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Articles: a/an
PEG 1-4 Insert a or an if necessary. 1 My neighbour is . . . photographer; let's ask him for . . . a !ice about colour films. " #e ha . . . fish an . . . chips for . . . lunch. $ %hat oesn't soun . . . !ery interesting lunch. & I ha . . . !ery ba night; I i n't sleep . . . 'ink. 4 (e is . . . !egetarian; you 'on't get . . . meat at his house. (e'll gi!e you . . . nut cutlet. $)ast time I ha . . . nut cutlet I ha . . . in igestion. * . . . tra!el agent 'oul gi!e you . . . information about . . . hotels. + #e' better go by . . . ta,i-if 'e can get . . . ta,i at such . . . hour as " a.m. . . . . person 'ho suffers from . . . claustrophobia has . . . rea of being confine in . . . small space/ an 'oul al'ays prefer . . . stairs to . . . lift. 0 1o you take . . . sugar in . . . coffee2 $ I use to/ but no' I'm on . . . iet. I'm trying to lose . . . 'eight. 3 . . . man suffering from . . . shock shoul not be gi!en anything to rink. 14 5ou'll get . . . shock if you touch . . . li!e 'ire 'ith that scre' ri!er. #hy on't you get . . . scre' ri!er 'ith . . . insulate han le2 11 It costs fifty-fi!e an . . . half pence an I'!e only got . . . fifty pence piece. $ 5ou can pay by . . . che6ue here. $ 7ut can I 'rite . . . che6ue for . . . fifty-fi!e an . . . half pence2 1" . . . Mr 8mith is . . . ol customer an . . . honest man. $ #hy o you say that2 (as he been accuse of . . . ishonesty2 1& I'm not . . . 'age-earner; I'm . . . self-employe man. I ha!e . . . business of my o'n. $ %hen you're not . . . 'orker; you're . . . capitalist9 14 #hen he 'as charge 'ith . . . mur er he sai he ha . . . alibi. 1* . . . frien of mine is e,pecting . . . baby. If it's . . . girl she's going to be calle Ethel re a. $ #hat . . . name to gi!e . . . girl9 1+ I ha!e . . . hour an . . . half for lunch. $ I only ha!e . . . half . . . hour-barely . . . time for . . . smoke an ... cup of coffee. 1. I hope you ha!e . . . lo!ely time an . . . goo 'eather. $ 7ut I'm not going for . . . holi ay; I'm going on . . . business. 10 (e looke at me 'ith . . . horror 'hen I e,plaine that I 'as . . . ouble agent. 13 I 'oul n't climb . . . mountain for :1/4449 I ha!e . . . horror of . . . heights. "4 I ha!e . . . hea ache an . . . sore throat. I think I'!e got . . . col . $ I think you're getting . . . flu. "1 . . . Mr ;ones calle 'hile you 'ere out (neither of us knows this man). (e 'ants to make . . . complaint about . . . article in the paper. (e 'as in . . . !ery ba temper. "" If you go by . . . train you can ha!e 6uite . . . comfortable <ourney/ but make sure you get . . . e,press/ not . . . train that stops at all the stations. "& . . . fe' people kno' (hardly anyone knows) that there is . . . secret passage from this

house to . . . ol smugglers' ca!e in the cliffs. "4 I'm ha!ing . . . fe' frien s in to . . . coffee tomorro' e!ening. #oul you like to come2 $ I' lo!e to/ but I'm afrai I'm going to . . . concert. "* It's time you ha . . . holi ay. 5ou ha!en't ha . . . ay off for . . . month. "+ (e broke ...leg in... skiing acci ent. It's still in . . . plaster. ". I 'ant . . . assistant 'ith . . . kno'le ge of =rench an . . . e,perience of . . . office routine. "0 I see that your house is built of . . . 'oo . >re you insure against ... fire2 "3 %he escaping prisoner campe in . . . 'oo but he i n't light . . . fire because . . . smoke rising from the 'oo might attract . . . attention. &4 I ha . . . ama?ing e,perience last night. I sa' . . . inosaur eating . . . meat pie in . . . )on on park. $ 5ou mean you ha . . . nightmare. >ny'ay/ inosaurs i n't eat . . . meat. &1 I'll pay you . . . hun re . . . 'eek. It's not . . . enormous salary but after all you are . . . completely unskille man. &" If you kept . . . graph you coul see at . . . glance 'hether you 'ere making . . . profit or . . . loss. && . . . little (hardly anything) is kno'n about the effect of this rug; yet . . . chemist 'ill sell it to you 'ithout . . . prescription. &4 I ha!e . . . little money left; let's ha!e inner in . . . restaurant. &* #oul it be . . . trouble to you to buy me . . . ne'spaper on your 'ay home2 &+ . . . man is . . . reasoning animal.

Articles: the
PEG +-0 Insert the if necessary. 1 . . . youngest boy has <ust starte going to . . . school; . . . el est boy is at . . . college. " 8he li!es on . . . top floor of an ol house. #hen . . . 'in blo's/ all . . . 'in o's rattle. & . . . arkness oesn't 'orry . . . cats; . . . cats can see in . . . ark. 4 My little boys say that they 'ant to be . . . spacemen/ but most of them 'ill probably en up in . . . less ramatic <obs. * 1o you kno' . . . time2 $ 5es/ . . . clock in . . . hall has <ust struck nine. $ %hen it isn't . . . time to go yet. + (e 'as sent to . . . prison for . . . si, months for . . . shop-lifting. #hen . . . si, months are o!er he'll be release ; . . . ifficulty then 'ill be to fin . . . 'ork. $ 1o you go to . . . prison to !isit him2 . I 'ent to . . . school to talk to . . . hea mistress. I persua e her to let >nn gi!e up . . . gymnastics an take . . . ballet lessons instea . 0 . . . ballet isn't much use for . . . girls; it is much better to be able to play . . . piano. 3 I am on... night uty. #hen you go to . . . be / I go to . . . 'ork. 14 Peter's at . . . office but you coul get him on . . . phone. %here's a telephone bo, <ust roun . . . corner 11 (e got... bronchitis an 'as taken to . . . hospital. I expect they'll sen him home at . . . en of . . . 'eek. $

(a!e you rung . . . hospital to ask ho' he is2 1" >nn's habit of ri ing a motorcycle up an o'n . . . roa early in . . . morning annoye . . . neighbours an in . . . en they took her to . . . court. 1& (e first 'ent to . . . sea in a 8'e ish ship/ so as 'ell as learning . . . na!igation he ha to learn . . . 8'e ish. 14 . . . family hotels are . . . hotels 'hich 'elcome . . . parents an . . . chil ren. 1* @n . . . 8un ays my father stays in . . . be till ten o'clock/ rea ing . . . 8un ay papers. 1+ %hen he gets up/ puts on . . . ol clothes/ has . . . breakfast an starts . . . 'ork in . . . gar en. 1. My mother goes to . . . church in . . . morning/ an in . . . afternoon goes to !isit . . . frien s. 10 )ike many 'omen/ she lo!es . . . tea parties an . . . gossip. 13 My parents ha!e ... col meat an . . . sala for . . . supper/ . . . 'inter an . . . summer. "4 1uring . . . meal he talks about . . . gar en an she tells him . . . !illage gossip. "1 #e ha!e a !ery goo train ser!ice from here to . . . city centre an most people go to . . . 'ork by train. 5ou can go by . . . bus too/ of course/ but you can't get a season ticket on . . . bus. "" . . . ea no longer nee . . . help. #e must concern oursel!es 'ith . . . li!ing. #e must buil . . . houses an . . . schools an . . . playgroun s. "& I' like to see . . . Mr 8mith please. $ 1o you mean . . . Mr 8mith 'ho 'orks in . . . bo, office or . . . other Mr 8mith2 "4 1i you come by . . . air2 $ Ao/ I came by . . . sea. I ha a lo!ely !oyage on . . . Bueen Eli?abeth II. "* . . . most of . . . stories that . . . people tell about . . . Irish aren't true. "+ . . . marrie couples 'ith . . . chil ren often rent . . . cottages by . . . seasi e for . . . summer holi ays. . . . men hire boats an go for . . . trips along . . . coast; . . . chil ren spen . . . ay on . . . beach an . . . poor mothers spen . . . most of . . . time oing . . . cooking an cleaning. ". It's usually safe to 'alk on . . . san / but here/ 'hen . . . ti e is coming in/ . . . san becomes angerously soft. . . . people ha!e been s'allo'e up by it. "0 #hen . . . %itanic 'as crossing . . . >tlantic she struck an iceberg 'hich tore a huge hole in her bo'. . . . captain or ere . . . cre' to help . . . passengers into . . . boats. "3 E!ery'here . . . man has cut o'n . . . forests in or er to culti!ate . . . groun / or to use . . . 'oo as . . . fuel or as . . . buil ing material. &4 7ut . . . interference 'ith . . . nature often brings . . . isaster. . . . tree-felling sometimes turns . . . fertile lan into a ustbo'l. &1 . . . people think that . . . lea is . . . hea!iest metal/ but . . . gol is hea!ier. &" @ur air hostess sai / '. . . rack is only for . . . light articles. . . . hea!y things such as . . . bottles must be put on . . . floor.' && . . . 'in o's are suppose to let in . . . light; but . . . 'in o's of this house are so small that 'e ha!e to ha!e . . . electric light on all . . . time. &4 %here'11 al'ays be a conflict bet'een . . . ol an . . . young. . . . young people 'ant . . . change but . . . ol people 'ant . . . things to stay . . . same. &* . . . po'er ten s to corrupt an . . . absolute po'er corrupts absolutely. &+ 5ou can fool some of . . . people all . . . time/ an all . . . people some of . . . time; but you cannot fool all . . . people all . . . time.

1" (e sai that he ha ha . . 8un ay because e!erybo y 'as at . . . . . . . the PEG 1-0 Insert a. . . post i n't come because . meter rea ers usually put . . an or the if necessary. . lurch an . . . . . . .4 Articles: a/an.' 0 'Mr 8mith 'as hol ing . . o'ners are asking. . . . . . .plosion in . . e. moment he left . . . . small ark man in . . . . . light of . . . . . right 'ay. . e. meters by . . .' 3 %o pre!ent . . . price . blue o!ercoat an . . $ %hen ho' o you kno' there's been . 1. meter rea ers usually 'ear . . . torch/ rea . .. . . . . roa . fallen trees. . .ohn an Mary . . . + I remarke that if there 'as . . . book. an . fog 'as so thick that 'e coul n't see . . . . " (e sai he 'as . knock on . Peter thinks that this is 6uite . . an Mr 8mith/ . . . . . . . entists on't get calle out at . . . . . . . church. park. . night. . . ark corners un er . meter. . . . "1 . . back of . . . car in front of us an hope that 'e 'ere going . . 14 >re . Mr 8mith's house. . . . house ne. . . possible repetition of this acci ent/ I lent him . . cheap restaurant. . . . . house I rang . peake caps. big rooms. 1 %here 'as . . . . . nice house 'ith . "4 I on't kno' 'hat . . en!elope. . meters are usually in . police. . . . . . . . 1& 7y this time I ha come to . . "" . fact/ there 'as . 14 (e s'itche on . . o'ner of . employee of . rea ings o'n in . . $ #here's . hun re an t'o/ . . . gas company an ha come to rea . . . . person on .plosion. . . ring an make them . .t oor to us/ is for sale. .ust as . entist than . & 7ut I ha . storm/ but I kno' it 'as . 1+ I can't remember . face. . . mur er2 13 Aumber . rea ing o'n on . . 'oollen cap. mur er here. . coffee 'ent all o!er . he sai he islike torches an al'ays rea . . fire in . 5ou coul gi!e them . truth because . . . . . #e follo'e . stairsD. . lighte match at . they are . . . Mon ay . . . 1* . (e sai / '>s . . surprise that . .. . matter of . . . It's 6uite . . . . . . coffee . . e. . . 11 I sai in . meter an 'rote . . . . . brother an . air hostess (there was only one on the plane) 'as han ing me . meter/ 'hich is in . . stairs C. . . . . . . bo y2$ %here isn't . agents. roa s 'ere blocke by . cup of . . . si e of . . . @n . . match. . 7ut 1ry an Eot are . meter. . . . sister. . . bo y. . . . offer. . back 'in o's look out on . 4 (o'e!er/ I took him to . . other . I opene it an foun . . . . plane ga!e . . . torch. . * I aske if he ha . . cousins2 $ Ao/ they aren't .act ate of .plosion 'hile he 'as rea ing . . gaspipe there might be . . . conclusion that he 'asn't . . . . . time of . genuine meter rea er. . . postman's little boy says that he' rather be . house/ 'as burnt in . torch. . last house I !isite . . . . suspicion that he 'asn't speaking . leak in . . . . ark corner un er . . . cousins. . . . octor/ because . . 10 %here's been . e. . . oor. . book but that it ha been burnt in .

. . . . . . . . && '. ifficulties. shock. press. 0 I ha!e . . car all co!ere 'ith . . stu ent in . 'in y morning but they hire . . . . #e can't go to . car2 $ #e can go by . .t t'o years oing . story about . . . . . . . last night/' she sai / 'an he 'as 6uite . . . ne' rug that e!eryone is talking about/ refuse to gi!e . In my story . 1 foun . &4 #oul you like to hear . . stories about . . . . his. 'itnesses say that . "+ #e're going to . . burglars an al'ays locke up . . han s in . . poun . an. Irishmen an . typical story. . . . <ob in . . . . . . . ri!er of . . same/' sai my aunt. . tea 'ith . . . 'in increase an they soon foun themsel!es in . . . . "4 Professor . . . . . . concussion. &" My aunt li!e on . crossroa s near . groun floor of . . coast. . precaution of looking un er . 8he 'as !ery much afrai of . I'!e hear . .. . . . . Englishman is romantic. . . . . . fantastic story I'll listen 'ith . . be . . . . or my. collision bet'een . . pleasure. . . apples are sol by . . pleasure to o . . . . . . mo ern burglars on't hi e un er . + (e took . their if necessary. 8he also took . shoul er. . "& %here 'as . . back an locke him in a cellar. 8cotsmen before an they are all . %hese are forty pence . . ne's/ an 'e began to lose . south an spent . . . . hospital 'ith . . gang'ay. car an . . 8cotsman2 $ Ao. tiptoe. . . "* Peter Piper/ . . . . . . . ne. . . professor's college/ aske him 'hy he refuse to talk to .* si e of . . . . . " #hy are you stan ing there 'ith . be to see if . . . house !ery carefully before she 'ent to . . . . . . . press conference. car 'as treate for . ay passe 'ithout . hour. . efficient organi?ation. people !ote by raising . . cyclist 'as taken to . .afternoon . . se!enty miles .' &* . Irishman is logical an . . . . shoes off an entere on . . . .. . "3 . . . . . "0 It is . Mrs 8mith's in . car if you 'ash . her. . . hea ache. * %hey tie . . . . . . the. your. 'ork he really en<oye . . . burglar un er . . . ay after . cyclist at . ol house on . . . 1 (e took off . . car first. . . morning. . &4 @ne morning she rang her aughter in . . . Ei!er %hames. same. . . . . . . &1 7ut mine is not . my house early in . ". . . be s/' sai her aughter. . . Irishman an . . I'll go on looking <ust . foot. pockets2 & >t most meetings . 8miths to ay/ aren't 'e2 8hall 'e take . . . . $ @h/ if it's . . . . . . . . be . boat an 'ent for . . 4 %he bullet struck him in . . . . . man 'ho isco!ere . mu . . 8cotsman is generous/ . burglar 'as hi ing there. 8omeone thre' . . poun . Articles and possessive adjectives PEG 1-0/+"-& Insert a. . . . . . . hope. . . . (e got . young man. . right han s. sail along . .ones/ . . . our. . . . . . . . coat an set to 'ork. . . . Englishmen/ . . . . &+ It 'as . In . egg 'hich struck the speaker on . han s behin . . . business 'ith such . car 'as going at . triumph. . Englishman/ . .

. I rea . pain in . . . . . . "3 (e pointe to a 'oman in . "* (e fell off his horse an in<ure . . goo bus ser!ice. . . . . ba light. face by broken glass. I'!e only . 11 (e 'as . "" 5ou shoul change . . &+ I hit . . . #oul you like . . ark glasses. . . ". . 'et shoes/ or you'll catch another col . bloo running o'n . . chin thoughtfully. . 7esi es I ha!e . . . " .+ 3 I ha!e . . rest after . leg. & . . . . green ress. slee!e to attract his attention. . 'oman in front of you to take off . slee!e. socks/' sai his mother. . frien of mine lent me . "+ %he barman sei?e the runk by . . . . coats in . eyes because he 'as 'earing . face. . fine. (e ha . . . !ery tall man 'ith . . . . >sk . finger to help anyone. 1& 7rother an sister 'ere 6uite unlike each other. . 10 (e stroke . . . . 1 . . 1" (e tore . . If I on't take it back tomorro' I'll ha!e to pay . 1+ '(an s up9' sai the maske man/ an 'e all put . library book to finish. &4 5ou'!e got . rather unusual story. ark hair an . . host. . . another sai that there 'as 6uite . collar. thumb 'ith a hammer 'hen I 'as hanging the picture. . . . shirt on insi e out. kitchen floor. . . . . cloakroom. . han s up. . . . . ine. small bear / but I coul n't see . . 1* 8he pulle him by . rib. . right han an take . . oath. fair 'a!y hair. . . more chapter to rea . . . . on't bring them into . thoroughly selfish man. . a/an and one PEG 4 Insert a/an or one if necessary. . . && (e has . . fe' years ago an i n't like it. . &1 5ou'll strain . . . . loan of it after'ar s2$ Ao/ thanks. trousers getting o!er a barbe 'ire fence. . . . . . . of my frien s a !ise me to take . . . &4 (e is . shoul er. 13 If you're too hot 'hy on't you take off . book by Mere ith. . . 14 %he 'in screen 'as smashe an the ri!er 'as cut in . of his books . . han s 'ith . . . . har ay's 'ork/ but %om seeme to ha!e . . "1 %he lioness bit him in . . . . )ea!e . theatre.i. coat2 "4 I sa' him raise . "& %here 'as a shot an a policeman came out 'ith . . hair 'as ark an straight. . 14 8he pulle . he 'oul n't lift . "0 (e fell o'n a flight of stairs an broke . knees/ scrubbing . . . . . . . ta. . I 'oul n't like to be in . man I met on the train tol me . . . . &* 'Pull up . . 4 Most people like .haustible supply of energy. . "4 #e shook . . . . . . . shoes. . . . . . hat. . &" 8he 'as on . . horrible <ob. back. eyes if you rea in . . 1. . .

a !ice. ne' . . "" 7ill fire back t'ice. 14 1on't tell . . . 10 1 'ant . . . . . . . . year an . ictionary/ an %om's borro'e it. . soul9 Aot e!en your 'ife9 $ @f course not9 I' ne!er tell . . !ery short time/ but . . bullet struck . . . . . "4 5ou're making .ercise 1&D. . angerous <ob/' sai the captain. . the rest 'ere unhurt. . (a!e you . . cottage. chop 'on't be enough for %om. he's . I li!e in . 'oman. It 'as meant to be . . 1* Most of the staff ha been there for only . . man broke his leg.cept for nos. . plate is no goo . . . fog here . . match. effect on your 'ork. ay a ne' irector arri!e . . .ercises Csee E. street lamp . 3 )ast time there 'as . !olunteers for . gun stan ing at . . he'll 'ant t'o. 'oman. . "4 . hango!er/ or something2 $ Ao/ but I ha . . . . . . 'oman there. . . %here 'as . . . goo !isibility-%om 'as ri!ing along . open 'in o'. re'ar 2' 13 I ha!e . . (e hear . . angry shout. . . . . fiel near the airport. %he rest 'ere men. . . 5ou get . . .iliaries here are use both alone an as part of !arious tenses of or inary !erbs. room 'ith . . . secret to . . . borro'e car. . $ I'm afrai I'!e only got . . !ery noisy street. man 'aiting for . . $ . . . Eea the follo'ing CaD in the negati!e CbD in the interrogati!e. . . (e looke up an sa' . 1" (e took . . . . party. flat on the top floor. cross'or pu??le. . . . . 'e nee . . @nly . risk2' he aske . . man ha been there . . !oice calle out from the back/ '#ill there be . big appetite. . "& . . instant islike to him. . . . Auxiliary Verbs Auxiliary verbs PEG 14+-. . . . . . ry ay 'ith . lucky escape. . >u. . great help to me. bus so I aske him for . . . . . ay-it 'as . . . %here 'as . hun re times not to come into . 1+ Foul you len me . . %he people ne. ambitious/ ba -tempere man/ an the staff took . . plane crash-lan e in . . . . . . (e 'as . pane of . 11 My car broke o'n near . . . long silence.. bullet hit the 'all/ the other broke . he nee s . . . . ba night shoul n't ha!e such . (e says . small man but he's got . . . . . . . . bus stop. . . 6uick look at my car an sai / '7uy . . half/ so he kne' . . little more than the rest. . . I an 1&/ coul also be use for 6uestion tag e. . . . . lo!ely !ie' from there. . * I'!e tol you . . . glass.' 1& %here 'as . . . . little to 7ill's left. $ %here shoul n't ha!e been e!en . . man 'ho 'ill take . ay I 'ill repay you. . . superstition. . stag party. i iot belie!es in superstitions. . . . . . "1 8u enly . . AoteG . . . . ictionary/ please2 I'm trying to o . mistake after another. 1. .t oor 'ere ha!ing . . %he cre' ha . o?en. . . . . cara!an is no goo . . . . + It's unlucky to light three cigarettes 'ith . . %hese sentences/ e. 14 5ou'!e been . I often ha!e three ba nights in succession. 0 . . !ery ba night last night. . hat on. . . . . . 'Isn't there e!en . . $ %hat's only . man 'ith . . country roa in . .

&" 8he ought to accept the offer. 13 %his 'ill take a long time. 0 %he police 'ere 'atching the house. 1+ 5ou ha!e rea the instructions. "1 5ou'!e ma e a mistake. ". &4 #e must cook it in butter. 1. "4 %hey may (permission) take the car. 1 It may cost :144. &4 I'm right.0 1 may for possibility rarely begins a sentence. 1o you think CthatD %om kno's2 Is %om likely to kno'2 " Jse needn't as the negati!e of must. & %om 'oul pay her. "+ %here is enough salt in it. "0 >nn 'ill be able to ri!e you. "" >nn 'oul like a skiing holi ay. "* %hey 'ere in a hurry. "3 %hey ha 'ritten to him. + 8he ought to keep it in the f ri ge. Auxiliaries conjugated with do/does/did PEG 14+-. "& #e must o it at once. 4 %hey coul play the guitar. 1" %om shoul pay the fine. &1 It is free?ing. 14 %hey'!e got a house. 10 %he ice 'as thick enough to 'alk on. "4 %om coul come. &* (e may be at home. 1& %hey may come tonight. 3 5ou can go 'ith him.ercise 1. && %here'11 be time for tea. Instea 'e use do you think CthatD H presentIfuture or is H sub<ect H likely H infiniti!eG %om may kno'. 1* (e must 'rite in =rench. 14 %hey 'ere cleaning their shoes. " Men shoul help 'ith the house'ork.iliaries 'hen use in certain 'ays make their negati!e an interrogati!e . %hese pearls are ma e by oysters. &+ (e use to li!e here. 5ou can un erstan it. . * #e're seeing Mary tomorro'.D 8ome au. 11 5our boss 'ill be angry. 5ou coul see the sea from the house./ 1"&/ 1"+ Csee also E.

3 (er hair nee e cutting. 1" 8he ha to make a speech. "0 (e are to interrupt the presi ent/ i he2 COmit final i he2D Auxiliary verbs PEG 14+-. 8he oesn't like cats. 11 8he has a singing lesson e!ery 'eek. ".iliaries are use both by themsel!es an as part of certain forms an tenses of or inary !erbs. 1* %he chil ren ha!e inner at school. " (e nee s a ne' coat. 5ou i it on purpose. I can't say anything. Make the sentences CaD negati!e an CbD interrogati!e/ using oI oesI i . 1& (e oes his best. (e can lift it easily. 10 (e has his piano tune regularly/ (see 119) 13 (e ares to say that9 "4 %hey ha a goo time.e. & (e use to sell fruit. Put the follo'ing !erbs into the past tense. 1 %hey ha!e eggs for breakfast. * 8he oes the house'ork. It isn't far from )on on. #e must rea it carefully. e!ery ay. 8ometimes either form is possible. "1 %he rink i him goo . (e 'on't help us. . 1+ 8he are him to climb it. 14 (e oes his home'ork after supper. "4 5ou ha your house painte . (e ha a ro' 'ith his boss.3 accor ing to the rule for or inary !erbs/ i.D Jse had to as the past tense of must an didn't need as a past tense of needn't. "* 8he use to make her o'n clothes. "" My 'atch nee s cleaning. Isn't it too hea!y to carry2 . 0 (e isn't 'orking har . 0 8he ha a heart attack. "+ 5ou o the e. 1. 14 (e has to get up at si. 'ith do. 4 %hey ha!e to 'ork har . (e ha ifficulty CinD getting a <ob. "& (e ha an acci ent. C>u. 1 " & 4 * + . + (e nee s more money.ercises.

. "4 (a!e you time to o it2 "1 >re you frightene 2 "" Must you pay for it yourself2 "& %he letter nee n't be type . I must change my shoes. Jse must in "+ an &*. . . there will !o. C8he 'ante to kno' if. Jse needn't in . .pecting me/ are they2 &1 (e thinks that the snakes may be angerous/ (see 28) &" 8he 'ants to kno' if she can borro' the car. I do !o. %here are acci ents e!ery ay at these crossroa s. . Auxiliary verbs PEG 140 >ns'er the follo'ing 6uestions CaD in the affirmati!e CbD in the negati!e/ in each case repeating the au. #ill there be time2 $ Yes.D && Fan't you manage on :144 a 'eek2 &4 %om is certain that he 'ill 'in.D "* (e says that she may not be in time. . . . I don"t.Yes. 10 %om ares not complain. it is !o.. &+ I on't think that the bull 'ill attack us. 14 (e hopes that %om 'ill be there. GD 1& (o' ol is he2 14 1o you see any ifference2 1* I o 'hat I can. 1 Is the 'ater eep2 " 1o you kno' the 'ay2 & Fan you s'im2 4 1oes he come e!ery ay2 * Is that %om o!er there2 + >re you %om's brother2 . there won"t. Fan %om s'im2 . he #an"t. . an 1*.. C(e sai . "0 8he thinks that it may cost :144. 1o you nee this2 $ Yes. &* Fan you rea the notice2 Ao/ I can't.14 3 (e nee n't pay at once. he #an !o.D 11 (o' much oes this cost2 1" (e says that >nn may be there. it isn"t. C(e sai that she . ". C#e hope . 13 I on't are CtoD touch it.iliary an using a pronoun as sub<ect.D "+ 1o you un erstan 'hat he is saying2 I on't. "4 #e hope that he'll come. C(e hope . C8he thought that it .D "3 1oesn't Mr Pitt kno' your a ress2 &4 %hey aren't e. Aote alsoG Is that 7ill2 $ Yes. 1+ (o' far can you s'im2 1.

iliary. Cyour sonD 14 %his bus goes to Picca illy.ohn 'ill be there.ohnD " (e is a 'riter/ CsheD & %om can speak #elsh/ Chis 'ifeD 4 8he ought to get up.11 . CID (e li!es in )on on and so do 1. if not use do/does/did. %he first bus 'as full. >re you rea y2 10 Foul 'omen <oin the club2 13 Is your name Pitt2 "4 #ere they frightene 2 "1 #ill his mother be there2 "" @ught I to get a ne' one2 "& 8houl I tell him the truth2 "4 #as the ri!er kille 2 "* (a!e you any money2 "+ Aee 'e finish the e. C%omD . 1 I ha!e rea it. Cthe secon D 0 I bought a ticket/ Cmy brotherD 3 5ou must come. CyouD * I shoul be 'earing a seat belt. Must you go2 0 >re you en<oying yoursel!es2 3 1i he see you2 14 #oul :14 be enough2 11 May I borro' your car2 1" Is this the front of the 6ueue2 1& #ill she be there2 14 1o you play car s2 1* 8houl I tell the police2 1+ Fan you cook2 1.iliary in the first remark repeat this. using auxiliary verbs PEG 11" Part I > to the follo'ing remarks using (and) so H the nounIpronoun in brackets H the au.ercise2 ". Jse he to ri e in races2 "0 #oul you like to see him2 "3 Is this yours2 &4 1o you 'ant it2 &1 Fan I take it2 &" #ill you bring it back tomorro'2 && >re you free this e!ening2 &4 >m I in your 'ay2 &* Aee I 'ear a tie2 &+ #as that 7ill on the phone2 Additions to remarks. If there is an au. CyouD + . CyouD (e ha to 'ait and so had you. CthatD . (e ha to 'ait. C. (e li!es in )on on.

.iliary or do/does/did. (e isn't back. Make an affirmati!e a ition to a negati!e remarkG 8he can't eat oysters. CID Agreements and disagreements with remarks. C. %o e.1" 11 I'm getting out at the ne. >gree 'ith the follo'ing remarks/ using yes/so H pronoun H the au.. C8tanleyD &1 > cat 'oul n't eat it.ohn 'as seasick. C>n re'D 13 I'm not going/ CyouD "4 %his telephone oesn't 'ork. CID "3 >le.t stop. 5ou must go. C>nnD 10 >lice coul n't un erstan . Cmy frien D 1" (e use to 'ork in a restaurant. Cmy motherD Part 3 Fontrary a itions. . he has. using auxiliary verbs PEG 143 Part I >greements 'ith affirmati!e remarks. CsheD (e isn't back and neither is she. CmineD "" I ha n't any change. C%omD 14 5ou shoul n't be 'atching %K. > to the follo'ing remarks using but H nounIpronoun H the au. Chis sisterD 1. CthatD "1 %om's car 'on't start. Cthe ta.amesD &4 7ill nee n't stay. C1D 1+ (e can't come. "* . C%omD 1* 5ou mustn't be late. . CheD 8he thanke me $ut he didn"t. C1D Part 2 > to the follo'ing remarks using Can D neitherInor H the au. (e has a goo influence on her. CID 8he can't eat oysters $ut I #an. I on't belie!e it. Chis 'ifeD && I ha!en't got a computer/ Cmy neighbourD &4 %his beach is safe for bathing/ Cthat beachD &* I must lea!e early/ CyouD &+ 5ou on't ha!e to pay ta. Jse nee n't as the negati!e of must/ an must as the affirmati!e of nee n't. Cyour brotherD "0 My sister can speak German. Canyone elseD "4 My father 'oul n't min . 1& I ha!en't seen it.iliary H the nounIpronoun in brackets. Make a negati!e a ition to an affirmati!e remarkG 8he thanke surprise/ use @h/ so .i ri!erD "& (e i n't kno' the 'ay. CMaryD "+ (e 'asn't there/ CsheD ". Ca ogD &" (e 'ill en<oy it.Yes. .iliary or do/does/ er i n't 'ant to 'ait.

pensi!e. 14 %his restaurant might be e. "1 %he oranges i n't look !ery goo . &" %hat fi!e poun note belongs to me. &1 I can use your bicycle. 1+ (e can't help coughing. 11 %hey use to ha!e a parrot.iliary. Part 2 >greements 'ith negati!e remarks. 1. 1* It isn't 'orth keeping. 13 %his flat hasn't got !ery thick 'alls. 1& Fuckoos on't buil nests. "4 %hey on't ha!e earth6uakes there. &4 5ou ga!e him my a ress. * %om coul tell us 'here to go. 1isagree 'ith the follo'ing remarks/ using oh no/but H pronoun H au. %he ice 'asn't thick enough. he will. bottles. 8he 'orke here for a year. Jse a negati!e au. Part 3 1isagreements 'ith affirmati!e or negati!e remarks. (e 'on't be any use. "0 I 'asn't born then.iliary.iliary if the first !erb is negati!e. 1" %he fog is getting thicker. " I 'as !ery ru e. >gree 'ith the follo'ing remarks/ using no H pronoun H the au. 0 %his boat is leaking9 3 (is re!ol!er 'as loa e . %hey 'eren't in your 'ay. $ !o. 4 8he may be a spy. "" It hasn't been a ba summer. 14 (e i n't complain. . & 8he al'ays 'ears ark glasses.iliary if the first !erb is affirmati!e an an affirmati!e au. they don"t. Elephants ne!er forget.1& 1 #e must ha!e a large room. && (e i n't mean to be ru e. "+ I i n't o it on purpose. (e nee s si. "* 5ou're runk. .(Oh) no. "& I on't look my age. + %here's a snake in that basket. ". . "3 8he' rather li!e alone. &4 Fhil ren get too much pocket money. "4 (e mightn't like that colour. she didn"t. $ (Oh) yes. 10 %he lift 'oul n't come o'n.

5ou 'oul n't min helping me 'ith this. 14 %om oesn't like oysters. * %his isn't yours. 7ut they coul also be practise 'ith a 6uestion intonation. "" 8he oesn't belie!e you. ". 7ill oesn't kno' >nn. %he important 'or in the statement must then be stresse . . "4 (e shoul n't put so much salt in it. 10 I nee n't say anything. there remains unchange G (hat isn"t (om. "& It i n't matter !ery much. &nn hasn "t got a phone. is it' (here won"t $e time. 1 5ou aren't afrai of snakes. %ill doesn"t know &nn. has she' this/that Csub<ectD becomes it in the tag. 0 5ou 'on't tell anyone. &+ 8he promise to obey him. %here 'asn't a lot to o. 1" It oesn't hurt. does he' >nn hasn't got a phone. 1& People shoul n't rink an ri!e. & 5ou on't kno' =rench. "* Mary coul n't lea!e the chil ren alone.14 &* E. 1+ 5ou on't agree 'ith 7ill. 4 %om i n't see her. will there' >ll the tags/ e. 11 5ou on't 'ant to sell the house. "1 %his 'on't take long. 7ill hasn't ha breakfast. "+ 5ou aren't oing anything tonight. 1.ams shoul be abolishe . 14 5ou aren't going alone. 13 %hat 'asn't >nn on the phone. . + Mary 'asn't angry. " >nn isn't at home. &4/ shoul be spoken in the usual 'ay 'ith a statement intonation. 1* %hey coul n't pay the rent. 3 I i n't 'ake you up. "3 %he chil ren 'eren't surprise .cept the tag for no. "0 George ha n't been there before. Question tags after negative statements !" ##$ > 6uestion tags to the follo'ing statements. "4 5ou i n't o it on purpose.

+ %om shoul try again. %om oesn't ha!e to go to lectures. 7ill coul n't ha!e pre!ente it. 1" (is 'ife has hea aches 6uite often. "& %om might be at home no'. It coul be one. * 5our gran father 'as a millionaire. 8ee notes to pre!ious e. .ercise. & 7ill came on a bicycle. %he fire 'asn't starte eliberately. " (e's ten years ol . 10 Prices keep going up. "4 7ill's 'ritten a no!el. 1. Question tags after affirmative statements !"##$ > 6uestion tags to the follo'ing statementsG %om goes to 7ath 6uite often/ doesn "t he' (e tol you about his last trip/ didn "t he' It 'as !ery col last night/ wasn "t it' 7e careful of the contractions 's an 'd: (e's rea y/ isn "t he' (e's finishe / hasn "t he' (e' seen it/ hadn"t he' (e' like it/ wouldn"t he' %hese shoul be practise mainly 'ith a statement intonation/ but they coul also be sai 'ith a 6uestion intonation. 0 5our brother's here. 1 %he chil ren can rea =rench.1* &4 &1 &" && &4 &* &+ 5ou 'oul n't like another rink. 1& 8he's got lo!ely blue eyes. I nee n't 'ait any longer. 1+ 7ill puts the money in the bank. 1* Mary paints portraits. "1 (is mother's !ery prou of him. 13 I'!e seen you before. 7ill put the money in the bank. . 14 George can lea!e his case here. 3 %hat's him o!er there. "" %he t'ins use to play rugby. %here 'eren't any mos6uitoes. 11 %his 'ill fit in your pocket. 4 %he 8miths ha!e got t'o cars. 7ill hasn't got a car. 14 %he t'ins arri!e last night.

Aeither of them offere to help you. "* 5ou' been there before. . 3 7ut nobo y complaine . is treate as a negati!e statementG (e har ly e!er makes a mistake/ oes he2 #hen the sub<ect is nobody/anybody/everybody etc. 11 8he buys con!enience foo s. . %he boys prefer a cooke breakfast. &4 5ou' better 'ait for 7ill. + %here 'as no panic. "+ 5ou' like a rink. "4 (e har ly e!er lea!es the house. %hough e!erybo y reali?e the anger. &4 %he 8miths nee t'o cars. hardly/hardly any etc. " 7ut you on't take it in coffee. 13 7ut gui e ogs can come in. 0 %here 'as a lot of noise. 14 7ut he i n't remember this one. nobody. Aote that a statement containing 'or s such as none. 1& Mr 8mith usually remembere his 'ife's birth ays. 14 Mary har ly e!er cooks. ". 10 %hey on't allo' pet ogs in this shop. &" (e use to eat ra' fish. "3 %hat 'as >nn on the phone. * %he area 'as e!acuate at once. 4 It ne!er 'orks !ery 'ell. &* 5ou' come if I nee e help.ercises 1" an 1&. 1. 1+ (e ought to ha!e ma e a note of it. "0 Mary ought to cook it for them. &+ 5ou coul come at short notice. 1 5ou take sugar in tea.1+ "4 #e must hurry. 1" 8he' sa!e money if she bought fresh foo . & %he lift isn't 'orking to ay. &1 5ou'll help me./ the pronoun they is use in the tagG Aobo y like the play/ i they2 > 6uestion tags to the follo'ing statements. Question tags: mixed PEG 114 8ee notes to E. "1 %hat isn't 7ill ri!ing. 1* >n his 'ife 'as !ery isappointe . && %here'11 be plenty for e!eryone.

)i!es 'ere lost unnecessarily. %hey shoul ha!e planne the e. 0 %here 'on't CbeD enough room for e!eryone. & I'll ha!e ChurryD. 1+ 5ou nee n't ClookD for a hotel. 4 5ou ought CtakeD a holi ay. 13 (e shoul CbeD rea y by no'. 1& (e i n't are CsayD anything.1. (e'll har ly come no'. >n it 'oul n't be any use running a'ay. "* I shoul CsayD nothing about it if I 'ere you. "" I i n't nee CsayD anything. 14 1on't Cmo!eD. "0 "3 &4 &1 &" && &4 &* &+ Aothing 'ent 'rong. "" "& "4 "* "+ ". ". %he octor sai that I ought Cgi!e upD smoking. 1* #e'll ClookD for a ition more carefully. %here isn't any point in 'aiting. " People use Ctra!elD on horseback. It' be unpleasant to be attacke by a lion. 7ut he ne!er takes a !ice.plainD. #hy o they CobeyD him2$ . 8he' ha!e en<oye it. #e i n't ha!e CpayD anything. )ions are loose in this reser!e. 11 #e may ha!e CstayD here all night. It is a pity >nn i n't come 'ith us. . %here use to be trees here. 1. "& (o' are you CopenD my letters9 "4 %hey ought C'arnD people about the angerous currents. 3 5ou can CseeD the 'in mill from here. 8o 'e' better get back in the car. Auxiliaries followed by full or bare infinitive PEG "4+ Put to 'here necessary before the infiniti!es in brackets. I'll be able CputD you up. + 5ou are CgoD at once. * I'll Clen D him some money. 14 (e 'as able Ce. 8he 'arne him not to ri e the stallion. 1 5ou nee n't CcomeD tomorro'. "4 May I CaskD you a 6uestion2 "1 I shan't be able C oD it till after the holi ays. "+ 5ou are not CmentionD this to anyone. 1" (e use Cspen D a lot of time in his library. 5our central heating oesn't 'ork !ery 'ell. 10 (e use to rink 6uite a lot.

. . to smoke !ery hea!ily. be better to meet at the theatre. @ther'ise 'e'll be late. (no o$ligation) rea the preface. 1. . . an bathe in the ri!er. . @ught you CbeD 'atching %K2 8houl n't you CbeD oing your home'ork2 Auxiliaries: mixed PEG chapters 11-1+ =ill each of the follo'ing gaps 'ith a suitable au.) "" %om . (!o o$ligation. #e . . . for this little chap on the bus yester ay. . I hope to . . %here .iliary or au.10 "0 "3 &4 &1 &" && &4 &* &+ %hey on't are CrefuseD. It might CkillD somebo y. miss one another at Picca illy. . I'm sorry I'm late. . better take off your 'et shoes. I . 0 (e . . . 5ou .it oors. "+ 1i you paint it yourself or i you . )se present tense. . . . be another 's'. . . . . . lan e (unfulfilled plan) at (eathro'/ but it has been i!erte to Gat'ick. . ((om pro$a$ly knows. . #e'!e got Cget outD. + I kne' he 'as 'rong but I . . you I' get a ta. . %eacherG 5ou . . 5ou . tol me9 (I"m disappointed that you didn"t tell me. 5ou ought Cha!e finishe D it last night. . %here's a spee limit here. 5ou . 1* >nnG My little boy's un er three so I . . 1 " & 4 * 8choolboy to frien G I left my book at home. I must CsayD I think you beha!e !ery ba ly. 5ou'!e spelt it 'rong. to pay "4p. . "4 >t the holi ay camp 'e . you like to come canoeing 'ith me ne. . . . 5our map may Cha!e beenD out of ate. (hadn "t the #ourage) to tell him so. to cut o'n on your beer rinking.t 'eeken 2 14 MaryG I . . opene this afternoon/ (plan) 14 I'!e come 'ithout any money. left it on the bus9 (dedu#tion) "4 %heatre regulationsG >t the en of the performance the public . (I"m sure that (om knows. . . Ao' he har ly smokes at all. (o$ligation) rea the play/ but you . 10 5ou . . you possibly len me :*2 11 >nnG . .) 13 #e . . 'e meet at Picca illy Fircus2 1" %omG It . . kno' the a ress. . . 5ou're getting fat. .iliary form. . . . . . I 'ill ha!e CcarryD a tent. "* If I . . 5ou must ClookD both 'ays before crossing the roa . (negati*e) to be ri!ing so fast. . . to s'im by the en of the month. .i. . . . . 1+ %he plane . . . . to get up at si. to 'ait ages for a bus. I share yours2 I'm taking s'imming lessons. 3 %he ne' motor'ay .) "& I'!e lost my umbrella9 I . . it painte 2 ".i. %hen 'e .) to pay for him. (are permitted to) lea!e by all e. 1& . . . come back an cook an enormous breakfast/ (routine a#tions) "1 %om . . . kno' the a ress. to take a ta. .

. It 'oul therefore be possible to use do/did forms throughout the follo'ing e. . . 1" >ir passengers usually . brain'a!es !ery often/ but I . matches. 1.cept 'hen there is an i ea of habit. . the time2 C L 1o you kno' the time2D Ao/ I . . I ha*en"t (got) a 'atch/ Cpresent possessionD (o' many corners has a Ca characteristic rather than a habit cube2 (e doesn "t usually ha*e time ChabitD to stu y. . . . . one no'. a col in the hea . . . . e!en the sense to put up his umbrella/ (negati*e) " (e . . . a 'atch/ (negati*e) 14 5ou e!er . . al'ays pearls in them. (o' many letters . . ". #hen a negati!e form is re6uire "(negati*e)" 'ill be place at the en of the e. :1/444 a year 'hen his father ies. the alphabet2 0 %he houses in your country . .ample. . . this toothache yester ay2 . . a match on you2 $ Ao/ I on't smoke so I ne!er . .ercises Ce.cept in no. much luggage/ (negati*e) 1& 5ou . . #here both are e6ually usual this 'ill be note in the key. an e. . .clusi!ely. . . (1st *er$ negati*e) 4 It is no goo arguing 'ith someone 'ho . a bee in his bonnet. . flat roofs2 3 5ou . . . $ %hat's nothing ne'. . a little hole through 'hich you can peep at callers2 (negati*e) 1+ 5ou . (re+uest) get me some aspirin 'hen you're at the chemist's. . . an impulse to smash something2 11 (e . #hat is your opinion2 $ I . . & I . . @nly one space 'ill be left in each clause/ but note that ot may be separate from ha!e by another 'or .13 "0 5ou . . . . he al'ays . . an opinion2 (negati*e) .cuse2 (negati*e) + 5ou .id you ha*e -ad you an umbrella 'hen you left the house2 In other English-speaking countries/ ho'e!er/ the do forms are use almost e. 1 (e is stan ing there in the rain an . . a col . other'ise either form is possibleG . . (negati*e) 1* 5our oor . any ob<ection to sitting 'ith your back to the engine2 14 @ysters . * #hy on't you say something2 5ou . In the past/ did is use for habit. . have: possessive PEG 1"" In 7ritish English/ ha!e meaning possess is not normally con<ugatec 'ith o e. . =ill the spaces 'ith the correct forms of ha!e/ a ing got 'here possible.D/ but stu ents are aske to use have not/have you forms 'here they coul be use . . .

an or inary bicycle/ but I . (last *er$ negati*e) &1 I think I kno' the man you mean. (2nd *er$ negati*e) "+ 5ou . a secret ra'er2 $ Ao/ mo ern esks e!er . any 'hen I 'as at school. chil ren2$ 5es/ I . (2nd *er$ negati*e) && #e 'ere al'ays getting lost in the esert. is havin . kittens e!ery year. . he . . . mos6uitoes in your country in summer2 ". $ (o' many she . . . 1 #e . Jse am havin . . . . . complete free om 'hen they are young/ they . . . a goo <ourney yester ay2 & 1on't isturb him. . . . . . .t year. . "0 5ou .D/ entertain CguestsD/ encounter C ifficulty/ etc. . etc. "3 #hy o you su enly 'ant to back out2 5ou . ."4 10 %hat cup .D/ en"oy Ca timeI<ourney/ etc. . .D. . . . . . . . . . a feeling that you'!e been there before2 "" 7abies . . " 5ou . a pentagon2 "4 @ur cat . . . . any mushrooms to ay2 8hopkeeperG #e usually . . col feet2 &4 FustomerG 5ou . 13 5ou . ba tempers2 &* 1o you think 'e shoul eat this meat2 It . . them but I'm afrai 'e . . . a long rope2 have: various uses PEG 1"& have can mean ta!e Ca mealIlessonIbath/ etc. lunch early tomorro'. . 4 #e . . a motor cycle2 $ Ao/ I only . . . . a crack in it. t'o/ a boy an a girl. . $ 5ou . I ./ as a future form. teeth 'hen they're born2 "& (o' many si es . . some frien s in for inner tomorro' night. a rest. . earth6uakes in your country2 . . . #hen use in these 'aysG CaD have usually forms its negati!e an interrogati!e 'ith do. CbD have can be use in the continuous tenses. . . one blue eye an one bro'n one2 (negati*e) &" Fhil ren no'a ays . + 5ou . . any suspicion 'ho i it2 "4 %his esk . . . . . . . Put the correct form of have into the follo'ing sentences. 5ou . inhibitions 'hen they gro' up. . (negati*e) "1 #hen you go to a place for the first time/ you e!er . . . . four. . compasses2 (negati*e) &4 Ee -haire people al'ays . a motor cycle ne. (negati*e) &+ %he stairs are on fire9 5ou . a !ery nice smell. each time2 "* %hey say that if chil ren . . * (o' many lessons he . secret ra'ers. . . . . . far too much pocket money. a 'eek2 $ (e usually . any at the moment. (e . .

13 I . for breakfast2 $ #e . . . a meeting tomorro' to iscuss safety precautions. 11 5ou . . a party here ne. . .es at present. 0 #hat you . . so many acci ents as men ri!ers. $ 5ou . (negati*e) &" #e . . . an acci ent2 1. any luck2 $ 5es/ I caught a great big fish. . . an operation ne. . . . . . (negati*e) "" %he farmers . . 1+ (o' i you amage your car2 5ou . . anything to eat before you left home2 $ @h yes/ I . . &* (e e!er . ". .t 'eek. any ifficulty getting into your flat last night2 "+ >re you en<oying yourself2 $ 5es/ I . "* 5ou . . %he have & object & past participle construction . . && I . . . It's too much trouble. a !ery lucky escape. a chance. a look at that house tomorro'. . (o' often he . . "4 English people al'ays . . a thun erstorm yester ay2 1" Fome in/ 'e . a try. . breakfast2 $ #e usually . 1* %he tree <ust misse the roof/ 'e . . . a puncture. . . &4 #e . toast an coffee. If I like it I'll buy it. . (negati*e) "4 5ou . . . a lecture ne.44. a lot of trouble 'ith fo. 14 #e .t 'eek. . . bacon an eggs. . . 10 #e . . 1& 5ou . !ery ba 'eather <ust no'. a cup of coffee2 $ 5es/ please. . . a !ery interesting con!ersation 'ith the milkman 'hen my neighbour interrupte me. . . . 14 #hy 'ere they making such a noise2 %hey . . "3 #hy 'ere they late2 # %hey . a cooke breakfast2 (negati*e) . . a ebate. . tea 'ith her tomorro'. . ."1 . . . . . . 3 #hy you . .t Mon ay. an argument. a goo night2 $ Ao/ I slept !ery ba ly. . . . &4 (e . #oul you like to come2 &1 #hy i n't you speak to her2 $ I . I . roast beef for lunch on 8un ays2 "1 It is ifficult to learn a foreign language 'hen you . . nightmares2 &+ #hen he got tire of it I . #hat time you . . . . an opportunity of speaking it. . . . a singing lesson2 "0 5ou . . "& @n the 'hole 'omen ri!ers . a 'on erful time. . . it at 0.

4 %hat ea tree is angerous.-rayD 14 5our roof is leaking/ you shoul . . . . . central heating installe . . Part 2 =ill in the spaces by inserting the correct form of have. . you . . CtuneD 10 #hy on't you . . $ I kno'. . . . . . . . . . 3 . . it . the puncture . . . .. . the ocuments translate . . . CsharpenD Part 3 Ee'rite the sentences using a have H ob<ect H past participle construction an omitting the 'or s in bol type. I . . . . . . . . . . Cmen D "1 (is arm 'as broken so he ha to go to hospital to .. them . you .D 1 I . . 8he . I employed a plumber to e. . . all his shoes specially ma e2 (e says that he has to because his feet are ifferent si?es. <ust .. CrechargeD "& It's a beautiful photo. . 1& 5our ankle is !ery s'ollen. CtypeD 1. that broken pane replace tomorro'.. "3 %hey arran ed $or the police to arrest the man. %hat's a goo piano but you shoul . skylight put in. I think I .. My nephe' is helping 'ith the translation. . . . %he house is 'arm9 + I can't rea Greek so I . I . . I had my $oiler e/amined. the ocument . . . your milk eli!ere or o you go to the shop for it2 14 If you hate cleaning fish 'hy . I paid a %atchma!er to clean my 'atch. CshortenD 1+ Ao one 'ill be able to rea your notes. the past participle of the !erb in brackets an / 'here necessary/ a pronoun. I'm going to .amine my boiler. . it . it set tomorro'. your brakes teste 2 1" I'm afrai it's rather raughty here but 1. C yeD "4 (e 'ent to a garage to . "+ %he tap keeps ripping so I must send $or a plumber to see to it. . . I . . & %he attic 'as ark so last year 'e . . the film e!elope or i you e!elop it yourself2 0 #hy . <ust . . Jse am/is/are havin as a future form. CenlargeD "4 7e careful of those kni!es. I must . .he. . &4 (e paid a lorry ri!er to to' the car to a garage. <ust . . . it . them cleane at the fishmonger's2 (negati*e) 11 (o' often . CrepairD 1* %he trousers are too long. . CsetD "" %he battery is all right no'. . . . . . . 2 CphotocopyD 13 (e i n't like the colour of the curtains so he . 5ou' better . "* I pay a ara e to ser!ice my car. . . Cget can be use instea of ha!e/ but is more collo6uial. "0 >n artist is painting her portrait. . . . . ". it cut o'n tomorro'. . my house painte . . . . %hat is 'hy there is all this mess.. C. I . you ."" PEG 113 Part I =ill in the spaces by inserting the correct form of have. . . " My hair looks rea ful. . it . you . . * #e . . . .

My parents ha!e arrange it.ercise 'hich inclu es infiniti!es/ sub<uncti!es/ con itionals/ an some e. CaskD 1" E!en if you . . && I 'ent to an oculist an he teste my eyes for me. on a catering course 'hen I lea!e school. . My flat 'as full of ust because the ol house <ust opposite . . late once is e. out of the arena. . right e!ery time. . 1.cusable but . . punctual e!ery ay. Eemember that/ in the passi!e/ be can be use in the continuous tenses. CcarryD 1* It's better . 3 It . Csee 291) "4 It is impossible . . CgoD 14 #hat is happening no'2 $ %he in<ure man . . . Ce. .tinguishD + (o' long you . 8he . CstayD 11 (e suggests that prominent people . . . &" I pay a %indo% cleaner to clean my 'in o's e!ery month.t e. .) 14 5ou .ercise. half an hour early tomorro'. . . %hat is an or er. . $ I' rather you . . here. . 1& I. &4 %he ol gypsy is telling %om's fortune. too early than too late. here2 . . 1 %hey are cutting o'n all the trees. . %he countrysi e . . . you I' go on to the ne. it. #hy are all those ogs 'earing harness2 $ %hey . .amples of the be H infiniti!e construction #hen this last construction or a passi!e construction is re6uire the secon !erb is gi!en in brackets at the en of the sentence. . . ."& &1 %hey are employin builders to buil a garage. %om . to go on your knees to him I on't think it 'oul make him change his min . . 4 . . ./ "34/ "3&/ &44/ &4" %his is a general e. #hy i you lea!e him behin 2 5ou . I miss you !ery much. ((hose were your instru#tions. . =ill the spaces in the follo'ing sentences by inserting the correct form of be 'ith/ 'here necessary/ the past participle or present or perfect infiniti!e of the !erb in brackets. &* I as!ed the $ishmon er to open the oysters $or me. . by a professor from Milan/ CteachD 13 I kno' I .. half an hour late yester ay but I . . . late e!ery ay is not. ifficult to rea a ne'spaper upsi e o'n2 0)se negati*e. . . a speech tonight/ CmakeD & If I . .) CtakeD 10 8he is learning Italian. . be PEG 11&-1. &+ I %ent to a "e%eller and he pierce my ears $or me.. * (e or ere that all lights . CruinD " %he Prime Minister . . . . . CputD I tol him to put it on the mantelpiece. here till I return. . . to contribute. Cpull o'nD 0 (e aske 'here he . as gui e ogs for the blin / CtrainD (hey are $eing trained as guide dogs for the $lind. . . him 'ith you. . . . . 1+ I 'ish you .

..&4. . &. 3 . here by se!en but no' it's nine an there's no sign of him. . . .. .. iscusse in tomorro''s ebate. .. .. .ice on the lake tomorro'. . . . . . to all members.. .to5ork2$ . . . .. . eggs for breakfast tomorro'2 "4 If only 1... CrunD &1 %he house 'asn't rea y. CtranslateD &4 It is high time you ... . it is/there is PEG +. . * >s.. . . CtakeD ". . .. $ >n 'hat's the ate2$ ...a lot of rain last 'eek.D "* %he Bueen . ... . . . CopenD "+ I coul n't see the man 'ho 'as gui ing us an I i n't kno' 'here 'e .... . there9 C7ut I 'asn't. . . for use in schools.. $ 5es/ . .. .. 'et . . that is 'hy .. . Csen D "& %here . so nice outsi e. they . . . .. a trilogy but in the en the author foun that he ha only enough material for t'o !olumes/ CbeD "0 5ou . . .. 1 #hat's the time2. . se!eral acci ents on the motor'ay.t 'eek.all right if . so many streets all looking e.. !ery 'et yester ay. 11 . 1" . . ... ../11+-1. . . . ... it still . . ."4 "1 (e .. & . .. 4 ..actly 'hat I .. in be . .. .. CbeD "" %hey eci e that !oting papers . .. time to get up9 . .... .. 1& .. . but if . " (o' far. . ifficult to fin your 'ay roun this to'n. in tomorro''s race but he sai this morning that she 'as sick an 'oul n't be running after all.. . . 14 .a thick fog last night... ... not any sha o's because ...... . . .... . . !ery angry if I refuse 2 "3 %he matter .... Insert it is/there is in the spaces.. the ne' hospital ne. ... .. .. ... .. .. .. floo s e!ery'here. . C oD &+ If this report . sunny she eci e to take the chil ren to the sea. It .. . . . not any sun. into all the ma<or European languages...purgate e ition . . 0 ... .... . . long 6ueues on the Jn ergroun . . CprintD && (is 'orks are immensely popular... so col in the room. . . .. not any glass in the 'in o's...actly alike.. . .. going to be a bus strike tomorro'. the "4th. . belie!e / 'e are going to ha!e a !ery se!ere rought.. ...... an there 'ere pots of paint an la ers e!ery'here/ CpaintD &" %hey eci e that an e. ..... foolish to ri!e fast 'hen . &4 (is mare .. . 14 . nearly breakfast time. .. . free?ing !ery har . a fine ay..... !ery stormy last night. storms all o!er the country. In some sentences/ contracte plural/ negati!e an interrogati!e forms/ or the past or future tense are re6uire . .. .. $ ... a pity to stay in 'hen . + #hy on't you go for a 'alk2 . &* I ha my instructions an I kne' e.. . impossible to go out.. 1* Fome on/ chil ren9 ..... foggy. . *4 miles..

. impossible to escape..' "" . .... .all sorts of legen s about these ca!es..... ..5es/ .. . &4 . . ... "1 'Fan I ha!e a (elegraph. bars on the 'in o's. ifficult for him to recogni?e people. .ust cross out that 'or an goon. an un ergroun passage lea ing to the !illage inn... <ust as goo . .... >nn 'ho opene the oor to us yester ay/ .. lunch time 'hen 'e get to 5ork/ so let's ha!e lunch there. . . . .. .. .1*..... ..... ability 'ith could.. ..... . plenty of foo in the house. . ... only one sentence on the paper. .. . . .D can and be able PEG 1&+-0 Part I can. suppose to be goo for the figure to run up an o'n stairs/ . a skylight so . .. .. a hea!y fall of sno' 'hich blocke all the roa s.... . sai that if you break a mirror you'll be unlucky for se!en years.all sorts of stories about Eobin (oo / but ...... foolish to gi!e a'ay your property like that.. . "3 . .. rather full.. . .. @h yes/ . .. room for your car.....a long time before I got an ans'er. . . &+ ..a funny smell here. . / . ... not any left/' sai the ne'sagent.. . . .. not kno'n e. . . 1.a pon besi e your house2. not necessary to begin again..2 &* #e'!e one all 'e can... . not necessary to carry your passport e!ery'here 'ith you but . . not really a letter/ for . $ 5es/ but .. . . .. Mine's on the top floor. .. ..... "+ . . I'm afrai . 13 . $ (o' eep . .... . . ....a garage behin the hotel2 $ 5es/ but . ... . . && .$ Ao/ .. . . .. )uckily .. . a aughter/ >nn. (or. turpentine2 10 . .. not be time for lunch because our train to E inburgh lea!es 5ork at 1&.. "4 >s he ha !ery ba sight ... ... .. nothing to o in the e!enings. &4 %ell me something about 3ing 4ear. . ...2 "0 . ... a charming !illage an I 'as !ery happy there/ but my chil ren 'ere bore because ... ..... . .. ."* 1+ .. . . ..actly 'ho he 'as or 'hat he i . sai that smugglers hi their goo s here an that .. . .2 &" (e thought that . better to say nothing about his change of plan.. ... use to e. . a !entilation problem... . .. . . . . . '7ut . a !isable to carry some ocument of i entity... ... "* @ne night .. ". ... .. no lift but ... 6uite a big loft/ 'hich I am thinking of turning into a be room. . .. .. "4 . ... .a hotel in the !illage/ so 'e eci e to stay there.. . .. ... the story of a king 'ho i!i e his king om bet'een his aughters.. .a guar outsi e the oor an . I on't think . . .... . ... #hy not take that2 . nothing to o no' but 'ait. . .no nee to begin again... .. ... . . . . . %hen one ay a letter arri!e -'ell/ . . . . &1 (as %om any more chil ren2$ 5es... ..... ... .. .. fi!e flats in the buil ing-one on each floor. . ... ne!er certain that your family 'ill beha!e generously to you in return. a 2uardian on the rack besi e you. not . . "& .a pity you ha!en't another be room.. shall/%ill be able . please2' sai the customer. ...

lock the oor. . . . @ther'ise 'hen you get home you . . 'ake my sister an she let me in. (negati*e) 13 I kne' the to'n so I . put letters after your name2 3 1on't try to look at all the pictures in the gallery. . reach the shore before he collapse . . 1* I 'as a long 'ay from the stage. . (2nd *er$ negati*e) 11 . . . get out but the passengers 'ere ro'ne . carry all that. Ao9 I type2$ 5es/ I . . . . In others only %as/%ere able is possible. %here is no nee to use other able form in this section. 1 . negati*e) 0 #hen you ha!e taken your egree you . Part 3 PEG """ F/ ""& 7/ "0&-4 . continue our <ourney. . . . . o shorthan / (2nd *er$ negati*e) 1" I'm locke in.. a !ise him 'here to go. see 'here 'e are. . . 'hen I 'as at school but I . speak it. . (2nd *er$ negati*e) 1+ #e . . (negati*e) 4 I . I'm too fat. pay. . "4 #hen the garage ha repaire our car 'e . . un erstan a ults/ an no' that I am an a ult I . . =ortunately I . . remember any of them. #hen I 'as a chil I . (negati*e) Part 2 could an 'as able In some of the follo'ing sentences either could or %as able coul be use . rea 6uite 'ell. con!ince them that 'e 'ere innocent. %he ri!er . . . 1& (e 'as !ery strong. . . . =ill the spaces an put to 'here necessary before the infiniti!es. . . . + 5ou'!e put too much in your rucksack. . ."+ =ill the follo'ing spaces/ using can for present/ could for past an shall/%ill be able for future. see all right but I .. . . . he . you e!en remember the street2 (negati*e) * #hen the fog lifts 'e . . . . hear !ery 'ell. . . 1. . . . remember the a ress/ (negati*e) . ski all ay an ance all night. . hire a car from our local garage. (negati*e) 14 #hen I first 'ent to 8pain I . . borro' umbrellas. I . . . & >t the en of the month the Post @ffice 'ill sen him an enormous telephone bill 'hich he . (2nd *er$ negati*e) 2 #hen I'!e passe my ri!ing test I . . . type but I . . . . . "& %he s'immer 'as !ery tire but he . no'. . . get out9 (negati*e) . . rea 8panish but I . "4 %he police 'ere suspicious at first but I . . Put to 'here necessary before the infiniti!es. . you stan on your hea 2 # I . you 'alk or i they ha!e to carry you2 10 I ha no key so I . . . "1 >t fi!e years ol he . so 'e i n't get 'et. un erstan chil ren/ (negati*e. . . I . you s6uee?e bet'een the bars2 (negati*e) . . . 14 %he car plunge into the ri!er. . "" #hen I arri!e e!eryone 'as asleep. . . . . you ne!er .

.. (negati*e) &* (e says that he sa' Flementine ro'ning but . && . as 'ell stay here till the 'eather impro!es.-&&/ "0*/ "00/ &44 Insert the correct form of may/mi ht e. . . 14 (e. . 1 It . . . . . . . . . 3 . . . rain. you ha!e repaire the engine2 may PEG 1". . If I sang . . People con!icte of an offence . ask your secretary to look for them for me.". .. . . . . rain/ you' better take a coat. . negati*e) "0 If a letter comes for me . be my brother (I admit that he is) but I on't trust him. . you please for'ar it to this a ress2 "3 8he ma e the 'all !ery high so that boys . . . you accompany me on the piano2$ Ao/ 1. . . . . be on the ne. (they let him) o e. .amples of could use for polite re6uests an as a con itional. 4 . . if I ha plenty of 'ater. .. . come an see us. . & #e . . . . . 1* If 'e got there early 'e . . you len me :*2 $ Ao/ I . I borro' your umbrella2 ' 5ou . .cept in 14 an &+/ 'here a be allo%ed form is necessary.amination room. (negati*e) &4 %hey use to chain !aluable books to library esks so that people . as 'ell 'ait. %his section inclu es e. " (e sai that it . you go 'ithout foo for a 'eek2$ I suppose I . help her as he . 0 If he kne' our a ress he . I speak to Mr Pitt/ please2$ I'm afrai he's out at the moment.. . . . . take them a'ay. (ha*e a right to) appeal. #e . . . lea!e the country/ (negati*e) &1 . . 14 #hen he 'as a chil he . . . (negati*e) ". . . . I come in2 $ Please o./ 1. . 1& I . 11 I think I left my glasses in your office. s'im. I ha!en't got a 'atch.. . 1+ %he police .tbooks into the e.) + Fan i ates .. (ha*e a right to) ask a ri!er to take a breath test. . negati*e) &+ If you ha ha the right tools . you ring back later2 "+ If you stoo on my shoul ers .actly as he like . you tell me the time/ please2 $ I'm afrai 1. you reach the top of the 'all2 $ Ao/ I'm afrai I . (negati*e) &4 %hey took his passport so that he . . . not bring te.. . . (negati*e) &" If you ha to/ . . . . climb o!er it. . (re+uest) 1" (e . tell me9 (I think I ha*e a right to know. . . (negati*e.t train. . "* . 5ou . . . play the piano9 (negati*e. . . get a goo seat. . ne!er see you again.

. ha!e been too ba . . . . &* . 4 1. I al'ays . . 1& =ather to small sonG 5ou . . be able to sa!e his life. (is 'ife is a'ay.. (ha*e permission to) use my office. "3 %'o parallel 'hite lines in the mi le of the roa mean that you . . . 5ou ought to go to his lectures/ you . he . . come to 'ork in time. . 13 (e isn't going to eat it. It's really e. 1 8he . ha!e saile from 8outh >merica on rafts. practise the piano for three hours a ay. ha!e time to think it o!er..) "" #e' better be early. . %hey . . stay at school till the age of 1+. . look it up. . . 3 I ha n't enough money an I . &1 If you sai that/ he . . CI think you should. . be a cro' . 10 I'll 'ait a 'eek so that he .) "1 5ou . &" I 'on er 'hy they i n't go. . . . there . . "4 5ou . as 'ell try. be repro uce 'ithout the publisher's permission. come in earlier at night. cook his o'n meals. 1. come. . " Aotice in a picture galleryG Fameras/ sticks an umbrellas . . lea!e home at eight e!ery morning at present. 5ou ought to buy no'. be left at the esk. ha!e 'ritten/ (I am annoyed disappointed that you didn "t.) must and have to PEG 144-* =ill the spaces in the follo'ing sentences by inserting must or the present/ future/ or past form of have to. . "4 5ou . he's terribly ill. rea this book. &4 (e has refuse / but he . . o 'hat Mummy says. . pay him 6uite a lot of money. . 14 My neighbour's chil ."0 1.. . 8he felt ill an . . o all the typing at my office. not o!ertake. I see your passport/ please2 &+ (e . 0 Mr Pitt . 13 Mother to aughterG 5ou . as 'ell gi!e it to the og.. . . 1. at least rea the letter. learn something. . 14 I ne!er remember his a ress. 'in :1/444. . . && #arningG Ao part of this book . "0 If 'e can gi!e him a bloo transfusion 'e . . use his office 'hene!er 'e like . be s'itche off. . ((hey ha*en"t let him dri*e. . . 1" If you go to a entist 'ith a pri!ate practice you . "+ I on't think I'll succee but I . . . "* (e sai that 'e . 1* 1octorG I can't come no'. In my istrict there is no gas lai on. . . . . change his min if you aske him again. &4 If I bought a lottery ticket I . . + %he chil ren . . People .cellent. 10 Aotice abo!e petrol pumpG >ll engines . pay by che6ue. . "& Aobo y kno's ho' people first came to these islan s. . . . . FallerG 5ou . . . . . ". $ %he 'eather . & (e sees !ery ba ly. . go up. be !ery offen e . (negati*e) ri!e since his acci ent. . . . * 5ou . . . play in the streets till their mothers get home from 'ork. . . . . 'ear glasses all the time. . . lea!e early. . . . use electricity for e!erything. 11 EmployerG 5ou . . . . 1+ English chil ren . . prices . . .

. . . ring the bell. . the shop 'ill sen it. . 4 #e . * 5ou . change the 'heel. . I ha!e a key. . && #aiters . . " Aotice in cinemaG E. 8he . . . . . &+ #hene!er the og 'ants to go out 1. . pay ta. 3 5ou . o all the e. "" Aotice besi e escalatorsG 1ogs an push chairs . get a ta. . . &4 =ather to sonG I can't support you any longer. . . . . 1& 5ou . the room is full of gas. . . cross the line by the footbri ge. 5ou . bring an umbrella. . #e . strike a match. 13 5ou . . 'e ha!e plenty no'. "0 Eail'ay noticeG Passengers . I can see 6uite 'ell. . . get up early. be carrie . mo!e to another flat. put salt in any of his ishes. . I insist on it. get up an open the oor.. 0 #e . 'alk about the church uring a ser!ice. tell lies. . you . . be here by si. play 'ith matches. earn your o'n li!ing from no' on. ri!e fast. make any more san 'iches. %here is plenty of foo in the house.. . "& '>u pair' girls usually . . . 11 #e . . "* #hen a tyre is puncture the ri!er . . . . make any noise or 'e'll 'ake the baby. . . .. 14 5ou . be in possession of a ticket. "3 I got lost an .. be kept on lea s. &4 =armers . talk to other can i ates uring the e. + Fan i ates . 1 5ou . be locke uring performances. there is a spee limit here. . "1 %he buses 'ere all full. 14 5ou . clean the 'in o's. 'e ha!e plenty of time. buy a licence for it. It isn't going to rain. . "4 %ell her that she . . . . &" #hen I change my <ob I . . bring books into the e. . on the tips that they recei!e. 'rite to him for he 'ill be here tomorro'.ercise. o 6uite a lot of house'ork. .i. 8alt is !ery ba for ask a policeman the 'ay. . 5ou . . rink thisG it is poison. . . turn on the light. . %en sentences 'ill be enough. "1 Mother to chil G 5ou . &1 If you buy that tele!ision set you .amination room. ."3 "4 %he shops here on't eli!er. . "" Fhurch noticeG Kisitors . . . . must not and need not PEG 14+ Jse must not or need not to fill the spaces in the follo'ing sentences. . "+ Park noticeG >ll ogs . . &* Eail'ay noticeG Passengers . . reheat the pie. carry e!erything home oursel!es. . "& 1. . . #e can eat it col . %he 'in o'-cleaner is coming tomorro'. . .it oors . . "4 5ou . 10 5ou . . 1" Mother to chil G 5ou . .. . . 1+ #e . 1. learn ho' to ri!e 'hen her local rail'ay station is close . carry that parcel home yourself. 1* 5ou . . . . . . . . go to the shops to ay. ". I . . & 5ou . ri!e fast. take anything out of a shop 'ithout paying for it. .

It is contrary to Moo regulations. you . #e 'ere able to 'a e across. %hen it %on't be necessary to li!e at home if I on't 'ant to. 1& 1i you kno' enough English to ask for your ticket2 It %asn't necessary to say anything. . smoke in a non-smoking compartment. "+ #e . . look un er the be . . "3 I'll len you the money an you . I bought my ticket at a machine.' (You . &" 5ou . need not and don't have to etc( PEG 140-*4 Eeplace the 'or s in bol type by need not/need I2 etc. . It's not polite. . . . . . be parke here. (6e . %omorro' 'ill o. .&4 "4 5ou . . ask a 'oman her age. . 5ou . %he mai 'ill o it. . %here isn't anybo y there. . ' It %ill be necessary $or them to get up early 'hen they go out to 'ork e!ery ay. (6e . (e took us in his car. . &4 #e . forget to shut the lift gates. say anything. (e has alrea y reache retiring age. . but I can't go. * #e ha to stop at the frontier but 'e %ere not re(uired to open our cases. &+ If you 'ant the time/ pick up the recei!er an ial 0401. "* Police noticeG Fars .) 0 It is never necessary $or me to 'ork on 8atur ays. 0-e . ". . 'e can see !ery 'ell from here. . . open the lion's cage. . 11 &ill it be necessary $or us to report this acci ent to the police2 1" #hen you buy something on the installment system you are not re(uired to pay the 'hole price at once.) 1 My employer sai / ) shan't re(uire you tomorro'. &1 5ou . interrupt 'hen I am speaking. . make your be . . && 5ou'!e gi!en me too much. 14 It isn't necessary to buy a licence for a bicycle in Englan . 14 Ae' teacher to his classG It isn't necessary $or you to call me '8ir'. pay me back till ne./ or a negati!e or interrogati!e have to form. . o it to ay. 13 It %asn't necessary to s%im. &ill it be necessary $or me to sleep un er a mos6uito net2 10 Most people think that ci!il ser!ants are not re(uired to 'ork !ery har . . .t month. . &ill it be necessary for me to sen a present2 5hall I ha*e to send a present' 1 It isn't necessary $or him to go on 'orking. I'!e been in!ite to a 'e ing. 3 #hen I am eighteen I'll be of age. . . . . #ome. call me '7ill'. . . .) " &as it necessary $or you to 'ait a long time for your bus2 & It isn't necessary $or me to 'ater my tomato plants e!ery ay. . eat it all. $ 5ou . "0 I 'ant this letter type but you . &* Mother to chil G 5ou . &4 #e . . climb any higher.) )* Is it essential $or you to finish tonight2 1+ Is it necessary $or people to go e!ery'here by boat in Kenice2 1. + It 'asn't necessary to 'alk.

I can get a ta. ChelpD him. . 7ut it %asn't necessary to pay for the lunch. . %he teachers aren't !ery strict. 1 1i you hear me come in last night2 $ Ao/ I . CseeD a rattlesnake. It 'asn't necessary for me to o anything. . + I . $ 5ou . can't/couldn't H infiniti!e is use for negati!e e uctions.2 &" E!erything 'as one for me. . it . . . 0 (e is back alrea y. && >re =rench chil ren obli ed to go to school on 8atur ays2 &4 I 'as late for the opera. again2 &1 Is it really necessary for you to practise the !iolin at & a. ". CstartD !ery early. $ 5ou . CbeD asleep. %here aren't any rattlesnakes in this country. Cgi!eD :14. . &+ &ere you re(uired to make a speech2 must. $ . . "" Is it obli atory $or us to !ote2 "& #hen you 'ere a chil %ere you re(uired to practise the piano2 "4 I sa' the acci ent but fortunately it %asn't necessary $or me to gi!e e!i ence as there 'ere plenty of other 'itnesses. . $ &as it necessary $or you to 'ait till the en of the first act before fin ing your seat2 &* (e repaire my ol 'atch so it 'asn't necessary for me to buy a ne' one after all. "1 @ur plane 'as elaye so 'e ha lunch at the airport. It %asn't necessary $or them to &ill it be necessary $or me to take the 'hole e. %he airline ga!e it to us. "+ %hey ha plenty of time. $ (e . needn't H perfect infiniti!e is use for a past action 'hich 'as unnecessary but 'as performe . " I 'on er 'ho broke the 'ineglass. can't and needn't with the perfect infinitive PEG 1*"/ 1*+/ 1*3 must H perfect infiniti!e is use for affirmati!e e uctions.) 4 I ha my umbrella 'hen I came out but I ha!en't got it no'. . . Clea!eD it on the bus. . I sa' a rattlesnake near the ri!er yester ay. 3 (e returne home 'ith a tiger cub. . & 5ou . CescapeD by this 'in o' because it is barre . :* 'oul ha!e been enough.i. .&1 "4 It isn't necessary $or you to ri!e me to the station. . =ill the spaces in the follo'ing sentences by using one of these forms H the perfect infiniti!e of the !erbs in brackets. &4 I misse one ay of the e. Is it necessary $or you to take your og 'ith you e!ery'here2 "0 #hat time %as it necessary $or you to lea!e home2 "3 I brought my passport but I %asn't re(uired to sho' it to anyone. * (e . "* 8mall boy to frien G It %on't be necessary $or you to 'ork har 'hen you come to my school. C You helped him $ut he didn "t need help. CbeD the cat for she 'as out all ay. .

. $ It . 13 (e . &4 %here 'as a terrible crash at & a. CbeD goo . . . . CsayD anything. . Cun erstan D you. $ 8omeone . CbeD stung by a <elly-fish. $ 5ou . $ 8omeone . . $ 5ou . . . . $ 5ou . "& I ha!e <ust 'atere the roses. CbeD !ery ifficult. CbeD abroa at the time. 1" I left my bicycle here an no' it's gone. If he ha they 'oul n't ha!e ie . CtakeD a long time. . . Perhaps he s'am across. CstealD it 'hile she slept. CbeD in the gar en. 'e ha!e heaps in the house. . . (e came out of the 'ater 'ith little re spots all o!er his back. . CbeD furious. $ I'm sorry. . 1* %he machine sai / '5ou 'eigh +* kilos/' an I sai / %hank you. . . $ Ao/ he . $ (e . $ 5ou . C'alkD from here to )on on in t'o hours. . . . I am perfectly 'ell. . 14 I bought t'o bottles of milk. . )ook/ it's raining no'9 "4 %hat carpet 'as ma e entirely by han . . . $ (e . "4 (e 'as !ery sick last night.' $ 5ou . 1& #hen she 'oke up her 'atch ha !anishe . It isn't possible. $ %hat . ". . CbuyD milk. "3 I'!e ma e t'o copies. .m. . Cborro'D it. C oD that. $ 5ou . . . "+ (e sai that he 'atere the plants e!ery ay. 1+ I tol him to turn left an he imme iately turne right9 $ (e . . Cha!eD a !ery goo inner if you only pai :&. C oD that. CcomeD o'n the stairs for they 'ere bla?ing. . 14 I'!e opene another bottle. .&" (is 'ife CbeD !ery please about that. && (o' i he get out of the house2 (e . . . . $ 5ou . . . "* %he oor 'as open. she is still abroa . . Csen D for him. he can't s'im. I ha locke it myself an the key 'as in my pocket. #e'!e only <ust starte this one. . . . CbeD open. 1. . . I . CbeD %om coming in from his party. . $ %he passengers . $ %he meat 'e ha for supper . . . &1 I ha to get o'n the mountain in a thick fog. . . C'aterD them. 11 I phone you at nine this morning but got no ans'er. "1 %here 'as a ock strike an the liner coul n't lea!e port. $ %hat . . @ne 'oul ha!e been enough. "0 #e'!e sent for a octor. $ It . CseeD her. &" I sa' >nn in the library yester ay. $ 5ou . C'aterD them. CmakeD t'o. 10 1o you remember rea ing about it in the ne'spapers2 $ Ao/ I . "" #e 'ent to a restaurant an ha a !ery goo inner for :&.

14 1o you like boile eggs2 CheD 1* %hese seats cost :14. . 1o not change the ob<ect if it is plural. C(eD " 7uses pass my house e!ery hour. 1" Eubber balls bounce. 11 %hese hens lay bro'n eggs. 13 %hey sometimes miss the bus. . C8heD 3 %hey 'ash the floor e!ery 'eek. "+ #hat o they o on their ays off2 $ %hey o nothing. CfallD "44 metres. C(eD 4 #e change planes at (eathro'. 1& %hese figures astonish me. "" %hey fly from )on on to E inburgh. CspeakD slo'ly. 10 %hey usually catch the 0. &* I spoke in English/ !ery slo'ly. Elephants ne!er forget. (e speaks English !ery fluently. "4 I mi. $ 5ou . "& %he carpets match the curtains. kisses Ikis/ kisi?I.14 bus. . C(eD 1. C(eD 0 I al'ays carry an umbrella. Clen D him your map. C8heD 14 (is sons go to the local school. the ingre ients together.&& &4 5ou . . Aote that after certain consonants a final es is pronounce as a separate syllable. 8ee PEG 1" 7G kiss. . "4 %hey reali?e the anger. &4 %hey bo. C(eD + %hey 'orry too much. . * 5ou 'atch too much %K. "0 %hey push the oor open. "3 %hey kiss their mother. 1 %hey 'ish to speak to you. 1+ %hey fish in the lake. I cash a che6ue e!ery month. (e . in the gymnasium. C(eD . "1 %he ri!ers free?e in 'inter. &+ (e 'as foun unconscious at the foot of the cliff. %he boys hurry home after school." Eea the follo'ing in the thir person singular. & %hey help their father. ". . %hey lie in be all ay. resent and past tenses %he simple present tense PEG 1. (e has one of his o'n. "* I use a computer.

* (e trusts you. "4 (e 'orries about her.44 e!ery ay. 14 (e finishes 'ork at +. 4 8ome schoolgirls 'ear uniforms. & (e lo!es her.&4 &1 %hey ress 'ell. &" 8he cuts her husban 's hair. 13 8he plays chess !ery 'ell. &4 %hey sell fresh grape <uice here. "& >nn arranges e!erything. &4 5ou fry e!erything. "* %heir ogs bark all night. ". 1* 8he carries a sleeping bag. + (e tries har . %he simple present tense PEG 1. 0 (e misses his mother. &* (e rela. " an 14/ have is use as an or inary !erb an shoul be treate as one. . . && %hey pick the apples in @ctober. "0 (e engages ne' staff e!ery 8pring. &4 %he last train lea!es at mi at 'eeken s. 1 5ou kno' the ans'er.44.44. 1& %his sto!e heats the 'ater. "4 8he agrees 'ith you. 14 8he has a cooke breakfast. %he park closes at usk. 3 %he chil ren like s'eets." Eea the follo'ing CaD in the negati!e CbD in the interrogati!e. 10 5ou remember the a rise e!ery year. %om en<oys ri!ing at night. 11 (e li!es besi e the sea. && %hey snatch la ies' han bags. &+ %hey o e. "+ %heir neighbours often complain. 1+ (e usually belie!es you. 1" (e bullies his sisters. " (e has breakfast at 0. 8he ances in competitions. "" (e lea!es home at 0. 1. &1 (e charges more than other photographers. &" 5our chil ren rely on you. "3 %om looks !ery 'ell.ercises e!ery morning. "1 %hese thie!es 'ork at night. &* %he ta. In Aos.

44 tomorro' as %om CcatchD an early train. %he present continuous tense PEG 1+4-. 0 #hy you Cmen D that ol shirt2 3 5ou Cnot tellD the truth. & #hy >nn Cnot 'earD her ne' ress2 4 %he airplane CflyD at "/444 metres. "1 >nn usually oes the shopping/ but I C oD it to ay as she isn't 'ell. 1" #hat you Crea D no'2 I Crea D 7rime and 8unishment. It CrainD2$ 5es/ it CrainD !ery har . . 8hall I ans'er it2 $ I CcomeD in a minute. Put the !erbs in brackets into the present continuous tense. 1* 8he al'ays CringD up an CaskD 6uestions. + %his fire CgoD out. 5ou can't go out yet. #oul you like to come 'ith me2 "4 #e Cha!eD breakfast at 0. 1& It is a lo!ely ay. 1 8he Cnot 'orkD/ she Cs'imD in the ri!er. #ell/ I CgoD to the cinema.ones Cs'eepD the steps outsi e her house.&* &+ 8he refuses to iscuss it. 14 8omeone CknockD at the oor. 10 Fan I borro' your pen or you CuseD it at the moment2 13 5ou C oD anything this e!ening2 $ Ao/ I'm not. * #hat %om C oD no'2 (e CcleanD his shoes. 8omebo y CbringD more coal2 . In Ao. #here is %om2 $ (e ClieD un er the car. (e CpaintD the front be room. 11 Mrs . 1+ #hy you CmakeD a cake2 8omeone CcomeD to tea2 1. " (e CteachD his boy to ri e. "*/ have is use as an or inary !erb an can therefore be use in the continuous tense. I <ust C'ashD my han s. %he sun CshineD an the bir s CsingD. $ (o' o you kno' that I Cnot tellD the truth2 14 #ho Cmo!eD the furniture about upstairs2 $ It's %om.

"* #hat CmakeD that terrible noise2 $ It's the pneumatic rill. %he house opposite is on fire9 Fome an look. . 4 #hat she C oD in the e!enings2 $ 8he usually CplayD car s or C'atchD %K. %hey CuseD the nests of other bir s. 1 Fuckoos Cnot buil D nests. 1on't 'orry. 1" %om can't ha!e the ne'spaper no' because his aunt Crea D it. "& Mother CrestD no'.&+ "" #hy you CtypeD so fast2 5ou CmakeD a lot of mistakes. &4 MotherG #hat you ClookD at2 8omething ChappenD in the street2 &1 Fhil G 5es. 9 %hey CcutD up some :* notes. ". $ #hat they C oD that for2 $ I on't kno'. 3 (ar ly anyone C'earD a hat no'a ays. %hey CrepairD the roa . "+ %he chil ren are !ery 6uiet. > policeman CtryD to mo!e them on. 0 >nn CmakeD a ress for herself at the moment. I Cnot likeD that set any'ay. & (e usually C rinkD coffee but to ay he C rinkD tea. . "4 %hey C igD an enormous hole <ust outsi e my gate. MotherG I can't. Go an see 'hat they C oD. * I 'on't go out no' as it CrainD an I -Cnot ha!eD an umbrella. Is the =ire 7riga e here2 &" Fhil G 5es. 11 I C'earD my sunglasse to ay because the sun is !ery strong. =ire engines CrushD up an the firemen C<umpD out an CunrollD their hoses. the traffic CmakeD too much noise. (e usually CspeakD so 6uickly that I Cnot un erstan D him. #hat you C'aitD for2I C'aitD for my change. + %he last train Clea!eD the station at 11.&4. " 5ou can't see %om no'G he Cha!eD a bath. 8he al'ays rests after lunch. Perhaps they ClookD for oil. &4 >n ol man CclimbD out of a first floor 'in o'9 > fireman ChelpD him9 %'o boys Csli eD o'n a rope9 &* > 'oman C'a!eD from the attic an a fireman CgoD up a la er to help her9 &+ Ao' he CcomeD o'n again9 (e CcarryD a baby9 %he cro' Ccheer9 %he simple present and the present continuous PEG 1+4-. 14 I'm afrai I'!e broken one of your coffee cups. the boy <ust CgetD it.4 Put the !erbs in brackets into the simple present or the present continuous tense. "3 8he al'ays CloseD her glasses an CaskD me to look for them. && 8moke CpourD from the 'in o's9 People CstopD to 'atch. "0 I can't hear 'hat you CsayD. I CbathD the babies. 8he CmakeD all her o'n clothes.

"+ 5ou C reamD at night25es/ I al'ays C reamD an if I CeatD too much supper I Cha!eD nightmares. I Cre ecorateD the sitting room. I CpromiseD. &4 (e al'ays CsayD that he 'ill men the 'in o' but he ne!er C oD it. "1 I al'ays CbuyD lottery tickets but I ne!er C'inD anything. &+ %he fire CsmokeD horribly. It al'ays CmakeD a noise like that.&. "& I 'on't tell you my secret unless you CpromiseD not to tell anyone. ". 5ou CkeepD milk a long time2 "0 %hese 'orkmen are ne!er satisfie . 8hall I make the tea2 1* 5ou Cen<oyD yourself or 'oul you like to lea!e no'2 I Cen<oyD myself !ery much. I can't see across the room. %he milk CsmellD sour. 5ou Cmin D if I bring my og2 10 (o' much you Co'eD him2I Co'eD him N*. "" 5ou ClikeD this necklace2 I Cgi!eD it to my aughter for her birth ay tomorro'. they al'ays CcomplainD. - . 1. 5ou Crea D a lot25es/ 6uite a lot. 5ou CcomeD 'ith me25es/ I' lo!e to come. I C'antD to stay to the en . $ 5ou Cinten D to pay him2 13 5ou CbelongD to your local library2 5es/ I o. $ %hen 'hy you Crea D ne'spapers2 &* %his car CmakeD a !ery strange noise. &1 5ou Ckno'D 'hy an apple CfallD o'n an not up2 &" 5ou C'riteD to him tonight2 5es/ I al'ays C'riteD to him on his birth ay. 5ou CthinkD it is all right2@h/ that noise Cnot matterD. 1+ (o' you CgetD to 'ork as a rule2 $ I usually CgoD by bus but tomorro' I CgoD in %om's car. #hy you CputD on your coat2 $ I CgoD for a 'alk. 14 %he kettle CboilD no'. I C'on erD 'hat they CtalkD about. &4 5ou Cbelie!eD all that the ne'spapers say2Ao/ I Cnot belie!eD any of it. 1& I'm busy at the moment. 5ou C'antD to sen any message2 && %om an Mr Pitt Cha!eD a long con!ersation. "4 5ou al'ays C'riteD 'ith your left han 2 "* 5ou Clo!eD him2Ao/ I ClikeD him !ery much but I Cnot lo!eD him. "3 #e CuseD this room to ay because the 'in o' in the other room is broken. (o' often you CchangeD your books2 I CchangeD one e!ery ay. "4 Mary usually ClearnD languages !ery 6uickly but she Cnot seemD able to learn mo ern Greek.

&0 I Ce. 1* 8top9 5ou Cnot seeD the notice2 $ I CseeD it but I can't rea it because I Cnot 'earD my glasses. 1.t 'eek. 13 I Csa!eD up because I CgoD abroa in .4 Put the !erbs in brackets into the simple present or present continuous tense. 5ou Cun erstan D 'hat the lecturer is saying2 $ Ao/ I Cnot un erstan D him at all. 14 #hy you C'alkD so fast to ay2 5ou usually C'alkD 6uite slo'ly. 5ou CgetD fat. + %his book is about a man 'ho C esertD his family an CgoD to li!e on a Pacific islan . $ I CagreeD 'ith him. "4 I CthinkD it is a pity you on't take more e. 1 #hat %om CthinkD of the 7u get2 (e CthinkD it most unfair. & 5ou ChearD the 'in 2 It Cblo'D !ery strongly tonight. $ I ChurryD because I CmeetD my mother at 4 o'clock an she Cnot likeD to be kept 'aiting. 1" 5ou Crecogni?eD that man2 $ I CthinkD that I ha!e seen him before but I Cnot rememberD his name 1& )ook at that cro' . 14 %his message has <ust arri!e an the man C'aitD in case you C'antD to sen a reply. 3 #hen the curtain CriseD 'e CseeD a group of 'orkers. . (e CkeepD <umping up on my lap. "4 %hat film CcomeD to the local cinema ne. 4 5ou CseeD my car keys any'here2 Ao/ I ClookD for them but I Cnot seeD them. 0 #hat you Cha!eD for breakfast usually2 $ I usually CeatD a carrot an C rinkD a glass of col 'ater. " #hat this one CcostD2It CcostD forty pence.uly. I C'on erD 'hat they C'aitD for. #hy you Cnot putD 'ire across the tops of your chimneys2 %om C oD that sometimes but it Cnot seemD to make any ifference. he al'ays C'orkD on his car. 11 I C'ishD that og 'oul lie o'n. %hey CpicketD factory gate. "& #hat he C oD to his car no'2 $ I CthinkD he CpolishD it. 1+ 8he al'ays Cborro'D from me an she ne!er CrememberD to pay me back. #hat it CsayD2 $ It CsayD '%hese premises are patrolle by guar ogs'. 5ou Cnee D another blanket or you CfeelD 'arm enough2 10 It Csa!eD time if you CtakeD the path through the 'oo 2 $ Ao/ it Cnot matterD 'hich path you take. * (e ne!er ClistenD to 'hat you say. "1 %he plane that you ClookD at no' <ust CtakeD off for Paris/ "" %om ne!er C oD any 'ork in the gar en. %he simple present and the present continuous PEG 1+4-. $ I CthinkD he C'antD to go for a 'alk.ercise. (e al'ays CthinkD about something else. 5ou C'antD to see it2 "* (o' Peter CgetD on at school2 $ .pectD that bir s Cbuil D a nest in the chimney.

&+ 5ou Cmin D if I CaskD you a 6uestion2 $ %hat C epen D on the 6uestion. 7ut/ unfortunately/ the snake is by no' a full-gro'n boa-constrictor an its embrace CkillD the poor boy.*-+ Put the !erbs in the follo'ing sentences into the simple past tense. (e CseemD to like the life. %his book CsayD that cigar ash mi. ". I Ckno'D but I C'antD to be early/ as their sale CstartD to ay. &4 #hy you CsmokeD a cigar/ Mrs Pitt2 5ou Cnot smokeD cigars as a rule. + (e un erstan s me. . %he story Cen D there. " I meet her on %ues ays. & (e al'ays 'ears black. $ %hat Csoun D most interesting. %his is our itinerary. &" #hat the 'or 'catastrophe' CmeanD2 $ It CmeanD ' isaster'. 0 8he speaks slo'ly. && #hat you C'aitD for2I C'aitD for the shop to open. 4 I make cakes e!ery 'eek.44. "+ #hy Mrs Pitt ClookD so angry2 $ Mr Pitt CsmokeD a cigarette an C ropD the ash on the carpet. 7ut it Cnot openD till 3. . 14 I rea a chapter e!ery night. (e shuts the shop at +.e 'ith oil Cremo!eD heat stains from 'oo . 1 I go to 'ork by bus. &1 (o' you Cen D a letter that CbeginD/ '1ear 8ir'2 $ I al'ays CputD/ '5ours truly'/ but %om CpreferD '5ours faithfully'. 3 (e lea!es the house at 3.44.&4. $ I CrefuseD to ans'er any 6uestion about my brother. "3 (e Cfin D the snake 'ho Crecogni?eD its ol frien an CcoilD roun him affectionately. #e Clea!eD home on the 0th/ Carri!eD in Paris on the 3th/ Cspen D the ay in Paris/ an CsetD out that night for Kenice. * 8he gets up at +. $ I CsmokeD it because I C'antD the ash. $ It CconcernD your brother. &* #ho Co'nD this umbrella2 $ I Cnot kno'D. "0 %his story is about a boy 'ho CmakeD frien s 'ith a snake 'hich he Cfin D in his gar en. &4 %he snake CfeelD sorry about this2I Cnot kno'D. %hen he CgoD a'ay but he Cnot forgetD the snake an some years later he CreturnD an ClookD for it. 5ou must tell me all about it 'hen you CgetD back.&3 Kery 'ell.44. %he simple past tense PEG 1. E!erybo y CuseD it but nobo y Ckno'D 'ho Co'nD it.

1+ (e broke his arm. (e ri es e!ery ay. 1& 8he lent you enough money. I kno' 'hat he 'ants.apanese. (e sleeps ba ly. " #e hear a terrible noise. 10 13 "4 "1 "" "& "4 "* "+ ". . (is og al'ays bites me. "0 "3 &4 &1 &" && &4 &* &+ 5ou eat too much. %hese ogs fight 'hene!er they meet. 11 (is nose ble . 14 8he foun her 'atch. %he simple past tense PEG 1. (e often feels ill. + %hey set out early enough. 8he thought about it. 14 Oeiko taught .*-+ Put the !erbs in the follo'ing sentences into CaD the negati!e CbD the interrogati!e. I see him e!ery ay. (is roses gro' 'ell. %om sings in the choir. 1 8he sa' your brother. 1" My mother chose this hotel. (e takes the og out t'ice a ay. #e buy them here. 4 (e looke at the picture. * %hey rank all the 'ine. I usually pay him :*. It costs &4p. #e rink 'ater.44.44. 1. I ream e!ery night. (e cries 'hen he is hurt. (e puts up his prices e!ery year. 0 %he police caught the thief. I lie o'n after lunch. My back hurts. (is 'ife came at 0. (e often falls off. It smells o .44 11 1" 1& 14 1* 1+ 1. 7luetits often lay eggs in that nesting bo. & (e slept till 14. #ho kno's the ans'er2 I think I kno' it. . 1* %om hurt his foot. 3 (e hi the letter.44.. %he curtain rises at 0.

ones C'orkD in the garage an Mrs . #ho you CtalkD to on the telephone as I came in2 I CtalkD to Mr Pitt. 1* %here 'as a strong smell an the soun of frying. "" %om lai the table.ones CshopD. 1. & It 'as a fine ay an the roa s 'ere cro' e because a lot of people CrushD to the seasi e.ack kept the money. 1& My 'ife an I CtalkD about you the other ay. 3 %'o chil ren CplayD on the san an t'o fishermen CleanD against an upturne boat.ones CcookD fish. && %he boys ran home. &4 8he sol the car. "4 8he lost her 'ay. &4 (e shook the bottle. &" %he sun rose at +. "3 %hey spent it all. &* (e forga!e her. * (e usually 'ears san als but 'hen I last sa' him he C'earD boots. "0 (e ro e slo'ly.0 Put the !erbs in brackets into the past continuous tense. 1 1etecti!eG I'm afrai I must ask you both 'hat you C oD yester ay at 14. "* (e forba e her to lea!e. "4 %hey fle' to Ae' 5ork.m. . .44. %he past continuous tense PEG 1. "& Mr Pitt fell o'nstairs. &1 . 14 #hen I first met him he Cstu yD painting. 11 (e sai that he 'as the captain of a ship 'hich CsailD that night for Marseilles. . ". %he irector i n't allo' the actors to tra!el by air 'hile they C'orkD on the film. 0 %he car ha nobo y in it but the engine CrunD. (e sai that he CtryD to lose 14 kilos. "+ I sent it to the laun ry. 13 (is son 'rote a no!el. + %he house 'as in great isor er because he Cre ecorateD it.41 10 (e lost his 'allet. 4 %he airplane in 'hich the football team Ctra!elD crashe soon after taking off.ean rang the bell. Mr PG I CplayD chess 'ith my 'ife. 14 I 'as alone in the house at that time because Mr . Mr 5G I ClistenD to a play on the ra io. 1" >re you going to Eome2 I thought that you CgoD to Milan. &+ %hey broa cast an appeal for money."4 p. "1 >nn re' you a map. 1+ %om ate nothing for lunch because he C ietD. @b!iously Mrs . " %he chil ren 'ere frightene because it CgetD ark.

14 #hen I arri!e she Cha!eD lunch. 11 (e al'ays C'earD a raincoat an CcarryD an umbrella 'hen he 'alke to the office. (e CinsistD on finishing the game. 4 I i n't 'ant to meet Paul so 'hen he entere the room I Clea!eD. 13 #hen I first met him he C'orkD in a restaurant.*-01 Put the !erbs in brackets into the simple past or the past continuous tense. $ #hat they CfightD about2 $ Aobo y seeme to kno'. & I CmakeD a cake 'hen the light 'ent out.44. 3 My og C'alkD along 6uietly 'hen Mr Pitt's Pekinese attacke him. I tol him that he Crea D in !ery ba light. I aske her 'hat bus she C'aitD for. 8ome of them CbatheD in the sea/ others ClookD for shells/ others CplayD in the san .. * Jnfortunately 'hen I arri!e >nn <ust Clea!eD/ so 'e only ha time for a fe' 'or s. %he simple past and the past continuous PEG 1. &+ .4" 10 >s she CclimbD the la er it slippe si e'ays an she fell off it. "1 #here he Cli!eD 'hen you sa' him last2 "" 8he Cstan D at the bus stop. (e 'as !ery polite.44 an it CburnD brightly 'hen %om came in at . "3 #hen I arri!e at the meeting the first speaker ha <ust finishe speaking an the au ience CclapD/ &4 %he traffic CmakeD so much noise that I coul n't hear 'hat he CsayD. . "4 %here ha been an acci ent an men CcarryD the in<ure people to an ambulance. #hene!er his 'ife entere the room/ he Cstan D up. && (e 'as a little ma . "& =rom the soun s it 'as clear that Mary CpractiseD the piano. I ha to finish it in the ark. "0 %hey ha taken off the 'heel of the car an Cmen D the puncture. 0 %he a miral CplayD bo'ls 'hen he recei!e ne's of the in!asion. Kery un'illingly he CturnD o'n the soun an CgoD to ans'er it. " #hen I arri!e the lecture ha alrea y starte an the professor C'riteD on the o!erhea pro<ector. "4 (e 'atche the chil ren for a moment. &1 #hile he ClearnD to ri!e he ha t'enty-fi!e acci ents. .an er CcutD the grass. .&4. &4 #hile 'e CfishD someone came to the house an left this note. I aske 'hen it 'oul be rea y. "* %'o men CfightD at a street comer an a policeman CtryD to stop them. &" (e ha a ba fall 'hile he CrepairD his roof.ust as I C'on erD 'hat to o ne. 1 I lit the fire at +. 8he apologi?e for starting 'ithout me but sai that she al'ays ClunchD at 1". &* %he e. ".t/ the phone ha <ust begun an the can i ates C'riteD their names at the top of their papers. + (e C'atchD %K 'hen the phone rang. "+ %om CsitD in a corner 'ith a book. I 'ent into the gar en to see 'hat the boys C oD. (e al'ays CtryD to pro!e that the earth 'as flat.ames C'ee D an >le.

"4 I still ClieD on the roa 'hen I CseeD a lorry approaching. 10 #hen I ClookD for my passport I Cfin D this ol photograph. &+ #hene!er the rummer CbeginD practising/ the people in the ne. 8he al'ays CbuyD herself ne' clothes. Mr Pitt C oD a cross'or pu??le/ Mrs Pitt CknitD/ the others Crea D.*-01 Put the !erbs in brackets into the simple past or past continuous tense. &4 #hen I ChearD his knock I CgoD to the oor an CopenD it/ but I Cnot recogni?eD him at first because I Cnot 'earD my glasses. 1* (e CplayD the guitar outsi e her house 'hen someone opene the 'in o' an Cthro'D out a bucket of 'ater.tra!agant. "+ (o' you C amageD your car so ba ly2 $ I CrunD into a lamp-post yester ay.44 but it 'asn't necessary because he alrea y CgetD up. %he simple past and the past continuous PEG 1. 1& I CshareD a flat 'ith him 'hen 'e 'ere stu ents.. &1 #hen I came in they CsitD roun the fire. ". 1+ I <ust CopenD the letter 'hen the 'in Cblo'D it out of my han . %hey imme iately Chi eD the car s an CtakeD out their lesson books. & %his bull normally Cnot chaseD people unless something CmakeD him angry. "" (e Cnot allo'D us to go out in the boat yester ay as a strong 'in Cblo'D. (e Cthro'D the umbrella to the .t flat CbangD on the 'all. (e al'ays CcomplainD about my unti iness. Mrs Pitt CsmileD at me an CsayD/ 'Fome an sit o'n. so one ay he CgoD to to'n an CbuyD an alarm clock. " %o get home he Cha!e toD go through a fiel 'here a ba -tempere bull usually Cgra?eD.t ay/ as they Ckno'D that the police ClookD for them/ they Chi eD the coats in a 'oo an CgoD off in ifferent irections. Jnfortunately/ as Mr 8mith CcrossD the fiel / his alarm clock CgoD off. "1 (e CcleanD his gun 'hen it acci entally CgoD off an CkillD him. 4 %his CannoyD the bull/ 'ho imme iately CbeginD to chase Mr 8mith. 1 Mr 8mith ne!er C'akeD up in time in the mornings an al'ays CgetD into trouble for being late. 1. $ I suppose you C ri!eD too 6uickly or 'ere not looking 'here you CgoD. &* (er mother often CtellD her that she Cspen D too much money but she ne!er ClistenD. 14 (e su enly Creali?eD that he Ctra!elD in the 'rong irection. %he burglar CopenD the safe 'hen he ChearD footsteps. (e imme iately CputD out his torch an Ccra'lD un er the be . && %he ne. >s he CgetD into the bus it CstartD su enly an he CfallD back'ar s on to the roa . 13 5ou looke !ery busy 'hen I CseeD you last night. "& >s I CcrossD the roa I CstepD on a banana skin an CfallD hea!ily.4& 1" #hat you CthinkD of his last book2 $ I ClikeD it !ery much. "3 #hen he Cmen D the fuse he CgetD a !ery ba shock. "* )uckily the ri!er CseeD me an CstopD the lorry in time. &4 8he 'as !ery e. "0 I CcallD Paul at . #hat you C oD2 "4 %he boys CplayD car s 'hen they ChearD their father's step. * Mr 8mith CcarryD an open umbrella as it CrainD slightly.' &" #hile the guests C anceD thie!es CbreakD into the house an CstealD a lot of fur coats.

10 I CtakeD my frien to a mur er trial the other ay. 1+ #hile he CmakeD his speech the minister su enly CfeelD faint. %om CturnD roun an Chol D up his han . (e CsayD that he ClookD for some stolen property an CaskD if he coul search the car. "+ I Cfin D this ring as I C igD in the gar en. (e C'earD blue o!eralls an black shoes. #hen I last CseeD her she ChurryD along the roa to the station. $ 5ou ClikeD it2 $ (e only <ust CstartD 'hen I CseeD it/ so I coul n't <u ge. It looks !ery ol . + %he bull CstopD an CbeginD to attack the umbrella.' 7ut 'hen I CcallD on Mon ay he still C'orkD on it.h. 14 8he sai that the car Ctra!elD at 44 k. 13 I CbeD sorry that I Cha!e toD lea!e the party early/ because I Cen<oyD myself. %hey still ClistenD to the e!i ence 'hen 'e Clea!eD. 1& %he prisoner CescapeD by climbing the 'all of the gar en 'here he C'orkD. "1 I CseeD you yester ay from the bus. 1. 8he C'earD a blue ress an ClookD !ery pretty. I CaskD her 'here she CgoD an she CsayD/ ')on on'/ but I on't think she CspeakD the truth because there Cnot beD any train for )on on at that time. 1* 8he sai that she Cnot likeD her present flat an CtryD to fin another. %he car CstopD. "4 >s 'e CcomeD here a policeman CstopD us. 8o he Cthro'D it into the esk an ChopeD for the best. "4 #hile he C'aterD the flo'ers it CbeginD to rain. (e CputD up his umbrella an CgoD on 'atering. 'hen it CbeginD to ski . @b!iously Mrs Pitt CknitD something. "& >nn sai that she CbeD on holi ay. 1" #hen I Carri!eD at the station Mary C'aitD for me. $ #hose horse you Cri eD2 "" %he floor 'as co!ere 'ith balls of 'ool. "3 %he teacher CcomeD into the classroom unusually early an one of the boys/ 'ho CsmokeD a cigarette/ Cha!eD no time to put it out. #hile he C oD this Mr 8mith escape . . 11 >s they C'alkD along the roa they ChearD a car coming from behin them. I CsayD that I ChopeD that she Cen<oyD herself. $ #ho CbeD trie 2> man calle 7ill 8ykes. #hen he Ca'akeD she CsitD by the 'in o'. $ #as he ac6uitte 2 I on't kno'. 8he ClookD at something in the street/ but 'hen he CcallD her she CturnD an CsmileD at him.p. 7ut someone CbringD him a glass of 'ater an after a fe' minutes he Cbe ableD to continue. &4 > little later the teacher CnoticeD that smoke CriseD from this esk. "0 %he tailor sai / '5our suit 'ill be rea y on Mon ay. 14 #hen I ClookD through your books I CnoticeD that you ha!e a copy of :urder in the 7athedral. #hen I CseeD him he CpaintD a portrait of his 'ife. 0 #hy you CinterruptD me <ust no'2 I Cha!eD a !ery interesting con!ersation 'ith Mr Pitt. "* I <ust C'riteD a che6ue 'hen I CrememberD that I Cha!eD nothing in the bank. >s soon as she CseeD me she C'a!eD an CshoutD something/ but I coul n't hear 'hat she CsayD because e!erybo y CmakeD such a noise. .44 groun an CrunD a'ay as fast as he coul . #hy you CuseD a stick2 $ I CuseD a stick because I ha hurt my leg that morning falling off a horse. I 'on er 'ho it CbelongD to2 ". 3 %he mur erer CcarryD the corpse o'n the stairs 'hen he ChearD a knock on the oor.

.4* '5ou CsmokeD 'hen I CcomeD in2' he CaskD.. I Cnot kno'D that you still Crea D it. &* #hy you Clen D him that book2 I still Crea D it. " 5ou Cha!eD breakfast2 $ 5es/ I. 5ou C'ashD the plates2 $ 5es/ I. (e <ust CgoD out. && (e CsayD that he Cbuil D himself a house an that he CthinkD it 'oul be rea y in t'o years. 4 5ou CseeD my 'atch any'here2 $ Ao/ I'm afrai I . 3 %he phone CstopD ringing. 11 I <ust C'ashD that floor. . Have you washed the plates? ~ Yes. . . %his C'akeD my mother 'ho CcomeD to the top of the stairs an CsayD/ '#ho is there2' I CsayD. I have. & %he post CcomeD2 $ 5es/ it ... It is me/' but she Cnot hearD me because the og CbarkD so lou ly/ so she CgoD back to her room an CtelephoneD the police. . &1 #hile I Cs'imD someone CstealD my clothes an I Cha!e toD 'alk home in my s'imsuit.m. . 0 8omeone CtakeD my bicycle. I haven't. 1 #here you CbeD2 $ I CbeD to the entist. 5ou CseeD him lately2 $ Ao/ I. %he present perfect tense PEG 10"-3 Put the !erbs in brackets into the present perfect tense/ an fill the spaces by repeating the au.. ... &+ I CcomeD in !ery late last night an unfortunately the og C'akeD up an CstartD to bark. &4 >t & a. . * 8omeone C'in D the clock2 $ 5es/ %om . &" %he men CsayD that they C'orkD on the roa outsi e my house and that they C'antD some 'ater to make tea.. .iliary. Have you seen him lately?~ No. $ I'm sorry. Mrs Pitt C'akeD her husban an CsayD that she CthinkD that someone CtryD to get into the house. 14 5ou ChearD from her lately2 Ao/ I. + I Cnot finishD my letter yet.

Fome an look at it. "1 Mary C'aterD the tomatoes2 $ 5es/ I think she .ercise2 $ 5es/ I. "* 5ou e!er Clea!eD a restaurant 'ithout paying the bill2 $ Ao/ I. (e al'ays CrefuseD. 10 I Cli!eD here for ten years. 1. 1& 5ou Ce. I ha*e. &4 (e CpostD the letter2 &1 #hy he Cnot finishD2 (e Cha!eD plenty of time. "" 5ou Cnot makeD a mistake2 $ Ao/ I'm sure I . &+ I Cnot payD the telephone bill yet. CbD 5es/ I CbeD there last night. 1+ Fharles CpassD his e.. .. "+ I CaskD him to inner se!eral times.plainD the e. . I was there last night.am2 $ 5es/ he. &* %he police CrecaptureD the prisoners 'ho escape yester ay. %he present perfect and the simple past PEG 1. Yes. &" I often CseeD him but I ne!er CspeakD to him. . 13 (o' long you Ckno'D Mr Pitt2 $ I Ckno'D him for ten years. .*-. . 1* 5ou Cha!eD enough to eat2 $ 5es/ I Cha!eD plenty/ thank you. && 5ou e!er CeatD ca!iar2 $ Ao/ I.4+ 1" %he cat CstealD the fish. .traor inary ne's... &4 #e <ust ChearD the most e.. 14 %here aren't any buses because the ri!ers CgoD on strike. "../ 10"-3 CaD =ill the spaces by repeating the au. Yes... "& #hy you Cnot men D the fuse2 $ I Cnot ha!eD time. "4 5ou C i!eD from the ten-metre boar yet2 $ Ao/ I. CbD Put the !erb in brackets into the present perfect or the simple past tense.iliary use in the 6uestion/ putting it into the negati!e 'here necessary. "4 #oul you like some coffee2 I <ust CmakeD some. .. (o' many bottles the milkman Clea!eD2 $ (e Clea!eD si. (a!e you seen that play2 CaD 5es/ I .. "0 5ou e!er Cri eD a camel2 "3 I CbuyD a ne' carpet..

. . . CbD 5es/ they C oD it before they left school. . .. . CaD Ao/ it . CaD 5es/ I C ri!eD it once or t'ice... . . . . . CbD 5es/ their luggage CbeD e. CbD 5es/ I CeatD some at %om's party last 'eek. .. CbD I Csa!eD :&. CbD 5es/ I CbeD here se!eral times.. . CaD 5es/ he . . . .amine at 1o!er. CaD Ao/ they . CbD 5es/ I C'in D it on Mon ay. CbD Ao/ I Cnot seeD him since Fhristmas. .. (as his temperature gone o'n2 10 (a!e you seen his gar en2 13 (a!e you pai the bill2 "4 (a!e you e!er flo'n a plane2 "1 (as your og e!er bitten anyone2 last 'eek. 1 (a!e you 'oun the clock2 " (a!e you e!er eaten snails2 & (as she fe the og2 4 (a!e they repaire the roa 2 * (a!e they one their home'ork2 + (a!e you foun the matches2 . CbD Ao/ I Cnot fin D them yet. CbD 5es/ she Cfee D him before lunch.aust on =ri ay. CaD Ao/ I . CaD Ao/ I Cnot seeD it yet. (a!e you ma e the coffee2 0 (a!e you been here before2 3 (a!e you seen him lately2 14 (a!e you been to the opera this 'eek2 11 (a!e you e!er ri!en this car2 1" (as he misse his train2 1& (a!e they been through Fustoms2 14 (as he spoken to her2 1* (a!e you spent all your money2 1+ (o' much ha!e you sa!e since Fhristmas2 1. . CbD 5es/ he . . . CaD Ao/ I . . . CaD Ao/ I only Cspen D half of it.4. CbD 5es/ 1. CaD Ao/ I . CaD 5es/ I think she . CbD I CseeD the house on Mon ay but I Cnot seeD the gar en. CbD 5es/ he CspeakD to her on =ri ay. It CgoD fi!e minutes ago. CbD %hey only CrepairD part of it so far.. CaD 5es/ I. CaD 5es/ I . CbD 5es/ I CflyD 'hen I 'as at uni!ersity. CbD 5es/ it CgoD o'n last night.. CaD Ao/ I .. . CaD Ao/ I . . CaD Ao/ he . CbD 5es/ I CpayD it 'hile you 'ere a'ay. . CaD 5es/ I . CaD 5es/ they . CbD 5es/ I C ri!eD it 'hen you 'ere a'ay. CaD 5es/ he CbiteD a policeman CbD 5es/ he CbiteD me t'ice. CaD 5es/ I . CaD I Cnot sa!eD anything. . CbD I CmakeD some yester ayG 'e can use that. CbD 5es/ I CgoD to . CaD 5es/ they C oD it all..

I <ust CcleanD them. 14 I can't go out because I Cnot finishD my 'ork. (e <ust CfinishD his secon trage y. 4 7ut 'hen I Clea!eD school I CcutD my hair an C'earD it short e!er since. . yet.4. * 8hakespeare C'riteD a lot of plays.44. . 1. I Cen<oyD them !ery much. 1 %his is my house. 3 (e Cnot smokeD for t'o 'eeks. "4 I C oD this sort of 'ork 'hen I CbeD an apprentice.44. 13 I Clea!eD home at 0. 14 Fhopin CcomposeD some of his music in Ma<orca. PEG 1. "1 (e <ust CgoD out.. 1+ I C'riteD the letter but I can't fin a stamp. "& 5ou Cha!eD breakfast yet2 $ 5es/ I Cha!eD it at 0. $ 5ou CseeD the )och Aess monster2 0 I Cnot seeD him for three years.. 10 (ere are your shoes.44 an CgetD here at t'el!e. $ It isn't slo'/ it CstopD. 11 #hen he Carri!eD2 $ (e Carri!eD at ". "& (as he 'ritten to the paper2 CaD 5es/ I CplantD them on CbD Ao/ 1./10"-3 Put the !erbs in brackets into the present perfect or the simple past tense. . I 'on er 'here he is. I CflyD o!er )och Aess last 'eek. " (e Cli!eD in )on on for t'o years an then CgoD to E inburgh. 1" 5ou ClockD the oor before you left the house2 1& I Crea D his books 'hen I 'as at school. 1* I ne!er C rinkD 'hisky. "" (e CgoD out ten minutes ago. In some sentences the present perfect continuous CPEG 134D is also possible. $ #ell/ ha!e some no'.. + My brother C'riteD se!eral plays.*-.40 "" (a!e you plante your peas2 %ues ay. "4 (a!e you e!er runk !o ka2 %he present perfect and the simple past . CaD 5es/ he . CaD Ao/ 1. $ (o' long you Cli!eD here2 $ I Cli!eD here since 13. CbD I C rinkD it once in Eussia but I Cnot rinkD it since. %he clock is slo'. (e is trying to gi!e it up. & 5ou C'earD your hair long 'hen you 'ere at school2 $ 5es/ my mother CinsistD on it.. CbD 5es/ he C'riteD at once.

&" #e CmissD the bus. &4 It CbeD !ery col this year. I did.actly. %he present perfect and the simple past PEG 1. + (e Clea!eD the house at 0. && (e CbreakD his leg in a skiing acci ent last year. 1 #here is %om2I Cnot seeD him to ay/ but he CtellD Mary that he' be in for inner. (e Cser!eD in the =irst #orl #ar.*-.43 "4 I CmeetD him last . Is she a customer of yours2 $ Aot e. "0 %he ne'spaper CcomeD2 $ 5es/ >nn is rea ing it. Ao' 'e'll ha!e to 'alk. =ill the spaces by repeating the au../10"-3 Put the !erbs in brackets into the present perfect or simple past tense. " I CbuyD this in 7on 8treet.. &4 Mr Poun is the bank manager. "* 5ou CseeD the moon last night2 "+ %he concert CbeginD at ". $ Perhaps you Clea!eD them at the theatre.. $ 5ou Cha!eD a goo time2 $ Ao/ it ne!er CstopD raining. 5ou CseeD Mary on Mon ay2 $ 5es/ I. #hen you last C'earD them2 $ I C'earD them at the theatre last night. "3 %he actors Carri!eD yester ay an CstartD rehearsals early this morning. . & #here you Cfin D this knife2 $ I Cfin D it in the gar en.. .on <ui/ you see :ary on :onday'" Yes. (e CbeD here for fi!e years. 5ou are a little late.44.une.. &* Mr Fount C'orkD as a cashier for t'enty-fi!e years. 8he CbeD in here se!eral times but she ne!er CbuyD anything. $ #here he CgoD2 $ I Cnot seeD 'here he CgoD. &1 Fer!antes C'riteD .iliary use in the prece ing !erb. * 1o you kno' that la y 'ho <ust Clea!eD the shop2 $ 5es/ that is Miss %hrift. I 'on er 'hen it is going to get 'armer.&4 an ClastD for t'o hours. %hen he CretireD an CgoD to li!e in the country. &+ 5ou CbeD here before2 $ 5es/ I Cspen D my holi ays here last year. $ #hy you Cnot lea!eD it there2 4 I CloseD my black glo!es. %he play <ust CbeginD. $ . $ (o' much you CpayD for it2 $ I CpayD :144. E!eryone Cen<oyD it !ery much. ". 5ou CseeD them any'here2 $ Ao/ I'm afrai I.

$ #hat you CthinkD of it2 1& I Cnot kno'D that you CbeD here. 3 5ou ClikeD your last <ob2 $ I ClikeD it at first but then I C6uarrelD 'ith my employer an he C ismissD me. $ 5ou C'inD2 $ Ao/ 'e CcomeD in last. 1. $ (o' long you CbeD there2 $ I CbeD there for t'o 'eeks. "4 #here you CbeD2 I CbeD out in a yacht. 13 %he plumberCbeDhere yet2 $ 5es/ but he only CstayD for an hour. 11 %hat is Mr Minus/ 'ho teaches me mathematics/ but he Cnot ha!eD time to teach me much. $ #hat she Cgi!eD him2 $ 8he Cgi!eD him some fish. $ #hat he C oD before he CcomeD here2 $ I think he CbeD in prison. 10 I Cnot seeD your aunt recently. (o' long you Ckno'D her2 $ I Ckno'D her for ten years. . I only CbeD in his class for a 'eek. )ots of people C'riteD to the %o'n Founcil asking them to . #e CtakeD part in a race. $ (e Cnot beD electe / CbeD he2 $ Ao/ he CloseD his eposit. 14 5ou e!er CtryD to gi!e up smoking2 $ 5es/ I CtryD last year/ but then I Cfin D that I 'as getting fat so I CstartD again. 1" 5ou ChearD his speech on the ra io last night2 $ 5es/ I . 1* 5ou CseeD to ay's paper2 $ Ao/ anything interesting ChappenD2 5es/ t'o con!icte mur erers CescapeD from the prison o'n the roa . 8he Cnot beD out of her house since she CbuyD her colour %K. $ #hat he C oD in that time2 $ (e CturnD off the 'ater an CemptyD the tank. $ Ao. "1 (o' long that horrible monument CbeD there2 $ It CbeD there si. months. (o' long you Ckno'D your ne' assistant2 $ I Ckno'D him for t'o years. 0 #ho you C!oteD for at the last election2 $ I C!oteD for Mr Pitt. 5ou CbeD here long2 $ 5es/ I CbeD here t'o months. $ 5ou Cen<oyD it2 $ 5es/ !ery much. 14 I Cnot kno'D that you Ckno'D Mrs Pitt. . 1+ Mary Cfee D the cat2 $ 5es/ she Cfee D him before lunch.*4 #hen that 'ar CbeginD2 $ It CbeginD in 1314 an ClastD for four years. $ 5ou CbeD to the Fathe ral2 $ 5es/ I CgoD there last 8un ay.

but I'm afrai I Cspen D it on something else. I Cnot gi!eD you the money for that last 'eek2 $ 5es/ you . 5ou CseeD it2 $ Ao/ I. && #hat are all those people looking at2 $ %here CbeD an acci ent. $ (e CtakeD out your ba tooth2 $ 5es/ he . "+ I <ust Crecei!eD a letter saying that 'e Cnot payD this 6uarter's electricity bill. (o' it ChappenD2 $ I 'as chopping some 'oo an the a... "4 #here you CbeD2 $ I CbeD to the entist.. $ I Crea D it 'hen I CbeD at school. "0 5ou CfinishD checking the accounts2 $ Ao/ not 6uite. . &4 I CphoneD you t'ice yester ay an CgetD no ans'er. $ #hen %olstoy C'riteD it2 $ (e C'riteD it in 10+0.. $ #hy he C oD that2 $ (e C'antD to use them in battle. ". &1 5ou CmeetD my brother at the lecture yester ay2 $ 5es/ I . . &* @riginally horses use in bull fights Cnot 'earD any protection/ but for some time no' they C'earD special pa ing/ &+ %hat house CbeD empty for a year. I <ust CstartD a ne' <ob. .&4 an she Cnot phoneD yet. Is it like the book2 $ I Cnot rea D the book. $ 5ou CseeD 'hat ChappenD2 $ 5es/ a motor cycle CrunD into a lorry. #e Cha!eD coffee together after'ar s. (o' long you CbeD out of 'ork2 $ I'm not out of 'ork no'.e CslipD. "3 I CcutD my han rather ba ly.*1 take it a'ay but so far nothing CbeD one. 7ut they <ust CtakeD o'n the '=or 8ale' sign/ so I suppose someone CbuyD it. &" (e CloseD his <ob last month an since then he CbeD out of 'ork. $ It ChurtD25es/ horribly. I C oD about half so far. . "* 8he CsayD that she' phone me this morning/ but it is no' 1". . &4 (o' you CgetD that scar2 $ I CgetD it in a car acci ent a year ago. . (a!e you a ban age2 $ I'll get you one. $ #hy he CloseD his <ob2 $ (e CbeD !ery ru e to Mr Pitt. $ (e C'riteD anything else2 "& (annibal CbringD elephants across the >lps. "" I <ust CbeD to the film 6ar and 8ea#e. $ (o' you Cfin D the <ob2 $ I Cans'erD an a !ertisement in the paper..

#e must get it men e . * (a!e you seen my bag any'here2 I ClookD for it for ages. 1& (o' long you C'earD glasses2 14 %he petrol gauge CsayD 'Empty' for 6uite a long time no'. %hat is 'hy my han s are all co!ere 'ith flour. I CeatD nothing but bananas for the last month. %hat's 'hy you feel irritable/ 1. "& %he chil ren ClookD for'ar to this holi ay for months. )et me ri!e no'. 3 It CrainD for t'o ays no'. $ I'm not surprise .*" %he present perfect continuous tense PEG 134-1 Put the !erbs in brackets into the present perfect continuous tense 1 I CmakeD cakes. I e. + #hat you C oD2 $ I C'orkD in the laboratory. I CtryD to make a telephone call Eome.pect he'll soon be finishe . %he chain's fallen off. 1on't think 'e shoul get some petrol2 1* I'm sorry for keeping you 'aiting. 1" 5ou C ri!eD all ay. "0 (o' long you C ri!eD2 $ I C ri!eD for ten years. o you think it's taking photographs2 13 %he ra io CplayD since . (e Cstu yD Eussian for t'o years an oesn't e!en kno' the alphabet yet. a. &4 It Csno'D for three ays no'.. I 'on er 'hat the !er ict 'ill be. "+ I CaskD you to men that 'in o' for si. "" I'm on a iet. Perhaps 'e shoul stop 11 I CbatheD. 14 #e CargueD about this for t'o hours no'. "4 I CshopD all ay an I ha!en't a penny left. 10 %hat helicopter CflyD roun the house for the last hour. 8omeone CuseD my bicycle. && (e 'alke !ery unstea ily up the stairs an his 'ife sai / '5ou C rinkD9' &4 5our fingers are !ery bro'n. &* 5ou usually kno' 'hen someone CeatD garlic. 5ou CsmokeD too much. &" %he car CmakeD a !ery curious noise e!er since it ran out of oil. %here'11 be a floo soon. %hat is 'hy he looks so tire . %hat's 'hy my hair is all 'et. &1 Mary CcryD2 $ Ao/ she Cnot cryD/ she CpeelD onions. I CcutD o'n a tree. 4 %here is sa' ust in your hair. 1+ 5ou Cnot eatD enough lately. "3 %he trial CgoD on for a long time. . I 'ish someone 'oul turn it off. "* %om C igD in the gar en all afternoon an I ChelpD him. (e CspeakD for an hour no'. %he roa s 'ill be blocke if it oesn't stop soon. & (e Co!er'orkD. I 'on er 'hy she oesn't ans'er it. 'eeks.. "1 #e Cli!eD here since 13. "4 %hat pipe CleakD for ages. &+ E!er since he came to us that man CtryD to make trouble. " (er phone CringD for ten minutes. 0 (o' long you C'aitD for me2 $ I C'aitD about half an hour. #hen are you going to o it2 ". .m.

I Ckno'D it for ages9 &1 I CtryD to finish this letter for the last half-hour. & 5ou C'alkD too fast. 1& I CsleepD on e!ery be in this house an I on't like any of them. + %hat boy CeatD se!en ice-creams. (e ought to gi!e up smoking. &4 (e ChopeD for a rise in salary for si. &* Mr 8mith/ you C'hisperD to the stu ent on your right for the last fi!e minutes. ". 3 I CpullD up 144 an elions. "1 I CgreaseD my car. that's 'hy he is 'earing breeches. &" %he ri!er of that car Csoun D his horn for the last ten minutes. 13 I only ChearD from him t'ice since he 'ent a'ay. . 10 %he stu ents C'orkD !ery 'ell this term. 14 (e CsleepD since ten o'clock. && It CrainD for t'o hours an the groun is too 'et to play on/ so the match CbeD postpone . 11 #hat you C oD2 $ #e CpickD apples. #oul you like to o the fourth2 "0 I ClookD for mushrooms but I Cnot fin D any. I think someone else ought to ri!e. "4 (e CteachD in this school for fi!e years.*& %he present perfect and the present perfect continuous PEG 131-" Put the !erbs in brackets into the present perfect or the present perfect continuous tense. months but he Cnot areD to ask for it yet. "& I C'orkD for him for ten years an he ne!er once CsayD 'Goo morning' to me. "4 I ChearD from her regularly. "* I CteachD hun re s of stu ents but I ne!er CmeetD such a hopeless class as this. %hat's 'hy you are tire . &4 5ou ChearD the ne's2 %om an >nn are engage 9 $ %hat's not ne'. 1. 0 %he ri!er C rinkD. 8he is a !ery goo correspon ent. I CpumpD up three tyres. It's time he 'oke up. "3 (e CcoughD a lot lately. #hat a lo!ely smell9 $ Mary CmakeD <am. * (o' many you CmakeD2 $ I CmakeD "44. (e Cnot stopD eating since he arri!e . 4 I CmakeD sausage rolls for the party all the morning. "" I CpolishD this table all the morning an she isn't satisfie 'ith it yet. 14 I CpullD up an elions all ay. $ I har ly CsayD anything. 5ou .D 1 #e C'alkD ten kilometres. 1* (e Cri eD. "+ #hy you CbeD so long in the garage2 $ %he tyres 'ere flat. I CpumpD them up. 1+ I Cri eD all the horses in this stable. " #e C'alkD for three hours. %hat's 'hy my han s are so irty. I 'ish you' go a'ay or stop talking. 1" (o' many you CpickD2 $ #e CpickD ten basketfuls. CIn some cases either coul be use .

11 %hat trunk has been in the hall . 8he has ri!en the same car . ". then he hasn't left the house. 10 %hey ha!e been on strike . . . 1& I'!e been using this machine . the strike began. months. 0 %hings ha!e change . . . . . o'clock. half an hour. a month. &4 (e hasn't eaten anything . 1 #e'!e been fishing . . four o'clock. 4 (e has been in prison . . . se!eral years. . four ays. & %hey'!e been li!ing in =rance . si. . t'el!e years. the last committee meeting. . . "4 #e'!e ha no gas . &* #e'!e ha terrible 'eather . 3 %he kettle has been boiling . "+ Aobo y has seen him . "/444 years. I 'as at school. . I left school. . )uture forms . . . . si. . . . a 6uarter of an hour. . Ao!ember.*4 ChelpD him 'ith his e. . . . . "& I'!e been a'ake . . I 'as a girl. . "3 (e ha a ba fall last 'eek an . "0 I ha!en't 'orn lo'-heele shoes . last 'eek. . "* I'!e earne my o'n li!ing . . 1+ (e hasn't spoken to me . 1* Mr Pitt has been in hospital . . . 13. they got marrie . . . . + %hat man has been stan ing there . . . " I'!e been 'orking in this office . . his acci ent. . &4 (e has been un er 'ater .am paper or he ChelpD you2 &+ #hy you CmakeD such a horrible noise2 $ I CloseD my key an I CtryD to 'ake my 'ife by thro'ing stones at he 'in o'. t'o hours. &1 %hat tree has been there . . a long time. . . . . early morning. . half an hour. . . t'enty-four hours. . && I'!e been trying to open this oor . @ctober. 1" (e has been !ery ill . . . . &" (e has been Minister of E ucation . "" I'!e been a'ake . . . . .*. . the last month. . . a year. . "1 %hey ha!e been 6uarrelling e!er . * I'!e kno'n that . . . for and since PEG 10. =ill the spaces in the follo'ing sentences by using $or or since. a long time. $ 5ou Cthro'D stones at the 'rong 'in o'. . 13. 5ou li!e ne. . 13 %he strike has laste . . 130&. . I ha!e been !ery patient 'ith you . . . . &+ Aobo y has come to see us . 14 %he central heating has been on . . a year.4. 'e bought these bloo houn s. forty-fi!e minutes. . "4 It has been !ery foggy . the last month. 1. 14 #e'!e been 'aiting . . %he police ha!e been looking for me . .t oor. .

uly. "0 5ou C oD anything tonight2 $ 5es/ I CgoD to my carpentry class. $ #ho C ri!eD2 3 %he piano tuner CcomeD this afternoon. ". 5ou CgoD2 &" My brother CbeD release on %ues ay. 1* (e Cnot gi!eD a lecture tonight. 1 %hey are going to rill for oil here. Miss Pitt CtakeD my class. "& %he strikers CreturnD to 'ork ne. * (e CplayD at #imble on ne.t 'eek.. 13 I Cha!eD lunch 'ith my aunt on %hurs ay.t 'eek. && I CcatchD the +. %hey CgetD marrie ne. 14 #here you CgoD for your holi ays this year2 $ I CgoD to (ollan . %hey CstartD on Mon ay. .&4 plane tomorro'. "4 %he committee CmeetD ne. "* #e'!e bought a ne' house an Cmo!eD in !ery soon. 4 8he CcallD for me at si. " My uncle CmakeD a speech on =ri ay. "1 My gran parents CcelebrateD their gol en 'e ing ne. . 1" 8he CcomeD out of hospital ne. %he sales Cnot startD till Mon ay. %hen 'e'll be able to see out. "3 %he Prime Minister CflyD to >merica tomorro'. I CbuyD her a burglar alarm for a 'e ing present.t year. &1 %he Bueen Cgi!eD a gar en party ne.** %he present continuous tense as a future form PEG "4" Put the !erbs in brackets into the present continuous tense.t year. $ #here you Clea!eD your car2 $ I Cnot takeD the car. I CmeetD him outsi e the prison. &+ I Clen D my flat to my >merican cousins ne. 0 (o' you CgetD to the party tomorro'2 $ I CgoD by car.t 'eek.t 'eek. 1& #e Cha!eD inner early tonight as 'e CgoD to the theatre. 1. 1+ I Cha!eD my photograph taken tomorro'. & I CtakeD my sister to the ballet tomorro'. "4 8mith's CopenD a ne' branch in this street in .t #e nes ay. 10 %he elections CbeD hel ne. &* I CgoD to the entist tomorro'. "+ I Cnot takeD up <u o ne. &4 (e CstartD a ne' <ob on =ri ay.t summer.t 'eek. &4 (er mother Csen D her to =rance ne. 11 %he 'in o's CbeD cleane to ay. + I CmeetD her at the station at ten.t 'inter.t 'eek. 14 5ou Cgi!eD him anything for his birth ay2 $ 5es/ I Cgi!eD him a ictionary. "" I Clen D him my car for his holi ays.

. 1* %hat ri er CfallD off. "& I ha!e seen the play. I Cnot oD it again. + #hat you C oD 'ith this room2 $ I CpaintD the 'alls in black an 'hite stripes.pression. %he )or Mayor is stan ing up.pression or by the be oin to form 'ith or 'ithout a time e. &4 I Cnot stayD here another minute. ". "4 8mall boyG I CbeD a frogman 'hen I gro' up. 1& %he cat Cha!eD kittens. Ao' I Crea D the book. %he umpire Cblo'D his 'histle. &1 I CsmuggleD this out of the country/ &" %here 'as !ery little blossom this spring. 0 5ou CeatD all that2 3 %hat man 'ith the tomato in his han Cthro'D it at the speaker. It is haunte . 10 (e Cgro'D a bear 'hen he lea!es school. 1 5ou CmissD your train. "* I Cnot sleepD in this room.*+ %he be going to form PEG "4&/"4+ Put the !erbs in brackets into the be oin to form.presse by the present continuous tense 'ith a time e. * #e CmakeD this 'hisky bottle into a lamp. 1. &* %hey CtryD him for manslaughter 'hen he comes out of hospital. 13 %his aeroplane CcrashD. "3 %he og CburyD the bone. I Cnot finishD it. &4 I Cha!eD a bath. &+ #e CmakeD a lot of money out of this. %he present continuous and the be going to form PEG "4"-+ Planne future actions can be e. (e CmakeD a speech. & #hen you CpayD the bill2 4 8he C yeD the ol curtains blue. "1 5ou CaskD him to help you2 "" I'!e lent you my car once. )ook at those clou s. 11 %he bull CattackDus. " %he pressure cooker Ce.plo eD. %he present . "4 I CstopD here for a moment to get some petrol. 1" It CrainD. 1+ %hese t'o men CcycleD across >frica. 5ou Creser!eD a seat2 "0 I CplantD an oak tree here. 14 %hat oor CslamD. && I on't like this macaroni. 14 %he men in the helicopter CtryD to rescue the man in the 'ater. "+ #e CbuyD a metal etector an look for burie treasure. >pples CbeD scarce.

continuous is mainly use for !ery efinite arrangements in the near future. %he be going to form can be use more 'i ely. Jse the present continuous 'here possible in the follo'ing sentences an put the remaining !erbs into the be oin to form. 1 I CplayD bri ge tonight 'ith %om an >nn. " (e Cha!eD an operation ne,t 'eek. & It's !ery col . I ClightD a fire. 4 #e Cha!eD some frien s to lunch tomorro'. * I'!e bought a piano; it CbeD eli!ere this afternoon. $ #here you CputD it2 $ I CputD it in the ining room. + 5ou CgoD to the auction tomorro'2 $ 5es/ I CgoD but I Cnot buyD anything. . I'!e remin e you once; I Cnot oD it again. 0 I Cha!eD my hair cut this afternoon. 3 My nephe' CcomeD to stay 'ith me ne,t 'eeken . $ #here you CputD him2 $ I CputD him in the room in the to'er. 14 @ur class CstartD German ne,t term. 11 I Cspen D a fe' ays in )on on ne,t 'eek. 1" %he %o'n Founcil Cbuil D a ne' school here. 1& #hat you CtellD the police2 $ I CtellD them the truth. 14 (e CstartD tomorro'. 1* %he Bueen CopenD Parliament ne,t month. 1+ %he Prime Minister CspeakD on %K tonight. 1. %his shop CcloseD o'n ne,t 'eek. 10 #hen you Cha!eD your ne,t lesson2 $ I Cha!eD it on Mon ay. 13 I CcollectD my ne' ress this afternoon. "4 #e CtakeD the chil ren to the seasi e this summer. "1 I Cgi!eD him a football for his ne,t birth ay. "" 8he CsingD in her first big concert ne,t month. (e CgoD to 8pain for his holi ays. $ (e CflyD2 $ Ao/ he CgoD by boat. "4 8he CseeD a specialist ne,t 'eek. "* (e C'ashD the car2 "+ (e CringD me up tonight. ". %he inspector CaskD you a fe' 6uestions. "0 (er parents Cgi!eD a party for her ne,t month. %hey Cin!iteD si,ty guests. "3 (a!e you got a ticket for the big match on 8atur ay2 $ Ao/ I on't e!en kno' 'ho CplayD. $ =rance CplayD Englan . &4 %hey ClaunchD a ship this afternoon. 5ou CcomeD to see it2 &1 #hat you C oD 'ith the money2 &" I CpickD you up at +.&4; on't forget.

&& #here you CgoD tonight2 $ I CgoD out 'ith Peter. (e CcallD for me at eight. &4 I CcompeteD in the bicycle race tomorro'. &* Mr Pitt has <ust phone to say that he Cnot comeD back till #e nes ay night. &+ I Crea D you his ans'er to my letter of complaint.

%he future simple
PEG "4.-3 Put the !erbs in brackets into the future simple. 1 I Ckno'D the result in a 'eek. " 5ou CbeD in Eome tonight. & 5ou Cha!eD time to help me tomorro'2 4 It CmatterD if I on't come home till morning2 * 5ou CbeD able to ri!e after another fi!e lessons. + 1o you think that he Crecogni?eD me2 . Jnless he runs he Cnot catchD the train. 0 (e Clen D it to you if you ask him. 3 I hope I Cfin D it. 14 If petrol pump atten ants go on strike 'e Cnot ha!eD any petrol. 11 (e Cbelie!eD 'hate!er you tell him. 1" I CrememberD this ay all my life. 1& Perhaps he Carri!eD in time for lunch. 14 If he 'orks 'ell I CpayD him :14. 1* I 'on er ho' many of us still CbeD here ne,t year. 1+ If you think it o!er you CseeD that I am right. 1. If you learn another language you CgetD a better <ob. 10 I am sure that you ClikeD our ne' house. 13 Ae'spaper announcementG %he Presi ent C ri!eD along the (igh 8treet in an open carriage. "4 (e Cmin D if I bring my og2 "1 5ou Cnee D a !isa if you are going to 8pain. "" If you open that trap oor you CseeD some steps. "& 5ou CfeelD better 'hen you'!e ha a meal. "4 (e CbeD offen e if you on't in!ite him. "* 8he Cha!eD :1444 a year 'hen she is t'enty-one. "+ If you put any more polish on that floor someone CslipD on it. ". I 'on er if he Csuccee D. "0 Papers Cnot beD eli!ere on the 7ank (oli ay. "3 I hope he CrememberD to buy 'ine. &4 If you lea!e your roller skates on the path someone CfallD o!er them. &1 If they fall o!er them an hurt themsel!es they CsueD you. &" >nnouncementG Mrs Pitt CpresentD the pri?es. && If you 'ant t'enty cigarettes you Cha!eD to gi!e me more money. &4 AoticeG %he management Cnot beD responsible for articles left on the seats. &* If I rop this it Ce,plo eD. &+ #hat your father CsayD 'hen he hears about this acci ent2 $

(e Cnot sayD much but he not Clen D me the car again.

%he present continuous and the future simple
PEG "4"/ "4.-3 Put the !erbs in brackets into the present continuous or the future simple using the present continuous 'here possible. C%he be oin to form coul be use here instea of the present continuous/ but for the sake of simplicity stu ents are a !ise to use only the t'o tenses first mentione .D 1 I am sure that I Crecogni?eD him. " I CseeD her tomorro'. & (e CplayD in a tennis match on =ri ay. 4 8he CcomeD back on Mon ay. * I CgoD again ne,t year. + #e Ckno'D tonight. . 5ou pay an I Co'eD you the money. 0 I Cbelie!eD it 'hen I see it. 3 I Cha!eD my car repainte ne,t 'eek. 14 I hope that you Cha!eD a goo time tomorro'. 11 (is speech CbeD broa cast tonight. 1" %he 'in o'-cleaner CcomeD at eight tomorro'. 1& %om CcatchD the ..44 train. 14 #here you CmeetD them2$ I CmeetD them at mi night in the mi le of the 'oo . 1* #hat horse you Cri eD tomorro'2 1+ )ook9 I'!e broken the teapot. #hat Mrs Pitt CsayD2 $ 8he Cnot min D; she ne!er like that one. 1. I'!e left the light on. It CmatterD2 10 (e Cnot forgetD to come. 13 (e Clea!eD in a fe' ays. "4 I CrememberD it. "1 If you rop that bottle it CbreakD. "" I ne!er Cforgi!eD him. "& I'm sure that you ClikeD him. "4 %hey ClayD the foun ations ne,t 'eek. "* 5ou CseeD a signpost at the en of the roa . "+ (e has cut my hair too short. $ 1on't 'orry; it Cgro'D again !ery 6uickly. ". 5ou Cun erstan D 'hen you are ol er. "0 %he cat CscratchD you if you pull its tail. "3 I CbeD back at 0.&4. &4 If he oesn't 'ork har he Cnot passD his e,am. &1 8he CgoD on a cruise ne,t summer. &" I Cmo!eD to a ne' flat ne,t 'eek. && I am sorry that the chil sa' the acci ent. $ I on't think it matters. (e soon CforgetD all about it. &4 I C'aitD here till he comes back.

5ou Cre ecorateD your kitchen2 3 #hy are you getting out the <ack2 $ #e ha!e a puncture an I CchangeD the 'heel. $ I ChelpD you. I CgoD an get some sticks. 1" #hat you C oD 'hen you gro' up2 $ I CbeD an acrobat in a circus.t 'inter. 1+ I'!e <ust enrolle at the local technical college. I CtelephoneD for them no'. $ I'm sorry to hear that. (o' o I get from here to )on on 7ri ge2 $ I on't kno'/ but I CaskD that policeman.traor inary thing9 #here you CputD it2 11 #hy are you peeling that bit of garlic2 $ I CputD it in the ste'. 10 #hy are you carrying a corkscre'2 $ I CopenD a bottle of 'ine. It is against the la'. 5ou CbuyD meat2 $ Ao/ I Cnot eatD meat any more. &+ %here CbeD a big meeting here tomorro'. * I see that you ha!e got a loom. 4 I'!e hire a type'riter an I ClearnD to type. .+4 &* (e Cnot 'riteD to you unless you 'rite to him. 13 #hy's he putting the camera on a tripo 2 $ . I CeatD !egetables. 0 5ou'!e bought a lot of paint. I Catten D pottery classes ne. & (e has <ust been taken to hospital 'ith a broken leg.presse by 'ill H infiniti!e or the be going to form. I Csen D him some grapes.D 1 %he fire has gone out9 $ 8o it has. CIn some of the e. 1* %hat tree makes the house !ery ark. will & infinitive and the be going to form PEG "41/"4&-+ =uture 'ith intention can usually be e. " 1i you remember to book seats2 $ @h no/ I forgot. Kery often either of these can be use / but 'hen the intention is clearly preme itate the be going to form must be use / an 'hen the intention is clearly unpreme itate 'e must list' 'ill H infiniti!e.amples the present continuous coul be use instea of the be going to form. 1. 14 #ill you len me your season ticket2 $ Ao/ I Cnot len D it to you. (e CtranslateD it for you. 5ou C oD some 'ea!ing2 + I can't un erstan this letter. $ I CcallD my son. Put the !erbs in brackets into one of these t'o forms. 1& #hat are you going to o 'ith that ress2$ I CshortenD the skirt. $ Kery 'ell/ I CcutD it o'n. 14 )ook 'hat I'!e <ust bought at an auction9 $ #hat an e.

"* I ha!en't bought any cigarettes because I Cgi!eD up smoking. CIn some e. #hat you C oD 'hen you lea!e the uni!ersity2 &+ #hy are you putting that ol loaf into a paper bag2 $ I Cgi!eD it to Mrs Pitt for her hens. && #hy are you carrying that sa'2 $ I CshortenD the legs of the ining room table.&4 train.D Put the !erbs in brackets into one of these t'o forms. "1 #hy ha!e you set your alarm to go off at fi!e-thirty2 $ 7ecause I CgetD up then.D %he e. 7ut %ill you !ery often intro uces a re6uest or in!itation. "+ I ha!e trie to e.t party. $ 5ou CpaintD someone's portrait2 . "4 %hey'!e brought a rope an they Cto'D the car to a garage. #here both are possible it 'ill be note in the key. MotherG I Cmen D it for you. &4 Fhil G I'!e torn my ress. I'!e come out 'ithout any money. &1 I'm catching the +. I'!e got a lot to o. "4 My brother has <ust returne from >merica.+1 (e CtakeD a group photo. C8ee also E. I C e!elopD my o'n films. "3 %hey'!e hire a bull o?er.ercise **. 8it o'n by the fire an I CmakeD you a cup of tea. &4 #hy are you taking that big basket2 $ I CbuyD a lot of !egetables. " 5ou C oD the 'ashing-up tonight2 $ Ao/ I think it can 'ait till tomorro'. $ @h goo / 'e CaskD him to our ne. $ 8o am I. $ %hat is !ery cle!er of you.amples the present continuous tense coul be use instea of the be oin to form. I Cgi!eD you a lift to the station. =or this reason are you oin to is more usual than %ill you in 6uestions about intentions/ are you oin to must of course be use 'hen the intention is ob!iously preme itate . "" I'm turning this cupboar into a arkroom. $ I CsayD it to her in =innishG perhaps she'll un erstan that.ercise contains re6uests/ in!itations/ an 6uestions about intentions.t ten years. %hey CclearD a'ay this rubble. will &infinitive and the be going to form PEG "4* 7oth %ill you an are you oin to can intro uce 6uestions about future intentions.plain but she oesn't un erstan English. ". $ Ae!er min / I Clen D you some. (o' much o you 'ant2 "0 1o you see that car2 %hey CraffleD it for charity. &" I'!e bought some blue !el!et an I CmakeD curtains for this room. & I'm looking for my easel. 1 5ou CopenD the oor for me/ please2 $ 5es/ certainly. "& 5ou look fro?en. &* I'!e planne my future for the ne.

ohn/ you CsitD here at the en of the table2 "0 5ou C oD something for me2 $ 5es/ of course.ploreD the ca!es2 &+ If I catch some fish/ you CcookD them for me2 %he future continuous tense PEG "11-1& %his tense can be use 1 'ith a point in time to in icate that the action 'ill begin before this time an continue . 0 5ou CputD my car a'ay from me/ please2 $ 5es/ certainly. * 5ou CeatD any more of this/ or shall I tell the 'aiter to take it a'ay2 + 5ou aren't 'earing your climbing boots. 3 5ou Cha!eD another cup of coffee2 $ Ao/ thank you.aminer. 1& I see that you ha!e or ere the 2uardian. "4 5ou really CcallD the fire briga e2 I on't think it is at all necessary. 'hat is it2 "3 5ou CbeD angry if he refuses to help you2 &4 #hy ha!e you brought your type'riter2 5ou C'orkD this 'eeken 2 &1 5ou CcallD me at si. 14 #hy i you buy all these eggs2 5ou CmakeD an enormous omelette2 11 %here's the phone again. (ostessG . $ %hen you CbuyD some for me/ please2 1* 5ou Clen D me your fishing ro 2 $ 5es/ of course. "+ 5ou CbeD rea y in fi!e minutes2 ". 5ou really Crea D it2 14 5ou CbuyD stamps2 $ 5es/ I am. 5ou CmakeD a telephone call2 10 5ou Clea!eD that coil of barbe 'ire in the hall2 8omeone 'ill fall o!er it if you o. '5ou ClistenD to me9' sai his mother angrily. 13 5ou CbathD your og2 $ 5es/ you ChelpD me2 "4 5ou C ri!eD/ please2 I on't like ri!ing at night.+" 4 '5ou Crea D this passage alou / please/' sai the e. "* 5ou CpaintD the 'hole room by yourself2 It 'ill take you ages. #here you CfishD2 1+ 5ou CfinishD this book or shall I take it back to the library2 1. %ake no notice. 5ou Cnot climbD the mountain 'ith the others2 . $ 5ou Cnot ans'erD it2 1" 5ou CcomeD an see me after the class2 I 'ant to iscuss your 'ork 'ith you. 5ou Cgi!eD me l@p/ please2 $ 5es/ here you are.2 I ha!e to catch an early train. && 5ou CsignD here/ please2 &4 #hat are all those notes for2 5ou Cgi!eD a lecture2 &* #hy o you 'ant a can le2 5ou Ce. "" 5ou CeatD it ra'2 5ou 'ill be ill if you o. &" 5ou C'alkD there in this rain2 5ou'll get a'fully 'et. "& 5ou Cha!eD some of this cake2 I ma e it myself. "1 5ou Cri eD that horse2 (e looks !ery ba -tempere to me.

after it. " 'ith or 'ithout a time to e,press a future 'ithout intention. In this 'ay it is !ery like the present continuous/ but it is not/ like the present continuous/ restricte in time an is a more etache an casual 'ay of e,pressing the future. It often implies that the action 'ill occur in the or inary course of e!ents or as a matter of routine. CE,cept 'hen use as in I/ abo!e/ this tense can usually be replace by one of the other future forms/ though the e,act sha e of meaning may then be lost.D Put the !erbs in brackets into the future continuous tense. 1 %his time ne,t month I CsitD on a beach. " #hen you arri!e I probably CpickD fruit. & #hen 'e reach Englan it !ery likely CrainD. 4 In a fe' ays time 'e CflyD o!er the Pyrenees. * I'll call for her at eight. $ Ao/ on't; she still Cha!eD breakfast then. + I C'aitD for you 'hen you come out. . #hen you ne,t see me I C'earD my ne' ress. 0 My son 'ill be in the si,th form ne,t year. $ %hat means that ol 1r > er CteachD him mathematics. 3 I'll gi!e ;ack your message. I can o it easily because I CseeD him tomorro'. #e go to 'ork on the same train. 14 5ou C oD geometry ne,t term. 11 I'll look out for you at the para e. $ 1o/ but I C'earD uniform so you may fin it har to recogni?e me. 1" #e ha!e to o night uty here. I C oD mine ne,t 'eek. 1& In a hun re years' time people CgoD to Mars for their holi ays. 14 (e CuseD the car this afternoon. 1* I CseeD you again. 1+ It's a serious in<ury but he C'alkD again in si, 'eeks. 1. I'll come at three o'clock. $ Goo / I Ce,pectD you. 10 %hey are pulling o'n all the ol houses in this street. I e,pect they CpullD o'n mine in a fe' years' time. 13 I' like to see your ne' flat. $ #ell/ come tomorro'/ but it Cnot lookD its best/ for the painters still C'orkD on it. "4 8tan there/ they CchangeD the guar in a minute an you'll get a goo !ie'. "1 5ou' better go back no'; your mother C'on erD 'here you are. "" In fifty years' time 'e Cli!eD entirely on pills. "& #hat o you think the chil ren C oD 'hen 'e get home2 $ I e,pect they Cha!eD their supper. "4 %he gar en ClookD its best ne,t month. "* It 'on't be easy to get out of the country. %he police C'atchD all the ports. "+ #hat the ti e C oD at si, tomorro' morning2 $ It CcomeD in. ". I'!e <ust remembere that I left the bathroom taps on. I e,pect the 'ater Cflo'D o'n

the stairs by no'. "0 5ou Cnee D your camera tomorro' or can I borro' it2 "3 #e'!e <ust got to the top in time. %he sun CriseD in a minute. &4 >ir hostessG #e Ctake offD in a fe' minutes. Please fasten your safety belts. &1 #e' better go out tomorro' because Mary CpractiseD the piano all day( &" 1on't ring her up at +.44; she CputD the chil ren to be . Eing later. && #e are making a house-to-house collection of things for the <umble sale. #e CcomeD to your house ne,t 'eek. &4 %hat football club has lost some of its players. %hey Clook outD for ne' men. &* #hen I get home my og CsitD at the oor 'aiting for me. &+ )et's go o'n to the harbour; the fishing boats all CcomeD in because of the gale.

will & infinitive and the future continuous
PEG "41/ "11-14 8ee note for pre!ious e,ercise. Put the !erbs in brackets into the appropriate future form/ using %ill H infiniti!e or the future continuous. C#here alternati!e forms are possible they 'ill be gi!en in the key.D 1 %here is going to be a bus strike. E!eryone C'alkD to 'ork ne,t " 5ou'!e <ust misse the last train9 $ Ae!er min / I C'alkD. & I'll ring you tomorro' at si,. $ Ao/ on't ring at si,; I CbathD the baby then. Eing later. 4 MotherG 5our face is irty. Fhil G >ll right/ I C'ashD it. * #ill you ha!e lunch 'ith me on the "4th2 $ I' lo!e to/ but I'm afrai I C oD my e,am then. + I C'orkD for Mr Pitt ne,t 'eek as his o'n secretary 'ill be a'ay. . 5ou Cha!eD something to rink/ 'on't you2 0 #hy i you take his ra?or2 (e ClookD for it e!ery'here tomorro'. 3 I hope you'll o 'ell in the race tomorro'. I CthinkD of you. 14 Aotice on boar shipG In the e!ent of an emergency all passengers CassembleD on the boat eck. 11 I on't feel 'ell enough to go to the station to meet him. $ I CmeetD him for you. 7ut ho' I Crecogni?eD him2 $ (e's small an fair/ an he C'earD a black an 'hite school cap. 1" I Clea!eD these flo'ers at the hospital for you. I CgoD there any'ay !isit my cousin. 1& 5ou ought to try to get a ticket for the 8pectators' Gallery ne,t 'eek; they C ebateD international fishing rights. 14 5ou'!e left the light on. $ @h/ so I ha!e. I CgoD an turn it off. 1* I'!e <ust been appointe assistant at the local library. $ %hen you C'orkD un er my sister. 8he is hea librarian there. 1+ I 'ant to post this letter but I on't 'ant to go out in the rain. $ I CpostD it for you. I CgoD out any'ay as I ha!e to take the og for a 'alk. 1. %he prima ballerina is ill so I e,pect her un erstu y C anceD instea .

10 %o ay is Guy =a'kes' 1ay; this e!ening people CletD off fire'orks an CmakeD bonfires in the streets. 13 Military or erG 8entries CremainD on uty till they are relie!e . "4 %his time ne,t Mon ay I CsitD in a Paris cafe rea ing 4e ;igaro. . 5ou Cnot rea D. 5ou'll be looking at all the pretty girls. "1 #ages ha!e gone up/ so I suppose prices Cgo upD too. "" It is nearly autumn; soon the lea!es CchangeD colour. "& Mother Con phoneDG My son has <ust burnt his han !ery ba ly. 1octorG I CcomeD at once. "4 Fustomer in restaurantG #aiter/ this plate is irty. #aiterG I'm sorry/ sir/ I CbringD you another. "* In a fe' years' time 'e all Cli!eD in houses heate by solar energy. "+ It's beginning to get ark; the street lights Cgo onD in a fe' minutes. ". #e Cnot playD poker at the party tonight; our hostess oesn't appro!e of car s. "0 )et's 'ait here; the s'ing bri ge CopenD in a minute to let that ship through. "3 GuestG May I use your phone to ring for a ta,i2 (ostessG @h/ there's no nee for that; my son C ri!eD you home. &4 Fome on eck; 'e CenterD harbour in a fe' minutes. &1 7efore you lea!e the office you Chan D the keys of the safe to Mr Pitt. 1o you un erstan 2$ 5es/ sir. &" >re you nearly rea y2 @ur guests Carri!eD any minute. && )ou speaker announcementG %he ship Clea!eD in a fe' minutes an all persons not tra!elling are aske to go ashore. &4 Ao' that the parking regulations ha!e become stricter/ more people CuseD public transport an Clea!eD their cars at home. &* I'!e got rats in my basement an I on't kno' ho' to get ri of them. $ I CbringD my og roun 'hene!er you like. (e CcatchD them for you. &+ I'm afrai I'!e <ust broken your gol fish bo'l. $ Ae!er min / I CputD the gol fish in the bath.

won't & infinitive and the future continuous negative
PEG "14 %on't H infiniti!e Ce,cept 'hen use as part of the or inary future simple/ shall/%illD usually implies that the sub<ect refuses to perform a certain action. %he negati!e future continuous tense merely states that a certain action 'ill not take place. Put the !erbs in brackets into the appropriate future form/ using %on't H infiniti!e or the future continuous negati!e. C#here other future forms are also possible this 'ill be note in the key.D 1 I on't like that man an I Cnot helpD him. " (e Cnot meetD her/ because they 'ill be in ifferent places. & My husban Cnot cutD o'n the tree. (e says that it is perfectly all right as it is. 4 My husban Cnot cutD the he ge for some time/ because he's got a lot of other <obs to o first. * %om Cnot comeD to our party/ because he 'ill be a'ay on that ate. + Peter says that he Cnot comeD to our party. (e oesn't appro!e of parties.

*econd person interrogative: will you and other forms !" +#' . &" . I Cnot goD there again. "4 8he Cnot singD at the ne. "& (e says he Cnot playD for them again/ because they aren't gi!ing him enough money. #hich 'ill you ha!e2 5ou'!e misse the last train. %he brakes on't 'ork properly. (e sai / I Cnot paintD you in that ress. "0 I Cnot eatD curry again for a long time/ because I am going to stay in a house 'here no one kno's ho' to cook it. 14 I'll gi!e your message to my sister 'hen I 'rite. It is often use also to intro uce 6uestions about intentions 'hen the situation re6uires an unpreme itate ecision. "1 5ou can ha!e the car tomorro' if you like. 14 #e'll be in the same firm/ but 'e Cnot 'orkD together/ because 'e'll be in ifferent epartments. (e al'ays tries to bite me 'hen I come near him.ack Cnot rinkD 'hisky this time ne.t concert/ because she has ha to go home su enly. 10 I Cnot takeD any photographs for some time because my camera is being repaire . but I Cnot 'riteD some time/ as I only 'rite once a month an I poste a letter to him yester ay. 8he says that she Cnot len D me the book/ because I ne!er gi!e books back.t 'eek/ as I ha!e to go to Paris.cept my brother. && I Cnot openD the 'in o'.++ . %ill you+ often intro uces a re6uest or in!itation/ an sometimes a comman . "+ 8he Cnot takeD part in the bri ge tournament/ because she'll be a'ay then. "3 (e says that he Cnot ri eD that mare again/ because she's angerous. 1& (e is so angry 'ith his sister that he Cnot speakD to her.teen. (e likes being irty. &4 %om Cnot ri eD in tomorro''s race/ because he is too young. It oes not suit you.t 'eek/ because he'll be in hospital an they 'on't gi!e it to him there. 1+ %hey 'ere !ery ru e to me. 1" I Cnot teachD you ne. %hey on't allo' ri ers un er si. 0 Mr Pitt Cnot speakD at the meeting tonight/ because he has une. I Cnot 'orkD un er him. 3 I'll 'ork un er anyone e. &1 #hisky is absolutely necessary to me an I Cnot gi!eD it up. I feel 6ueer alrea y. I Cnot useD it as I'll be far too busy to go out. 5ou al'ays cheat. 11 I Cnot ha!eD that boy in my class. 1. (e is far too noisy. 13 I Cnot borro'D his !an again. "* I Cnot playD car s 'ith you again.pecte ly ha to go to hospital. 8he thinks it is far better to e ucate chil ren at home. 5ou can ha!e either. ". I islike fresh air. "" 8he says that she Cnot sen D the chil to school/ no matter 'hat 'e say. &+ (e Cnot 'earD uniform 'hen you see him/ because he'll be on lea!e then/ an they on't 'ear uniform 'hen they are on lea!e. &* %he cat Cnot eatD fish so I ha!e to buy meat for him. #hat 'ill you o no'2 . "4 %hat boy Cnot 'ashD his face. I Cnot eatD any more of this. &4 %here is something on his min / but he Cnot tellD me 'hat it is. 1* I Cnot fee D your og again.

=or other types of intention/ ho'e!er/ it is usually safer to use one of the other future formsG be oin to. 1" 5ou CtakeD your e. 5ou Cha!eD something more to eat2$ 5es/ please/ I' like another san 'ich.' * I kno' you on't like 'earing ties/ but C'earD one tomorro'/ <ust to please me2 $ 5es/ of course. I' lo!e to.t summer2 & 5ou ClightD the fire for me/ please2 (ere are the matches. "4 I'll be going abroa ne. "" 5ou CgoD to the tobacconist's2 $ 5es. 13 5ou Cha!eD some more 'ine2$ 5es/ please. the present continuous or the future continuous C'hich is consi ere the most polite formD.t 'eek.ones2 1+ 5ou Clen D me your type'riter for an hour2 I 'ant to type a letter. %hen you CgetD me some scent2 . 5ou CtranslateD it for me/ Miss Pitt2 "1 5ou CuseD your camera this afternoon2Ao/ you can borro' it if you like. 5ou CmeetD him at the station2 $ Ao/ 'e ne!er meet him. $ %hen you CgetD me t'enty cigarettes2 "& 5ou CcomeD to the Motor 8ho' 'ith me no' or in 1ecember2 1& 5ou ClistenD in to the concert this e!ening2 14 5ou ChelpD me 'ith this/ please2 I can't lift it.+. %om sai / 'Fome as you are. 1 #hy are you taking all that brea 'ith you2 5ou Cfee D the s'ans2 " 5ou CletD your flat again ne. 10 5ou CcomeD sailing 'ith me this afternoon2 $ Ao/ thank you/ I on't like sailing. 1. Is there anything I can get you2 5ou CpassD through Paris2 $ 5es/ I Cspen D a fe' ays there. "4 I can't un erstan this letter. #hen more than one ans'er is possible/ this 'ill be note in the key. (e oesn't like being met. 3 5ou Cstu yD computer programming at college2 14 5ou CspeakD to %om at the meeting tomorro'/ o you think2 11 5ou CturnD off the %K/ please2 Ao one is 'atching it. + 8hop assistantG 5ou CcomeD this 'ay/ please2 . 1* (otel receptionistG 5ou CstayD for more than one night/ Mrs . 4 5ou C'earD a tie tomorro'2 $ @h no. Put the !erbs in brackets into one of the four forms. 0 5ou Cha!eD anything more to eat2 $ Ao/ because I ha!en't any more money.t #e nes ay2 $ %hank you !ery much.

be at 'ork. . 8ometimes either coul be use .+0 "* I see that you are repairing your ol henhouse.) . . . I be in si. . shall and will PEG "41/ "4. . * 5ou'!e been a goo chil / an 'hen 'e get home you . 0 8he . . .-0/ "&&-4 shall is correct for the first person of the future simple Ce. . . . . . & #e 'ill unite to resist oppression/ an tyrants . 0I"ll gi*e you a sweet. . 0-e refuses. C 6e won"t let them triumph. #hat are all these slates for2 5ou CrepairD your roof2 "0 5ou Chol D my parcels/ please/ 'hile I put up my umbrella2 "3 5ou CgoD to Ma eira as usual this summer2 &4 5ou kin ly Ce.e. ha!e a s'eet.. tell the same story o!er an o!er again. 'e o no'2 $ #ait. Jse %ill or shall to fill the spaces in the follo'ing sentences. 5ou CkeepD hens2 "+ I'!e <ust bought my tickets. .) + 5our father . 14 %heatre regulationG Persons . . " #ho'll help me2$ I . 1 #hen you are in be I . years' time/ I 'on er2 1" (e . $ 5ou Csen D him to a public school or to a 8tate school2 && Passenger to bus con uctorG 5ou CtellD me 'here to get off/ please &4 5ou CgoD by car2 If so/ 'oul you gi!e my brother a lift2 &* 5ou CtypeD all night again2 7ecause if so I think I'll go to a hotel.'e go to the cinema2 $ 5es/ let's. .. not be permitte to sit in the gang'ays.) 4 #hat . In the I interrogati!e %ill shoul not be use to replace intentionD/ but in the affirmati!e an negati!e %ill is !ery often use instea / i. %here are some rather ol -fashione or formal constructions 'here shall is use 'ith the secon or thir persons. 8uch constructions are usually a!oi e but a fe' e. &+ 5ou CstopD interrupting9 I'll ne!er get finishe if you on't keep 6uiet.amples ha!e been gi!en belo'. 11 #here . 'rite the names of their guests in the book pro!i e . 0o$stinate insisten#e) 3 Flub ruleG Members . . not come here again.plainD 'hy you i n't o 'hat I tol you2 &1 5ou Crecogni?eD him/ o you think2 &" I'!e chosen a school for my son.cept 'hen this form is use to e. (ere shall cannot be replace by %ill. 'e can say/ II'e 'ill' an II'e 'on't' instea of II'e shall' an II'e shan't'. not triumph o!er us. . $ 5ou Ctra!elD by sea or air2 ". .) .. .. hear of this. 0I"ll #ertainly tell him. .

. "0 8he . not. . ne!er o anything you tell her. . . (e'll be rea y as soon as you CbeD. not come here again.) 14 Flause in leaseG %he tenant . &+ I . . not bite unless it is startle . 1* %his kin of snake . . 'e o 'ith all the foo that's left o!er2 "1 1o you kno' the 'ay2 Ao2 %hen I . Put the !erbs in brackets into the correct tense Cpresent or futureD. take this letter to the post for me2 $ I . . . . go roun the course/ passing the marks in the correct or er. . fill up this form9 %he 6uestions are impertinent. not hear for another 'eek.. . . I'm going to an hotel. "" #here . %ime clauses PEG &4" %he future simple is not use in time clauses/ the simple present tense being use instea .t 'eek. CI won"t let him #ome. . . . I'll stay in be till the clock CstrikeD se!en. . 0 #hen he CreturnD I'll gi!e him the key. not apologi?e'/ she sai / stamping her foot. $ If you on't/ ma am/ you . (e . . . I put it on your esk2 $ Please o. &" I . . . . anyone 'ho 'itnesse the acci ent please ring "4 5achts . . . 1 " & 4 * + . you ha!e a cigarette2 $ Ao/ thanks/ I on't smoke. 8tay here till the lights CturnD green. . be earning my o'n li!ing.+3 1& (e . . . 1. . . . #ho . && . sho' you. I put more salt in the ste'2 &* > og . . obey his o'ner but a cat . . 0o$stinate insisten#e) 10 7y this time ne.. . . not be here ne. . 0e/tra#t from Ya#ht =a#ing =ules) "* #hen . . &1 . "+ 1 . . . . . &4 I . "& Police noticeG . I shan't buy tomatoes till the price CcomeD o'n. . 1+ . . (negati*e) get your !isa. I put it2 $ Put it behin the piano. "3 I . . . . "4 #hat . you stan 6uite still for a moment/ please2 &4 . I say calle 2 $ 5ou nee n't mention my name. kno' 'hether you are telling the truth or not. you hear the result2 # I . . kno' 'ho I am. 13 #ho . #hen it CgetD col I'll light the fire. . . . . ". . be responsible for all repairs. 8he 'ill be elighte 'hen she ChearD this. (e . . not ha!e to o any cooking for a month. . play his ra io !ery lou ly/ 'hich annoys me !ery much. #hen the laun ry comes I Cha!eD some clean han kerchiefs. . .t year I . . . .

". 11 7y the time 'e get to the party e!erything CbeD eaten. 14 7y this time ne. 0 #hen 'e reach Kalparaiso 'e CsailD all roun the 'orl . 1 In a fortnight's time 'e CtakeD our e. 10 I Cgi!eD the chil ren their inner before he CcomeD home. 3 >t the rate he is going he Cspen D all his money by the time he is t'enty-one.t year I Csa!eD :"*4. " I CfinishD this book by tomorro' e!ening. &" )ook before you CleapD. . 14 8he'll ha!e to beha!e better 'hen she CgoD to school.. 14 7y the en of my uni!ersity course I Catten D 1/"44 lectures. 7y ne. 11 #hen you look at yourself in the glass you CseeD 'hat I mean. "+ #hen the fog CliftD 'e'll be able to see 'here 'e are. %he future perfect tense !" +#Put the !erbs in brackets into the future perfect tense. 1& If I continue 'ith my iet I CloseD 14 kilos by the en of the month. %he refrigerator Cgo onD making that noise till 'e ha!e it repaire . "3 %he car Cnot mo!eD till you take the brake off.t summer but %om Clea!eD. I 'on't come to )on on till the bus strike CbeD o!er. 1. &4 %he alarm bell Cgo onD ringing till you press this button. &+ #e can't make any ecision till he Carri!eD + I CfinishD this <ob in t'enty minutes. 1* (e CringD us up 'hen he arri!es in Englan 2 1+ (e 'ill 'ash up before he CgoD to be . 1" %he train Clea!eD before 'e reach the station. (pro*er$) && #e Cha!eD to stay on this esert islan till 'e can repair our boat. 1" (e CbeD here before you go. "0 >s soon as the holi ays begin this beach CbecomeD !ery cro' e . 1* 7y the en of this 'eek my illness CcostD me :144. &1 >s soon as she ClearnD to type I'll get her a <ob. "4 #e'll ha!e to stay here till the ti e CgoD out. "" I'll buy that house 'hen I Cha!eD enough money.4 3 %he lift Cnot startD until you press that button. . . 4 7y the en of ne. 1& I Clen D you my cassette recor er 'hene!er you 'ant it. 13 %hey 'ill be astonishe 'hen they CseeD ho' slo'ly he 'orks. & 7y this time tomorro' 'e Cha!eD our in<ections.t year I CbeD here t'enty-fi!e years. &4 1on't count on a salary increase before you actually CgetD it. "* #hen the Bueen Carri!eD the au ience 'ill stan up.t 'inter they Cbuil D four houses in that fiel . "& 5ou CfallD rapi ly through the air till your parachute opens. &* #hen 'inter CbeginD the s'allo's 'ill fly a'ay to a 'armer country. "1 I CgoD on oing it until he tells me to stop. "4 I'll pay you 'hen I CgetD my che6ue. 14 (e C'akeD up 'hen 'e turn the lights on. * I'll still be here ne.

pect 'e'll feel a'ful. & #hen 'e Cha!eD our in<ections I e. 1. 14 #hen 'e Cha!eD lunch 'e'll go for a 'alk.' && >t your present rate you CburnD all that coal by the en of the month/ &4 %he treasurer sai / '7y the en of the year all our ebts Cbe pai D off. &4 @n "1 @ctober they CbeD marrie for t'enty-fi!e years. 11 #hen the bell rings I CtakeD the meat out of the o!en. * #hen %om CgoD I'll tell you a secret.. 4 #hen I CbeD here for a year I'll ask for a rise.4 k. Fompare I to * 'ith I to * in E. Put the !erbs in brackets into the correct tense/ using the future/ present/ or present perfect. 7y the time you get there they CfinishD their speeches an e!erybo y CgoD home. "* I'm going to (y e Park to hear the people making speeches.hibition.p.t month he CbeD in prison for ten years. &1 >fter this performance I CseeD -amlet t'enty-t'o times. "& >t this rate you CbreakD all the 'ine glasses by the en of the month. 1 #hen 'e CtakeD our e.h.t >pril I CpayD :&/444 in income ta..p.1 1+ 7y the time that he lea!es school his parents Cspen D :"*/444 on his e ucation. 1on't ri!e at more than *4 k.' &* %ouristG #e'!e only got fi!e hours in Eome. 0 #hen you C oD 4/444 kilometres you can ri!e it at . $ 5ou'll be too late. " #hen I CfinishD the book I'll len it to you. . ". "4 #e C rinkD all that 'ine by the en of the year. "+ 7y mi night he CbeD unconscious for forty-eight hours. "" #hen 'e reach Fre'e 'e C oD half of the < 'e'll ha!e a holi ay. . 10 #hen you come back I CfinishD all the house'ork. 3 #hen you open the safe you CseeD a small black bo. &" %he strike lea er sai / '7y mi night *44 men CcomeD out on strike. Moo officialG %he elephant keeper 'ill be 'ith you in half an hour. 7y the en of the month */444 people CseeD this e. 'e are lea!ing but I'm sure that 'e CseeD e!erything of importance by then. %ime clauses PEG &4" %he future perfect tense is not use in time clauses/ the present perfect being use instea .h. "1 @n the fourth of ne. "3 I suppose that 'hen I come back in ten years' time all these ol houses CbeD pulle o'n. + 7y the time he CgetD back from his holi ay the milkman 'ill ha!e left t'enty-one bottles of milk outsi e his oor. "4 If 'e on't hurry the sun CriseD before 'e reach the top. "0 7y ne. till your car C oD 4/444 kilometres. 13 %he police ChearD of the theft by this time. &+ (ousehol er to MooG @ne of your elephants is in my gar en eating my tomatoes. (ousehol erG 5our elephant CeatD all my tomatoes by then.ercise *0. 7y the en of the term I Crea D all t'el!e !olumes..

like to kno' 'here you ha!e been. stop an you . &1 #hen 'e ha!e seen the Fhamber of (orrors 'e Cha!eD a cup of tea. ".44. 14 . . . you . . be kin enough to let us kno' about this. %hat ress oesn't suit you. "1 #e can't ha!e a fire here until 'e Cs'eepD the chimney. 3 %hey 'ent to the cinema at ". 1* (e Cnot letD you out till you ha!e finishe your home'ork. you be !ery kin an len me your type'riter2 14 I . . 0 If you pulle the communication cor the train . . &4 5ou cannot become a member of this club until you CmakeD a parachute escent. . 1+ >s soon as I hear from him I CletD you kno'." 1" I'll bolt all the oors before I CgoD to be . 4 %he ol a miral . . "3 %hat roa 'ill not be safe till the floo s Csubsi eD. . &+ >s soon as e!erybo y has gone to be the mice CcomeD out of their holes. . . . "& #hen you are eighteen your father Cgi!eD you a latchkey. you like another cup of coffee2 & (e insiste that the ne'spaper . 1 . "4 1on't <ump out of the aeroplane until the pilot CsayD 'Go9' "* I can't lea!e the country till the police CreturnD my passport. . 14 #e'll ha!e to stay up this tree till the bull CgoD a'ay. . * . sit for hours 'atching the ships. .&4/ so they . . . . . not play his ra io so lou ly. . . (otel receptionistG #hen you CsignD the hotel register the porter 'ill sho' you your room. . . . you be so goo as to keep an eye on my house 'hile I am a'ay2 + I . "0 5ou Cnot kno'D ho' goo oysters are till you ha!e taste one. 1& #hen 'e CseeD the cathe ral 'e'll go to the museum. "4 #hen he CsellD all his ne'spapers he'll go home. &4 #hen e!erybo y Clea!eD the park the park-keeper 'ill lock the gates. you min opening the oor2 " . && I CstayD in court till the <ury returns. . print an apology. . be fine . .plosion till after you ha!e seen the flash. 10 5ou Cnot hearD the soun of the e. . . 1* It 'as eci e that the matter . buy another. be back here by +. be referre to a special committee. say nothing about it if I 'ere you. My father 'ill be furious 'hen he CseeD 'hat you ha!e one. "" 5ou CgetD a shock 'hen you open that bo. . &* #hen the boa constrictor CeatD the goat he 'ill become !ery lethargic. Put should or %ould in the spaces in the follo'ing sentences. 13 %hese gates 'ill remain shut until the train CpassD. 1" I 'ish he . . 1. . "+ #hen a bottle of champagne CbeD opene for t'enty-four hours the 'ine is not fit to rink. . . you please help me 'ith this2 11 It is !ery strange that he . 1+ Perhaps you . 1& .. .. would and should PEG 144-1/ "&4-"/ "&*-. . think that. . &" #hen you Cha!eD something to eat you'll feel better.

I o about it2 $ I . && (e 'as a !ery patient cat. . . . be ma e to contact his fello' passengers. . . . change your min / this a ress 'ill al'ays fin me. . be too shy. "" It is essential that this matter . . . &4 . . . sen for the chef an congratulate him/ an if anything 'as 'rong he . . . If he offere me money I . . & . kno' the truth about your o'n father an it is better that you . . . . . . * If Pierre like any ish he . look o!er the he ge but the !illage policeman. . "4 If you . .. . sit for hours besi e a mousehole. . ask 'here he got it. . hear it from me than from some stranger. . &" 5ou . not ask so many 6uestions. "4 %heir metho 'as al'ays the same. think that. . . . . Put should or %ould in the spaces in the follo'ing sentencesG 1 It is only fair that you . you like to come or . . . . . #hen he foun out that the man ha smallpo. . &1 (e is an. you rather stay here2 13 %here are too many acci ents. kin ly 'ait here a moment I'll ring the irector's office. + I 'as <ust burying the bones in the gar en 'hen 'ho . . . slip. . . . they . kno' 'hat he ha been before. . . . "+ (e change his name so that nobo y . "1 #hat are you oing here2 5ou . #hat . . he urge that e!ery effort . "& (e suggeste that the money . lea!e the house at once. . 10 . . . not argue 'ith your father. the pain return take one of these pills. . would and should PEG 144-1/ "&4-"/ "&*-. . go out or sit o'n. E!eryone . be in be . . see him at once. . sen for the manager an complain. . 4 %he rocks 'ere icy an he 'as terrifie lest he . &+ (e i n't are CtoD sell the ring in case someone . be raise by public subscription.ious that e!eryone . un erstan 'hy he acte as he i . (o' . . "0 I 'ish you . ring please say that I'll be back at si.. . these measures fail to restore or er harsher restrictions 'ill ha!e to be impose . " If you . . If the telephone . he . . . . . ne!er are to o that. "3 (e or ere that %om . you like it if I kept tramping roun 'hen you 'ere trying to 'ork2 3 I'!e <ust recei!e an anonymous threatening letter. obey him. . . . be most grateful if you . "* If this machine . . 'ait till their !ictim ha left the bank an then go up to him an ask for a light. . you . . .& 1. he . . be kept out of the ne'spapers. . . ". . 0 I 'ish you . . be much more careful. $ I on't kno' 'hy the committee . . 14 %he committee thinks that you ha!e been guilty of isloyalty. refuse. . . o this for me. &* It is most important that I . . . . take it to the police if I 'ere you. . at any time fail to gi!e complete satisfaction please post us the enclose car . &4 I . . $ >n Englishman . . .

ha!e insiste . &4 People are !ery fon of saying/ %his . kno' that he isappro!e of the ne' policy.. . . "4 It is absur that 'omen . . 13 Fan't I trust you not to rea my letters2 It is ri iculous that I . . go to the best schools a!ailable. ha!e met 'ith some acci ent. . )ast time I trie to speak to him he . "0 %om says you arc foolish to take such a risk. . . you min not smoking. . this is the petrol store. not come to the phone. "4 (e sai he 'ishe I . . 'alk on an try to get help 'hile I staye 'ith the in<ure man but he . . ". . . . . be pai less than men for oing the same 'ork.. .onditional sentences: type / . . not kno' ho' to stop it or 'hat to o about it. . ha!e stoo for so long. . there is no ri!er. be a 'Ao 8moking' notice. . . . "& (e recommen e that the trouble makers in the factory . like to lea!e it 'ith me I'll see 'hat can b+ one. 1* I suggeste that %om . 1. but a mechanic is al'ays a!ailable in case anything .. she . 1& #here 'ill he be no'2 $ @h/ he . . fail to open/ your secon one 'ill open automatically. . rather you aske him.) "3 #hen four hours ha passe an there 'as still no sign of him she began to be 'orrie lest he . . . sit in his office immaculately resse / but at night he . . $ (e . . . . be one about this'/ but if they 'ere the go!ernment they . . &1 It is ama?ing that the )eaning %o'er of Pisa . . . insist on telling people about her reams. . ha!e notice this before. . 8mith get all the cre it 'hen someone else has one all the 'ork2' &+ >ll ay he. e!en suggest offering bribes. . "+ #hen he 'ent out he left the ra io on so that his parents . . ..4 11 I can't repair it no' but if you . . . ne!er obey the simplest or er/ but . be there by no'. "1 %his train is entirely automatic. . (e 'as etermine that his chil ren . &* Eobinson sai / '#hy . . not hear of this. $ 5ou . . . . . 1" 5ou complaine to the manager/ of course2 $ Ao/ I aske to speak to him but he .. . 14 If your main parachute . &" (e resigne from the go!ernment in or er that e!eryone . . be ismisse . && If I ha ha his e ucation an he ha ha mine perhaps I . "* 1. .. not come so often. . . . "" 8he ha one rather boring habit. . not listen. be sitting at his esk an he . be stoppe '/ or/ '8omething . . the flight only takes an hour. . 10 . %his passage oesn't lea any'here. . argue e!ery point till she nearly 'ent ma .onditionals . $ %hen there . . . . . . . think that he 'as still in his room. ha!e to lock things up in my o'n house.. be out here s'eeping the streets/ &4 (e 'as a terribly obstinate chil / 'ho . put on irty ragge clothing an roam about the streets 'ith isreputable companions. It is o that no one .9 0(hat is typi#al of him. . . . . 1+ I am ama?e that you . go 'rong.

"1 Jnless he CsellD more he 'on't get much commission. &* 8he 'on't open the oor unless she Ckno'D 'ho it is. 14 8he 'ill be absolutely furious if she ChearD about this. 10 (e'll be late for the train if he Cnot startD at once. 8omeone CstealD your car if you lea!e it unlocke . * %he police CarrestD him if they catch him. 11 If you Cnot goD a'ay I'll sen for the police. & If he CeatD all that he 'ill be ill. "4 If he CgoD on telling lies nobo y 'ill belie!e a 'or he says. If 'e lea!e the car here it Cnot beD in anybo y's 'ay. 1 If I ha a type'riter I CtypeD it myself. 1. " If I Ckno'D his a ress I' gi!e it to you. "0 Jnless you are more careful you Cha!eD an acci ent.* PEG ""1 Put the !erbs in brackets into the correct tenses. &4 Jnless I ha!e a 6uiet room I Cnot be ableD to o any 'ork. &" If he ClikeD the house 'ill he buy it2 && If you 'ill kin ly sit o'n I CmakeD en6uiries for you. . "4 If he C'orkD har to ay can he ha!e a holi ay tomorro'2 "* Ice CturnD to 'ater if you heat it. " %he table 'ill collapse if you Cstan D on it. "+ If the house CburnD o'n 'e can claim compensation. 1 If I see him I Cgi!eD him a lift. "3 %ell him to ring me up if you CseeD him. 14 If she Cnee D a ra io she can borro' mine. ". If you Cnot likeD this one I'll bring you another. . 13 If you come late they Cnot letD you in. 1* If you put on the kettle I CmakeD the tea. &+ 8houl you re6uire anything else please CringD the bell for the atten ant.onditional sentences: type + PEG """ Put the !erbs in brackets into the correct tenses.. &4 If I tell you a secret/ you CpromiseD not to tell it to anyone else2 &1 If you Cnot belie!eD 'hat I say/ ask your mother. "" If I len you :14 'hen you CrepayD me2 "& #e'll ha!e to mo!e upstairs if the ri!er CriseD any higher. 0 #hat 'ill happen if my parachute Cnot openD2 3 If he C'ashD my car I'll gi!e him N14. + If he Crea D in ba light he 'ill ruin his eyes. 4 If I fin your passport I CtelephoneD you at once. 1& If he CbeD late 'e'll go 'ithout him. 1" I'll be !ery angry if he CmakeD any more mistakes. . 1+ If you gi!e my og a bone he CburyD it at once.

More tourists 'oul come to this country if it Cha!eD a better climate. 7ut for that/ my horse C'inD. . 9 "" If you slept un er a mos6uito net you Cnot beD bitten so often. &+ I' climb o!er the 'all if there Cnot beD so much broken glass on top of it. 1 " & 4 * + . "+ %he 'hole machine 'oul fall to pieces if you Cremo!eD that scre' ". "* If 'e ha more rain our crops Cgro'D faster. I CkeepD a horse if I coul affor it. * If he 'orke more slo'ly he Cnot makeD so many mistakes. 'eeks2 &* 5ou 'oul n't ha!e so much trouble 'ith your car if you Cha!eD it ser!ice regularly.+ & (e ClookD a lot better if he sha!e more often. 10 (e might get fat if he CstopD smoking. &4 I CofferD to help if I thought I' be any use. %he groun 'as !ery soft. 14 If I C'inD a big pri?e in a lottery I' gi!e up my <ob. "& I coul get a <ob easily if I Cha!eD a egree. . + I shoul n't rink that 'ine if I CbeD you. 0 3 If I ha kno'n that you 'ere in hospital I C!isitD you.. 1. 13 If he kne' that it 'as angerous he Cnot comeD. If e!erybo y Cgi!eD N1 'e 'oul ha!e enough. I shoul n't ha!e belie!e it if I Cnot seeD it 'ith my o'n eyes. 0 If I 'ere sent to prison you C!isitD me2 3 If someone Cgi!eD you a helicopter 'hat 'oul you o 'ith it2 14 I CbuyD shares in that company if I ha some money. If he ha aske you/ you CacceptD2 If I Cha D a map I 'oul ha!e been all right. If he ha slippe he CfallD *44 metres. "4 If you CseeD someone ro'ning 'hat 'oul you o2 "1 I CbeD ruine if I bought her e!erything she aske for. 11 If he CcleanD his 'in screen he' be able to see 'here he 'as going. 'eeks to li!e ho' you Cspen D those si. "4 If she C oD her hair ifferently she might look 6uite nice. ' "0 I' go an see him more often if he Cli!eD on a bus route. 1" If you ro!e your car into the ri!er you Cbe ableD to get out2 1& If you Cnot belongD to a union you coul n't get a <ob. 5ou 'oul ha!e seen my gar en at its best if you CbeD here last 'eek. 1* #hat you C oD if you foun a burglar in your house2 1+ I coul tell you 'hat this means if I Ckno'D Greek. 7ut for his 6uickness I CbeD kille . If you Carri!eD ten minutes earlier you 'oul ha!e got a seat.onditional sentences: type 0 !" ++0 Put the !erbs in brackets into the correct tenses. ' &1 #hat 'oul you o if the lift CgetD stuck bet'een t'o floors2 &" If you CpaintD the 'alls 'hite the room 'oul be much brighter. && If you CchangeD your <ob 'oul it affect your pension2 &4 If you kne' you ha only si. . "3 If they CbanD the sale of alcohol at football matches there might be less !iolence. 4 If you CplayD for lo'er stakes you 'oul n't lose so much.

14 Jnless they turn that ra io off I CgoD ma . 1& I coul repair the roof myself if I Cha!eD a long la er. If you ha tol me that he ne!er pai his ebts I Cnot len D him the money. If you go to Paris 'here you CstayD2 If someone offere to buy you one of those rings/ 'hich you CchooseD2 %he flight may be cancelle if the fog CgetD thick. 8he ha a hea ache. I CtakeD a ta. If you ha left that 'asp alone it Cnot stingD you. 1 " & 4 * + .onditional sentences: mixed types PEG ""1Q + Put the !erbs in brackets into the correct tenses. 5ou Csa!eD me a lot of trouble if you ha tol me 'here you 'ere going. 8omeone CsitD on your glasses if you lea!e them there. (e 'oul ha!e been arreste if he CtryD to lea!e the country. If you ClookD at the engine for a moment you 'oul ha!e seen 'hat 'as missing. 14 11 1" 1& 14 1* 1+ 1. "0 "3 &4 &1 &" && &4 &* &+ If I Ckno'D that you 'ere coming I' ha!e bake a cake. If you CputD some mustar in the san 'iches they 'oul ha!e taste better. 5ou 'oul play better bri ge if you Cnot talkD so much. If I CbeD rea y 'hen he calle he 'oul ha!e taken me 'ith him. If you ha n't been in such a hurry you Cnot putD sugar into the sauce instea of salt.. If he ha put out his pipe before putting it in his pocket he Cnot burnD a hole in his coat. If he ha kno'n the 'hole story he Cnot beD so angry. 0 3 14 11 1" If you Cfin D a skeleton in the cellar on't mention it to anyone. I CofferD to help him if I ha reali?e that he 'as ill. 5ou Cnot getD into trouble if you ha obeye my instructions. %he hens Cnot getD into the house if you ha shut the oor. %hey 'oul ha!e force their 'ay into the house if I Cnot callD for help.. If I ha reali?e that the traffic lights 'ere re I CstopD. If you pass your e. If he ha kno'n that the ri!er 'as angerous he Cnot tryD to s'im across it. If the milkman CcomeD tell him to lea!e t'o pints. #hat ChappenD if I press this button2 I shoul ha!e !ote for her if I Cha!eD a !ote then. 10 13 "4 "1 "" "& "4 "* "+ ". If you CspeakD more slo'ly he might ha!e un erstoo you. Eome Cbe capture D by her enemies if the geese ha n't cackle . . If I CtryD again I think that I 'oul ha!e succee e . If she ha listene to my irections she Cnot turnD o'n the 'rong street. If you Cnot snee?eD he 'oul n't ha!e kno'n that 'e 'ere there.i if I ha reali?e that it 'as such a long 'ay. other'ise she CcomeD 'ith us. . #hat I C oD if I hear the burglar alarm2 If you Crea D the instructions carefully you 'oul n't ha!e ans'ere the 'rong 6uestion.amination 'e Cha!eD a celebration. 7ut for the fog 'e CreachD our estination ages ago. If I Creali?eD 'hat a ba ri!er you 'ere I 'oul n't ha!e come 'ith you. I shoul n't ha!e eaten it if I Ckno'D that there 'as ginger in it.

. "3 If the story ha n't been true the ne'spaper Cnot printD it. && If anyone attacke me/ my og C<umpD at his throat. . 1* Jnless it is a nice ay . 14 %he grass 'oul look better if . &+ I shoul n't ha!e taken your umbrella if I Ckno'D that it 'as the only one you ha ..onditional sentences: mixed types PEG ""1-+ =inish these sentences/ taking care to use the correct tenses. "" Jnless they lea!e a lamp besi e that hole in the roa somebo yCfallD into it. . . . 0 %ry on the blue one if . "0 If you ha touche that electric cable you CbeD electrocute . . &1 1ial 333 if you C'antD Police/ >mbulance/ or =ire 7riga e. I CbringD you some beer if I ha kno'n that you 'ere thirsty. . . . . "+ 8he Cbe ableD to 'alk faster if her shoes ha n't such high heels. "4 If you C'earD a false bear nobo y 'oul ha!e recogni?e you. . . . %his clock 'oul n't ha!e run o'n if . . . . "& 5ou'll get pneumonia if you Cnot changeD your 'et clothes. "4 If I ha kno'n that you coul n't eat octopus I Cnot buyD it. . . "4 If your uncle sees you . 1 If he ha taken my a !ice . . . (e 'oul len it to you if . . . &* %he ship 'oul ha!e run agroun if the pilot CmakeD one mistake. 13 5ou Cnot ha!eD so many acci ents if you ro!e more slo'ly. . 10 I'll probably get lost unless he CcomeD 'ith me. ". . " If you ate less . .. * If there isn't enough 'ine in that bottle . . . 14 If 'e lea!e before breakfast . 3 If these gates are locke . . 13 If the storm becomes 'orse . . . 10 Jnless this hotel gets another cook .. . &4 If he 'ere in he Cans'erD the phone. . . 4 If she practise more . "1 If you trie to climb it 'ithout a gui e . 1. . . 11 If the ri!er rises any higher . . . 1" (er life might ha!e been sa!e if . 1+ If you on't put enough stamps on a letter/ the person 'ho gets it . 1& If the !olcano starts erupting . "* If they ChangD that picture lo'er people 'oul be able to see it. . "1 If she Clea!eD the fish there the car 'ill get it. . . & #e'll sen for the octor if . . . &4 I Cnot buyD things on the installment system if I 'ere you. 1. &" 5ou Cnot beD any use to me unless you learn to type. .0 1* If you 'ere ma e re un ant 'hat you C oD2 1+ #e'll ha!e a long 'ay to 'alk if 'e CrunD out of petrol here. If you shake that bottle of port it Cnot beD fit to rink. + If you ha checke the petrol before 'e starte .

. 7ut I .. . . .. &" If you lea!e the gate open . . . . you .. .. &* If I' ha a car .1* on 'eek ays. 1. . ... (negati*e) that. ". .. . . . you really . .... . 1* 8he . .. ..3 "" If you i n't shake the camera so much/ your photographs .t si. you.. / . .. .. . instea 2 14 #ashG (er father has a shop an she. . #ashG I. .. .. "3 5ou 'oul ha!e been angry if . .&4. you . . . . .44 as you're an ol customer. .9 %here . . . my 'in o's one 8atur ay this month2 4 #ashG I'm afrai 1... &4 If he ha put the flo'ers into 'ater at once ... . . .1*.. . "* (e 'oul ha!e gi!en her iamon s if ... . &+ If %om rings 'hile I'm out . I. as it.. . . 1 >nnG . al'ays .... &1 I shoul ha!e or ere more coal if . . 1& >nnG #hat . &4 (e 'oul ha!e been ro'ne if .. .to you by 0.. . to Mr #ash/ please2 + 2ash: 2ash ( ( ( & >nnG Goo morning/ Mr #ash. . + >nnG ... you come an . && 5ou 'ill ha!e to go to the entist if . 0. . If the fire ha been notice earlier .. 8he . of gi!ing it up2 . .. .. * 7ut I. 'here I 'as. .&49 14 #ell/ I suppose 1. .1*9 1. .. "0 If you ha any sense . %elephone con!ersation .. . >nnG >n .. %he ne. .to you by 0. .me. . to persua e me to gi!e up 'in o'.. . that be early enough2 0 >nnG Ao/ it . "& I' ha!e brought my coat . "4 If (>as) you on't like the picture . . . it's angerous. . .it. ..I. the flat at 0. (negati*e) . . a habit of it. %his is >nn . be nobo y to let you in. . . .on #e nes ay morning. (negati*e). 11 It means . . 8atur ays are ahea booke . . 3 #ashG @h 0. . .in it. . 1" 8he . "+ If you ha aske his permission . be a nice stea y <ob 'ith regular hours/ 1+ >n if 1. . 1ixed tenses and verb forms PEG ""1-+/ "0&-4 Fon itional forms are use in re6uests. breakfast at + an my 'ife . she .. in a shop she . =ill the gaps in the follo'ing ialogue 'ith a suitable !erb form. !ery early on #e nes ay2 I lea!e at 0....ones of 14 Fyprus Eoa . . . . . . .. .

& (e 'ill be able Cs'imD !ery soon. . . . "0 #here 'oul you like Cha!eD lunch2 "3 5ou can Clea!eD your og 'ith us if you on't C'antD CtakeD him 'ith you. 13 7esi es/ I . . (negati*e interrogati*e) you2 "4 #ashG 5es/ of course 1. bore 'orking in a shop. let you in an you can . 1& 5ou'll be able C oD it yourself 'hen you are ol er. ". 1" I coul n't CrememberD his a ress.amine .44 . shut the oor carefully after you/ . 14 #oul you like CgoD no' or shall 'e C'aitD till the en 2 1* %hey 'on't let us Clea!eD the Fustoms she till our luggage has been e. . you can CuseD it 'hene!er you like. "& 5ou . . . . .. . &4 I' like him CgoD to a uni!ersity but I can't CmakeD him CgoD. . #e nes ay at 0. It's !ery goo of you .. (e i n't are CargueD 'ith his boss. "" (e is e.I al'ays . "4 (e ma e us C'aitD for hours.. 11 If you 'ant CgetD there before ark you shoul CstartD at once. 1 (e ma e me C oD it all o!er again.ones. I 'ant CseeD the house 'here our presi ent 'as born. 1+ (o' are you CopenD my letters9 1. &" 5ou seem Ckno'D this area !ery 'ell. Goo bye/ Miss .04 10 #ashG Ao/ I . "& Please let me Ckno'D your ecision as soon as possible. it in summer... . . 0 (e ma e her CrepeatD the message.. * 5ou ought CgoD to ay.. >t least/ I . the life. be splen i . . . so early. I let him CgoD early as he 'ante CmeetD his 'ife. "1 %hey refuse CacceptD the bribe. . . "" I .pecte Carri!eD in a fe' ays. yourself out.ones2 "1 >nnG 5es/ it . . you then/ Miss . + 5ou nee n't CsayD anything. "* Foul you CtellD me the time/ please2 "+ #e must Csen D him a telegram. . . .. $ 5es/ I use Cli!eD here. . . 3 May I CuseD your phone2 14 5ou nee n't CaskD for permission.. . " 8he can CsingD 6uite 'ell..ust no your hea an he 'ill Cun erstan D. 10 I use CsmokeD forty cigarettes a ay. /nfinitive )ull or bare infinitive PEG "4+ Insert to 'here necessary before the infiniti!es in brackets. 4 I use Cli!eD in a cara!an. "4 #ell/ . . 13 #ill you help me Cmo!eD the bookcase2 "4 (e 'oul n't let my baby CplayD 'ith his gol 'atch. . . It may CrainD tomorro'. &1 #e coul CgoD to a concert/ unless you' prefer C!isitD a museum.

I' rather C'alkD. but I'll CseeD him tonight an I promise Cnot forgetD this time. "& If you kne' he 'as 'rong/ 'hy i n't you CsayD something2 $ I i n't like CsayD anything because he al'ays gets angry if you contra ict him. #oul you like CspeakD to his secretary' 3 It's better Ctra!elD hopefully than Carri!eD/ (pro*er$) 14 (e shoul Ckno'D ho' CuseD the film pro<ector/ but if he oesn't ha better Csho'D him. (proverb) &+ I'm sorry C isappointD you but I can't CletD you Cha!eD any more money till the en of the month. "1 (e oesn't e!en bother Crea D letters/ let alone Cans'erD them.D 1 It is easy CbeD 'ise after the e!ent. )ull or bare infinitive PEG "4+ Insert to 'here necessary before the infiniti!es in brackets. "" %he bank robbers ma e the cashier Csho'D them ho' CopenD the safe. %hese alternati!es 'ill be note in the key. 13 I a !ise him CaskD the bus con uctor CtellD him 'here CgetD off. "* #hat o you C'antD me CtellD him2 $ %ell him that any time he cares CcallD I shall be elighte C iscussD the matter 'ith him. 1. let me ChelpD you.01 && %he ki nappers tol the parents Cnot informD the police/ an the parents i n't are C isobeyD. . into the bushes. " 1o you C'ishD CmakeD a complaint2 & #e on't C'antD anybo y Ckno'D that 'e are here. 7efore he let us CgoD he ma e us CpromiseD Cnot tellD anyone 'hat ha seen. 1" I hear the oor CopenD an sa' a sha o' Cmo!eD across the floor. "4 It is better CputD your money in a bank than CkeepD it un er your be in an ol stocking. 0 Foul I CseeD Mr Pitt/ please2I'm afrai Mr Pitt isn't in. ". &* 5ou can CtakeD a horse to 'ater but you can't CmakeD him C rinkD. . 1* I felt the house CshakeD 'ith the e. 14 >s 'e seem Cha!e misse D the train 'e may as 'ell CgoD back to the house. 4 If you can't CrememberD his number you' better ClookD it up. "3 I 'as afrai CpickD up the re!ol!er as I on't kno' ho' Chan leD firearms. 10 #oul you ClikeD CcomeD in my car2 $ Ao/ thanks. &4 Aee I CcomeD2 I' much rather CstayD at home. I think e!erybo y ought to Ckno'D it2 + (e is sai CbeD the best surgeon in the country.plosion/ 1+ (e tol me CtryD CcomeD early. CIn of the sentences a present participle coul be use instea of an infiniti!e. * I 'ant her ClearnD Esperanto. "+ 1i you remember Cgi!eD him the money2 $ Ao/ I i n't/ I still ha!e it in my pocket. 11 (e 'as ma e CsignD a paper a mitting his guilt. 1& (e trie CmakeD me Cbelie!eD that he 'as my stepbrother. "0 %hat is far too hea!y for one person CcarryD. I sa' the ri!er CopenD his 'in o' an Cthro'D a bo. "4 It's better CbeD sure than sorry. Kisitors are aske Cnot fee D the animals.

pressing this secon infiniti!e by to only. Eea the sentences/ e. " #hy o you 'ear ark glasses2 $ I ha!e to 'ear them. In each of the follo'ing pairs of sentences an infiniti!e use in the first sentence is repeate in the secon . $ (e must CbeD a !ery ol man. #hy i n't you tell me the truth the first time2I meant to tell you the truth but I 'as too frightene . I 'ant you t'o to apologi?e to each other. 0 1i you reser!e seats on the train2 $ Ao. 1" #hy i n't you ask your father for the money2 $ I i n't like to ask him. Aote that 'here the secon infiniti!e has an ob<ect/ this 'or Iphrase must be omitte . 4 #oul you like to go to the theatre tonight2 $ 5es/ I' lo!e to go to the theatre. I ha!e 'eak eyes. 1& 1i you get a chance to fly the aeroplane yourself2 $ Ao/ I 'ante to fly it but the pilot 'oul n't let me.0" &4 I sa' the plane CcrashD into the hill an CburstD into flames. . * #hy i n't you pay the bill for him2 $ I offere to pay it but he refuse . 3 1i you ans'er the letter2 $ Ao/ I inten e to ans'er it but I'm afrai I forgot 14 #hy i n't you hit him2 $ I 'as afrai to hit him. 14 #hy oesn't he punish his boys 'hen they isobey him2 $ (e often threatens to punish them but he ne!er actually oes so. &1 %here is nothing C oD but C'aitD till somebo y comes CletD us out. + (a!e you put the car in the garage2 $ Ao/ but I'm <ust going to put it there. && 5ou may as 'ell CtellD us the truth. $ I' hate to spen a night in a haunte room. & 1o you smoke2 $ Ao/ I use to smoke but I on't no'. &+ #oul you rather CbeD more stupi than you look or ClookD more stupi than you are2 /nfinitive represented by to PEG "4. . 11 I' lo!e to spen a night in a haunte room. I trie to reser!e them but they ha all been booke alrea y. &* It is up to you ClearnD the la's of your o'n country. &4 %he >merican sai he ha seen nine presi ents CcomeD an CgoD. 1 1i you !isit the Pyrami s2 $ Ao/ I 'ante to !isit them but there 'asn't time. It 'ill CbeD easy CcheckD your story. lam 'illing to apologi?e it he apologi?es first. I meant to $ut I was too frightened. $ #ell. &" (e hear a cock Ccro'D in a neighbouring !illage. 1* #hy i n't he repair the car himself2 $ (e 'asn't able to repair it.

&4 I hope the chil ren 'on't go near the 'ater. "4 5ou shoul ha!e thanke her before you left. "0 5ou use to like rice pu ing. "3 #hy i n't you buy the car2 $ I 'as a !ise not to buy it.0& 1+ I use to rink 'hisky 'ith my meals. ".$ 5es. &+ #hy i you bring your mother-in-la'2 I particularly aske you not to bring her. "4 #hy oesn't he play games2 $ (is mother oesn't 'ant him to play games. (e i n't think they' belie!e him. $ I kno' you meant to 'ork har but you i n't. "+ #hy i n't he report it to the police2$ (e 'as afrai to report it.tra 'eights2$ %hey are oblige to carry them by the regulations. It is the la'. $ I use to rink 'hisky 'ith my meals also but I on't no'. "& 1i he help you2$ Ao/ I aske him to help me but he sai he ha n't time. "* #hy i she put parsley in the soup2$ I tol her to put it in. too/enough/so . &4 #hy i n't he call the police. $ I meant to thank her but 'hen I 'as going I coul n't fin her any'here. &1 #hy are 'e trying to get planning permission2 $ #e ha!e to get planning permission. 1. "" #hy o some <ockeys carry e. "1 5ou ought to stop 'ork no'. $ (e 'asn't able to call them. 1i you buy sausages2$ Ao/ I meant to buy them but I forgot. &" I meant to 'ork har . . 10 #hy oesn't he try again2$ (e oesn't 'ant to try again. &* #hy i you mo!e your car2 $ %he policeman tol me to mo!e it. #e can't go out. $ 5es/ I kno' I use to like it but I on't no'. $ 5es/ I am <ust going to stop. . I inten to !isit it. 13 5ou shoul !isit the Pra o 'hen you are in Ma ri . It is !ery col . #hy i he ri!e so fast2 $ (e ha to ri!e fast. other'ise he' ha!e misse his train. (is telephone line ha been cut. && 1o the boys ti y their o'n rooms2 $ %hey are suppose to ti y them but they on't al'ays. $ I 'arne them not to go near it. as with infinitive PEG "*" Fombine each of the follo'ing pairs of sentences into one sentence using too/enou h 'ith infiniti!e. .

&4 (e is !ery impatient. (e 'oul n't talk to any of us. I can't 'ear that kin of hat. &" It's not !ery ark.tremely rash. && It 'as !ery hot.D 1 5ou are !ery young. 14 5ou are 6uite thin. (e coul n't harm you. "4 (e 'as e.D 14 I 'as terrifie . (e 'oul n't put himself out for anyone. "& It is !ery col . + (e ha n't much money.D "" (e 'as !ery runk. 5ou coul slip bet'een the bars.D &* #oul you be !ery kin an turn o'n the ra io a little2 &+ (e is !ery selfish. It 'on't get through those gates. (e can carry it. (e coul n't ans'er my 6uestion.oor key. (Omit it.. &1 I 'as !ery tire . 5ou can't ha!e a front. (e coul n't li!e on it. . #e can't bathe. (e 'on't get up early. 13 (e 'on't get up early so he ne!er catches the fast train./ 114/ "&3/ "43-*4 . " It is !ery col . (Omit it. as 'ith infiniti!e.04 It is too #old for us to go out. #e can't see the stars clearly. (e 'as !ery snobbish.D . (Omit it. (Omit them. (e coul n't speak. 1+ %he coffee isn't strong. 0 %he fire isn't !ery hot. . It i n't reach the 'in o'. .D "3 8he 'as !ery mean. #e can't 'a e it. (e tol lies to the police. Ee'rite numbers &/ "4/ an &* using so . (e set off up the mountain in a thick fog. 5ou coul fry an egg on the pa!ement. 1" @ur ne' car is !ery 'i e. Various infinitive constructions PEG "+-. (e 'as furious. It 'on't keep us a'ake. 1* %he bull isn't big. I can't push it through the letterbo. 8he ne!er ga!e to charity. (Omit it. %hese alternati!es are gi!en in the key. &4 %he oranges 'ere !ery bitter. 11 (e is !ery ill. "4 #oul you be !ery goo an for'ar my letters 'hile I am a'ay2 "1 %he ice is 6uite thick. It 'on't boil a kettle. I coul n't 'alk any further. . "+ 5ou aren't !ery ol . #e can't see the summit. * %he la er 'asn't !ery long. "0 %he package is !ery thick. (e ne!er listens to anyone. I coul n't mo!e. #e coul n't ance on it. #e coul n't eat them. as coul replace enou h in numbers 3/ "4/ an "3. 1& %he floor 'asn't strong. #e can 'alk on it. 1. ". & #oul you be !ery kin an ans'er this letter by return2 4 I am rather ol . 5ou can't un erstan these things.D 10 (e is la?y. %he ri!er is eep. Cenou h 'ith infiniti!e coul also be use here/ 'hile so . (e is strong. #e can't ha!e breakfast in the gar en. 3 %om 'as !ery foolish. (Omit it. (e can't eat anything. -e is strong enough to #arry it. "* #e aren't !ery high.

(e reache the station e. . .) && (e 'as the only one who reali@ed the anger..D 14 I can't go to the party. It is a !isable that we should lea*e the house separately. "" (his is the plan? someone will meet you at the station . )se passi*e infiniti*e. 10 (a!en't you anything with whi#h you #ould open it' 13 It seems that the #rime was #ommitted by a left-han e man. 1& -e rushed into the burning house/ whi#h 'as !ery bra!e of him. . . C5ou CgoD to Par omit %he committee ha!e eci e to sen . "0 You signed the ocument 'ithout rea ing it/ whi#h was *ery stupid. . 1* It is e/pe#ted that he will $road#ast a statement tonight. C8he . .D 3 If he ha another chil with whom he #ould play.D "1 I 'as on the point of lea*ing the house 'hen the phone rang. .D "* %he strikers eci e that the strike should #ontinue.... It is important that he should understand this. . & (he #ommittee ha*e de#ided to send you to Paris. . CIt 'as stupi . .D &" It appears that he was killed 'ith a blunt instrument.2 CIs he .D 4 #oul you be *ery kin and len me your umbrella2 * %here are a lot of sheets that need mending. .hauste and was *ery disappointed when he learnt that the train ha <ust left. . C(e is sai . Cbe metD at the stationD "& 8he is an. . C(e appears . .0* Eeplace the group of 'or s in italics by an infiniti!e or an infiniti!e construction. 1. C(e is e. 1" (e put his han into his pocket and was astonished when he found that his 'allet 'asn't there.D "3 It is said that she has a frightful temper. C(e .ious that they should ha*e e!ery possible a !antage. C%he crime seems . + I 'as astonishe when I heard that he ha left the country. -e was the first man to arri*e. CIt 'as stupi . . .D &4 (e 'as the first man who swam the Fhannel. )se perfe#t infiniti*e passi*e. he 'oul be happier 14 It is necessary that e*eryone should know the truth.. CIt 'as !ery bra!e . It is better that he should hear it from you. . I ha!e nothing that I #an wear. " (e got to the top and was *ery disappointed when he found that someone else ha reache it first. "+ #oul you be *ery kind and translate this for me2 ".) "4 Is it likely that he will arri*e before si. 1 %he captain 'as the last man who left the ship. 11 %here 'as no place where we #ould sit. &1 (hey $elie*e that he is honest.pecte . .. It is important or him to understand this. C5ou . (e 'as the first man who arri*ed. 8 I was rude to him/ whi#h was stupid. "4 It is said that he 'as a brilliant scientist. .D 1+ I 'ant a kitchen where C L in whi#h) I #an #ook. .

$ %hat ($e) a terrible moment. It (not $e) my youngest sister as she is abroa . 1+ %he burglar 'ent straight to the safe although it 'as hi en be picture. $ 8omeone (tell) him 'here it 'as. Phrases in bol type shoul not be repeate / but their meaning shoul be e. 3 It is possible that a chil $roke the 'in o'.presse by the au. $ 5ou (not see) a ghostG there aren't any ghosts. he 'as 'ith me all ay. "4 I (do) it. It is possible that he telephoned 'hile 'e 'ere out. I ha!e enough for t'o. . 1 I reali?e that my house 'as on fire. It ($e) my brother's 0 I feel terribly ill to ay. 1" 5ou lied to him/ %hich %as %ron . " I sa' a ghost last night. >s I 'as stan ing in the hall your og bit me. 3 I 'on er 'hy he i n't ans'er2 $ Possibly he didn "t understand the 6uestion. 13 I ha!e ne!er met him.iliary H perfect infiniti!e. 11 %he prisoner (es#ape) this 'ay/ for here are his footprints.D . 1. $ It (not he) my og. 14 I ga*e him a tip/ %hich %as not necessary. $ 5ou (not eat) those mushrooms yester ay. + %here (he) motor-cycle races on the san s but as it is so 'et they ha!e been cancelle / . $ 5ou (meet) him. C%he earth . $ 5ou (go) to the entist 'hen it starte . 1& I i n't recogni?e the !oice at the other en of the line. 5ou (thank) him for his present but you didn't. .0+ &4 It is said that the earth was originally part of the sun. 4 5ou #arried it yourself/ 'hich 'as not necessary. erfect infinitive used with auxiliary verbs PEG "** Jse the perfect infiniti!e of the !erb in italics 'ith the appropriate au. * I'!e ha a toothache for t'o ays. 14 8omeone (#ook) a meal here lately. the sto!e is still hot.t oor to you. $ 5ou (not $ring) them. CIt 'as my uty to o it/ but I i n't. 1* I'!e brought my o'n san 'iches. 5ou (dream) it. &+ It is said that the murderer is hiding in the 'oo s near your house.D &* (e took out his spare 'heel an was *ery disappointed when he dis#o*ered that that tyre 'as also puncture . Mushrooms on't agree 'ith you. -e may ha*e telephoned while we were out. %he presi ent (un*eil) the statue/ but he is ill so his 'ife is oing instead( 10 %he plane is late. he li!es ne. $ It ($e) my el er sister. she is often at home at that time.iliary !erb. You should ha*e thanked him for his present. I 'on er 'hat has happene 2 $ Possibly it was elaye by fog.

5ou (not like) that/ 'oul you2 1" #ho ga!e you my a ress2 $ I on't remember. &" People use to 'alk t'enty miles to o their shopping. $ %hey (ha*e) a lot of energy in those ays. && @ne ay he 'ent for a 'alk up a mountain an ne!er came back.&/ but 'here t'o !erbs in italics are place si e by si e/ put the secon !erb into the perfect infiniti!e an the first into an appropriate tense. &4 %his poem ($e) 'ritten by Oeats/ but I am not certain. "" I opened it/ %hich %as unnecessary. 4 #e (set) out to ay/ but the 'eather is so ba that 'e eci e to postpone our start till tomorro'. $ 8omeone ($etray) us. . It is most unlucky.0. 1 8he (marry) my brother but she 'as kille in a plane crash a month before the 'e ing ate. &+ 5ou looked at the ne' moon through glass. 3 I'!e forgotten the a ress. "3 8he (play) the chief part in the film/ but she 6uarrelle 'ith the irector/ so he engage someone else. It ($e) %om. months. &* 5ou translated it into =rench/ %hich %asn't necessary. $ (e (fall) o!er a precipice. $ It (not $e) %om. (his pala#e is said to ha*e $een $uilt in three years. I (write) it o'n (but I didn't)."4 train because he i n't lea!e home till 3. erfect infinitive used with auxiliaries and some other verbs PEG "** InstructionsG as for E. "* #hen I 'as your age I (#lim$) that mountain/ Cbut I i n'tD. $ %he glass ($e) !ery thin. $ (e (work) !ery har . &4 I <ust presse lightly on the pane an my han 'ent through. . * I thought they 'ere mushrooms. &1 (e (take) off his hat in the theatre/ Cbut he i n'tD. but there are only four of us. Cpassi!e !erbD "0 5ou $oiled so many eggs. (e sai that censorship of ne's 'as ri iculous an it (a$olish) ago.ercise . $ 5ou (not eat) them unless you 'ere sure. he oesn't kno' it. 0 I (like) ($athe) but there 'asn't time. I $rought my umbrella/ %hich 'as unnecessary. "& %he police 'ere here 'hile 'e 'ere out. "+ If a policeman ha seen me climbing through your 'in o' he me 'hat I 'as oing/ ". 14 If I' kno'n your house 'as so col I (not #ome). "1 (e (not #at#h) the 3. %his palace (say) ($uild) in three years. + (e learnt the language in si.7ut it raine all the time. "4 I dro*e at 04 miles an hour/ %hich %as %ron . 11 5ou (tell) me you 'ere going camping9 If I' kno'n I (go) 'ith you. & %here (seem) ($e) a fight here. %hey ($e) poisonous. " 5ou repeated it/ %hich %as unnecessary. E!erything is smashe to bits.

1* My sister has <ust come back from abroa . 8he (seem) (enAoy) her trip !ery much. &4 I (like) (ask) a 6uestion but I 'as sitting so far back that I i n't think I' be hear . $ (e (not see) me. (e is !ery short-sighte . 5ou can see 'here the foun ations 'ere. 13 I (like) (photograph) it but I ha no more film. 5ou (not dri*e) for "4 years. )ook at all the broken glass. "" I ha!e been ri!ing for "4 years. 8omeone (tell) him. infinitive and participles %he gerund PEG "*. $ 8he (ha*e) great courage. Perhaps they were waiting un er the 'rong clock. 1. "1 It is possible that prehistoric ca!e ra'ings were connecte 'ith religion. 10 I (go) to a foreign uni!ersity but the 'ar pre!ente it. (is name is .t 'eek. " %ry to a!oi CmakeD him angry. "0 It is possible that the fire in the ship was started by a bomb. 1 (e ga!e up CgambleD. + It's no use CcryD o!er spilt milk. &1 I tol them to meet me un er the clock but they i n't turn up. $ (e (not re#ogni@e) you. $ (e (not read) it. 5ou are only &4 no'.ones. &* %here ($e) a fort here at one time. "* I (like) (go) to the match but the tickets 'ere all sol . %here are t'o in the station. 0pro*er$) 1 I suggest Chol D another meeting ne. $ (e (not $e) a goo teacher. . "+ (e says he sa' you at the theatre yester ay. %his picture may be a fakeG on the other han it ($e) painte by one of the 1utch masters. $ 5ou (mishear) him. I 'asn't there. "4 %here (he) a ba acci ent here. (e can't rea . "3 8he 'alke &44 miles/ carrying her chil . "erund. . &+ %he inosaur ($e said) ($e) rather a stupi animal. && I sai that I coul n't fin my pen an he sai that perhaps somebo y had $orrowed it. ". Put the !erbs in brackets into the gerun . 5ou (stand) still 'hen you 'ere being photographe / Cbut you i n'tD.00 1& 5ou $ought flo'ers but 'e ha!e plenty in the gar en. "& It (take) years to ig the 8ue? Fanal. 14 >fter t'o years of his teaching she kne' absolutely nothing.ohnson. * I am against CmakeD any complaints. 1+ )ife ($e) !ery uncomfortable in the 8tone >ge. "4 (e 'alke past me 'ithout speaking. &" (e tol me his name 'as . 4 %he chil ren prefer C'atchD %K to Crea D. &4 It is possible that he (read) it in the papers. & 8top CargueD an start C'orkD.

plainD but she refuse ClistenD.1 Put the !erbs in brackets into the correct form Cgerun or infiniti!eD 1 " & 4 * + . 1on't forget ClockD the oor before CgoD to be . "4 I on't en<oy CgoD to the entist. I can't un erstan her Cbeha!eD like that. 3 (e 'as fine for C ri!eD 'ithout lights. (e is thinking of Clea!eD his <ob an CgoD to >merica. I arrange CmeetD them here. (e urge us C'orkD faster. 14 It is ifficult to get use to CeatD 'ith chopsticks. I 'ish CseeD the manager.03 0 (e finishe CspeakD an sat o'n. ". "0 (e has a scheme for CmakeD grass gro' in 'inter. My mother tol me Cnot speakD to anyone about it. 1* %hey escape by Csli eD o'n ropes ma e of blankets. "4 Imagine Cli!eD 'ith someone 'ho ne!er stops CtalkD. (e rea s Cha!eD to retire. . "3 I on't feel like C'orkD. (pro*er$) &" I hate Cborro'D money. 0 3 14 11 I am looking for'ar to CseeD you. 1" (e lost no time in CgetD o'n to 'ork. && (e 'as furious at CbeD mistaken for an escape con!ict. 13 If you put your money into that business you risk CloseD e!ery penny. It's no use C'aitD. 7y C'orkD ay an night he succee e in CfinishD the <ob in time. (e trie Ce. 11 if you can't turn the key try CputD some oil in the lock. 1& 5ou can't make an omelette 'ithout CbreakD eggs. "& 5ou' better consult your la'yer before C eci eD to buy the property. 'hat about CgoD to a isco instea 2 &4 #oul you min C'riteD your name an a ress on the back of the che6ue2 &1 If a thing is 'orth C oD at all it is 'orth C oD 'ell. (e 'arne her Cnot touchD the 'ire. "erund and infinitive PEG "++-. "* #oul you min CputD your pet snake some'here else2 "+ %he hostages 'ere rescue 'ithout a shot CbeD fire . "1 Is there anything here 'orth CbuyD2 "" (e 'as accuse of CleakD classifie information to the press. &4 >fter CtalkD for ten minutes I succee e in Ccon!inceD him that there 'as no anger. (pro*er$) 14 #e are looking for'ar to Crea D your ne' book. &+ >s a result of ClistenD at keyholes he learnt many facts 'hich he no hesitation in CuseD to his o'n a !antage. &* I remember Crea D a re!ie' of that book an CthinkD I' like to get. 1. 1+ %hey on't allo' CsmokeD in here. 10 >fter Crea D this article you 'ill gi!e up CsmokeD.

"0 I trie Cpersua eD him CagreeD 'ith your proposal. 1" >fter ChearD the con itions I eci e Cnot enterD for the competition. Mrs . " If you go on CletD your og CchaseD cars he'll en by CbeD run o!er. 8he likes her chil ren CgoD to the entist e!ery si. &* #ithout Creali?eD it. 0 7y CneglectD CtakeD or inary precautions he en angere the life of his cre'. I on't min C'aitD.pecte Ckno'D the safety regulations of the college. 11 I suggest CtelephoneD the hospitals before CaskD the police ClookD for him. %he boys like CplayD games but hate C oD lessons. I coul n't bear CseeD my fa!ourite actress in such a rea ful part.plainD to him but he refuse ClistenD an 'ent on CgrumbleD. I am beginning Cun erstan D 'hat you mean. $ %hat's because you keep CforgetD C'in D it. 5ou are e. I caught a col yester ay from CsitD in a raught. &4 My 'atch keeps CstopD. . I regret CinformD you that your application has been refuse . 14 (e e. (e eci e C isguiseD himself by C ressD as a 'oman. * #oul you min Clen D me :*2 I forgot CcashD a che6ue. . &1 I can't help Csnee?eD.1 Put the !erbs in brackets into the correct form Cgerun or infiniti!eD. (e 'as fine for Ce. lam prepare C'aitD here all night if necessary. months. & I prefer C ri!eD to Cbe ri!enD. 10 13 "4 "1 "" "& >t inner she annoye me by CsmokeD bet'een the courses. 4 I a !ise you CstartD ClookD for a flat at once. && (is octor a !ise him Cgi!e upD C<ogD.pects me Cans'erD by return but I ha!e no intention of CreplyD at all. 14 I ha!e no intention of CgoD to that film.34 1" 1& 14 1* 1+ 1. 7efore Cgi!eD e!i ence you must s'ear CspeakD the truth. 1 (e hates Cans'erD the phone/ an !ery often <ust lets it CringD. 'oul you like me C oD them for you2 &4 #oul you min CshutD the 'in o'2 I hate CsitD in a raught. I coul n't help Co!erhearD 'hat you sai . 1* I trie Ce. &+ People use CmakeD fire by CrubD t'o sticks together. ". "erund and infinitive PEG "++-. Mrs 8mithG I on't allo' my family CsmokeD at all. "3 5our 'in o's nee CcleanD. + C)ieD on this beach is much more pleasant than CsitD in the office. "+ (e 'ore ark glasses Ca!oi D CbeD recogni?e .onesG I on't allo' CsmokeD in my ra'ing-room. he hin ere us instea of ChelpD us. #oul you min Csho'D me ho' C'orkD the lift2 >fter C'alkD for three hours 'e stoppe to let the others Ccatch 'ith us. 3 >n instructor is coming Csho'D us ho' CuseD the a6ualung.cee D the spee limit. "* Please go on C'riteD. "4 (e surprise us all by CgoD a'ay 'ithout CsayD 'Goo -bye'. &" 1o stop CtalkDG I am trying CfinishD a letter. 1& 8ome people seem Cha!eD a passion for C'riteD to the ne'spapers.

Put the !erbs in brackets into gerun or infiniti!e. it also usually implies that the action isI'as performe G I like skating L I en<oy skating Can o skateD. &* (e has a theory that it is possible CtellD the time in aylight by ClookD into a cat's eyes.m. "erund and infinitive PEG "++-. "" >t first I en<oye ClistenD to him but after a 'hile I got tire of ChearD the same story again an again. (e i n't are Clea!eD the house because he 'as afrai of CmeetD someone 'ho might Crecogni?eD him. #oul you like CcomeD 'ith me ne.t time2 . "3 1i you remember Cgi!eD him the key of the safe2 $ Ao/ I i n't.plainD. "0 I istinctly remember CpayD him. %he istinction/ ho'e!er/ is not rigi . && 8he rushe out of the room 'ithout Cgi!eD me a chance Ce. "+ It's not much use Cha!eD a bicycle if you on't kno' ho' Cri eD it. "4 It 'oul n't be safe CstartD o'n no'. (e oesn't seem Cha!e reco!ere D from his long <ourney. 1. ". In the affirmati!e it gi!es no in ication as to 'hether the action is performe or not/ an in the negati!e implies that it is not performe .1 >fter li!e it is sometimes possible to use either gerun or infiniti!e/ but there ten s to be a slight ifference in implication. &4 (e keeps CaskD me the time an I keep CtellD him CbuyD himself a 'atch. &" (e ma e a lot of money by CbuyD tickets in a !ance an CsellD them for t'ice the price on the ay of the match. li!e H infiniti!e has more the meaning of 'appro!e of/ like the i ea or habit'. %he abo!e notes are/ therefore/ only gui es 'hich may safely be follo'e . "* >fter C iscussD the matter for an hour the committee a <ourne 'ithout Cha!e reache D any ecision. (e postpone CmakeD a ecision till it 'as too late C oD anything. e!ery ay9 13 %ry CforgetD itG it isn't 'orth C'orryD about. I i n't like saying it usually means 1 sai it/ un'illingly'/ but I i n't like to say it usually means 1 i n't say it' Cbecause it i n't seem right or sensibleD.31 1+ 7y CofferD enormous 'ages he is persua ing men Clea!eD their present <obs an C'orkD for him. li!e H gerun usually means 'en<oy'. &4 Please forgi!e me for CinterruptD you but 'oul you min CrepeatD that last sentence2 &1 I kno' my hair 'ants CcutD but I ne!er ha!e time CgoD to the hair resser's. "4 %here is no point in CremainD in a angerous place if you can't o anything ChelpD the people 'ho ha!e CstayD there. 1 I use Cri eD a lot but I ha!en't ha a chance C oD any since CcomeD here. I'll go an o it no'. "1 %he horse 'on't be 'ell enough CrunD in tomorro''s race. $ I ri e sometimes. 10 Imagine Cha!eD Cget upD at fi!e a. I ga!e him :". "& It is usually easier ClearnD a sub<ect by Crea D books than by ClistenD to lectures. 'e'll ha!e C'aitD till the mist clears. &+ I' hate CbeD besi e a !olcano 'hen it starte CeruptD.

. &4 8he claime Cbe ableD CtellD the future by Cga?eD into her crystal ball.e). 1o you remember CpostD the letter2 $ 5es/ I o. I i n't like ClookD through someone else's letters but I ha C oD as she sai . + #hy o you keep ClookD back2 >re you afrai of CbeD follo'e 2 . he e. 14 It's no use CtryD CinterruptD him. "0 8he apologi?e for Cborro'D my se'ing-machine 'ithout CaskD permission an promise ne!er C oD it again. 14 I'm !ery sorry for CbeD late.traor inary noise so I stoppe CseeD 'hat it 'as. "3 I i n't mean Coffen D anyone but someho' I succee e in CannoyD them all. &4 I left my oor open. 1& #hy i n't you rink it2I i n't like C rinkD it as I i n't kno' 'hat it 'as. &" 5ou on't nee CaskD his permission e!ery time you 'ant Clea!eD the room. "4 %he car began CmakeD an e. "& (e annoye me !ery much by CtakeD the piece of cake that I 'as keeping CeatD after my supper. "4 (e kept CringD up an CaskD for an e. 4 It isn't goo for chil ren CeatD too many s'eets. $ %ry Ca D the yolk of a har -boile egg.pects you C'alkD roun him. %hey on't like you Cmo!eD anything 'hen a crime has been committe . 1+ 1o you feel like CgoD to a film or 'oul you rather CstayD at home2 1. 3 5ou still ha!e a lot ClearnD if you'll forgi!e my CsayD so. 0 1i you remember ClockD the oor2 $ Ao/ I i n't.3" " Most people prefer Cspen D money to CearnD it. "1 5ou'll ne!er regret C oD a kin action. I poste it in the letter-bo. I' better CgoD back an C oD it no'. 13 I like ClistenD to folk music much better than ClistenD to pop. 10 (e took to Cget upD early an C'alkD noisily about the house. * I i n't feel like C'orkD so I suggeste Cspen D the ay in the arden. && %he police accuse him of CsetD fire to the buil ing but he enie Cha!e beenD in the area on the night of the fire. 5ou'll ha!e C'aitD till he stops CtalkD. & I resente CbeD un<ustly accuse an aske him (apolo i. 8he tol me ClookD through her correspon ence an CtakeD out any letters that you ha 'ritten her. &1 (e ne!er thinks of CgetD out of your 'ay. 11 I'm for C oD nothing till the police arri!e.planation an she i n't kno' 'hat C oD about him. #hy i n't you 'alk in2 $ I i n't like CgoD in 'hen you 'eren't there. "+ (e ma e me CrepeatD his instructions CmakeD sure that I un erstoo 'hat I 'as C oD after he ha gone. 1" (e i n't like Clea!eD the chil ren alone in the house but he ha no alternati!e as he ha CgoD out to 'ork. "* #e got tire of C'aitD for the 'eather CclearD an finally eci e CsetD out in the rain. near my gate. "" (e eci e CputD broken glass on top of his 'all Cpre!entD boys CclimbD o!er it. It 'as goo of you C'aitD for me. 1* I keep CtryD CmakeD mayonnaise but I ne!er succee . I suggest Clea!eD the car here an Csen D a break o'n !an Cto'D it to the garage. ".

&+ I' rather CearnD my li!ing by CscrubD floors than CmakeD money by CblackmailD people. #hen more than one form is possible it 'ill be note in the key. "4 I'm not use to C ri!eD on the left. #hen you see e!eryone else C oD it you'll fin it 6uite easy C oD yourself. Put the !erbs in brackets into a correct form. Either present participle or infiniti!e 'ithout to can be use after !erbs of the senses. present participle PEG "++-. 1 #hen the painter felt the la er CbeginD CslipD he grabbe the glitter Csa!eD himself from CfallD. 1& I can hear the bell CringD but nobo y seems Cbe comingD CopenD the oor. + 1i you remember CbookD seats for the theatre tomorro'2 $ 5es/ I ha!e the tickets here. * 1o you remember Crea D about it2 $ Ao/ at that time I 'as too young Crea D ne'spapers. 14 1i you a !ise him CgoD to the police2 $ Ao/ I i n't like Cgi!eD any a !ice on such a ifficult matter. I can hear the 'oo CcrackleD. 5ou can't hear anyone CspeakD. 10 I caught him CclimbD o!er my 'all. gerund. & (e offere Clen D me the money. (e hates CbeD kept C'aitD.amples of both in forms/ the gerun an the present participle. #oul you like CkeepD them2 I am incline CloseD theatre tickets. 0 I i n't kno' ho' CgetD to your house so I stoppe CaskD the 'ay. 13 #hen at last I succee e in Ccon!inceD him that I 'ante CgetD home 6uickly he put his foot on the accelerator an I felt the car CleapD for'ar . I i n't like CtakeD it but I ha no alternati!e. an kne' that it 'as time for him CgetD up.ercise inclu es e. 14 %his book tells you ho' C'inD at games 'ithout actually CcheatD. (e felt a bullet Cgra?eD his cheek. 1* (e 'ante CputD my chameleon on a tartan rug an C'atchD it CchangeD colour. 1" (e hear the clock CstrikeD si. I aske him Ce. 4 #hat 'as in the letter2 $ I on't kno'. . 11 %he gunman began CfireD.cept by CclimbD o'n a rope an >nn 'as too terrifie C oD this. /nfinitive. . $ It can't be 6uite out. 1+ It is easy CseeD animals on the roa in aylight but sometimes at night it is !ery ifficult Ca!oi D ChitD them. %he tire seems CbeD out. " %he sno' kept CfallD an the 'orkmen gre' tire of CtryD CkeepD the roa s clear. "" %here 'as no 'ay of CgetD out of the buil ing e. I i n't like CopenD it as it 'asn't a resse to me.plainD but he refuse CsayD anything/ so in the en I ha CletD him CgoD. "& #e hear the engines CroarD as the plane began Cmo!eD an 'e sa' the people on the groun C'a!eD goo -bye.*/ "3* F/ "3* 1 %his e. 3 I 'ish my refrigerator 'oul stop CmakeD that horrible noise.3& &* It's much better CgoD to a hair resser than CtryD Csa!eD time by CcutD your o'n hair. %ry Ca!oi D CbeD late. "1 It is pleasant CsitD by the fire at night an ChearD the 'in Cho'lD outsi e. 1.

%hese participle constructions are more common in 'ritten English. && #e 'atche the chil ren C<umpD from a 'in o' an CfallD into a blanket hel by the people belo'. I ha no esire to go there. or a perfect participle e. (e left the house in a ba temper.oin each of the follo'ing pairs of sentences/ using either a present participle e. . &" I hate CseeD a chil CcryD. the speaker refused. (e left the buil ing. (e thre' himself on his be ./ "0/ &&/ an &+ contain three sentences each. ". I on't like CgetD bills but 'hen I o get them I like CpayD them promptly. " #e barrica e the 'in o's. (e eci e to go home an ask his father for a <ob. (e looke for a place 'here he coul get foo . G I ha seen photographs of the place. 1on't keep him Cstan D at the oor. 4 (e foun no one at home. Aumbers 1. Fombine these in the same 'ay. %he speaker refuse to continue. 2etting off his horse. 8he turne it off. . %he only thing C oD is CgoD an CseeD him. &* (e sa' the lorry CbeginD CrollD for'ar s but he 'as too far a'ay C oD anything CstopD it. &4 It is !ery unpleasant C'akeD up an ChearD the rain CbeatD on the 'in o's. he $egan sear#hing . 3 (e ha spent all his money. (e began to 'alk. -a*ing seen photographs of the pla#e. (e reali?e that he ha misse the last train. I offere to pay his fare. . (e got off his horse. #e assemble in the hall. &4 I kne' I 'asn't the first Carri!eD/ for I sa' smoke CriseD from the chimney. "* #hy i you go all roun the fiel instea of C'alkD across it2 $ I i n't like CcrossD it because of the bull. 14 (e escape from prison. 8he searche e!ery'here. 3sing participles to join sentences PEG ". knowing. &1 #e 'atche the men Csa'D the tree an as 'e 'ere 'alking a'ay hear it CfallD 'ith a tremen ous crash. a past participle e. 1 I kne' that he 'as poor. "3 %he boys ne. . 0 (e 'as e. "0 >sk him CcomeD in. &+ %here are people 'ho can't help ClaughD 'hen they see someone CslipD on a banana skin. . (e 'as infuriate by the interruptions.g. Infuriated $y the interruptions. he ne!er ans'ers letters. ha*ing known. .hauste by his 'ork.g.g. (e began searching for something on the groun .t oor use ClikeD CmakeD an CflyD mo el aeroplanes/ but they seem to ha!e stoppe C oD that no'. + %he criminal remo!e all traces of his crime. "+ %he people in the flat belo' seem Cbe ha!ingD a party. 11 8he i n't 'ant to hear the story again. * 8he hope to fin the 'ill. I had no desire . known. 5ou can hear the champagne corks Cthu D against their ceiling. & 8he became tire of my complaints about the programme.+-3 . I ne!er see a bull 'ithout CthinkD that it 'ants CchaseD me. 8he ha hear it all before .34 "4 It's no goo C'riteD to him.

"3 @ne e!ening you 'ill be sitting by the fire. && %he lion foun his cage oor open. "0 I sat in the front ro'. %he boy/ #lim$ing the tree to get bir s' eggs/ ha a ba fall. #e e!entually reache the station. &4 I i n't like to sit o'n. "4 People 'ere sleeping in the ne. %hey put a ta. "& %he tree ha fallen across the roa . "+ (e stole the sil!er. "" I ha!e looke through the fashion maga?ines. %his 'or or er makes it appear that the egg 'as climbing/ 'hich is nonsense. (e looke for a place to hi e it. 8he foun them smoking.tremely reluctant to open the oor. #e eci e to ha!e lunch in the park. 1. (e 'ent through his calculations again. I use opera glasses. 5ou 'ill remember this ay.3* 1" %hey foun the money. 10 8he aske me to help her. people accor ing to the si?e of their houses. I kne' that there 'ere ants in the grass. 8ometimes this principle is isregar e an confusion resultsG Flimbing o'n the tree/ one of the eggs bro!e. I 'as e. I 'as astonishe at 'hat I sa'. (e sat o'n to his o'n inner. 1* #e !isite the museum. I sa' e!erything beautifully. (e sa' no sign of his keeper. I i n't like to go any further 'ithout a light. 1+ (e offere to sho' us the 'ay home. 8he ga!e him a blank che6ue. (e foun his re!ol!er. "1 (e thought he must ha!e ma e a mistake some'here. 1& 8he entere the room su enly. %hey fell on people passing belo'. "* I kne' that the mur erer 'as still at large. #e 'ere soake to the skin. %hey 'ere 'akene by the soun of breaking glass. If there is no nounIpronoun in this position the participle is consi ere to belong to the sub<ect of the follo'ing main !erbG 7lim$ing the tree to get bir s' eggs/ the boy ha a ba fall. 14 I turne on the light. &1 8he belie!e that she coul trust him absolutely. (e loa e it. > participle linke in this 'ay to the 'rong nounIpronoun is sai to be 'misrelate '. 8he reali?e that she coul n't mo!e it alone. &* I ha hear that the ca!es 'ere angerous. (e sat o'n facing the oor. (e left the cage an 'alke slo'ly to'ar s the ?oo entrance. 1isrelated participles PEG "04 > participle is consi ere to belong to the noun or pronoun that imme iately prece es it C'hich usually/ but not necessarily/ is the sub<ect of the main !erbD. &4 %he go!ernment once trie to ta. (e thought 'e 'ere lost. I reali?e that my clothes are hopelessly out of ate. 8he s'ept up to the microphone. &+ 8he 'ore e. &" 8lates 'ere rippe off by the gale.tremely fashionable clothes. "4 (e a resse the congregation. 8he 'as surroun e by photographers an pressmen. %he sentence shoul be re'rittenG . 13 (e fe the og.t room. %hey began 6uarrelling about ho' to i!i e it. It ha been uproote by the gale. on 'in o's. (e sai he 'as sorry to see ho' fe' of them ha been able to come. ".

amples of this type of error are gi!en belo'. #riting my name in the hotel register/ a familiar !oice attracte my attention. 8itting by the fire/ it all comes back to me. Passing un er a la er/ a pot of paint fell on my hea .3+ 7lim$ing down the tree he $roke one of the eggs or &s he was #lim$ing down the tree one of the eggs $roke.ceptionally ba . assive Active to passive !" 0$+4- . #a ing across the ri!er/ the current s'ept me off my feet. "0 "3 &4 3) &" && &4 &* &+ #hen lea!ing a car in this car park the brakes must be left off. =lailing from such a height/ 'e thought he 'oul ne!er sur!i!e. #hen carrying a gun it shoul ne!er be pointe at anyone.pecte ly. (a!ing pai my ta. Misun erstan ing the 6uestion/ the 'rong ans'er 'as sent in. #eakene by his last illness/ I felt sure that another 'inter in this country 'oul kill him. #hen changing a fuse the electricity shoul first be s'itche off. Pinne to the oor by a knife/ the man sa' a notice. 1ri!ing to 'ork/ the traffic <ams infuriate him. 8hining in the sky/ 'e sa' the first star. Eushing out of Che house/ a lorry knocke me o!er. 1roppe by parachute/ the country seeme entirely unfamiliar. 7arking furiously/ I le the og out of the room. Eea ing in be / my han s often get !ery col . %ie to a post/ the sea 'as tossing the boat up an o'n. 8itting in the entist's chair/ an i ea su enly occurre to me. an a !ertisement caught my eye. #on ering 'here to go.tinguishe . Getting out of be / a scorpion bit the amount left in the bank is har ly 'orth mentioning. Ono'ing me to be the fool of the family/ the ne's that I ha 'on a scholarship astonishe him. #hen filling a tank 'ith petrol nake lights shoul be e. Eea ing the letter a secon time/ the meaning becomes clearer. 10 13 "4 "1 "" "& "4 "* "+ ". %o'e behin the car/ I sa' a trailer 'ith a boat on it. Ei ing in his first race/ his horse fell at the last <ump. 0 3 14 11 1" 1& 14 1* 1+ 1. )ea!ing the cinema/ it seeme to him that the film ha been e. #hen paying by che6ue/ a bank car shoul be sho'n. #hile sitting at the foot of a cliff a stone fell on him. @ther e. 7elie!ing that his last hour ha come/ his han s began to tremble. #hen ri!ing carelessly it is easy to ha!e an acci ent. Forrect the sentences. 8ometimes only a change of or er is re6uire . Eunning into the room/ a rug caught her foot an she fell. #ritten in large letters they rea the 'or s 'Ao Entry'. 1 " & 4 * + . #hen planting these flo'ers care must be taken not to amage the roots. #hile cleaning his gun it 'ent off une.

) 13 8omeone has alrea y tol him to report for uty at si. & 8omebo y ha cleane my shoes an brushe my suit. (. + In some istricts farmers use pigs to fin truffles. 0 8omebo y ha slashe the picture 'ith a knife. " #ho 'rote it2 & Fompare clothes 'hich 'e ha!e 'ashe 'ith clothes 'hich any other laun ry has . %he burglars ha cut an enormous hole in the steel oor. Active to passive PEG &4"-+ Put the follo'ing into the passi!e/ mentioning the agent 'here necessary. 1 %hey fee the seals at the ?oo t'ice a ay. (hey ad*ised that part9time workers should $e employed. 1+ Members may keep books for three 'eeks. "4 %hey 'ill say nothing more about the matter if someone returns the stolen gun. "1 Ao one can o anything unless someone gi!es us more information.hibit the paintings till the en of the month. " Pre!ious climbers ha cut steps in the ice.3. 4 #e use this room only on special occasions.cept in numbers II an "0. 1. 3 %hey are pulling o'n the ol theatre. . 14 #hy i n't they men the roof before it fell in2 11 %he mob broke all the shop 'in o's in recent riots. * 5ou must not hammer nails into the 'alls 'ithout permission. 5he was gi*en a #lo#k. %he gerun after certain !erbs is replace in the passi!e by should be H past participleG %hey a !ise employing part-time 'orkers. "4 %hey rang the church bells as a floo 'arning. %hey are eli!ering it this afternoon. "" People are spen ing far more money on foo no' than they spent ten years ago. "+ > thief stole my og an brought him back only 'hen I offere :"4 re'ar for him. %he agent shoul not be mentione e. %he <u ge ga!e him t'o 'eeks in 'hich to pay the fine. 14 8omeone 'ill ser!e refreshments.o not #hange the first senten#e. >fter that they must return them. 1 5ou shoul open the 'ine about three hours before you use it. ". "& %he organi?ers 'ill e. 8omeone s'itche on a light an opene the oor. %hey ga!e her a clock. "* It is high time someone tol him to stop beha!ing like a chil . 1& %he police aske each of us about his mo!ements on the night of the crime. 10 I'!e bought a harp. 1* People must not lea!e bicycles in the hall. "0 %hey make these artificial flo'ers of silk.. Put the follo'ing into the passi!e !oice. #here there is an in irect an a irect ob<ect/ make the in irect ob<ect the sub<ect of the passi!e !erb. 1" %he librarian sai that they 'ere starting a ne' system because people 'ere not returning books.

teen. 1& 1i the i ea interest you2 14 %he la'yer ga!e him the etails of his uncle's 'ill. 8chool noticeG %his oor must be kept shut..pecte us to offer him the <ob. 10 8tu ents are oing a lot of the 'ork. 1+ %hey use to start these engines by han . + 7y tra ition/ any sturgeon that are caught by 7ritish ships must be offere to the Bueen. "" >nyone 'ith the smallest intelligence coul un erstan these instructions. Ao' they start them by electricity. ()se a #ontinuous tense and omit continuously. 4 (e e. 1. 5tudents must keep this door shut. "4 7oys of si. . . 1" >n uneasy silence succee e the shot. "4 %hey recommen e opening ne' factories in the epresse area. 13 %he Prime Minister 'as to ha!e opene the ry ock.D . Most people oppose this. 1* 7ea!ers make these ams. 0 %he o'ners 'ent a'ay last March an since then their houseboat has been use continuously by s6uatters. * 7yron is sai to ha!e li!e on !inegar an potatoes. . 14 . "+ %he ho'ling of 'ol!es kept him a'ake all night. ()se shoul .30 'ashe . 1 #hy on't you ha!e your eyes teste 2 C. * %hey sho'e her the easiest 'ay to o it. an at most of the hospitals in the country patients are being 'akene 'ith cups of tea. ". "* > rainstorm floo e the gypsies' camp. 3 %he author has 'ritten a special e ition for chil ren. assive to active PEG &4"-+ %urn the follo'ing sentences into the acti!e !oice. %itian coul n't ha!e painte it as people i n't 'ear that style of ress till after his eath.m. + )ightning struck the ol oak. ()se shoul . %hey suggeste making the tests easier. 0 > <ellyfish stung her. #here no agent is mentione one must be supplie . . %his notice has been altere . "& #e 'ill not a mit chil ren un er si. 4 It is no' + a. 5ee 119..) " %his spee limit is to be intro uce gra ually. get an optician to . 11 #hat i he 'rite it 'ith2 $ (e 'rote it 'ith a matchstick ippe in bloo . & %he run'ays are being lengthene at all the main airports.D "1 %he closure of the 'orkshops 'ill make a lot of men re un ant.u ges use to carry s'eet herbs as a protection against <ail-fe!er.D "0 Fhil ren coul n't ha!e one all this amage.teen to eighteen are to man this training ship.

=or e. My paintings are to be e. 4 I'!e been in )on on for a month but so far I ha!en't ha time to !isit the %o'er/' sai Eupert.ampleG -e told me that he 'as going a'ay the ne.t ay. 14 (a!e a lift put in an then you 'on't ha!e to climb up all these stairs. "+ %he stones 'ere thro'n by a stu ent/ 'ho 'as after'ar s le a'ay by the police.-0/&1& 1 8tu ents are aske to assume that these sentences are spoken an reporte on ifferent ays. "1 #hy 'asn't the car either locke or put into the garage2 "" It is being sai that too little money is being spent by the go!ernment on roa s. months. + '%he ne' un erpass is being officially opene the ay after tomorro'/ 'sai the 77F announcer. . /ndirect speech /ndirect speech: statements PEG &4.hibite for the first time by Ae' >rts Gallery. "4 =or a long time the earth 'as belie!e to be flat. It ne!er gets any sun/' she sai . 1. 1 1 ha!e something to sho' you/' I sai to her. 11 )ast year a profit of t'o million poun s 'as ma e in the first si. "0 %he referee 'as being escorte from the football fiel by a strong police guar . " #ith in irect speech/ 'hen the person a resse is mentione / tell is more usual than say to as an intro uctory !erb. 13 %he car 'hich 'as blo'n o!er the cliff yester ay is to be sal!age to ay.33 3 %he amage ship 'as being to'e into harbour 'hen the to'line broke. "* %his copy hasn't been rea . * It isn't so foggy to ay as it 'as yester ay/' I remarke . Farrier pigeons are sai to ha!e been use by early Egyptian an Greek sailors. "4 %he house 'here the ea man 'as foun is being guar e by the police to pre!ent it from being entere an the e!i ence interfere 'ith. %he pages ha!en't been cut. an so on. %his 'ill mean that a sentence such asG (e sai / 1 am coming tomorrow. 1* (e 'as ma e to surren er his passport." 'ill becomeG (e sai that he 'as coming the ne/t day. " 'Aothing gro's in my gar en. 10 %his scientific theory has no' been pro!e to be false. ". months but this 'as cancelle by a loss of se!enteen million poun s 'hich 'as ma e in the secon si.ercises on in irect speech in this book. 14 8omeone 'ill ha!e to be foun to take her place. "& 5our money coul be put to goo use instea of being left i le in the bank. 1+ %his rumour must ha!e been starte by our opponents.t ay is more usual than -e said to me that he 'as going a'ay the ne. 1& %he ship 'as put into 6uarantine an passengers an cre' 'ere forbi en to lan . %his applies to all the e. 1" E!ening ress 'ill be 'orn. & I'm going a'ay tomorro'/ mother/' he sai . Put the follo'ing into in irect speech.

Mary ans'ere / I like men to be useful but I on't like them to be too omesticate . Managing irector of the Eolls Eoyce companyG In that case 'e'll ha!e to o something about the clock. &4 'My ne' house is suppose to be haunte / but so far I ha!en't seen any ghosts/' she sai . '#e ha!e mo!e into our ne' flat.' 1. 14 I'!e no i ea 'hat the time is but I'll ial 0401 an fin out/' sai his aughter. I suppose I'll ha!e to make <am. Put the follo'ing into in irect speech/ being careful to a!oi ambiguityG .plaine the buil ers. 0 '#e ha!e a lift but !ery often it oesn't 'ork/' they sai .' "+ I'll sit up till she comes in/ but I hope she 'on't be late/' he sai . 11 (e sai / 'My 'ife has <ust been ma e a <u ge.oan/' he sai . "3 %his is 6uite a goo mo el/ ma am.' "& I'm going fishing 'ith mother this afternoon/' sai the small boy/ 'an 'e are going into the gar en no' to ig for 'orms. 13 1 on't kno' 'hat to o 'ith all my plums. &1 %he a !ertisement sai / If you ans'er the 6uestions correctly you may 'in :144.' COmit now5( "4 '5ou'!e got my umbrella/' I sai crossly. %he trouble is that none of us eats <am/' she sai . %he bill is for :14 an you'!e pai me only :1&/' he pointe out. If you gi!e me some 'ire/ I'll hang that picture for you/' sai my cousin. '5ours is in your be room.' 1" I'll come 'ith you as soon as I am rea y/' she replie . "4 '#e like 'orking on 8un ays because 'e get ouble pay/' e. 1& I ha!e a German lesson this afternoon an I ha!en't one my home'ork yet/' sai the small boy. I'!e got plenty of others.' 10 Motoring reportG %he ne' Eolls Eoyce runs so 6uietly that all you can hear is the ticking of the clock. /ndirect speech: statements PEG &43-14 8ome tensesIforms o not change 'hen irect speech becomes in irectG 'I 'ish my chil ren 'oul eat !egetables/' she sai . 1+ >nn sai / 'Englishmen make goo husban s because they are nearly al'ays 'illing to help in the house.actly 'hat they sai /' the pri!ate etecti!e e.144 ./' she sai .' "* I kno' e.' &" If I press my ear against the 'all/ I can hear 'hat the people in the ne. 14 If you let the iron get too hot you 'ill scorch your clothes/' I 'arne her. I use one of these myself/' sai the salesman.plaine to his client/ 'because I bugge their phone.t flat are saying/' he sai . Men look silly in aprons any'ay. 1* '5ou ha!en't gi!en me 6uite enough. ". 3 '=rom one of the 'in o's of my flat I can see the Eiffel %o'er/' he sai . "0 I ha!e a %urkish bath occasionally/ but it oesn't seem to make any ifference to my 'eight. #e on't like it nearly so much as our last one/' sai my aunt. "1 (e sai / I am 6uite a goo cook an I o all my o'n 'ashing an men ing too. he (said she) wished her !hildren would eat ve"etables. I prefer them to keep out of the kitchen altogether.' "" '5ou can keep that one if you like/ .

I shan't be nee ing it tomorro' or the ay after. I' rather go alone/' he ans'ere .D + If %om 'ants seats/ he' better apply early/' she sai . It 'as rather a nice house an ha a lo!ely gar en but %om eci e against it because it 'as opposite a cemetery/' sai Felia.' 14 '7ill shoul o !ery 'ell at the uni!ersity/ Mrs 8mith/' sai the hea master.' "+ I on't kno' 'hat your father 'ill say 'hen he sees 'hat a mess your puppies ha!e ma e of this fi!e-poun note/' sai my mother.' (4ea*e mustn't un#hanged. (e is the most e. 1. %here's a spee limit here/' she sai to me. 3 It's time 'e began training for our ne. " '%he mirror is there so that you can see yourself 'hen you are ancing/' the instructress tol him. "* (e sai / 'My 'ife 'ants to take a <ob but I' rather she concentrate on our home. ". '%hey coul n't open the safe on the spot so they carrie it a'ay 'ith them/' the night 'atchman reporte . 14 If you lea!e home at si.traor inarylooking man/' she sai to me. '(e's one !ery 'ell here.' "1 %hen Macbeth enters an says/ I ha!e one the ee . I'm tire of ri!ing roun 'ith an )-plate on the . 11 If it rains this afternoon it 'ill be too 'et to play the match tomorro'/' the captain sai . ' "4 '5ester ay %om an I 'ent to look at a house that he 'as thinking of buying. '5ou mustn't think that/' sai her husban . * '5ou' better slo' o'n. '#e 'alke *4 miles last night to see the Minister an protest about our rents being raise . ()se a !ise. It's high time you passe your test. 0 '%hey shoul put traffic lights here/ other'ise there'11 be more acci ents/' she sai . 10 If you sa' my father/ you' recogni?e him at once. 13 I foun an ol Eoman coin in the gar en yester ay/' he sai / 'an I'm going to take it to the museum this afternoon.t match/' the coach sai to them./ you shoul be here by nine/' he sai to me. I'm al'ays oing silly things like that/' she tol her guest. ) 1+ '%he steak is o!er one again. . (e 'as !ery polite an promise to o 'hat he coul for us/' sai one of the tenants. I'm not complaining. 1" I meant to plug in the electric blanket but I plugge in the electric kettle by mistake. 1& I 'as inten ing to o it tomorro'/' he sai / 'but no' I on't think I'll be able to.141 1 I coul n't get into the house because I ha lost my key/ so I ha to break a 'in o'/' he sai . 'it is <ust that he is ol an fin s it har to get use to ne' people. 'I 'ish you' stop pointing things out/' sai his 'ife. I'm <ust pointing it out/' sai her husban .' 1* I on't think your father likes me/' sai the young 'ife. & I 'rote to him the ay before yester ay.' "4 (e sai / I got out of my boat/ lea!ing the engine running/ but 'hile I 'as stan ing on the 6uay the gears su enly engage themsel!es an the boat 'ent straight out of the harbour 'ith no one on boar . 4 If the groun is ry on the ay of the race/ my horse might 'in/' sai the o'ner.' "" '#oul you like me to go 'ith you2' I sai . "& My brother sai / '5ou may take my car if you like. I 'on er 'hy he hasn't rung up/' she sai .

14" front of the car/' my sister sai .&4 train been cancelle 2' sai >nn. "& 'Fan I bring my og into the compartment 'ith me2' she aske . 1 '#hat happene to Mr 7u 2' sai one of the men. "" '1o puppies tra!el free2' aske a og o'ner. 0 '#ho 'ill be umpiring that match2' aske %om. %he first ten 6uestions re6uire no change of or erG (e sai / '#hat is happening2' -e asked what was happening. 14 '#hen oes it arri!e in 5ork2' he aske . &4 '(a!e you reser!e a seat2' I aske him. 1* '#hen 'as the timetable change 2' I aske . 'Fan you get coffee on the train2' aske my aunt. Put the follo'ing into in irect speech.ones aske . "0 '1o they bring it roun on a trolley2' she sai . 4 '#hat 'ill happen to his racehorses2' aske someone else.D 1& '#hat platform oes the train lea!e from2' aske 7ill. "0 I 'ish you' seen it/' I sai to her.t 'eek2' he aske . 3 '#ho 'ants a lift home2' sai >nn. 11 '#here is the ticket office2' aske Mrs .tra e. + '#hich team 'on the pre!ious match2' sai 7ill. 13 '(o' can I get from the station to the airport2' sai 7ill.ones. "4 '1oes this train stop at 5ork2' aske 7ill. 1" '#hat shall I o 'ith my hea!y luggage2' she sai . '(o' much oes a ay return to 7ath cost2' Mrs . '#ho is playing ne.' . 14 '#ho has <ust roppe a :14 note2' I aske . "1 Is a return ticket cheaper than t'o singles2' sai my aunt. . 10 '#hy oes the price go up so often2' she 'on ere . "+ '1oes the ". "* 'Fan you telephone from inter-city trains2' sai the businessman. 1+ '#hy has the ". * '#hich team has 'on2' aske >nn.ave you any idea+//an you tell me+ ## '#o you $now where the ti!$et o%%i!e is?' #+ 7I wonder what I should do with my heavy lu""a"e. "3 '>re there smoking compartments2' sai the man 'ith the pipe. E.44 ha!e a restaurant car2' he en6uire . "4 '#hen are you coming back2' I aske them. ".erciseG rea the last t'enty 6uestions/ using one of the follo'ing prefacesG I %onder/I'd li!e to !no%/-o you !no%+/. /ndirect speech: 6uestions PEG &1. 1. " '#hich of his sons inherite his estate2' aske another. ()se shoul . & '#ho is going to li!e in the big house2' en6uire a thir .

Is he a scientist or an arts gra uate2' 10 '(o' many chil ren are there in the school2' 13 '(o' big are the classes2' "4 '>re the classes streame 2' "1 '#hat is the aca emic stan ar like2' "" 'Fan parents !isit the school at any time2' "& Is there a goo art epartment2' "4 '1o they teach music2' "* '#hat instruments can the chil ren learn2' "+ Is there a school orchestra2' ". '1o you 'ant to buy any secon -han books2' sai 7ill. 4 '(a!e you got a 'ork permit2' 7ill 'ante to kno'. 0 '(a!e you seen the library2' aske >nn. 11 '1i you play for your school team2' sai 7ill. CaD )ater/ Mrs 8mith reports these 6uestions to her husban G 'Is it a mi. & '>re you 'orking as 'ell as stu ying2' aske Peter. * '#hat are you going to stu y2' aske >nn.ohn/ age II/ ha!e recently come to this area. 1& '#oul you like to <oin our 1rama Group2' she sai . Mary 'ants to fin a school for . CbD >lternati!ely/ supply suitable ans'ers to Mary's 6uestions an then imagine that Mary reports the con!ersation Cher 6uestions an Mrs 8mith's ans'ersD to her husban %omG &+ '#ere your boys happy there2' $ '5es/ they 'ere. 1* '(o' long has it been a mi. Imagine that he reports these 6uestions later to an English frien G I %ill asked what #ountry I #ame from. Mary an %om/ 'ith their son/ .' I as$ed i% her boys had been happy there and she said that they had. 3 '1o you play rugby2' sai Peter.e school2' 1+ '1o you like the hea master2' 1. 14 '#hat o you think of the canteen coffee2' aske Peter. " '(o' long ha!e you been here2' sai >nn. 14 '#ill you ha!e time to play regularly2' he 'ent on. .14& /ndirect speech: 6uestions !" 0#8 > ne' stu ent/ Paul/ has come to the college an the other stu ents are asking him 6uestions. 1 '#hat country o you come from2' sai 7ill. 1" '>re you intereste in acting2' aske >nn. + '(a!e you enrolle for more than one class2' sai Peter. '1o they act plays2' "0 '#hat sort of plays ha!e they one2' "3 '#hat games o they play2' &4 '>re the playing fiel s near the school2' .ohn an asks her neighbour Mrs 8mith about the local school.e school2' 5he asked if it was a mi/ed s#hool.

1" '#hat else i you see2' I aske the boy. * '(o' can I run in high-heele shoes2' she en6uire . (e sai / '#here am I suppose to go no'2' (Omit no'. Put the follo'ing into in irect speech. '#as your father a collector2' "" '>re you lea!ing to ay or tomorro' morning2' sai his secretary. 14 '#ho o'ns this re!ol!er2' sai the etecti!e.ones2' he sai . . 11 '#here 'ere you last night/ Mr . 1* '1i they un erstan 'hat you sai to them2' he aske me. 'Foul I take a message2' "* '>re you sorry for 'hat you i 2' the mother aske the little boy. 14 'Fan you rea the last line on the chart2' the oculist aske her.144 &1 '>re they taught to s'im2' &" 'Fan the chil ren get inner at school2' && Is the foo goo 2' &4 Is there a Parent-%eacher >ssociation2' &* '(o' often oes it meet2' &+ '#ere your o'n boys happy at the school2' /ndirect speech: 6uestions PEG &1. I'm afrai she's out/' sai the au pair girl. "3 '#hy o you think it may be angerous2' he aske her. 1. . '1o you 'ant to blo' us all up2' "1 '#hy is your house so full of anti6ues2' she aske . ". "4 '(a!e you gone completely ma 2' I aske . &4 '1o you kno' that the shoes you are 'earing aren't a pair2' I aske him. 1 '#hy are you looking through the keyhole2' I sai . "+ '>re you going to see him off at the station2' I aske her. 1+ '>re you being atten e to/ sir2' sai the shop assistant. + '#hat is your ne' house like2' I aske them. 13 '#ho left the banana skin on the front oorstep2' sai my mother. 1& '(a!e you one this sort of 'ork before2' sai his ne' employer. '#oul you min if I looke insi e your bag/ Ma am2' sai the policeman. "0 If someone fell at your feet foaming at the mouth 'oul you kno' 'hat to o2' sai the instructor in =irst >i . 10 '1o you see 'hat I see/ Mary2' sai the young man. 3 '#hat 'as she 'earing 'hen you sa' her last2' the policeman aske me. "& '(o' far is it2' I sai / 'an ho' long 'ill it take me to get there2' "4 'Foul I speak to Mrs Pitt2' sai the caller. 4 '#hy i you tra!el first class2' I aske him.D 0 '#hose car i you borro' last night2' I sai to him. & '#hich of you kno's ho' to make Irish ste'2' sai the chief cook. " '#ho put salt in my coffee2' he aske . '#ill you go on strike 'hen the others o2' the shop ste'ar aske him.

'1on't len her anything/' he a !ise us.presse by tell/ order/ as!/ be / advise/ remind/ %arn/ etc. et#. '1on't hurry/' I sai . "" 'Fook it in butter/' I a !ise her. 1& '1o 'hate!er you like/' she sai to us. 1* 'Eea it before you sign it/' he sai to his client. &" '1on't go alone/' I 'arne her. + 'Please fill up this form/' the secretary sai . ) to go away. advice expressed by object & infinitive PEG &"4 In irect comman s/ re6uests/ etc. &+ '%hink 'ell before you ans'er/' the etecti!e 'arne her. "4 '1on't argue 'ith me/' the teacher sai to the boy. & ')en me your pen for a moment/' I sai to Mary. . are normally e. 4 '1on't 'atch late-night horror mo!ies/' I 'arne them. Fhange the follo'ing irect comman s into in irect comman s using this construction. &4 '8tan clear of the oors/' a !oice 'arne the people on the platform. "1 'Fome to the cinema 'ith me/' he aske her./ 'ith the person a resse an the infiniti!e. 1. 3 '@pen the safe9' the rai ers or ere the bank clerk. * '1on't belie!e e!erything you hear/' he 'arne me. 14 '1on't miss your train/' she 'arne them. ". 1" '1on't make too much noise/ chil ren/' he sai . '1on't put your han s near the bars/' the ?oo keeper 'arne us. 14 'Please o as I say/' he begge me. 0 '1on't touch that s'itch/ Mary/' I sai . "+ '8en for the =ire 7riga e/' the manager sai to the porter.' &* 'Eemember to 'rite to your mother/ 'I sai to them. 1+ '1o sing it again/' he sai . "* 'Pull as har as you can/' he sai to him.14* /ndirect speech: commands. Eemember that the person a resse is often not mentione in a irect comman G (e sai / 'Go a'ay'/ but must be mentione in an in irect comman G -e told me C (om us them. "0 'Make a list of 'hat you 'ant/' she tol us. " '8hut the oor/ %om/' she sai . "4 '1on't lean your bicycles against my 'in o's/ boys/' sai the shopkeeper. re6uests. &1 '8ee if you can fin any mushrooms/ chil ren/' she sai . 10 '7uy a ne' car/' I a !ise him. 11 '(elp your mother/ Peter/' Mr Pitt sai . "& '1on't touch the gates/ ma am/' sai the lift operator. "3 ')ook at the paper/' he sai to her. && 'Pay at the cash esk/ 'the shop assistant sai to the customer. &4 %he notice sai / ')ea!e this space clear. 1 '8'itch off the %K/' he sai to her. . 13 '1on't ri!e too fast/' she begge him.

4 '@pen your bag/ please/' sai the store etecti!e. 1 'Make goo use of your time. 1+ '1on't eat too much starch/' I a !ise her/ 'an a!oi frie foo . 1 (e sai / 'Get out of my 'ay. "4 '1on't forget your san 'iches/' sai his mother.' . "* '1on't go near the 'ater/ chil ren/' she sai .ri!er.' 1. Put the follo'ing into in irect speech. 0 '#ash it in luke'arm 'ater/' recommen e the assistant. * '1on't 'orry about anything/ Mrs Pitt/' sai her solicitor.i. /ndirect speech: commands. Put the follo'ing into in irect speech/ <oining the sentences together 'ith as/ and. '=ollo' that car/' the etecti!e sai to the ta.' 1& '1on't argue 'ith your father/' I sai . It's loa e /' she 'arne . "& 'Please book me a seat in a non-smoker/' sai the tra!eller. '1on't make mountains out of molehills/' he sai . 11 'Eea the notice about life-sa!ing e6uipment/' a !ise the air-hostess. " '1on't 'ait till tomorro'/' sai the a !ertisement/ 'post the coupon at once. "1 '#rite to me as often as you can/' sai his 'ife. advice /ndirect speech: commands. re6uests. but or $or. 1* '#ait for me at the bri ge/' sai the young man. "" 'Put your pistol on the table/' sai the crook. 14 '%ake me up to the &&r floor/' he sai to the liftman. 13 '1on't forget to fee the gol fish/' Mary sai to her brother.' + '1on't use bent coins in a slot machine/' I 'arne him. ')ea!e it all to me. 5ou 'on't get such an opportunity again/' he sai to us. "0 'Put o'n that gun.14+ !" 0+$ 8ee note to 34. advice PEG &"4 8ee note to 34. 10 AoticeG Please o not ask at the esk for change for telephone calls. 14 'Eemember to prune the roses/' sai my aunt. . '1on't say anything to make her angry/' sai my father. "4 'Fross the line by the footbri ge/' sai the porter. In most cases the person a resse must be supplie . 1" '>l'ays cook 'ith butter/' sai her mother/ 'ne!er use margarine. re6uests. "+ '8earch the house/' sai the police sergeant.' " 'Flimb in through the 'in o'/' he or ere . & 'Please pay at the esk/' sai the assistant. 3 '(a!e confi ence in me/' urge the octor. ".

Get into the cupboar /' she sai . "1 '1on't take your coat off. 1+ '1on't forget to use your in icators/' sai the ri!ing instructor. 1. "4 '1on't touch it. . 11 '5ou' better apologi?e for being late/' sai my mother. * '#ill you help me/ please2' she sai . 14 '1on't bathe 'hen the re flag is flying/' sai the lifeguar . invite. If 'e finish before si. 5ou 'ill only make it 'orse/ 'he tol me.. .' 13 '7e'are of pickpockets/' sai a huge notice. the steps are !ery slippery/' I 'arne him. 'e shan't get any o!ertime. + '8omeone's coming. 1 '#oul you like to ha!e lunch 'ith me on 8un ay2' he sai to me. 5ou ha!e a try/ Peter/' he sai . &4 '#oul you please take off your shoes2' Oeiko sai to him. 1& '1on't shelter un er a tree in a thun erstorm/' he sai . '1on't ri!e too fast or the baby 11 be sick/' she sai to her husban . "4 '8mell this. 10 '1o make the coffee a bit stronger/' I begge .14. 1" '#atch the milk an on't let it boil o!er/' he sai . "* '7e careful. & '#oul you min not smoking bet'een courses2' sai their hostess. "& '1on't mo!e till the policeman 'a!es you on/' sai the ri!ing instructor. advice PEG "04-./ &10-"4 Put the follo'ing into in irect speech using as!. %he en of the 'orl is at han /' sai the placar . remind. /ndirect speech: commands. 3 'Eemember to s'itch off 'hen you'!e finishe /' he sai . 0 I'll 'ait for you if you like/' she sai . 11 '1on't forget to thank Mrs . "+ '>sk your boss to ring me back/' I sai . . 1* 'Eea it for yourself if you on't belie!e 'hat I say/' he tol me. advise. 'My number is 1"&4*+. o$$er. tell.' + '%his is a horrible room. %arn. " '#oul you like a cigarette2' sai one of the guests. offers. %he tree might be struck by lightning. 'Gi!e 'ay to traffic approaching from your right/' the roa sign 'arne us. & '7e !ery careful crossing roa s/' she sai / 'an remember to ri!e on the right. invitations.' "0 'Prepare to meet your oom.' 4 1 can't open it. * 'Go an get me a paper/ an come straight back/' he sai to me. re6uests. 3 '#ear a 'ig if you on't 'ant to be recogni?e /' I a !ise him. '1on't 'ork too fast/' sai the foreman. 14 '5ou might check these figures for me/' he sai . "3 'Eemember to put the brake on/' the instructor sai . It 'as terribly 'eak last night. #hy on't you ask for something better2' he sai . 1 can't reach the top shelf. ".' 14 'Put the message into a bottle an thro' it into the sea/' he sai .ones 'hen you are saying goo bye to her/' sai his mother. 0 'Please/ please sen 'hate!er you can spare/' sai the secretary of the isaster fun . 1o you think it has gone ba 2' she sai . 4 %ake these letters to the post/ 'ill you2 >n shut the oor as you out/' sai the boss. #e are going out again in a moment/ she tol him.' 'Foul you repeat that/ please2' sai the girl. "" '8tan by the 'in o' an tell me if anyone goes into the house opposite/' he sai . If I 'ere you I' try to get a room on the top floor/' he sai .

.' "4 '#oul you min mo!ing your car2' he sai . . '>n remember to keep a copy.. 'Foul you se' on this button for me2' %om aske >nn. '5ou' better se' it on yourself/' sai Mary.' "0 If you 'ill kin ly sit o'n the fortune-teller 'ill be 'ith you in a moment/' the girl sai . '8o am I/' sai %om./ &10-"4/ &"& Eemember that &hy don't you+ can be an or inary 6uestion or a !iceIsuggestion. /ndirect speech: 6uestions.D "+ Aotice on boar G %he first team 'ill report to the gymnasium for 'eight-training. %reat it here as a !ice. 1* (otel noticeG-#ill guests please not play ra ios lou ly after mi night2 1+ '#oul you like to 'ait here2' sai the receptionist/ sho'ing me into the 'aiting room. + 'Foul I lose fi!e kilos in a 'eek2' sai the fat 'oman.hibition9' sai all my frien s. 1& 1 'ish you' sit still9' sai the artist. 1" I'm going to 7righton tomorro'/' sai >nn. 1.140 1" 'Foul you check the oil/ please2' I aske the mechanic.) " 1 can't open this tin/' sai >nn. 1+ 'Foul I lea!e early on =ri ay2' he sai .' (:rs Bones. (urge) 3 '#ill you rea this !ery carefully/ please2' he sai to me. 4 '8hall 'e e!er meet again2' he 'on ere .t ay. 11 '#oul n't you like to look ten years younger2' sai the hair resser. . '#ill you ha!e a rink2' he sai . '8hall I o it for you2' sai %om. '7uttons se'n on by >nn usually come off the ne. invitations.. 1 'Foul you get there an back in one ay2' I aske . ((he #oa#h. 13 If you' <ust sign the back of the che6ue/' sai the bank clerk. 'Ao/' sai the octor. 14 'Fan 'e stay up till the en of the programme2' sai the chil ren. 14 '8hall I tell him 'hat happene 2' she aske me. (I asked if he .D 1& 'Fan I ha!e a s'eet2' sai the small boy. 0 '#hy on't you install gas central heating2' sai the a !ertisement.' "& '>ns'er this letter for me/ 'ill you2' he sai . . Put the follo'ing into in irect speech.. & 'Foul you translate this for me/ please2' I aske the official. '@ur host's ogs might mistake you for a burglar. '(o' o you e. * '#ill you be here tomorro'2' she aske .D ".. .pect me to paint you 'hen you keep <erking your hea 2' 14 '#hy on't you go by train2 It's much less tiring than ri!ing/' I sai . "1 Police announcementG #ill anyone 'ho sa' this acci ent please get in touch 'ith their nearest police station2 "" '1on't lea!e your room at night/' he sai . '5ou must see this e. 1* 'Foul I ha!e the 'eeken off2' he aske his boss. It's blocking my gate. re6uests. 10 1 shoul plant affo ils/ if I 'ere you/' I sai to them. offers. '5es/' I ans'ere . '#oul you like a lift2' ((om said he was too and. "4 I' be !ery grateful if you' for'ar my letters 'hile I am a'ay/' he sai . advice PEG "04-.' "* Cin a letterD 'Perhaps you' let me kno' 'hen your ne' stock comes in..

'Fan you use a 'or processor2' he aske . "& '5ou 'on't forget to shut the oor/ 'ill you2' she sai . 'Ao/' I sai . "3 '#oul you min paying cash2' sai my lan la y 'hen I took out my che6ue-book.' & If I fin your purse 'hat shall I o 'ith it2' he sai . '#oul it look 'ell o!er the mantelpiece2' "4 '#hat shall I o if the car 'on't start2' I sai . It is then a !isable to use say/said that H i$. Fomman s can be reporte by tell H infiniti!e H i$0 clauseItime clause. &4 '#hy on't you trust him2' I aske >nn. #oul you like to come 'ith me2' he sai .' + '#hen you are ri!ing al'ays look in your ri!ing mirror before turning right/' sai my instructor. 1" If I am not back by this time tomorro'/ take this letter to the police/' he sai . %as to e. 1 ne!er trust left-han e men/' she ans'ere .' * If anyone rings up/' she sai / 'say that I'll be back shortly. 11 'Get the car off the roa on to the !erge if you ha!e a puncture.clause or time clause last. 7ut sometimes Cas in nos. 1on't lea!e it on the roa /' sai my father. shoul implies a !ice.143 1. /ndirect speech: commands and 6uestions with if. 5he asked what she should say when if she saw him. Put the follo'ing into in irect speech.' " 8he sai / If you feel faint sit o'n an put your hea bet'een your knees.clauses an time clauses shoul be reporte 'ith the if. "+ I'!e got t'o tickets. ')ea!e the key un er the mat if you go out/' she sai .clauses and time clauses PEG ""3/ &"4-1 Buestions 'ith if. 3 If you feel lonely any time ring me up/' he sai . 10 '#hy on't you take up the oboe again2' sai my frien s/ (ad*ise) 13 '#here shall I hang my ne' picture2' he sai . 'Oeep it till you see me again/' I replie . 14 If she oesn't eat meat/ offer her an omelette/' he sai . . . "0 '#oul you min li!ing by yourself for si. (remind) "4 '#oul you like to see o!er the house2' I aske her. 1 (e sai / '#hen you are at the butcher's remember to get a bone for the og.presses a efinite comman .clauseItime clause H be/should H infiniti!eG 'If #hen you see him/ ask him to ring me/' she sai . '#hy on't you like pop music2' the teenagers aske him. ". 4 8he sai / If he arri!es before I get back gi!e him something to rink. '#henIIf I see him/ 'hat shall I say2' she aske . "" '#ill you be able to gui e me or shall I bring a map2' I aske . "* '#oul you like to peel the potatoes2' sai >nn/ han ing me a knife. "1 '(a!e you got enough money2 8hall I len you some2' sai my frien . months2' they aske . 5he said that if when I saw him I was to ask him to ring her. 0 If you think the room is col shut the 'in o's/' sai my aunt. * an 14 belo'D this 'oul pro uce a rather clumsy sentence.

14 MaryG )ast time 'e ha a barbecue the neighbours complaine about the noise. '#rite a note an push it un er the oor/' I sai .2' as suggestion or a !ice. 8hall 'e ask e!eryone to speak in 'hispers2 11 >nnG 8uppose 'e go roun to the neighbours an apologi?e in a !ance this time2 1" MaryG #hy not in!ite the neighbours2 %hen the noise 'on't matter. Eeport '#hy on't 'e . "& '#hen the rain stops/ can 'e go out2' sai the chil ren. 2' as a suggestion an '#hy on't you . )et's <ust in!ite e!erybo y. "+ If I lose my tra!eller's che6ues/ 'ill the bank repay me2' I aske . "4 '#hat shall I o if he refuses to let me in2' she sai . 1* If you are taken prisoner/' sai the officer/ 'gi!e your name/ rank an number but refuse to ans'er any other 6uestions. 4 MaryG #e on't 'ant to o too much cooking/ so 'hat about making it a 'ine an cheese party2 * >nnG 8uppose 'e ask e!erybo y to bring a bottle2 + MaryG 8hall 'e hire glasses from our local 'ine shop2 #e ha!en't many left. 1& >nnG #hat a cle!er i ea9 8hall 'e start ringing e!eryone up tonight2 14 MaryG #hat about 'orking out ho' much it 'ill cost first2 Part 2 Put the follo'ing into in irect speech. 14 '#hen the bell rings take the meat out of the o!en/' my sister sai . .t 8atur ay. 3 as agreed. . Eeport '#hy not2' in no.114 1& '#hen you see Mrs Pitt on't forget to thank her/' she sai to her husban . Mary agree an aske 'ho they shoul in!ite. #ho shall 'e in!ite2 & >nnG )et's not make a list.t/' the teacher sai . "4 '#hen you'!e complete one section/ go on to the ne. >nn suggeste ha!ing a party on the ne. 10 '7efore you allo' anyone to use the %urkish bath remember to ask him if he has a 'eak heart/' sai the senior atten ant. 13 If the police stop me/ 'hat shall I say2' she aske . 1. ". "" If it goes on sno'ing/ ho''ll 'e get foo 2' 'on ere the house'i!es. "* If you on't like the programme/ s'itch to another channel/' I sai I to her.. If the lift shoul stop bet'een t'o floors press the emergency button/' he sai . "0 '>s soon as you fin a hotel/ ring me an gi!e me the a ress/' he sai . >nnG If it's 'arm/ ho' about ha!ing the party in the gar en2 0 MaryG #hy not ha!e a barbecue2 3 >nnG #hy not2 #e coul ask Paul to o the cooking.. /ndirect speech: suggestions PEG "03 1/ &"" Part I #rite the follo'ing in in irect speech/ in or inary narrati!e form. . If the noise gets 'orse/ you' better complain to the police/' he sai to me.' 1+ '#hen you hear the fire alarm/ shut all 'in o's an go o'nstairs as 6uickly as possible/' sai the schoolmaster. . "1 '#hat 'ill happen if the strike continues2' he sai . 1 >nnG #hat about ha!ing a party on 8atur ay2 " MaryG 5es/ let's.

remar!. promise. "& I'm oing most of the 'ork/' I pointe out. '8hall 'e begin training for the ne. con ratulate. 14 '(e e. '#hat about the hotel2' sai 7ill. o$$er. '#hat about renting a cara!an2 It's all 'e can affor /' sai her husban . '5es/ he oes/' agree the other. %here's no obligation to buy/' sai the shopkeeper. '%he boss is more likely to listen to you than to any of us. & '(ere are the car keys. "1 '#here shall 'e meet2' I sai . I hate 'ashing up last thing at night. '#hy on't you ask Paul2' "0 '#hy on't you put an a !ertisement in the local paper2' they suggeste to me.' . '5es/ let's/' I sai . "+ '#hy on't you ask them 'hat they' like to o2' I sai . remind. '#hat about gi!ing me a han 2' "4 ')et's lea!e the 'ashing-up till tomorro'/' he suggeste . call CLsummonD/ call CHnounIpronounHnounD/ complain. ". threaten.' "* '8uppose the chil ren go on an a !enture holi ay this summer2' suggeste the father. %ish. 4 'Please/ please/ on't tell anyone/' she sai . introduce. 'Fome in an look roun .e. "" '8uppose you ring him/ >nn/ an ask him 'hat he thinks of the i ea2' I sai . admit. accuse. '#hat about a sponsore silence2' sai the teacher 'ith a grin. it isn't safe. >nnG @h no/ you mustn't9 %omG I insist on paying9 . 'I'!e no intention of running in marathons/' I sai . be .pects a lot of 'ork for !ery little money/' complaine one of the typists. advise. assure. '%here's one starting soon. 5ou' better 'ait in the car/' he sai to her.' "4 ')et's organi?e a sponsore cycle race/' sai the chil ren. Miss #hite/ Miss 7ro'n/' he sai . deny. invite. * '#oul you like my torch2' I sai / hol ing it out. exclaim. 'Ao/ thanks/' he sai . insist. /ndirect speech: mixed types PEG chapter &1 Cnote especially &"4D Put the follo'ing into in irect speech/ a!oi ing as far as possible the !erbs say/ as! an tell an choosing instea from the follo'ingG accept.' 0Omit thanksD + %omG I'll pay.111 1* '#hat about a roun -the-'orl cruise2' suggeste Mrs 8mith. 1 (e sai / '1on't 'alk on the ice. 11 I 'ish it 'oul rain/' she sai . re$use. 1+ '8uppose you complain/ >nn2' I sai . hope. point out. a ree. explain. than!. 0 If you on't pay the ransom/ 'e'll kill the boy/' sai the ki nappers. %arn.' 1. 1" '5ou presse the 'rong button/' sai the mechanic. apolo i. '#hy on't you take it up again2' 10 '8hall 'e talk there2 It's not far/' he sai .' " 'Miss 7ro'n/ this is Miss #hite. I 'on't/ I promise/' I sai . protest. 3 I 'on't ans'er any 6uestions/' sai the arreste man.t )on on Marathon2' sai 7ill. 13 '#hat about <oining a 'ea!ing class2' >nn sai to me. '5ou use to be a goo tennis player/' she remin e him. su est. I ha!e one of my o'n. '1on't o it again. 5ou might ha!e a nasty acci ent. ive.

')iar9' sai %om. 10 '5our oor is the shabbiest in the street/ 'sai the neighbour. 14 1 hope you'll ha!e a goo <ourney/' he sai . "4 I'll sell the %K set if you keep 6uarrelling about the programme/' sai their mother. ..claime . 11 >nn sai 'ith regret that she coul n't as she ha to type a report first.' "4 '5ou'!e been leaking information to the Press9' sai his colleagues.' 1+ '>ll right/ I'll 'ait a 'eek/' she sai . /ndirect to direct speech PEG &4. + %om agree an sai that they might go on the ri!er if it 'as a fine ay. "+ If the boys o anything cle!er/ you call them your sons/' complaine his 'ife. #aiter9' he crie . It is/' I sai . 'I'm afrai it has/' she sai sa ly.11" 1& '5our 'eight's gone up a lot9' I e.' ". . .presse horror at the i ea of 'orking on 8atur ay . 13 'Figarette2''%hanks/' I sai . 3 a ing that it 'as usually possible to get seats on the ay of the play. 0 %om sai they' fin out 'hen they got there . 4 8he suggeste 8tratfor .claime . . 'Ao/ on't o that9 #e 'on't 6uarrel any more/' sai the chil ren.' 1* '(urrah9 I'!e passe the first e. '%hanks/' sai the boy. &nn' >nnG I"d lo*e to etc.. 'Many happy returns of your birth ay9' 'e sai . * a ing that she ha n't been there for ages. (Omit all rightD 1. '7ut if they o anything stupi / you call them mine. " >nn accepte 'ith pleasure an aske 'here he 'as thinking of going. "1 I'll gi!e you :*44 to keep your mouth shut/' he sai to me.-"" Put the follo'ing into irect speech/ using ialogue formG %omG 6ould you like to #ome for a dri*e tomorrow. "" I'll 'ait for you/ I promise/' he sai to me. >nn 'on ere 'hat 'as on at the Eoyal 8hakespeare %heatre. '1on't forget to sen a car 'hen you arri!e. ')et's ha!e a rest/' sai %om. Trip to tratford 1 %om in!ite >nn to come for a ri!e the follo'ing ay. & (e sai he' lea!e it to her. 14 (e aske >nn if she coul be rea y by ten. 'Ao/ I ha!en't/' he sai . '%he bus broke o'n. . "* I'll rop you from the team if you on't train har er/' sai the captain.am9' he e. 1" %om e. '5es/ let's/' sai >nn. "& I'm sorry I'm late/' she sai . 'Fongratulations9' I sai / 'an goo luck 'ith the secon . "0 'Jgh9 %here's a slug in my lettuce. .

(e 'ante to tell us that inner 'as rea y. (e 'ante to sa!e the chil .ill climb "* %om suggeste climbing to the top/ a ing that the !ie' from there 'as mar!ellous . 1+ 8he pointe out that she ha n't kno'n that he 'as going to ask her out. .. "4 %om sai gloomily that he suppose she' be busy all morning.. 8he suggeste that %om shoul go on up 'hile she 'ent o'n an 'aite there. * (e has a bo. &4 >nn sai that if he 'as too long there' be no lunch left/ for she' ha!e eaten it all. "" offere to meet him at the bus stop at (y e Park Forner. (e i n't 'ant to strain his eyes. (e inten e to fee the lions. "0 %om agree an han e her the car keys/ a !ising her to 'ait in the car. #e on't 'ant to get frost-bitten. %hey 'ante to get to the top of the hill before sunrise. . . 0 (e rea only for short perio s each ay. (e sent me to 8pain. %om sai he suppose it 'as all right but . (Omit them. -e sent me to 5pain to learn 5panish. . (e i n't 'ant to frighten his 'ife. (e sai 'e coul rink out of them. . (Omit it. ".44 an . 14 (e rang the bell. "& %om sai that it 'asn't a !ery goo meeting place an that he' call for her. 1 I am buying paint. (e rushe into the burning house. -e turned out the light so as not to waste ele#tri#ity. " (e tie a knot in. 10 'arne her not to make a habit of !olunteering for 'eeken 'ork. 4 (e left his rifle outsi e. 1* she ha !olunteere to type the report in return for a free afternoon the follo'ing 'eek. (e i n't 'ant to 'aste electricity. 14 8he tol him not to be ri iculous an e.D + #e ha no cups but he ga!e us coconut shells. 11 #e must keep our glo!es on. 13 >nn promise not to. . 1" %he farmer put a scarecro' up in the fiel . I 'ant to paint my hall oor. & (e opene the lions' cage.plaine that . (e 'ante me to learn 8panish. (e 'ante to frighten I the bir s.. 3 %hey got up !ery early.D . (e turne out the light. urpose /nfinitive used to express purpose PEG &&4 Fombine each of the follo'ing pairs of sentences into one sentence using so asIin order 'here necessary. "+ but >nn sai that they' been climbing for three hours an that she 'as too tire to go any further. 1. his han kerchief. (e hope that this 'oul remin him to meet the train. (e plans to put his sa!ings in it. "3 (e promise to be as 6uick as he coul . .11& 1& an a !ise her to change her <ob. "4 >nn sai that that 'as !ery kin of him an that she' be 'aiting in the hall. . "1 >nn assure him that she' be finishe by 11.

%he t'o sentencesG (e rumple the be clothes. "& I am learning Greek. .e a metal la er to the 'all belo' his 'in o'.lauses and phrases of purpose PEG &&+-.une.on"t let him play with s#issors in #ase he #uts himself. 7y this trick he hope to a!oi paying income ta. %hey 'ante to learn 'hat I i in the e!enings. (e 'ante to elu e the police. && %he 'orkmen left re lights near the hole. > purpose clause intro uce by so that can sometimes be replace by prevent/avoid H gerun or allo%/enable/let/ma!e etc. %hey 'ant to look younger. I am sen ing him to the J8>. %hey 'ant to pre!ent the emonstrators from marching through the to'n. coul be combine G He rumpled the bed!lothes so that I should&would thin$ he had slept etc( or to ma$e me thin$ he had slept etc( >n in case clause is useful 'hen 'e mention the possible future action 'e are taking precautions againstG 1on't let him play 'ith scissors. coul be e. (e may cut himself. . &4 5ou shoul take your holi ays in . ". (e 'ante to 'arn them that he 'as coming. "1 %he police ha!e barrica e the main streets. &" I am learning skiing at an in oor school. %hey inten to put them on the fire. (e 'ante to ha!e some peace. %hey 'ante to re uce the risk. %hey employe a etecti!e. "0 I am sa!ing up. I i n't 'ant to make any noise. "3 (e coughe . I 'ant to protect them against the fo. "4 (e change his a ress constantly. &1 I keep my hens in a fiel surroun e by 'ire netting. I 'ant him to stu y electronics there. 10 I sent him out of the room. (e 'ante to make me think he ha slept in the be . "4 (e sent his chil ren to his sister's house. chil ren. (e i n't 'ant to isturb anyone. I 'ish to rea ( 1* %he boys are collecting sticks.D 1+ (e 'as playing !ery softly. I 'ant to buy a helicopter. (e 'ante to be able to escape if there 'as a fire. 14 7efore the carpenter came she co!ere the floor 'ith polythene sheeting. %hey are trying to keep the air clean. In this 'ay you 'oul a!oi the rush.114 1& I took off my shoes. &4 (e in!ente a 'ife an si. I 'ant to be able to ski 'hen I get to 8'it?erlan . I 'ante to iscuss his progress 'ith his hea master. (Omit them. 13 (e fi.. &* 8ome 'omen tint their hair 'hen it goes grey. &+ (e i n't tell her he 'as going up in the spacecraft. "" %hey e!acuate e!erybo y from the anger ?one. 8he 'ante to protect the carpet. (e 'ante them to 'atch the tele!ision programme. "+ %he to'n council has forbi en coal fires. (e i n't 'ant to alarm her. "* (e sent his chil ren to their aunt's house. %hey 'ante to 'arn motorists.presse G . 1. H infiniti!e.

8he 'ante the bir s to kno' 'hen he 'as approaching. ". 8he i n't 'ant it to get broken in the post. . I 'ant my chil ren to ha!e something to li!e on if I am kille . (e may break them. %hey on't 'ant young chil ren to be able to turn them on. %hey may set themsel!es on fire. (e 'ante nobo y but himself to kno' 'here it 'as. (e 'ante the pe estrians to be able to cross the roa . 1* #e put bars on the lo'er 'in o's. 11 Please shut the gate. * (e 'ore a false bear . I on't 'ant bir s to buil nests in them. %he go!ernment 'ants e!eryone to un erstan them. #e built the roof 'ith a steep slope.11* 8ometimes an in case clause can be replace by a negati!e purpose clause. %he cre' can escape in case of fire. &* >s he 'ent through the forest 7ill marke the trees. It may be the escape con!ict. %hey 'ant repair 'ork to continue ay an night. (e 'ante his secretary to be able to contact him 'hene!er necessary. 8omeone may knock the bottle o!er. 1& I am putting nets o!er my stra'berry plants. %here may be a hea!y fall of sno' in the night. %hey i n't 'ant me to o!erhear them. I 'ant anyone 'ho fin s him to kno' 'here he comes from. 13 I put my a ress on my og's collar. 1" (e telephone from a public call-bo. %he go!ernment 'ant to iscuss the latest crisis. "0 %he manufacturers ha!e ma e the taps of their ne' gas cooker !ery stiff. 4 %he girl packe the !ase in polyester foam. 5ou may get bitten by a snake.. "+ %he burglar cut the telephone 'ires. &" %he policeman stoppe the traffic e!ery fe' minutes. #e i n't 'ant anyone to climb in. "3 1on't let the baby play 'ith my glasses. "* 1on't put on any more coal. 0 5ou ought to take some serum 'ith you. (e i n't 'ant me to call the police. + 8he built a high 'all roun her gar en. It may be ark before you get back. %he chimney may catch fire. &4 %he ebate on e ucation has been postpone . "4 8he tie a bell roun her cat's neck. 3 >eroplanes carry parachutes. 8he i n't 'ant her fruit to be stolen. 1. (e may forget 'ho lent it to him. (e 'ante the rest of the party to . 10 %he notices are 'ritten in se!eral languages. %ake a torch 'ith you. "4 (e chaine up the lioness at night. "& #rite your name in the book. %hey talke in 'hispers. #e may be attacke . I on't 'ant the bir s to eat all the stra'berries. (e i n't 'ant the call to be trace to his o'n a ress. #e 'ante the sno' to sli e off easily. 1 (e kille the men 'ho helpe him to bury the treasure. 14 #e keep a spa e in the house. && (e ha a telephone installe in his car. "1 7ring your gun 'ith you. I on't 'ant the co's to get out of the fiel . 141 am insuring my life. 5ou may ha!e a puncture. (e i n't 'ant her to frighten anyone. &1 If someone knocks at the oor at night on't open it. & %he airfiel authorities ha!e put arc lights o!er the amage run'ay. "" I ha!e put 'ire o!er my chimney-pots. &4 Ae!er let chil ren play 'ith matches. 1+ 5ou shoul carry a <ack in your car. " Put the cork back. (e i n't 'ant anyone to recogni?e him.

11+ kno' 'hich 'ay he ha gone. &+ %urn o'n the o!en. #e on't 'ant the meat to burn 'hile 'e are out. .