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FOR 2011-2013

JANUARY 1, 2014

direction and system) Arunima Mishra (For practising sessions and final touching’s) Tyler Richards (For helping us in learning guitar. For giving us novel thoughts with behaviours to achieve them and this path.. To fulfil our demands whenever we are in dearth and to motivate us whenever we are forlorn. To make us feel that there are persons who are waiting for our releases. Then after.. thanks to every listener and supporter who make us feel honoured on our work. online) Lakshmi Mishra Divyansh Raina Naresh Detani (For support. First of all. promotion and suggestions) 1 .. Special Thanks Er.. to accompany us whenever we are in need. Thanks to God for giving us this art. power as well as time to withstand it.A Thank You.. we are very thankful to each and every person who has shown trust on us. Rajeev Lochan Mishra (For sound testing. For every suggestion and feedback that makes us more fine and flawless..

Generally every band gets a bang start but the picture is totally different here. With the blessings of elders we start and the believe in GOD we start. As an Independent we start and on the same path we are…. it’s just round and round.. motivate each other we start. as the part of our hobbies we start.. With a single guitar and a PC we start.When we start. with all big dreams and passion we start. Middle-Madhusudan. We are students when we start. Left-Hemant. Big dreams are flashing around. and Right-Mahendra) 2 . Learning in the evening we start. this is when we start” (First look of The Lost Dews.. “This is how we start.

it flew away with an illusion and a fresh shinning leave lefts. The sorrow that we left behind after the sun rise (with a new morning) and starts a new life. father of our vocalist suggests a name called “Shinning Dews”. One day.“The Lost Dews”. when he noticing the same with his father. just after the sun rise. After some days. Madhusudan with his father noticed it many times and even discuss the scientific reason behind it. there are so many names comes in our mind. In our each and every cover we always try to fulfil our motto. to make the song deep in that feel. At the time of finding a unique and different name... that’s seems to be nice and different but don’t fulfil our motto of “Happiness comes after sadness (Nostalgia)”. The Lost Dews has many meanings in a way but the one we chooses is ‘The lost sadness and a new beginning’. Generally in the winter mornings there are some dews novelties on the leaves of threes and after some time. 3 .. is a short interesting story. We are taking advices from our friends and family members. they both (after a little discussion) came up with a name “The Lost Dews” and Madhusudan said “that’s final”. How we came on this name.

With it. many times they have to leave their path of music but on vacations and in free times they get their way ON. they make their own official Facebook page and other official online networks. After good feedbacks. Due to studies.Biography. It gets a good response and this makes them to produce more videos.. Your support is always appreciative. They start the journey with a single guitar and computer (for recording and mixing) and launch their first cover “Emptiness (Radio Mix)”. They are continuing on their work to produce more good and in more good quality and sound. they also released ‘Pirate Ship’ as their official Band’s Logo. Hemant and Mahendra. They all are very young and students of their respective classes.. Recently they launched their first Karaoke version of “Heart Attack” (original by Enrique Iglesias) and the video of “Making of Heart Attack (Karaoke Mix) with Live Acoustic”. By God blessings and hard work they are able to buy two new guitars and a pc microphone. They released their first video in 2012 “Kamikaze Love (Vocal Cover)” on their official YouTube channel and got awarded by “Bronze Performance Award” by Beat100 Network. The band is formed by Madhusudan Mishra in July 2011 with two of his friends. Now they are able to produce more and they launch their first Acoustic Cover “Temple of Thought”.. 4 .

 On Oct 21st. when we declare www.  On Feb 19th. when we are finally able to purchase two new guitars and a PC microphone to produce more good from our part. On this day. 2012: Our first This is a song sung by Gajendra Verma and produced by ‘Eros Now Music’. finally released on this day. we joined Facebook social network with the URL www.twitter. On the same day we also join Myspace Network with the URL www. 2012: The most important day. 2011: This is the day.Timeline for the year 2011-2013  On July 30. when we joined twitter for the gossip tweets from our band’s day to day happenings with the URL www. 5 .com/thelostdews as our official webprofile.  On March which is further. 2011: The day on which we finally start our journey in this field.facebook. 2012: This is the day. Emptiness (Radio Mix) on our official  On April 15th.reverbnation.

the award winning video. 2012: Our Vocalist’s interview is featured on POTFIST’s website on this day. Madhusudan told their 6 . 2012: This is the day of big change.  On Dec 29th. Beat100 is an Indie supporting website where different Indie Band and musicians upload their videos in the charts and they are awarded by different prices and awards. It gets really a very good response from all of our listeners.  On Dec 17th.facebook. It seems more professional and fair. The video is shooted on the terrace of the house of Madhusudan by his father Er. 2012: Launching of our first produced cover song “Temple of Thought (Acoustic)”. R. On Oct 26th.  On Nov and www. 2012: Bronze Performance Award is awarded to our video of Kamikaze Love (Vocal Cover) by the Beat100 Network. on our official web-profile takes place. is released by us on this day. In this interview. This is the first video we released. original by Poets of the Fall. Mishra at 6:30 in the winter morning with the rising of the sun.twitter. On this day we changed our Facebook and Twitter URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) as  On Nov 4th. 2012: Kamikaze Love (Vocal Cover).L.

Sung and composed by our vocalist with drum beats and piano notes are the merits of this song. one of our best cover song released on this day. we launched our 2nd Video of Rewind (Vocal Cover Live) that gets a good response and position on Beat100 about his favourite Music Band “Poets of the Fall”. 2012: Late Goodbye (Celebration Mix). A very big and good response is received on this  On Dec 31th. You can also read it here: http://potfist. Many people has 7  .  On Jan 26th.wordpress. On April 25th. This video is shooted in the little home studio of the Band on the official YouTube channel. 2013: Release of our first Hindi cover “Tum Hi Ho (Acoustic Mix)” from the very famous film Aashiqui 2. 2013: On this day.

It is our first karaoke version and just on the release date. Heart Attack. The released was then announced on our official Facebook Page. it get many plays and download with likes.  On Nov 27th. “Chahun Main Ya Na (Unplugged)” and this is also our first unplugged cover. released. Karaoke Mix by us. Enrique Iglesias’s song.  On Dec 1st. On Dec 5th 2013: Our 3rd and the most quality video “Making of Heart 8  . make it with the best of him. This day is reserved for the release of full version of Heart Attack (Karaoke Mix) with a surprise release. 2013: “The Surprise Day”!! On this day we made a surprise release.many comments on this song but the vocalist in a very small time and with his studies. 2013: Promo of the very famous.

Attack (Karaoke Mix) with Live Acoustic” is released on our YouTube channel. (All India Rank 3rd in Independent Charts at Reverbnation) (Our first sign. our Band also ranked 34 (AIR) on the Reverbnation charts of Indie/Rock/Acoustic and big reach of our last three facebook page updates. On this day. logo and cover of Temple of Thought (Acoustic)) 9 .

Heart Attack (Karaoke Mix) 8. Temple of Thought (Acoustic) 3.  #1 Rank throughout 2 years in local charts.  Get 100 “Likes” on the official facebook page. (VIDEO) 10 .  More than 1000 views of our video Kamikaze Love (Vocal Cover) at BEAT100. Making of Heart Attack (Karaoke Mix) with Live Acoustic. Rewind (Vocal Cover)(VIDEO) 5.  All India Rank 2nd at Independent charts of Reverbnation.Achievements and Awards  Bronze performance A&R Award – For a strong vocal performance in the video of Kamikaze Love (Vocal Cover) by BEAT100 Network. SoundCloud. Released Covers & Videos 1. Kamikaze Love (Vocal Cover)(VIDEO) 4.  Indexed by Google Search Engine. Late Goodbye (Celebration Mix) 6. Myspace and Beat100. Chahun Me Ya Na (Unplugged) 9. Tum Hi Ho (Acoustic Mix) 7. Emptiness (Radio Mix) 2.  Completes 200+ online plays of our songs at Reverbnation.

List of our Online Networks 11

..With All This. 3AM) Permits us to leave A very Happy New Year.. If I have been thoughtless.. lest it take root and grow The bottom line here's I love you so…… (Poets of the Fall. 2014 © 2014 THE LOST DEWs 12 . though I'm a little slow Don't keep it in you... let me know I can take a hint you know.