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Product Name Deep Cleansing Gel: Gel


Product Type Cleanser Cleanser

Skin Type All skin types (except dry) Sensitive Skin/ Eye Makeup Remover All skin types/ combo oily All skin types/ sensitive Sensitive skin types All Skin types

Active Ingredients

How To Use Apply to slightly damp skin, remove with damp fibrella. Non Foaming Gel Apply over face and neck, remove with damp fibrella. Maybe used as Eye Makeup Remover Cleanser/Exfoliant/Desincrustation. Mix with water or Isotinic Marine Solution to a past. Use under steam or with galvanic. Ambulance for the skin Apply to cotton pad then to affected area Apply to dry cotton pads and wipe over face. May also be used for eye pads during facial treatment Shake well before use Apply to damp cotton pads Apply with fingertips for 2-3min remove with fibrella. Apply to a perfectly cleansed skin Apply to a perfectly cleansed skin. SPF 20 (AM only) Apply to perfectly cleansed skin Great for burns, sunburn, dermatitis and scaring. SOS cream! This is used as a massage medium, warm in hands and spread over face, neck and decolatage. May apply mask over the top.

Caress Cleanser:
Demaquillant Caresse

Calendula Extract: balances sensitivity Green Seaweed: erythema and discomfort 100% Ghassoul (volcanic earth)

Mineral Soap:
Savon Mineral

Deep Cleanser Toner Toner

Soothing Lotion:
Seve Apaisante

Soft Freshness Lotion:
Lotion Fraicheur Douce

Cooled Lime: calming, anti-inflammatory Purified seawater Linden Extract: cool delicate irritated skin Camomile Extract: softening and soothing Silicon Oil: dissolves make-up Rose water: soothing, hydrating, softening Pearls of Jojoba: exfoliating without irritating Epaline 100: essential fatty acids Marine-Acids: hydrating and exfoliating AHAs Allantoine: soothing Shea Butter: softening, hydrating & nourishing Codiavelane: regulates hydration levels Coupersoe Complex: horse chestnut, gingko biloba and melilot (calming and soothing) Centella Asiatica Extract: Unique calming and soothing properties Ylang Ylang: calming effects Vitamin A: anti-oxidant, revitalises skin.

Bi-phase Eye Solvent

Soft Caress Peel
Peeling Caress

Eye Make-up Remover Exfoliant Moisturis er Moisturis er w/ sunscreen Moisturis er Skin Repair Massage Medium

Anti-shine Moisturiser
Soin Matifiant

All Skin Types Sensitive Oily All Skin Types Dry Sensitive Skin SPF 15 All Skin Types Sensitive All Skin Types

Protection Moisturiser
Creme Hydratante ES

Caress Day Cream
Creme Caresse

Centella Asiatica
Gel Centella Asiatica

Regenerative Cream
Creme Regeneratrice

White Clay: absorbs oil. Apply a very thin layer over face. deep cleansing. Peptides: In courage cell renewal . Peel off skin in one peace. remove with hot towel. Marine Plants: rebalancing. Use only with Hydrating Rubber Mask Mix 3scoops of powder+5 measure of water (room temp) until smooth/creamy. Very stimulating Diluted Seawater-Preservative free Fucus Extract: rich in minerals. amino acids and vitamins. Vitamin B5: Treats fragile skin. Used in Algologie facial treatments. leave 35mins (max). Peel off skin in one peace. If tingling/stinging. Green Clay: Draws out impurities and toxins Chlorophyll: brightens the skin. or under Moisturizer. healing action.Product Name Comfort Mask Masque Confort Product Type Mask Mask Mask Skin Type Sensitive All skin Types Oily Active Ingredients Cornflower Extract: soothing properties. Apply to the skin. Chlorophyll Mask Masque a la Chlorophyll Purifying Mask Masque Purete Hydrating Rubber Mask Masque Souplesse Rubber Mask All Skin Types Very hydrating Algae Liquid Chocolate Mask The Chocolate Mask Liquid Rubber Mask All Skin Types Rejuvenation Marine Algae Cocoa Extract: revitalizing properties Vitamin A: increases skin elasticity Algae Bouillie Mask Gelee D’algues Mask Liquid Liquid Eye Cream All Skin Types (Not Sens skin) Isotonic Marine Solution Algae Maceration (Maceration d’Algues) Optimal Eye Cream All Skin Types All Skin Types All Skin Types Pure Laminaria Seaweed: rich in sea’s life. Deatomous Earth: light white powder Sodium Alginate: liquid-sea extracts How To Use Apply to the skin. Apply to the orbital bone. remove with cool water. Leave on the skin for 15mins. avoid eye area. Rinse with lukewarm water. revitalise/detoxify. Mix vigorously to a thick paste. leave for 10mins. leave for 10-20min. leave for 10mins. Apply quickly sets in 2mins leave on the skin for 15mins. Maybe used under one of the Algologie Rubber Masks. remove immediately Mix 2scoops of powder+1 measure Algae Liquid. remove with hot towel Apply to the skin.

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