hi$h winds and warm weather you t at %&EMTRAILS are contra!'s !n mo!st weat er+ N)+++t ere !s a &UGE -!55erence+ New ,or'- )r-er ant e % emtra!'s %onnect!on

,eat er Networ$ LIES LIES LIES+ TEA%&ING

http%&&www karenlyster 'om&$enesis html

money system has to fall and take the whole H"#-H"S6 ;Y97!I8 with it: -8H C7N78I7NS apatheti'ally plan to pay ta(es to the 9H>>69S of our pensions) bankin$ system) our ri$hts) and our 'ountry2 8HINA NH#-INA^^^will $et you 'hipped or killed ,E MUST TA/E )UR %)UNTR. BA%/+ Hur politi'al system is NH# 1H9<INA %)NSER8ATI8E an- LIBERAL 'ea-ers !# #awns are 'ommitted by BL))2 )AT& to t e ILLUMINATI3S Brot er oo- o5 2EAT& !7NY may have to ?ust start over a$ain If you are 'u$e warm in this 7wakenin$) you will not SUR8I8E You are 6I#-69 of the 5IA-# H9 879< C-HHS6) be'ause %ANA2A !s ea-e- 5or N,) &ELL Amer!can %IA 4e !n- a'' o5 t !s Terror!sm C across t e wor'-(%IA 4e !n- a'' o5 t !s Terror!sm C Is the CH58 1 79 really over2 1as it ever real2 -ere4s a $ood pla'e to start your resear'h: ;resident <ennedy be$an to end the Vati'anXs hoa( known as Dthe Cold 1ar)_ the Amer!can %IA an- Russ!an /GB a6!n" secret'y wor$e- to"et er s!nce ,or'- ,ar II+ 1hy2 >e'ause the appointed time has arrived for the ;esu!t General to -estroy 4ot t e 2ome o5 t e Roc$ an- t e A' ADsaMosDue !n ;erusa'em) se'retly usin$ his %IA/Na?!:tra!ne-1 Mason!c Q!on!st Mossa- in 'on?un'tion with his %IA/Na?!:tra!ne-1Mason!c Is'am!c Inte''!"ence A"enc!es1 !nc'u-!n" )sama 4!n La-enBs MA/ an- Pa$!stanBs ISI1 w !'e s rou-e- !n t e con5us!on o5 a u"e aer!a' war #his will enable the AeneralXs 'rusadin$ /n!" ts Tem#'ars .the present day Shriner 3reemasons0to re4u!'- So'omon3s Tem#'e 5or t e Po#e J !s 8at!can 7nd how 'ould the B'ac$ Po#e -estroy t ese Mos'em MosDues) they 'omprisin$ the third most important Islami' reli$ious site in the world behind Saudi 7rabiaXs !e''a and !edina) without 'ausin$ an un'ontrollable !oslem holy war) 'alled a D?ihad_) resultin$ in the destru'tion of ;ope ;ius FIIXs 'reation of Lionist Israel2 .)sama 4!n La-en a6!n" 4een -!recte-1 5!nance- an- tra!ne- 4y t e %IA 5or at 'east ten years e 9ust '!$e ;esu!t:tra!ne- an- %IA:5!nanceF!-e' %astro 4e5ore e1 '!$e 4!n La-en1 4ecame a 5a'se enemy o5 t e %FR contro''e- Amer!can "o6ernment+0Islami' Intelli$en'e operatives under the domesti' 'ontrol of CI7 notoriously instru'ted as Islami' pilots at the Veni'e 7irport .a 3lorida fa'ility used by the CI7 sin'e ,9P*0 in order for 7r'hbishop 6$anXs 'ontrolled 7meri'an ;ress to spread the prepared news release that the doomed airliners were hi?a'ked by D7rab terrorists_in the employ of bin 5aden when in fa't) to the horror of the 7meri'an pilots) t e a!r'!ners a- 4een ta$en o6er an- "u!-e- to t e!r tar"ets1 remote'y contro''e- 4y Amer!can M!'!tary Inte''!"ence o#erat!6es o6erseen 4y t e B'ac$ Po#eBs %IA/NSA #his atta'k was an a't of war 'arried out by the slaves of the >la'k ;ope) both domesti' and forei$n) thereby enablin$ the 1hite ;opeXs 7meri'an fas'ist puppet) Geor"e ,+ Bus 1w !'e t e too's o5 t e ;esu!t )r-er have tyranni'ally implemented domesti' martial law by means of the C;atriot 7'tCin " S O _>omb >ill C-+/ 7't_in Canada Goe'# us:

T e 2072 En!"ma 4y 2a6!- ,!'coc$ : 7>HG>IF : Mar 701 200N
2!6!ne%osmos+com : www+-!6!necosmos+com 2072> Tra"e-y1 transcens!on or 9ust anot er yearC 2a6!- ,!'coc$ e<#oses many "reat secrets% 8N7) 'ons'iousness s'ien'e) wormholes) star$ate travel) sa'red $eometry) three-dimensional time) the !ayan Calendar and mu'h) mu'h more: Part I> %)N8ERGEN%E #he !ovie) 'ons'iousness ener$y field) 6d$ar Cay'e rein'arnation) 8a Vin'i Code) In'onvenient #ruth) $ala'ti' ali$nment) dode'ahedron) 20,2 & 8N7 'rop 'ir'les) sa'red $eometry as vibration) tetrahedron) ,9 K de$rees Part II> -ans @enny & %ymat!cs) spa'e and time invertin$) wave-parti'le duality) >u'kyballs & fullerenes) 8N7 as a wave) <aIna'heyev) psy'hi' healin$) 8ewey 5arson) +8 time) spa'e-time fabri') timespa'e Part III> 3airy 'ir'les) natural star$ates) 6S;) nested spheres) 'hannelin$) 'hakras) P!nea' "'an-) Sumerian tablets) Hsiris) kundalini) pine 'one symbolism) #ammuI) Shiva) T !r- Eye) >indi) >a''hus) 8ionysus) @esus) the Vati'an ;art IV% ;yramid sar'opha$us) 'athedral windows) the 1orld #ree) melatonin) 8!#) ayahuas'a) 8reams) )ut o5 Bo-y E<#er!ence) the Silver Cord Part 8% Mar$ o5 t e Beast) mi'ro'lusters) syn'hroni'ity) shamanism) holo$raphi' sound) reverse-en$ineerin$ the pineal $land) 8an >uris'h) ;ro?e't 5ookin$ Alass) CHN#7C# Part 8I> #he 5ast !imIy) the 9oswell Crash) the Cube & Yellow 8is') -ellraiser) ele'tion tamperin$) pole shift) time-viewin$ te'hnolo$y) the Ira= 1ar) 8C#; & 8o'trine of the Conver$ent #imeline ;arado() humanlinea$e 6#s Part 8II> Tree o5 L!5e) Illuminati) 9oths'hilds) -itler) New ,or'- )r-er) 5u'ifer) 5u'iferian philosophy) %at o'!c c urc ) ;hiladelphia 6(periment & 9ainbow ;ro?e't Part 8III% ;hoeni( III) !ontauk 'hair) time travel) 2ec+ 271 2072) 20-year 'y'le) Star$ate SA-,) Huter >and Individuated #eletra'er & H>I#) #he Huter 5imits) #ime Ve'tor Aenerator & #VA) !ars pyramids) under$round bases) ?umproom) #otal 9e'all) !inority 9eport) F-!en & Cerebro) 9ifts in #ime Part IW> For4!--en P'anet) psy'hi' 'onduit) 5S8 trips) Iero-time) 2072 -!mens!ona' s !5t) 6d$ar Cay'e readin$s) ChandlerXs 1obble) pole shift) 5ibrary of 7tlantis & -all of 9e'ords) California earth=uakes Part W% %reate your own rea'!ty1 2072 not catac'ysm!c) 9ussian physi's) 8r Ser$ey Smelyakov & 7uri' #ime S'ale) !ayan Calendar) spiral implodin$ into 20,2 'han$in$ 'ons'iousness) 7s'ended abilities) spiritual $rowth

0* 0* 2009

@*/*/77 numero'o"yA

.6 subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009 B'oo-'!nes1 Mars1 Tom %ru!se1 Star ,ars1 an- t e B'ac$ Po#e
7ll that bein$ said) there4s no doubt in my mind that the $overnments of the world as well as the Vati'an are rotten to the 'ore and have been for =uite some time without e(planation) it was pulled from the air It was not shown then) and has never been broad'ast anywhere sin'e I have a 'opy of that pro$ram) whi'h arrived anonymously in my mail in late ,99K 1hen I wat'hed this pirated 'opy) I 'ould see 'learly why the pro$ram had been suppressed Conspira'y of Silen'e proved) beyond doubt) that the essential points I had stressed in the book .and more0 were all true Sear'h 1ords% Conspira'y Illuminati New 1orld Hrder Satanism

T e %om!n" ,or'- ,ar III1 N,) Ma5!a Mart!a' Law Rea-y J ,a!t!n"1 2a6!- Ic$e

0* 0G 09

0* 0I 09

I',ort"nt e-boo.s 5rom 3r%en$ s/ #o'+ Inc'u-es (oy") ($!e C re !or ")) D$se"ses1 Crow In*$"n (e#$,es @ 6erb") Me*$#$nes1 Go*9S 6e")$n% Le"&es - N"t r") 6erbs (e'e*$es1 The Free Ener%y Se#rets o! Co)* E)e#tr$#$ty
Down 2rown- Gor*on 2rown+ UD P"r)$"'ent Pr$'e M$n$ster "s.e* to st"n* *own/ PLEASE t".e CANADA9s 6A(PE( "n* IGG7 w$th yo 1 2072 : T e Future o5 Man$!n- // A'e< ;ones %ontam!nat!on )5 8acc!ne ,!t L!6e A6!an F'u 8!rus #t7 %ons#!racy o5 S!'ence : I''um!nat! Pe-o# !'es !n ,as !n"ton 2+%+ @-ocumentaryA : GG>72 : ;an 221 200* Poste- to Goo"'e 4y ;o n %onner J T e Res!stance : www+T eRes!stanceMan!5esto+com
3rom Senator @ohn 8e'amp% In mid-,99+) after #he 3ranklin Cover-"p had been 'ir'ulatin$ for almost a year) the >ritishbased #V station) Yorkshire #elevision) sent a top-not'h team to Nebraska to laun'h its own investi$ation of the 3ranklin 'ase Yorkshire had a 'ontra't with the 8is'overy Channel to produ'e a do'umentary on the 'ase for 7meri'an television 3inally) the bi$ day 'ame #heir do'umentary was to air nation-wide on the 8is'overy Channel on !ay +) ,99P It was advertised in the #V Auide and in newspapers for that day >ut no one ever saw that pro$ram 7t the last minute) and

E $et o t there/// $n CIA MEDIA LAND/ TOO EUIET/
C re !or A)) D$se"ses- 6 )*" C)"r.
e4oo$ ere MUST REA2/SA8E(

S erry L!6e *:07:2009 :

=Sw!ne F'u= w!'' 4e 4ac$ w!t a 8en"eance++++ tt#>//www+s errys r!ner+com/ QIPFILE F)R ALL ARTI%LES+ tt#>//www+s errys r!ner+com/ , o /!''e- /ILL BILLC 2a6!- %arre-!ne1 5oun- un"1 -ea- !n !s Ban"$o$ room+ F2+ T ey say !t was SUI%I2E+ T&AT IS SU%& A LIE(((( tt#>//www+4ow'o5ser!a'+com/2009/0*/0I/$un":5u: an-:$!'':4!'':star:-a6!-:carra-!ne:5oun-:-ea-/

T e )4ama Frau-> ,e'come Bac$ to Rea'!ty
>ara'k Hbama is bein$ hailed by his supporters as one of the $reatest leaders to ever $uide 7meri'a -e is the voi'e of hope and 'han$e that this 'ounty is dyin$ for "nfortunately) when you look past the side issues and media hype) you dis'over that there is little meanin$ to his rhetori' &e !s contro''e- 4y t e same cor#orate an- "'o4a'!st !nterests t at Bus an- %'!nton were contro''e- 4y+ &e !s a %+F+R+ #u##et an- !t !s 6ery -an"erous to 4'!n-'y su##ort !m+ 3or the re'ord) I hated >ush too #he false left ri$ht paradi$m is what $ot us here in the first pla'e If you stron$ly support >ara'k Hbama) please wat'h

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
this video and 'omment on how you feel Aive it one star if you wantE I don4t 'are @ust think for yourself

T e %om#'ete I-!ot3s Gu!-e to t e New ,or'- )r-er // In-!an Boar-!n" Sc oo' A4use UNREPENTANT> /E8IN ANNETT AN2 %ANA2A3S GEN)%I2E @-ocumentaryA /e6!n
Annett J T e Trut

%IA owne- ME2IA LIES( 2EFEN2 .)UR %ANA2A+ I5 you -on3t1 you w!'' L)SE ALL FREE2)MS soon+
BIG BR)T&ER %o#s an- Ro44ers1
%ow4oys an- In-!ans1 at !t a"a!n+ %)PS FLAS& T&EIR FA/E P&ALLUS ,EAP)NS as %ANA2A "ets FURT&ER

//In-!an Res!-ent!a' Sc oo's !n %ana-a t e #a!n5u' 'e"acy
!--en5rom !story+or"

%omm!ss!on+++ :

ENSLA8E2 4y t e N,)+
S7! A6H9A6 8I6S at home at a$e K/

T ere ,as No =T!ananmen SDuare Massacre= ;osted by 9i'hard 9oth
Massacre !n Be!9!n"3s T!ananmen SDuare
#he ima$es are sho'kin$ 7rmoured tanks plow into 'rowds of people) flames from burnin$ buses li$ht up the ni$ht sky) and bleedin$ bodies are rushed to hospital 3or weeks student protesters in >ei?in$4s #iananmen S=uare have been demonstratin$ for politi'al reform of China4s 'ommunist $overnment 7 de'laration of martial law has failed to =uell the protests) and now the $overnment has 'alled in the military 8eath is all around as the C>C4s #om <ennedy reports

7ir 3ran'e still missin$ T!ananmen SDuare1 %&INA: 20 years
a$o) Chinese Aov4t massa'red inno'ent free spee'h protesters #H87Y) still no free spee'h

#he massa're be$ins shortly after midni$ht as tanks and armoured personnel 'arriers roll throu$h the streets) 'rushin$ hastily ere'ted barri'ades and into #iananmen S=uare 7fter laun'hin$ tear $as and usin$ loudspeakers to order people to leave) the army starts shootin$ >ut the protesters fi$ht ba'k) beatin$ army offi'ers or simply standin$ their $round #hey form human walls around forei$n press to make sure the story

0ue4ec: *00 co#s ra!- H0 'ocat!ons to arrest
K0 people suspe'ted in dealin$ dru$s If they want to stop the dru$s) arrest the CI7 and the 1-I#6 CH5579 traffi'kers at the upper levels of this Illuminati 8ru$ 9in$

9evolution and 6volution in !odern China .@une P) ,9*90 && Lone Gunman !n T!ananmen SDuareC
$ets out to the world

!nter6!ew =su!c!-e=^ sur 'e 77 se#ten4re 2007 ;!loaded by &illuminatis. - 7atch the latest ne$s -ideos. )BAMA !n EG.PT+ ISIS&HSI9IS 57N8 H>7!7 makin$ a deal with the ;7#9I7C-75 !"S5I! nation 8H women have a say in this !6SS that you I8IH#S are 'reatin$ on this ;57N6#2

0/ 0+ 09

.8 subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009 -Ni'e mat'hin$ suits today Bot STE8IE an- LISA wore ...A 0' 1A2' %2' O3A2A touched B'ac$ an- Re- today &), UNPATRI)TI%+ ,&. IS &ARPER &I2ING FR)M PARLIAMENTC IT IS SIN/ING do(n to 'gypt... Al-%IA-4A5s BIN LA2EN LI/E T&E TITANI% L!sa Ra!tt1 AE%L se'':o55 : 090G2N appears on ee$ee again..sho(ing o66 his big guns and threatening more !iolence on Ameri7a. 7 binder) marked CSe'retC) full of 'onfidential Canadian $overnment nu'lear do'uments was left by Natural 9esour'es 84id the 4!" 4rot er 4a- 4oys decide this- at !inister 5isa 9aitt in the studios of C#V television / days a$o the last 1A A"%& ritual#9 #he #V news station sat on the binder of nu'lear se'rets and
http%&&www bilderber$ or$&
the story) until today http%&&newsbiIarre 'om&2009&0/&lisaraitt-'anadian-politi'ian-leaves html

AL 0AE2A or AL %IA-a @%IAA : Q+ Br?e?!ns$! A' 0ae-a P A' %IA-a
http%&&mysite veriIon net&vIe2K(9n&id,P html

Chalk 9iver produ'es most of the isotopes distributed by !8S Nordion) a subsidiary of Canadian health s'ien'es 'ompany !8S In') and about a third of the $lobal medi'al isotope supply C#V news said the 5isa 9aitt nu'lear do'uments showed the Canadian $overnment would spend Canadian RG2 million or around "S R// million on the Chalk 9iver nu'lear power rea'tor alon$ with around CR,00 million in supplementary fundin$ In !ay 200*) then Canadian 3orei$n !inister !a(ine >ernier resi$ned after leavin$ se'ret $overnment do'uments in the apartment of a $irlfriend who had ties to or$aniIed 'rime http%&&newsbiIarre 'om&2009&0/&lisa-raitt-'anadian-politi'ianleaves html ggg

T ousan-s o5 5orestry wor$ers #rotest !n )ttawa
5ast "pdated% #uesday) @une 2) 2009 f K%0/ ;! 6# C>C News

Po'!ce ca'' o55 4'oc$a-e o5 Mo aw$s at %ornwa'' %ana-!an 4or-er #ost -eeme- 3too r!s$y3 to reo#en
5ast "pdated% #uesday) @une 2) 2009 f P%+/ ;! 6# C>C News


IBM1 8ERI%&IP an- t e F)URT& REI%& 0*%29 - @ul 2,) 200/ 1e the people will not be 'hipped
www wethepeoplewillnotbe'hipped 'om #his is a video to awaken the sheeple who believe mi'ro'hippin$ the human population is a $ood thin$ So now are you $oin$ to do your homework and understand these words and terms below2% -uman Chippin$) Veri'hip) I>! ) NaIi Aermany ) -ollerith !a'hine) Aeor$e Hrwell) ,9*P ) !ark of the beast) 8N7 'hip) 3or'ed 'hippin$) identity prote'tion) world database) 'ybor$) biometri's

L!sa Ra!tt 'ea6es SE%RET Chalk 9iver C$ov4t spendin$ blitIC -ocuments at %T8 5or * -ays+ 1hen asked to resi$n) she lets her staff member $o 1hen asked 1-Y2- -79;69 said 5IS7 $ets to stay 4'ause she didn4t lose these do'uments while havin$ se( like >ernier did 4 She lost them on the ?ob) not off her feet -8"-: $ive her a raise She needs some a'tin$ lessons #he drama in parliament about 4women bein$ subservient4 atta'k didn4t fly 7C# 5I<6 7 578Y and we will treat you like one: http%&&www the$lobeandmail 'om&blo$s&bureaublo$&variations-on-a-theme&arti'le,,/GKP*&

^]^ ^]^ ^]^

#he S#!r!tua' So'ut!on to politi'al skulldu$$ery Aod4s plan to end state terrorism and all wi'kedness
http%&&www bilderber$ or$&trib htm

A terr!4'e1 sou' -estroy!n" '!e : !e+ 4'as# emy http%&&www bilderber$ or$&trib htmQo''ult

It is my belief - after readin$ books su'h as 4#he &o'y B'ooan- t e &o'y Gra!'4 that !" :mason!c and other o''ultists

.9 subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
"uar- a secret!6e eresy that ;esus a- se< w!t Mary Ma"-a'ene #ro-uc!n" at 'east one c !'- #hese o''ultists promote the myth) whi'h many a'tually believe) that they are $uardians of Christ4s se'ret bloodline 7s they don4t believe the $ospel a''ounts of @esus they think their bloodlines will brin$ forth the 4true4 messiah .Aod4s anointed one0 a man who will be revealed to @esus4 followers as the anti'hrist #he hi$hest 4se'ret4 of the freemasons) it seems) is the identity of someone who is @esus4 dire't livin$ des'endent today >ut this 4se'ret4 is a dismal lie 5ike at the 5a'' o5 Rome #resent:-ay mono#o'!sts an4us!ness e'!tes are "ett!n" arro"ant+ T !n$!n" t ey can 4r!n" t e wor'- un-er t e!r contro'+ T ey t !n$ t ey are !n contro'+ T ey are not !n contro'+ ;a !n contro'+ Cwho hath ears to hear) let him hearC !atthew ,+%P+ !ore =uotes whole world fall under the domination of these puppets who are animated by the ;owers of 8arkness C

/6 /* /9

-You may wish to a'=uaint yourself with some of the occu't !nst!tut!ons used by satan) 5reemasons and !nte''!"ence a"enc!es CT e New ,or'- )r-er whi'h they wish to brin$ about is but another name for &e'' If throu$h them E6!' prevailed) every man and woman of every ra'e and 'olour would finally be ens'a6e-) from the cra-'e to t e "ra6e #hey would be brou$ht up to wors !# m!" t !nstea- o5 r!" t and would be tau$ht to 'ondone) or even praise) murder) torture and the suppression of all liberty as 4ne'essary4 to the welfare of 4the State4 CIn the New ,or'- )r-er a'' 5am!'y '!5e w!'' 4e at an en- ) e('ept for the 'on=uerors) and only the worst elements) spiritually) will be allowed to pro'reate fresh $enerations to populate a world divided into masters an- s'a6es #he r!" t to omes an- c !'-ren o5 t e!r own wou'- 4e reser6eto t e )6er'or-sR the rest would be er-e- !nto 4arrac$s an- re-uce- to t e 'e6e' o5 ro4ots without the ri$ht to read or speak or even think for themselves T ere cou'- 4e no re6o't) be'ause every offi'er) priest) deputy) editor) ma$istrate) writer and other leader of free thou$ht and a'tion in the 'on=uered 'ountries would already have been e(e'uted by the firin$-s=uadsE and 'ea-er'ess er-s cannot #re6a!' a"a!nst tan$s1 tear:"as1 4om4s an- mac !ne:"uns+ http%&&www bilderber$ or$&trib htmQo''ult C7nd un'ess men are 5ree how 'an they pro$ress upon the $reat spiritual ?ourney whi'h all must make2 C#his war is not for territory or $ain or $lory) but that Arma"e--on whi'h was prophesied of old #hat is why all the % !'-ren o5 L!" t+ wherever they may be) 'aptive or free) must o'- on to t e!r s#!r!tua' !nte"r!ty as never before and must sti'k at nothin$) physi'ally) in the fi$ht) lest the

Toronto Street News M"y 1F=1 G00; $s 6E(E111
http%&&www torontostreetnews info

T!-4!ts From T e Ta'mu2!sc'a!mer> t !s !s N)T su##ort!n" t e TALMU2 4ut Re6ea'!n" w at3s INSI2E T&E TALMU2
http%&&www thewat'herfiles 'om http%&&www thewat'herfiles 'om&talmudStidbits htm

EHTO(TION S7STEM o! the (ULING ELITE http%&&www freedomfiles or$
,ARNING AB)UT to-ay3s Psyc !cs anPsyc !c Fa!rs- from C9C!ariaC #oronto SEN2 me your 8)I%E on 6o!cema!' 7:N**: 992:9N*2+ ,A/E UP AN2 FIW T&IS MESS_`_%ANA2A(

0/ 0, 2009 J ,*J 9 numerolo$y

&ERE %)MES T&E 8ERI%&IP( 2)N3T 4uy t e =PR)TE%T %ANA2IANS LIE(=
8/ subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009 poration) with bits to the "71) new bond holders and ,2U to T e New ,or'- )r-er !s &ere( the Canadian Aovernment A! filed for bankrupt'y 7ir 3ran'e 7I9>"S ++0 ./0) 3li$ht PPG./0 .with 22* people0 disappeared on route from 9io 8e @aniero >raIil to ;aris 3ran'e 7fter severe turbulen'e and a short 'ir'uit) the new airbus disappeared off the radar around the e=uator in the tropi'al 'onver$en'e Ione . feels
prote'tion 6(istin$ shareholders are wiped out A! sto'k is R0 GK) and not tradin$ !eanwhile) C7N7874s 'orrupt $overnment is enslavin$ %ana-!an ta< #ayers will a ]70 B -e4t to save 701000 GM 9o4s Ya ri$ht #hat money is AHN6: 1e didn4t even have a say in it !eanwhile) C7N78I7NS $o without food) while the CH9-porates feed off the inno'ent

LARGEST manu5actur!n"

like a 5eft >ehind Series0 CI7 'ontrolled media says that it disappeared into the 7#57N#IC HC67N .7tlantis20 >la'k -ole2 ;ortal2

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Crowded S;7C6- 7ll spa'e a$en'ies are in S;7C6 now

9<A4A said- @5+ < Canadian TaB!ayers money D 5*.2E stoc& in "4 AmeriKa. 5+. +++ obs sa-ed. @5 mill) ob sa-ed. -4A"NA ta&es interest in "4. -6A(PE( SAI1-@5+.2 < from CANA1A to ha-e sta&e in "4 AmeriKa. @A.2 < of it $as added by 9NTARI9 . M#G $nty said it allo$s 9ntario to control 5,E of the N AmeriKan mar&et. 4ATH doesn=t add u!.

Canadian .LIHNIS#-#almud0 @ewish Con$ress
event attended by &ar#er) yesterday I""y su##orts ISX XEL too) and the #699H9IS! that it unleashes on the world-hidden in ;57IN SI#6 http%&&www thewat'herfiles 'om&talmudSnwo html



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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
-;A7 o$ns 5,.2E "4 AmeriKa stoc&. Sta&e holders all "9N8. 5+E goes to ne$ bond holders :% rys'er 5!'e- 5or Ban$ru#tcy an- mer"ew!t FIAT !n A#r!'+ 2um#!n" t e 2e4t1 meant -um#!n" t e Pens!ons an- t ose t at re'!e- on % rys'er+ T)) BA2 5or t e S&EEPLE++says t e SATANISTS T !s3s REAL ;)URNALISM+ G'enn Bec$ Unco6ers B!""est Scam/%ons#!racy E6er1 )4ama3s A%)RN

GM #"rs "ren9t se))$n% "nyw"ys///7o own the *ebt/ The GO?E(NMENT O0NS 7OU1 0hy *$*n9t they b"$) o t the rest o! CANADA///3 st the #ho$#e 2IG 2(OT6E( CO(-,or"t$ons?1
#he federal and provin'ial $overnments had to provide more funds than anti'ipated in a R+ *-billion deal in 7pril to help Chrysler survive) almost twi'e as mu'h as was initially promised to 'over both Chrysler and A! http%&&www metronews 'a&'al$ary&'anada&arti'le&2+*,KG-$m-bailout-re$rettable-but-needed-harper C-ad we failed to 'ome to the table) after the Hbama administration made it 'lear they were prepared to parti'ipate in the restru'turin$ plan) our 'hoi'e would be to $ive up the entire industry ultimately here in Hntario or to parti'ipate C -arper has made it 'lear in re'ent statements that he didn4t want any federal money bein$ used to help prop up A!4s pension plan) whi'h has an estimated RG-billion shortfall !'Auinty insisted !onday that it was up to A! to de'ide how to spend the $overnment money) but admitted some of Hntario4s 'ontribution would $o to the pensions http%&&www metronews 'a&'al$ary&'anada&arti'le&2+ *,KG--$m-bailout-re$rettable-but-needed-harper

/EEP UP T&E APAT&. %ANA2A++++you w!'' see w ere you en- u#+

)NL. AMERI/A3s GM !s 2EA2( T e ot er ones aroun- t e GL)BE are FINE( .ou trust t ese "uysC Ban$ru#cty 5or GM means restructur!n" an- -um#!n" t e ]7FH B 2EBT an- restructur!n" t e ]N2 B assets+ :2EBT to t e SATANISTS means your PENSI)NS( an- t ose t at re'!e- on GM+

No PASSP)RTS1 EN&AN%E2 @c !##e-A -r!6er3s '!censes or NEWUS car-C G0U
7meri'ans don4t have passports or the enhan'ed driver4s li'enses Aoodbye tourism and e'onomy <eeps the Sheeple in their 'ountries for !artial 5aw #hey tattooed the prisoners in 112) now t ey w!'' %&IP you >order offi'ials are thrilled however: Aives them more time to #699H9IL6 the CS-78Y C-797C#69SC

, o !s a #r!sonerC

Anyone !s at r!s$+ N) one !s SAFE 5rom t e N,)+ %ANA2A nee-s to wa$e u# ano'- t !s "o6ernment accounta4'e now+ #he !IN8 CHN#9H5 is >78 now- 1ith the 8er!c !#1 t ey w!'' a6e tota' contro' o5 your m!n-1 4o-y an- S)UL+ MO?E IT1

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009 En ance- -r!6ers '!censes make it easier for " S ;o4s> Is ,or$!n" )n'!ne At &ome 'itiIens to 'ross the border into the "nited States be'ause T e Ne<t Go'- Rus C http%&&www los-an$elesthey in'lude a vi'inity 9adio 3re=uen'y Identifi'ation @RFI2A
c !# that will si$nal a se'ure system to pull up your 4!o"ra# !c an- 4!ometr!c -ata for the C>; offi'er as you approa'h the border inspe'tion booth) and a !a'hine 9eadable Lone .!9L0 or bar'ode that the C>; offi'er 'an read ele'troni'ally if 93I8 isn4t available #he top +9 land ports of entry) whi'h pro'ess more t an 9G #ercent o5 'an- 4or-er cross!n"s1 are eDu!##e- w!t RFI2 tec no'o"y that helps fa'ilitate travel by individual presentin$ 685s or one of the other 93I8-enabled do'uments http%&&www dhs $ov&(trvlse'&'rossin$borders&$'S,,9GKGKG0P *P/ shtm daily 'om&finan'e&inde( php2t202idJ*2+,,Ot202kwJ


Go--ess mo6ement
1ikipedia) the free en'y'lopedia


-Arm "uar-s an- we3'' s ut 4or-er> Mo aw$ ,arr!ors: Nat!6es say "!6!n" 4or-er "uar-s "uns 6!o'ates so6ere!"nty1 #uts #eo#'e at r!s$ http%&&www ottawa'itiIen 'om&news&$uardsYshutYborderY!o hawkY1arriors&,/P*0G9&story html -#he 7kwesasne leadership has lon$ warned a$ainst the move to $uns in letters to federal politi'ians C1e seriously 'onsider your $overnment4s a'tions in armin$ the .C>S70 $uards as a dire't assault on our soverei$nty) whi'h resonates into an a't of war a$ainst our people)C wrote #hompson in a 200* letter to Sto'kwell 8ay) the publi' safety minister at the time and now minister for international trade

T e Norse Structure: )r!"!ns o5 Patr!arc yC
http%&&members tripod 'om&bblue$ypsy&patriar'hy html -If all of the wor'-3s a"r!cu'tura''y:4ase- soc!et!es at the time were matr!arc !a'1 how 'ould this one $roup have evolved into a patriar'hial so'iety2 1as it be'ause they were nomadi' in nature) rather than a$ri'ultural2 Is it possible that they were at one time matriar'hy-based also) and) if so) when did this 'han$e to patriar'hy 'ome about2 -!ost people who study Asatru or )-!n!sm devote their worship to )-!n .also known as Hdhin or Hdhinn0 or one of his kindred Aods #here are a'tually many different $ods and $oddesses within the Norse Pant eon who are worthy of mention) and I hope to $o into them on another pa$e soon Hne thin$ a lot of people overlook is the possibility that Hdin or one of his many alter personalities rece!6e- t e!r #owers an- aut or!ty 5rom a 5ema'e -e!ty) probably an ear'y 5orm o5 Frey9a .Hdin4s sister and wife to one of his alter personalities) Hdhr0 known as Nerthus or Niartha #here is eviden'e to support the theory that s e or someone like her was the #r!mary -e!ty in the Norse pantheon .lon$ before it a'tually 'ame to be 'alled CNorseC0 for many 'enturies before that 'ulture turned to a patriar'hial-based system >ut as with all histori'al perspe'tives) C&!story !s wr!tten 4y t e 6!ctor C -Patr!arc y is the system we see most often to-ay It is so 'ommon) we as a ra'e $enerally 'onsider it the standard for


'onspira'y to $et more 2NA !n5o) tra'k and 'ontrol whomever they 'hoose !7NY w !te co''ar cr!me SEW )FFEN2ERS will not be 'hipped #-HS6 in the BR)T&ER&))2 o5 2EAT& do not offend the @"S#-"R R7#7NIC system -I4ll bet the B)&EMIAN GR)8E >HYS are not on t at SEW )FFEN2ERS REGISTR.) but MAN. 2EA2 ,)MEN AN2 %&IL2REN are )FFEN2E2( ]]]]]]^]^]^]^]^]]^]^]^]^]]]]]]

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
all time and all pla'es In trut 1 a'' a"r!cu'tura' soc!et!es 4e"an as matr!arc !a' 7r'heolo$i'al eviden'e of this $oes ba'k more than 2G1000 years In $eneral) these matriar'hial so'ieties tended to be more #eace5u'1 art:an-:cra5t or!ente-1 an- more #ros#erous o6era'' In Matr!arc y1 t e commun!ty3s women are a''otte- t e ro'es o5 'ea-er1 #r!estess1 ea'ers1 seers1 'an-:owner1 et' 6verythin$ or most everythin$ belon$s to and #asses -own to t e ne<t "enerat!on t rou" t e mot er) in'ludin$ the 'hildren- and is almost always passed to the dau$hters 1omen were allowed and e(pe'ted to c oose t e!r own mates) for either a brief time or for lon$er periods Hften) they were en'oura$ed to have more than one mate #hrou$hout mu'h of the world) matr!arc y was t e way a'' #r!m!t!6e a"r!cu'tura' #eo#'es ran t e!r commun!t!es Hne thin$ I will $o into here is the =uestion of ow t !s /ur"an cu'ture is possibly the first 6uropean) 9ussian) or Near 6astern 'ulture that reco"n!?e- #atr!arc !a':4ase- wors !# and linea$eand how they spread this belief rampant over 6urope and the Near-to-!iddle 6ast) possibly even down into 7fri'a and 6$ypt -#he -7lso) they were said to be 6ery a""ress!6e !n t e!r war e55orts- in the reli's of their 'amps) the 4u'$ o5 t e 4o-!es wou'- o5ten 4e non:/ur"an 5ema'es1 indi'atin$ they took s'a6es as #r!?es and $!''e- most'y t e men an- c !'-ren of their foes when they went to war #hese tribes tended to stamp out 'ompletely the reli$ions of their 'on=uered foes) repla'in$ it with their own #hey usually did one of two thin$s- 70 married their prin'es to the priestesses of the 'on=uered foes) thus be'omin$ the 'entral power fi$ure) or >0 'ompletely destroyed the temples and for'ed the priestesses into harems of a sort or had them killed H''assionally) a prin'e-priestess marria$e would yield a son) who took over the power of the 'ommunity leadership instead of his father takin$ 'ontrol

ancestors o5 t e Nor-!c tra-!t!ons were t e 5!rst known of the 6uropean and Near-to-!iddle 6astern 'ommunity traditions to $ive up the matriar'hial 'on'ept in favor of the #atr!arc y &!t'er an- Ne!ts?c e both 'onsidered these peoples to be the CTrue AryansC) the ori$inal Aermani' people #he early North-Central 9ussian .<ur$an0 and Cau'asus tribes that eventually be'ame the Slavi') Nordi') Aermani') and #eutoni' tribes made the swit'h to Patr!arc y .3ather- or !ale- linea$e power-base0 lon$ before any otherspossibly as early as G000:F000 B% In fa't) they are 'redited with brin$in$ the idea of patriar'hy to the Near and !iddle 6astern) 6$yptian) ;ersian) Sumerian) and many other peoples -#he Eart was c an"!n"- there were often earth=uakes) bi$ $la'iers were movin$ around) food was s'ar'e- they were not pleased by this #hey be'ame $rumpy and hostile) determined their system of reli$ion and 'ulture wasn4t workin$ for them) and de'ided to make some 'han$es #hese tribes be'ame what we now 'all the <ur$ans) about +000-P000 years later It is noted that t ey 4e"an to wors !# T un-er an- S$y "o-s sometime durin$ this 'han$e in so'ial stru'ture I found that interestin$ as a side-note) sin'e the an'ient Norse an8!$!n"s a'so 4e'!e6e- t e Go-s '!6e- !n t e s$y3s Nort ern L!" ts1 the 7urora >orealis 8id this idea ori$inate with the Sky Aod 'on'ept of the an'ient <ur$ans2 #here is also some dis'ussion amon$ historians as to whether these people are also somehow cu'tura''y re'ate- to t e &e4rews1 whi'h is the on'y ot er #atr!arc !a' tr!4e of the same time period- a'so 6ery a""ress!6e an- run e<c'us!6e'y 4y ma'e #r!ests an- "enera's+

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Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
-#ypi'ally) this is how Go--ess:4ase- re'!"!on was -estroye- t e wor'- o6er+#he ma'e -e!ty @t e conDuer!n" #r!nceA was marr!e- to or 4orn 5rom t e Go--ess .the 'ommunity -i$h-;riestess0) and usur#s er #ower or $!''s er to remo6e er 5rom #ower) thus takin$ her pla'e >in$o- no more Go--ess wors !#) no more ladies in power in the 'ommunityE no more female ri$hts to possession or advan'ement or family artifa'ts) estates) or power "sually this swit'hover would take only a few $enerations to a''omplish- it was very swift and sure) and very deadly to the ones who 'lun$ to the ColderC path #his is also ow ear'y % r!st!an!ty -!s#erse- w!t muc o5 t e "o--ess:wors !##!n" sect- by implyin$ that their $od was born of woman) and so assumes her power 1hen you think about it) even the most powerful Christian se't still reveres the female that $ave birth to their $od 6arly %at o'!c!sm $e#t Mary Mot er o5 ;esus aroun4ecause !t was eas!er to con6ert an- !nte"rate eat ens to a 'hur'h that already had female symbolism present than to e(pe't them to $ive up everythin$ they were familiar with In effe't) #he %at o'!c % urc ne6er tru'y -enounce- "o--ess:wors !#: It is still bein$ pra'ti'ed) only to a lesser de$ree and in different ways -I have doubts that this $roup) the <ur$ans) was always patriar'hial) but that is lar$ely based on some re'ently-du$ ar'heolo$i'al sites in 9ussia) 'onsistin$ of 5ema'e warr!or "ra6es 'omplete with horses .the le$endary 8a'$yr!es20) some other sites where the inhabitants of the $raves appear to be almost ent!re'y 5ema'e roya'ty .with no eviden'e of male 'ounterparts0 -at!n" 4ac$ to rou" 'y 2G00:2000 B%) and the e(isten'e of the Se!-re) who $o ba'k several thousand years and were almost e<c'us!6e'y 5ema'e unt!' aroun- 200 :G00 A+2 It is said t ey rece!6e- t e!r s#ec!a' #ower an- a4!'!ty 5rom t e ear'y 5orm o5 Frey9a) before Hdin was even a demi-$od 3or over two thousand years) )-!n has been $iven 'redit for bein$ the primary dis'overer of the Runes and the a4!'!t!es o5 astra' s!" t an- tra6e'1 as "!5ts to t e Se!-re #hese traits had been around for at least +000-P000 years) already "!6en to t e Se!-re 4y Nert us/N!art a+ )-!n is even 'redited with havin$ the e<traor-!nary a4!'!ty o5 c an"!n" !s se< at will #his is a 'onvenient and oftenused way o5 ne"at!n" t e !-ea t at a 5ema'e "o--ess a- #re6!ous'y 4een more !m#ortant in an early people4s lives Interestin$ly) here in the Norse ;antheon we a$ain see the typi'al pattern of #atr!arc !a' ta$eo6er: t e ma'e "o@)-!nA !s 4orn 5rom or marr!es t e 5ema'e ea- "o--ess .Niartha&Nerthus&3rey?a0 7lso interestin$ly) Frey9a is said to be 'onstantly wanderin$) searc !n" 5or er us4an- )- r) who is none other than her brother .another often-used formula in mytholo$y0 Hdin in an alter personality: 1hile the female deity is rele$ated a silly) mundane task like tra'kin$ down her husband) t e ma'e -e!ty e6entua''y ta$es o6er an- a'' t e -ee-s #re6!ous'y attr!4ute- to t e 5ema'e "o--ess 4ecome t e cre-!ts o5 a ma'e -e!ty Suddenly the whole pantheon is male-dominated- and the 'ommunity that followed them be'omes that way as well) with few e('eptions -So) if this is the 'ase) w at a##ene- to t e wors !# o5 N!art a/Nert us2 She is still somewhat respe'ted in the Norse ;antheon) as #he Hri$inal Mot er Eart - apparently) more often thou$ht of as an island) one part of a dual-$ender deity .the male aspe't is 'alled N9or-1 T e ,ater) thou$h he is 'onsidered a $od in his own ri$ht0 - the or!"!na' meet!n" o5 ,ater an- Eart ) the C;rimal Soup)C so to speak #he names are a'tually irrelevant- they are both derivatives of another word that is used for both male and female- NerthuI #here is one tale of N9or- 4e"ett!n" Frey9a an- Freyr on a Cnameless sisterC #he older tradition of Roya' Sacr!5!ce1 or /!n":/!''!n") 'omes into play here as well- one of the most important symbols of Nert us is a ne'kla'e) mu'h like the one 3rey?a is said to have possessed In the Yn$lin$a Sa$a) a ne'kla'e is a bridal $ift to a youn$ woman from her father) and is later mentioned in a lon$ line of mysterious deaths of kin$s of the Yn$lin$s by their brides #his tale hearkens ba'k to the early rituals of kin$-death .most often as tr!4ute to t e "o--esses Is tar1 Astarte1 or Inanna 0 by their hi$h priestess #his is usually as a sacr!5!ce 5o''ow!n" t e Great R!te Hf 'ourse) the CsonC born of their union will be sa'rifi'ed a$ain at the appropriate festival) in the form of another kin$4s body I suspe't the stor!es a'' or!"!nate- !n t e same #'ace) many) many 'enturies before- only the names were c an"e- as the rovin$ bands dispersed and settled different areas of 6urope) 9ussia) and the Near and !iddle 6ast !ost of these rovin$ bands settled and kept the old reli$ion) applyin$ new names to t e!r "o--esses as they went #he /ur"ans1 an- su4seDuent'y t e Norse an- Teuton!c an- German!c #eo#'es1 a##arent'y -!- not $ee# t e o'4e'!e5 system T ey c ose to re:!n6ent t e stor!es to re5'ect a ma'e:-om!nant #ers#ect!6e that suited their society and $ar-li&e nature It seems very fittin$ of the ones we now 'all the 8!$!n"s

#he Seidre .#eutoni' and Norse Shamans0
http%&&members tripod 'om&bblue$ypsy&Seidre html

Fr!""a an- Freya are t e same "o--ess+ R!" tC subsidizing the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying. Our current issue is on the street. 1-8669-WAY- O-A to buy copies. We sell to !endors. "eed help sur!i!ing# Ad!ertise and share your $O%&' (ith us danah)canadastreetne(

Canada Street News Cram Note- Volume 2 Summer Issue 2009
http%&&ph answers yahoo 'om&=uestion&inde(2 =idJ200G,,09,K000K77b0G6H -#he "o--esses a6e t e $now'e-"e w !c e6en )-!n !mse'5 -e#en-s on 5or counse' In effe't) )-!n o4ta!ns a'' !s $now'e-"e secon-: an-+ &e sacr!5!ces 5or !t and dis'overs it within himself) althou$h even this assertion is not entirely true% after he has hun$ on the #ree) he says) DNine lays of power I learned from >olthorn _ #herefore somebody else tau$ht him 1hen he $oes to the well of !imir and sa'rifi'es an eye to $ain more knowled$e) it is !imir who $ives him permission to drink from the well -e 'on?ures up the dead Volva and re'eives knowled$e from her) but he is only able to do so be'ause Frey9a tau" t !m necromancy) whi'h is part of seidr 7nd mediumship) a traditionally female preserve) is akin to ne'roman'y #hus all of HdinXs o''ult knowled$e is se'ond hand) 'omin$ mostly from female sour'es) while Fr!""a1 Frey9a an- t e Norns possess knowled$e whi'h nobody tau$ht them -3ri$$Xs animal is the eron and her ma$i'al weapon is the distaff !odern re'overed lore su$$ests the ow' as a power animal of 3ri$$a 1hen workin$ ma$i' of divination it mi$ht not be a bad idea) before you $ather your ma$i'al weapons) to invoke 3ri$$a in order to $ain a''ess to the prima material -In fa't) at first $lan'e) 3reya) the independent and fearsome 0ueen o5 t e 8a'$yr!es) seems an odd 'hoi'e of deity to 'onne't with marria$e Yet Freya 'o6e- an- marr!e-R er us4an- was 6ar!ous'y )-!n1 )- r1 )-ur or )Un5ortunate'y1 er us4an- en9oye- wan-er!n" Hn'e he was $one so lon$) others 'laimed he must be dead) yet C3reya finally started out in sear'h of him) passin$ throu$h many lands) where she was 'alled by different names) su'h as !ardel) -orn) Aefn) Syr) Skialf and #hrun$ C* -- yes) even more names for 3reya: http%&&www if?ournal or$&200*&i,,/&depS$d html t e % r!st!an!?at!on o5 Scan-!na6!a 8urin$ and after the e(tent that the #rocess o5 % r!st!an!?at!on was com#'ete1 Frey9a an- many t !n"s assoc!ate- w!t er were -emon!?e-Z,*B by the $rowin$ influen'e of % r!st!an m!ss!onar!es 7fter % r!st!an !n5'uence was cemente- !n 'aw1 traces o5 4e'!e5 went !ncreas!n"'y un-er"roun- !nto ma!n'y rura' areas) survivin$ into modern times in Aermani' folklore and most re'ently re'onstru'ted to varyin$ de$rees in Aermani' neopa$anism

8enus1 Is!s1 )#en!n" A 2oor
http%&&www 'rystalinks 'om&venusisisdoor html -#he &armon!c %oncor-ance o5 No6em4er 200H was a 5!e'- o5 soun- #he 8enus Passa"es o5 200I an- 2072 w!'' 4e 5!e'-s o5 '!" t #he Venus #ransit has always pre'eded $reat breakthrou$hs in human 'ons'iousness and played a very si$nifi'ant role in the !ayan Calendar 1hether one views this moment of opportunity throu$h the myths of the Maya) for whom 8enus !s assoc!ate- w!t t e #'ume- ser#ent 0uet?a'coat') Lor- o5 L!" tE or in the 'onte(t of 1estern astrolo$y and symbolism) the play of li$ht is the 'ommon element -8enus !s Is!s) the feminine ar'hetype) !" er 5reDuenc!es o5 'o6e1 '!" t an- consc!ousness Lo6e Go--esses ++++ )ne sou' #'ay!n" t e ro'es o5 8enus1 A# ro-!te1 Freya1 Is!s1 Is tar1 an- t e 5ema'e creat!ona' 5orce !n e6ery cu'ture+ S-6 $oes by many names to tea'h about love and li$ht) and the return to oneness) in different 'iviliIations that evolved&manifested in #ara''e' rea'!t!es


3rom 1ikipedia) the free en'y'lopedia-it is written that many tem#'es an- statues o5 nat!6e #a"an "o-s an"o--esses were ra!-e- an- -estroye- by Hlaf #ry$$vason and Saint Hlaf durin$ the "ra-ua' an- 6!o'ent #rocess o5

New 2eta!'s


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