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HY-JK02-M 5-axis interface board manual

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Features, Features

1: The maximum matching 5-axis stepper motor dri er !: The t"o-stage signal processing# signal transmission smooth# po"erful anti-$amming %:5 input interface to define the emergency stop# limit# points in the knife# etc& ': relay output control interface# can be accessed by the spindle motor or the air pump# "ater pump# etc 5: fi e-axis $ob ()* display# isual display products# "orking condition
Electrical performance (Tj = 25 + ambient temperature when):

,nput Po"er 1ork axis stepper *ri e 1eight

5- *C po"er supply or computer ./0 to take po"er 2ecei ed the highest 5-axis independent dri ing

Pulse 3 direction 3 enable signal& 4bout !55 grams&

Interface definition table:

Wa eform and timin! "ower output interface function .

Interface# detailed drawin! mar$ed .

pindl e motor PIN1 enabled PIN2 X step PIN14 X dir PIN16 Y step PIN3 Y dir PIN7 Z step PIN8 Z dir PIN6 A step PIN5 A dir PIN4 B step PIN17 B dir 2 +hand control is defined as follows % .%5computer/%5" interfaces and benchmar$s within the 0i!ital I0) P1 B step P2 B dir P3 A dir P4 Z step P5 Y step P6 X step P7 X dir P8 enabl ed P9 5V V !! P10 5V " N! P11 A step P12 Z dir P13 Y dir P14 enabl ed P15 enabl ed * +The limit is defined as % to 5 ."I. "the definition of the pin % +is defined as parallel control, PIN9 .In the test machine# note the followin! before %# note that usin! the 5& power suppl' 2# determine the stepper dri er wor$s ((odel)) *# to determine the dri e wirin! step Second.

pindle motor olta!e must compl' with the suppl' olta!e ran!e3 Three +(245 software to use Fi!ure % Fi!ure %# open the (245* software# then select 67 now mach*(I11 .%3 .X /1imit P$%#P10 Y# 1imit P$%#P11 Z# 1imit P$%#P12 A# 1imit P$%#P13 ,, P$%#P15 5& %2 power suppl'# please ta$e more than switchin! power supplies# power input recei ed indicated on the map interface .pindle motor control is controlled ia the parallel port "I.

Fi!ure 2 (245* open the interface shown in Fi!ure 2# the action of commonl' used button abo e# here we confi!ure the (245 software3 .

menu Fi!ure : .Fi!ure * Fi!ure *# open the confi! menu "68T 9 "I.

uenc'# the parameters of the motor rotation speed3 2fter 2 laps to set the place selected# the confi!uration pin definitions# as shown in Fi!ure 5 .Fi!ure : "lace on lap % settin! can set the fundamental fre.

Fi!ure 5 2ccordin! to the definition of the board parallel port# follow the map on the circle to indicate the definition of modification of the software settin!s , .

Fi!ure < Then select the output si!nals in part# as shown in Fi!ure <# accordin! to insiders of the settin!s# set the correspondin! entr' , (otor reference set parameters# (245* software manual calculation in detail and description .

Fi!ure = 6$ all set# 'ou can open the need to run the > code# as shown in Fi!ure = .

Fi!ure ? .

T28T run3 .ET can be seen flashin! red# 'ou can use mouse clic$ the 8E.Fi!ure @ 6pen the > code# 8E.ET ma$e it stop flashin!# then 'ou can press the rin! 2 position 4A41E.