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document attestation process
document attestation is hell of a process in saudi arabia..especially if you bring your documents here with you and want to get them attested, i did the following luckily i needed only 3 documents for FAMILY VISA 1- diploma 2- marriage certificate 3- birth certificate (in case if u have any children) 1- first you need to attest all these documents from MOFA (home country) 2- get them translated into arabic with trusted translators. 3- take these attestation to your (home) embassy and get them attested. 4- afterwards Finally take them to "wizarat kharjiya" MOFA (riyadh) once its done you can easily apply for family visa..plz correct me if im i done the same for my family visa... all the above documents + origionals 1- letter from kafeel (salary Certificate) it has to be attested from "chamber of commerce" ghurfa tijariyah....( get the letter and get it attested by yourself) its easy. 2- VISA form correctly filled without spelling mistakes. it needs to be attested from kafeel and from "chamber of commerce" again you can do it yourself if its signed by kafeel. and thats it..deposit 2000 SAR in bank and apply for visa..hope this helps..

FAMILY VISA APPLICATION PROCESS : Step 1. Application Form, Original Certificate attested by Saudi Embassy, Copy of passport of dependants, Marriage and Birth Certificate Copies, Translated versions in Arabic for all relevant documents Step2. Attest application from COC Step3. Pay money to Bank Step4. Deliver application to MOI & await feedback Step5. Fill online application with MOFA Step6. Attest application from COC Step7. Deliver to MOFA, Receive application ref number Step8. Check MOFA website for visa release 2-3 DAYS

Iqama visa in Saudi Arabia If you are moving to Saudi Arabia. Note that the medical report must be used within three months after the date of issue. Good to know: . and if it is your daughter.Delivery of visa. nationality. To be able to move to Saudi Arabia. You must have an electronic authorization from your Saudi employer if you are going to work in Saudi Arabia. you will need a copy of your marriage certificate for your spouse and a copy of birth certificate for your children. Procedures To be eligible for this visa. During your application. your profession and religion. Note that you must always be in possession of your Iqama once in Saudi you have to follow a series of procedures by calling the Saudi consulate nearest to your area. You will obtain the application at the Saudi embassy or consulate of your region. along with three passport size photos. You can visit the official website of the ministry of Foreign Affairs to locate the nearest Saudian embassy. you must submit a copy of your green card or any other document that can prove your legal residence in the United States. This document contains your personal data. If you are accompanied by a family member. you must hold a passport valid for at least twelve months with two clear visa pages. The doctor must register his license number and address on each copy of the report. If your son is accompanying you. including your marital status. she should not be married. you will need a residence or work permit. The Iqama is a residence and work permit which allows you to stay in Saudi Arabia. It is issued by the Immigration and Passports department of Saudi Arabia. certifying that you are not suffering from any contagious disease. Children under 16 years old do not need a medical report. This document will be essential when you are completing any formality and if you undergo a police check. he should not be more than 18 years old. If you are moving to Saudi Arabia from the United States. The application form must be completed in block letters with black ink or be printed. Your medical report must have been issued by a licensed physician who will have signed each copy. here is some useful information on the Iqama visa which is a residence and work permit. you must give a recent passport size and colour photo of you with a white background. Medical report You must submit three copies of your medical report during your application. You will have more information about this on the following link: enjazit. you will have to undergo a new medical examination. To obtain the Iqama.

But what about those who come to the Kingdom and for whatever reason are responsible for finding their own housing? What do they do? What do they need to know? I can at least discuss housing in Riyadh as that is the city with which I am most familiar. as well as towards the values and traditions of Saudi society The Do's and Don'ts of Renting in the Kingdom In most cases when one has accepted a job in the Kingdom housing will be part of the package and usually both identified and provided for by the employer.” This book is published by the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and can be found at Tamimi grocery stores.75 USD). they have little interest to assist. Al Hamza. if one is not contacting them to either buy or invest in property. amenities. The most popular compounds among Westerners include Arizona Golf Resort (5 stars). All compounds are heavily secured and in many ways it is more difficult to gain entrée to a western compound than going to an embassy in the diplomatic quarter. Due to the higher rents this may make compounds prohibited to those for whom their employer is not providing a substantial housing allowance. As a result. Obeikan and Thamamah bookstores. many individuals seeking to rent in Riyadh will make every effort to find and locate their own place whether it is an apartment or a villa. most compounds may also offer condominiums if one does not want or need a large villa to maintain. Cordoba (5 stars). Jarir. If one is employed by a large Western corporation then it is typical to be provided housing in a Western compound. Arabs-only or mixed. However one thing my spouse and I discovered in addition to so many others sharing their own similar experience is that while there are so many real estate offices. Granada. There are more to choose from too. It will also identify whether a compound is Western-only. description and full contact information.000 SAR to 500. if one is seeking a villa on a compound then the first step is to go out and purchase the small pocket size book called “Riyadh Today. However back to the topic of seeking a villa on a compound… Riyadh today provides a detailed listing of all the compounds in Riyadh to include location. This not only provides additional amenities and allows one to live a semblance of a Western lifestyle from within the compound but it is also worth noting that many Western corporations require their employees to live in a Western compound for security reasons. Villas are available both furnished and unfurnished. it is such a great reference it should be a must-buy item on arrival for any new resident to the Kingdom as it contains much more than just housing. Arabian Homes (4 plus stars).You must not exceed the duration of the period of stay granted by Saudi Arabia. services. Although most real estate offices will accept rental properties in their portfolio there seems to be little interest or motivation to work with individuals who wish to rent. The compounds cited can range from 50. There are numerous real estate offices in Riyadh. Rent is typically paid in a lump sum for one years rent. Fal. In fact. You are also required to be respectful towards Islamic laws and regulations of the country. In regards to villas. . In addition to villas. This is not to imply that the Kingdom is unstable or unsafe but emphasizes the importance the employer places on wanting its employees to feel secure and be comfortable. I imagine that what is applicable to Riyadh w ould likely be very similar in other cities in the Kingdom as well.000 SAR per year (1 SAR is equal to 3.

One family would reside on the top floor and another family reside on the ground floor. My recommendation is to always have any residential dwelling inspected by an engineer or technician prior to signing any contract to ensure that the electrical wiring. That may not be a problem during the searing summer months but it does get cold in the winter and a water heater is necessary unless you don’t mind shocking cold showers or washing dishes in cold water. Which reminds me that if you view a villa and it has any kind of appliances. In some cases parking may be on the street. Make sure the property has a water heater. For example my own current villa has outlets that are both 110 and 220. a/c and heating units. Be sure and ask so as not to be taken by surprise. Usually tenants at compound villas are responsible for their electricity. Villas may or may not come with a garage. It does not hurt to take a voltage tester to test the electricity not only to assure it is working properly but to know what voltage is in the house.” In regards to appliances. Some landlords may agree to six months rent at a time but then the tenant leaves himself open to increases every six months. Now if you would rather live in a villa in a local residential neighborhood what most individuals do is first identify which area they would prefer to live in. Because the tradition in the Kingdom is for most families to have housemaids it is unlikely for homes that are not within a western compound to have a dishwasher. Al Sulemaniyah.If one rents an unfurnished villa it will typically include the appliances unlike villas privately rented in local neighborhoods. gas and water. This may sound odd but some properties do not. some may include satellite tv and/or internet. From my exposure it seems like the best “deals” can be found in this manner but it does take patience and can take time. Many homes will not include a linen closet either. Instead many Saudi families will buy armoires to hold all of their clothes. freezer if required. Once you have identified a property inspect it very carefully. Like the compounds. Because villas in the Kingdom can be quite large it is also common for many villas to have been “split” and rented similar to a duplex. Depending on villa. And of course the “word of mouth network” is equally important here as well. kitchen or carpeting make sure that these items do convey with the rent. even though one may have chosen to rent a private villa. Muhammadiyah) they would not only visit the realtors within that area but also start driving through the streets of the neighborhood. And because there are . When driving through the neighborhood ask local merchants or residents if they know of available properties. Villas that have been split in this manner do have separate private entrances and are supposed to be equipped with separate meters for utilities. After selecting a particular neighborhood or area (such as Olaya. plumbing and other items are all in good working order. While a landlord may appear very forthcoming and eager to please once that contract is signed and he has his money it could be another story. Additionally many homes will come not only without appliances but without the “kitchen. washer. The kitchen is also usually a “bare room” and there are actually shops which sell modular kitchen units which have kitchen cupboards. Many property owners will place “For Rent” signs on the outside walls of a villa rather than list the villa with a local realtor. one will need to factor in acquisition of stove. the rent is usually paid one year up front in advance. dryer and microwave. drawers and counter tops. solely relying on the natural heat to heat the water. Also be prepared when viewing villas in residential neighborhoods that they may not have closets in the bedrooms. refrigerator. A villa may or may not be carpeted so carpeting may be another factor of consideration. Saudi homes do not necessarily come equipped with a lot of storage space.

If you have a pet this should be discussed upfront and in advance of signing any agreements.000 SAR per year but the lower rentals can be problematic from lack of security. cleanliness as well as having residents who may not be in the Kingdom legally. The average monthly rent of a villa can certainly vary depending on location. Ask and have in writing what is included with the monthly rent such as any utilities or other amenities. There will be apartments which rent for less than 30. landlords usually have no difficulty finding eager tenants. Again. in viewing any apartment check out to ensure all outlets. internet service. Once one goes away from the western compounds language could be a barrier and miscommunications can occur. Driving Licence Process in Saudi Arabia . Yes.000 SAR and up per year for renting a villa. Favored apartment residences are Kingdom Towers or Al Fasiliyah Residences which are both in the Olaya area. Is it well-maintained? Is the manager responsive if there are any problems? Do they perform routine maintenance in a timely manner? Is their security? Are the elevators in good working order? Are there smoke alarms? Is there a sprinkler system in the event of a fire? Again. Be patient in your search. Go into the buildings and ask around to find out who is the manager. when looking for a residence and particularly if it is a non-compound residence. especially if it is a nice property in a desirable location. Apartments can be found both furnished and unfurnished. do as much advance research before arriving in the Kingdom to save time and headaches. Many Westerners are pet lovers and many Saudis are not comfortable with pets. Rents can vary starting from 30. many of the same recommendations apply. electricity. While the most common is 6 months to one year advance rent. In addition to calling apartment managers listed in Riyadh today. maintenance issues. there are a number of westerners who do not acknowledge they have a pet and just move in but this can leave one open to eviction and other problems. In conclusion. telephone. satellite tv. ask residents about the building. Riyadh Today also has a list of apartment buildings. At the same time. Find out what parking options are available not only for yourself but any guests you may have. size of the villa and what amenities and/or appliances are included. Make sure the heating and cooling are operable as well. it may be helpful to have a trusted Arabic speaker with you when meeting a landlord or apartment manager. Like a villa. water.000 SAR per year and up from there. many apartments will also NOT include appliances or kitchen fixtures or carpeting. the same procedures apply as to finding a villa. Plan on paying 30. However rent at these locations can be comparable to the rent at a Western compound. some (although the minority) may allow month to month payments. The lease of an apartment can vary depending on the apartment and manager. And of course one would be responsible for all the utilities as well which would include gas. water heater is in good working condition. If you can. You may wish to consider having a company which specializes in expat relocations assist you in your search.a shortage of good rental properties in Riyadh. Drive around in the neighborhood you wish to live in and look for the apartment buildings. If you wish to live in an apartment instead of a villa.

Before that. . they will ask you to attend the class. there might be a little change in other schools. passport copy. Next day. in case of failure examiner will take your file back. so try to come at 6:00 AM. You need the following. filled form. go to the room. medical report. Medical consist of blood group and eye test. To begin the story you need to prepare your file. 1 photograph. you need to come for the test. Need a letter from your kafeel. copy of the driving license of your country & its translation in Arabic. F you passed he will sign and return the file to you. get the print out of the receipt with you. (100 SR admission fee for those who have valid driving licence of their country) he will give you 2 slips.Hello. visa copy. they will ask you to pick the file at 2:00 PM.L but it’s not like that (what I experience). If you have a driving license of your country then you need a translation of it. They will give you the file. Next step is the signal test. This all can be done from driving school. now get the form from driving school. The gate will open at 6. kafeel letter. Go and submit your file. if you come late you won’t be able to get the token for the day. Without the stamp you won’t be able to get a medical report. you need to come and attend the class. Note: This is done in Khobar Driving School. pay the fee (400 SR for 10 years) from the office in the school or else online. get a stamp from Maroor on the picture of you pasted on the form. You will get a token. After that class they will show you how to park the car in the test. and on your turn the guy will collect the file from you and give the license to you immediately. Yes I got it. Iqama copy. Ok. the will teach you about signals and violations point. you need to answer 15 correct out of 20 in order to pass the test. You have to come at 2:00 to collect the file from reception. you can find guys there who can fill it for you. Next day come at 6 to collect the license. you have to go park the car at your turn. get it attest from Chamber of commerce. I was assuming it will be very tuff and I will have a hard time in order to get the D.