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Summary :Environmental Law: Act 2000 on Access to Information on the Environment and Its Protection and on Environmental Impact

Assessments, The Environmental Protection Law Act introduced significant changes in the environmental impact assessment system, Access to Information on the Environment and its Protection and on Environmental Impact Assessment. Until the year 2000 the term „environmental impact assessment‟ related only to documents, which was not in accordance with EU requirements. Under new legislation, environmental impact assessment is not just the documents but the whole procedure relating to future activities (investment plans and projects). The new legislation introduced screening and scoping procedures and enlarged the possibilities for public participation in environmental impact assessment procedure. The EPL Act, the following types of impacts on environment should be specified: Direct and indirect impact on: Environment, human health, and human life quality, Material assets, Cultural heritage, Access to mineral deposits, Transport And Maritime Law Act 1991 concerning the maritime areas of the Republic of Poland and the maritime administration. The Act defines the legal situation of the maritime areas of the Polish Republic, the coastal area and the authorities of the marine administration and their scope of jurisdiction. The provisions of the Act shall not be applicable if an international treaty to which the Republic of Poland is a party provides otherwise. Polish maritime areas: Innocent passage means navigation through the territorial sea for the purpose of: Traversing that sea without entering the internal waters or calling at any part of the harbour system or any roads facilities which are situated beyond the internal waters; Entering or leaving the internal waters; Entering or leaving the part of the harbour systems or roads facilities. Good order security of the Republic of Poland if the foreign ship or warship, while in the territorial sea. The exclusive economic zone The exclusive economic zone is situated beyond and adjacent to the territorial sea. It includes the waters, the seabed and its subsoil. Act 2005 amending the Railway Transport Act Services, which shall be performed for the benefit of railway carriers, Minimum access to railway infrastructure, Access to the

musical works as well as musical and lyrical works. purpose or form of expression (work). Each sheet shall be free from creases. photographic works. cracks and folds. Act 2000 Industrial Property Law: This Law regulates: the relationships in the field of inventions.railway network equipment connected with train servicing. FORMAL REQUIREMENTS CONCRENING PATENT AND UTILITY MODELS APPLICATIONS. established in any form. The object of copyright shall be any manifestation of creative activity of individual nature. in particular in the field of defence. geographical indications and topographies of integrated circuits. scientific and cartographic works and computer programs). public order. industrial design works. over writings and interlineations. mathematical symbols. theatrical and musical works as well as choreographic and pantomime works. Compulsory license The Patent Office may grant authorisation to exploit a patented invention of another person (a compulsory license). string musical instruments. erasures. the protection of human life and health. audiovisual (including film) works. hereinafter referred to as the “Patent Office”. the object of copyright shall include: works expressed in words. utility models. Intellectual Property Law: Regulation 2001 On Filing And Processing Of Patent And Utility Model Applications. architectural works. as well as the protection of natural environment Act 1994 Copyright and neighbouring rights law. architectural and urban planning works as well as urban planning works. alterations. as well as to the provision of this servicing. . irrespective of its value. claims. Non-compliance with this rule may be authorised if the authenticity of the content is not in question and the requirements for good reproduction are not in jeopardy. the principles on which entities may accept rationalisation proposals and remunerate creators thereof. theatrical works. graphic signs (literary. All the documents making up the application (description. artistic works. trademarks. industrial designs. drawings and abstract) shall be so presented as to make all the details fully legible after their reproduction with the linear diminishing up to two-third. the responsibilities and organisation of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland. it is necessary to prevent or eliminate a state of national emergency. journalistic.