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The honey bee is a very unusual kind of insect. ___1___ other insects which live alone, the honey bee lives as a ___2___ of a community. These bees live ___3___ in what is known as a bee colony. The head of the colony is called the queen bee. She is larger than the___4___ of the bees. Her main task ___5___ the colony is to lay eggs. Most of the ___6___ bees are the worker bees. These bees ___7___ nectar and pollen from flowers. The nectar ___8___ is carried by the worker bees is deposited on the hive and then converted ___9___ honey. The worker bees also help look ___10___ the young bees. as soon as the eggs are ___11___, the worker bees feed the young bees ___12___ pollen and nectar. The third type of bee found in the colony is the drone or ___13___ bee. The main task of ___14___ a bee is to mate with a new queen. The queen bee has a life ___15___ of about three years. ___16___ this period, she would have ___17___ more than half a million eggs. ___18___ the queen bee is dying, a new queen would be groomed. This new queen would eventually take ___19___ the 'duties' of the old queen when the ___20___ dies. Answers 1. Unlike 2. member 3. together 4. rest 5. in 6. other 7. collect 8. that 9. into 10. after 11. hatched 12. with 13. male 14. such 15. span 16. During 17. laid 18. When 19. over 20. Latter

"Would you like to buy a box of matchsticks, mister ?" the little girl asked. The man ___1___ she approached did not even ___2___ to answer her. He shuffled ___3___ in his great coat, eager to get home ___4___ his cosy fireplace. The girl was shivering ___5___ the cold. It had been ___6___ continuously for the past two days. The girl's shoes, ___7___ were already thin were thoroughly soaked. Yet, her sweet, angelic ___8___ did not lose ___9___ innocent smile. It only made her ___10___ more pathetic when she knitted her brows sometimes. Her feet ___11___ sore with painful chilblains. Someone shouted, "Watch ___12___, girl !" It was too ___13___ ! The coach ws going too fast and the ___14___ had not seen her earlier. There was barely enough ___15___ for the little girl to take a step back. In her hurry to get to ___16___, the basket of matchsticks fell ___17___ the snow. She ___18___ them up, wet and dirty from a puddle of melted snow. The matchstick couldn't be used now. as she began to make her way ___19___, she realised that she had lost ___20___ of her shoes in the snow.

broken 20. air 17. He could not see her ___5___ because she was sitting with her back ___6___ him. a man was walking home along the river ___3___ he saw a woman ___4___ on the bridge. the man I ___11___ that she had no eyes. snowing 7. face 9. My housekeeper would had resigned ___8___ the spot if she saw the mess. one moonlit night. something 10. have 12. time 16. safety 17. stop/bother 3. home 20. out 13. These guests of ___4___ had done their best to destroy my expensively decorated living room ! What a night this had turned ___5___ to be. The mess would ___6___ hours to clear. but have you heard of this ___1___ from Japan ? The story ___2___ like this. the long object is a wand. on 15. I ___2___ wet patches of spilt beer on my best Persian carpet. together 19. They had even ___3___ my antique oak tables as ashtrays. As I looked around. in 6. Answers 1. My antique vases were totally smashed. were 12. However. to 5. take 7. driver 15. full 2. saw 3. The man felt ___8___ for her. on 9. To his horror. I sighed heavily as I looked around. I went to the bookshelf. rid 8. when he went ___9___ to comfort her. i had to do ___9___ fast. You must have heard of many ghost stories. she suddenly ___10___ around. in 16. out 6. Then I waved it in the ___16___. look 11. I shook my head. now 4. as 11. it 14. Even the antique vases started fitting themselves ___18___ so well that one could not tell they had been ___19___. mine 5. he could see that she was crying ___7___ hysterically that her whole body was shaking. up 18. out 13. As you might have guessed by ___20___.Answers 1. its 10. one 3. late 14. I reached ___15___ and took out a long object. onto 18. took ___12___ the book 'The Evolution of Man' by Charles Darwin and pressed on the wall behind ___13___ . I could not afford to lose her ___10___ she is the best cook I ___11___ ever had I had no choice. picked 19. The living room was ___1___ of cigarette smell and stale perfume. which 8. Then he turned and ran away as ___14___ as he could until he ___15___ to the nearest . and I am what they call a witch. whom 2. A small hole in the wall appeared ___14___ my right. Getting ___7___ of the smell would require days. no nose and no mouth ___12___ her face ! ___13___ a while the man stood frozen. away 4. used 4. The room started to clean itself ___17___ . It was midnight when the last guest left.

Kerugesu spotted a shiny new ___1___ machine. He was very curious to ___9___ out his 'fortune'. It was a Saturday afternoon. to 7. The proprietor of the inn. There was a soft buzzing ___11___ from the machine. Mr. Mr. A few seconds ___12___ .inn. up/forward 10. Kerugesu paused ___19___ breath. you will become an employee that ___15___ boss would be proud of. As they stood outside a boutique. on 13. he began to stammer out what he had seen. Mrs Kerugesu. face 6." she added. Kerugesu took the slip and ___13___ it out to her husband : "Your fortune : You are a clever and ___14___ person. was not too keen ___5___ the idea. inside 17. like 5. "Look ! It's ___2___ of those modern computerized machines that tells your weight and gives you your fortune at the ___3___ time. For 14. saw 12. crying 5. If you are working. so 8. however. straightened ___19___ and asked him. everyone will follow. up 20. and Mrs Kerugesu were window shopping at a shopping centre. sorry 9. ___18___ you lead. He stepped on the machine and ___10___ a fifty cent coin. a slip of paper emerged. The man fainted ! Answers 1. insisted ___8___ trying the machine." she said. down 19. "Did she look ___20___ this ?" His face." Mrs. for he was trembling ___17___ fear. Kerugesu. Mr. "It's got your weight ___20___ too. You will become a good leader ___16___ men. however. "Let's ___6___ bother. Answers . I think I shall try it. was egg-like. Once ___16___. with 18. Everyone will listen to you ___17___ you speak. goes 3. fast 15. I don't ___7___ in fortune telling. Mrs. turned 11. who had been bending ___18___ to clean the tables." he told his ___4___. one 2. too. came 16. when 4.

same 4. every 16. weighing 2. ___8___ the middle of a game. She was rude to Mother when Mother asked her . too 7. wrong 6. he even found it ___6___ bothersome to stop his games ___7___ meals. wife 5. At that time. Anne ___6___ to listen to Lilian. find 10. one 3. believe 8. because/for 18." Anne muttered as she walked away ___1___ the class. about/on 6. "I will never forgive her. Wherever 19. mind 14. She banged the door hard ___11___ her and woke Granny from her afternoon ___12___ . the new invention became known as a 'sandwich'. Montagu was playing the game that ___10___ its players to cover cards one on top ___11___ another. after 7. other 19. As Montagu's full title was 'the Earl of Sandwich'.1. sound 12. an 3. Montagu was served a meal of sliced meat ___9___ bread. of 12. with 10. when 18. with 5. required 11. time 6. for 8. placed 16." he thought. to 4. He took a slice of bread. Montagu's friends quickly caught ___19___ to his idea and they named the new invention ___20___ him. both 13. "I can do the same with my food ___14___ well. sight 2. They are a common ___1___ at picnics and teas. Lilian came up ___3___ her and apologised profusely ___4___ accidentally spilling chocolate milk all ___5___ Anne's new bag. an idea came to his ___13___. another 17. of 17. as 15. As Montagu looked at ___12___ the game and his food. Montagu was very pleased with his invention ___17___ it allowed him to play cards with one hand and eat his meal with the ___18___. for 20. inserted 11. She cupped her ___7___ over her ears. Interestingly enough. glared at Lilian ___8___ screamed. One day. Montagu was addicted ___3___ card games. later 13. Often. "I'll never talk to you ___9___ !" Then she ran away. read 14. ___15___ a piece of meat on it and covered that with ___16___ slice of bread. on 20. Anne was ___10___ angry when she reached home. not 7. talented 15. in 9. he would play these games ___4___ his friends for long stretches of ___5___ . Sandwiches make a delicious snack any time. Answers 1. Panting and running ___2___ her. the sandwich is the invention of ___2___ eighteen century English Earl called John Montagu. on 9.

from 18. me 9. ___3___ he met us at the zoo. stay 12. for 5. also 17. behind/after 12. The next day. refused 7. and 15. Peter. he had gone to ___4___ his cousin who was recovering ___5___ measles. His poor arm was red ___17___ Anne's pinching. the two weeks passed ___17___ quickly. as 20. still 11. his parents rang ___8___ up to warn me that I had been exposed ___9___ measles too. Tony ran howling ___16___ Mother. My doctor advised me to ___11___ at home for the next two weeks. to 10. with 13. after 3. again 10. listening to music ___14___ watching television. Unfortunately. showing/having 11. Anne ?" Mother came into the room and asked. It was definitely not ___20___ the 'holiday'. by 8. I was quite pleased ___12___ the doctor's instruction. He was a likeable ___1___ lazy man who never did an ounce of ___2___ in his life. since 20. from 2. returned 19. Peter was complaining ___6___ a sore throat. Did something ___20___ in school ?" Answers 1. who ___16___ had to spend two weeks at home.what she ___13___ for dinner. When I get ___15___ . nap/sleep 13. there was a man called Rip Van Winkle. She ___14___ little Tony when she found that he had messed ___15___ her room again. visit 5. When we ___18___ to school. too/by 18. pinched 15. Once upon a time. I was also ___10___ the same symptoms. for a chat. hands 8. It was then ___1___ I caught measles from one of my friends. to 4. reading 14. that 2. "What's the matter ___18___ you today. I will always remember the trip I made to the zoo in 1988. to 17. bored 16. I spent the time ___13___ storybooks. and 9. a bad cold and high fever. from 6. "You've made everybody upset ___19___ you stepped into the house. I would call up Peter. worth 9. happen 8. Answers 1. wanted 14. over 6. When he was diagnosed ___7___ a doctor as having measles. of 7. who had gone ___2___ too. Before 4. we had to work twice ___19___ hard to catch up with our classmates. His wife was always nagging ___3___ him for being so lazy. . along 3. up 16. By the next day. with 19.

making 20. he discovered. himself 12. It was ___5___ than playing under the hot ___6___. did 16. to his surprise. "Goal !" . that the landscape around him had changed. they were also ___16___ in a different fashion. He found that he could not recognise ___14___ in the village ! Not only ___15___ the people look different. content 9. Before he knew it. As Rip Van Winkle looked ___17___ at his own chin. made 13. that he had ___18___ a very long beard.One day. grown 19. more 14. at 4. woke 11. he realised. he felt his eyelids becoming heavy. he had ___9___ into a deep sleep. the sun was shining brightly. their team had lost ___12___ just one goal. They were determined to win the Cup back this year. down 18. ___6___ they saw Rip Van Winkle. Last year. anyone 15. This meant that he had been asleep for one hundred years ! Answers 1. to ___4___ his wife's nagging. in the game ___11___ Rockingham. he was even ___13___ dumbfounded. he drank to his heart's ___8___ . Rip Van Winkle took a stroll in the woods. The sky was getting darker by the minute and strong wind was ___1___ across the field." he thought to ___11___. but 2. When he ___10___ up. Rip Van Winkle realised that one hundred years had passed from the time he drank the liquid ___20___ the time he woke up. When 7. As he was very thirsty. sip 8. As he approached his village. Soon. In these mysterious woods. "I must have slept the whole night. Immediately after the drink. He liked the ___7___ of rain on his face and the cold sensation ___8___ it soaked through his football jersey. It had been two years ___10___ they last won the Inter-Constituency Football Cup. ___2___ of water were falling down ___3___ the overcast sky. escape/avoid 5. group 6. Everyone was staring at his chin. dressed 17. After ___19___ some enquiries. His team had been ___9___ hard for the tournament. work 3. To 10. he encountered a ___5___ of old men with long beards. to his astonishment. Peter did not ___4___ the rain at all. Rip Van Winkle took a ___7___ and found the drink delicious. fallen 10. they offered him a drink from a flask. As Rip Van Winkle ___12___ his way home.

drops 3. by 13. blowing 2. practising 10. mind 5. He did not ___17___ to score his goal because the rain was pouring too ___18___ and the field was getting too wet. better 6. through/down . from 4. feeling 8. kick 17. past 16. against 12. scored 14. As the boys ended their game and walked ___19___ the field. heavily 19. get 18. Peter sneezed. when 9. score 15. Answers 1.His team had ___13___ again. across 20. sun 7. Peter wanted to ___14___ the next goal. If only he could get ___15___ the two defenders. since 11. he felt and unpleasant tingle of coldness running ___20___ his body. he would be able to ___16___ the ball into the goal easily.