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Use software to access Internet services effectively

Part B

Part B Use software to access Internet services effectively

Target Help student to use software to access Internet services effectively.

Learning Objectives
At the end of the lesson, you are able to 1. set up an FTP server for download / upload of files and e chan!e infor"ation. #. access internal resources of $T% at ho"e throu!h $irtual Private &etwor' ($P& ) service.


File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

*ne of the popular Internet activities is transferrin! te t, !raphics "usic, and software files fro" one co"puter to another. *ne "ay attach a file by to an e+"ail. Another ways to transfer files is usin! FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or by peer+to+peer (P#P). How to use FTP to download and upload files will be discussed in detail in the followin!, 1.1 Using File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

FTP is allows you to download or upload files to and fro" other co"puters connected to the Internet. -ou can use FTP to view a directory of files located on an FTP site, and then open or download a file. -ou also can upload a file to an FTP site. To access an FTP site, you "ust lo! on. Public FTP sites, such as those provided by !overn"ent a!encies, so"e colle!es and universities allow anonymo s FTP because anyone can lo! on these sites usin! .anony"ous/ as their user na"e. Private FTP sites restrict access to authori0ed users, who has a uni1ue user na"e and password. FTP accepts instructions throu!h a co""and+line interface pro!ra" fro" FTP client, the 2indows 3 plorer file "ana!e"ent provided by the 2indows #444 or 5P, or by usin! your 2eb browser. A co""and+line interface, such as the %o""and Pro"pt provides a


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To navi!ate to an FTP site.<. such as 2indows 3 plorer." FTP server An FTP server contains te t. instead of http. FTP clients !enerally use an interface si"ilar to other file "ana!e"ent pro!ra"s with which you already "ay be fa"iliar. audio clips.doc P. FTP sites9 :.< in the Address bo in the sa"e way in which you type a 2eb site9s :. #irt al Private $etwor% (#P$) A virt al &rivate networ% (#P$) is a co"puter networ' with so"e of its lin's 199197295.! FTP client An FTP client. offers an easy+to+use !raphical user interface containin! "enu co""ands and toolbar shortcuts. and pro!ra" files that reside on it.//. you type the FTP site9s :. 1. such as %uteFTP or 278FTP Professional. :sually.// used for 2eb sites9 :. !. # of 6 . an FTP server can allow ad"inistrator to set so"e ri!hts/attributes for different users or !roup of users to restrict file transfers to those who have authori0ed accounts (user na"es and passwords) on the FTP server. !raphics.<s start with ftp. to represent the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). -ou can use 2eb browser to download file fro" FTP sites. 1. video clips.Use software to access Internet services effectively Part B non+!raphical interface in which you can type in co""ands.<s.

di!ital certificates. $P&s also allow public and private 'ey encryption.Use software to access Internet services effectively Part B between the nodes fro" public networ'. FTP. $P&s use tunnelin! to hide the encrypted data (pac'ets). and a tunnelin! protocol inside IP pac'ets are routed over the public networ' usin! the IP protocol. 199197295. T nneling is a process that encapsulates one protocol inside another protocol. Telnet= etc.1 '(y #P$) The $P& ($irtual Private &etwor') syste" can provide a secure and convenient access for remote users at home to access the Intranet 7ervices of the $T%. and special security protocols to secure their data trans"issions. 2hen the IP pac'ets reach their destination.doc P. and the tunnelin! protocol trans"its the pac'et to its final destination. !. The IP addresses. students can establish secure co""unication channel over Internet to access $T% internal resources via dial+up or broadband connection with $P& client software installed on your co"puter. These services include library services. > of 6 . For e a"ple. $P& firewall software re"oves the IP protocol infor"ation. such as the Internet.

you should be capable of. setup and use an FTP server. the user is able to access the $T% Intranet 7ervices at ho"e throu!h the Internet. a re"ote user only needs to install a $P& client. The wor'sheet # will !uide you throu!h the procedures on installin!. * mmary ?urin! this lecture.Use software to access Internet services effectively Part B &ow. any infor"ation trans"itted while the user is accessin! the Intranet 7ervices will be secured. 7ince the $P& client will auto"atically build up a tunnel between the client and the $T% internal networ'. Then. 6 of 6 . by usin! this $P& client.doc P. setup and use $P& client to access Internet services effectively. 199197295. #. 1. confi!urin! and usin! the $P& client to access the $T% Intranet 7ervices.