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Mier a ee ee ee Yakoviev Yak-25/-26/-27/-28 Yakoviev Yak-25/-26/-27/-28 Yakovlev’s Tactical Twinjets Yefim Gordon Original translation by Dmitriy Komissarov PORK Yakovlev Yak-25/-26)-27/-28 Contents ‘Yakovlev’ Tactical Twine {© 2002 Yefim Gordon ISBN 1 85780 1253, Introduction 3 Chapters 1 Twenty-five, Take Two 5 Published by Midland Publishing b tastetng New Mcsiooa oe 4 Wating Drive, Hinkley, LE103EY, England Tel: 01455 254 490 Fax: 01455 254 495, mail: 3. To Shoot and to Be Shot At - Missile Toting Versions and Drones .21 Cain orca ayo 4 Higher and Higher Pa Mian Publishing fan iment ot © 00e Mand Publshing and 5. The Flashlight and Mandrake tan Afan Polishing Stephen Tonpeon Asoctce ngevoe z cee eee ne 6 Breaking he Sound Barrier... 32 : ito exept Noth Arca ton Engr Midland Counties Pubiictions fan Allan Printing Lio 7 Supersonic Interceptors. 38 4 Waling Drive, Hinkley, LE10 EY, England Fiverdene Business Park, Molesey Road, 8 New Eyes “ Telephone 01655254460 Fax 01455250737 Hersham, Suey, KTI2 486, 9 ANew Generation or Eat midlendbooke@compusenecom the Bomber Revevisted 2° town midandcounessipersior om Aight reserved, No par this 10. Special Mission Brewers 8 pubcaton may berorodes, it eae ea a Nor American rade cero Stored in area sytem, vanemted Speciay Press Pblatere& Wicleslrsinc, many emerby ay neue, doco, 12 Successor to the Fashight 2 11605 Kost Dam Road, North Branch, MN 55056, ‘mechanical or photo-copied, recorded 13, The Firebar in Action 7 Tab es 59.290. Fax 6 589 2023, Crothevse,nteut eon pee a Tal te tlphone: 00 896 4585 puiain ofthe pubtahors Anpencices 1 Yak 25/.26/.27 Family Performance 84 2 Yak-25/-26:27 Individual Aircraft Detals 26 3. Yak-28 Family Specfeaions...... 8 4 Yak-28 individual Aircraft Detas..90 Tio page: Frebar plots dlecuss tates in front af thelr mount "he bad guy does tis, and thon End Notes 1 te and knock the ono xt th” tase nied ‘Yak Twinjets Family Drawings we Yak 25/26/27/-28n Colour. 119 Below: A technician checks the cockpit of a YYak-25M. Yelm Gordon archive 2 Yakovlev Yok 25/-26/271:20