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BTVN của chúng ta buổi 4 gồm: - Chép 29 câu giới từ của theme Politics vào vở - Làm giới từ Money

and Finance - Dịch ( 18 câu tiếng việt-> tiếng anh) Cô gửi kèm thư bản dịch L1& L3 + Mẫu bài nói P.2 để các bạn tham khảo, dùng được phần nào thì dùng! >:) Chúc các đồng chí ôn tập tốt để tuần sau làm bài kiểm tra với kết quả cao nha! See you soon! Good luck! III. TRANSLATION: IS TV good or bad? 1. Watching TV programs such as Wild World and Discovery, children can enrich their knowledge and better understand their surroundings, thanks to which, new ideas come into being/ are born. 2. Information which is reported in the media is distorted. 3. Autism and lack of community sense can be seen in children who spend too much time sitting in front of televisions and rarely communicate with other people. 4. Children who are addicted to TV may imitate violent behaviors in the media in their life, leading to conflicts in their relationships with other people. 5. The first factor which influences the editors’ decision is the taste of target audience, say, what information the latter want to know and do not want to know. 6. People get accustomed to bad news which plays an important role in raising their awareness of immediate dangers such as storms, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. 7. First, TV which appears ubiquitously worldwide helps spread cultural beauties of a country to other nations and other territories. 8. However, without parental control, children are likely to be influenced and imitate other countries’ culture on TV and gradually forget traditional values; for example, Vietnamese youth prefer K-pop music to traditional folk music. 9. Readers should not believe in journalists who can distort the truth for the sake of profit.

5. DAILY 7. REACTION EXTRAORDINARY EXCITEMENT THROUGHOUT WORLDWIDE IMAGINATION 6. UPSETTING 9. proficient writing skill and the audacity to capture valuable / noteworthy information/ events. IV.10. WORD FORM 0. SALE 8. 3. 4. 1. HARMLESS 10. Important credentials for a successful journalist include honesty. 2.ENJOYMENT .

Promoting 14. 5. Carefree 2.0. Obesity 9. EXPANDED 8. Excessive 6. . Engaging 10. RENTAL VARIETY PASTIME UNCOMMON CONVENIENT EXCESSIVE 6. CONTRIBUTED 7.Moderate 13. 1.Multifaceted 16.Attributes 12. K ey Listening: 1. INCREASING 9. Harm 5. Affect 8. Hindrance 7. 2.Responsibility 17. Mindset 4.Absurd 11. 11.TYPICAL. JOKINGLY 10. Largely 3. 3. 4.Educational 15.Monitor 12.

ultimately 19. leading them to be highly appreciated in modern work places. A big hindrance to migrants is that their old jobs are no match with the new working environment. 6.Equality and decreased unemployment rate might be seen in companies where four-day working policy is implemented. My mom is not eye-catching. causing unemployment and increasing crime rate. Due to the complication of working environment. The stocky figure highlights her in the crowd. children are equipped with practical lessons which are virtually not conveyed in classes. Taking part in paid work.18. Take some jobs relating to politics for stark examples where people just manage to handle their work smoothly when they are above 50 and experienced. Moving to big cities with higher crime rate. children who are young and inexperienced may easily be lured into social evils by immoral people. become frustrated and can hardly compromise with those places.  . 8. the only person I pour out my heart to is my mom. 5. she is quite short with curly black hair and dark skin. Many employees who only concentrate on a certain job can deeply understand what they have to do to enhance personal capability and progress in their career. 4. you know. That people pursue only a certain job may shape them into conservative ones and lead them to follow traditional paths which take root in their minds. 10. 3. 7.moderate Lesson 3 1. 9. Scientists are people devoting without age limit in hope of giving birth to world-changing inventions. Speaking Park 2 Describe a person Well. The young are often more energetic and creative than the old in inventing new ideas. 2. people often flinch. throughout my life. Despite her fresh smile. and it is my pleasure to tell you about her.

whose father was a drunkard. My mom encouraged him a lot. She called for fiscal help from the school. I remember witnessing one of her students. However. but the thing I am most proud of my mom is her big heart for people. crying with my mom when he had no money to afford study due to his father’s addiction. it was a long story! My mom did sacrifice and struggle a lot. She also donated money herself and proposed some policies which gave favorable conditions to those students. raised a fund and mobilized al l teachers and students’ parents to contribute money together to help unprivileged students out. a famous person (say they are in Vietnam. Mom takes every moment to care for me. She also found way to his house. talked to his parents and discussed ways to support his study with the family. not only the mentioned boy but also many other children could enter the school. or in your local places! Examiners do not care much about the truthfulness of your story :P)…with your flexible changes). It is easier said than done! And she did it! Successfully! She is undeniably a shinning mirror for me to follow! (NOTE: The content of this talk is usable to describe your dad/ grandpa/teacher/your idol/your neighbor/a politician or a celebrity.However. Not only does she draw the beauty of our life in papers but she also helps engrave it in students’ mind. I am luckily wrapped in her tender love. enjoy the education as well as the compassion of the society. inspiring them to lead a healthy spiritual life and be confident when encountering any difficulties. behind that appearance is her lofty soul. As a result. My mother is a teacher of art. you know. .

Certainly. Lunar New Year celebration in Vietnam is also known as Tet Holiday. Especially. We visit our relatives and temples. burning incense and praying for a better upcoming year. wishing New Year's greetings. forgetting about the troubles of the past year. could I deeply appreciate the value of love and precious moments of reunion. Lunar New Year celebration is the moment I look forward to joining each year. It is thanks to those moments immersing myself in cozy atmosphere with family. There are a lot of customs practiced during Tet with people worshipping ancestors. and spring rolls. based on Lunar Calendar.Describe an event As a cultural event taking place annually. this feeling is what our country praises. and he is only permitted to leave the mine on Tet Holiday to rejoin us. We would like to instill in following generations the belief that money gives people a more comfortable life. Vietnamese people prepare for Tet by cleaning the house and cooking special foods such as Chung cake. . and giving lucky money to children and the elderly. which lasts about three or four days. everyone stops working on the holiday and finds way back home. despite being burdened with the hustle and bustle of modern life to win the bread. My father is a miner.

cows and buffaloes crossing the street. we are conserving one palace of the King Tran. People in my hometown live in harmony with animals. blood and unspoken pains. Our . which is situated fifty kilometers to the East of Hanoi. From the color of leaves on the trees. the glamour of my place stems from historical values of the old days.  Besides. Above all. Together with the fresh atmosphere. I mean it is not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter. The city is also wrapped by Six Heads River. everything is wild and natural. the image of more than two hundred tombs of unknown soldiers in the forest lying at the south of the city haunts all visitors and residents.the utmost desire of everyone. Hai Duong is also attractive with its picturesque scenes. The climate there is quite mild. a place of not only unique charm but also glorious history. which changes in different seasons. and we can even see pigs. I respectfully appreciate it and I am always proud of being born in Hai Duong. where he reigned for three years during the war with one Chinese Dynasty. dogs and cats are seen everywhere. In addition. sociability and joyful moments. I am impressed by green rice paddles and rows of trees grown along the roads leading to the city center. to the touch of the breeze. Wild birds. which we are preserving. being at a small size with less stressful traffic jam and fewer fumes.but only love brings human happiness. Hai Duong is a small city. especially foreigners. (Note: We can also modify this talk to suit the requirement to describe a festival or the moment you cannot forget… ) Describe a historical place/ hometown/ tourism site (gộp lun)  Vietnamese history was written by tears. Let’s turn this world into a place of caring. However. which is a monument to the glorious victory of General Tran Hung Dao when fighting against enemy in thirteenth century. my hometown is so clean and peaceful. which excites many visitors. There are over twenty temples and four magnificent pagodas in the region.

generations have grown up without the experience of war. nowhere can we perceive the hardship that our predecessors endured more apparently than in the moment setting foot there. .an appealing place of peace and heroic past. standing in silence at their graveside and urging ourselves to devote more to this nation. Hence. that’s the image of my hometown. Well.