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Complex Sentence Worksheet Use subordinating conjunctions (though, if, when, because, etc.

) to connect the sentences into one complex sentence.
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Henry needs to learn English. I will teach him. It was raining outside. We went for a walk. Jenny needs to ask me. I will buy it for her. Yvonne played golf extremely well. She was very young. Franklin wants to get a new job. He is preparing for job interviews. I'm writing a letter, and I'm leaving. You will find it tomorrow. Marvin thinks he will buy the house. He just wants to know what his wife thinks. Cindy and David had breakfast. They left for work. I really enjoyed the concert. The music was too loud. Alexander has been working sixty hours a week. There is an important presentation next week. I usually work out at the gym early in the morning. I leave for work at eight a.m. The car was extremely expensive. Bob didn't have much money. He bought the car. Dean sometimes goes to the cinema. He enjoys going with his friend Doug. Doug visits once a month. I prefer to watch TV by streaming over the internet. It allows me to watch what I want when I want. Sometimes it happens that we have a lot of rain. I put the chairs on the patio in the garage when we have rain.

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