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Sales Management MCQ Sample Sr. Questions Ans. No.

1 From the following _______ is not the function of a sales person. a. Advertising, . !rder "a#er, c. Sales Support, d. $eliverer % A ______ is the dail& plan of visiting the e'isting and prospective customers as per a timeta le ( schedule. a. )eat or Call *lan, . *ersonal *lan, c. Famil& *lan, d. +roup *lan , ___________ is the ratio of num er of Sales orders made to the num er of outlets visited. a. Call *roductivit&, . ! -ectivit&, c. Strateg&, d. .isi ilit& / Selling *roducts and services online, on the we or through 0nternet is called_______. a. 12Selling, . a2Selling, c. 1stimated Selling, d. No Selling 3 "he full Form of C4FA is _________________ a. Carr&ing and Forwarding Agent, . Carr&ing and Funding Agenc&, c. Cr&ing For Aids, d. Carr&ing and Frightening Agent 5 A ______ made & sales managers is a part of demand management process. a. promise, . 1stimate, c. guess, d. negotiation 6 Sales Management is the most important functions ecause_____ a. one of the oldest functions, . !nl& income generating function, c. sales persons are highl& 7ualified, d. none of the a ove 8 1nsuring that all the re7uirements of customers are met in full and on time is called Suppl& Management. a. False, . "rue 9 "he 1st Stage of )u&ing $ecision *rocess is _______. a. information search, . *ro lem or need recognition, c. deciding to purchase d. none of the a ove. 1: A *rospect who needs the product and has an a ilit& to u& can e called __ a. suspect, . *otential Customer, c. pro a le prospect, d. none of the a ove 11 A0$A Stands for Attention, _______, $esire and Action. a. 0nterest, . 0nferior, c. 0ndia, d. 0ndustr& 1% ________ is stage of selling process in which sales person helps the u&er to ma#e the purchase decision. a. Closing, . Selection, c. *ro lem 0dentification, d. $emonstration. 1, C;M Stands for Customer ___________ Management. a. ;elationship, . ;igidit&, c. ;escue, d. ;etirement 1/ ________ $ecision Ma#ing is generall& done on regular asis without much thought for repeated purchases li#e mil#, newspaper etc. a. ;outine, . New, c. Change, d. Communicative 13 <hen a sales lead ecomes a potential customer it is called _______. a. Qualif&ing, . ;elationship, c. Selection, d. ;epurchase. 15 ;outing is a travel route ta#en & a salesperson for ma#ing customer calls in a territor&. a. "rue, . False

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Sales Quotas are the sales goals or targets assigned to sales units li#e salespersons, territories or regions. a. "rue, . False A career in sales ma& offer= 2 a. !pportunit& for advancement, . >igh earnings, c. *ersonal satisfaction, d. All of the given options <hat is an outcome of communication and co2operation etween sales personnel? a. Successful selling, . Successful team selling, c. More mar#et growth, d. More productivit& <ho is much more #nowledgea le a out their product or service than the prospect? a Sales person, Manager, c Customer, d <hole seller A Sales Manager Conducts the following function= 2 a. territor& anal&sis, . sales research, c. mar#et planning, d. All of these $istri utor is a channel mem er responsi le for distri ution of products to wholesalers, retailers and usiness customers. a. "rue, . False <hen a usiness firm reorders for an& product it is called a Straight ;e u&. a. "rue, . False A u&ing situation wherein the product is eing ought for the first time is called !ld2School )u&ing. a. "rue, . False Sales function is the revenue centre for an& organi@ation. a. "rue, . False.