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SQQS2013 Applied Statistics Individual Assignment 2 Due Date: 27 October 2012 (Sunday), before 5pm.

Late Assignment will not be entertained. 1. A test is made of versus . A sample of size 35 is drawn, and the sample mean is 58. It is given that the standard deviation is 25. a. Test the hypotheses and write down your conclusion at . (5 marks) b. What type of error could possibly occur? (1 mark) An accounting firm tested two spreadsheet applications, Application A and Application B, to determine whether there is a difference between them in the mean speed with which a standard accounting problem can be solved. The mean times needed to solve the problem by using Application A and Application B in 12 trials is 40 seconds and 46 seconds respectively. The sample standard deviation of times needed for Application A and Application B is 5.92 and 8.45 seconds respectively. Assuming that the time needed to solve the standard problem is approximately normal distributed with different variance, is there enough evidence to say that Application A is more efficient than Application B in solving the standard accounting problem at 5% significant level? (6 marks) A new postsurgical treatment was compared with a standard treatment. Seven objects received the new treatment, while seven others received the standard treatment. The recovery times, in days, are recorded and analyzed as shown in OUTPUT 1. OUTPUT 1
Independent Samples Test Levene's Test for Equality of Variances t-test for Equality of Means Sig. (2tailed) 12 .006 95% Confidence Interval of the Difference Lower Upper -18.107 -3.893



F Recovering_time Equal variances assumed Equal variances not assumed 2.367




Mean Std. Error Difference Difference -11.000 3.262

.150 -3.372








a. Determine the point estimate of the mean differences between two treatments. (1 mark) b. Can you conclude that the new treatment is effective in reducing the recovering time at 5% significance level? Let denoted as mean recovering time for new treatment while denoted as mean recovering time for standard treatment. (8 marks) 4. Two extrusion machines that manufacture steel rods are being compared. In a sample of 600 rods taken from machine A, 582 met specifications regarding length and diameter. In a sample of 1000 rods taken from machine B, 960 met the specifications. Machine A is more expensive to run, so it is decided that machine B will be used unless it can be convincingly shown that machine A produces larger proportion of rods meeting specifications. Perform a hypothesis test at to determine which machine to use. State your conclusion. (10 marks) lyf & hpy – Oct’13 1

the number of situps that a person could do in 1 minute. Can you conclude that a significant amount of improvement took place? Use 5% significance level and assume normality on the differences. (2tailed) .SQQS2013 Applied Statistics 5. Will you change your conclusion in (a) if the level of significance reduces to 1%? (1 mark) 6.After t -3. (2-tailed) Difference Lower Upper 7 .973 Based on suitable output.02500 11. both before and after the course.819 OUTPUT 4 One-Sample Test Test Value = 12 95% Confidence Interval of the Difference Mean df Sig. To test the effect of a physical-fitness course on one’s physical ability.0858 Volume t 467.856 Pair 1 Before .0858 Volume t . (4 marks) b.144 -2.02500 -. The following table shows the number of hours each student studied per week before and after the seminar. Ten randomly selected participants’ scores are recorded and analyzed as shown in OUTPUT 2. As an aid for improving students’ study habits. (5 marks) 7. Based on answer in (a). A machine that fills beverage cans is supposed to put 12 ounces of beverage in each can.363 .832 -11. A simple random sample of eight cans are selected and measured. The results of analysis are shown in OUTPUT 3 and OUTPUT 4. of the Difference Std.004 a.000 5. OUTPUT 3 One-Sample Test Test Value = 0 95% Confidence Interval of the Difference Mean df Sig. perform a hypothesis test to determine whether the mean volume differs from 12 ounces at 5% significance level. nine students were randomly selected to attend a seminar on the importance of education in life. what type of error could be occurred? (1 mark) c.793 1. did attending the seminar increase more than 2 hours in number of hours the students studied per week? Before After 9 9 12 17 6 9 15 20 3 2 18 21 10 15 13 22 7 6 (8 marks) lyf & hpy – Oct’13 2 . Error Mean Deviation Mean Lower Upper -7. OUTPUT 2 Paired Samples Test Paired Differences 95% Confidence Interval Std.000 12.821 df 9 Sig. (2-tailed) Difference Lower Upper 7 . was recorded.0358 . At 10% significance level.9642 12.