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Improving Shel ter for People in Need

The Safety of Home
Natural disaster, disease, lack of employment and political unrest are just a few of the factors that leave individuals, families, towns, villages – even entire regions – without homes. Today, displaced people around the globe are in desperate need for the safety and security of home. Approximately 640 million people worldwide are without proper shelter due to poverty, human conflict and natural disaster. The lack of shelter causes millions to die every year from exposure and disease.

The HabiHut provides secure, durable and affordable shel ter solutions that can be deployed quickly and cost effectively

innate strength. The roof and walls enclose the space completely. light weight. The HabiHut’s internal anchoring system and architectural features also provide superior wind resistance and security against theft. Minimal tools are required. . The requirements demanded a structure that must have long life. - Long Lasting The HabiHut is constructed of high-density. permanence. All parts are interchangeable. Light color roof panels are translucent providing abundant natural light.HabiHut the Improving Shel ter for People in Need The Product Beyond Shel ter Our unique system is designed to create comfortable. Easy Installation The HabiHut can be shipped. ease of assembly. social connection and economic stability. rigidity. and protecting inhabitants from exposure to the elements. for added flexibility and future redeploy ment. peel or fade. flexible and expandable living spaces. disassembly and reassebly. Each unit weighs less than 450 lbs and can be constructed with minimal labor in fewer than 2 hours. The supporting frame structure features high strength extruded aluminum that will not rust or deteriorate. resistance to wind. rain and fire. un packed and assembled quickly. The life expectancy of a HabiHut is 10-15 years and each unit comes with a 5-year warranty. UV resistant polypropylene copolymer panels that will not crack. - Added Security Durable polypropylene copolymer is strong enough to withstand substantial impact. - Weather Resistance Dual layer panels have an internal air pocket that provides insulation from outside temperatures and UV protection. Units can also be easily moved. wind and dust. spacious. Windows are tamperproof and doors lock for privacy and protection. Spaces that improve peoples’ lives and help them regain independence. HabiHut is weather resistant – repelling rain. The result is The HabiHut. . economy.expandability and be constructed of materials able to withstand the harsh environment often found in disaster areas. so future repair is convenient.

1. Readyset Flexible recharging station that can be powered by the solar panel. with multiple output options including two USB ports. The village can be deployed in days and features thin film solar panels for water filtration and communications charging. holistic solution for off the grid shelter CONTENTS [ [ supplies ] ] x 48 dwelling units x 1 (convenience) [ [ water sanitation ] ] x 1 (1500 gal/unit) x 3 (2 toilets/unit) GE ZEEWEED 1500 low pressure. and against protects pathogens.000 usd Rapid. filtration system that can be deployed easily.HabiHut the Improving Shel ter for People in Need Village in a Box Technologies Habihut’s solution to immediate housing needs in areas that lack utilities. A complete Camp for $140.500 gallon water tank . highly resilient Thin film solar panel that can power either the ready set or the water pump.

thehabihut. weather resistant. White.624. Brown and Black.3010 | info@thehabihut. Blue. Comfortable Space High-pitched roof offers greater interior volume. BOX 1287. Yellow. Blue. Ivory.HabiHut the Improving Shel ter for People in Need Unique Shape The pyramid is basic to the structure.8 in (83.5 in (118. An added bonus is that due to the hexagonal . MT 59771 | 888. multiple units can be joined together at that edges to form a larger structure – much like a beehive – permitting maximum expandability without the sacrifice of valuable land space. as it solves many of the requirements. The HabiHut is designed to use cross ventilation from roof and windows. a regular hexagon is formed in plan. so air is constantly circulating while maintaining more comfortable indoor temperatures.68 m2) Low wall height: 46. Orange. - HabiHut Specifications Unit weight: 450 lbs (204 kg) Total area: 118 sq.3 cm) HabiHut Standard Colors HabiHut colors: Natural. long lasting shelter far beyond what canvas tents provide. LLC | P. so there is no crouching or bending when inside the space. Super www.9 cm) Door height: 76 in (193 cm) Door width: 32. HabiHut Pricing HabiHut Price: $1995 US (not including freight) when ordered in 20’ Cargo Containers (25 units) or 40’ Cargo Containers (50 units) To learn more about The HabiHut and our innovative shel ter solutions. Green. Customized colors are available. thus the hexagonal shape of the floor plan — which provides 100% usable space. The unique design provides a spacious dependable.1 cm) High wall height: 102” in (259.949. Hexagonal design also allows for multi-purpose areas within a single room. please contact us at: HabiHut. ft. Bozeman. Red. An added consequence of the pyramid is that when viewed from above.O.4224 or 406. Silver. Grey. Dk. (10. Lt.1 cm) Apex height: 148 in (148 in (375.