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#ast year. a family trip is a m st for themselves or bring families to somewhere to enjoy.)(%. 'at (eringghi. I spend a family vacation to $enang Island. As at this time. MOHAMED FIRDAUS B. I stood at the front end of the ferry and watched the water twirl as the ferry c t thro gh it. we decided to take the ferry which is the famo s and one of the interesting experiences to try in $enang. $enang is also well known as city of b siness and other activities.-&TA) and etc. activity for every not j st for f n b t also as rewarding for the hardworking we have go thro gh a year. $enang a bea tif l island is sit ated at the %orth of !est &alaysia. it left the terminal and proceeded towards the island. +erejak Island. ID gave s the bea tif l of beach scenery and lots of convenience accommodation s chNO.A H/2+)(3 T%+0 4/ R5'5'. b t s rely it m st be the exciting trip to complete o r calendar year. I co ld see the island a short distance a head of s. L/(0 A&'() !e contin e o r jo rney to the $enang *ill on the next day.-%+ . ' kit 'endera.5%.ome of them are 2(76(8 0(65'. as TELEFON resta rants. !hat abo t this year" I haven’t planning the trip yet. many people were taking chance to celebrate themselves by relaxing. $.) can be reach by the $enang 'ridge or we can take to cross from ' tterworth by ferry. I’m s re many sweet memories will be gatrherd if spend a holiday at DISEDIAKAN OLEH GROUP : UPSI 26 ( A131PJJ ) SEMESTER 1 SESI 2010/2011 BIU 3013 : GENERAL ENGLISH ASSIGNMENT 2 this island. It is so exciting! : 2 N/1 2013 : D% A&'() *(+. As the first time. not even myself. The holiday is coming! This is the time I’m waiting almost every year. make some space RISAs for me. spa and even stalls. $enang . Aman Island. . -ther than that we also experience the night market which offered many type of things from a small things to delicio s foods. I’m excited when talked abo t food beca se here we can fo nd TUTOR E#LEARNING varieties of foods which can’t taste the same with other place. we begin with done the recreational activities which are provided along the beach area.+. . CHE BAHAROM D201020 !! " 013#3 21"0$ (irst day that we started o r jo rney. It is m ch exciting beca se I never do the activities before and it really challenges me. As we arrived at $enang. The island is most known as T&5 P5(%2 I62(. It is not pop lar as /enting *ighlands or 0ameron *ighlands b t it is one of the island’s most pop lar to rist attractions. )amlee *o se. There are many places of interest s ch as./% DATELINE and .(6+ 7(. we decided to stay at the hotel at 'at (eringghi which NAMA NO. !e enjoyed with its water sports s ch as parasailing and winds rfing. As soon as the ferry was filled with cars and motorcycles on the lower deck.

.r first family holiday to this island had been a lot more enjoyable than we expected and now I look forward to o r next destination and I hope it also be one of the holiday trip that will be memorable to s. .The people in $enang call it ' kit 'endera. we ended o r jo rney and leaving the island with a smile. After two nights in $enang Island. !e can see bea tif l scenery of the $enang Island from the top of the hill.

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