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Percakapan Bahasa Inggris tentang Kesehatan – Junk Foods’ Effects for Your Health [After school


Fitri : [Sigh] School really makes me hungry. Let’s get something delicious to eat! Ratih : Good idea! t’s lunch time any!ay. "o you ha#e any idea of delicious foods for our lunch$ %o&i : 'ey( !hat a&out that food stall$ Ratih : 'uh$ )ait a minute. *hat is fast food stall( isn’t it$ %o&i : +eah. ,ome on! -y stomach can’t !ait any longer. Ratih : )hy fast food$ ,an !e find healthier foods for our lunch$ %o&i : .o/e( think there are no healthier food choices around. heard that it sells delicious cheese &urgers and French fries too. Let’s go! can’t stand hearing my stomach roaring. Fitri : ,ome on( Ratih. 'am&urger sounds delicious. Ratih : [sigh] 0 Ratih : 1h my( %o&i. +ou ordered t!o large cheese ham&urgers( French fries( and coke. Are you going to eat all these 2unk foods$ %o&i : 1f course! ’m a man. need more foods. Ratih : "o you e#er think !hat kind of danger that !ill come for you &y eating these foods$ %o&i : 3m4 o#erly full$ Ratih : .o4.. %o&i. *hese foods !ill &ring &ad effects for your /recious health. %o&i : 'uh$ )hat are the &ad effects any!ay$ Ratih : 2oin the 5healthy life6 clu& that attem/ts to moti#ate its mem&ers to li#e a healthy lifestyle. )e !ere taught to stay a!ay from 2unk foods since 2unk foods like foods you are going to eat no! are kno!n to &e #ery &ad for health. %o&i : )hy is that$ Ratih : +ou kno! that these foods contain high calories( fats( and sugar( &ut are really lo! in nutritional #alue. "ue to the high calories( the more you eat these foods the &igger your &ody !ill &e. t is called o&esity. *hese foods are also high in salt. f you really lo#e eating these foods( they !ill lead you to a risk of high &lood /ressure. Fitri : )o!( can it get !orse then$ Ratih : 1f course! -oreo#er( if you consume these 2unk foods day in( day out( then the saturated fats !ill accumulate in your &ody( es/ecially in your &lood #essels. "ay after day the fats !ill /ile u/ in your &lood #essels and e#entually &lock your &lood stream and make it clogged. f this ha//ens on the &lood #essels on your &rain( you !ill then get a &rain stroke. *he !orst one is if you ha#e high &lood /ressure and the fats &lock the &lood stream on your heart( then you can get

hoices: /ilihan Around: di sekitar 9suatu tem/at: .heese &urger: &urger ke2u French fries: kentang goring can’t stand: aku tidak tahan 9akan sesuatu: Roaring: meraung. %o&i : [Gul/] is that4.utritional #alue: nilai gi>i 1&esity: o&esitas8kegemukan Salt: garam Risk of high &lood /ressure: risiko tekanan darah tinggi Get !orse: men2adi le&ih &uruk -oreo#er: selain itu .ome for you: mendatangi kamu 1#erly full: terlalu kenyang %ad effect: dam/ak &uruk <recious: &erharga -oti#ate: mendorong( memoti#asi Attem/t: &erusaha Since: se2ak( karena 9to &e: kno!n: diketahui( dikenal .onsume: mengkonsumsi "ay in( day out: setia/ hari Saturated fats: lemak 2enuh Accumulate: &erakumulasi( menum/uk %lood #essels: /em&uluh darah "ay after day: hari demi hari <ile u/: menum/uk %lood stream: aliran darah . s that true$ Ratih : there is no use if tell fake stories. %o&i : So( !hat should do !ith all these foods$ ha#en’t e#en eaten them yet. ha#e to start to go !ith a healthy lifestyle. -ay&e they !ill like it.a fatal heart strike that can lead you to death. %o&i : Alright( think you’re right. Fitri : )hoa( thanks for that information( Ratih. +ou really o/ened our eyes.logged: tersum&at %rain stroke: /enyakit stroke otak )orst one: yang ter&uruk . %o&i : [sigh] 1h( great7 Glossaries Percakapan Bahasa Inggris tentang Kesehatan "elicious: enak Food stall: kios8!arung makanan Fast food: makanan ce/at sa2i 'ealth: kesehatan 'ealth: sehat 9'ealthier: le&ih sehat: . Ratih : heard you ha#e dogs.raung 9-y stomach is roaring: <erut saya &ersuara keras karena kela/aran: =unk food: makanan sam/ah 9makanan ce/at sa2i tidak sehat: .

"#$ #% : )hatCs your a//etite like$ PA IE! : . Galih : 1h -y God.onsuming Alcohol( "rugs( "oing Free Se@( and smoking. . "#$ #% : Good e#ening( sir.o!( many of our friends are sick. Are you agree !ith me$ 'usni : +es agree !ith you( &ut smoking not so harmful. Galih : +es( i kno! from Adit( )hat do you think a&out health$ 'usni : think health is im/ortant Galih : )hy did you ans!er it$ 'usni : %ecause( !ithout health( !e can’t do acti#ity( are you agree$ Galih : +es( agree !ith you. )here are you get the hoa@ information$ 'usni : 2ust only assumed( hehe sorry my friend. C#e also had a &ad taste in the mouth sincc C#e &een sick. And( ho! to &e a long age man like your grand father$ 'usni : =ust only sa#e your healthy from disease( and to &e a #egetarian. "#$ #% : And here$ PA IE! : 1h( thatCs Duite /ainful! "#$ #% : All right. *here! Gi#e me your !rist( /lease. 'a#e had a lot of /ain in the stomach for se#eral days. "o you kno!$ . Smoking only can damage our &ody and drain our /ocket! )hy smoking not harmful$ 'usni : %ecause my grand father still healthy until no!. "#$ #% : 'a#e you had any fe#er$ PA IE! : )ell( do feel fe#erish all the time. Cll e@amine you( if you lie do!n on that couch. feel full u/ all the time. <eo/le infected !ith ' A can still do acti#ity altough in control 'usni : So( !hat’s the meaning of 'ealth$ Galih : 'ealth is Good life style( for e@am/le consuming halal food( e@ercising( maintaining cleanliness. )hatCs your trou&le$ PA IE! : ha#enCt &een feeling !ell lately. And your shirt too. )hy do you not &elie#e me$ Galih : -ay&e he al!ays sa#e his healty altough he al!ays smoking.ot at all good. . 'usni : )hat’s the e@am/le of damage our health$ Galih : ?@am/le( . "#$ #% : All right( let me take your tem/erature first.o! take off your /ullo#er. C#e also had se#ere headaches for o#er t!o days. Loosen your clothes a little. "o you feel any /ain here$ PA IE! : +es( you tell me the ?@am/le$ Galih : +es can. %ut some /eo/le can still do acti#ity !hile sick 'usni : . Galih : *hat’s '1AB! not agree !ith you. "#$ #% : )hat e@actly is the /ro&lem$ PA IE! : often feel Duite sick. *hereCs nothing !rong !ith the /ulse. PA IE! : Good e#ening( doctor. %ecause according to research( smoking can e@tend our life. +ou may get dressed no!. donCt feel like eating anything.Fatal heart strike: serangan 2antung yang fatal Lead to: mem&uat( mengarahkan *here is no use: tidak ada gunanya Fake stories: cerita &ohong 1/ened our eyes: 9idiom: mem&uka mata kami 9menyadarkan kami: 'usni : 'ai( ho! are you$ Galih : ’m Fine( and you$ 'usni : ’m fine too.

And do take some rest.PA IE! : ho/e thereCs nothing serious( doctor$ "#$ #% : . . "rink milk and ha#e milk foods as much as you can.o thanks .igarettes Angga : )ould you like a cigarette$ 9A/akah anda mau rokok$:%ayu : . *ake one &efore meals. Cm /rescri&ing t!o kinds of ta&lets. 9 *idak( terima kasih. 9 *idak( terima kasih :Angga : "on’t you$ )hy not$ 91ya$ -enga/a tidak$:"ichia : think it’s &ad for our health 9Saya /ikir itu tidak &aik &uat kesehatan kita:Angga : +ou’re right( t’s a &ad ha&&it.o thanks( don’t smoke too.o( not really. PA IE! : *hank you #ery much( doctor. don’t smoke. "onCt eat any fried or s/icy food. *erima kasih. And the other after meals for three days.o( nothing serious. ni adalah ke&iasaan yang &uruk:%ayu : Are you a hea#y smoker$ 9A/akah anda /erokok &erat$:Angga : . 9+a( anda &enar. 9*idak. =ust take it easy and ha#e rest !hene#er you can.o( not at all. . 9*idak 2uga:Arif : 'o! many cigarettes do you smoke$ 9%era/a kali kamu merokok setia/ hari$:Angga : smoke a&out fi#e a day. Good. PA IE! : "o need to stay a!ay from !ork( doctor$ "#$ #% : . Saya tidak merokok:Angga : )ould you like a cigarette$ 9A/akah anda mau rokok$:Arif : .&ye! "#$ #% : %ye! .on#ersations A&out .ome and see me if the trou&le does not go Duickly. Saya 2uga tidak merokok:Angga : And +ou $ 9 "an anda $ :"ichia : .o( thanks.

9Saya merokok E kali sehari:"ichia : Smoking isn’t good for our health( &ut it’s difficult to sto/ smoking.racun tadi kedalam rongga mulut dan tentunya /aru.Arif : +es ( also ha#e to go no!. 9 +a (silahkan .lain :"ichia : Smoking ha&it is not only in2ure to the smoker( &ut also thosearound him. . 9-erokok sangat &uruk &uat kesehatan( ta/i sangat susah untuk &erhenti:%ayu : t’s also an e@/ensi#e ha&it. 9 He&iasaan merokok tidak hanya merugikan si /erokok( ta/i 2uga orangsekitarnya:Angga : +es ( kno! a&out it.akhir ini. Rokok sangat mahal sekali akhir . 9 +a ( saya tau akan hal itu ( terimakasih atas nasehat dari anda semua :%ayu : Sorry Sir( it looks like ha#e to lea#e our con#ersation. *hank you for the ad#ice from all of you. Sam/ai 2um/a lagi dilain !aktu : . /aru( dan lain. 9 +a( menurut saya merokok itu meru/akan ke&iasaan &uruk yang harus segeradihentikan :%ayu : ?#erytime inhaling cigarette smoke !heter intentionally ornot( meansalso suck more than FGGG of /osion( &ecause it is similar to smoking to@insentering into the oral ca#ity and lungs of course 9 Setia/ kali menghiru/ asa/ rokok entah senga2a atau tidak( &erarti 2ugamenghisa/ le&ih dari FGGG macam racun( karena itu merokok sama denganmemasukkan racun.9 -aaf /ak ( se/ertinya saya harus meninggalkan /em&icaraan kita ini( karenasaya akan /ergi kekantor. 9 -erokok 2uga da/at menye&a&kan &er&agai /enyakit se/erti /enyakit 2antung ( kanker /aru./aru : Smoking can also cause a #ariety of disease such as heart disease ( lungcancer ( etc.igarettes are e@/ensi#e no!adays. 9 Saya 2uga harus /ergi kekantor sekarang :Angga : +es ( /lease. See +ou again ne@t time. 9-erokok 2uga suatu ke&iasaan yang mahal. A /acket costs one thousand ru/iahs. Satu &ungkus harganya Seri&u ru/iah:Arif : )hat cigarettes do you like to smoke$ 9Rokok a/a yang /aling kamu suka$:Angga : like gudang garam( &ut sometimes like =arum. 9 +a( saya 2uga harus /ergi sekarang :"ichia : also had to go to the office no!. 9Saya suka gudang garam( ta/i kadang 0 kadang 2uga suka =arum:"ichia : +es ( still think that smoking is a &ad ha&it that should &e sto//ed. %ecause !ouldgo to the office no! .