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History & Development Company Profile Existing anaging !o"y #rgani$ation %tr&'t&re an&fa't&ring Units (C )*#vervie+ A+ar"s


Intro"&'tion #rgani$ation %tr&'t&re List of Pro"&'t N&m-er of Pro"&'t Pro"&'t Details an&fa't&ring Pro'ess Ra+ material an" %o&r'es .&ality anagement a'/inery Pro"&'tion Plan Pa'0ing


Intro"&'tion #rgani$ation %tr&'t&re Pro"&'tion Planning Pri'ing Poli'ies ar0eting Pro'ess ar0eting %egments

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Intro"&'tion #rgani$ation %tr&'t&re Re'r&itment & %ele'tion Training & Development Promotion an" Transfer Poli'y Performan'e Appraisal 2ages an" %alary La-or Relation A'tivity Personal Data 3

Intro"&'tion #rgani$ation %tr&'t&re Relations/ip +it/ #t/er Department A''o&nting Poli'ies %2#T Analyses %ales T&rnover %ales T&rnover C/art !alan'e s/eet Con'l&sion !i-liograp/y

A UL4 forme" in 15674 is a "airy 'o*operative moment in In"ia8 It is a -ran" name manages -y an apex 'o*operative organi$ation4 (&9arat Co*operative il0 ar0eting )e"eration Lt"8 :(C );4 +/i'/ to"ay is 9ointly o+ne" -y some ,861 million mil0 pro"&'er in (&9arat4 In"ia8 It is -ase" on Anan" to+n of (&9arat an" /as -een a sterling example of 'o*operative organi$ation s&''ess in t/e long term8 T/e Am&l Pattern /as esta-lis/e" itself as a &ni<&ely appropriate mo"el for r&ral "evelopment8 Am&l /as sp&rre" t/e 2/ite Revol&tion of In"ia4 +/i'/ /as ma"e one of t/e largest mil0 pro"&'ers in t/e +orl"8 It is also t/e +orl"=s -iggest vegetarian '/eese -ran"8 It -egins +it/ farmer 0aira "istri't as else+/ere in In"ia8 He "elivere" /is in'ome from mil0 8T/e main -&yers +ere mil0 tra"ers of Polson Lt"8 a privately o+ne" 'ompany as en9oy monopoly for s&pply of mil0 from 0aira to t/e government=s mil0 s'/eme !om-ay8 T/e farmer appeale" to %ar"ar Patel a great lea"er of In"ian free"om movement for /elp8 %ar"ar Patel a"vi'e t/em to mar0et t/e mil0 t/ro&g/ a 'o*operative of t/eir o+n8 D&e to t/e mil0 t/ro&g/ stri0e -y t/e 0aira farmer for 13 "ays not a "rop of mil0 +as sol" to t/e tra"ers8 T/e !om-ay il0 %'/eme +as -a"ly affe'te" t/e mil0 'ommissioner of !om-ay visite" Anan" assessor t/e sit&ation an" t/e farmer "eman"8 T/&s it +as -orn on De'em-er 16t/ 1567 as t/e 0aira "istri't 'o*operation mil0 pro"&'ers &nion Lt"8 Anan"8

In 153> t/e plant +as expan"e" to man&fa't&re s+eetene" 'on"ense" mil08 At t/e re<&est of man&fa't&re 6? tonnes mil0 po+"er @,? tonnes of -&tter a "ay +as 'omplete" in 15718 In 15@6 0aira &nion set&p a plant to man&fa't&re '/o'olate a-o&t > 0ilometers so&t/ of Anan"

COMPANY PROFILE :REGISTERED NAME OF THE COMPANY:AAIRA DI%TRICT C#*#PERATIBE ILA PR#DUCER% UNI#N LI ITED8 BRAND NAME OF THE COMPANY:A UL DAIRC ADDRESS OF THE COMPANY:Aaira Distri't C#*operative il0 Pro"&'ers Union LTD8 P! N#D*1?4 %tation Roa"4 Anan" *1>>??18 P/oneD* E51*,75,*,3>3?74,3>3?@4,3>3?>4,3>3?5 )axD* E51*,75,*,6?,?> TYPE OF INDUSTRY:LAR(E %CALE INDU%TRC8 DATE OF REGISTERATION:16TH DECE !ER 1567 GOAL:T/e main goal of t/e am&l "airy is to provi"e employment an" provi"e mil0 pro"&'ts to people MISSION:Total <&ality of management8 T/ey t/in0 a-o&t farmer=s profit 'ons&mer=s profit an" +or0er=s profit8

EXISTING MANAGING BODY C/airmen Bi'e '/airmen Dire'tors anaging Dire'tors !an0ers %/ri Ramsin/ Parmar %/ri (or"/an-/ai As/a-/ai Patel %/ir %/iva-/ai an9ni-/ai (o0&l-/ai Patel %/ri Navin-/ai Ran'/o"-/ai Patel %/ri Pravinsin/ )&lsin/ %olan0i %/ri Pravin-/ai agan-/ai Patel %/ri !/ai9i-/ai Amarsin/ Fala %/ri %oma-/ai Rai9i-/ai %olan0i %/ri Rai9-/ai Dev9i-/ai Parmar %mt8 a"/&-en D/amasin/ Parmar %mt8 %ara-en !/arat-/ai Patel %/ri Ra9it-/ai Aanti-/ai Patel %/ri !8 8Byas Distri't Registrar %/ri Ra/&l A&mar T/e Aaira Distri't Central Cooperative !an0 Lt"8 %tate !an0 #f In"ia !an0 #f !aro"a Corporation !an0 !an0 #f a/arastra %pe'ial A&"itors il0 Union4 Anan" .



875 -illion litres .Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketi ! Fe"eratio (C )D An #vervie+ (&9arat Cooperative il0 ar0eting )e"eration :(C ).??@*?>. India's leading Ratings.D il0 'olle'tion :Daily @86 million litres Average .D il0 Drying Capa'ityD 7. has assigned its highest ratings of "AAA/Sta le/P!"" to the vario#s ank facilities of $C%%&' em-ersD No8 of Billage %o'ietiesD Total il0 /an"ling 'apa'ityD il0 'olle'tion :Total * . Risk and Policy Advisory company.7 ts8 per "ay Cattlefee" 1?5? ts per "ay man&fa't&ring Capa'ityD 11 "istri't 'ooperative mil0 pro"&'ersG Union 114161 1?8.1 million litres per "ay . Research. is In"iaGs largest foo" pro"&'ts mar0eting organisation8 It is a state level apex -o"y of mil0 'ooperatives in (&9arat +/i'/ aims to provi"e rem&nerative ret&rns to t/e farmers an" also serve t/e interest of 'ons&mers -y provi"ing <&ality pro"&'ts +/i'/ are goo" val&e for money8 CRISIL.??@*?>.

million mil0 pro"&'ers of (&9arat8 Pioneere" -y Dr8 Berg/ese A&rien4 t/e fat/er of +/ite revol&tion4 (C ) is to"ay .&ality A+ar" for t/e year4 15558 T/e a+ar" +/i'/ is 'onsi"ere" e<&ivalent of al'olm !al"rige National .1999 After 'reating ripples in t/e mar0et +/et/er it is +it/ a Rs8 .?H* Pi$$a or +it/ a IrealI I'e Cream4 Am&l /as "one it again8 !&t t/is time4 it is not only for ne+ pro"&'t la&n'/es or giving a to&g/ fig/t to -est of t/e foo" 'ompanies in extremely 'ompetitive segments4 it /as no+ toppe" as t/e +inner of t/e I!est of AllI Ra9iv (an"/i National .AWARDS Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award .&ality A+ar" is t/e most prestigio&s a+ar" +/i'/ re'ogni$es a'/ievements of an organi$ation in terms of ex'ellen'e in -&siness res&lts4 -&siness pro'esses4 '&stomer satisfa'tion as +ell as so'ietal an" environmental impa't8 (C )4 t/e apex mar0eting -o"y of +ell 0no+n Am&l4 %agar an" D/ara -ran"s of pro"&'ts is a Cooperative )e"eration of more t/an .&ality A+ar" of U%A an" E&ropean .

&ality anagement as a '/ange management initiatives to strengt/en all its f&n'tional pro'esses to effe'tively 'om-at emerging 'ompetition8 It &n"ertoo0 s&''essf&lly a n&m-er of T. a'ross t/e organi$ation8 Realising t/at &nless t/e T.1?? Crores8 Loo0ing at t/e emerging tren"s of li-erali$ation an" impa't of 2T#4 t/e (C ) proa'tively em-ar0e" &pon Total .nationGs largest foo" 'ompany +it/ an ann&al t&rnover ex'ee"ing Rs8 . initiatives are a''epte" -y all t/e -&siness partners4 t/e same +o&l" remain ineffe'tive8 As a very &ni<&e meas&re Am&l exten"e" all t/e T. +as to +or0 +it/ t/e +ell 0no+n <&ality management initiatives +/i'/ /ave proven to -e effe'tive else+/ere to 'reate a '&lt&re of transparen'y4 openness an" lea"ers/ip in t/e organi$ation8 Employees of (C ) /ave "one more t/an 187? la0/s Aai$en sin'e ay4 1553 +/i'/ /as impa'te" in -ringing in a '&lt&re of 'ontin&o&s improvement8 T/e /o&se0eeping initiatives /ave /elpe" 0eeping t/e offi'esH+are/o&ses neat4 'lean an" more pro"&'tive4 -e it is t/e #ffi'e premises or t/e go"o+ns or even Comp&ters8 ore t/an 13? %(As :%mall (ro&p A'tivity. initiatives to its -&siness partners +/et/er it +as t/e farmer pro"&'er in t/e village or a +/olesale "istri-&tor in a metro to+n or it=s most sop/isti'ate" pro"&'tion &nit8 %/ri !8 8 Byas4 anaging Dire'tor4 +/o '/ampione" t/is movement reali$e" +ay -a'0 in 1556 t/at +it/ emerging 'ompetition4 "oing -&siness +o&l" -e'ome more ex'iting yet extremely 'ompetitive +/i'/ +o&l" re<&ire at times not only a +/ole set of ne+ s0ills an" 'ompeten'ies -&t <&i'0 a"apta-ility to '/ange +it/o&t m&'/ stress or t&r-&len'e8 T/e initiation of T. initiatives li0e Aai$en4 Ho&se0eeping4 %mall (ro&p A'tivities4 Hos/in Aanri :Poli'y Deployment. /ave -een 'arrie" o&t in 'ross f&n'tional gro&ps to a""ress t/e pro-lem an" pain areas of t/e organi$ation4 -e it an iss&e of .

&ality Cir'les in t/e 'o&ntry +/ere all t/e a-ove +/olesale Dealers meet in gro&p on every t/ir" %at&r"ay of t/e mont/ to "is'&ss t/eir -&siness4 <&ality initiatives an" also pain areas8 T/is /as impa'te" tremen"o&sly not only in 'omm&ni'ation -&t also in improving t/e transparen'y in t/e organi$ation8 (C ) /as also em-ar0e" &pon for last 6 years4 GHos/in AanriG a ployment initiative +/ere more t/an 1?? #ffi'ersHHea"s parti'ipate t+i'e in a year to revie+ its -&siness goalsHpro'esses an" implement ne+ initiatives8 T/ese are f&rt/er 'as'a"e" to t/e +/olesale "ealers in "ifferent territories in a t+o "ay exer'ise 'alle" Bision ission %trategy :B %. 2or0s/op8 T/ese initiatives /ave res&lte" 'ommon &n"erstan"ing of goals4 eliminating 'omm&ni'ation -arrier8 .sales4 mar0eting4 HR or IT8 T/e organi$ation /as implemente" a '&stomi$e" ERP for seamless integration of its 6? o"" sales offi'es from Jamm& to Port*!lair an" Hea" #ffi'e8 All its +/olesale "ealers are 'omp&teri$e" an" (C ) is moving on a !.?? Am&l .! mo"el for integration interfa'e +it/ its "ealers -e it for pla'ing or"er for -&ying its pro"&'ts4 s/aring information or for tra'0ing logisti' of "ispat'/Hre'eipt of goo"s8 #ne of t/e &ni<&e initiatives /as -een in terms of involvement of its +/olesale "ealers in a 'ommon platform to a""ress iss&es of mar0etH'&stomers8 All t/e +/olesale "ealers from a'ross t/e 'o&ntry /ave visite" Anan" in a &ni<&e programme 'alle" IA UL CATRAI8 In t/e next p/ase4 t/e organi$ation /as alrea"y starte" inviting t/e salesmen of t/ese +/olesale "ealers for t/is programme8 It also inten"s to invite t/e top retailers of vario&s 'itiesHto+ns to Anan"8 T/e p&rpose is not as m&'/ to orient t/em to (C )Gs -&siness plans4 -&t to in'&l'ate a s&per*or"inate goal in t/eir /eart t/at +/en t/ey are asso'iate" +it/ A UL4 t/ey are +or0ing for a mo"est mil0 pro"&'er in t/e r&ral /interlan" of t/e 'o&ntry an" t/at is +/at tr&e progress is a-o&t8 (C ) /as more t/an .

??14 %/ri %/anta A&mar4 HonG-le inister of Cons&mer Affairs4 )oo" an" P&-li' Distri-&tion gave a+ay t/e a+ar"s to %/ri !8 8 Byas4 D of (C )8 . experien'e is t/e integration of its -&siness lin0ages at t/e village level to t/e for+ar" lin0age t/ro&g/ its sales offi'esH+/olesale "ealers in t/e mar0et8 In a glittering f&n'tion organi$e" at Bigyan !/a+an4 Ne+ Del/i on 1.t/ Novem-er4 . six years -a'0 /as ma"e t/e organi$ation effi'ient +/et/er it -e in la&n'/ of -ran"s4 or in implementing ERPGs or expan"ing its "istri-&tion net+or08 ore stri0ing feat&re of (C )Gs T.T/e initiative of T.

??1 CI# 1?? a+ar" re'ogni$es t/e organisations aro&n" t/e +orl" t/at ex'el in positive -&siness performan'e t/ro&g/ reso&r'ef&l IT management an" -est pra'ti'es8 T/is CI# International IT ex'ellen'e A+ar" /as re'ognise" t/e Cooperative ovement & its Lea"ers/ip &n"er t/e IAm&lI -ran"4 initiate" -y Dr8 B A&rien4 il0man of In"ia4 +/o=s main otto is to -&il" In"ian %o'iety e'onomi'ally & literally strong t/ro&g/ innovative 'ooperative reso&r'ef&l net+or04 so as to provi"e <&ality servi'e & pro"&'ts to t/e en" 'ons&mers an" goo" ret&rns to t/e farmer mem-ers8 T/is a+ar" /as also given "ire'tion t/at IT nee" to -e en'o&rage" & a"opte" more & more at grass root level an" -ri"ge t/e "igital "ivi"e t/ro&g/ proper training4 re* training so as to -ring ra"i'al '/ange & -enefit to t/e In"ian so'iety8 .AMUL # THE TASTE OF INDIA $GCMMF% receives INTERNATIONAL CIO 1 A!AR" #OR RE$O%RCE#%LNE$$ (C ) is a +inner of t/e prestigio&s international CI# 1?? a+ar" from ID(Gs CI# aga$ine4 U%A8 T/e .

8 T/is a+ar" also motivate" t/e ea'/ & every mem-er "airy4 Am&lGs +/olesale "istri-&tors4 retailers4 transporters an" s&ppliers +/o /ave s&pporte" +/ole*/earte"ly t/e IT initiatives of (C )8 T/e (&9arat Co*operative il0 ar0eting )e"eration :(C ).??14 at t/e !roa"moor in Colora"o %prings4 Colora"o4 U%A8 %/ri %&--arao Heg"e4 Hea" of IT /a" -een to U%A an" re'eive" t/e sai" A+ar" on -e/alf of (C )8 . on -ot/ t/e en"s of s&pply '/ain :Billage level )armer to en" 'ons&mer. /as -een /ono&re" at t/e CI# 1?? %ymposi&m & A+ar" Ceremony on A&g&st 154 .It /as also re'ognise" t/e anaging Dire'tor4 r8 ! Byas4 +/o /as ta0en IT initiative -y setting t/e "ire'tion I(C ) as IT Company in )oo" -&sinessI8 It /as also inspire" all t/e employees of (C ) Enterprise to s&stain t/e '/allenges as a IC/ange AgentI -y ex'elling t/eir IT s0ills in or"er to transform t/e people aro&n" t/em to+ar"s IT Integration :e*Bision.

ar"#-.&ality A+ar" * .??18 T/e Certifi'ate of erit +as presente" at a glittering 'eremony /el" at &m-ai on ar'/ 11 -y t/e (overnor of t/e Reserve !an0 of In"ia4 Dr8 C8 B8 Re""y8 A''or"ing to %/ri !8 8 Byas4 anaging Dire'tor4 (C )4 t/is re'ognition /as on'e again reiterate" (C )Gs 'ommitment to <&ality an" ex'ellen'e8 T/e -iggest strengt/ of (C ) is t/e tr&st it /as 'reate" in t/e min"s of 'ons&mers regar"ing t/e <&ality of its pro"&'ts8 (C ) an" its -ran" Am&l stan" for g&arantee" p&rity for +/atever pro"&'ts it pro"&'es4 /e a""e"8 (C ) /as -agge" t/is a+ar" for a"opting note+ort/y <&ality management pra'ti'es for logisti's an" pro'&rement8 #ver t/e years4 it /as esta-lis/e" an effi'ient s&pply '/ain t/at penetrates even t/e remotest 'orners of t/e 'o&ntry8 T/e information systems of t/e )e"eration are 'ompre/ensive an" in'l&"e "etails on pro"&'t <&ality4 "elivery performan'e4 s&pplier <&ality4 "isaster re'overy an" all essential 'ommer'ial areas4 t/e 'itation rea"s8 T/e Rama0ris/na !a9a9 National .Ra&kri'( a )ajaj Natio al *ualit+ A./ T/e (&9arat Co*operative il0 ar0eting )e"eration Lt"8 /as emerge" as t/e top s'orer in t/e servi'e 'ategory of t/e prestigio&s I C Ram0ris/na !a9a9 National ..&ality A+ar" is -ase" on frame+or0 an" prin'iples almost similar to t/e al'olm !al"rige A+ar" t/at is given -y t/e Presi"ent of t/e Unite" %tates to -&sinesses * man&fa't&ring an" servi'e4 small an" large * an" to e"&'ation an" /ealt/'are organi$ations t/at apply an" are 9&"ge" to -e o&tstan"ing in seven areasD lea"ers/ip4 strategi' planning4 '&stomer an" .

impro A+ar"s are re'ogni$e" -y t/e A%.mar0et fo'&s4 information an" analysis4 /&man reso&r'e fo'&s4 pro'ess management4 an" -&siness res&lts8 r8 ! Byas re'eives t/e . an" t/e Instit&te of .&alityAss&ran'e4UA8 .impro Platin&m %tan"ar"4 t/e /ig/est in"ivi"&al /ono&r4 /as in re'ent years -een a+ar"e" to C/an"ra o/an4 A"itya !irla4 Deepa0 Pare0/4 ) C Ao/li4 Dr J J Irani4 A$im Prem9i4 an" A&mar angalam !irla8 .impro (ol" %tan"ar" A+ar" .

A&ul Pro#)ioti0 I0e#0rea& Get' No1 2 A. for Am&l pro*-ioti' i'e*'ream la&n'/8 Anno&n'ing t/e a+ar" on #'to-er ?14 at D&-lin4 Irelan" on t/e o''asion of t/e 2orl" Dairy %&mmit4 r8 Jim !egg t/e ID) Presi"ent 'ommente" LT/ese 'ampaigns are ex'ellent examples of -est pra'tise in -ran"e" an" generi' mar0eting from aro&n" t/e +orl"8 In mar0ets aro&n" t/e +orl" t/at are volatile an" /ig/ly 'ompetitive4 "airy pro"&'ts /ave a role in /ealt/ -alan'e" .??@.??@ at 2orl" Dairy %&mmit4 D&-lin4 Irelan"8 %/ BA %ing/ /a" 0in"ly a''epte" a+ar" on -e/alf of (C )8I It=s anot/er tri&mp/ for -ran" Am&l8 After emerging as In"ia=s topmost -ran"4 it /as gone to +in one of t/e +orl"=s most prestigio&s a+ar"s K T/e International Dairy )e"eration ar0eting A+ar" :.??@ ID) ar0eting A+ar" from %/ Jim !egg4 Presi"ent4 International Dairy )e"eration for Am&l Prolife Pro-ioti' I'e Cream on 1r" #'t .ar" at !orld "airy $u&&it I%/ BA %ing/4 IA%4 anaging Dire'tor4 P&n9aCooperative Dairy )e"eration a''epting .

??@ ID) ar0eting A+ar" +/i'/ 'overe" t/ree 'ategories K N&tri*mar0eting4 Innovation an" ar0eting Comm&ni'ation8 Am&l Pro*-ioti' I'e*'ream re'eive" t/e a+ar" in t/e N&tri*mar0eting 'ategory8 A''or"ing to %/ri !8 8 Byas4 anaging Dire'tor4 (C )4 L2e la&n'/e" Am&l Pro*-ioti' I'e*'ream as +ell as Am&l Pro*-ioti' %&gar )ree I'e*'ream4 "&e to t/e 'onstraints of 'ol" '/ain +/i'/ is a pre*re<&isite for i'e*'ream "istri-&tion8 In a 'o&ntry li0e In"ia +/ere +e /ave +ater-orne "iseases li0e "iarr/oea4 eating a spoonf&l or t+o of pro*-ioti' i'e*'ream +o&l" 0eep t/e family /ealt/y an" strong8 T/e pro"&'t +as la&n'/e" +it/ t/is in vie+8 2e +ere t/e first in t/e 'o&ntry to intro"&'e pro*-ioti' i'e*'ream an" pro*-ioti' s&gar free i'e*'ream8 2e are /appy t/at o&r efforts /ave -een glo-ally re'ogni$e" -y -esto+ing t/e prestigio&s ID) ar0eting A+ar"=8 In Jan&ary ."iets4 an" t/ese 'ampaigns /ave "emonstrate" t/e a-ility of +ell planne" an" exe'&te" mar0eting investments8M (C ) is t/e first an" t/e only In"ian organi$ation to re'eive t/e .??@4 for t/e first time in In"ia an" t/e +orl" (C ) intro"&'e" t/e Am&l range of Pro*-ioti' an" s&gar free i'e*'reams aime" at t/e /ealt/* 'ons'io&s an" "ia-eti'8 Pro-ioti's are live -enefi'ial '&lt&re +/i'/4 +/en a"ministere" in a"e<&ate amo&nts4 'onfer a -enefi'ial /ealt/ effe't on t/e /ost8 T/ey /elp in "igestion4 espe'ially of mil0 s&gar :la'tose.8 T/ey improve t/e imm&ne system4 -&il" stronger -ones an" are effe'tive in 'ontrolling travelers= "iarr/oea8 T/ey also /elp in t/e prevention of formation an" gro+t/ of 'olon 'an'er8 (C ) +as t/e first organi$ation in t/e 'o&ntry to la&n'/ Pro*-ioti' foo"8 In or"er to e"&'ate 'ons&mers an" tra"e a-o&t t/e -enefits of Pro*-ioti' i'e* 'ream4 (C ) ran extensive a"vertising an" "ire't mar0eting 'ampaigns "&ring t/e year8 .


INTRODUCTION Pro"&'tion Department plays a vital role in t/e in"&stry8 In"&stry means to pro"&'e somet/ing4 so it is engage" to pro"&'e somet/ing8 T/&s t/e pro"&'tion pro'ess 'an -e 'alle" t/eMHEARTM as +ell as LTHE !L##D #) INDU%TRCM8 Its effi'ien'y plays a very vital role in man&fa't&ring t/e pro"&'ts8 T/is firm gets ra+ materials i8e8 mil0 at nearer pla'es +/i'/ re"&'es t/e transportation 'ost8 T/e pro"&'tion f&n'tion of a -&siness is 'on'erne" +it/ t/e 'reation of pro"&'t or re<&ire" to satisfy '&stomers nee" an" +ants "esires pro"&'tion +ell -e 'onsi"ere" most effe'tive +/en it serves a "&al p&rpose8 It m&st operate primarily to satisfy '&stomer "eman"8 It m&st permit pro"&'tion a'tivity to operate in e'onomi'al manner8 Pro"&'tion management ass&res t/e a''omplis/ment of t+in organi$ation goals visa4 satisfa'tion an" pro"&'tivity mainly t/ro&g/ t/e f&n'tion of pro"&'tion 4 planning4 pro"&'tion 'ontrol4 <&ality 'ontrol an" inventory 'ontrol8 Pro"&'tion means 'reation of a'tivities an" 'overs all t/e a'tivities of pro'&rement allo'ation an" &tili$ation of reso&r'es s&'/ as la-o&r materials e<&ipments4 ma'/inery et'8 T/e mo"ern management of pro"&'tion &ses s'ientifi' met/o" an" "is'ipline8 T/e res&lts of goo" pro"&'tion management are sele'te" to many intereste" parties8 .

      T/e T/e T/e T/e T/e T/e Cons&mer Employee Investor %&ppliers Comm&nity Nation .


eet'%3 • • • • • • Am&l %/ri0/an" : ango4 %affron4 Almon" Pista'/io4 Car"amom./ fat %ilk Am#l $old 0'. Am&l it/aee A&lfi Avsar La"oos ix UHT Milk Ra !e3 • • • • • Am&l %/a0ti 1N fat Am#l -aa)a !'./ fat %ilk il0 Am#l Lite Slim1n1-rim %ilk 2/ fat milk Am&l %/a0ti Tone" il0 . Am&l Amra0/an" Am#l %ithaee $#la +am#ns Am#l %ithaee $#la +am#n %i.List of Produ ts M!r"#t#d: )rea"'prea"'3 • • • Am#l (#tter Am&l Lite Lo+ )at !rea"sprea" Am&l Coo0ing !&tter C(ee'e Ra !e3 • • • • • • • • Am#l Paste#ri)ed Processed Cheddar Cheese Am#l Processed Cheese Spread Am&l Pi$$a : o$arella. C/eese Am&l %/re""e" Pi$$a C/eese Am#l *mmental Cheese Am&l (o&"a C/eese Am&l alai Paneer :'ottage '/eese. Utterly Deli'io&s Pi$$a Mit(aee Ra !e $Et( i0 '.

: 7 mont/s a-ove. Am&l asti Da/i :fres/ '&r".• • Am&l )res/ Cream Am&l %no+'ap %ofty ix Pure G(ee3 • • • Am#l P#re $hee %agar P&re (/ee Am&l Co+ (/ee I 4a t Milk Ra !e3 • • • Am&l Infant Am&l Infant il0 )orm&la 1 :?*7 mont/s.eete e" Co "e 'e" Milk3 • Am#l %ithaimate S3eetened Condensed %ilk Fre'( Milk3 • • • • • • Am#l -aa)a -oned %ilk 6/ fat Am&l Am&l Am&l Am&l Am&l (ol" )&ll Cream il0 7N fat %/a0ti %tan"ar"ise" il0 683N fat %lim & Trim Do&-le Tone" il0 183N fat %aat/i %0imme" il0 ?N fat Co+ il0 Cur" Pro"u0t'3 • • • Cogi %+eetene" )lavo&re" Da/i :Dessert. il0 )orm&la . Am#lspray Infant %ilk &ood Milk Po. Am&l asti %pi'e" !&tter il0 ."er'3 • • • • Am#l &#ll Cream %ilk Po3der Am#lya 4airy 5hitener Sagar Skimmed %ilk Po3der Sagar -ea and Coffee 5hitener S.

Assorte" Treat :C/o'o-ar4 Dollies4 )rosti04 I'e Can"ies4 Tri'one4 C/o'o'r&n'/4 ega-ite4 Cassatta.• Am&l Lassee A&ul I0e0rea&'3 • • • • • • :!&tters'ot'/4 Ra9-/og4 alai A&lfi. Royal -reat Range C(o0olate 5 Co 4e0tio er+3 • • Am#l %ilk Chocolate Am#l &r#it 8 7#t Chocolate )ro. )evera!e3 • 7#tram#l %alted %ilk &ood Milk Dri k3 • • Am&l Aool )lavo&re" il0 : ango4 %tra+-erry4 %affron4 Car"amom4 Rose4 C/o'olate. Utterly Deli'io&s :Banila4 %tra+-erry4 C/o'olate4 C/o'o'/ips4 Ca0e agi'. 7at#re's -reat :Alp/anso ango4 )res/ Lit'/i4 %/a/i An9ir4 )res/ %tra+-erry4 !la'0 C&rrant4 %antra antra4 )res/ Pineapple. %&n"ae Range : ango4 !la'0 C&rrant4 %&n"ae agi'4 Do&-le %&n"ae. Am&l Aool Cafe Healt( )evera!e3 • Am&l %/a0ti 2/ite il0 )oo" . 7#t1o1%ania Range :Aa9& Dra0s/4 Aesar Pista Royale4 )r&it !onan$a4 Roaste" Almon".

o A delight to Chocolate Lovers' 4elicio#s Chocolate taste Nutra&ul Ener+y "rin.NUMBER OF PRODUCT 'read $(reads A&ul 'utter 9tterly (#tterly 4elicio#s A&ul Lite Lo3 fat.s A&ul -ool %ilk Shake A&ul -ool A&ul -ool Ca. .e -ool -o. A drink for :ids 1 provides energy to s#it the needs of gro3ing :ids A&ul -ool Chocolate *il. "rin. lo3 Cholesterol (read Spread "elicious Ta)le *ar+arine -he 4elicio#s 3ay to eat healthy *il.

P#rest 4airy 5hitener #resh *il. /owder 5hich is especially #sef#l for diet preparations or for #se y people on lo3 calorie and high protein diet' $a+ar Tea Co. .. A&ul -ool #lavoured Tetra /ac. A&ul *asti $(iced 'utter&il. #ood A&ul Instant #ull Crea& * !hitener A&ulya "airy !hitener -he Richest. A&ul $(ray In.#enching 4rink A&ul -ool Thandai /owder *il.A&ul -ool #lavoured 'ottled *il. Am#l introd#ces the (est -hirst .ant *il. %other's %ilk is (est for yo#r a y $a+ar $. /owder A dairy in yo#r home Still.i&&ed *il.

A&ul Lite $li& and Tri& *il.A&ul #resh *il.ti Toned *il. A&ul #resh Crea& A&ul $ha. has a s3eet1dry flavo#r and ha)eln#t aroma A&ul /i00a *o00arella Cheese Pi))a cheese'''makes great tasting pi))as= . -his is the most hygienic milk availa le in the market' Paste#rised in state1of1the1 art processing plants and po#ch1packed for convenience' A&ul Gold *il. A&ul Calci1 Cheese A&ul /asteurised /rocessed Cheese A&ul Cheese $(reads -asty Cheese Spreads in 6 great flavo#rs'' !22/ <egetarian Cheese made from micro ial rennet A&ul E&&ental Cheese -he $reat S3iss Cheese from Am#l. A&ul Taa0a "ou)le Toned *il.

t#re' An ethnic prod#ct made y dairies 3ith decades of 'utter %ade from fresh cream' >as typical rich aroma and gran#lar te.t#re' 5hite to creamy color 3ith a pleasant taste' *asti "ahi "esserts A&ul Ice Crea&s Premi#m Ice Cream made in vario#s varieties and flavo#rs 3ith dry fr#its and n#ts' A&ul $hri. anytime' .perience' A&ul *alai /aneer Ready to cook paneer to make yo#r favo#rite recipes= %tterly "elicious /i00a *ithai *ate S3eetened Condensed %ilk 1 &ree flo3ing and smooth te.hand A delicio#s treats.Gouda Cheese #or A&ul 2 $a+ar /ure Ghee Coo.

Nutra&ul %alted %ilk &ood made from malt e. Availa le in :esar1Almond and Chocolate flavo#rs .tract has the highest protein content among all the ro3n everage po3ders sold in India' A&ul $ha.ti 4ealth #ood "rin.A&ul *ithaee Gula) 3a&uns P#re :hoya $#la ?am#ms''' est served piping hot' A&ul Chocolates -he perfect gift for someone yo# love' A&ul Lassee A&ul (#r#ndi 4ealth "rin.

A$u% P!st#uris#d Butt#r AMUL )UTTER is ma"e from permitte" nat&ral 'olo&r* Annatto8 !&tter4 Common %alt4 Co&po'itio 3 • • • • il0 )at >?N oist&re 17N %alt .? 0'al8H1??g Spe0ial Feature'3 a"e from fres/ 'ream -y mo"ern 'ontin&o&s -&tter ma0ing ma'/ines8 ar0ete" in In"ia sin'e 6 "e'a"es8 Pro"u0t Spe0i4i0atio 3 eets A( ARA No8I%D1175?D155. stan"ar" an" !I% spe'ifi'ations .83N C&r" ?8>N Calori4i0 6alue3 @.

BUTTER PRODUCTION PROCESS Cream storage !&tter '/&rn4'ream testing4a"" 'olor In -&tter '/&rning to get -&tter mil0 +as/ing oist&re test oist&re stan"ar"i$ation )inal moist&re test To ta0e o&t -&tter in trolley To sen" o&t in pa'0ing "ept D Pa'0ing %torage :Col" storage. Dispat'/ in refrigeration van .

??ml Tetra Pa'04 .3?ml Can4 1 Litre Tetra Pa'0 I !re"ie t' 3 Tone" il0 an" %&gar4 Contains permitte" synt/eti' )oo" Colo&rs an" a""e" nat&re*i"enti'al flavo&ring s&-stan'es8 .??ml (lass !ottle4 .A$u% &oo% T/e n&tritio&s an" tasty flavo&re" mil0 in "ifferent flavo&r s&'/ as Aesar4 Elai'/i4 Rose4 ango et'8 Flavour' 3 Aesar4 Elai'/i4 Rose4 ango4 %tra+-erry Pa0k Si7e 3 .

Dispat'/ %/elf life*63 "ays A$u% S(r!) I*f!*t Mi%" Food . Homogeni$ations at 7? ' C/illing at 3 ' A""ition of flavo&r & 'olor !otting Capping %terili$ation %torage : a room temperat&re . Pre*/eating at 7? ' A""ition of s&gar :>N.FLA'OURED MIL& an&fa't&ring pro'ess flavo&re" mil0 Re'eiving of mil0 %tan"ar"li$ation :fat O1N4%N) O5N.

.A UL%PRAC IN)ANT ILA )##D is ma"e from partially s0imme" mil04 s&gar4 minerals an" vitamins8 Co&po'itio 3 • • • il0 Proteins .N • %&'rose 1>N 6ita&i '3 A4 D4 A ! gro&p4 C Mi eral'3 Cal'i&m4 agnesi&m4 P/osp/or&s4 Iron4 Copper4 Io"ine4 anganese4 Fin'4 An" Calorifi' Bal&eD 63? 0'al8H1??g or 1>>? AJH1??g8 Spe0ial Feature'3 Pro"&'t form&late" on g&i"elines set -y Co"ex Commission of 2H#H)A#8 ar0ete" in In"ia sin'e last .N il0 )at 1>N Car-o/y"rates D • La'tose 1.3 years8 Pro"u0t Spe0i4i0atio 3 eets !&rea& of In"ian %tan"ar"s I%D136@D15>38 an&fa't&re" &n"er Certifi'ation s'/eme8 spe'ifi'ation 'omp&lsory no8 !I% .

POWDER PRODUCTION PROCESS il0 'on"ensing & Homogisation po+"er il0 po+"er !ag & tin La-oratory testing %troage :Limite" time. Po+"er pa'0ing %troage Dispat'/ .

7 683 1 183 %N) :N.A$u% Fr#s+ Mi%" AMUL MILK is Paste&rise" il0 Co&po'itio 3 Bariety Am&l (ol" :2/ole mil0. 'ontains 37 parts of 'ar-o/y"rates4 16 parts of protein an" 5 parts of minerals8 %pe'ial )eat&resD Am&l il0 is t/e most /ygeni' li<&i" mil0 availa-le in t/e mar0et8 It is paste&rise" in state*of*t/e*art pro'essing plants . Am&l Taa$a :Tone" mil0. Am&l %lim N Trim )at :N.P 5 >83 >83 58? PEvery 1?? parts of %N) :%oli"s Not )at. Am&l %/a0ti :%tan"ar"ise" mil0.

an" po&'/*pa'0e" to ma0e it 'onveniently availa-le to 'ons&mers8 Pro"u0t Spe0i4i0atio 3 Am&l mil0 meets t/e P)A stan"ar"s for t/e respe'tive type of mil08 .

1N A""e" salt .A$u% P!st#uris#d Pro #ss#d C+#dd!r C+##s# AMUL PASTEURISED PROCESSED CHEDDAR CHEESE is ma"e from C/eese4 %o"i&m Citrate4 Common %alt4 Citri' A'i"4 permitte" nat&ral 'olo&r * Annatto8 Em&lsifier an" Class II preservatives8 Co&po'itio 3 • • • • )at .@N oist&re 63N Proteins .@>38 .83N Calori4i0 6alue3 16? 0'al8H1??g Spe0ial Feature'3 a"e from gra"e" 'o+H-&ffalo mil0 &sing mi'ro-ial rennet8 Product Spec ! c"t o#: eets !I% spe'ifi'ation No8I%D.

S!-!r Pur# G+## AMUL PURE GHEE is ma"e from il0 )at Co&po'itio 3 • • il0 )at 558@N oist&re ?81N Calori4i0 6alue3 5?? 0'al8H1??g Spe0ial Feature'3 a"e from fres/ 'ream8 Has typi'al ri'/ aroma an" gran&lar text&re8 An et/ni' pro"&'t ma"e -y "airies +it/ "e'a"es of experien'e8 A ri'/ so&r'e of Bitamin A4 D4 E an" A8 Pro"u0t Spe0i4i0atio 3 eets A( ARA %PECIAL (RADE spe'ifi'ation of t/e Agmar0 s'/eme :151>.A$u% . of (ovt8 of In"ia8 .

!alan'e tan0 Presenting tan0 Clarifi'ation %ettling tan0 Testing Pa'0ing %torage Dispat'/ .EE PRODUCTION PROCESS elting 'ream H +/ite -&tter %o&r -&tter !&tter -oiling for ma0ing g/ee :0ettle.G.

M!sti D!+i AMUL MASTI DAHI is ma"e from Paste&ri$e" Tone" il0 Appro8i&ate Co&po'itio 3 • • )at 183N %N) >83N Spe0ial Feature'3 #nly pa'0e" '&r" availa-le in mar0et4 ma"e in t/e /ygieni' +ay in mo"ern pro'essing plant8 a"e +it/ spe'ial '&lt&re to give a smoot/4 mil" a'i"i' taste an" pleasant flavo&r 'onsistently8 .

CURD PROUCTION PROCESS an&fa't&ring pro'ess for plain '&r" mil0 A"" % P & s&gar Heat at >? ' for 1@ se'on"s A"" '&lt&re )ilter )ill in '&ps In'&-ate at 1> ' for 6 /o&rs :A'i"ity ?871N to ?8>N la. Cool at 3? ' %tate &n"er refrigeration A$u% C+o o%!t#s .

AMUL CHOCOLATE is ma"e from %&gar4 Co'oa !&tter4 %oli"s4 C/o'olate mass il0 Co&po'itio 3 • • • • • • il0 )at . Co'oa %oli"s @83N il0 %oli"s .811N : il0 )at E Co'oa )at.?N Pro"u0t Spe0i4i0atio 3 eets all re<&irements &n"er t/e P)A for -oile" s&gar 'onfe'tionary8 .N %&gar 33N Total )at 1.

N Protein 1183N Co'oa >N Spe0ial Feature'3 Am&lGs N&tram&l /as t/e /ig/est protein 'ontent among all t/e -ro+n -everage po+"ers sol" in In"ia an" is t/e only one in In"ia +it/ !I% 'ertifi'ation mar08 Pro"u0t Spe0i4i0atio 3 Carries !I% 'ertifi'ation mar0 I%D 1>?7*15@3 Type II8 .Nutr!$u% NUTRAMUL MALTED MILK FOOD is ma"e from malt extra't4 mil0 soli"s4 s&gar4 'o'oa po+"er4 em&lsifying agents4 so"i&m -i'ar-onate an" a""e" flavo&r8 Co&po'itio 3 • • • • • • )at 783N Car-o/y"rates @?N :%tar'/4 s&gar. oist&re .

t/en after it is sent into paste&ri$er at @? to >? "egree temperat&re8 In paste&ri$er mil0 /eate" to "estroy -a'teria in ra+ mil04 t/en it is '/ille" &p to 3 to 138 T/is mil0 is sent into silloan" it 'an -e presente" t/en it is pa'0e" into po&'/es8 After t/at mil0 pa'0aging is "one in a&tomati' plants in one min&te 1? plasti' -ags of mil0 is fille"8 T/en after it store" in 'ol" storage at *6 to*7 "egree temperat&re8 In one "ay 783? la0/s mil0 is sale in t/e mar0et8 MILK3# GHEE3# Here -&tter is not /eate" to ma0e g/ee8 !&t only 'ream mil0 is /eate" at /ig/ "egree temperat&re "&e to it is transferre" into li<&i"4 t/en se'on" time it is /eate"8 No+ it -e'omes g/ee8 In t/is plant mil0 is /eate" at /ig/ temperat&re8 T/e part of +ater is seperate from mil0 an" t/en after mil0 po+"er8 Per "ay 7? ton mil0 po+"er is pro"&'e" 8 It is pa'0e" in po&'/ or in tin8 MILK PO9DER3# .MANUFACTURING PROCESS In"ia is n&m-er one 'o&ntry in mil0 pro"&'tion +it/ an ann&al mil0 pro"&'tion of @6 million metri' tones8 T/e ra+ mil0 re'eive" from 'o*operatives so'ities of t/e villages is '/e'0e" in re'eption la.

T/e paste&ri$e" 'ream is &se" to prepare -&tter4 +it/ t/e /elp of top -&tter '/&ren from t/e 'ream CELL#2 -&tter is prepare"8 Every "ay 1. ton of -&tter is pro"&'e"8 )UTTER3# ICE#CREAM3# In t/is plant mil0 is /eate" t/en after 'ream is a""e" to ma0e it soft4 t/en after "ifferent flavo&rs4 'olors an" smell is a""e" an" t/en after "ry fr&its is a""e" an" it pa'0e" in '&p4 'one or family pa'04 In per "ay 183 la0/ litre mil0 is &se" to ma0e i'e*'ream8 Han" female +or0ers ma0e pi$$a8 T/ey ma0e pi$$a +it/ t/eir o+n /an"s +it/o&t &sing any type of ma'/ine8 T/ey are pa'0e" in plasti' -ag an" +e 'an 0eep it fres/ +it/in 13 "ays8 In one "ay a-ove 3??? pie'es are ma"e8 AMUL PI::AD* .

"airy8 is in . To maintain t/e <&ality of t/e pro"&'ts T. .RAW MATERIAL AND SOURCES As t/is &nit is type of "airy4t/e -asi' vital most essential ra+ material is mil08 T/ese are no anot/er alternative for ra+ material ex'ept mil08 A-o&t t+elve lo'al "airies provi"e t/e mil0 to t/e &nit8 A-o&t 11??? 'o* operative -ase" so'ieties 'olle't t/e mil08 il0 p&r'/ase" from ea'/ 'attle -ree"er is taste" to "etermine t/e fats of t/e mil08 T/en t/e 'olle'te" mil0 is transfer to t/e "airy t/en at "airy t/e fat is "etermine 'olle'tively +/ole <&ality of mil08 As per t/e fat of mil0 t/e pri'e of t/e mil0 is "etemine"8 Total <&ality management :T.

/UALITY MANAGEMENT T/e <&ality 'ontrol is a 'r&'ial are for t/is organi$ation espe'ially sin'e it is a foo" in"&stry an" t/e pro"&'t=s expiry perio" is also limite"8 T/ere are t/ree ma9or stepsH'/e'0ingD  T/e first <&ality inspe'tion is 'arrie" o&t in t/e la-oratory +/en t/e ra+ materials are -ro&g/t in8  T/e se'on" stage <&ality '/e'0 is &n"erta0en +/en t/e goo"s are in pro'ess8 In'l&"ing t/e taste4 'olo&r4 amo&nt of ra+ material &se" 4 temperat&re4 +eig/ing et'8  T/e t/ir" stage is after t/e pa'0ing is 'omplete" +/ere t/e met/o" of pa'0ing is '/e'0e" against t/e set stan"ar"8  T/is system is applie" for ea'/ an" every pro"&'ts line of t/e Am&l Dairy8 .

MAC.INERY ost of t/e ma'/ineries are importe" mainly from Italy An" Japan T/e "aily pro"&'tion planning is "one -ase" on t/e rate" 'apa'ity of ma'/inesHlines +it/ t/e re<&ire" men so as to a'/ieve t/e maxim&m effi'ien'y in pro"&'tion8 o o Report is ta0en from ea'/ ma'/ine8 T/ere are fo&r lines for po+"er4 t+o for -itter8 o T/e ma'/inery is &pgra"e" +it/ '/ange in te'/nology8 o ost of t/ose are a&tomati'8 o T/e estimate" 'ost of t/e ma'/ineries is aro&n" Rs8 @3 'rores8 2e /a" 'arrie" o&t a t/ro&g/ st&"y on t/e po+"er pro'essing line an" learne" t/at only 1?? employees +ere re<&ire" per line8 SPARE PARTS FOR MACHINERIES3 %pare parts of ma'/ineries are 0ept in or"er t/at less time is +aste" if any -rea0"o+n o''&rs "&e to +ear an" tear of t/e parts8 .

&aterial3 • As per t/e form&la ra+ materials are in"ente" from t/e srore se'tion to plant se'tion8 • %tore s&perinten"ent iss&ing "ifferent ingre"ients to t/e /opper in t/e +are/o&se8 • No+ form t/e +are/o&se "ifferent ingre"ients are ta0en to t/e inter0ing 'onveys one -y one into t/e plant8 Clea i ! 'e0tio 3 • )irst materials are passe" t/ro&g/ a 'leaning se'tion8 • Cleaning means to remove all t/e &seless part or parti'les from t/e materials8 Gri "i ! 'e0tio 3 • Po+er ingre"ients li0e ri'e poli'e fine4 mai$e gl&tton et'8 are ta0en to t/e grin"ing rea'tion for t/e p&rpose of grin"ing8 • (ro&n" materials is ta0en to t/e respe'tive pre* +eig/ing -in"s 1 to 16 are +ell li0e" t/e respe'tive materials as per t/e form&la8 )at0( preparatio 3 • As per t/e form&la "ifferent ingre"ients are extra'te" 8 )rom t/e pre*+eig/ing -ri"es an" 'atty +eig/t an" 'olle'te" into a 'ontra't "es0 +eig/er8 • Preparation time per -at'/ 1D3? min&tes8 .PRODUCTION PLAN I''ui ! t(e Ra.

• #n'e -at'/ is prepare" +/ole -at'/ is ta0en to -e -at'/ mixes ma'/ine for /omogenio&s mixing 8 • No+ /is mixe" -at'/ materials se'tion8 Mola''e' 'e0tio 3 • In olasses se'tion olasses is a""e" into a /o+ of any material at 'ertain temperat&re an" press&re8 • olasses an" "ry materials are mixe" in molasses mixer ma'/ine8 • No+ t/is mixes materials is ta0en to t/e palleti$ing se'tion8 Palleti7i ! Se0tio 3 • %team is mixe" materials in fe"er 'on"itioner an" passe" t/ro&g/ a pallet mills "ye & pallet from is prepare"8 • No+ t/is not finis/e" pro"&'t is passe" t/ro&g/ pallet 'orer to 'osts "o+n its temperat&re8 • T/en finis/e" pro"&'t is ta0en to pa'0aging se'tion & po+"er or -ro0en pallent 7 are ta0en to t/e "ire't mill for repro'ess8 Pa0ka!i ! Se0tio 3 • In pa'0aging se'tion finis/e" pro"&'t is pa'0s into t/e g&nny -ags +it/ +eig/t gross of @14>??0g @?4???0g get +eig/t pro"&'t ??85??0g gross +eig/t of empty g&nny -ags ??85??0g gross ex'ess feeling of finis/e" pro"&'t8 • T/e finis/e" pro"&'t /as in t/e invite" stage a goo" amo&nt of moist&re to prevent t/e re"&'tion of +eig/t ex'ess feeling is "one in t/e sin'e8 T/e m&ltit&"e "ries '&t after sometime4 t/e loss of +eig/ter is 'orrespon"ent +it/ t/e exiles pro"&'t8 .

La.orator+ Te'ti !3 • Also at t/e time of pa'0aging sample of finis/e" pro"&'t is ta0en into a -ox8 • After 1?? -ags t/at sample -ox is 'olle'te" -y la-oratory for t/e analysis of finis/e" pro"&'t8 PAC&ING Pa'0ing pro'ess is 'omplete" -y means of semi a&tomati' as +ell as a&tomati' pa'0aging line8 Pa'0ing is aime" at impressing t/e -&yers t/ro&g/ t/e 'olorf&l attra'tive an" eye 'at'/ing pa'0ing of pro"&'t8 T/e importan'e of pa'0ing /as in'rease" 'onsi"era-ly in t/e area of mar0eting re'ent year8 Pa'0ing means all t/e a'tivities involve" in "esigning an" pro"&'ing t/e 'ontainer or +rapper for t/e pro"&'t8 T/e primary pa'0ing is "one in po&'/es4 tins et'8 2/ile se'on"ary pa'0ing is "one in 'artoons an" -ags et'8 T/e pro"&'ts are +eig/te" a''or"ing to liters an" grams8 .


INTRODUCTION ar0eting is a pro'ess -y +/i'/ a pro"&'er express /is pro"&'ts4 its pri'e an" <&ality -y +/i'/ '&stomer 'an -&y t/e pro"&'ts easily8 T/e 'on'epts of mar0eting are very important8 ar0eting is a 'ompre/ensive term8 It in'l&"e primary reso&r'es s&'/ as /&man reso&r'es4 finan'e & management as +ell as a set of a'tivities in or"er to "ire't t/e flo+ of goo"s an" servi'es from pro"&'ers to 'ons&mer in t/e pro'ess of ex'/ange an" "istri-&tion8 ar0eting may -e "efine" as t/e pro'ess of ex'/ange -et+een sellers an" -&yers8 It involves a n&m-er of interrelate" a'tivities "esigne" to plan promote "istri-&te an" pri'e a pro"&'t or servi'e in or"er to meet t/e +ants an" nee"s of -ot/ t/e parties in t/e ex'/ange8 :sellers. an" pro"&'er . P8Aotler "efines mar0eting as LT/e /&man a'tivity "ire'te" at satisfying nee"s an" +ants t/ro&g/ t/e ex'/ange pro'essM8 ar0eting is t/e LCreating an" "elivery of stan"ar" of living to t/e so'ietyM8 A total system of intera'tive t/e -&siness a'tivities "esigne" to plan4 pri'e promote an" "istri-&te +ant satisfie" pro"&'ts an" servi'es to present an" potential '&stomers8 A''or"ing to t/e 'ommittee of Ameri'an mar0eting asso'iation4 mar0eting 'onsist of performan'e of -&siness a'tivity t/at "ire't t/e flo+ of goo" an" servi'es from pro"&'er or s&ppliers to t/e '&stomer an" &ser8 In Am&l Dairy proper emp/asis /as given t/e 'on'ept of mar0eting as it /elps in in'reasing t/e selling an" t/e profita-ility an" t/at is +/y t/e separate "epartment of Tra 'a0tio 6i73# Cons&mer:-&yers.

mar0eting /as 0ept to 'arry n t/e 'ontrol mar0eting a'tivity of mil0 ma"e pro"&'t are performe" L(&9arat il0 ar0eting fe"eration Limite"M on -e/alf of Am&l Dairy t/is organi$ation /as -een set &p +it/ t/e p&rpose of over 'oming t/e intro 'ompetition (C ) 'arries on all t/e mar0eting a'tivities on -e/alf of its mem-ers8 .


PRODUCTION PLANNING T/e pro"&'t is origin of mar0eting8 T/e pro"&'t is synonymo&sly &se" +it/ t/ings pro"&'ing an" servi'e8 !&t +e 'an satisfy t/e /&man +ants4 is pro"&'t8 !y t/e ex'/ange of t/is pro"&'t seller gets profit +/ile '&stomers gets satisfa'tion -y &sing it8 !y t/e nat&re of &sers4 it 'an -e analyses into '&stomer pro"&'t an" in"&strial pro"&'t4 +/i'/ is "ire'tly &se" -y '&stomer4 is 'ons&mer pro"&'t8 2/ile t/e pro"&'t is &se" -y in"&strialists for f&rt/er pro"&'tion is in"&strial pro"&'t8 T/e pro"&'t pro"&'e" -y Am&l Dairy i8e8 mil04 -&tter4 g/ee4 an" '&stomers "ire'tly &se mil0 po+"er8 T/erefore t/ey are "efining as '&stomer pro"&'t +/ile allie" pro"&'t to its mem-er fee" is &se" -y its mem-er to in'rease t/e pro"&'tion of mil0 is 'alle" in"&strial8 PRODUCT LINES To"ay "&e to vitality of mar0et in'reasing "eman" in'rease in "iversity of pro"&'t an" '&tt/roat 'ompetition a 'ompany p&ts more t/an one pro"&'t in mar0et an" is 'alle" pro"&'t line8 %imilarly t/e gro&p of pro"&'t4 +/i'/ are pro"&'e" an" sol" -y one 'ompany4 is 'alle" pro"&'t mix8 2e 'an t/at t/e pro"&'t is 'omplementary to t/e ot/er pro"&'t +/ile in pro"&'t are 'ompetiting ea'/ ot/er8 .

8 axim&m '&rrent profit 18 axim&m '&rrent reven&e 68 axim&m s'ales gro+t/ 38 axim&m <&ality lea"ers/ip Am&l fixes pri'ing poli'y for in"&strial items li0e 'o'o4 -&tter4 'o'o po+"er4 'o'o mass4 'ream et'8 an" varia-le pri'ing poli'y for fa'tory pro"&'t li0e '/eese4 -&tter4 g/ee4 '/o'olate4 -a-y foo" et'8 Am&l '/ooses pri'es "epen"ing &pon mar0et8 Am&l "oes not 'ompromise +it/ t/e <&ality for getting or"er8 T/e strengt/ of getting or"er8 T/e strengt/ of t/e 'ompany lies .PRICING POLICIES Pri'ing is t/e s&m of t/e val&es 'ons&mers ex'/ange for t/e -enefits of /aving or &sing t/e amo&nt of money '/ange" for pro"&'t as organi$ation an" many non* profit organi$ation set pri'es is t/e only element in t/e mar0eting mix t/at pro"&'ers reven&e pri'e is also one of t/e most flefi-le element of mar0eting mix8 T/ro&g/o&t t/e /istory pri'es +ere set -y -&yers & seller=s negotiation +it/ ea'/ ot/er sellers +o&l" as0 for a /ig/er pri'e t/en t/ey expe'te" to pay t/ro&g/ -argaining4 t/ey +o&l" arrive at an a''epta-le pri'e8 Pri'e is all ro&n" as all profit*ma0ing8 %etting one pri'e for all -&yers is relating mo"ern i"ea8 It +as given impet&s -y t/e "evelopment of t/e large s'ale retailing at t/e en" of t/e nineteent/ 'ent&ry8 A 'ompany 'an p&rs&e any of t/e follo+ing o-9e'tives t/ro&g/ its pri'ing8 18 %&rvival .

on /ig/ of fa-ri'ation & 'reation of t/e t/e 'ons&mer=s satisfa'tion8 .

3? persons are +or0ing on t/is sales offi'e8 .MAR&ETING PROCESS ar0eting of Am&l=s Pro"&'t is "one -y (C ) Lt"85?N of Am&l pro"&'ts are mar0ete" -y fe"eration ex'ept for li<&i" mil08 !efore esta-lis/ment of (C ) Dairy mar0ete" t/e pro"&'t "ire'tly4 t/is lea" to many pro-lems8 T/&s t/e (&9arat Co*operative mil0 mar0eting fe"eration areas esta-lis/e" in 15@. for mar0eting t/e Dairies of (&9arat8 All t/e f&n'tion of mar0eting li0e a"vertising4 -&"get4 mar0eting resear'/4 pri'e of pro"&'t et'8 (C ) sent mont/ly re<&irements "ate to t/e "airies & a''or"ing to t/is anot/er 'on'erne" "airies +ill +or08 Daily t/e amo&nt of pro"&'tion of Am&l li0e C/eese4 !&tter4 il0 Po+"er4 C/o'olate et'8 are sent to t/e 'ommer'ial "epartment t/ro&g/ pro"&'tion "epartment8 T/is "ata is very &sef&l to t/e am&l "ispat'/ or"ers4 +/i'/ is sent to t/e fe"eration "ispat'/ or"er8 It involves <&ality of goo"s are to -e sent pri'e signal exe'&tive et'8 T/ere "ispat'/ or"ers are sent to 'on'erne" state -y programme 'ommittee & &n"er 'ommittee mem-er "ifferent persons are in'l&"e" line mem-er of Am&l8 T/ro&g/ fe"eration Am&l get fixe" per'entage of 'ommission on ea'/ pro"&'tion8 )e"eration selling f&n'tions "one t/ro&g/ 11 sales offi'ers in all In"ia & .

.8 ILA P#2DER INDIA ALL #BER THR#U(H )EDERATI#N 18 A UL ITHAI ADE INDIA THR#U(H )EDERATI#N 68 A UL (HEE ALL #BER INDIA THR#U(H )EDERATI#N ALL #BER .8 In t/is &nit +e 'an fin" spe'ial 0in" of mar0et segmentation8 !asi'ally Am&l "airy /as a"opte" geograp/i' an" "emograp/i'al segmentation8 GENERAL MARKET OF THE PRODUCT 18 PA%TEURIFED ILA (ANDHINA(AR * AH EDA!AD :2ITHIN THE DI%TRICT.MAR&ETING SEGMENTATION ar0et segmentation is t/e pro'ess of "ivi"ing total mar0et into s&-mar0et on t/e -asis of regional geograp/i'4 psy'/ograp/i' et'8 T/is "airy /as so m&'/ -ig mar0et4 -&t (&9arat Co* operative mil0 mar0eting fe"eration mar0ets all t/e pro"&'ts of t/eir "airy ANAND :A UL.

38 A UL ICE*CREA ALL #BER INDIA THR#U(H )EDERATI#N 78 A UL !A!C )##D ALL #BER INDIA THR#U(H )EDERATI#N @8 A UL PIFFA (ANDHINA(AR * AH EDA!AD AD'ERTISING A"vertising is one of t/e tools t/at a 'ompany &ses to "ire't pers&sive 'omm&ni'ation to target -&yers & 'ons&mer8 A"vertising is any pai" from of non* personal presentation & promotion of i"eas +ell as servi'es -y i"entifie" sponsors8 A"vertising is employe" in all t/e 'o&ntries of t/e +orl"8 A"vertising is a 'ost effe'tive +ays to "isseminatin messages8 T/ere are five ma9or "e'isions in "eveloping an a"vertising programme 0no+s as five msD 18 issionD 2/at are t/e a"vertising o-9e'tivesQ .8 oneyD Ho+ m&'/ 'an -e spentQ 18 essageD 2/at message s/o&l" -e sentQ 68 e"iaD 2/at me"ia s/o&l" -e &se"Q 38 eas&rementD Ho+ s/o&l" t/e res&lt -e eval&tate"Q .

T/e ma9or o-9e'tive of a"vertising is to inform to pers&a"e & to remin" '&stomers a-o&t t/e me"ia8 )re<&en'y & impa't4 '/oosing4 among ma9or me"ia type4 sele'ting spe'ifi' me"ia ve/i'le4 "e'i"ing on me"ia timing & "e'i"ing geograp/i'al me"ia allo'ation8 A"vertising is very important tool for t/e pro"&'t range of Am&l Dairy8 T/e 'ompany is given a"vertising in rep&te" & +ell*'ir'&late" in"&strial maga$ines4 T8B84 Ne+spaper et'8 T/is is "one or"er to -ring a+areness of t/e 'ompany=s vario&s pro"&'ts among t/e '&stomers &intro"&'e4 'o*range of pro"&'t into nearly "iversifi'ation fiel"s8 .

ANNEL DISTRIBUTION ost pro"&'ers "o not sale t/eir goo"s "ire'tly to t/e final &sers8 !&t t/ey sale t/eir pro"&'t -y 0eeping mar0eting interme"iates perform vario&s type of f&n'tions & -earing vario&s names8 It means pro"&'ers +or0 +it/ mar0eting interme"iates to -ring t/eir pro"&'ers to mar0et8 T/e mar0eting interme"iates ma"e &p a mar0eting '/annel8 ar0eting '/annels are sets of inter "epen"ent organi$ation involve" in t/e pro'ess of ma0ing a pro"&'t of servi'e availa-le for &se or 'ons&mption8 It is an important in mo"ern "ays8 !y fating some 'ontrol over /o+ & to +/om t/e pro"&'ts are sol"4 t/e pro"&'ers "o again several a"vantages -y &sing interme"iates8 As +e 0no+ t/at many pro"&'er la'0 t/e finan'ial reso&r'es to 'arry o&t "ire't mar0eting8 2/ile in some 'ase "ire't mar0eting is not feasi-le4 in t/ese types of sit&ation t/e mar0eting interme"iary ma0es t/eir pla'e t/ro&g/ 'onta'ts4 experien'e4 spe'iali$ation & s'ale of operation4 interme"iates offer t/e firm more t/en it 'an a'/ieve &nit o+n8 As Am&l Dairy in mil0 selling is not a-le to "istri-&te & sale t/e mil0 on its o+n4 it is ta0ing t/e /elp of interme"iary4 +/i'/ in -ringing t/e pro"&'t & its title 'loser to t/e final -&yers 'onstit&te a '/annel level8 .C.


Resear'/ al+ays starts +it/ a <&estion or a pro-lem8 Its p&ropose is to fin" ans+ers to <&estions t/ro&g/ t/e appli'ation of t/e s'ientifi' met/o"8 It is a systemati' an" intensive st&"y "ire'te" tor+ar" a more 'omplete 0no+le"ge of t/e s&-9e't st&"ie"8 ar0et "e'ision*ma0ing is -ot/ pro-lems & '/allenge -e'a&se it "epen"s on 'ons&mer -e/avior to meet t/is pro-lems & '/allenge t/e mar0eting manager /as to 'olle't "epen"a-le mar0eting8 T/is 9o.of 'olle'ting4 re'or"ing & analysis "ata for analy$ing "ata for mar0eting "e'ision is 0no+n as L ar0eting Resear'/M8 A''or"ing to CRI%P L ar0eting Resear'/M is t/e systemati' o-9e'tive & ex/a&stive sear'/ st&"y of t/e fa'ts relevant to any mar0eting pro-lem8 T/e s'ope of t/is resear'/ &p to mar0et pri'e 'ons&mer & sales as +ell as "istri-&tion8 2/ile a mar0eting resear'/ on national level are performe" -y (C )8 )or t/is (C ) /as appointe" vario&s management & mar0eting exe'&tive +/o st&"y t/e mar0et4 fas/ion -e/avior4 f&t&re "eman" & present "eman" & inform t/eir &nion=s resear'/8 T/e mar0eting resear'/ expen"it&re is pai" -y (C )8 D&ring mar0eting resear'/ t/e important is -eing given to t/e 'ons&mer ex'epte" pri'e4 'ompetitors strengt/ & govt=s for'e 4 t/e pro"&'t image4 sales gro+t/4 target sales <&ota et'8 -y Am&l Dairy & (C )8 Am&l Dairy /as also <&ality 'ontrol "epartment8 .MAR&ETING RESEARC.


INTRODUCTION HRD is sai" t/at management is 'on'erne" +it/ a'/ieving t/e o-9e'tives -y &tili$ing p/ysi'al an" finan'ial reso&r'es +it/ t/e /elp of HRD8 HRD 'an -e t/o&g/ in anot/er senses8 J&st as t/ere are nat&ral reso&r'es &se" -y t/e organi$ation4 so also /&man reso&r'es %ara one reso&r'es8 !&t no enterprises 'an s&''ee" +it/o&t /&man reso&r'es 8 %o it is a reso&r'e of reso&r'es of a "ifferent type8 As one anot/er /ave p&t it Lt/e "ifferen'e in t/e level of e'onomi' "evelopment of t/e 'o&ntries is largely a refle'tion of t/e "ifferen'e in <&ality of t/eir /&man reso&r'es8 T/e 0ey element in t/is proposition is t/at t/e val&es4 attit&"es4 general orientation an" <&ality of t/e 'o&ntry "etermine its e'onomi' "evelopment8 T/e term HRD in'l&"es all t/e 'omponent reso&r'es of all employees from lo+er level to t/e top management level8 It in'l&"es all t/e employees managing "ire'tor4 -oar" of "ire'tors8 Person +/o on /onorary -asis4 expert of vario&s organi$ation4 +/o 'ontri-&tes t/eir servi'es for t/e attainment of organi$ation goals8 It also in'l&"es /&man val&es4 li0e "isli0es an" attri-&tes of personnel8 .


8In"ire't 18T/ir" party et/o" A&ul (a' a"opte" "ire0t &et(o" o4 re0ruit&e t1 I A&ul < t+pe' o4 re0ruit&e t 21 Gra"e" Skill3 In t/is type of re'r&itments employees are re'r&ite" t+o +ays &n"er gra"e" s0ill firstly +ell <&alifie" & experien'e" persons are 'onsi"ere" se'on"ly fres/ gra"&ate from +ell 0no+ instit&te li0e I8R8 8A84 TATA et'8 are 'onsi"ere"8 -1 Re0ruit&e t U "er U io S0(e&e3 T/is s'/eme is o+ne" s'/eme" of Am&l a''or"ing to t/is s'/eme 8L8284 8R8 8D4 D8C8A84 8!8A8 'an"i"ates are re'r&ite" as management trainee 'an"i"ates is 1 year & stipen" Rs813? ? per mont/ for engineering perio" is 1 year & stipen" Rs8.??4 .n" year Rs813?? & 1r" year Rs813??8 .??? per mont/ for 1st year is Rs8 1.RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION  RECRUITMENT 3# It forms t/e first stage in t/e pro'ess4 +/i'/ 'ontin&o&s +it/ sele'tion 'a&ses +it/ t/e pla'ement of t/e 'an"i"ate=s re'r&itment is t/e "is'overing of potential appli'ations8 T(ere are / &et(o" o4 re0ruit&e t 18Dire't .

??? per mont/8 iii) Appre ti0e a0t 2=@>3 Un"er t/is a't Bo'ational person are 'onsi"er t/ey given post li0e management trainee8 T/eir training perio" is Rs 63? per mont/ in 1 yea training8 . mont/ t/ey +ill -e re'r&ite" in &nion s'/eme as trainee8 T/eir training perio" is t/ree year if t/ey are irreg&lar t/en training perio" may -e exten"e"8 <1 Re0ruit&e t u "er appre ti0e a0t3 T(ere are t(ree o4 appre ti0e a0t1 i) Appre ti0e a0t 2=>23 Un"er t/ese a't 71 st&"ents from %8%8C4 !8%8C4 government ta0es I8T8I8 ii) Appre ti0e a0t 2=?/3 Un"er t/is a't seat are allotte" for engineering 4 "iploma & "egree8 T/ey are given t/e post li0e te'/ni'ian=s foo" & "iary te'/nology et'8 per "iploma st&"ent 1 year training Rs8 .orker'D Un"er t/is s'/eme +or0ers are re'r&ite" temporary for 1474an" 5 or 1./1 Re0ruit&e t o4 te&porar+ .

 Sele0tio 3# %ele'tion pro'e"&re of Am&l is as &n"er8 Ba'an'y in any Department Dire't appli'ation Colle'tion of appli'ation %'ritinisation of appli'ation Intervie+ e"i'al C/e'0 Up %ele'tion 21 6a0a 0+ i a + "epart&e t3 2/ere t/ere is any organi$ation "epartment t/en t/ey 'olle't information t/ro&g/ 'ollages4 instit&tion4 &niversity et'8 -1 T/ey 'olle't appli'ation from post +/i'/ is "ire'tly re'eive"8 T/ey 'olle't list from "istri't employment ex'/ange 'amp&s intervie+ et'8 Colle0tio o4 appli0atio 3 /1 S0ruti i'atio o4 appli0atio 3 After 'olle'tion of appli'ation 8 T/ey are st&"ies in "etail & not s&ita-le appli'ation is re9e'te" & ot/er 0ept for f&rt/er pro'ess8 .

mont/s for offi'ers8 7 mont/s for 'leri'als 1mont/s for +or0ers If any person is not s&ita-le for /is 9o.3 A1 Me"i0al C(e0kup3 %ele'te" person sent for me"i'al '/e'0&p & +/en person me"i'ally fit t/en se'tion is "one8 >1 e"i'al fit person gave offer letter & t/en person is 9oining in a +or08 In Am&l pro-ation perio" is "ifferent for "ifferent types of person8 1.t/en t/ey /ave a +rite to terminate t/eir sevi'es also8 Sele0tio 3 .<1 Remaining appli'ations are t/en 'alle" for intervie+ in t/is intervie+ person personally4 experien'es4 s&-9e't 0no+le"ge4 general 0no+le"ge et'8 are teste" intervie+ res&lt "e'lare" on t/at "ay8 I tervie.

TRAINING AND DE'ELOPMENT Trai i !3# Training is a s/ort term pro'ess &tili$ing a systemati' an" organi$e" pro'e"&re -y +/i'/ non*managerial personal a'<&ires te'/ni'al 0no+le"ge an" s0ills for a "efinite p&rpose8 Training is a pro'ess of learing a se<&en'e of programme" -e/avior it is appli'ation 0no+le"ge8 T/ey give refres/ment training to t/eir employees in every 1 mont/s8 Develop&e t3# Development is a long*term pro'ess e"&'ational pro'ess &tili$ing a systemati' an" organi$e" -y +/i'/ managerial personnel pro'e"&re get pra'ti'al an" t/eoreti'al 0no+le"ge8 All t/ose persons +/o /ave a&t/ority over ot/er an" for t/e operation of an enterprise are mangers8 !ot/ training an" "evelopment programmer are ne'essary for any organi$ation8 !&t not all organi$ation s/o+ a+areness of t/e nee" for "evelopment8 AREA Topi' Aim Perio" Training TRAINING Te'/ni'al s0ill & 0no+le"ge DE6ELOPMENT anagerial & -e/avioral s0ills an" 0no+le"ge8 %pe'ifi' 9o.relate" Con'ept&al an" general 0no+le"ge %/ort term mostly Long term mostly te'/ni'al for managerial .

PROMOTION AND TRANSFER POLICY As soon as an employee is sele'te" an" pla'e" on 9oit -e'omes t/e "&ty of personnel manager to "evelop /is a-ilities8 )or t/is p&rpose generally t+o poli'ies are a"opte"8 PROMOTION Promotion is term4 +/i'/ 'overs a '/ange an" 'alls for greater responsi-ilities an" involves /ig/er pay an" -etter tren"s an" 'on"itions of servi'es8 T/erefore it lea"s to a /ig/er stat&s8 %o far Am&l "airy is 'on'erne" t/ere is not/ing li0e a"van'e" or spe'ifi' promotion poli'y8 (enerally promotion is -ase" on seniority4 a-ility an" performan'e8 !&t in t/is &nit t/ey give more important to +or0 an" performan'e rat/er t/an on seniority8 It means seniority is not main -ase for promotion in t/is &nit8 Employees are promote" -ase" on performan'e appraisal -y /alf yearly or yearly8 T/e 'ompany "oes not any o&tsi"es or politi'al press&re on promotion8 .

to ot/er 9o.+it/o&t involving any s&-stantial '/ange in /is "&ties4 responsi-ilities4 s0ills4 stat&s an" 'ompensation8 Transfer may exist in some &nits to f&lfill t/e re<&irement of se'on" -&siness8 Employee may transfer from lo+er level to &pper level or to same level at anot/er pla'e8 2/ile in p&nis/ment transfer may exist from /ig/er to lo+er level8 %o far as Am&l "airy is 'on'erne"4 transfer is existing in some spe'ial 'ase8 It /as nit a"opte" any spe'ial transfer poli'y8 .TRANSFER It refers t/e movement of employees from one 9o.

PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL Performan'e eval&ation or performan'e appraisal is t/e pro'ess of assessing t/e performan'e an" progress of an employee or a gro&p of employees on a given" /is potential for f&t&re "evelopment8 It 'onsists of all formal pro'e"&res &se" in +or0ing organi$ations to eval&ate personalities4 'ontri-&tions an" potentials of employees8 A''or"ing to )IPP#4 LPerforman'e appraisal is t/e systemati'4 perio"i' an" an impartial rating of an employee=s ex'ellen'e in matters pertaining to /is potential for a -etter 9o-M8 Performan'e appraisal provi"es val&a-le information for personnel "e'ision s&'/ as pay in'reases4 promotions4 "emotions4 transfer an" terminations8 anagement gets an o-9e'tive -asis for "is'&ssing salary in'reases an" promotions +it/ t/e staff8 T/&s performan'e appraisal serves as t/e -asis of s&ita-le personnel poli'ies8 Am&l Dairy /as a"opte" a spe'ial pro'e"&re for performan'e appraisal8 It is 0no+n as 'onfi"ential report te'/ni<&e8 Performan'es are meas&re" on t/e -asis of t/e employees are performe" on t/eir given 9o-4 /o+ t/ey /an"le grievan'es4 t/eir responsi-ilities an" +or0 +it/ t/eir 'olleag&es8 T/is &nit ta0es a separa-le re'or" of ea'/ employee performan'e8 It /elps to 9&"ge t/e effe'tiveness of re'r&itment4 sele'tion4 pla'ement an" orientation systems of t/e organi$ations8 It is &sef&l in analy$ing training an" "evelopment nee"s8 T/ese nee"s 'an -e assesse" -e'a&se performan'e appraisal reveals people +/o re<&ire f&rt/er training to remove t/eir +ea0nesses8 It also i"entifies in"ivi"&als +it/ /ig/ potential +/o 'an -e groome" &p for /ig/er positions8 .

WAGES AND SALARY Employee 'ompensation is a vital part of /&man reso&r'e management +ages4 salaries an" ot/er forms of employee 'ompensation 'onstit&te a very large 'omponent of operating 'osts8 L#ne of t/e -iggest fa'tors affe'ting in"&strial relation is t/e salary or +age*t/e 'ompensation an employee re'eives for a fair "ay=s +or0M8 A so&n" +age salary a"ministration /elps to attra't <&alifie" an" /ar" +or0ing people -y ens&ring an a"e<&ate payment for all 9o-s8 2age & salary programme also see0s to pro9e't t/e images of a progressive employer an" to 'omply +it/ legal re<&irement relating to +ages an" salaries8 Am&l Dairy /as not a"opte" a "airy +age system8 2ages are fixe" a''or"ing to 0in" of +or0 an" responsi-ilities an" t/eir talent re<&ire" for t/e 9o-8 2age poli'y is "e'i"e" -y managing "ire'tor an" HR manger of t/e 'ompany8 2ages are pai" to t/e +or0ers as per government r&les8 %alary is pai" to employees on first +ee0 of every mont/8 %alary is pai" in terms of 'as/ to every employee in t/e organi$ation8 T/e +age an" salary is "etermine" on t/e -asis of employees= i8 ii8 iii8 iv8 Performan'e A-ility in +or0 Reg&larity in +or0 Profit of t/e 'ompany .

)ollo+ing are t/e minim&m & maxim&m pay s'ale for "ifferent 'ategories of persons8

Pa+roll S+'te&' Gra"e
anager anager anager anager anager #ffi'ers #ffi'ers #ffi'ers Cleri'al Cleri'al 2or0ers 2or0ers 2or0ers 2or0ers

8D (8 A8(8 anager Dep&ty anager %&p"t Dy8 %&p"t %r8 #ffi'ers Assistant %r8 Cler0 (ra"e SC= (ra"e SD= (ra"e SE= (ra"e S)=

Pa+ '0ale
@??? 3??? 15?? 13?? ,1?? 1>?? 133? 11?? 53? @3? 1?? ,>? 153 1@3 to 13??? to 11??? to >1?? to @>?? to 7,?? to 36>? to 3?@> to 36>? to 1763 to 13? to 13? to >53 to 7> to 7?

anager #ffi'er %&pervisor 2or0ers Total

Ma po,er
36 ,?5 > 1?>1 1@76

anpo+er is most important fa'tor for ea'/ an" every organi$ation8 %&''ess of ea'/ organi$ation "epen"s &pon effe'tiveness an" satisfa'tion of employees8 If an" only if employees are satisfie" in organi$ation t/en t/ey +ill effe'tively an" effi'iently +or0 T/e employees -enefit servi'e refers to t/e in'entives4 +/i'/ provi"es to employees so t/at t/ey are en'o&rage an" motivate"8 In Am&l Dairy t/ere is no any la-o&r pro-lem -e'a&se 'ompany is provi"ing goo" salary an" fa'ilities to t/e +or0ers8 Apart from salary an" +ages 'ompany provi"ing some a""itional -enefit an" servi'es to t/e +or0ers8

Am&l /as its o+n 'anteen for its +or0ers as +ell as staff mem-ers8 All t/e +or0ers of t/e organi$ation get tea4 'offee4 -rea0fast at t/e minim&m rate8

Am&l also provi"e" me"i'al fa'ilities to its +or0ers8 It /as its o+n me"i'al /ospital +it/in organi$ation8


Am&l is also given e"&'ation fa'ilities to its o+n +or0ers '/il"ren

Employees are also given -on&s -y t/e 'ompany at t/e time of Di+ali8

T/ey given loan to t/e +or0ers

Am&l also provi"e /an" googol4 an" s/oes for +or0ers safety8

Company 0eeps asi"e ,?N of amo&nt for +or0ers as provi"ent f&n"8 2or0ers provi"e 1?N of provi"ent f&n" an" remaining 1?N of amo&nt is pai" -y 'ompany8

If any employees are in9&re" "&ring t/e "&ty total treatment is "one -y t/e 'ompany8 A 'ompany also provi"es /im t/e amo&nt of +ages +/i'/ is not a't&ally earne" -y t/e employees "&e to a''i"ent8


T/e amo&nt for t/is is set &p for every +or0er8 T/e premi&m is pai" -y t/e 'ompany on -e/alf of t/e +or0ers8 In t/e 'ase of any a''i"ent o''&r t/is poli'y is very &sef&l for +or0ers8 UNIFORM3# T/e 'ompany is given t+o pairs of &niform per years to every employee8 PENSION3# Company provi"es pension fa'ility to t/e retire" employee +/i'/ is retire" at t/e pre*"etermine" "ate8 .

LABOUR REALATION ACTI'ITY T/e s'/olars/ip are given year to o&tstan"ing '/il"ren of t/e &nion staff &n"er t/e gro&p=s gamin personal a''i"ent poli'y t/e mem-er @ spo&se are iss&e" -y t/e &nion8 T/e &nion operator a 'ontin&o&s 'o*operative "evelopment program to &pgra"e t/e 0no+le"ge of t/e mem-er=s management 'ommittee mem-er of t/e village 'o*operative staff mem-ers8 Li0e+ise t/ey also esta-lis/e" a S%as/aye" Aalian )&n"= to meet8 T/e emergent /ea" of t/e 'omm&nity espe'ially at t/e term of nat&re 'alamities8 T/e mem-ers /ave "ose" o&t a post t/eir "aily mil0 in'ome to start /&ts4 +/i'/ +ill ens&re all me"i'al re<&irement of mem-er=s family "&ring garnering si'0ness4 "isregar"ing t/e 'ost of treatment8 !esi"e t/ese a-ove mentione" in la-or a'tivity all t/e +or0ers in Am&l gets 3?? grams of mil0 free8 Am&l provi"es a s&-si"i$e" 'anteen for t/e employees an" also pays e"&'ation fees for t/eir employee=s st&"ent8 .

PESONAL DATA Am&l -ring a 'o*operative +or0 in a 9oint manner +/ere 9oint effort are involve" an" to t/e 9oint effort of "ay8 Am&l is +/ere it s/o&l" -e all mem-ers are t/e 'o* operative are 9oine" to ea'/ ot/er li0e /&ge family8 All "o'&ment of all employee are preserve" &n"er t/e personnel re'or" arte generally prepare" from t/e report & maintain for long time in t/e 'ontain every "etail regar"ing t/e employees8 In t/e personal re'or" servi'es too master 0eeper4 personnel file re<&irement register4 pri'ey file et' are maintaine"8 %ervi'es roll is a in +/i'/ employee no f&ll name4 -irt/ "ate4 "esignation4 "ate of 'onfirmation4 promotion4 rate of in'rement4 "ate of retirement4 permanent an" present a""ress et' are re'or"e"8 %eniority files is t/e anot/er file8 In t/is file gra"e post are maintaine" an" '/e'0 after every mont/8 It any employee is to -e promote" ten it is re'or"e" seniority 'onsi"ere"8 T/e /ierar'/y o f its follo+e" from 8D to t/e +or0ers8 T/e re'or"s of all 1 &nits maintain an" perio"8 .

T/ere is gra"e ta-le for pay s'ale of "ifferent post8 )or example4 anager (ra"e in'l&"e %r8 s&perinten"ent4 %r8offi'ers4 'leri'al gra"e in'l&"e gra"e8 A4 gra"e ! an" C4D4E4)4(8 T/e 'ompany s/o&l" also re'or" o&r f&t&re st&"ies 'ertifi'ates8 PERSONAL DATA RECORD3# 21 SER6ICES ROLL3# Employment n&m-er )&ll name of employee Designation .&alifi'ation Date of -irt/ Date of 9oining t/e organi$ation Date of retirement Date of in'rement 2. IN TERM OF TRANSFER 5 PROMOTIOND* Date of transfer an" promotion C/ange in "esignation (ra"e given Permanents a""ress P/one no8 Progressive salary /1 OTHER3# A'a"emi' an" professional <&alifi'ation Re'or" of previo&s employment %pe'ial 'o&rses atten"e" Note on "is'iplinary a'tion %alary re'or" .


INTRODUCTION L)inan'ial management is raising an" allo'ation of finan'ial reso&r'es to a'/ieve pre"etermine" goal of t/e organi$ation=8 In tas0 of finan'ial manager is to see /o+ large t/e firm 'an gro+ in terms of finan'ial affairs8 )inan'ial management is not t/e separate one from overall management8 In ot/er +or"s finan'ial management is an integrate" part of overall management4 finan'ial reso&r'es for o-taining optim&m effi'ien'y of operation8 )inan'ial management is 'on'erne" not only +it/ t/e pro'&rement of f&n"s -&t effe'tive &se of f&n"s is also re<&ire"8 In mo"ern -&siness +orl"4 finan'e is t/e life -loo" of t/e -&siness e'onomy8 #ne 'annot image t/e -&siness +it/o&t finan'e -e'a&se it is t/e 'entral point of all -&siness a'tivities8 N# matter4 t/e -&siness is -ig or small4 government or semi government or non government8 T/ere is al+ays a pro-lem +it/ every organi$ation for managing its expan"ing an" am-itio&s plants +it/ its limite" reso&r'es8 T/e finan'ial management /as t/erefore -een assigne" t/e tas0 of planning an" 'ontrolling t/e s/ort an" long term finan'ial nee"s of t/e firms8 .

#ffi'ers #ffi'ers #ffi'ers Cler0s Cler0s Cler0s Peons Peons Peons .ART anagement Dire'tor (eneral anager anager Assistant (eneral anager %&perinten"ent anager:finan'e.ORGANISATIONAL C.

RELATIONS.IP WIT.ER DEPARTMENT )inan'e "epartment are 'losely sele'te" +it/ ot/er "epartment li0e pro"&'tion "epartment4 mar0eting "epartment4 & personal "epartment8 )inan'e is t/e 0ey for any organi$ation8 T/e effi'ien'y of pro"&'tion & ar0eting operation is "ire'tly intense -y t/e manner in +/i'/ t/e finan'e f&n'tion of t/e enterprise is performe" -y t/e finan'e8 It also /elpf&l in effi'ien'y of t/e personal "epartment8 )inan'e "epartment is provi"ing poli'ies & pro'e"&res +/i'/ -ring o&t a 'loser 'o*or"ination -et+een t/e vario&s f&n'tional areas of -&siness s&'/ as pro"&'tion & mar0eting8 T/e finan'ial planning is to fore'ast a-o&t t/e f&t&re re<&irements of f&n" & &se of f&n"s8 %o t/e pro"&'tion "epartment may get t/e information a-o&t /o+ m&'/ f&n" is nee"e" in f&t&re for t/e pro"&'ing of t/e pro"&'t8 )inan'e "epartment is 'losely relate" +it/ t/e pro"&'tion "epartment8 Almost all 0in" of -&siness a'tivities4 "ire'tly or in"ire'tly4 invoi'es t/e a''or"ing & &se of f&n"s8 )or example4 re<&irement & promotion of employees in t/e pro"&'tion is 'learly a responsi-ility of t/e pro"&'tion "epartment -&r it resolve" payment of +ages& salaries an" ot/er -enefits an" t/is involves finan'e8 . OT.

)inan'e "epartment are 'losely relate" +it/ t/e mar0eting "epartment8 !e'a&se in mar0eting "epartment4 in t/e a"vertising8 Distri-&te goo" & servi'es t/e f&n"s are ne'essary8 T/e finan'e "epartment is provi"ing t/e f&n"s to t/e mar0eting "epartment8 T/e personal "epartment is 'losely relate" +it/ t/e finan'e "epartment8 T/e personal "epartment is provi"ing t/e manpo+er to t/e organi$ation8 !&t t/ere is a nee" to pay +ages & salary an" ot/er fa'ility to t/e +or0er8 T/e finan'e "epartment provi"es t/e f&n"s & ot/er fa'ilities to +or0ers8 .

ACCOUNTING POLICIES In A UL4 t/ere are t+o types of a''o&nting Poli'ies8 DAE SIGNIFICANT ACCOUNTING POLICIES3# In t/is a''o&nting poli'y4 it in'l&"es t/e follo+ing poli'ies 21 METHOD OF ACCOUNTING3# T/e &nion follo+e" a't&al system of a''o&nting in t/e preparation of a''o&nts8 T/e finan'ial statements are prepare" on t/e /istori'al 'ost 'onvention an" in a''or"an'e +it/ t/e generally a''epte" a''o&nting prin'iples8 -1 FIFED ASSETS3# )ixe" assets are val&e" at 'ost8 T/e 'ost of assets 'omprises p&r'/ase pri'e an" any attri-&ta-le 'ost in -ringing t/e assets to its present 'on"ition or inten"e" &se8 /1 Depre'iation on fixe" assets is provi"e" on +ritten "o+n val&e met/o" at t/e appli'a-le rates pres'ri-e" &n"er t/e In'ome Tax A't 15718 In t/e 'ase of A UL 1 "airy an" Aara Dairy "epre'iation /as -een '/ange" on straig/t*line met/o"s as per t/e rate pres'ri-e" &n"er t/e 'ompany=s a't 15378 DEPRECIATION3# .

Depre'iation /as -een provi"e" for t/e year for t/e assets re<&ire" an" 'ommissione" -y t/e 1? t/ sep8 155>8 #t/er+ise for /alf year if 'ommissione" -et+een 1 st o't8 155> to 11st mar'/ 15558 <1 Pro9e'ts &n"er 'ommissioning an" ot/er 'apital +or0s in progress are 'arrie" at 'ost8 CAPTIAL 9ORK IN PROGRESS3# A1 IN6ENTORIES3# Real materials4 pa'0ing materials 4 semi pa'0e" goo"s an" goo"s in transit are val&e" at 'ost on )I)# -asis8 %tores an" spares val&e" at 'ost on )I)# -asis8 )inis/e" goo"s in 'ase of ANAND4 ogar an" A/atra9 are val&e" at t/e ex*fa'tory pri'eless 1@N +/i'/ is fair estimates of t/e "ire't 'ost8 In 'ase of Aan9ari &nit t/e finis/e" goo" /as -een val&e" at t/e ex*fa'tory pri'eless 13N 8 >1 Investments are primarily meant to -e /el" over a long term perio" an" as s&'/ are state" at 'ost8 IN6ESTMENTS3# ?1 RETIREMENT )ENEFITS3# Union=s 'ontri-&tion to+ar"s grat&ity an" s&perann&ating for its employees are f&n"e" +it/ Life Ins&ran'e Corporation of In"ia8 Leave en'as/ment is a''o&nte" for as an" +/en "&e for payments8 @1 PABMENT OF )ONUS3# .

7 'rores given on vario&s a''o&nts8 Disp&te" lia-ilities for sales tax Rs8 36815 la0/s8 Disp&te" lia-ilities for ex'ises "&ty for Rs .Provision /as -een ma"e in t/e finan'ial year 155>*1555 -&t paya-le to employees in 1555*.863 'rores8 Disp&te" lia-ility for in'ome tax Rs8 78?1 'rores8 .1 SALES INCLUDED EFCISE DUTB3# RA9#MATERIAL CONSUMPTION3# Is net of 're"it availe" &n"er mo"vat s'/eme +/enever appli'a-le8 221 #n finis/e" goo"s is a''o&nte" for t/e s'/eme of goo" from fa'tory8 HE EFCISE DUTB PABA)LE3# D)E CONTINGENT LIA)ILITB NOT PRO6IDED FOR3# !an0 g&aranties of Rs8 18.???8 =1 2.

SWOT ANALYSES  #ne of t/e most important in"&stries8 Easy availa-le of finan'e an" mar0eting strategies a"opte" -y t/e ma9or /as in'rease" t/e "eman" in t/e in"&stry8 De'rease" pri'es "&e to government s&pport8 ore fo'&se" on vol&mes rat/er t/an margin8 STRENGTH3#  9EAKNESS3# Depen"e" on t/e infrastr&'t&re li0e +ater4 po+er4 tele'omm&ni'ate an" transportation8 T/in margin environment8 Te'/nologi'al "epen"en'e on 'o&ntries li0e Aoreas4 U%A4 Japan et'8  OPPORTUNITB3# Large &ntappe" mar0et Li-erali$ation (lo-ali$ation E'onomi' transformation Determination to -oost t/e e'onomi' gro+t/ A''eleration to export oriente" in"&stry Potential r&ral mar0et %ignifi'ant 'ontin&ing tra"e gro+t/ sin'e 1551 Te'/nologi'al a"van'ement  THREATS3# In'rease 'ompetitions .

??3*?7 1@@17 >3? ...??6*?3 .???*?1 .??1*?6 .>561 717 . .@63@ 3@3 . ..??7*?@ 6.3 7@. U% T :in millions. 1556*53 1116? 133 1553*57 11@5? 6?? 1557*5@ 1336? 63? 155@*5> 1>>6? 633 155>*55 . 651 1555*?? .5.1173 3?? .3>> 3?? ..336 11.@@> 1?3? .1>3 651 .De'lining pri'es in t/e lo+er segment o&nting "istri-&tion an" mar0eting expenses NCs latest te'/nologi'al is a stiff '/allenge to "omesti' 'ompany D&mping of '/eap C/inese 'ons&mer me"i'ine pro"&'t in In"ia8 %ales T&rnover Rs :million.??1*?.??.??@*?> 3.3 SALES TURNO'ER .*?1 .15.

.. o#/ US0 .SALES TURNO'ER C. # ...ART *$$$$ )$$$$ ($$$$ '$$$$ &$$$$ %$$$$ $ R +.. o#+ / %11(-1) %11)-1* %11*-12 %112-13 %113-11 %111-$$ &$$$-$% &$$%-$& &$$&-$' &$$'-$( &$$(-$) &$$)-$* &$$*-$2 &$$2-$3 .

CONCULSION T/is is my l&'0 t/at I /ave got t/e opport&nity to visit t/e Am&l "airy /aving ni'e atmosp/ere an" infrastr&'t&re8 T/is "airy is really a goo" sym-ol of t/e pie'e of /ar" +or08 T/is Am&l Dairy is /aving goo" position in t/e In"ian "airy in"&stry8 T/e Am&l "airy /as t/e '/airman %/ri Ramsin/ Pra-/atsin/ Parnemer /aving long +or0 experien'e in t/e "airy in"&stry of t/e (&9arat8 T/e staff of t/e "airy is very /onest an" /ar"+or0ing8 T/is employee also ma0es t/e +or0 +it/ ent/&siasm8 T/e "airy /as very long life in +/i'/ t/ey a'/ieve t/eir all o-9e'tive of t/e rea'/ing t/e top position in t/e "airy in"&stry8 I /ope t/at t/e Am&l "airy 'an a'/ieve t/eir "evelopment in t/e 'oming years an" provi"e t/e latest sevi'es an" innovation pro"&'ts to t/e '&stomers .

??18 L)inani'al A''o&ntingM8 !y Prenti'e Hall of In"ia Private Limite"8  Ren& %o-ti4 .BIBLIOGRAP.??5 Times of In"ia4 )e-r&ary >4 .??1 Times of In"ia4 %eptem-er 1?4 .??1 Times of In"ia4 )e-r&ary .4 .??18 .??1 E'onomi' Times4 %eptem-er .??6 T/e )inan'ial Express4 A&g&st 114 .14 .??5 MAGA:INES3#  !an0ing )inan'e4 Jan&ary .?18 LIn"ia e'onomyM4 )ortyU%event/ Rev&se" e"ition !y %8C/an" & Company8  R8Narayanas+amy4 .??18 L!an0ing an" )inan'ial %ervi'e in In"iaM !y Ne+ Cent&ry P&-li'ation8  T/ompson an" %tri'0lan"8 L%trategi' anagementM4 T/irteent/ E"ition8 !y Tata ' (ra+*Hill P&-lis/ing Company Limite"8  Am&l In"ia story NE9SPAPERS3#       !&siness %tan"ar"4 #'to-er ..4 .Y )OOKS3#  Prasanna C/an"ra8 L)inan'ial anagementM4 )ift/ E"ition8 !y Tata '(ra+*Hill P&-lis/ing Company Limite"8  R&""ar Datt an" A8P8m8%&n"/aram4 .

??6 9E)#SITES3#   333'am#l'com 333'am#ldairy'com E#MAIL  am&l"airyV0aira&ni&n8'oop8 . R!I !&lletin4 Novem-er .