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WHY Structure is of the upmost importance in essay writing.

It not only shows you are organised and logical in your approach, it also allows the reader to follow your argument more closely. Strengthening your structure in my opinion is a big key in being able to solidfy your ideas and your over all argument, which ultimately leads to better marks. HOW 1. Paragraph structure As far as paragraph structure goes, that depends on your style of writing. Usually, an integrated approach is more powerful than a systematic approach. The problem with an integrated approach is that if it's not done well then ideas seem cluttered and unorganised. I'll try to deal with both. 1.1 Systematic structure This is where you deal with your arguments point by point in separate paragraphs, i.e: the first paragraph houses the first argument and so on. The advantage here is that it's easier to write, it's easier to follow and it's more organised. For the GAMSAT, this may be the best approach as the essays are relatively short anyway. If you follow the tips in Part 2, they make the systematic approach in writing essays for more eloquent than they would be otherwise. Basically; -Introduction (a short paragraph introducing the argument and your ideas) -Para 1 through # (one paragraph for each idea/argument proving your case) -Conclusion (a brief summary without repetition and some sort of closure) 1.2 Integrated approach This is a more complex structure. Essentially, you collect your ideas together, and then form your arguments for them. Once this is done, you collect similair/linking arguments in the same paragraph. For example, say you have 3 main ideas (A,B,C); then one case may be that in paragraph 1 you deal with ideas A and B, then in paragraph 2 you continue with idea B in a different argument and also include C, then in paragraph 3 you use C and finish with A. I imagine this would be very difficult to put together in a pressure cooker situation. So for GAMSAT, I don't recommend it personally, however, if you're just that good...

2. Tips on strengthening through structure There are a few ways you can make your essay seem far more thought out and far more powerful. They are; 2.1 The first sentence Don't beat around the bush and don't dive straight in to your ideas. Try posing a question or making a general statement on the topic that you can expand upon and later reach conclusion upon.

2. Have some linking theme from the last sentence of a paragraph to the topic/first sentence of the next. Show you have learnt some thing. .5 Analogies/Quotations The best essays use these.3 Topic sentences Begin each paragraph of the main body with the point you're trying to make. This makes the essay flow and seem logical and natural. Restate your argument by all means but do so as if the reader has come to this conclusion him/herself after reading your arguments as if it is only natural.2. This leads the readers brain and allows them to understand your coming arguments as they have already read the idea at hand. This steers the reader straight away for your first sentence. why you choose this side (your main ideas) 2. You can try quotations or analogies to strengthen your argument. so anything related is fine. Try to come to some sort of realisation. This makes it look like you think the reader is stupid. don't over do it. 2.4 Linking sentences This really is what makes the systematic approach readable. or you may even try using a recurring or thematic analogy that your essay is based around whilst proceding with your argument.6 Conclusion Do not repeat yourself.2 The introduction After the first sentence. It's only an orientation for the reader.7 Title Always title your essay. 2. introduce the debate at hand. State your side and a counter side. then state briefly in near point form. 2. and maybe the reader will learn too. rationalisation or compromise.

e: The argument that apples are purple are disturbing given the evidence." Link statement (which can be a counter argument.e. the evidence is rife". "the prevalence of red and green apples in our supermarkets." I. and often painted himself in various shades of green and . Here's an example: Introduction: State your position. our fiction.. why shouldn't they be purple?" Second argument Point 2 "Apples are green when they are unripe". "Whilst Van Gogh may have painted purple Third argument & Conclusion Point 3 I. " In Charles Dickens xxxx. Evidence .e. and what you are going to say in the essay. " Margaret Fulton in her world famous cookbook asks that you use unripe green apples in a pie.My trick or secret or whatever you want to call it to a good essay is its structure. and our history point to the purple apple being an imaginary construct". Even if your writing sucks. Dickens describes the red faced child as having 'cheeks as rosy as an apple. Evidence .e.I.I. they dont want to have to jump back two paragraphs and think "what were they getting at?" I used a three point structure for the gamsat. First argument[/b] (Each argument should be about a paragraph if you can manage it) Point 1 ""Ripe apples are red.e. this new argument defies belief" and so on." Link statement apples. From its green to red colouration to the general acceptance by people of their colour.I.I.e "Van Gogh was described by xxxx in xxxx book as being mentally ill. "Some might argue that given apples have variant colours. Evidence . A consistent colouration at this particular growth stage of the apple would suggest that apple colours are not random. with the last point also being the conclusion. they don't want to get lost.. which you will beat down in the next paragraph" .e. "I. if your structure is good you will pick up some points! The markers are reading thousands of essays.

to Margaret Fultons pie apples. Charles Dickens red faced child. Google 'essay plans' and you'll find tons – come up with one that works best for you. I would look over the page at my points so I could reel it back in. Many people don't and wont use a plan. Hehe I can't believe I just wrote so much about apples I hope that's of some use.e. I took a good five minutes thinking of them and writing them down. i.yellow. "From the piles of red apples in the supermarket. which are also not representative of reality". On the gamsat I just wrote my three points on the other side of the page. . the visual prevalence of only two coloured apples completely disproves the theory that apples are purple. Then when I got lost writing. if you have a clearly defined structure then I find that the essay just writes itself. I can't live without one. In the end you have to try everything and go for what works best for you. Conclusion This is where you sum up your points. I cannot emphasise structure enough – but bear in mind that everyone does it differently and you'll get a lot of different and often conflicting advice.