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Presented by: BSN !" # Gr$%& ' ! Chua, Michelle France O. Costales, Ronida L Cristobal, Jo-anne V. Cubos, Maria Excelsa C. De Guz an, Eri!a "ianca #. Del Rosario, Mar$in %. Dizon, &e''ler (annes %. Do in)o, *$e)ail ". Do in)o, Dionebe Jane M. Duru, Mar+)race L. Estrella, Christian R. Gonza)a, Jean-%etit *.

Marcelino #antos Rese(r)* Ad+,ser


*''ro$al #heet ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i *c!no/led)e ent --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ii *bstract ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- iii

C*(&ter I THE PROBLE- AND ITS BAC.GROUND 0ntroduction-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------#tate ent o1 the %roble ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Conce'tual Fra e/or! -------------------------------------------------------------------------2heoretical Fra e/or! --------------------------------------------------------------------------(+'othesis ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------#i)ni1icance o1 the #tud+ ------------------------------------------------------------------------#co'e and Li itations ----------------------------------------------------------------------------De1inition o1 2er s --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

C*(&ter II REVIE/ OF RELATED LITERATURES Related Literature --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


#+nthesis-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C*(&ter III RESEARCH DESIGN AND -ETHODOLOGY Research Desi)n---------------------------------------------------------------------------------%o'ulation and #a 'le-------------------------------------------------------------------------Research Locale---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Research 0nstru ent----------------------------------------------------------------------------Ethical Considerations--------------------------------------------------------------------------Data Collection and Data %rocessin)-------------------------------------------------------#tatistical 2reat ent-----------------------------------------------------------------------------


C*(&ter V SU--ARY0 CONCLUSIONS AND RECO--ENDATIONS #u ar+ o1 Findin)s----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Conclusion-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Reco endations--------------------------------------------------------------------------------



BIBLIOGRAPHY A&&r$+(1 S*eet 2his under)raduate thesis entitled 32he %re1erence o1 1ourth +ear nursin) students o1 Far Eastern 4ni$ersit+ on the di11erent 1ields o1 nursin)5 has been 're'ared and sub itted b+ Grou' ,.- "#6.-7 in 'artial 1ul1ill ent o1 the re8uire ents 1or the de)ree in "achelor o1 #cience in 6ursin). 0t has been exa ined and is reco 'resentation. 9999999999999999999999999999 Marcelino #antos :Research *d$iser; *''ro$ed b+ the co ittee on Oral Exa ination /ith a )rade o1 99999. ended 1or acce'tance and a''ro$al 1or oral

99999999999999999999999999999999 *ssociate Dean, 0nstitute o1 6ursin) Far Eastern 4ni$ersit+

*cce'ted and a''ro$ed in 'artial 1ul1ill ent o1 the re8uire ents 1or the de)ree o1 "achelor o1 #cience in 6ursin).

9999999999999999999999999999999999 Glenda #. *r8uiza, R.6 M*6 %h.D Dean, 0nstitute o1 6ursin)


Far Eastern 4ni$ersit+ A)2n$31ed4e5ent 2he researchers /ould li!e to extend their heart1elt )ratitude and dee' a''reciation to the 1ollo/in) 'ersons /ho had been $er+ si)ni1icant 1or research 'a'er 'ossible< First and 1ore ost, to our *l i)ht+ Father /ho has al/a+s been there 1or us to continuousl+ )i$e us the stren)th, /isdo , !no/led)e and 'atience to 1inish this stud+. (e has been our )uide all throu)h out the stud+ and has ser$ed to be our $er+ ins'iration that a idst all hardshi's, (e is there to hel' us. 2han! +ou 1or all the blessin)s +ou ha$e 'oured onto us. 2o #ir Marcelino #antos, our 6ursin) Research ad$iser, than! +ou 1or the ti e and e11ort +ou ha$e sho/n to hel' us 1inish this stud+. =ou hel'ed and )uide us 1ro the start and /e are $er+ )rate1ul 1or e$er+thin) +ou ha$e tau)ht us. 2han! +ou to our 'arents /ho, in all /a+s, ha$e been $er+ su''orti$e and understandin) to our needs as researchers. 2he+ ha$e been 1inanciall+, e otionall+ and s'irituall+ su''orti$e to us and /e are than!1ul to ha$e the . 2o our res'ondents 1ro acco students o1 Far Eastern 4ni$ersit+, /ho ha$e been a!in) this

odatin), understandin) and coo'erati$e to us all throu)h out the stud+. 2o us, "#6.-7 Grou',.-, /ho sho/ed the 1ortitude and dri$e to do this stud+,

than! +ou 1or the coo'eration and the un1or)ettable a!in) this stud+ a success.

e ories /e all shared to)ether in


*nd to all our class ates. and understandin) e$en in the least /a+ 'ossible. /hich could lead to the de$elo' ent o1 're-h+'ertensi$e to h+'ertensi$e conditions o1 the res'ondents. Continuous and /ere onitorin) /as also done. Ma!ati Cit+. 2he res'ondents under/ent cocoa 'ro)ra )i$en cocoa su''le entation 1or t/o /ee!s. /e than! +ou 1or e$er+thin). Co e bo. God bless us all> Abstr()t 2his stud+ sou)ht to deter ine the e11ecti$eness o1 cocoa in lo/erin) the blood 'ressure o1 +oun) adults a)es -. Ma!ati Cit+. 2he research /as a 8uasi ex'eri ental t+'e.-?@ in "aran)a+ Co e bo. 2hirt+ res'ondents /ho /ere either ?@ +ears old /ere screened 1ro ale o1 1e ale /hose a)es ran)ed 1ro -. 2he researchers concluded that 6 . hel'1ul. 1riends and to those 'eo'le /ho had been $er+ su''orti$e. 2he res'ondents ust ha$e the /ill to 'artici'ate and able to ans/er 8uestions indicated.- "aran)a+.

C*(&ter I THE PROBLE. 2he 1ourth +ear students /ho are )raduatin) ust a!e a decision on /hat 1ield o1 nursin) the+ /ill 'ursue a1ter the+ )raduated and ha$e 'assed the board exa .GROUND %lannin) the 1uture eans settin) u' a )oal. *ccordin) to Lelani 2eru+a. #o e nurses are e$en sel1-e 'lo+ed. 'ersonalit+.AND ITS BAC. !no/led)e. *s the+ beca e a re)istered nurse there /ill be a 7 the an+ dail+ . interests and education or ex'osure to the 1ield. the+ ha$e to 'onder about /hat nursin) career 'aths are a$ailable in a s'eci1ic 'lace. *1ter the+ ha$e thou)ht about it. #ettin) a )oal in$ol$es choosin) the ri)ht 'ath. 1ro /or!in) in a hos'ital and clinic to doin) research /or!. the o''ortunit+ to do di11erent thin)s. 0t in$ol$es a!in) thorou)h decision o1 /hat +ou reall+ /ant and /hat a!e +ou 1eel 1ul1illed. Choosin) the ri)ht 'ath indicates choosin) /hat +ou reall+ desire. and abilities are necessar+ to 'er1or tas!s o1 'ro$idin) health care. 0t in$ol$es not Aust the usual 'lannin). *s )raduatin) students. the+ can no/ 'ursue /hat nursin) career the+ /ould /ant. (a$in) the ri)ht s!ills. 36ursin) o11ers an+ indi$idual challen)es. Chosen nursin) career b+ the 1ourth +ear students should ha$e a har onious blend /ith their s!ills. Facin) the tou)h challen)e o1 choosin) a nursin) career can be o$er/hel in). Once their interests are de1ined. 2he researchers co e u' /ith this 'ro'osal because 1ourth +ear students are soon to beco e re)istered nurses. it is $ital to 'lan ahead. and the chance to /or! in di11erent 'laces. 0t is a 'ro1ession that o11ers a $ariet+ o1 e 'lo+ ent and career o''ortunities.

8 . this stud+ sou)ht ans/ers to the 1ollo/in) 8uestions< .$ns 2his research stud+ /ill 1ocus on deter inin) the 're1erence o1 1ourth +ear nursin) students o1 Far Eastern 4ni$ersit+ on the di11erent 1ields o1 nursin).. *s the+ read this stud+ the+ /ill consider the di11erent 1actors that /ill hel' the nursin) Aob the+ /ill ta!e and /ill hel' and )uide the St(te5ent $6 &%r&$se "ased on the 1ore)oin) 're ises. Chat is the ost 're1erred 1ield o1 nursin) o1 the 1ourth +ear nursin) studentsD ost 're1erred 1ield o1 nursin) o1 the 1ourth +ear 1e ale nursin) ost 're1erred 1ield o1 nursin) o1 the 1ourth +ear ale nursin) decide in /hich to ha$e a better li1e in the 1uture. -. Chat is the )reatest 1actor that in1luences the 1ourth +ear nursin) students in choosin) their 're1erred 1ield o1 nursin)D Hy&$t*es. Rese(r)* 7%est. this stud+ ai s to hel' the 1ourth +ear nursin) studentsB thin! o1 their as'irations a1ter )raduation. Chat is the studentsD -. /hich /ould be a )uide in choosin) /hat nursin) career the+ /ill 'ursue in the 1uture and the 're1erence and reasons that /ill a11ect the choice o1 career o1 the 1ourth +ear nursin) students in FE4. #'eci1icall+.s (+'othesis :%olit and "ec!. E..ti e /hich the+ /ill need to choose /hich nursin) 'ath the+ /ill soon ta!e.E. is the state ent o1 the researchersB ex'ectations about the relationshi' bet/een the $ariables under in$esti)ation. Chat is the studentsD ?.

this stud+ /ill hel' the to deter ine /hat are the subAect because o1 their aster+ in the atters that can be tau)ht and 'rioritized to the inco in) 1ourth +ear. Most o1 the Eth +ear nursin) student o1 Far Eastern 4ni$ersit+ 're1erred hos'ital nursin) as their 1ield o1 choice in nursin) E. 0t is necessar+ that one is 1ond o1 and $alues an+thin) heFshe do to beco e success1ul..5 is an old sa+in) about success. a crucial 1actor in selectin) a 'roble to be studied is a si)ni1icance in nursin)-es'eciall+ to nursin) 'ractice. 2hus< N%rs. Male Eth +ear nursin) students o1 Far Eastern 4ni$ersit+ 're1erred hos'ital nursin) as their 1ield o1 choice in nursin) -. this /ill be o1 )reat hel' 1or the s!ills o1 their 1ield. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY *ccordin) to %olit and "ec! :-.. 1riends and the 'eo'le in the societ+ re)ardin) their 1ield o1 choice in nursin).n4 Pr()t. 3E$er+thin) /orth doin) is /orth doin) /ell.$n 2o the 'ro1essors.. 2his stud+ ai s to deter ine the 're1erence o1 1ourth +ear nursin) students on the $arious 1ields o1 nursin). 9 .n4 Ed%)(t.E. Eth +ear nursin) students o1 Far Eastern 4ni$ersit+ are in1luenced b+ their 1a ilies..)e 2o the nurses. E$idence o1 the stud+ should ha$e the 'otential o1 contributin) eanin)1ull+ to nursin) 'ractice. N%rs. Fe ale Eth +ear nursin) students o1 Far Eastern 4ni$ersit+ 're1erred hos'ital nursin) as their 1ield o1 choice in nursin) ?.

ty 2o the co 1or the unit+. C$55%n. 2o the nursin) census. this stud+ /ill ser$e as a 1uture de o)ra'hic distribution basis as to /hat 1ield o1 nursin) /ill be N%rs. /hich ser$e as re1erence 1or the co in) studies and researches co$erin) the sa e subAect area. ilitar+ nursin). 0n addition. certi1ied id/i1e. to 1ocus and )i$e attention to the 'roble s 'resent in their 'lace. 'ri$ate-dut+ nursin). and nurse educator. co occu'ational or industrial health nursin). 2he researchers li it this stud+ to six hundred se$ent+ t/o :7G-. this stud+ assessed their !no/led)e on their 're1erred 1ield and the 1actors considered b+ the 1ourth +ear nursin) students in choosin) that s'eci1ic 1ield. 2hese 1ields o1 nursin) are as 1ollo/s< hos'ital nursin). this stud+ /ill also ser$e as an e+e o'ener 1or the to reco)nize /hat 1ield o1 nursin) students ostl+ 're1erred. based on the results o1 this stud+.2o the school ad inistrator. SCOPE AND LI-ITATION 2his stud+ is con1ined to the assess ent o1 the 1ields o1 nursin) that is ost 're1erred b+ the 1ourth +ear nursin) students o1 Far Eastern 4ni$ersit+. Manila as res'ondents throu)h the use o1 #lo$inHs ade8uac+ o1 sa 'le techni8ue. nurse 'ractitioner. 1ourth +ear nursin) students o1 Far Eastern 4ni$ersit+ in #a 'aloc.n4 rese(r)* 2o the 1uture researcher. nurse unit+ health nursin). the+ can )ain 1unda ental ideas. the+ can bene1it b+ ha$in) s!illed nurses in their co unit+ ost e 'lo+ed. 10 .

the+ ta!e di11erent 1or s u'on the research 8uestion or 'roble .. 2he inde'endent $ariables in this stud+ are the de o)ra'hic 'ro1ile o1 the res'ondents in ter s o1 )ender. -. Conce'tual 1ra e/or!s act li!e a's that )i$e coherence to e 'irical in8uir+.ASSU-PTIONS *ccordin) to %olit and "ec! :-. their ost 're1erred 1ieldI and the 1actors that in1luence the in ratin) that s'eci1ic 1ield. ?. "ecause conce'tual 1ra e/or!s are 'otentiall+ so close to e 'irical in8uir+. . 1riends and the 'eo'le in the societ+ re)ardin) their 1ield o1 choice in nursin). 2hat students based their 1ield o1 choice re)ardin) to their 1a il+Bs inco e. their 1a il+Bs onthl+ inco e.E. 2his stud+ ai s to 1ind out /hat 1ield o1 nursin) the 1ourth +ear nursin) students has a 're1erence a1ter )raduation. 11 . assu 'tions re1er to a basic 'rinci'le that is belie$ed to be true /ithout true 'roo1 o1 $eri1ication. 2hat students based their 1ield o1 choice re)ardin) to their ex'osure to di11erent areas in the hos'itals. Conce'tual Fra e/or! is used in research to outline 'ossible courses o1 action or to 'resent a 're1erred a''roach to a 'roAect. 2hat students based their 1ield o1 choice re)ardin) to the to'ics tau)ht to the . 2he 1ollo/in) are the assu 'tions o1 the researchers.. onthl+ E.. 2hat students are in1luenced b+ their 1a ilies. and reli)ionI hi)hest educational attain ent o1 the 1ather and other. CONCEPTUAL FRA-E/OR.

the researchers /ill deter ine i1 there is si)ni1icant relationshi' on the choices o1 the 1ourth +ear nursin) students and their 1a il+Bs onthl+ inco e *1ter the anal+sis and inter'retation o1 the results. 0n addition.Gi$en are the di11erent 1ields o1 nursin)< hos'ital nursin)I 'ri$ate-dut+ nursin)I co unit+ health nursin)I occu'ational or industrial health nursin)I nurse 'ractitionerI id/i1eI and nurse educator. the researchers co e u' /ith the conclusions and there1ore /ill 1or ulate a''ro'riate reco ad$ance ent and i 'ro$e ent o1 the subAect atter. endations 1or the 12 . the ilitar+ nursin)I certi1ied nurse researchers /ill assess the res'ondents in relation to their de o)ra'hic 'ro1ile and s'eci1ic 1actors that in1luence their choice in order to identi1+ their ost 're1erred 1ield. 2hrou)h sur$e+.

n4 (os'ital nursin) %ri$ate-dut+ nursin) Co unit+ health nursin) Pers$n(1 Occu'ational or industrial health nursin) 6urse 'ractitioners En+.) #alar+ Job o''ortunities #ecurit+ o1 tenure Fi)..r$n5ent(1 Ex'osure 0nterest Reli)ion Militar+ nursin) Certi1ied nurse id/i1e Fa il+ %eer #ociet+ 6urse educator E)$n$5.RESPONDENTS F.e1ds $6 N%rs. %aradi) o1 Conce'tual Fra e/or! 13 .

and transact. 6ursin) is an obser$able beha$ior 1ound in the health care s+ste s in societ+. coexistin) throu)h inter'ersonal 'rocesses /ith other 'ersonal s+ste s. and transaction. O'en #+ste s Model /as utilized 1or this stud+ /herein 0 o)ene &in) de1ines nursin) as a 'rocess o1 hu an interactions bet/een nurse and 'atients /ho co to unicate to set )oals and then a)ree eet the )oals. reaction. interaction. /hich she calls the 'rocess o1 nursin). transaction. )ro/th and de$elo' ent. 2heories /ere abstract )eneralization that o11ers a s+ste atic ex'lanation about ho/ certain 'heno ena /ere interrelated.. Aud) ents. and transaction. &in) describes nursin) as a disci'line and an a''lied science. Fro 'erce'tion. #he belie$es that the 'atient is a 'ersonal s+ste /ithin a social s+ste . and social s+ste . 2he nurse and 'atient 'ercei$e each other and the situation.THEORETICAL FRA-E/OR. and actions lead to reaction. 14 . /ith e 'hasis on the deri$ation o1 nursin) !no/led)e 1ro other disci'lines. 2he )oal o1 nursin) 3is to hel' indi$iduals aintain their health so the+ can 1unction in their roles5. she deri$es her theor+ o1 )oal attain ent. and ti e and s'ace. act and react. unication. co her aAor conce'ts :interaction. &in)Hs conce'tual 1ra e/or! s'eci1ies three interactin) s+ste s< 'ersonal s+ste . inter'ersonal s+ste . interact. 0n this case. #he su))ests that the 'atientHs and nurseHs 'erce'tions. %erce'tions o1 a nurse and a 'atient also in1luence the inter'ersonal 'rocess. interaction. role. 6ursin) is an inter'ersonal 'rocess o1 action. stress.

es'eciall+ under a doctorBs su'er$ision. *s used in the stud+. or the old.. .De6. it re1ers to a 'ro1ession that deals /ith the art o1 carin) and co 'assion to ill 'eo'le. conce'tual de1inition 'resents the abstract or theoretical eanin) o1 the conce'ts bein) stud+ /hile o'erational ust 'er1or to collect the re8uired de1inition s'eci1ies the o'erations that researchers in1or ation.@@K. *ccordin) to %olit and bec! :-..n. *s used in the stud+. the inAured. *s used in the stud+.$n $6 Ter5s 2his 'art o1 the stud+ la+s the conce'tual and o'erational de1inition o1 si)ni1icant ter s in the stud+. 2hese are rele$ant ter s and de1inition /hich can encountered in e$er+ cha'ter. De1inition o1 technical ter s are used to in1or indi$idual acce't and understand di11erent /ords /ritten.E.66erent J re1errin) to $arious !ind :En)lish-2a)alo) Dictionar+ Leo Ja es En)lish.. :2he Corld "oo! Dictionar+. 15 . D... 2he list o1 ter s and acron+ s are listed 1or better understandin) o1 the in1or ation obtained in the boo!.n4 J a 'erson /ho ta!es care o1 the sic!. it re1ers as to /hat 1ield o1 nursin) the student chose in relation to his or her !no/led)e and reason:s.. N%rs. it re1ers to the di$ersit+ o1 the 1ields o1 nursin).t. Pre6eren)e J the act or attitude o1 li!in) betterI thin) 're1erredI 1irst choice :En)lish2a)alo) Dictionar+ Leo Ja es En)lish. that each 1ield has distinct characteristics 1ro the others.

L. *ll but one o1 the res'ondents rated certi1ication as H$er+ necessar+H or Hnecessar+H.. 'rinci'les.@@K. it re1ers to the di11erent 'ro1essions or line o1 /or!s o1 nursin). 'atient outco es. 2he %hili''ine res'ondent rated Hnot $er+ necessar+H. and 'atient satis1action.. LOCAL Rese(r)*: * ulti-national sur$e+ o1 critical care nursin) certi1ication. 2his re$ie/ o1 related literature and studies 'ro$ided discussion o1 1acts. 16 . trends and 'ractices to /hich 'resent stud+ is related.F. ex'erienced nurses tend to see! Aobs in 1orei)n countries /here the+ are o11ered hi)her salaries.e1ds J ran)e o1 interestI s'here acti$it+ :2he Corld "oo! Dictionar+. *s used in the stud+. and local literature and studies. .:-. C*(&ter II REVIE/ OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES 2his cha'ter is a 8uic! re$ie/ o1 related literature and studies. because the+ ha$e the serious and ur)ent 'roble o1 ore i)ration o1 nurses. 0t is su))ested that the 'ri ar+ 'ur'ose o1 certi1ication is to i 'ro$e the 8ualit+ o1 'atient care and it is contended that to achie$e this )oal research e$idence is needed that exa ines di11erences bet/een certi1ied and uncerti1ied nurses in ter s o1 their 8ualit+ o1 care. )athered b+ the researchers to 'ro$ide su''ort to the stud+. includin) 1orei)n literature and studies. 0n the %hili''ines.

1a ilies. as a e ber o1 the health care tea . the 'ractitionerBs reco)nition o1 the 'ri ac+ o1 the 'o'ulation as a /hole. 0t is an iron+ that )ood education 1acilitates nurse i)ration. 2he ad$anta)es nurses are u'dated /ith ne/ trends in edicine and in the nursin) care o1 'atientsI the+ under)o rotation to di11erent units and ha$e a chance to deter ine their s'ecial area o1 choice be1ore the+ are assi)ned 'er anentl+ in one area such a 17 . the di11erent le$els o1 clientele J indi$iduals. the )oal o1 'ro1essional 'ractice is the 'ro otion and 'reser$ation o1 the health o1 'o'ulationsI :-.1. :K. the con$alescin) and the a bulator+ 'atient.n4 Pr()t. N$n8rese(r)*: *ccordin) to *raceli #.)es . -. *ccordin) to L+dia Venzon and Ronald Venzon 9Pr$6ess. 2his 'heno enon indicates that nursin) s'ecialization is a11ected b+ 'olitical or econo ical stabilit+. and )rou'sI and. )eneral.7.ty0 ! Co :. unit+ health nursin) hi)hli)hts the 1ollo/in) i 'ortant 'oints< :.n t*e C$55%n. .:Ro)ado. 2he nurse cares 1or the 'atient in the hos'ital or in the out J 'atient de'art ent and lanes 1or the nursin) care needs o1 the 'atient about to be dischar)ed. continual.0 institutional or hos'ital nursin). Ma)la+a 9N%rs.ne0 ! <. the nature o1 'ractice is co 'rehensi$e.. resultin) in a nursin) ex'ertise shorta)e.n t*e P*.$n(1 N%rs. the !no/led)e base co es 1ro nursin) and 'ublic healthI :E.&&. and the nurses are /ell 're'ared to /or! in a $ariet+ o1 countries.n4 . 2he %hili''ines has established excellent basic nursin) 'ro)ra s. and not e'isodicI :?.. 'artici'ates in all 'hases o1 'atient care o1 the acute ill.

adAust /or! and 'ri$ate li1e satis1actoril+. /ee!-ends.Medicine. #ur)er+. 2he disad$anta)es o1 %ri$ate Dut+ %ractice is there are not enou)h nurses 1or e$enin) and ni)ht-shi1ts. %ediatrics. o'eratin). ad inistrati$e 'roble s and o$er/or! a+ tend to dissatis1+ the sta11 nurse. 2he *d$anta)es 1ocus o1 18 . and onitorin) other co 'licated de$ices. 0C4 J CC4. Chile the disad$anta)es are there is a )reat 'ossibilit+ o1 understa11in) /hich a+ re8uire nurses to 'ut in o$erti e /or! and sacri1ice so e o1 their 'lans. and $acation 'eriodsI 'ri$ate dut+ nurses 1ace 'roble s in 'ri$ate 'ractice bein) inde'endent contractors and there is )reater need 1or liabilit+ insurance. #heFhe is inde'endent contractor. %ublic health nursin) is also called co (ealth %ro)ra o1 the %hili''ines )i$es as unit+ health nursin). Deli$er Roo and the+ ha$e the chance to )et 'ro oted to hi)her 'ositions i1 the+ are 8uali1ied. 2/o Cate)ories o1 'ri$ate dut+ nurse )eneral %ri$ate Dut+ 6urse /hich has the ca'abilities 1or 'ro$idin) basic nursin) care to an+ t+'e o1 'atient. and direct o11-dut+ ti e into enAo+able leisureI challen)e o1 )i$in) hisFher best in 'ro$idin) care and ha$in) the satis1action o1 seein) its results. * 'ri$ate dut+ nurse a re)istered nurse /ho underta!es to )i$e co 'rehensi$e nursin) care to a client on a one J to J one ratio. 2he 6ational uch e 'hasis on the 'ro otion o1 health and 're$ention o1 diseases rather than care o1 the sic!. Obstetrics. %ri$ate Dut+ 6urse #'ecialist is #!illed in handlin). O'eratin) Roo . *d$anta)es o1 %ri$ate Dut+ %ractice is the abilit+ to o/n ti e. 1or holida+. a on) /hich are the assess ent o1 the 'h+sical conditions and inter'retation o1 the si)ni1icance o1 hisFher 1indin)s as basis 1or 'lannin) the nursin) care.

2he 'ractice 1ocuses on 'ro otion.6o.$n Rese(r)* 6$r C$55%n. ED.=. Ji enez. and e8ui' ent. su''lies.n4 P(rt.).&(t$ry A)t. 19 . the nurse /ill be able to see the total 'icture o1 1a il+ and co axi izes e11orts to i 'ro$ise /here there are no su11icient 1acilities. unit+ health. *ccordin) to #r. 0t (ere.ty He(1t* De+e1$&5ent ! <. "#6. M*. "#E. Role o1 Co unit+ (ealth 6urse :C(6. a+ not be i ediatel+ a/are o1 chan)es or trends in the 1ields o1 Occu'ational health nursin) is the s'ecialt+ 'ractice that 'ro$ides and deli$ers health care ser$ices to /or!ers. Chile the disad$anta)esI 1acilities 1or care o1 the sic! are li ited so that 'ractice or s!ills a+ also be li ited. 'rotection.. co unit+ health nursin) 'ractice 'ro otes and 'reser$es the health o1 the 'o'ulation b+ inte)ratin) the s!ills and !no/led)e rele$ant to both nursin) and 'ublic health. and su'er$ision o1 /or!ersB health /ithin the context o1 a sa1e and health+ /or! en$iron ent. their de'endents and authorized relati$es.. clearl+ 'ro$ided 1or the establish ent o1 edical ser$ice in the ar + o1 the %hili''ines.ty Or4(n. onl+ !no/n as the 6ational De1ense *ct. Car en E. * ilitar+ nurse 'ro$ides co 'rehensi$e and 8ualit+ nursin) care to all ilitar+ 'ersonnel.C. D.nursin) care is onl+ on 1a il+ and co unit+ health rather than on an indi$idual basis. Co co a on/ealth *ct.%ublic health nurse edicine or nursin).D 9C$55%n..

Grou' Leader J C(6 /or!s in )rou' in 'ractice. the school.)s $6 Pr()t. $arious 'o'ulation 20 .. (erFhis roles are the 1ollo/in)< *d$ocate J C(6 see!s to 'ro ote an understandin) o1 health 'roble s loo!in) 1or bene1icial 'ublic 'olic+ and sti ulatin) 1or the e er)ence o1 a su''orti$e co health. but in co settin)s such as the ho e. 2he sco'e o1 ser$ices 'ro$ided co$ers the /hole ran)e o1 health 'ro oti$e. 1a ilies. (ealth %lanner J %ro$ides health 'ro)ra s 1or the co unit+. /ith bias to/ards and 'riorit+ )i$en to health 'ro otion and disease 're$ention es'eciall+ 1or the underser$ed and hi)h-ris! indi$iduals. 2he ulti ate unit+ health b+ de$elo'in) and enhancin) the ca'abilities o1 indi$iduals. 'laces o1 /or!.2he Co echanis o1 co unit+ (ealth 6urse is an i 'ortant 'ersonalit+ in the /hole unit+ health de$elo' ent. Care Mana)er J (el'in) clients to unit+ action 1or a!e decisions about a''ro'riate health care ser$ices. and rehabiliti$e nursin) ser$ices. *ccordin) to #al$acion G. curati$e. Case 1inder J C(6 loo!s 1or clients at ris! a on) the 'o'ulation ser$ed. Clinic 6urse J health concerns and desire su''orti$e and 'roble Clinic ser$ices are increasin)l+ ex'andin) to eet the needs o1 a))re)ates at ris!.n4: T*e unit+ health nursin) is a 1ield o1 nursin) 'ractice unit+ /here ser$ices are deli$ered outside o1 'urel+ curati$e institutions. Co N%rs. 1a ilies.ty He(1t* B(s.)e0 ! ". Counselor J Clients in co unit+ health settin) 1re8uentl+ 1ace di11icult and co 'lex sol$in) assistance. health centers and clinics. *s a researcher he can assists health care 'ro1essionals in reachin) their )oals throu)h research. "ailon-Re+es 9C$55%n. 'o'ulation )rou's and areas o1 the co obAecti$e o1 care is achie$in) the hi)hest 'ossible le$el o1 co unit+. 're$enti$e.

in health centers. Villeneu$e :.@@@... 're$ention o1 illness. unit+ health nursin) re1ers to a ser$ice rendered b+ a 'ro1essional nurse /ith unities. *s said b+ Ruth ". care o1 the sic! at ho e and rehabilitation..-.@@E. "ecause the nursin) 'ro1ession is co 'osed 21 .4n Rese(r)*? *ccordin) to Ellis:-. #hoe a!er. /ith di11erent ex'ectations i 'osed b+ 1a il+ and 1riends.n t*e P*. and its i a)e has not been adAusted to acco 'ers'ecti$es :Meadus. /or! brou)ht out )ender di11erences as an issue to consider. Free an 9P%b1.I Villeneu$e. . 6ursin) is thou)ht o1 as a 1e inine career. )rou's. .@@E.... in clinics.@@7.)rou's and the co unit+ as a /hole to ta!e care o1 their o/n health and e11ecti$el+ co'e /ith health 'roble s. et. indi$iduals at ho e. ex'lored 1indin) that en /ere sensiti$e to the i a)e o1 nursin) as 3/o enBs /or!5.. in 'laces o1 /or! 1or the 'ro otion o1 health. and their odate di11erent disinterest are in obstetrics and 'ediatrics :%atterson M Morin. F$re.. ale nurses as ho osexual and to ainl+ o1 &ell+. en and /o en are acculturated di11erentl+ in societ+. noted that en o1ten ha$e trouble 1ittin) in /ith do inant )rou's o1 /o en. -. FisterBs :.. 0t a''ears that enBs interest are in hi)h acuit+ areas :O!rainec.) He(1t* N%rs.n4 . -. in schools.&&. en are oti$ated both b+ salar+ and the 'ros'ect o1 carin) 1or 'eo'le.. ..@@E.. enBs 'erce'tions o1 nursin)Bs i a)e. al. 1a ilies.1. *ccordin) to "ou)hn :-. and #teele :..nes0 ! co co >.

01 the corres'ondence bet/een the a''licantsH indi$idual characteristics and their intended 'ro1ession is not ade8uatel+ ta!en into account. custo ers. 2ests are no/ada+s used 1or the selection o1 'eo'le to di11erent 'ro1essions. 2he+ /or! /ith indi$iduals. 2he+ 'ro$ide health counselin) and assess /or! settin)s to identi1+ 'otential health or sa1et+ 'roble s. uni$ersit+ entrance exa s are ad inistered annuall+ to assess studentsH suitabilit+ 1or ad ission into di11erent 'ro)ra s and 'ro1essions. 2he+ 1a ilies to i 'ro$e the o$erall health o1 the co health issues. 'ublic a)encies. disease 're$ention. retire ent co unities. nutrition and child care. and others /ith inAuries and illnesses. s!ills and 'ersonal characteristics. /ho 'ro$ide a+ su'er$ise licensed 'ractical edical 'rocedures. clinical interests and students bac!)rounds in1luenced the custo ized clinical assi)n ents. and unities. *ccordin) to Mohsen *dib-(aAba)her+ and Mansur Dianati E$er+ 'ro1ession calls 1or a s'ecial le$el o1 !no/led)e. *d inistration o1 such tests is 22 . en in nursin) are understood b+ *ccordin) to Jossens and Ganle+ :-. (os'ital nurses are sta11 nurses. 2he+ instruct others about <.. althou)h a $ariet+ o1 ex'eriences /ere re8uired o1 all students *ccordin) to Lelani 2eru+a 9! bedside care and 'er1or nurses and nursin) aides. Occu'ational health nurses 'ro$ide nursin) care at /or!sites to e 'lo+ees.E. 0n 0ran. schools.. %ublic health nurses /or! in )o$ern ent./o en. it cannot be assu ed that the ex'eriences o1 /o en. their Aob co 'atibilit+ /ill be ha 'ered. )rou's.. and other co unit+ settin)s.

and characteristics 1or selectin) an a''ro'riate 'ro)ra tests and the choice o1 'ro)ra a''licants /ill be hi)hl+ or 'ro1ession.. un1ortunatel+. Choice o1 a 'ro1ession or 'ro)ra is the result o1 the a''licantHs in1or ed selection. indicate that this is not al/a+s the case.ade achie$e ent tests #i ilarl+.. re'orted that the 'roble such as /ron) selection criteria. * re$ie/ o1 ad ission 'rocedures 1or nursin) students in di11erent countries sho/s that these issues ha$e been lar)el+ ne)lected. Dorni! and Vid ar re'orted that in #lo$enia onl+ a hi)h school di'lo a is re8uired 1or ad ission into nursin) schools #i ilarl+. #ince 'artici'ation in are $oluntar+. it is assu ed that the success1ul oti$ated and /ill 'ro$ide hi)h 8ualit+ ser$ices once the+ )et into their 'ro1ession. Re'orts. Man+ nursin) students are not /ell oti$atedI nurses tend to lose their interest in their Aobs earl+I and des'ite an increase in the nu ber o1 nurses /ith )raduate and 'ost)raduate 8uali1ications. the 8ualit+ o1 nursin) care see s to ha$e declined instead o1 i 'ro$in) *li!hani :-. 2hese assu 'tions include the 1ollo/in)< #tudentsH test scores indicate their suitabilit+ 1or the intended 'ro)ra 'ro1ession.. uni$ersit+ entrance tests 23 . 2his can be achie$ed /hen those /ho are selected ha$e characteristics co 'atible /ith the 1eatures o1 their 'ro1ession. *''licants /ith hi)her test score are suitable 1or or ore i 'ortant and sensiti$e 'ositions. Ehren1eld et al. abilities. as /ell as the * erican 6ational Lea)ue 1or 6ursin) ar)ue that ad ission to nursin) schools in * erica is based on testes si ilar to the ones 1or other 'ro)ra s.a''arentl+ based on a nu ber o1 assu 'tions. teachin) see s to be caused b+ 1actors ethods o1 ethods. in 0ran. and e$aluation 2he 'ur'ose o1 test ad inistration is to select the best candidates 1or a 'ro)ra or 'ro1ession. such as a'titude tests or teacher. *''licants care1ull+ consider their interests. content o1 courses.

)e $6 ne31y 1. teach clients. 0n his $ie/. a+ also be A n(t.$n(1 S%r+ey $6 N%rs. that a''licants selected 1or nursin) should ha$e the a''ro'riate 's+cholo)ical and 'ersonal characteristics in addition to their !no/led)e and a'titude. (olland has deter ined 'ersonalit+ 1eatures a''ro'riate 1or the nursin) 'ro1ession. 'ro$ide direct care to . 'ersonalit+ tests ha$e also been reco ended to co 'le ent educational a'titude tests . e$en thou)h so e de)rees o1 artistic and ex'lorator+ 'ersonalit+ t+'es desirable Re)ardin) the i 'ortance o1 correct selection criteria 1or the nursin) 'ro1ession. the 'resent stud+ /as carried out to deter ine 1resh an nursin) studentsH 'ersonalit+ 1eatures and to in$esti)ate the co 'atibilit+ o1 such 1eatures /ith stud+in) and 'racticin) nursin). nursin) re8uires social 'ersonalit+. 0t is ho'ed that the results o1 the stud+ /ould hel' 'ro ote nursin) ser$ices and increase Aob satis1action in the 'ro1ession. 2his is /h+ researchers ha$e e 'hasized. More than hal1 o1 the )raduates 1elt their clinical education ade8uatel+ 're'ared the ad inister edications b+ co to on routes. 'er1or and catherization.). dressin) chan)es e11ecti$el+ /ithin a healthcare tea .)ensed N%rses . in recent +ears.clients. /or! 's+cho otor s!ills :e..easure onl+ the theoretical !no/led)e and the a'titude o1 the a''licantsI /hereas.n4 Ed%)(t. re8uire ents o1 the nursin) 'ro1ession are uch di11erent and broader. docu ent a le)all+ de1ensible account o1 care 'ro$ided and a!e decisions about client care based on assess ent and dia)nostic ore than hal1 o1 the )raduates 1elt that their classroo education testin) data. 2o account 1or this. #i ilarl+ 24 .$n @ Pr()t. 0n his in$esti)ations o1 di11erent 'ro1essions and Aob conditions.

teach under)raduate and )raduate students. 6urses conduct research. nurses toda+ ha$e a /ide arra+ o1 career choices o'en to the . as 'lat1or s to ser$e as ad$ocates 1or their 'atients and nursin) collea)ues. reco)nize e otional needs. li!es and disli!es. and /hether their talents and 're1erences are a )ood consideration.ade8uatel+ 're'ared the to understand 'atho'h+siolo)+.$n(1 N%rs. nurses should consider their s'ecial talents. 6urses /ho ha$e ad$anced education. atch /ith the e 'lo+ ent o''ortunit+ under 25 . teach clients use in1or ation edication side e11ects. /hether traditional or nontraditional. eet clients technolo)+ to enhance 'atient care. in decidin) /hich o1 the an+ a$ailable o'tions to select. Further ore. (i ot 9Pr$6ess.n4 C$n)e&ts (nd C*(11en4es0 ! co <. 2he+ a+ it their li$es to direct 'atient care in traditional settin)s such as hos'itals or 'ractice in nontraditional roles such as o/nin) a health-related business. and ad inistrators. anal+ze use o1 research 1indin)s. are 're'ared to beco e researchers. N$n8rese(r)*< ulti'le t+'es o1 data. nurse 'ractitioners. and 'ractice in rural clinics. accordin) to her. clinical s'ecialists. 6urses should be encoura)ed to choose 1reel+ 1ro clai the $ast nu ber o1 o''ortunities o'en to the I to o/nershi' o1 these roles 1or nurses and nursin)I and to use their 'ositions.. 6ot all nurses 'ro$ide direct 'atient care as a 'ri ar+ 'art o1 their roles. are chie1 executi$es o1 the co 'anies. understand clientBs cultural needs and *s said b+ Leslie ". such as asterBs and doctoral de)rees.

/ith /o en and their ne/borns. /ith 'eo'le /ho ha$e had se$ere trau as :inAuries. and in an+ other ca'acities.. 0t is the belie1 o1 ex'erience a1ter )raduation ser$es to enrich the !no/led)e and s!ill the nurse ac8uired as a student. 2here is 'erha's no other settin) that o11ers so uch $ariet+ /ithin the sa e or)anization as do hos'itals. and ust utilize ature nursin) Aud) ent. and the 6a$+ 6urse Cor's. the *ir Force 6urse Cor's. establish the direction o1 nursin) hos'ital/ide.$n(1 N%rs. nurses in hos'itals ana)ers. exactl+. Militar+ nurses ha$e res'onsibilities as nurses and as o11icers. #ta11 nurses are e bers o1 the hos'ital tea . /ith cancer 'atients.(os'ital 6ursin) /or!s /ith 'atients /ho ha$e edical or sur)ical conditions. and ad inistrators /ho teach or su'er$ise others and ser$e as educators. 26 . *ccordin) to &athr+n C. 2he+ Cor's ust be ada'table. in o'eratin) roo s or e er)enc+ roo s.n4st$nes t$ Pr$6ess. 0n addition to direct 'atient care roles. 7GN o all acti$e nurses in the 4nited #tates and its territories are e 'lo+ed in an+ nurse educators and 'ro1essional leaders that hos'ital hos'itals. or burns. 2he+ 3 a!e the /heels )o Oround5 as 1ar as nursin) ser$ices are concerned. 6urses ser$in) in the *ir Force ust be /ell oriented to the 'resent as /ell as the 1uture. 2he+ also belie$e that such an ex'erience 1acilitates the transition and adAust ent 1ro $alued the role o1 student to the role o1 re)istered nurse. 6ursin) in the ilitar+ includes ser$ice in the *r + 6urse Cor's. 2he+ sa1el+. 1or the+ /ill use !no/led)e o1 hos'ital nursin) in 'eace ti e and disaster nursin) durin) /ar e er)encies. Ca11ert+ 9Ste&&. /ith children.n40 ! :. able to eet challen)es ra'idl+.

Or +ou 1e/ hours each da+ in order to )i$e +ou are a +oun). o''ortunit+ 1or ad$ance ent. "e sure that +ou ta!e stoc! o1 and assi)n +our o/n 'riorities to such 1actors as Aob location. re)istered nurses /ere e 'lo+ed in the 4nited #tates.. For +ears discri ination occurred in the 0n selectin) a Aob. role 'osition 're1erence. 2he nurse also a+ choose to 'ractice nursin) ilitar+ ser$ice 1or /o en.L.@7@ a''roxi atel+ 7L. sta ina. #till other nurses /ith )raduate de)rees a+ select uni$ersit+ or research settin)s that encoura)e and enhance 'ro1essional de$elo' ent and stud+.K.. /hich ha$e the basic obAecti$e o1 eetin) the care needs o1 'atients.. the aAorit+ o1 nurses /ill assu e 'ositions in nursin) ser$ices.n40 ! :. +ou axi u a+ select a 'art-ti e Aob 1or onl+ a ti e to +our 1a il+... 0n addition. in nursin) education.n N%rs. On the other hand.*ccordin) to Lillian De =oun) 9T*e F$%nd(t..n4 C(reer0 ! :. te 'era ent. /ill in1luence +our 1inal decision. so /ill +our 'ersonal li1est+le. o1 /ho EK-. salar+.. 01 +ou are arried.. in 'ublic healthI . o11ices. inter'ersonal s!ills. and co)niti$e s!ills. /ere e 'lo+ed in hos'itals and related institutionsI .. 'ro1essional en$iron ent. 0n . 0n such cases salar+ and )eo)ra'hic location selection 'rocess.... in 'ri$ate dut+. +ou a+ select a Aob 'ri aril+ because o1 its re)ular hours and 1ree /ee!ends so that +ou can be ho e at the sa e ti e as +our s'ouse and children.t.$n $6 N%rs.-. hours. and other areasI and -G. in the ar ed 1orces. i1 a+ )i$e hi)h 'riorit+ to a )eo)ra'hical location /here e 'lo+ ent or social o''ortunities are )reat or /here to' salaries are 'aid. as said b+ &e$in Frederic!son 9O&&$rt%n.. *dditionall+ +ou i)ht /ant to ta!e into consideration such a+ be onl+ secondar+ considerations durin) the Aob search and 27 . sin)le nurse. each o1 these $ariables< anual s!ills. and 1a il+ needs or obli)ations...

6ursin) care ser$ices 'ro$ided b+ 6%s include assessin) client health usin) a holistic 1ra e/or!I identi1+in) nursin) dia)nosesI 'lannin) and 'rescribin) treat entsI re)i ens 1or indi$iduals. 2he+ ha$e a chance to )et 'ro oted. ex'and !no/led)e o1 clinical nursin). 2he+ ha$e L hour da+ and E. 6ursin) education enables ex'erienced nurses to share their !no/led)e and ex'ertise /ith 1uture 'ro1essional nurses. Disad$anta)es areI )reat 'ossibilit+ o1 understa11in) J o$erti e. Cruz. 1a ilies. *s a 1acult+ e ber. hour /ee! dut+. *ccordin) to Luc+ Jane (ood and #usan &un Ledd+ 9Leddy (nd Pe&&erAs C$n)e&t%(1 B(ses $6 Pr$6ess. the 'ro1essional nurse has o''ortunities to 'olish clinical s!ills.t0 ! u'dated /ith ne/ trends in B. Can under)o rotation to di11erent units. *ccordin) to Ma. the Aob selection 'rocess /ill be uch easier. 6urse %ractitioners 'ro$ide 'ri ar+ health care ser$ices to consu ers.$n(1 N%rs. RM. en)a)e in nursin) research. *d inistrati$e 'roble s and 28 .n40 ! ". #alar+ increases are )i$en 'eriodicall+ sta11 de$elo' ent 'ro)ra s are a$ailable. and 'artici'ate in co teachin) s!ills /ith 1uture nurses. R6.1actors as bi) $ersus s all clinics and attitudes o1 co-/or!ers /hen +ou e$aluate Aob o11ers. Load o1 /or! J no ti e to i 'ro$e s!ills throu)h C%E. Once +ou ha$e deter ined /hich 1actors are o1 )reatest i 'ortance to +ou. and co illness and inAur+I and edical and ana)in) health care unitiesI 'ro otin) /ellnessI 're$entin) ana)in) acute and chronic health conditions. < 0nstitutional 6ursin) ad$anta)es< 6urses are unit+ ser$ice /hile sharin) !no/led)e and edicine and in nursin) care o1 'atients. #o'hia Francesca D. . 9Get A*e(d: A Ste& C1$ser t$ Y$%r C(reerAs S%55..

*lso !no/n as. sic! lea$e. Occu'ational (ealth 6ursin) has s'ecialt+ 'ractice that 'ro$ides and deli$ers health care ser$ices to /or!ers. =ou ust !no/ co 'an+ 'olicies on 'ersonnel. insurance bene1its. insurance and edicare bene1its. 2he ad$anta)es< Chance to a!e real 1riends throu)h close associations. Gi$es the nurse a better unit+ and o1 health 'ro)ra s 'ers'ecti$e o1 the health o1 co 6urses in this 1ield o1 'ractice are ex'ected to be ex'ert clinicians. 'ri$ate nurse 'ractitioner. 2he ad$anta)es< 1ocus o1 unit+ rather than indi$idual. the chance to !ee' abreast /ith ne/ !no/led)e and 'rocedures. 'a+ rates.o$er/or! J dissatis1action and Co care is 1a il+ and co unit+ (ealth 6ursin). adAust /or! and 'ri$ate li1e satis1actoril+. 2he disad$anta)es< so e 'ri$ate dut+ nurses create a situation in /hich the 'atients beco e totall+ de'endent on the I so e resent su'er$ision 1ro hos'ital 'ersonnelI lone 'ractitioner ini izes o''ortunit+ 1or de$elo'in) )ood relations /ith other hos'ital 'ersonnelI little assistance is )i$en b+ the head nurse /hen 'atient is criticall+ illI 6o retire ent. s'ecial dut+ nurse. the abilit+ to o/n ti e. and 'ri$ate dut+ nurse s'ecialist. %ri$ate Dut+ nursin) has t/o cate)ories< General %ri$ate Dut+ and %ri$ate Dut+ 6urse #'ecialist. 0t is autono ous and re8uires s'ecial s!ills. health 'ro)ra s 29 . 'ri$ate dut+ nurse.

i 'lies a set o1 instructions that tell a researcher ho/ data should be collected and anal+ze in order to ans/er a s'eci1ic research 'roble . Rese(r)* Des. the t+'e o1 data to be collected. the anner o1 deter inin) the sa 'le size. 0t includes the research desi)n used to 'lan o1 ho/ the stud+ /ill be conducted. 0t in$ol$es anal+sis o1 an extre el+ broad ran)e o1 'heno enaI its result is a co 'rehensi$e 'resentation and inter'retation o1 30 .C*(&ter III DESIGN AND -ETHODOLOGY RESEARCH DESIGN Research desi)n accordin) to Cilson :. Desi)n and /hat desi)n and consists o1 ethodolo)+ /ill sho/ us the o$er all 'lan and o$er$ie/ on ethod the researcher used to ans/er the research 8uestions. and the data anal+sis sche e /hich includes the a''lication o1 di11erent biostatistical treat ent o1 data.4n 2he researchers used the descri'ti$e research. 'ractices and conditions that relate to that 'heno enon. * stud+ that describes the nature o1 the 'heno enon under in$esti)ation a1ter a sur$e+ o1 current trends. the location /here the stud+ /ill be conducted. 0t ethods and 'rocedures that the researchers used in the stud+.@L@. the instru ent to be used and their $alidation. the reasons 1or the choice o1 subAects.

:Calderon. #a 'aloc. 0t ans/ers 8uestions and satis1ies curiosit+ about a certain 'heno enon. 2otal %o'ulation P ?. 2he researchers li ited this stud+ to six hundred se$ent+ t/o :7G-. 'ercent o1 the /hole 'o'ulation o1 the 1ourth +ear nursin) student o1 Far Eastern 4ni$ersit+ in deter inin) the sa 'le size.? 31 . N o1 the /hole 'o'ulation o1 the 1ourth +ear nursin) student o1 Far Eastern 4ni$ersit+. 1ourth +ear le$el nursin) students. 2he researchers chose the 1ourth +ear nursin) students as the res'ondents o1 this stud+ 1or the reason that. L$)(1e 2he stud+ /as conducted 1ro Januar+ to Februar+ -... at Far Eastern 4ni$ersit+ located at 6icanor Re+es #t. Manila located in the uni$ersit+ belt. Deter5.. S%bCe)tDRes&$ndents 2he res'ondents o1 this stud+ are the 1ourth +ear le$el nursin) students o1 Far Eastern 4ni$ersit+.n(t.$n $6 S(5&1e S.statistical tabulations o1 data +ielded b+ a sur$e+.?. 2he acce'ted ini u o1 'ercenta)e 1or the deter ination o1 sa 'le size is ?. 0t also describes and elaborates the nature and causes o1 an existin) 'heno enon at the ti e o1 the stud+.=e 2he researchers used the ?..Q 777. the+ are )raduatin) students and need to 'lan their career soon.. N :.

Each indi$idual is chosen accidentall+ and e ber o1 the 'o'ulation has an e8ual chance o1 bein) included in the sa 'le.7%e 2he researchers used the 'robabilit+ sa 'lin) techni8ue. *t the sa e ti e. and reli)ion. /ere a lar)er )rou' :a 'o'ulation. the second 'art o1 the 8uestionnaire /ill be di$ided into .n4 Des..? section EG Q . to identi1+ the nursin) a on) the res'ondents.777.4n (nd Te)*n.E students 'er S(5&1. )ender. T*e Rese(r)* Instr%5ent 0n 1or ulatin) this stud+.$n $6 t*e Rese(r)* Instr%5ent 32 . 2he researchers chose the accidental si 'le rando dra/n 1ro each sa 'lin) /herein the sa 'les :a )rou' o1 subAects.E. as in1or ation )atherin) tool.G or . the researchers ade used o1 related literatures as /ell ost 're1erred 1ield o1 as 8uestionnaire.. V(1.d(t.'arts< the 1irst 'art dealt /ith ratin) o1 the di11erent 1ields o1 nursin) and then the second 'art dealt /ith ratin) o1 the 1actors the+ consider in choosin) their 're1erred 1ield. E$er+ 'ossible sa 'le o1 a )i$en size has the sa e chance o1 selection. 2he 1irst 'art o1 the 8uestionnaire includes all 'ersonal in1or ation about the res'ondents< a)e.

E res'ondents 'er section. 2here /ere 7G. 2he researchers 'resented.$st(t. data /ill be )athered. tabulated. D(t( G(t*er. the researchers 1or ulated a 'ilot test to deter ine the e11ecti$eness and reliabilit+ o1 the instru ent.n4 -et*$d Fro the sur$e+ 8uestionnaire that /as conducted b+ the researchers. endations or solutions to the B. rele$ant a!in) it . the researchers sou)ht 'er ission to conduct the sur$e+ /ith the said res'ondents. Tre(t5ent 33 . and inter'reted accordin)l+.n4 Pr$)ed%re *s the 8uestionnaire /as 1inalized. 0t is di$ided to EL sections D(t( Pr$)ess.1ourth +ear nursin) students used as the res'ondents 1or this stud+. 2he 8uestionnaire /ill $alidate b+ ex'ert clinical instructor /hich is %ro1essor Marcelino #antos *1ter obtainin) the $alidit+ and necessar+ a''ro$als 1or the research instru ent. )rou'ed. Validation o1 the instru ent ser$es as the researchersB )uide in editin) the 8uestionnaire. anal+zed and inter'reted the de o)ra'hics o1 the stud+ 'o'ulation and results o1 each research 8uestions-h+'othesis to co e u' /ith desired conclusions considered in 1or ulatin) reco 'roble to i 'ro$e the 1ield o1 stud+.2he instru ent that /as used in )atherin) data is a set o1 8uestionnaire 're'ared b+ the researchers.

.str. J is co 'uted to deter ine the 'ro'ortion o1 a 'art to a /hole such as a )i$en nu ber o1 res'ondents in relation to the entire 'o'ulation. Fre7%en)y :1.b%t.2he researchers used the 1ollo/in) statistics to deter ine /hat 1ield o1 nursin) the aAorit+ ostl+ 're1erred and assessed the 1actors that in1luenced their choice< .. n /here< % Q 'ercenta)e 1 Q 1re8uenc+ o1 res'onses n Q total nu ber o1 res'ondents 34 . b.$n t(b1e J re1ers to the tabulation o1 data b+ cate)or+ or class inter$als /ith the corres'ondin) 1re8uenc+ 1or each class. Per)ent(4e :%. a.. J is de1ined as the nu ber o1 ite s belon)in) to the class or cate)or+. Fre7%en)y d. 1 %Q x .

-.S 1?x? S 1ExE S 1KxK.n4 J is used to deter ine the order o1 decreasin) or increasin) a)nitude o1 $ariables. Chen res'ondin) to 35 . CM Q 6 /here< R Q su ati$e si)n 1. S 1-x.2ert s)(1e . a 's+cho etric scale co and is the onl+ used in 8uestionnaires. to 1K Q 1re8uenc+ o1 res'onses 'er unit /ei)ht x Q unit /ei)ht 6 Q total nu ber o1 res'ondents a.x. ost /idel+ used scale in sur$e+ research. R(n2.c. J re1ers to the o$erall a$era)e o1 res'onsesF'erce'tions o1 the stud+ res'ondents.4*ted 5e(n 9/-. /e. R :1. 0t is the su o1 its 'roduct o1 its 'roduct o1 the 1re8uenc+ o1 res'onses and Li!ert 1i$e-'oint scale.

E.. 6ot %re1erred :6%. -. F()t$rs y$% )$ns. More %re1erred : %. Fairl+ %re1erred :F%.. %re1erred :%.... K. 36 ..t*5et. #tron)l+ Disa)ree :#D......... ?.n )*$$s. E.der ..2ert S)(1e.a Li!ert 8uestionnaire ite . res'ondents s'eci1+ their le$el o1 a)ree ent to a state ent.. K..n4 y$%r &re6erred 9L. #tron)l+ *)ree :#*.. b. . Disa)ree :D. -. Fairl+ *)ree :F*. . Ar. Most %re1erred :M%.4*ted 5e(n J describes the central tendenc+ o1 the )i$en criteria or $ariables. ?.n4 9L.. Pre6eren)e .2ert S)(1e.. *)ree :*...e1ds $6 n%rs.n t*e 6.) 5e(n $r (+er(4e 3e.

R :/ . PQ 6 /here< P Q a$era)e /ei)hted R :/ . Q su )i$en criterion 6 Q nu ber o1 ite s ean eans 'er ite /ith a o1 the /ei)hted 37 .

their anal+sis and inter'retation. %art 0. the results /ere 'resented in 1i$e 'arts< %art 0 sho/ed the ost 're1erred 1ield o1 ale 1ourth +ear nursin) students in FE4I %art 00 sho/ed the ost 're1erred 1ield o1 1e ale 1ourth +ear nursin) students o1 FE4I %art 000 sho/ed the ost 're1erred 1ield o1 nursin) o1 the 1ourth +ear nursin) students in FE4I and %art 0V sho/ed the )reatest 1actor that in1luenced the 1ourth +ear nursin) students in choosin) their 're1erred 1ield in nursin).C*(&ter IV PRESENTATION0 INTERPRETATION AND ANALYSIS OF DATA 2his cha'ter 'resented the 1indin)s o1 the stud+.2he FE4 -OST PREFERRED FIELD OF THE FOURTH YEAR -ALE NURSING STUDENTS IN FEU TABLE E 'A ost 're1erred 1ield o1 nursin) o1 the 1ourth +ear Male nursin) students in 38 . For better and clearer understandin).

2he FE4 ost 're1erred 1ield o1 nursin) o1 the 1ourth +ear Fe ale nursin) students in 39 .58 1.07 1. 6or s 'ertinent to the roles and status a+ /ell outlast other t+'es o1 social o1 the t/o sexes 'enetrate e$er+ sector o1 li1e and di11erentiation ore thorou)hl+ ex'lored b+ sociolo)ists.@@7.Male Hospital Nursing Private-duty Nursing Community Health Nursing Occupational !ndustrial Health Nursing Nurse Practitioner Military Nursing Certi"ied Nurse Mid#i"e Nurse $ducator AWM 1. TABLE E 'B %art 00. 1a il+.26 1.98 1.s: *s said b+ *lice Donahue and #uzanne Martin :Decision Ma!in) in 6ursin).. and co unit+.33 Verbal Interpretation FP FP NP FP FP FP NP FP Rank 1 5 7 6 4 3 8 2 Inter&ret(t.$n: 2he table sho/s that ale nursin) students 're1erred hos'ital nursin) as their ales still 're1erred 1ield o1 choice. in e$er+ !no/n societ+. 1or exa 'le.99 1.27 0. )ender is a 1unda ental criterion 1or assi)nin) tas!s considered necessar+ 1or the /ell-bein) and continuit+ o1 the indi$idual. #o e tas!s are assi)ned 'ri aril+ on the basis o1 sex-lin!ed 'h+siolo)ical ales are stron) di11erences.25 0. onl+ 1e ales can nurse the +oun)I onl+ enou)h to 'er1or certain !inds o1 hea$+ /or!. . e$en thou)h 1e ale do inated the clinical area clinical settin) since the+ are alread+ 1a iliar /ith the en$iron ent. An(1ys.

)ender is a 1unda ental criterion 1or assi)nin) tas!s considered necessar+ 1or the /ell-bein) and continuit+ o1 the indi$idual. #o e tas!s are assi)ned 'ri aril+ on the basis o1 sex-lin!ed 'h+siolo)ical ales are stron) in nursin) it is the di11erences.46 1.05 2. in e$er+ !no/n societ+.98 2. 6or s 'ertinent to the roles and status a+ /ell outlast other t+'es o1 social o1 the t/o sexes 'enetrate e$er+ sector o1 li1e and di11erentiation ore thorou)hl+ ex'lored b+ sociolo)ists.09 2.78 2.s: *s said b+ *lice Donahue and #uzanne Martin :Decision Ma!in) in 6ursin).$n: 2he table sho/s that the 're1erred 1ield o1 1ourth +ear 1e ale nursin) students is hos'ital nursin).. 1a il+.@@7.05 2. and co unit+.42 Rank 1 2 7 5 4 6 6 3 Inter&ret(t.24 2.-OST PREFERRED FIELD OF THE FOURTH YEAR FE-ALE NURSING STUDENTS IN FEU Verbal Interpretation P P FP P P P P P %emale Hospital Nursing Private-duty Nursing Community Health Nursing Occupational !ndustrial Health Nursing Nurse Practitioner Military Nursing Certi"ied Nurse Mid#i"e Nurse $ducator AWM 2. . An(1ys. 1or exa 'le. onl+ 1e ales can nurse the +oun)I onl+ enou)h to 'er1or certain !inds o1 hea$+ /or!. since hos'ital ex'osure is 'art o1 the curriculu ost chosen 1ield because the+ are used and 1a iliar to it. 40 .

09 3.75 Rank 1 4 8 6 3 5 7 2 Inter&ret(t.32 3. For so e.. /ant to /or! in hos'itals.. *ccordin) to Leslie ". /or! in hos'ital settin)s. and the+ continue in this role 1or their entire careers.02 3.K.77 3. /hich i 'lies that li!el+. -.16 3. (i ot :%ro1essional 6ursin) Conce'ts and Challen)es. An(1ys.42 2. ost nurses :t/o thirds. 41 .%art 00. (os'ital 6ursin) /as considered as the 1ield o1 nursin) b+ the 1ourth +ear students.$n: 2he table sho/s that hos'ital nursin) is the ale and 1e ale nursin) student.2he ost 're1erred 1ield o1 nursin) o1 the 1ourth +ear nursin) students in FE4 &er'al !nterpretation MP mP P mP mP mP mP mP Hospital Nursing Private-duty Nursing Community Health Nursing Occupational !ndustrial Health Nursing Nurse Practitioner Military Nursing Certi"ied Nurse Mid#i"e Nurse $ducator AWM 10. Most ne/ nurses choose to ost 're1erred ost ost 're1erred 're1erence o1 both to be able to a''l+ /hat the+ learned aAorit+ o1 the /or! in acute care hos'itals initiall+ in order to )ain ex'erience in or)anizin) and deli$erin) 'atient care.s: *s re$ealed b+ the table.50 3. this is 1or the in nursin) schools and be able to 'ractice the . sta11 nursin) is extre el+ enAo+able.

..GL .%art 000 J 2he 1actor:s..G K.G -..7 .. L.L ?-.7 . considered b+ the 1ourth +ear nursin) students in choosin) their 're1erred 1ield in nursin). TABLE E <AF! PROFILE OF THE RESPONDENT ACCORDING TO INTEREST K E ? . 2otal< Fre8uenc+ Distribution EEK .E -?.. .L...KK . TABLE E <AFH K E ? . 2otal< Fre8uenc+ Distribution -.L? EE .-.--G. 2otal< Fre8uenc+ Distribution ?@@ .@G 77 7 E 7G- %ercenta)e K@.?L -@. 7G- %ercenta)e 77. PERSONAL FACTORS TABLE E <AF' PROFILE OF THE RESPONDENT ACCORDING TO EGPOSURE K E ? .L@ . ..-? 7.?@... .KK 42 ?K K@ 7G- %ercenta)e ?..

.. An(1ys.GE .GE 743 G K 7G%ercenta)e 7?.L@ @. 0n the clinical settin).PROFILE OF THE RESPONDENT ACCORDING TO RELIGION Inter&ret(t. Etherid)e :2he Journal o1 Continuin) Education in 6ursin)..N o1 3stron)l+ a)ree5 ran!ed as ?. 2his i 'lies that in ter s o1 'ersonal 1actors.$n: *s said b+ #haron *. students 'ractice nursin) s!ills. .. and the third 1actor or Reli)ion /ith a ?. -...s: 0t is sho/ed that the 1irst 1actor or Ex'osure /ith a the hi)hest 'ercenta)e o1 the Tstron)l+ a)reeT 77. -K.?LN o1 3stron)l+ a)ree5 ran!ed as -... the ost hel'1ul learnin) strate)+ 1or learnin) to thin! li!e a nurse /as bein) in the clinical settin) /ith 'atients and ha$in) $aried ex'eriences /ith 'atients. 0t /as in the clinical settin) that the correlation o1 classroo occurred.-? . and interact /ith $arious tea e ber-all ex'eriences that ostl+ learnin) /ith actual 'ractice ha$e si)ni1icance in co 'letin) their 'icture o1 ho/ to be a nurse.G. second 1actor or 0nterest /ith a K@. ENVIRON-ENTAL FACTORS TABLE E <BF' PROFILE OF THE RESPONDENT ACCORDING TO FA-ILY K E ? .E ..-N is ran!ed as . 2otal< Fre8uenc+ Distribution E-E . ha$e di11erent ex'eriences /ith a $ariet+ o1 'atients. ex'osure in1luences the res'ondentBs choice.

44 . and the second 1actor or %eer /ith a 'ercenta)e o1 E.$n: 0t is sho/ed that the 1irst 1actor or Fa il+ /ith the hi)hest 'ercenta)e 1or 3stron)l+ a)ree5 7?...7.7E ..-?G.L? .--. third 1actor or #ociet+ /ith a 'ercenta)e o1 E. 2otal< Inter&ret(t.. 2otal< TABLE E <BFH PROFILE OF THE RESPONDENT ACCORDING TO SOCIETY Fre8uenc+ Distribution -L. 7G%ercenta)e E.. 1a il+ ostl+ in1luences the res'ondentBs choice. ...?.--N o1 3stron)l+ a)ree5 ran!ed as ?. 2his i 'lies that in ter s o1 en$iron ental 1actors...7G ?G.7.....7GN 3stron)l+ a)ree5 ran!ed as -. -K? .-E. K E ? ..TABLE E <BF! PROFILE OF THE RESPONDENT ACCORDING TO PEER Fre8uenc+ Distribution -GG -K.@ ..E ...N ran!ed as .7K . K E ? .@ -@ G 7G%ercenta)e E.@ .

E? L. 2otal< 45 .@LE. 2hese in turn are a 'ri ar+ in1luence on educational achie$e ent.An(1ys. . )enetic inheritance.@LK.EK . and that career choices can be re)arded as the Ti 'le entationT o1 these 8ualities :McDaniels M (u sel1-assess ents and recei$e 1eedbac! 1ro el. 1a il+ co 'osition. *s children a!e si)ni1icant others.. 'arentin) st+le..@LE. socio-econo ic status.. the le$el o1 /hich is the sin)le :Otto..@ -.. the+ 1or educational as'irations..EE KE L ? 7G%ercenta)e 7L. K E ? .s: 2he aAor 1a il+ deter inants o1 childrenHs career de$elo' ent can be cate)orized as 1ollo/s< )eo)ra'hic location.. and 'arental attitudes to/ard /or! :#'lete M Free an-Geor)e... ost i 'ortant deter inant o1 e$entual occu'ational achie$e ent ECONO-IC FACTORS TABLE E <CF' PROFILE OF THE RESPONDENT ACCORDING TO SALARY Fre8uenc+ Distribution E7? .. *uthorities in 's+cholo)+ and career de$elo' ent belie$e that 'arents are the ost crucial 1actor in the 1or ation o1 childrenHs 'ersonalities and sel1-conce't.E . 1a il+ bac!)round. . .@ .

-E K? L ? 7G%ercenta)e G-. 2his i 'lies that in ter s o1 econo ic 1actors.EK G...L. 2otal< TABLE E <CFH PROFILE OF THE RESPONDENT ACCORDING TO SECURITY OF TENURE K E ? ...... salar+ res'ondentBs choice.L.G@ .EK .EN 3stron)l+ a)ree5 ran!ed as -.E ......LGKN 3stron)l+ a)ree5 ran!ed as . and the third 1actor or #ecurit+ o1 2enure /ith 7. second 1actor or Job O''ortunities /ith 7@.@ . GE G 7G- %ercenta)e 7.. . Inter&ret(t... ostl+ in1luences the 46 ..? .$n: 0t is sho/ed that the 1irst 1actor or #alar+ /ith a 'ercenta)e o1 G.@ ..L@ . 2otal< Fre8uenc+ Distribution E.L7 -7....L7N 3stron)l+ a)ree5 ran!ed as ?. K E ? .TABLE E <CF! PROFILE OF THE RESPONDENT ACCORDING TO IOB OPPORTUNITIES Fre8uenc+ Distribution ELE ..

nearl+ hal1 o1 colle)e and uni$ersit+ students ex'ect to earn a startin) salar+ o1 UK..An(1ys..s: *ccordin) to a recent sur$e+ b+ =ahoo> (otJobs :October -..7. o entu 47 . 2hereHs no doubt that the ind o1 +oun) 'ro1essionals ea)er to 1inanciall+ su''ort the sel$es /hile )ainin) in the /or! 1orce. 2he sur$e+ also 1ound that ore than hal1 o1 students identi1ied a stron) startin) one+ is on salar+ as one o1 their to' 1actors in choosin) a Aob.. career ex'erts belie$e students are ri)ht to ai co es to their 1irst inco e. lo1t+ 1or +oun) e 'lo+ees )ettin) their 1eet /et in the /or! hi)h /hen it 'lace 1or the 1irst ti e. or Chile this 1i)ure a+ see ore...

999999999999999 2otal Monthl+ 0nco e o1 +our Fa il+ ... s'eci1+.. on the circle be1ore the ans/er o1 +our choice...6a e< :o'tional. 99999999999999999999999 Direction< %lease acco 'lish the 8uestionnaire b+ ans/erin) the 8uestions on the s'ace 'ro$ided or b+ 'uttin) a chec! :V.. J -K. 48 .. J . .. Gender< Male Fe ale Reli)ion< 999999999999999 (i)hest Educational *ttain ent o1 +our Father %ost-Graduate #tudies Colle)e Graduate Vocational Graduate (i)h #chool Graduate Ele entar+ Graduate Others :'ls... J K.. s'eci1+... -K.. 999999999999999 (i)hest Educational *ttain ent o1 +our Mother %ost-Graduate #tudies Colle)e Graduate Vocational Graduate (i)h #chool Graduate Ele entar+ Graduate Others :'ls. ......

..... J GK.... M abo$e %lease rate these 1ields o1 nursin) accordin) to +our 're1erence usin) the scale o1 . Occu'ational or industrial health nursin) 6urse 'ractitioner Militar+ nursin) Certi1ied nurse 6urse educator id/i1e %lease rate the 1actors +ou consider in choosin) +our 're1erred 1ield usin) scale o1 .. to K. %ersonal #tron)l+ a)ree *)ree Fairl+ a)ree Disa)ree #tron)l+ disa)ree < : H ! ' 49 . to K. K E ? ... J . Chec! the a''ro'riate nu ber that corres'onds to +our ans/er... K E ? .K. GK........ Chec! the a''ro'riate nu ber that corres'onds to +our ans/er.. Most 're1erred More 're1erred %re1erred Fairl+ 're1erred 6ot 're1erred K (os'ital nursin) %ri$ate-dut+ nursin) Co unit+ health nursin) E ? . ..

Ex'osure 0nterest Reli)ion En$iron ental Fa il+ %eer #ociet+ Econo ic #alar+ Job o''ortunities #ecurit+ o1 tenure 50 .