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Republic of the Philippines Supreme Court Baguio City THIRD DIVISION COSCO INC$# PHI IPPIN!

S SHIPPIN"# "$R$ No$ -./011 Present2 V! *SCO# 3R$# 3$# Chairperson# P!R* T*# *B*D# (!NDO4*# an, P!R *S%B!RN*B!# 33$ Promulgate,2


% &ersus %

'!(P!R INS)R*NC! CO(P*N+# Respon,ent$

*pril 56# 57-5 8%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%8 D!CISION

P!R* T*# 3$2 This is a petition for re&ie9 on certiorari un,er Rule 0: of the Rules of Court see;ing to re&erse an, set asi,e the Decision<-=> an, Resolution<5=> of the Court of *ppeals ?C*@# in C*%"$R$ CV No$ .:1/:# entitle, 'emper Insurance Company &$ Cosco Philippines Shipping# Inc$ The C* Decision re&erse, an, set asi,e the Or,er ,ate, (arch 55# 5775 of the Regional Trial Court ?RTC@# Branch 1# (anila# 9hich grante, the (otion to Dismiss file, by petitioner Cosco Philippines Shipping# Inc$# an, or,ere, that the case be reman,e, to the trial court for further procee,ings$ The antece,ents are as follo9s2 Respon,ent 'emper Insurance Company is a foreign insurance company base, in Illinois# )nite, States of *merica ?)S*@ 9ith no license to engage in business in the Philippines# as it is not ,oing business in the Philippines# e8cept in isolate, transactionsA 9hile petitioner is a ,omestic shipping company organiBe, in accor,ance 9ith Philippine

settle the total amount of )SEF0#0/5$:1# representing the &alue of the loss# petitioner faile.ent the amount of EF0#0/5$:1 as the full an. .ent of all claims for losses an.s to pay an. at a port in Brisbane# *ustralia# for shipment to "enosi# Inc$ ?the importer%consignee@ in the Philippines$ Ho9e&er# upon arri&al at the (anila port# a portion of the shipment 9as reCecte. by the property insure.ete. respon. a settlement of the claim in the amount of EF0#0/5$:1# 9hich "enosi# Inc$ ?the consignee%insure.ue to the fault an.ent allege.@ in the amount of EF0#0/5$:1$ ConseGuently# "enosi# Inc$# through its "eneral (anager# *&elino S$ (angahas# 3r$# e8ecute. e8penses sustaine.eration thereof# subrogates respon. . a claim against both petitioner shipping company an. &arious policy numbers# . temperature fluctuations of petitionerDs reefer containers$ Thus# "enosi# Inc$ file.@ accepte.ate. preCu.amage it sustaine. that . a Complaint for Insurance oss an.o9n 9hich occurre. the shipment of importe. negligence of petitioner# specifically# the fluctuations in the temperature of the reefer container beyon.eman. the reGuire.ue to the unCustifie.amage an. by "enosi# Inc$@# 9hich 9as loa.espite repeate. . -1# -//1A an. for in&estigation# e&aluation# an. setting 9hich 9as cause. to pay the sai..ent file. 'emper Insurance Company &$ Cosco Philippines Shipping# Inc$ Respon.$ Thereafter# respon.# un. final satisfaction compromise# an. &ali.eman.la9s$ In -//1# respon. failure an. froBen boneless beef ?o9ne. from respon.ent 'emper Insurance Company$ The claim 9as referre.o9n in the electronics controller assemblyA that . an.ent to the claims of "enosi# Inc$ to the e8tent of the sai. refusal to pay its Cust an. to (c arens Chartere. 9as . an. as Ci&il Case No$ //% /::F-# entitle. a oss an. -7# an. refuse. by the brea.e. on October 5:# No&ember .e . Subrogation Receipt<6=> . Damages<0=> against petitioner before the trial court# . amount$ Respon. the claim of "enosi# Inc$ ?the insure. September 55# -///# stating that "enosi# Inc$ recei&e.s upon petitioner# but the latter faile.e.oc. refuse.ocuments# (c arens to respon.ent pai.ent in the amount of )SEF0#0/5$:1A that the loss an.. December :# -0# an. by "enosi# Inc$ by reason of spoilage arising from the allege.# in consi.ischarges respon. to pay the same# thereby causing .ent then ma.ent insure.ue to spoilage brought about by machinery brea. . a.Custment of the claim$ *fter processing the claim . an. amount$ Hence# on October 51# -///# respon.

ings# that the same 9as file.# 5:H of the 9hole amount .e. an.ue to the unCustifie. that after .entDs (otion for Reconsi.ue as attorneyDs fees$ Respon. a &ali. to pay the amount of )SEF0#0/5$:1# or its eGui&alent in Philippine currency at the pre&ailing foreign e8change rate# or a total of P5#:/0#:-6$77# 9ith interest thereon at the legal rate from .entDs counsel .er</=> .A an.Ior is barre.amage sustaine. by the trial court in an Or.oing business in the Philippines 9ithout the reGuire.ere.ue as attorneyDs fees# an.ate of . mar. to sho9 his authority to sue an. amount# it 9as compelle. not ha&e a Special Po9er of *ttorney ?SP*@ to act on its behalf# hence# the certification against forum shopping e8ecute. to engage the ser&ices of a counsel 9hom it agree. or. to pay 5:H of the 9hole amount .enie. an.A that the loss or . by sai. constitute.ent ha.entDs counsel proffere.ate.ule. petitionerDs (otion to Dismiss an. .ent praye. that the subCect shipment 9as .eration<1=> 9as .ing of the shipments an. that *tty$ atDs act of signing the certification against forum shopping 9as a clear &iolation of Section :# Rule . by one *tty$ Ro. costs$ In its *ns9er<:=> . in its fa&or an. not by counsel$ Since respon.# among others# that respon. counsel 9as fatally . be hel. its e8hibits# 9hile petitionerDs counsel manifeste.ismissal of the complaint$ Respon. liable to pay interest thereon at the legal rate from the . the case 9ithout<.# an. licenseA that the complaint has prescribe. by lachesA that no timely claim 9as file.ue hearing# Cu. in goo. reGuire. 9as complete# seale. No&ember 5/# -///# petitioner insiste. of the -//. pre%trial$ Ho9e&er# on No&ember 1# 577-# petitioner file.ate of .ue to causes beyon. his clientDs e8hibits on the ne8t sche. ste&e. the carrierDs control an.gment be ren.ismisse.ue to the inherent nature or insufficient pac. sign the correspon. that he 9oul. temperature an.atory that the certification must be e8ecute.ores or arrastre operator or the fault of persons 9hose acts or omissions cannot be the basis of liability of the carrierA an. that petitioner be or.Ior fault of the consignee or the hire. that .ice# ruling that it is man. by the shipments# if any# 9as .ate. Rules of Court$ In its Or. a (otion to Dismiss#<F=> conten. 3uly /# 5775$ .ing certification against forum shopping$ It con.ition$ During the pre%trial procee. mar.olfo *$ at# 9ho faile. by the petitioner himself# an.ischarge. cause for .i.ere. refusal of the petitioner to pay the sai.=> .claims# petitioner shoul. (arch 55# 5775# the trial court grante.efecti&e an.eman.eman. 9as . no capacity to sue since it 9as .

the liberal application of the rules an. (arch 56# 577.i&i. certificate of non%forum shopping is man. in.eration<--=> 9as later . (ay --# 5777# submitte. to submit any boar.e the trial courtDs or. resolution or secretaryDs certificate authoriBing *tty$ at to institute the complaint an.ical entity# the signatory in the complaint must sho9 proof of his or her authority to sign on behalf of the corporation$ Jurther# the SP*<-0= .ent# the C*# in its Decision<-7=> .er$ The C* rule. September 6# 577. not by counselA an. sign the certificate of non%forum shopping on its behalf$ Petitioner submits that since respon.ate. that respon. set asi.enie. of the case to the trial court for further procee.ings$ PetitionerDs (otion for Reconsi.ent is a Curi. by the plaintiff or principal party concerne. an. by the C* in the Resolution<-5=> .ent faile.uals$ Ho9e&er# the C* Rule 0: of the Rules of Court# 9ith the follo9ing issues2 TH! CO)RT OJ *PP!* S S!RIO)S + !RR!D IN R) IN" TH*T *TT+$ RODO JO *T K*S PROP!R + *)THORI4!D B+ TH! R!SPOND!NT TO SI"N TH! C!RTIJIC*T! *"*INST JOR)( SHOPPIN" D!SPIT! TH! )NDISP)T!D J*CTS TH*T2 *@ TH! P!RSON KHO !L!C)T!D TH! SP!CI* POK!R OJ *TTORN!+ ?SP*@ *PPOINTIN" *TT+$ *T *S R!SPOND!NTDS *TTORN!+%IN%J*CT K*S (!R! + *N )ND!RKRIT!R OJ TH! R!SPOND!NT KHO H*S NOT SHOKN PROOJ TH*T H! K*S *)THORI4!D B+ TH! BO*RD OJ DIR!CTORS OJ R!SPOND!NT TO DO SO$ B@ TH! POK!RS "R*NT!D TO *TT+$ *T R!J!R TO <TH! *)THORIT+ TO R!PR!S!NT D)RIN" TH!= PR!%TRI* <ST*"!= *ND DO NOT COV!R TH! SP!CIJIC POK!R TO SI"N TH! C!RTIJIC*T!$<-6=> Petitioner allege.atory an. in behalf of the corporate entity by specifically authoriBe. out that the factual circumstances of the case 9arrante.ere. that the same must be signe. by *tty$ at# 9hich 9as notariBe.$ Hence# petitioner ele&ate. the reman. the case to this Court &ia Petition for Re&ie9 on Certiorari un.# as such# or.ate.ate. an. before the Consulate "eneral of Chicago# Illinois# .# re&erse. that the reGuire.On appeal by respon. in case of corporations# the physical act of signing may be performe.

all stages of the procee. po9ers through its boar.no9le.ocuments# can be performe. proof of such authority to be presente. an authenticate. other stages of the procee.ants an. boar. of .$<-F= Kith respect to a corporation# the certification against forum shopping may be signe.ismissal if acertification 9as submitte. by respon.s *ssociation of the Philippines ?J*S*P@#<-/= 9e rule.ent submitte.ent a.irectors$<-1= In Philippine *irlines# Inc$ &$ Jlight *tten. SP* empo9ering *tty$ at to represent it in the pre%trial an. only by natural persons .s authoriBation from its boar. that only in. officers an. be sue. of . for the purpose by corporate by%la9s or by a specific act of the boar.irectors an.entDs un. in any court is lo.resolution may sign the certificate of non%forum shopping on behalf of a corporation$ Ke also reGuire. by laches from Guestioning the purporte.e the signing of . those that are implie. agents$ Thus# it has been obser&e. on it by the Corporation Co. for an. by the principal parties$<-:= If# for any reason# the principal party cannot sign the petition# the one signing on his behalf must ha&e been . unaccompanie.Ior its . 9ith authority by a &ali.isclose.ings$ Jurther# it a&erre.mitte. Ste9ar.uals &este.efect in respon. that petitioner is authoriBing him to represent of the facts reGuire.i&i. by one Brent Healy ?respon.uly authoriBe.ental to its e8istence$ In turn# a corporation e8ercises sai.entDs certificate of non%forum shopping$ The main issue in this case is 9hether *tty$ at 9as properly authoriBe. or that the po9er of a corporation to sue an.irectors that e8ercises its corporate po9ers$ In turn# physical acts of the corporation# li.e an.ings 9as signe. 9ith the boar.uly authoriBe.= * corporation has no po9er# e8cept those e8pressly conferre. that the certification against forum shopping must be signe.ocument$<-. by proof of the signatoryDs authority$ . to attach in the complaint a concrete proof of *tty$ atDs authority to e8ecute the certificate of non%forum shopping on its behalf$ Ho9e&er# there 9as subseGuent compliance as respon.ent to sign the certification against forum shopping on its behalf$ The petition is meritorious$ Ke ha&e consistently hel.)S*# allege. la9yer 9ho has personal .irectors$ In its Comment# respon. in such . of . of . .uly authoriBe.ent in the pre%trial an.er9riter@# 9ho lac. that it faile.$ The petition is subCect to . to be . on its behalf# by a specifically authoriBe.

of . the petition file.ismisse.uly authoriBe. of authority of the person ma. Damages ?Ci&il Case No$ //%/::F-@ against petitioner$ In Republic &$ Coalbrine International Philippines# Inc$#<56= the Court cite. signatory is authoriBe. the pre%e8isting status of the ban. by a resolution of the boar. through subseGuent compliance by the parties therein$ Thus# <9=hile there 9ere instances 9here 9e ha&e allo9e.efecti&e# an.espite the failure to attach the reGuire. resolution# to sign the &erification an. manager as an authoriBe. the filing of a certification against non%forum shopping by someone on behalf of a corporation 9ithout the accompanying proof of authority at the time of its filing# 9e . that the case be . the C* an.$ In China Ban. manager 9ho the certification of non% forum shopping 9as reme. by proof that sai.ismissal of the case 9ithout preCu. to sho9 that its ban.e. *tty$ at# through a boar.ismissal of respon.# since the latter faile. so on the basis of a special circumstance or compelling reason$ (oreo&er# there 9as a subseGuent compliance by the submission of the proof of authority attesting to the fact that the person 9ho signe. of certification against forum shopping is generally not curable by mere amen. the certification 9as . certification against forum shopping on its behalf$ *ccor. on the merits .e.In the present case# since respon. 9arrants the . resolution 9hich 9as subseGuently attache. by a person on behalf of a corporation 9hich are unaccompanie.ent is a corporation# the certification must be e8ecute. to .i. to file the complaint on behalf of the corporation$ <55= There is no proof that respon. signatory$ In *baya In&estments Corporation &$ (erit Philippines# 9here . by an officer or member of the boar.uly authoriBe.o so$ Ke re&erse. the certification against non%forum shopping 9as authoriBe.irectorsA other9ise# the complaint 9ill ha&e to be .ent# a pri&ate corporation# authoriBe. of .ragon International Philippines# Inc$# the C* .ment of the complaint# but shall be a cause for the .irectors or by one 9ho is . to the complaint is fatally .ing Corporation &$ (on.$<57= The lac.ismisse. by China complaint for Insurance oss$<5-= The same rule applies to certifications against forum shopping signe. sai. proof of authority# since the boar.ingly# the certification against forum shopping appen. instances 9herein the lac. recogniBe.

resolution or secretaryDs certificate subseGuently submitte.entDs allegation that petitioner is estoppe.i. by the Boar.elay the a. . complaint an.$ *n unauthoriBe. a re%litigation of the issues an.ent satisfactorily e8plain 9hy it faile. by har. by the lo9er courts on the merits$ (oreo&er# *bayaDs authority to sign the certification 9as ratifie. by Brent Healy# 9as fatally .ly# to sho9 subseGuent compliance 9ith the reGuirement of the la9$ Neither 9as there a copy of the boar.ence. certification against non%forum shopping 9ithout proof of authority to sign for the corporation# 9e also rela8e.e. by laches from raising the . utter . ha&e been e&i.uce any legal effect$ Hence# the court authoriBing *tty$ at to appear on behalf of the corporation# in the pre%trial an. alrea.eeme. to .ing on the policy of liberal construction$<5:= (oreo&er# the SP* .isregar. to establish HealyDs authority to act in behalf of respon.# e&en belate. complaint . no e&i.ience to the reGuirements of proce.efect in respon. to a&oi. to the trial court that 9oul.eci.$<50= Contrary to the C*Ds fin. further . of .ural rules is nee.y been .efecti&e &$ Court of *ppeals#<5F= 9e hel. by respon. in behalf of the plaintiff 9ho is not authoriBe.ent# Ofelia *baya# 9ho signe. by petitionerDs Chairman an. Presi. authoriBe. of the rules cannot Custly be rationaliBe.ent in the procee.ings# signe.s that the circumstances of this case . the rule$ Ke .entDs certificate of non%forum shopping .eration the merits of the case an.o so# the complaint is not .ent# in &ie9 of the absence of a resolution from respon. the &erification an. if 9e are to e8pect fair results therefrom# the Court fin. sign the &erification an. for an. appoint *tty$ at as that if a complaint is file.irectors or secretaryDs certificate pro&ing the same$ i.e.ministration of Custice# since the case ha. 9ater$ In Tamon. by a boar.the complaint before the (etropolitan Trial Court of (anila 9as institute.o not necessitate the rela8ation of the rules$ There 9as no proof of authority submitte. respon.entDs boar. so ta. attest to the fact that *tty$ at 9as in.ings# shoul. certification against forum shopping# nor .ate.entDs attorney%in%fact# 9ith full po9ers to represent respon.ent allege.i.entiary &alue$ It faile. to file sai. (ay --# 5777# submitte. ha.oes not pro. to comply 9ith the rules$ Thus# there e8ists no cogent reason for the rela8ation of the rule on this matter$ Obe.oes not hol.e any other corporate act# the po9er of Healy to name# constitute# an. resolution or secretaryDs certificate$ into consi. all stages of the procee. file.

ha&e been .efine.octrine enunciate.ings# e&en on appeal# an.e. the plaintiff$<5.ings$ This is so because the issue of Curis. that laches shoul. it or .. at any stage of the procee.iction may be raise. that it has no Curis.ismiss file. to assert it ha. sign the &erification an. ha&e been clearly presentA that is# lac. .iction o&er the subCect matter an. or . to assert it either has aban. earlier# it is negligence or omission to assert a right 9ithin a reasonable length of time# 9arranting a presumption that the party entitle. for a.iction o&er the plaintiffs upon the filing of the complaint# an.ere. the parties$ Courts acGuire Curis.iction only in cases in 9hich the factual milieu is analogous to that in the cite. of Curis. not acGuire Curis.iction$ 3uris.ecision# a party for the court to ha&e authority to .ecline.o &$ "o#<67=> the Court hel. or shoul.ue to lac. not file.uly authoriBe.iction must ha&e been raise. ineffectual# an.# as a necessary conseGuence# is .octrine to apply# thus2 aches is .ent# petitioner is not estoppe. as the Mfailure or neglect for an unreasonable as to 9arrant the presumption that the party first be subCecte. respon. complaint 9as e&er file.iction is the po9er 9ith 9hich courts are in&este.ismissable .iction by estoppel is the e8ception rather than the rule$!stoppel by laches may be in&o. case$ In such contro&ersies# laches shoul.ispose of the case on the merits# it must acGuire Curis.iction o&er the complaint an. 9ith the RTC# Branch 1# (anila# the same . in TiCam &$ Sibonghanoy on the matter of Curis.iction o&er the complaint an.ue . to assert it$N The ruling in People &$ Regalario that 9as cases$ In or. to bar the issue of lac.ecline. by a .ent$ Since the court has no Curis. . to assert it$ In Sibonghanoy# the . by respon. of Curis. of Curis.iction o&er the person of respon. by the Surety almost -: years . to be boun. aban.= *ccor. so belate. is not lost by 9ai&er or by estoppel$<5/= In Regala. length of time# to .iction# e&en at the pre%trial stage of the procee.ent to file the complaint an.iction 9as raise. of Curis. from challenging the trial courtDs Curis. be clearly present for the Sibonghanoy<6-=> .i.o that 9hich# by e8ercising .ismiss the complaint on the groun.ministering CusticeA that is# for hearing an.eci. certification against forum shopping# the complaint is consi.ingly# since *tty$ at 9as not .one. for the first time in a motion to .iligence# coul. to the courtDs Curis.iction$ <51= Clearly# since no &ali. an.mar. on the lan.efense of lac.

Cu. been ren.e up to raise the Guestion of Curis. courts to obtain affirmati&e relief an.ings# an.ant in Sibonghanoy is not similar to that of the present case so as to ma.octrine of estoppel by laches$ Here# the trial courtDs Curis.ere. it cannot be sai. September 6# 577.e. for laches to attach$ KH!R!JOR!# the petition is "R*NT!D$ The Decision the .after the Guestione. (arch 55# 5775 an.iction$<65=> The factual setting atten.&erse . submitte.ate.iction 9as Guestione.ers of the Regional Trial Court# .ecision 9as ren.iction of the sai. by the Court of *ppeals that it finally 9o.ication on the merits$ It 9as only 9hen the a. its case for final a.# respecti&ely# in C*%"$R$ CV No$ . ruling ha. S!T *SID!$ The Or. 3uly /# 5775# respecti&ely# in Ci&il Case No$ //%/::F-# areR!INST*T!D$ SO ORD!R!D$ DIOSD*DO ($ P!R* T* *ssociate 3ustice K! CONC)R2 PR!SBIT!RO 3$ V! *SCO# 3R$ *ssociate 3ustice Chairperson ROB!RTO *$ *B*D *ssociate 3ustice 3OS! C*TR* (!NDO4* *ssociate 3ustice .uring the pre%trial stage of the procee.e it fall un.$ *t se&eral stages of the procee.ere. by the petitioner .:1/: are R!V!RS!D an. that consi.ings# in the court a Guo as 9ell as in the Court of *ppeals# the Surety in&o. (arch 56# 577.ate. elapse.erable length of time ha. the Curis. an. the Resolution of the Court of *ppeals# .

in consultation before the case 9as assigne.$ at 07%0-$ <6=> Recor.s# p$ -7$ <0=> I. to the 9riter of the opinion of the CourtOs Di&ision$ PR!SBIT!RO 3$ V! *SCO# 3R$ *ssociate 3ustice Thir.$ at -%0$ <:=> I. (ario $ "uariPa III# concurringA rollo# pp$ 6-%61$ <5=> I. been reache. Di&ision# Chairperson C!RTIJIC*TION Pursuant to Section -6# *rticle VIII of the Constitution an.!ST! * ($ P!R *S%B!RN*B! *ssociate 3ustice *TT!ST*TION I attest that the conclusions in the abo&e Decision ha. the Di&ision ChairpersonOs *ttestation# I certify that the conclusions in the abo&e Decision 9ere reache. by *ssociate 3ustice 3apar B$ Dimaampao# 9ith *ssociate 3ustices Conra. to the 9riter of the opinion of the CourtOs Di&ision$ R!N*TO C$ CORON* Chief 3ustice > <-=> Penne.$ at -6%-/$ . in consultation before the case 9as assigne.o ($ VasGueB# 3r$ an.

?c@ if he &$ Court of *ppeals# "$R$ No$ -:16/.irect contempt# as 9ell as a cause for a.$ </=> I.ismissal of the case 9ithout preCu. Rules of Ci&il but shall be cause for the .# No&ember 5F# 5770# 000 SCR* :7/# :57%:5-$ <5-=> Section : of Rule .=> *thena Computers# Inc$ &$ Reyes# "$R$ No$ -:F/7:# September :# 577. of the -//. SCR* 0/-# 0/1$ <-/=> "$R$ No$ -06711# 3anuary 50# 577F# 0.0%1-$ <--=> I. complaint or initiatory plea.$@ <5:=> Cla&ecilla &$ Suitain# "$R$ No$ oath in the complaint or other initiatory has been file. after hearing$ The submission of a false certification or non%compliance 9ith any of the un.eliberate forum shopping# the same shall be groun.# :65 SCR* 606# 6:-A De&elopment Ban.icial agency an.e.# upon motion an. there9ith2 ?a@ that he has not theretofore commence.ays therefrom to the court 9herein his aforesai. .erta.# October .ge# no such other action or claim is to the correspon.irect contempt of court# 9ithout preCu.$ at :77%:7-$ ?Citations omitte.$ at -.ure pro&i.# 57-7# F-.$@ <55=> Republic &$ Coalbrine International Philippines# Inc$# supra note -1# at 0//$ <56=> Supra note -1$ <50=> I. criminal actions$ If the acts of the party or his counsel clearly constitute 9illful an.ment of the complaint or other initiatory plea.# :65 SCR* 606# 6:-$ <-1=> Republic &$ Coalbrine International Philippines# Inc$# "$R$ No$ -F-161# *pril . or is thereinA ?b@ if there is such other pen. for summary .5$ <-7=> C* rollo# pp$ .ge "olf Q Country Club &$ Court of *ppeals# "$R$ No$ -.$ at --/%-55$ <.=> I.ings therein shall constitute in. any action or file.$ Jailure to comply 9ith the foregoing reGuirements shall not be curable by mere amen.s# pp$ -01%-0/$ <-:=> *thena Computers# Inc$ &$ Reyes# "$R$ No$ -:F/7:# September :# 577.$ at -0-%-05$ <1=> I. thereafter learn that the same or similar action or claim has been file.<F=> I.1/1/# (arch -1# 57-7# F-F SCR* --F# -65$ < asserting a claim for relief# or in a s9orn certification anne8e.# 5770# 007 SCR* 577# 57:$ <-F=> !agle Ri.$ at -7:%-7F$ <-6=> Rollo# p$ -:$ <-0=> he shall report that fact 9ithin fi&e ?:@ ./1/# Jebruary 57# 577F# 015 SCR* F56# F6-$ . any claim in&ol&ing the same issues in any court# tribunal or unless other9ise pro&i. thereto an. simultaneously file.5-.ministrati&e an.# to the best of his .ismissal 9ith preCu.ministrati&e sanctions$ ?!mphasis action or claim# a complete statement of the present status thereofA an.es2 S!C$ :$ Certification against forum shopping$ R The plaintiff or principal party shall certify un.$ at 1F%/:$ <-5=> I./ SCR* F7:# F71$ <57=> Tamon.$ at -0:%-0.no9le. of the Philippines &$ Court of *ppeals# "$R$ No$ -0. shall constitute .-%-.

$ < Corporation# "$R$ No$ -:7/-1# *ugust -.iction at a late hour for the purpose of annulling e&erything . of Curis.<5F=> Supra note 57# cite.7# -1F$ <5/=> Jigueroa &$ People# "$R$ No$ -0.ila in the case 9ith the acti&e participation of sai. of Curis.07F# 3uly -0# 5771# ::1 SCR* F6# 1-$ <67=> "$R$ No$ -F./11# Jebruary F# 577.# :67 SCR* 0. that a party may be the plea of lac.# :67 SCR* -.iction$ <65=> I.5505# *ugust -0# 577. by laches from in&o.1# 01.$ at F6:%F6F$ .# :-0 SCR* F-F$ <6-=> In TiCam &$ Sibonghanoy# -6. in Negros (erchantDs !nterprises# Inc$ &$ China Ban.$ at :-/$ <51=> Per.# 577.=> I.Phil$ ::F ?-/F1@# the Court Corporation# "$R$ No$ -. party in&o.$ &$ !lmer Singapore Pte$ t.