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To be the leading Information and Communication Technology Service Provider in the region by achieving customer satisfaction and maximizing shareholders' value'. The future is unfolding around us. In times to come, we will be the link that allows global communication. We are striving towards mobilizing the world for the future.

To achieve our vision by having An organizational environment that fosters professionalism, motivation and quality An environment that is cost effective and quality conscious Services that are based on the most optimum technology "Quality" and "Time" conscious customer service

STATEGIC MANAGEMENT OF PTCL How it works in ptcl Customer Care Initiative:
To achieve the pinnacle of Excellence in Customer Service envisioned by the President/CEO the Training and Development department has assumed the responsibility for effectively imparting training under the Customer Care Initiative to all PTCL employees.

Implementation of ERP system in T&D:
The focus of the project is to set up and maintain the qualifications catalogs, create and evaluate profiles for a range of objects (for example, persons and positions), evaluate career and succession planning scenarios, set up appraisal systems, as well as plan, hold, and evaluate appraisals, create development plans, and work through individual development planning scenarios by customizing the functions of personnel development to meet customer requirements.

APPLE Vision Statement . Investment strategies such as Assets Management for risk diversification and improved Return on Investments. timelines and ownerships was developed by the PTCL management. Major technological changes are taking place in PTCL with innovations in products and services.Quality Awareness Programmed: In order to create quality awareness and skills improvement of PTCL staff. these small sets are given by the franchises and PTCL provides the RUIMS. formulation of IPTV. Defining yearly targets on market shares for various voice and data services. Triple Play and converged services. etc.EVO and SMART CARD are such examples of these innovations. introduction of a corporate KPI based performance measurement system. which has helped it gain market share.PTCL phone sets have gain fame in the mind of the customers.this is an advancement towards the competitive environment and PTCL is excelling and gaining market share. Internet plays a key role as it‟s a vital need for all customers and PTCL internet packages are better than its competitors like WATEEN. a five year Strategic Master Plan for the Company. a 3-year QA plan has been made. The project is scheduled from March 2007 to December 2009.WITRIBE. Following four types of programmes are under the work plan: • • • • Installation Quality Standards Quality Auditor Course Companywide Quality Awareness ‗Train the Trainer Programme‘ offered to the faculty of PTCL training centers BUSSINESS STRATEGY As the ptcl growing its position as the leading ICT service provider and a profit leader. Techonolgy ipact of ptcl TECHNOLOGICAL FACTORS: Technology is vital for competitive advantage and is a major driver. Restructuring of the organization. migration to an end to end IP based network. with defined corporate KPI targets. were all part of the master plan.

As such he should be above systems and structures. Apple doesn't simply make a statement. educators. which revolutionized the globe. released the iPad. It has put systems in place to enable smooth customer interaction. creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware. It lives it by ensuring that its employees understand the vision and strive to reach it. It has put objectives in place to continuously move forward. Not Price In 2010. implemented strategies to fulfil these objectives. Mission Statement “Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to students. and ensured that the right marketing." Explanation of vision Apple lives this vision through the technologies it develops for consumers and corporations. Apple made headlines when they surpassed Exxon Mobile as the world‘s most valuable company. financial and operational structures are in place to apply the strategies. software and internet offerings” Apple‘s Marketing Strategy – Sell On Value. It strives to make its customers masters of the products they have bought."Man is the creator of change in this world. and were named the most profitable retailer in the entire United States. and not subordinate to them. .

we have to let go of this notion that for Apple to win. and what made Apple‘s marketing strategies so phenomenally successful… And this is where Apple’s marketing strategy begins… When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1996. to $702 billion dollars (Microsoft has $226 billion. iPad. here are just a few: The Key To Steve Jobs’ Insanely Great Marketing Apple‘s marketing strategy can be summed up in one word: Empathy. We need to embrace a notion that for Apple to win. and Google has $218 billion)… so how did he do it? Well. clean. he took Apple‘s stock market cap from $3 billion. Steve Jobs knew that if he focused on SERVING THE CUSTOMER. The ability to understand another person. Apple had a loss of $1 billion dollars from the previous year.‖ The next year.9 billion. and give them a product so useful they can’t live with out it (think about the feeling you get once you use an iPhone. they would continue to open their wallets. and easy-to-use. That what separated Apple from every other business on the planet. it starts with a great mindset—here was Steve‘s: ―If we want to see Apple healthy again. and if he built exactly what customers wanted. and refuse to accept any other product or substitute as an option because the product is so simple. while the iMac had you surfing the web in less than 10 minutes). or iPod). over the next 10 years. Then. it‘s about Apple being able to make incredibly great contributions to the industry (Creating Value). . Apple recorded a profit of $5. and was 90 days from bankruptcy.So the question on everyone‘s mind is: How did they do it? What was Steve Jobs‘ ―magic‖ that seemed to make everything he touch turn to gold? While there‘s many secrets that made Apple‘s marketing methods so successful. in 1997. and applied his marketing strategies. then. Microsoft has to lose (Competing). connect at a core. the year Steve came back. gut level with their innermost emotional wants and desires. they were on the edge of bankruptcy. Apple created the first computer that made it easy for consumers to get onto the internet (most computers took over an hour of complicated set-up. Apple has to do a really good job.

Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn‘t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we‘ve done something wonderful. and doesn‘t waste time turning it into a game like all other companies. Who Are Your Products Designed For? Apple‘s marketing strategy relies on creating products THEY are going to be using themselves (the iPhone was built because Apple employees were unsatisfied with their mobile phones. Want to discover the MOST POWERFUL marketing strategies on the planet? Enter your name and email below to get my e-course (and a free copy of my 50 page Apple Marketing Strategies eBook): . Apple built the iPad thinking about how to build a product that made it effortless. watch movies. Apple simply gives people what they want. if you give people what they want. so they built the phone they’d want to use). Steve made the marketing process simple. educate them on why they need it. and could set their own prices.Because Apple was more focused on meeting the customer‘s needs than anything else. customers will open their wallets. easy. and. so they didn‘t need to compete on price. then offering them that product. The “Magic” Marketing Strategy That Drove Apple To The Top What made Steve different from other marketers. and why no competito r‘s products can compete with the convenience and ease of use of yours. unlike other marketers. and how much money they make). Microsoft starts with making money. because they were delivering something much more powerful—VALUE. that‘s what matters to me. and read books from anywhere. show them how it will improve their lives. they started by creating a product the customer would want. and fun to browse the internet. and they‘re more focused on competing with Apple than they creating a great customer experience (which determines if people buy their products or not. it showed in the way he presented his products: Here are some of the quotes that reflect Steve‘s focus in business:    If it could save a person‘s life. is he understood that his job as a marketer was NOT to focus on making money or sales. could you find a way to save ten seconds off the boot time? You‗ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward—not the other way around.

As a result all of technology has a short lifetime. 3. which then keeps Apple improving. Most specifically. thus meaning the competitors of Apple Inc will also rise. For this particular industry. Techonolgy factor analysis Nowadays technology‘s market becomes wider. A technology can become archaic and out-dated over night. Apple is a very well established company with a firm grasp on all sections in a PEST analysis. Technological Forces: It is the era of technology. The competition also gets harder as technology changes and innovation developed much faster. which increases its production cost. its position will be snatched by other market leaders. Technology and the Digital Lifestyle . Proposed Management Strategies for Technological Factors: 1. That is why Apple needs to upgrade their product more often so they will outdo their competitors easily. They are established politically by having a "plan B' in case something that they cannot control happens and it is still maintaining success while the depression is prevalent. making it inevitable for more products to be sold later. They seem to have all bases covered and will always be a leader in technology. Overall. That is why external technological factor will also help apple to plain their new goals to compete with their competitors. Spend as much as possible on Research and Development to bring innovation in its products earlier and better than its competitors. The increase in technology is encouraging competitors to improve. Learn from past mistakes and failures Convince the consumers to buy original Apple products rather than buying unreliable imitated copies made by other manufacturers. One of the examples is that Apple installs its own brand operating system. and on the other hand Dell as its competitor uses Microsoft‘s operating system in all of its products. Apple is the market leader in innovation. technological factors are the most crucial than above all the three and must be managed in the same way.TECHNOLOGICAL FACTOR ANALYSIS Management of Apple. T echnological Environment The technological environment for Apple's market has grown substantially over past years. In this case Apple will invest a lot of their capital to the Research and Product Development. This will always keep the crown of market leadership on its head. phones and computers have become a hot commodity. http://applemanagement.wordpress. Apple uses the modern person to depict their product as well as create new ingenuity and design. but if it will ignore to continuously bring innovative products. Apple is on top of the market for innovating products and the main thing about these products is that their life cycles are very short. they are knowledgeable in economics. 2.

its iLife suite provides consumers with easy-to-use software for music and video them the power to make the most of every moment.Apple not only dominates the music player market. That's how Nokia is needed to help make the world a better place for everyone. everywhere.  . Nokia Vision of the future "Connecting people" is now connecting people to what matters . Connecting the "we" is more powerful than just the individual. Apple‟s Garage Band application makes the recording of podcasts and music very easy.whatever that means for each person . With “podcast” a household word. Market – To be recognized as a market innovator in the mobile phone industry to continuing to improve our business practice. Training – To develop ongoing training strategies to empower personnel with skill levels essential for future company success. Mission Statement    Customer – To maintain customer confidence by continuing to provide quality service specifically designed to meet their needs. any time. Business – To ensure the team has a complete understanding of all Mobile Network Internal Systems and Procedures and that each team member is responsible for compliance with the Business Management System.

With functions such as camera.their corporate responsibility is developed through logical steps. As well as function more and more consumers are looking at the software running all the functions as a key . they will be able to mobilize more of company resources. internal communications. Marketing Strategy Nokia’s corporate responsibility strategy is to engage. and many stages taken forward in parallel. The Team – To create the best possible working environment. They constantly measure and review their performance in economic. They increase accountability to stakeholders through reporting. They pursue focused and practical improvement programs in relevant organizational or geographical areas as part of business operations . They engage in stakeholder dialogue and form partnerships that serve the areas they want to improve upon. For them. internet.this involves business planning. It‟s a belief that by focusing on issues over which they have most influence and which their stakeholders consider important. corporate responsibility is an integral and continuous part of decision-making in all parts of their business. with much of the work concentrated inside the company. training. What makes them unique is the way they do it. and informative internal and external communications activities. as the level of competition rises Nokia must ensure that their Smartphones are at the highest level of innovation. improve and be accountable. social networking and email all necessities on Smartphones Nokia will have to think of other functions to help differentiate and stand out from its rivals. taking responsibility for the consequence of their actions. environmental and social issues. The Nokia Strategy continues to focus on three activities to expand mobile communications in terms of volume and value: Expand mobile voice Drive consumer multimedia Bring extended mobility to enterprises PESTLE Analysis of Nokia Technological The technological advances in the industry are vital to the success of any new Smartphone in the market that is continually growing. Based on the same approach that guides the rest of their activity – „The Nokia Way’ . much of the work built on existing programs. promoting career enhancement and job security. and increase accountability to both internal and external stakeholders. be more proactive. encouraging trust in the company and loyalty to the customer. and ensure long-term programs. According to them it is essential to drive corporate responsibility through the company-wide strategy process. support issue owners in building business cases for ethical improvement and implementation.

 People: Be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be. monitors and TV sets. Nokia always improve their product line through Research and development process. which is enduring. Innovation also creates new opportunities for promoting sustainable development. M2M.coca-colacompany. To create value and make a difference. there was a trend towards microcomputers and Nokia tried to match this tendency by producing its main products as computers.. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions. Nokia also changed its functions to mobile phone market. but they also improve their service process to provide the most appropriate service to those customers efficiently. Sustainable development and environmental protection have various effects on the operation of the innovation system. SYNCML. Bluetooth. such as. beside this Nokia also has multimedia compatible improvement with mobile at the same time. of the Coca Cola Coca colahttp://www. however in recent times they have seemed well off the mark and struggle to compete with their rivals. To inspire moments of optimism and happiness. Our Vision Our vision serves as the framework for our Roadmap and guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving    To refresh the world. Wireless LAN and Java. .. It means Nokia does not develop only their product line. Symbian. Due to the changes in 1990s. . They also provided customers to choose the features and service that they personally want and need. .indicator of the success and quality of the Smartphone.. In the past Nokia were the market leaders in innovation in the mobile phone industry. Coca cola The Mission Statement Company Our Mission Our Roadmap starts with our mission. GPRS and WAP Service. Nokia has numerous technologies which can satisfy those end-users need.000 people in R&D department over fourteen countries worldwide. so Nokia‘s alliance with Microsoft for their latest Smartphones seems a very good move as everyone are aware of the technological capabilities of Microsoft and the value they can add to any technological product. Nokia employed more than 17. quality growth.. This is why Nokia must consider their position in the industry and attempt to once again become the market leader by offering a new innovative capability and get to the market before its rivals In the 1980s. such as.

8 billion in 2000. In 2001.     Portfolio: Bring to the world a portfolio of quality beverage brands that anticipate and satisfy people's desires and needs.     Earnings per share grew by 82 percent. as the strategy worked which resulted in making Coca Cola Company the world‘s leading company. together we create mutual. a clear indication of its underlying financial strength. Profit: Maximize long-term return to shareowners while being mindful of our overall responsibilities. enduring value.1 billion. STRATEGIC PLANNING In the year 2002. company accomplished the crust of it‘s strategy as  Worldwide volume increased by 4 percent with strong international growth of 5 percent and clear signs that our North American business is growing solidly and predictable. . The company has generated free cash flow of $3. The strategy for the future of the company is very straightforward. Planet: Be a responsible citizen that makes a difference by helping build and support sustainable communities. Return on capital increased from 16 percent in 2000 to 27 percent in 2001. led by Coca-Cola. as we delivered on our commitment to create volume growth while aggressively Return on common equity grew from 23 percent in 2000 to 38 percent this year. Productivity: Be a highly effective.       Accelerate carbonated soft-drink growth. The marketing strategy for the year 2002 is as follows. Serve customers with creativity and consistency to generate growth across all channels. Selectively broaden the family of beverage brands to drive profitable growth. Grow system profitability and capability together with our bottling partners. Drive efficiency and cost-effectiveness everywhere. Partners: Nurture a winning network of customers and suppliers. lean and fast-moving organization. up from $2. the company had a great success. Direct investments to highest potential areas across markets.

This supports the selling promotion of the products. Ever year when budget in announced government taxes rates always shoot up. consistently shaping our business decisions to improve the quality of life in the communities in which we do business. What people want in a beverage is a reflection of who they are. Through computers coke can increase the efficiency of its business and can have up –to-date data about their productions. and we never forget it.       . And it is giving the way of other industries to come to new technologies and into a new world of business. It's a special thing to have billions of friends around the world. It will resulted in increment of their production through out the country. As far as the “governmental hindrances” are concerned the impacts highly bad on coke‘s production.The efficiency of company's advertising. how they work and play. a child in Peru asking for a juice drink. marketing and promotional programs. or a couple in Korea buying bottled water after a run together. Coca-Cola in media tends to use this technology so. And though it‘s a big industry so it is promoting the trend of paperless environment. and how they relax and recharge. but also to contribute to communities around the world through our commitments to education.  Conclusion Of Technological Analysis  Of course business innovation leaves highly good impacts in the business of Coke. we're there for you. Those advances make the products seem attractive. health.   MARKETING STRATEGY Our local marketing strategy enables Coke to listen to all the voices around the world asking for beverages that span the entire spectrum of tastes and occasions. The new technology advances of television and internet that use incomparable effects for advertising through the use of media. to sell effectively its products. wellness. We are determined not only to make great drinks. Technological: Some factors that affect the company's actual results to vary essentially from the expected results. where they live. are the following: 1. This approach of government decreases the profit margin of impacts good. Coke strives to be a good neighbor. As coke use more advance technology in its production process. Whether you're a student in the United States enjoying a refreshing Coca-Cola. because computers are the basic need of any person now a days. and diversity. As the coke helping in promoting “paperless environment” . a woman in Italy taking a tea break. . 4. Coca-Cola's production volume has increased sharply compared to few years ago. CCE opened one of the Europe's largest soft drinks factory. CCE-Coca-Cola Enterprises have six factories in Britain by using modern technology equipment so to ensure top product quality and quick delivery.hubpages.Since the technology is advancing continuously there has been entrance of new machineries' equipment all the time. Entrance of cans and plastic bottles in the BIBLIOGRAPHY http://applemanagement.coca-colacompany. have increased sales volume for the company because they are easier to carry and customers can bin them once they have been used.Yorkshire in 1990. In Wakefield.   http://annasurname. That factory has the ability to produce faster the cans of CocaCola even faster than bullets of a machine gun. ahttp://www. 2. Because of that.