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205 #34 The Law of Karma A.

Introduction The fundamental law of the universe is the law of karma, which works on the physical, emotional, and mental planes of life and must be worked out or returned on the plane they were sown. This law is, in some measure, expressed in physics as: “For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction” and philosophically: every action, word, emotion, and thought produces, in time, a reaction of like quality. Karma – a Sanskrit word meaning deed or action – is also known as the law of consequences or compensation. Applied to the moral sphere, it means: If we do good, good is returned; if we do evil, evil is returned. Karma is simply the effect of the causes we have set in motion, positive or negative, returning to the doer. The law of karma is not only the law of retribution and punishment but, above all, it teaches, corrects, regulates, balances, and compensates on any level of the multidimensional universe. It seeks to be constructive and beneficial, and it functions as an ideal cosmic police force. This law is impersonal, neither good nor bad, and lets humans learn valuable lessons of life. Those lessons may return again and again in certain cyclic life patterns and will 4repeat themselves until we have learned them. Through the law of karma, God gives us opportunities to learn from our mistakes and live in harmony with the karmic law. God, however, does not and cannot interfere or suspend His law but leaves humans alone to make their own decisions on how they should act, so that they will grow 5quickly and wholesome to maturity. In addition, the law teaches individuals restraint, self-control, responsibility, selfreliance, patience, unselfishness, compassion, and forgiveness.
REMARK: It is very important that the people, especially in the Western world, understand that everyday life is governed by justice and not by chance. This will convince them that it is foolish and to their disadvantage to live a life of selfishness and wrongdoing because they can never escape the effects of their harmful and evil deeds.

206 This law should especially be taught to those whom, through ignorance, do harm to others and are then surprised that life is not treating them very well. They should be pitied, not hated or cursed, because they do not know what they are doing. Those people should learn to understand that good deeds and thoughts produce beneficial reactions, such as: gifts, opportunities, growth, etc., while bad deeds and thoughts produce unpleasant reactions, such as: deprivation, missing opportunities, backsliding, etc. The law of karma corrects wrongdoers in a more accurate way than the criminal justice system is able to do. It is unerring, just, and its “punishment always fits the crime”. The criminals not only carry the effects of their misdeed(s) with them in their degraded character but also convey the cause of the imbalance of the universe within them. In order to readjust equilibrium, criminals sooner or later get caught by the foolish mistakes they make or through other circumstances beyond their control. In many cases, the officers of the law are the channels for this correction. When someone is punished for the crime (according to the man-made laws of the land), the punishment meted out may be greater or lesser than the law of karma would permit. The sentence the criminal receives may depend on the laws, former cases, the jury, character of the judge, the persecutor, and defense lawyers. If the criminal gets away with a lesser sentence, he or she still has to balance the remaining debt, and when the punishment is more than what is deserved, the universal law and other forces will work to reduce the sentence. The debts they have made to society can be paid off quicker when they serve others when confined, write to their victims, ask for forgiveness, pray and fast for them, and most importantly, read the Bible and other books for their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual development. By doing so, they purify their personality, are reborn spiritually, and start living a divine life. Capital punishment was usually carried out by those people whom were living under the mosaic dispensation because it was not possible for them, at that time, to restore themselves or receive rehabilitation from others. Therefore, they paid the ultimate price. In the New Testament dispensation, the ones whom have no regret of what they have done by taking the life of another should expect that their life likewise be taken. However, those whom feel deep regret and heartfelt

4 The Spanish-born philosopher Santayama (1863-1952) said that if people do not learn, they are condemned to repeat it. 5 In order for us to grow even faster, God may at times send us trials and tribulations and let us overcome them. He does this for the sake of testing us, to prepare us for a mission, and to help us grow in character and personality. God may also put us in a situation where we must love and train a person we do not like in order to help us develop our love for all people.

“Truly, I say to you, you will never get out till you have paid the last penny” (Matt. 5:26).

7:1-2 and Rom. 1 . condemn not. 6:14 – ) should not have to give up their life. says the Lord of hosts. then I will hear from heaven. he/she pays double” (Exodus 22:7). according to what he has done in the body” (2 Cor. Compare with a similar story in Mark 12:42-44 of a widow who gave “everything she had” and the lad who gave “five barley loaves and two fish” (John 6:9). 26:52. if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour down for you an overflowing blessing” (Malachi 3:10). The law of karma in Jesus’ discourses is called sowing and reaping and is also known as the law of the harvest.  Forgiveness is not meant here “to grant freedom from penalties or consequences of action” but “freedom from accusation. and it will be given to you. “You brought it upon yourself” and “I deserve what I get. that he will also reap. 5:10). not reluctantly or under compulsion.” In 2 Cor. The law of return is universally understood as: “What goes around comes around”. “Bring the full titles into the storehouse. 9:6). “He got what was coming to him”. for what his hands have done shall be done to him” (Isaiah 3:10-11). do so to them”. 13:10).207 sorrow (contrition) for what they have done and seek for ways to atone for their sins (especially those whom are living a divine life whom “are not under law but under grace” – Rom. running over.” People often say. See also the story of the widow of Zarephath and her son.” B. “The one who digs a hole for another falls in that same hole”. “Those who plow iniquity and sow trouble reap the same” (Job 4:8). For the measure you give will be the measure you get back. is expressed in Matt. “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. See also Hosea 10:12-13.” Apostle Paul said in Gal. blame. “He who conceals his transgression will not prosper” (Proverbs 28:13). “If my people who are called by my name humble themselves. Each one must do as he has made up his mind. the criminals should be given a chance to redeem themselves. 9. “give. The latter are mature. for whatever a man sows. or as it is usually worded. “If a thief steals money or goods. Woe to the wicked! It shall be ill with him. willing to sacrifice. “The one who throws a stone to heaven gets it back on his/her own head.” As the Dutch saying goes. which is in harmony with the law of sowing and reaping. 27 it is recorded that the men and women whom committed dishonorable passion with their own gender received “in their own persons the due penalty for their error”. pressed down. if we do not lose heart.” “For all who take the sword will perish by the sword” (Matt. “Do not be deceived. for they shall eat the fruit of their deeds. What Does the Bible Say about the Law of Karma? “Whoever sheds the blood of man. and thereby put me to the test. so that each one may receive good or evil. for you will find it after many days” (Ecclesiastes 11:1).“And let us not grow weary in well-doing. as the law of karma is able to do. and how they were miraculously fed (1 Kings 17:8-16) by giving all that they had to Elijah. “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ. and will forgive their sin and heal their land” (2 Chronicles 7:14). Paul said with full conviction. In Romans 1:26. guilt. Rev. with the help of God-chosen individuals. Because “The eyes of the Lord are in every place” (Proverbs 15:3). 9:6-7. will be put into your lap. “By doing good you will meet good”. God is not mocked. “You get what you deserve. good measure. for in due season 1we shall reap. and have an abundance of accumulated merit. The golden rule. 2:1). and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. Having been forgiven by God. and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways. 208 “Tell the righteous that it shall be well with them. and you will not be condemned” (see also Matt. “Cast your bread upon the waters. 7:12: “Whatever you wish that men would do to you. shaken together. and you will not be judged. that there may be food in my house. “he who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly. the chosen servant of God. 6:7. and resentment”. “What did I do to deserve this?” or “Why did this happen to me?” Further. for God loves a cheerful giver”. REMARK: The laws for the civic and moral conduct do not regulate the feeling and thinking of individuals. they say. by man shall his blood be shed” (Gen.” --. It is expressed in Luke 6:37-38: “Judge not.

2  Some people only seem to learn the hard way and do not want to learn by object lessons. but when we harm our neighbor. we should first build up our spirit body so that it can house our Divine Spirit. Practical Considerations of the Law of Karma Paul said in Acts 20:35. Those persons feel insecure of what they have and are always afraid that they will lose what they control and possess. According to the law of karma. something of value will be stolen from us. Etheric pictures are sometimes flashed before a dying person. 3:10). “The ones whom do not want to hear have to feel” (the consequences) – “Wie niet horen wil. 6:19-21). The importance of this growth is emphasized by Jesus Christ in Matt. with the spirit body as its object. which show the lessons learned and not learned. Our surviving human spirit. moet voelen. 14 “If we have sown spiritually good among you. “It is more blessed to give than to receive. we shall become the victims of fraud and lose everything we have gained by fraud. has become substantial and no longer shadow-like or ghost-like. they try to steal as much time and things from their employer as they can. The only real gain we make in this life on earth is receiving spiritual treasures or riches. 210 When we help another. or to the principle of sowing and reaping. God will “lay it on their heart” to give to those who help humanity and especially the Divine Spirits or Souls of people to grow in any spiritual community. and take away the romantic affection of someone whom is already engaged to another person. etc. we find that we are cheated in the same way.” For what you give away to others: your love. as well as achievements and failures of the life just lived. If they work at all. 5:22). If we give out love. They should not think snugly that they could get anything for nothing. REMARK: While living on earth in a physical body. our own will turn bitter. is it too much if we reap your material benefit?” --“Those who proclaim the gospel should get their living by the gospel” (see also Matt. is what is really your own. always lives in heaven. love comes back to us. or that someone will take it away from them. We will then become convinced that any kind of wrongdoing can never be to our advantage because the bad effects of such actions will always return to us in the course of time. even when our physical body is still roaming this earth. became it wine (John 2:8-9). The gains acquired through intimidation. Thus. or control and by dishonesty are gains that cannot last long. 9:11.” . This “movie” of your life is being transferred from your dying physical and etheric bodies to your surviving spirit body. united with one’s Soul. The persons either pay their debt to society now or they have to pay much later in ways and forms not of their liking. including ill-health.. “The gift you give to others is the gift you give to yourself. If we defraud others. our human spirit and our Divine Spirit (Soul) will come into its own by expressing pure human qualities and Soul qualities or the fruits (treasures) of our Divine Spirit (Gal. power. let him not eat” (2 Thess. An attempt to find happiness at the expense of other people starts a chain of bad or “unlucky” occurrences in our lives. “if anyone will not work. By going through the “same” suffering and bitter experiences we have caused to others. nothing in this life is handed to anyone who is able to work. Only when water was poured for others. The Bible says. When we 2leave the earth plane. When we are treating our fellow workers badly in order to be promoted. If we grab the opportunities of others. Some individuals prefer to live a life as a parasite or freeloader and excuse or justify themselves by saying that the world owes them a living. domination. understanding. and all these things (food-shelterclothes) shall be yours as well”. we harm ourselves. assimilating. 6:33. By not giving anything to society. C. time.” It has also been said. When we cheat others. money (accumulated energy). knowledge. we cannot take material things with us. we will be treated in a similar fashion. then God will look after all our material needs (not greed). Thus the Soul. if we hate someone. hate will be returned to us. not earthly treasures (Matt. we will eventually learn valuable lessons not to do harm to others or find out the hard way that crime does not pay. If we steal from others. 10:10. when we serve God. and becoming the Truth. not even our bodies. we help ourselves. drive a competitor out of business. labor. that alone you have – that ye lose ye never had. to “seek first his kingdom and his righteousness.209 Paul also elaborated in 1 Cor. Luke 10:7-8). the universe cooperates perfectly by not returning anything to them. It is exploitation when someone tries to steal another person’s job.” “For that ye give. with its attributes or qualities. As a Dutch saying goes. By receiving. The latter should also be developed and completely integrated.

which we have ordered and are being delivered. and the evil man produces evil (Luke 6:43-45). thinker. Someone living on earth can likewise inspire or influence others to do good or bad. In other words. The positive or negative invisible result of the deed will then go back to the initiator and doer. As expressed in karmic law: for every emotion felt (loving or hateful). The persons go through life being alternately thrust in “good or bad luck”. There is therefore no such thing as luck or chance. or our actions are worked out or balanced at the same plane (physical-emotional-mental) where we have sown. However. especially the psychological kind. Much of the accumulated karma. and disharmony must disappear. As God’s consciousness pervades the spiritual and physical universe. in due time. “You bring me good luck”. the karma has expanded its force. They do not seem to realize that all that happens to them is the result of their own doing because they have set in motion the causes of their “good or bad fortune”. “Good luck”. in the same field. the inspirer and the doer receive positive karma. By inspiring others to do good deeds. the surviving human spirit has to inspire the spirit of a suitable person living on earth to do good deeds with his/her physical body. NOTE: Matt 6:4 says that we should give our alms in secret. while His laws will reward and adjust. The individuals whom believe that the universe might be run by chance are likely to say. we have produced the desirable or undesirable conditions in our life. Everything good or bad that comes into our life is there as the result of an inescapable law. “Some guys get all the luck”.211 In the universe of law and justice. This is not an easy task because the inspired earthly person does not always respond very well. if he has planted corn. and all ill-health. “How I wish that my bad luck would end and that lady luck would bring me more good fortune in life”. The farmer has complete trust in the law of the harvest and knows that he will reap. For instance. By the same token.the good man produces good. for every word spoken (good or bad). is not rewarded from those planes. The Law of Sowing and Reaping A farmer who cultivates the soil and sows a particular kind of seed expects to harvest. the people are creating karma emotionally and mentally. In that case. each person has just what he or she has earned. and doer. conditions will improve at once. thus. a dictator has the tendency to claim all accomplishments as his own when the people blindly obey him. in the working out of its action and reaction. “and your Father who sees in secret will reward you”. but the latter person did not earn any karma for the emotional and mental aspects of his/her being and. thereafter. . one person may give alms to a beggar wholeheartedly with sympathy. consideration. Life need not be a battle. and for every act committed (creative or constructive). Consciously or unconsciously. D. they may believe that of no fault of their own they are being punished or have fallen on hard times or “ill-luck”. and a kind word. the same kind of crop as that of the nature of the seed. He knows what is going on at all times and all places. the 19th century American metaphysician: There is no such thing as luck. when we think rightfully instead of wrongfully. each type of force works on its own plane. and we are the only operators of that law. Thus. they become aware that they are back in a period of “good luck”. In order to wipe out the karma made on the physical outer plane. the law adjusts. Both persons have performed a good act on the physical plane. When they are in a bad period of their life. and compensates. for every idea or thought (positive or negative). there are no free gifts. When. he does not expect wheat (James 3:12). This reward will not only be good for one person or group but also for everyone else because He and His laws do not favor one over another. it can and should be a glorious mystical adventure. it is also good for another person. “He /she just ran out of luck. “Wish me luck”. the descendants of the diseased person of the inner plane have to fulfill this task while they are living on earth. speaker. “For no good tree bears bad fruit. the multiplied yield of what was planted. “I wish you luck”.” To paraphrase Emmet Fox. When God works to help one person. poverty. 212 We reap in the same field. From this it follows that by indulging in sexual fantasy or having lustful thoughts. balances. Nothing ever happens by chance. nor again does a bad tree bear good fruit” --. may be discharged while one is living permanently on the inner planes. while another person gives his share in order to get rid of the beggar as a nuisance. Many people whom experience a number of mishaps in their life usually attribute those calamities to “bad luck”. The result goes back to the feeler.

whom can relate to Him directly and accept Him as their Heavenly Parents. tooth for tooth. 2:20). When we have accumulated a considerable quantity of merit. which demand equal payment for the wrong done to you or to others. who overcame the sin of the first Adam by being obedient to God and by overcoming all temptations. the people who brought them to Christ. hand for hand” (Exodus 21:24. This law was in complete agreement with the many actions the Lord God of the Old Testament was indirectly responsible for in guiding His people. we likewise can and should expect (Mark 11:24) an abundant return of the seed money we have planted (Matt. Finally. This  214 moral law and its Ten Commandments is known as the law of “life for life.” In the New Testament dispensation. We easily deplete our account when we continually ask for blessings without replenishing by serving and tithing. This is an indication that our “cash balance” is gone and that we must deposit “new capital” if we want to draw more benefits. God is no longer a master to be feared. 13:31-32) by giving to needy individuals and worthy organizations. good works. Hebrews 9:22 says: “Indeed. wherein all our giving. which were created a long time ago. the only sacrifice the people have to make in order to be accepted by God and re-enter the “Garden of Eden” is to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. instead we are experiencing reverses or misfortunes. E. Matt. and the personality “I” or ego is no longer leading their life but their budding Christ or Divine Spirit (Gal. indemnity. it may take some time to fully blossom. This clearing or suffering for sins (paying off a karmic burden) can be done by making sacrifices such as fasting. reparation. However. When we are spiritually bankrupt.213 When the seed is sown. 1 . which the individual has made in his/her earthly life. praying to blot out sins. 6:14). In the time of and before Moses. Jesus Christ opened an opportunity through His work and sacrifice. which would become confused when chance is ruling its life and not the law and perfect justice. the children become confused and would give up efforts to improve themselves. or they Parents who love their children should teach them consistently what is right or wrong. which is part of the body of God. amends. prayers. who sometimes appeared as a wrathful and ethical ruler they obeyed and feared. 5:38). the good seed the Pilgrim Fathers sowed is being reaped today in a greater measure than in the past. It is like a great cosmic reservoir of energy. and taking on another’s karma. but become His children. and literature. taking on another’s burden. and they identified their god(s) with the forces of nature they greatly feared. as in the Old Testament dispensation. Those sacrifices are also called: restitution. when we are really convinced that we shall reap what we sow. The Law of the Old and New Dispensation The law of karma or natural law is especially relevant to people whom are living the life of the personality and to people whom are still living according to the Old Testament laws and traditions. in the time of and before Abraham. and the sins of their immediate ancestors should also be absolved before it is possible of entering the Garden or commencing a clear Divine Life. that anyone whom accepted Christ as their Savior is no longer “under law but under grace” (Rom. They are no longer servants of God. services. the Israelites were often confronted with the harsh and severe law of karma. gifts. Otherwise. the people believed in one God. Thus. Thus. Life is not treating us so generously as before. and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sin. long walks. For example. Our contribution to life may be compared to capital deposited in a bank. donating time and money. we should no longer consider ourselves smart by taking from others or seeking to gain by wrongdoing. eye for eye. They should not tell them that a particular act is right today and wrong tomorrow. This was the operation of the karmic law. we may receive some credit or desert when we have done something wrong so that the punishment is limited. This multiplying effect can also be seen of famous pieces of art. God was far removed from the consciousness of the people. 4:19) have become a “new creation” in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17). the sins of karma. redemption. or taking on the other’s karma. and the ultimate sacrifice: martyrdom. atonement. For example. and sacrifices are deposited. The blood of martyrs is known to be the seed of the church. Only a person lacking common sense and intelligence would try to get something for nothing and go against the universal law of karma. music. The same is true for the developing human race. is often done by saints of all times and religions. under the law almost everything is purified with blood. penance. sometimes exercised by angels and directed to people whom had no direct relationship with God. those in whom Christ is formed (Gal. As a farmer expects a manifold return of the seed he has planted. offerings. we should not expect that God readily answer our prayer. This 1 clearing. Thus.

cyclones. When one becomes a member of or associate with an organization. hurricanes. REMARK: Many people whom are working for employers still feel that they are slaves. 3 See “The Birth and Evolution of the Divine Spirit or Soul”. The misery (or happiness) of any nation or race is the direct result of the thoughts and acts of individuals who make up the nation or race. or airplane. world. community. including (through sacrifices or indemnity) the ransom price (which is much less because of Christ’s suffering and victory over satan) so that the evil masters no longer have any claim on them. droughts. National. 4 Some people whom have no karmic liability have been gone “accidentally” somewhere else or are called away from a catastrophic event. which was most cruelly treated by the Antichrist nation of Germany. During the reigns of Louis XIV and XV of France. 1 . to some extent. volcanic eruptions. moral. while the Red Skins. etc. disease. It was easy for Alexander the Great to conquer Persia in his “war of revenge” because the latter had conquered Macedonia in Greece 150 years earlier. G. or country. Australians. and Race Karma As every cell is responsible for the proper working of the organs and parts of the whole body. and continually serving the people. Although the latter persons – including backsliders – have repented and are forgiven by God. The result was the French and Communist Revolution. they no longer accumulate any karma and are able to forgive 2sins (John 20:23) to those whom are sincerely sorry for what they have done. they still need to pay penance or indemnity when they have sinned in order to balance their karma until their Divine Spirit is in 3complete control of their purified personality. so were many black people liberated when they came at age. sterility (of women). while Holland and England lost their colonies. For instance. and spiritual conduct of the family. which also happened in the reign of the latest Czar of Russia. Family. The more karma the person(s) has accumulated. The Jewish race. who will do everything in their power to keep from having their subjects leave their “evil camp” and entering the Kingdom of God. state. in the collective karma of the relationships above. This law should be more feared than the fear of hell because it determines our life now and then. tidal waves. such as conquest. ship. 4 If 2 The violation of creeds and theological dogma is not always a sin. acted in a passive meek manner as lambs going to the slaughter. when this belief is not based upon the law of cause and effect. especially when they accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. Living a divine life as Christ-like individuals or Divine Spirits. and some natural disasters such as earthquakes. and its karmic consequences. teaching. while praying for them continually. each human being is responsible not only for individual karma but also for the ethical. As many white slaves were physically and spiritually liberated in the Roman Empire through the Gospel of Christ. Yet other people are hurried to the disaster area or become involved in the karmic accidents. These persons will accumulate much positive karma or merit by praying. they acted wickedly in the past. Classic Greece and the Roman empires were extinguished as a nation because the leaders were more interested in their own well being than the welfare of the people. Polynesians.may clear their own. nation. How Does Karma Work? Hitler had the armistice signed in the same railroad car and in the same forest as that in which defeated Germany had signed the armistice ending World War I. race. the Hawaiians. 1war. and other unique people are in the process of dying out (through the force of evolution) unless they unite with a more advanced race. and others died out. crop failures. miss the train. religion. he or she is partaking. the more 215 they are under the domination of evil forces. especially when they are humiliated by those bosses who enjoy ruling over their subordinates with evil power. ancient American people. For candidates to be completely liberated from their evil masters. F. They expressed themselves as little children of God in those times in the Americas by spiritual song and dance.. the Egyptians. Group. they will be treated severely in order to 216 restore harmony. floods. Spain and Portugal lost their splendid position of power by committing national crimes against the conquered people. group. the well to do acted with selfishness and indifference to the poor and uneducated. etc. These individuals not only are able to forgive sins but also absolve all or part of it by taking confession and feeling much compassion for the sinner(s). They all came to conquer and wanted the oppressed people to serve them instead of guiding and serving the people according to the principles of Christ. plague. they have to pay off their own karma. witnessing.

it brings forth an instantaneous or delayed rebound – depending on the power and nature of the impact – to the initiator of the action. and thoughts goes to the doer of the action. The mineral. As the pain of a finger is felt by all the parts of the human body. desire. or mental. Every experience is engraved in our spirit and is always with us as if it were adhered or stuck to our being. and animal kingdoms (when left alone) create harmony in nature and appear beautiful because they are in tune with the plan of our Creator. we feel that we no longer owe somebody. and the result is that the stone falls back to the earth with an impact and time depending on the initial power. and thought disturbs. we feel an assurance that the universe will take care of us. thoughts. and it also hinders our moral development. distorted. thus. 218 positive emotions. so any negative action is felt throughout the cosmic organism. or attitudes of a person set up vibratory patterns – harmony or disharmony – within his or her life and begin to influence the individual. and create harmful karma. Thus. the motives of everything we have ever done are known not only to God but also to those who see with the eye of the Spirit. Thus. The action of karma proceeds under the cyclic law. or society anything anymore. each time we misbehave. which can be physical. and it will do anything in its power to restore its balance of harmony by making us give back what we have taken. The way the law of karma responds to our actions is proof that we have done the right thing because after we have paid our obligation. Everything we think. which also enter in the makeup at different levels of our existence. say. when we steal. unlike nature. the debt will be extracted from us when we are and have acted in a selfish and greedy way. plant. Those patterns cannot be prevented or forced to operate contrary to the causes set in motion and. or do becomes part of an energy or force that we send out into the universe and also produces its own vibrations in the various wrappings or auras of our human spirits. I shall attempt here to give a reasonable explanation for those individuals whom cannot be convinced of the working of the law by psychic and intuitive appeal alone. A stone thrown in the air is acted upon by its boundary or gravitation. the feeling of debt and guilt is no longer with us. This activates all the water particles on its way (effecting different levels of aether) to the bank surrounding the pond. the law of karma always works because all action. Thus.In order to believe in the law of karma. The effect may be experienced instantly or it can . It reacts and returns to the source of its origin like an echo. 217 A stone. group. when thrown into a pond (a deed done). 10:29)? Since everything is inter-linked and interacts with every other being. there is no way to escape or cheat the law of karma. All beings are affected by the causes that are set in motion by other entities. The result of the good and evil deeds. The universe as the body of God is like the human body. the karmic consequences of our action become attached to us. to some degree. the effect of the deed infuses into our human spirit and remains there. disturbs the still water (create disharmony) and causes wavelets to flow around and outward (and send karmic ripples or vibration outbound). If we take and do not give back. words. Phil. which is independent of time. For example. When humans. when we have given a lot. feelings. and our thoughts. have to work themselves out on the different planes. The activities. which is a disturbance of the harmonious energy of the universe. by impacting upon the surrounding boundary. By the same token. It consists of many organisms. On the other hand. the equilibrium of the universe. We may carry it with us as a dark and heavy burden if this experience resulted in suffering and distress to another being. and works are recorded in the “Book of Life” by none other than yourself (Rev. emotional. they become ugly. according to the cyclic law. and acts result in positive vibrations. Thus. This negative action also creates imbalance in the universe as a whole. which registers in our subconscious. repulsive. For instance. no entity can live separate from others. which reacts to the performer or the thinker in the degree of the force used. Thus. we create imbalance or bad karma. which are interdependent of each other. and such disturbances always seek to return to the state of balance. use their free will to act for their own selfish ends at the expense of the whole. Did not the Bible say that the Father knows when a sparrow is falling to the ground (Matt. which is independent of time. and we take it with us wherever we go. Besides. moods. 4:3). 20:12.

Elijah’s reappearance is not a case of reincarnation because he had not died in a normal way but delayed.C. Empedocles. such as Pythagoras. for they are not learning about life nor love and do not grow much in their mental and spiritual development. strength. cannot be true because that would be a great injustice. touching the higher realms and bringing back great rewards. or schoolroom. reincarnation is caused by karma settled in former lives but is also the means by which karma can be worked off or balanced. whereas the other child may have a healthy body. Parsee. a sullen disposition. and other complexes and shortcomings. whom were often worshipped. This was also the goal of Buddhists and Middle Age nominal Christians whom were looking with great anticipation for the good life in the nirvana state or in the heavenly state of being. We also find reincarnation or rebirth among certain early Greek philosophers. people will live much longer by having a stronger immune system and will not have to cling to only one profession or occupation for economic reasons. for example. if the chemical equilibrium is disturbed. The Truth about Reincarnation Reincarnation – (Latin re-in = again. In the material realm. duty. However. and other natural abilities and talents. John was fulfilling the same mission as that of Elijah to prepare the way for the Lord (Malachi 4:5. Besides. the energy it creates moves in a close curve and returns and expends itself upon its own level. it takes some time to neutralize the disturbance. To come again in a human body as a human spirit or soul.  Adherents of the theory of reincarnation believe that the Bible proves the idea of re-embodiment by saying that John the Baptist was 220 the reincarnation of Elijah.  Many people of that time also believed in eternal punishment of hell when they seriously violated God’s law and (or) the teaching of the church. honor. especially in the world which is in the process of restoration. Reincarnation. confidence. Jain. depth. The rich. and it has been accepted by some segments of the Western mystery tradition. The doctrine of reincarnation seems to solve the apparent 2inequalities in people’s lives and the 3problem of evil and injustice by having created. Reincarnation is the belief that the soul or the real person not only survives physical death but is also born in a succession of different physical bodies and. which is re-embodiment in other kinds of living beings. a training ground. are apt to become selfish by not serving others. “it is appointed for men to die once”. Today. Christianity. may have a sickly body. understand that life on earth is a workshop. a dull mind. it may take much longer. 1 In chemistry. together with its sister law of karma. intelligent mind. They develop valuable soul qualities such as: courage. The latter individuals. they will be born and grow up in unfavorable or favorable circumstances. especially in the world of good/evil. Further. initiative. At some point or period. and Islam. This belief also allows human beings more than one span of life in which to learn the 1many experiences and lessons of life and to achieve harmony with cosmic laws. and Sikh religions and are rejected by Judaism. transmigration has generally been accepted as an act of regression. have less compassion for the ones who suffer. such as plants and animals. . self-respect. H. pleasant disposition. Furthermore. whereby the effect is all out of proportion with the cause. when the thought or feeling is unselfish and spiritual. and persevering than those whom have to make a living. honesty. in previous embodiments have done much evil and harm or have been guilty of little. are the cardinal principles of the Hindu. and Plato. for instance. Thus. and the action is not always the same as the reaction. action and reaction can be  instantaneous and have the same impact on the objects. the Old Testament prophet. the causes of the In the ideal world of the future. When humans. Luke 1:17). of course. and forgiveness. and are less resourceful. a weak character. the doctrine was probably developed in order to make sense of (the more evil than good-oriented) human life. which was full of suffering. a strong character. They have more free time to pursue all kinds of hobbies and have more opportunities for object learning. in former lives. many lives on earth. it moves in an open curve. is an ancient belief that can be traced to early Hindu teaching after early vedic times. 2 To be born in wealthy circumstances is not always a true blessing. patience. determination. 500 B. When our feeling or thought is selfish. In the moral 219 sphere. The doctrine further states that the law of karma requires that humans be born again and again if the karmic accounts are not balanced in the course of one life. inventive. the rich whom have no problems must be a problem to God.) and the Greeks learned the ideas of reincarnation from their contacts with the culture and religions of India. a boot camp. Hebrews 9:27 disproves the idea of rebirth by saying. instead. and to give them security and hope for a better future life. which those Christians thought could only be realized in the afterlife or heaven. as an interwoven system. creativity. Buddhist. been carried in a bodily form into heaven by a chariot of fire (2 Kings 2:1-11). Reincarnation and karma. It should not be confused with transmigration or metempsychosis. carnis = flesh). It has been said that Pythagoras (d. This. Thus a child. thus. Howbeit.

“the ceasing of the round – or wheel – of birth and death” (samsara). and suffering. while Janism believes that the soul can be released from the cycle of birth. or undeveloped earthbound spirits which have not found the Light. A guru who passes by beggars in front of his asram may think. “they should not be helped. The law of karma is a natural law. However. Those spirits may be spirit helpers. those people are human spirits whom are influencing their lives to do good (or bad) and others whom are trying to express themselves through them. so that our nation can be liberated and cured. He does this in order to protect and also warn His and Her little children. group. especially those the parents have harmed while they were still living on earth. Sister Therese proved them all wrong. and other forms of indemnity. They also believe that they have lived in or near that site or have been those people. or as in the Buddhist expression. the doctrine of reincarnation is a man-made law and is not completely true in all of its applications. cannot interfere. rebirth. Finally. or the conscious of the influencing or overshadowing spirit may come through. upon enlightenment or “nirvana”. therefore. whom have a tendency to say to those whom need the most help. the goal of Hindus. However. their children or grandchildren have to pay the karmic price. and the Buddhist. and rebirth by the existence of austere practices. and possession. the Hindu will no longer be trapped in the cycle of death and rebirth. When the people are hypnotized. However. They do not have much compassion for the sick. This saying is also true for parents whom were not able to balance their karma and. or organization as a whole is also praying and supporting the above efforts by paying the indemnity. they can pay off their karmic debt. 10:30-37). evil spirits. that they have played a part in that history. the belief in reincarnation is known to have caused schizophrenia. which are meted out in this life. Mature Christians believe that it is possible not only to pay for their own sins or karmic burden but also that of their brethren and others by fasting. Thus. . the poor. whom are in the process of restoration. “If God is all-powerful and good. we can say that suffering for another is a divine privilege and great honor. REMARK: Many people whom believe in reincarnation have become convinced of this theory because they have felt or sensed (by reading ancient history or visiting historical sites and thinking about certain people of the past) 3 The problem of evil deals with the question. good works. and the injured and easily pass them by on the roadside (Luk. the subconscious of the person (which is the conscious of the 222 spirit body) may express itself. Buddhists. After death. otherwise they would not have happy future lives”. and others is not merely to settle karmic accounts or to reincarnate in more favorable circumstances but to go beyond the “compulsion of karma and rebirth”. He is able to make concessions and intervention by sacrificing Himself through saints of all religions. did not get punished while they were living on earth. against the severe workings of the law. Hindus and Buddhists believe that through a life of suffering. death. 4:9). This attitude is quite different from that of the Hindus. The law of karma is a judicial system without a personal judge. Although God cannot go against His own natural law because it is part and parcel of His body. these parents have an opportunity to absolve their negative karma or sins by influencing with their human spirits (not reincarnate) certain people to do good.221 reward or punishment. the Bible clearly says in Exodus 20:5 that God is “visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generation”. if the people do not act right. By attaining “moksha” or liberation. “the sufferers brought it on themselves. This atoning for others can be made much lighter when a church. obsession. “they are suffering their karma from a previous life. In conclusion. they have to bear the consequences. thus. is free from karma. If this does not work out. However. Those whom believe in reincarnation may easily fall in the above described attitudes and are no longer their “brother’s keeper” (Gen. Others may say. teachers. let them take the consequences”. and it is not good to interfere because it is their fate”. why does He allow so much suffering in the world?” He has given the people free will and responsibility to have dominion of the world and. As it has been said in the Dutch language: “Het is heerlyk om te lyden zodat we Holland kunnen bevryden” – It is a pleasure to suffer and to have endured. People whom believe in reincarnation do not want to accept and take any responsibility for the harmful deeds their parents and immediate ancestors have made.