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Static Diameter Gauges for Hot Rolling of Rod, Bar, Tube and for Quality Control

SMS is part of the STEELMASTER family with SMO & SMR

tubes • Q. (NDT) lines a special version "B" which can also measure cold and bright bar was developped. EPM and FPS software • Special versions for cold / bright bar with anti-reflex system • Reliable.) thick • Special versions for 3-roll mills incl.C. thanks to unique protection system • Uncritical guiding • Unique STEELMASTER hard. They are specially suited for round products and available for various measuring ranges and various numbers of measuring axes. STEELMASTER processor for up to 4 gauges Wire block Furnace Intermediate section SMS gauge Post finishing GaUge VersIoNs SMS 100 / 160 SMS 100 / 160 SMS 550 In a rod mill. SMS gauges are extremely simple. black. polishing • SMS is the ideal or best solution for cases where basically round products must be measured at high speeds and short lengths. after finishing. peeled. ground etc.C. . In a large seamless tube mill. systems. 2 In a QC line for cold / bright bar. • SMS gauges are often used in the intermediate section. bar. grinding.C. • Cold processes peeling.and software • Fibre optics cable between local processing unit and central control unit • No wear and close-to-zero maintenance Applications SMS: The Solution for Many Cases! • Hot rolling of round rod.GeNeral Static gauges STEELMASTER SMS from ZUmBaCH are a well-proven line of precision gauges for hot rolling mills and for cold Q. Outstanding Advantages • Latest technology and highest accuracy – up to 2000 measurements/s/axis – up to 12'000 measurements/s (with 6 axes) • Very short distance between measurements • Automatic shutter • Extremely compact. compact and reliable. in combination with SMO or SMR measuring units in MULTIGAUGE configuration. For Q. Over 100 systems are in operation worldwide. only 125 mm (5 in. lines (NDT) cold bar.

longitudinal faults occur. e. • Or to calculate the out-of-tolerance (scrap) lengths for head and tail.: • Round bar. an oscillating SMO or a rotating SMR gauge is the right solution. if an accurate section is required. for dimensions up to 550 mm (21.g. cross section or area in mm2 (in2. Single Axis Systems In many cases for hot or cold processes.Basic Concept The combination of up to 6 measuring axes (lasers) with up to 2000 measurements for each axis offers an extremely dense information for both longitudinal and radial direction. such as seams.65 in.) can be calculated based on the particular diameter values d1. This means an extremely short distance between measurements. Fast or periodic variations in diameter and section can be detected and measured. overfills. the complete billet is scanned 100% from the very start to the end. See also: – Technical notes on detailed hardware and software functions. EPM. However. Calculation of Cross Section The approx.g. (optionally 50 mm / 2 in. The head and the tail data can be processed and utilised depending the need: • Its possible to suppress programmable lengths at the head and the tail separately. This can be used for quality control. a single axis system is the right solution. an SMS gauge cannot see the fault when it is located between 2 axes (in case of a 6 axes gauge the dead angle is 30°). FPS – Brochure ECOGAUGE single axis systems – For true profile measurement brochure PROFILEMASTER series 3 ECOGAUGE 310 in seamless tube extrusion. flat spots etc.) or more. dn. SMO or SMR gauges are the better solution because they capture a indefinite no of diameters over the full circumference. Longitudinal Faults When small. overrollings. documentation and for detection of process problems respectively corrections (e.) L1 L2 d1 d2 d3 L3 D 3 axes fixed 3 x 2000 measurements/s ! Head and Tail Measurement By principle.. d2. d3. • A fast signal for control functions is available. Bamboo or Boa effects). STEELMASTER SMS gauges are extremely compact and easy to integrate into existing mills and need close-to-zero maintenance. When combined with STEELMASTER electronics it is often referred to as SMS xx-S1. Examples: Short distance between measurements At 100 m/s D = 50 mm At 10 m/s D = 5 mm D Examples with 3 axes: 60° Up to 1000 measurements/s (optionally 2000 measurements/s) At 100 m/s D = 100 mm / 4 in. If this is of importance. where ovality is not important • With of flat bar or strip • When a large distance between emitter and receiver is required For all such cases ZUmBaCH offers the ECOGAUGE line of single axis instruments in various configurations with simple processors/displays. billets or tubes. .

relay outputs for alarm etc. SMO (oscillating) or SMS (static) models. 3 kW.) additional water cooling is required.) by air only. personalized configurations.2 in. • Inputs for mains supply. RS-422 for giant displays. welded structure ensures protection of the laser heads against dust. connectivity. case specific solutions. • Industrial embedded PC without fan in a 19" drawer (height = 8HU).. measuring unit. process transparency.BASIC system components Measuring Unit with ODAC® Diameter Measuring Heads A robust. 3 or 4 groups of 5 digits) • Pyrometer for conversion to cold values (20° C / 68º F) • Traversing system for positioning or withdrawing of the measuring unit • Air cooler or heater for cooling and/or heating of blower air • Water cooling system (heat shield with circulating water) for product diameters exceeding 30 mm (1.18 in.600 cu./h). scale. 2000 measurements/s • Calibrated Single Scan (CSS) • Light source: Solid state laser. 1350 m3/h (47. class II Filter / Blower Unit GE 5-2 Providing filtered air at high volume to purge the laser shutter and for general cooling of the measuring unit. ETHERNET for customer (TCP/IP). • Easy exchangeable protection glasses • Temperature control system • Diagnostic outputs for checking the video signals • Cooling for OD's up to approx. Operating system on solid state disk.18 in. splashes and heat.) • Remote giant display (2. • Inputs/outputs: VGA for screen/keyboard/mouse. ACCessorIes Remote repeater screen for mounting and operation up to 150 m (490 ft.e no need for UPS unit (fail safe). 30 mm (1. i. ft. USB for printer or other peripherals. ODAC® 100 / 160 high-tech laser measuring heads (inside the measuring unit) • 1 emitter + 1 receiver for each head • Fully synchronized scanning between the heads • Principle: Laser scanning. Local Processing and Operation Unit LPO It forwards all pre-filtered measured values and transmits the data via a single fibre optic cable to the main control unit CPO. Over 30 mm (1.) 4 . pyrometer (optional) • PLC controller • Built-in cooling unit Central Control and Operating Unit CPO For up to 4 measuring units of the SMR (rotating). fibre optic connection to LPO unit. future safe upgrading. digital inputs (8) and outputs (4) Software – Basic & Optional Packages The sophisticated STEELMASTER software packages guarantee high flexibility in general.

pend. width. It provides 2-point and 3-point diameter values and in particular the DT and GT values which are essential for quick setting of 3-roll blocks. trend screens • Split screens (MULTIGAUGE) • Configuration.. height. ovality • Hot and / or cold values • Min. printed reports • Optional software extensions • 10 major languages.. 5 . The effective roundness RONt (by ISO definition) gets calculated for any deviation from round. The screen presents the product in an almost 1:1 real shape on the operator screen. with up to 10 independent PC workstations • POLYGON / EPM / FPS EPM and FPS method and software (with 6 axes only). max. alarms • Head and tail scrap length indication • Personalized screens • Statistics. computation • STEELGAUGE System configuration (1. calibration screens Optional Software Packages Besides the basic package..Steelmaster Software Basic Software Package The basic package features all functions for round products: • Start and end suppression • Calculation of diameters. / max. diagonals • Display of mean value.) solve many problems. ZUMBACH's EPM and FPS algorithms and software (pat. FPS (Full Profile Synthesis) is an optional module. min. EPM (Enhanced Profile Measurement) can measure and calculate non-symmetrics polygonal or any irregular product. STEELMASTER systems offer many additional modules and extensions such as: • STEELDATA Data filtering.4 gauges) • SPC For SPC statistics. configurable • STEELHOST Standard protocol for ETHERNET TCP/IP • STEELDATABASE For post production viewing and archiving (to be installed on external PC's) • REMOTE STEELMASTER For networking via ETHERNET TCP/IP. especially important for round or hexagonal bars rolled in 3-roll blocks. others on request • Section. pre-processing..

the panel can be on either on the left or on the right side of the measuring unit. SWITZERLAND (H.65 in.28) (4.) depending model 3 x 400 V~ and 1 x 110. ventas@zumbach. vendas@zumbach. 2) For products till 30 mm (1.20 in. separate drawings are available upon request.66) (15.90) (27. EN 60825-1:2007..74) (1. BelgIUm.. were designed to meet the regulations CDRH (USA). zumfareast@giga. which are equipped with lasers. sales@zumbach. They hold the warning and explanatory labels prescribed by EN 60825-1:2007.50) SMS 160-S4/6 1670 105 284 1690 855 385 252 95 38 ✔ ✔ (65.DImeNsIoNs Due to the numerous models. BrazIl.84) ( Zumbach Electronics Zumbach Electronics Ltd.13) (10. of axes Resolution Accuracy Power consumption Basic models SMS 100-Sx Tangential laser scanning Visible red laser..16) (4.) SMS 100-B6 6 SMS 160-Bx (cold) 2) 160 mm (6.62) (1. gestion@zumbach.24) (24. Zumbach Electrónica Argentina S. BS 4803. Model mm (inch) SMS 100-Sx B BCP1) D H HC L L1 L2 L3 Heat Wheels protection (option) shield 1150 105 270 1200 630 258 125 95 38 2) ✔  ✔ (45.74) ( in. axes SMS 100-S4 4 SMS 100-S6 6 SMS 160-Sx 160 mm (6.55) ( Zumbach Electronic India Zumbach Electronic S. Zumbach Electrónica S.63) (47. 50/60 Hz.21) (50.L..92) (3. 4.80) (10.30) ( www.R. MaIN data Measuring principle Laser Measuring rate No.) SMS 310-S2 2 SMS 310-S3 3 SMS 550-Sx 550 mm ( Zumbach Electronic GmbH. INDIA.92) (3. (14.24) SMS 550-S3 2500 150 700 2520 1270 505 397 48 60 ✔ ✔ (98. China P. each axis (optional 2000) 2 up to 6 (see overview above) +/. Laser radiation Do not stare into beam! LASER CLASS 2 630-680 nm < 1 mW • All technical data are subject to change without notice.68) (87. 2) Upon request.18) (66. 6 STEE.Q.63) ( Zumbach Electronic Co.54) (33.) SMS 160-S4 4 SMS 160-S6 6 SMS 310-Sx 310 mm ( Zumbach Electronics Far East.R.28) (4.50) SMS 160-S2/3 1150 105 270 1200 630 383 250 95 38 ✔ ✔ (45.. ArgeNtINa. Spain.) All units.08) (9.0004 in.74) (1. Zumbach do Brasil Ltda.75) (4.3 in.007.82) ( Zumbach Electronic Srl. Ltd.).88) (15. ItalY..68) (1.24) (24. product dimension depends on worst case out-of-center position.) SMS 160-B6 2) 6 SMS XXX-Xx Any Customised 2) Any 1) Max.80) (15.16) (9.42) (5. verkauf@zumbach. of meas.) Up to +/.2012 . USA.50) SMS 310-S3 2180 150 500 2210 1100 480 373 50 57 ✔ ✔ (85. GermaNY.. class 2 1000 measurements/ s.88) (2. sales@zumbach. Measuring range / field 1) 100 mm (4 in.90) (19.00) (43.1 mm (. DIN / FDE 0837 and SEV TP 76 / Zumbach Bureau France.3 (2.001 mm (. info@zumbach.00004 in.A..0. BCP B Heat protection shield (option) L2 L L1 L3 H D HC Wheels for easy removing the unit out of the rolling train.) = only the main dimensions are listed below. TaIwaN.1 kVA Versions No. for bigger products = obligatory.0.E OCT. WorldwIde CUstomer servICe aNd sales offICes Zumbach Electronic AG.13) (10.00) (19. FraNCe.0004.) SMS 550-S2 2 SMS 550-S3 3 SMS 100-Bx (cold) 100 mm (4 in.230 V~. ventes@zumbach.13) (11.36) 1) Space requirement for connection panel. For detailed dimensions. Ltd..