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Haldiram’s is certainly doing well. Bakery products iv.  Varieties of Namkeens manufactured by various plants across India : i.51 ii. How is the company aligning its 4Ps to sustain its growth in the competitive market?  The company is aligning it’s 4P’s in the following ways to sustain its growth in the competitive market:-  Products : Offering a wide range of products including traditional Indian sweets and snacks but emphasizing more on “namkeen” that generated maximum revenue.Kolkata in the East. it experienced expansion by leaps and bounds at three major cities of India. Dairy products v. Delhi unit . Sharbat vi. Sweets iii. Papad vii.25 . Packed meal  Giving importance to the local masses and thus launching “Murukkus” (a South Indian mixture) for south Indian customers and “Bhelpuri” for western India. Kolkata unit . • Today the group’s outlets are present all over the world. Ganga Bishen Agarwal established a single sweet shop in the Northern city of Bikaner. • In the 1990s. Nagpur unit. Ice-creams viii.  The product range includes: i.37 iii. and the company is growing with a significant clip. Nagpur in the West and Delhi in North. Q. Namkeens ii. • For over six decades the business was confined to just a single sweet shop.BACKGROUND OF HALDIRAM’S: • In the year 1937.

 Pricing Policy: i. Panchratan ii.  Price : Launched its various products at a very competitive price in an attempt to monopolize the unorganized namkeen market. “tohfatoindia.  Offering products through exclusive showroom’s as well as through super markets. Manufacturing unit  Carrying and Forwarding agents  Distributors  Retail outlets.  Providing the products in a very small packet of 30gm (for only Rs.  Distribution : Has a very strong distribution policy.  Pricing Method: i. Haldiram’s fixes their price. sweet shops. .com” which enabled people residing abroad to send Haldiram’s gift packets to specific locations in India.  Tie up with “indiatimes.  Pricing Objective: To maximize Market Share as there is a huge unorganised market of Namkeens and Sweets.  Tie up with other websites like “giftstoindia. Customer Centric Pricing:. Nazarana  This allowed the people to spend their money on food items besides keeping in touch with their tradition & culture in a new way.Haldiram’s charges a fairly low price for its high quality snacks and” to sell its products online. Products based on festive seasons: i. bakeries.5/-) helped them to reach the common Indian”. Value Based Pricing:. Premium iii.Taking into consideration the price conscious consumers in India.

on television with catchy lines like “millions of tongues can’t go wrong”. “what you see is what you buy” etc.  Punch line of their product is “always in good taste”. Promotion : Collaboration with “profile advertising9” to promote its products.  Advertising entire product line through print media.  Outdoor advertising like Hoardings and posters focused on individual products in high traffic areas.  Advertising through broadcast media like ads in TV’s and radio.  Highlighting the shelf life of its products with the caption “six months on the shelf and six seconds in your mouth”.big maza”.  Promoting through online advertisement using Youtube and social networking sites.  Haldiram’s restaurant in Delhi started using specially purified water to attract NRI customers who were hesitant of trying street food because of unhygienic condition. . “chat samosa .