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Module 04 1. The basic requirement of a dc armaure winding is that it must be. - A closed one 2.

A wave winding must go atleast ____ around the armature before it closes back where it started - Twice 3. The primary reason for making the coil span of a dc armature winding equal to a pole pitch is to. - Distribute the winding uniformly under different poles 4. The sole purpose of a commutator in a dc generator is to. - Convert the induced ac to dc 5. A thermocouple. - Gets warm when current flows through it. 6. In a linear meter, half scale deflection occurs when there is ____ percent of the rated current through its coil. - 50 7. Digital instruments are those which. - Have circuitry of digital design 8. The basic meter movement can be converted into an ohmmeter by connecting a ___ with it. - Battery and a variable resistance in series 9. The D’ arsonval meter movement can be converted into a audio frequency ac ammeter by adding a _____ to it - rectifier 10. In small dc machines, armature slots are sometimes not made axial but are skewed. Though skewing makes winding a little more difficult, yet results in, - Quiter operations and slightly decrease in lossos. 11. For a Q point near the center of the dc load line, clipping is more likely to occur on the, - Negative peak of output voltage 12. The dc armature winding in which coil sides are a pole pitch apart is called ____ winding - Full- pitch

13. For making coil span equal to a pole pitch in the armature winding of a dc generator, the back pitch of the winding must equal the number of - Commutator bars per pole 14. 339 IC function as. - Comparator 15. How many comparators does a 339 IC contains? - 4 16. AC compound generator usually has lower resistance. - Series field winding 17. BIMOSFET circuit. - Bipolar and mosfet circuit 18. Advantage of MOSFET over FET - MOSFET can handle wide range of gate voltage. 19. Class A maximum efficiency - 50% 20. SCS terminals - 4 21. MOSFET terminals - 3 or 4 22. Limited to negative resistance region - Phototransistor 23. Graph of AC emitter current and ac base-emitter voltage. - Diode emitter 24. PUT programmable unijunction transistor terminals - 3 25. Amplifiers generally used for radio communications - Class C 26. Power dissipation is the product of load output voltage and - Load current 27. Sellen key filter is also known as - VCVS filters 28. Reference component of improved shunt regulator - Zener diode 29. Short circuit drops at terminals - 0V 30. Has low input impedance

12V 35. Typical value of the external frequency compensating capacitor of op-amps. large and small ____ . ____ gain has the value of less than 1 to 1000 . Peak value of tunnel diode . Repulsion start induction run capacitor motor runs as a induction motor when . the more hoeizontal the graph is . Schottky diode operated in .Switching device 58.Worn bearing 37. Main feature of a universal motor .base 32.20GHz 48. Maximum current rms rating of LASCR today .Compensating capacitance 61.Stator 65.23 oms 52. Starting winding is placed on ____ .3A 54.Current 45. Class B push-pull amplifier avoid .LASCR 53.Common – base 31. Displays harmonic distortion .Commutator segments are shorted 63.600mV 34. Use to isolate the input from the output . Repulsion motor is equiped with ___ . ICVS amplifier has no output voltage due to ____ . what happened to channel with depletion layer . In the drain curve. Why are the field poles and amature of dc machine laminated . Approximation of maximally flat pass band .0 – 30 uF 49.5 mover 66.Commutator 60. Source of mechanical force for rotating alternator.Highest kW/kg ratio 39. Does not have capacitance which affects by the miller effect . Main feature of universal motor .1 59. What amplifier has the lowest efficiency? . In emitter bias. At low frequency coupling capacitor decreases ____ .20.. In BJT amplifier. E-MOSFET at cut-off is a .000 36. Quality factor of crystal . Howland produce ___ . Monostable 555 timer has ___ stable state . Number of impurities of donor . . Bulk resistance of 1N4001 . the voltage across emitter resistor is the same as the voltage between emitter and .3. Control the open loopes cut-off frequency .Inverse chebysev 67.Greater output impedance 42.TRIAC 55.Ground 38.Cross over distortion 57.Shorted feed back resistor 64. The gate current of a FET in dc analysis . ac. Material used in tunnel diode semiconductor .Unidirectional single ended load current 62.Spectrum analyzer 43.Can operate in ac and dc 50.Common.Voltage gain 68.To reduce eddy current 33. If gate more negative in an N-channel FET.Shrinks 41.Not self starting 40. dc.Optocoupler 47. Does not have a cathode terminal .Class A 56. Voltage regulation for LM7812 .Gallium and germanium 44. If the rotation of a motor runs slower than normal this is due to .Has high input impedance 51. Characteristic of a BIFET . Single phase run motor . The smallest switch off time .0.0A .

Increases 76. ____ frequency has two value important capacitance are the electrode between the internal .1 73.69. Advantage of jfet is the fact that it is ___ controlled rather than ____ controlled . Has negative resistance region .Shorten leads as much as possible 72. Protection from over power supply ____ . load voltage ___ . ___ can be introduced to the voltage controlled JFET resistor . In foldback current limiting load resistance increases.dc.Increase the duty cycle 92. Capacitor start induction run is connected in series with ____ winding .High 83.running 79.Voltage gain 78.Has no feedback 85.Infinity 86.About 90 degree 90. In BJT. In VCVS circuit a decrease in output voltage has an increase in . It determine the resonant frequency of a crystal ___ . collector voltage ____ . If the load resistance is open the AC external emitter resistance is equal to .Unijunction transistor 74.3 75.The thickness and the size 94.Paper spaced oil filled capacitor .Thermistor 84. In proper design. Single phase induction motor when removed from power supply it will only run on the ____ winding . In a dual diode NPN transistor the cathode can be found in . A permanent spilt single phase induction motor don’t have this ____ . A transistor has how many layer .Error voltage 97. Frequency operation of capacitor connected in parallel with ideal diode . In a closed loop voltage gain is equal to . Carriers participate in injection process in unipolar device . Sallen key equal component second degree order determines .Very high frequency 82.Increases 89.Crowbar 93.Reversing connection in the starting winding 96.1mW 70. In VDB circuit collector resistance increases.Foldback limiting 71. To reverse the direction of rotation of the single phase induction motor . To improve the high frequency response of an amplifier . In an ICVS op-amp load current approaches zero has load voltage approaches . ac 77. reference accepted level ____ . Small collector current with zero base current is due to the leakage current of .Collector diode 80. If the load is shorted the pass transistor has a lowest power dissipated when the regulator has ____ . In audio system.Either of the emitter diode 81.The feedback resistor divided by input resistance 95.DC emmiter resistance 87. To increase the output voltage of a bulk switching regulator ____ .Starting 91.Centrifugal switch 88. A two value capacitor for single phase motor . In the input RC circuit in first stage BJT. Zero crossing detector with hysteresis ____ . by how many does the base voltage leas input voltage of frequency larger than the cut-off frequency in no frequency region? .