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Tên cụm Academic: deviate

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Nội dung ! Ngh"a: #ad$% &h'c ()i b*nh th+,ng #disa--ro(ing% #(% .m &h'c ()i b*nh th+,ng/ 0i con 0+,ng &h'c ()i b*nh th+,ng ! 1g: 2he de(iated 3rom the route described in the ma- and thereb4 got ost5 24non4m #c6a d7ng ad$% . de(iant ho8c di33erent #in a bad 9a4% :: 2ometimes une=-ected economic changes 3orce an organisation to de(iate 3rom its orgina business - an ( : sai duong/ ech duong5 1=: the - ane de(iated 3rom its usua route Aarr4 the ba : AhiBu traCch nhiêBm aDm caCi giD cho a$ #hiDnh nh+ aD thêC%

Điể m số ;

Ghi chú

<ango 2teen N?m Độc @ Idiom: carry the ball <ango steen

> > 1 0E4 . 1 idiom ha4 0F cG nh.: carr4 the ba H be in chargeH ha(e -rimar4 res-onsibi it45 1=: IeJ(e done our share/ etJs et Kones carr4 the ba 3rom no9 on5 L<MN


Uncommon words: awesome/gorge ous/sensational

<inh Ngu4en



khuyến khích dùng khi speaking tả người hay 1 cái gì đ m! "#n cho l! $tuy%t hảo$ nhá
cG nh. nh) chec&

ng -hố/ thEn mft/ si s. SaS 0Eu UU 2e.n cGnh5 Insta Fa Xham Yuang :u4 o-u ent Admin is a9esome :Z 1 [ N?m Độc 15g : his strength 9as a9esome5 That gir is a gorgeous b onde5 dou oo& sensationa in that dress 1@ A'o 3antastic 1 . nheng tO giao tih0+.S & :!c &o dbng nheng tO nh+ (f4 trong úc thi nhg c'c b7n/ nheng tO 0F .ng cF 0+ac dbng tO S cra.nguoi Anh cua minh dung JgorgeousJ de noi toi bat &4 ai ha4 cai gi ! nhu mot thoi Vuen de thuong W!%% ad \i e h]i c'i (^ dụ nh+ &tra nFi ng ta 4êu c_u mta d`ch (ụ 1 nh. h.Mung Tran Ngu4en gorgeous and 3abu ous beaut4 @ s-e ing c'c tO nP cQn thEn tr+)c &hi =.o ho.o 0F cF thể dbng c'c tO &h'c nh+ un.easant/ dissa-ointing/ distaste3u / un-a atab e5555tb4 (.ng h.i nha/ chRng h7n tO a9esome -h't Em . SoS chT &o -hGi .ng ng.45 Tha4 (.

/some kind o./all kind o./ &ollocation and phrases* $raise 1the< =uestion/hypoth esis$ >?@A Mung Tran Tran Muu :at N?m Độc @5 commentar4 on smt: 9ith the su--ort o3 commentaries on this 3i m/ -eo.ormal e8pression* $go ahead$ 9/ :ncommon words* $accelerate/esca late$ ..o4ment5 Mouse -rices ha(e esca ated ra-id 45 1sca ation #n% : the go(ernment tried to -re(ent an esca ation o3 the 9ar i had a &ind o3 ho ida4 in the summer but i cou dnJt rea 4 re a= k this man has met a &inds o3 sa esmen 1[ 1j [o .oun$ // 0cademic words* $commentary on$ 1lưu 2 gi3i t' sau n l! $on$ ch4 kh5ng phải $a"out$ 6/ 7diom and in.anned5 [/ acce erate : tang toc do5 1=: acce erating the rate o3 gro9thk the car acce erated as it o(er too& me5 Acce erationk acce erator 5 1sca ate: eo thag5 1=: the steadi 4 esca ating e(e o3 unem. .e 3easib 4 -ercei(e its hidden meanings :%/ j5 acce eratekacce erationk a acce eration in go d -rince sur-assed antici-ation o3 -rominent economists in the 9or d5 esca atekesca ationk : in ight o3 esca ation in oi -rice as 9e as do ar -rice/ in3 ation in liet Nam increasing 4 becomes more se(ere5 AommentkAommentarieskAommentar4kAommentatork AommentatorskAommentedkAommentingkAomments mmA 2-ort -ro(ides running commentar4 on i(e 3ootba matches o3 Xremier neague5 The 2orro9 o3 Iar is a biting commentar4 on North lietnamese so dierJs i3e during lietnamese Iar5 @/ commentar4 on : su tuong thuat5 1= : a broadcast commentar4 on a 3ootba match5 Aommentk commentar4k commentatekcommentator >/ go ahead: d$en ra5 1= : des-ite the bad 9eather/ the bui ding o3 the ne9 bridge 9i go ahead as .Moang [ j Ao ocation: convey the meaning &ác t' c(a ng!y hum nay n)* 1/ +edundant language* $a kind o.

p BetCs learn some new words and phrases .ete 4 contrar4 to 9hat he did in the e=am5 w The4 donJt -rotect en(ironment5 xn the contrar4/ the4 destro4 serious 4 bearJs habitat5 #AEu n.ication5 Aontrar4k contrari9isek contrari 4k contrariness5 1=: the shi.ete 4/ entire 4/ tota 4 1=: w Mis resu ts ran com.ormal<>?@A Ah$ ma Zinh :e- 1=acerbate : to ma&e sth 9hich is a read4 bad 9orse51=:The attac& 9i e=acerbate the a read4 tense re ations bet9een the countries [ qstu33 i&e thatr ngh"a .4 miun c+yng sao sao z :!s% Iron out H so (ek address 0úng &o mngc :!k @[ N?m Độc @/ negate: -hu dinh5 1=: the 3acts negate 4our theor45 Negation #n% k negati(e #a/ n /( % k negati(e 4 5 1=: shac&ing the head is a sign o3 negation k he has a (er4 negati(e attitude to his 9or& k she ans9ered in the negati(e k the4 negati(e our a-.ormal e8pression* $a piece o. muốn nFi nheng thT &h'c t07i o7i nh+ thhr th* dbng cụm nP 1=: there are man4 boo&s and stu33 i&e that on the tab e <ai Anh Ngu4un Aontrar4: ! #ad$% contrar4 to: tr'i ()i / ng+ac ()i ! #n% on the contrar4: ng+ac 7i ! lerbs v: be/ run/ seem ! Ad( v: com. cakeE 9/ :ncommon words* $deteriorate/e8 acer"ateE ..9as de a4ed b4 contrar4 9inds k contrar4 to the doctorJs orders/ he had gone bac& to 9or& k the4 &no9 the4Jre not a o9ed to -ar& here/ but/ contrari9ise / the4 a 9a4s do5 jo . &hi ist &ê 1 o7t nheng thT m.or a new day DD 1/ +edundant language* $stu. like that$ // 0cademic words* $negate/contrar yE 6/ 7diom and in./ &ollocation and phrases* $iron out the pro"lem$ 1in.

>/ a -iece o3 ca&e: (iec gi rat de dang5 1= : -ersuading him to gi(e us the da4 o33 9onJt be a -iece o3 ca&e [/ deteriorate#(% : tro nen =au di 5 1=: the discussion deteriorated into a bitter Vuarre 5 :eterioration #n% : a deterioration in su-er-o9er re ations 5 1=acerbatek e=acerbation : her motherJs inter3erence e=acerbated the di33icu ties in their marriage { 1/ Redundant language: "thatFs what 7 mean" 2/ Academic words: "mediate/regulate” 3/ Idiom and informal expression: "do me a .aGor” 4/ Uncommon words: "procrastinate” / !ollocation and p"rases: "reach/draw a conclusion" T+ |i TEm Mung Tran Tran Muu :at N?m Độc Toi4eu(n Xro iron out the -rob em: giai Vu4et 3ien toai bonus thêm uncommon 9ords: Ssi houetteS -rocrastinatek-rocrastinationk her o9 grades deri(e 3rom the -rocrastination in re(ision :% deregu atedkderegu ateskderegu atingkderegu ationkre gu atedkregu ateskregu atingkregu ationkregu ationkreg u atorkregu atorskregu ator4kunregu ated5 A acti(ities o3 societ4 must be regu ated b4 the ru e o3 a95 mediatedkmediateskmediatingkmediationk ne :uc Tho and Menr4 A5 }issinger 9ere a9arded Nobe Xeace Xri~e 3or their mediation to end the lietnamese Iar5 mediate: dan• =e-J 5 1=: mediate a -eace5 mediatek mediatinonk mediator the acti(ities o3 credit com-anies are regu ated b4 a9 -rocrastinate : chan• chu•/ tri• hoanv 5 Me -rocrastinated unti it 9as too ate to do an4thing at a 5 j/ reach a conc usion : di den &et uan5 1k -rocrastinateHad$ournHde a4H-ost-one X€xA€A2TINAT1kX€xA€A2TINATIxNkX€xA€A2TINATI l1kX€xA€A2TINATx€ 15g: m4 (irtue o3 such detestab e rain/ the4 9ere 1 j @1 1p @> .

ans 9ere com.ain5 contaminatekcontaminationk: the stee.arH up to now" 2/ Academic words: "interpret/elucidate” 3/ Idiom and informal expression: "Iather up/ hang out/ gossip” 4/ Uncommon words: "contamination” / !ollocation and p"rases: "?eet customerFs demand" Mung Tran 1[ Toi4eu(n Xro >p .ete 4 ruined/ a so5 @k <1:IATT1k<1:IATIxNk<1:IATIxNAnk<1:IATIl1 15g: In 3act/ the4 9ere at the -ains o3 mediating such con3 icts bet9een these sib ings -art 4 because their situation 9as -ut in $eo-ard45 >k €1G•nAT1k€1G•nATIxNk€1G•nATx€ 15g: Fran& 4/ the so!ca ed ne9 a9 that regu ates man4 acti(ities re ated to 3oreign trade 9as not sti carried out radica 45 inter-retkinter-retationk : than&s to a(ai abi it4 o3 historic data/ scientists is i&e 4 to o33er the inter-retation 3or a ra3t o3 e=traordinar4 -ros-ect e ucidateke ucidationk H account 3or H shed ight on H e=.bound to -rocrastinate that so!ca ed im-ortant meeting/ and then a their ne=t .de(e o-ment o3 ad(anced techno og4 substantia 4 attribute to en(ironmenta contamination 1k 2x FA€ H •X Tx NxI: 2o 3ar the4 are incessant 4 bea(ering a9a4 at -re-aring 3or their coming e=amination5 2o 3ar so good # s-o&en %: used to sa4 that things ha(e been ha--ening success3u 4 unti no95 @k INT1€X€1TkINT1€X€1T1€kINT1€X€1TATIxNkINT1€X€1 TATIxNAnkINT1€X€1TATIl1kINT1€X€1TAmn1 2he 9as (er4 &ind to inter-ret such a !embracing in3omartion o3 this to-ic5 >k 1n•AI:AT1k1n•AI:ATIxNk1n•AI:ATIl1k1n•AI:ATx€k 1n•AI:ATx€d . 1/ Redundant language: " so .

an earnes 4/ I might ha(e been immense 4 con3used in that stunning e(ent inc uding such distinguished -eo.ung nhu cau cua &hach hang # hinh nhu the dung & ac % : can 9e meet customerJs demand c com-ensate #3or 2T% k com-ensation k com-ensator45 TO 0„ng ngh"a : recom-ense / redress55 1=: the anima Js goos sense o3 sme com-ensates 3or its -oor e4esight k Aom-ensatiton o3 in$ured 9or&ers has cost the com-an4 a ot5 bus4 as a bee : r?t bfn rộn (.e5 [k AxNTA<INATIxNkAxNTA<INAT1kAxNTA<INAT1:kAx NTA<INATIl1kAxNTA<INATx€ A3ter terrib e natura disaster in Ka-anese/ a ot o3 -eo.N?m Độc ƒ 1/ Redundant language: "you N?m Độc knowJ indeed" 2/ Academic word: "compensate" 3/ Idioms: ""usy as a "ee" 4/ Uncommon words: "accumulate/precipitate" / !ollocation and p"rases: ""ecome/"eing aware o.eJs i(es are -ositi(e 4 a33ected b4 radioacti(e contamination5 jk <eet customer‚s demand Than&s to time 4 -o icies o3 Go(ernment/ -roducers are more i&e 4 to meet customerJs demand5 @/ inter-ret kinter-retation : inter-ret a di33icu t te=t k the conductorJs contro(ersia inter-retation o3 the s4m-hon45 1 ucidateke ucidation : the notes he -ed to e ucidate the most di33icu ts -arts o3 the te=t k th$s reVuires e ucidation5 [/ contaminationk contaminatekcontaminant : contamination o3 the 9ater su-. sung s+)ng (* 0i…u 0F 5 1=: the chi dren are bus4 as bees/ he -ing their mother in the garden5 accumu atek accumu ationkaccumu ati(e 5 b4 in(esting 9ise 4 she accumu ated a 3ortune @> @> .45 j/ meet customerJs damand : da. sth" Mad not it been 3or him to e ucidate the 9ho e .

the internet $ Mi…n n. /Anto2: (4#5R#(I!A&/ (RA1'!#16#1(A& 7(RA1'!#16#1(A&I'$8/ '%IRI(UA&/ 40%5(4#(I!A& -. -.1o 1/ Redundant language: "on top o. b7n c‡ng 0ˆ ghi 0iểm (… uncommon 9ords rbi 0F!!‰ nên hŠc tO nP :% .I1< 9 =R5>'# (4# >#= 5pera >e) )rowser t"at is a software application* allows us to surf t"e we) more smoot"l+ and Moa 1k IN TM1 <1ANTI<1 H IN TM1 INT1€I< H IN TM1 <1ANIMIn1 H <1ANTI<1 :es-ite bro&en things that had ha--ened in the interim/ the4 a 9a4s had the ong!term coo-erators5 @k #lerb%: A22IGNk:1n1GAT1 H :12IGNAT1 H :1X•T1 #o3ten -assi(e% H AXXxINT H AMA€G1 H AnnxAAT1 #Noun%: de-ut4 H re-resentati(e H substitute H de egate H surrogate #€e ati(es% assignment k de egation >@ tu4 &h' -h† bihn nh+ng =.3or 1/ #$%IRI!A&/ #$%IRI!/ #$%IRI!I'$/ #$%IRI!I'(: ("e growt" model of &ewis w"ic" )ased on empirical researc" t"an t"eoretical* was expanded )+ American modern economists.nh Mo. 1 >. /'012: a posteriori/ experiential/ experimental/ existential/ data-)ased/ o)ser3ational/ trial-and-error -. /'emi-s+n2: semiempirical/ confirma)le/ 3erifia)le 2/ $A&1U(RI(I51/ $A&1U(RI(I51#6 9 U16#R15URI'4#6 9 $A&15URI'4#6 If someone is suffering from malnutrition* t"e+ are p"+sicall+ wea: and extremel+ t"in )ecause t"e+ "a3e not eaten enoug" nutrient food. order ” 4/ Uncommon words: "irresisti"le” / !ollocation and p"rases: Mo. that" 2/ Academic words: " empirical e8perience H handsKon e8perience” 3/ Idiom and informal expression: " +un across H encounterH meet accidentally” 4/ Uncommon words: "malnutrition” / !ollocation and p"rases: Lur. (4# I1(#R1#( 9 1#( 'UR. 3/ 'UR. 11 1/ Redundant language: "7n the meantime" 2/ Academic words: "assign/delegate” 3/ Idiom and informal expression: "out Moa Scom-ensateS H ma&e u.i 0+ac nF trong s-ea&ing .

at a cr @k <ANIX•nAT1k <ANIX•nATIxNk <ANIX•nATIl1k <ANIX•nATAmn1k <ANIX•nATx€k <ANIX•nAmInITdk <ANIX•nATx€d LmmAN: na94ers 3or min4am <ohamed ha(e accused the go(ernment o3 tr4ing to mani-u ate a critica $udgement on torture5 !‰ <4 e=: As a -o itica acti(ist/ he a 9a4s &no9s ho9 to mani-u ate the irritation o3 -ub ic5 L2dNN 15 <ani-u ate #sb into sthk into doing th% H e=./ is $ai ed in Xar&er Aount4 on charges o3 aggra(ated &idna--ing 1@ 1k €edundant anguage: Sat allS @k Academic 9ords: S manipulater >k Idiom and in3orma e=-ression: S Pay as you go/go Dutch r Mo.oit H maneu(er H -u strings H -u 9ires !‰ @5 H 3udge H 3a&e H 3a si34 H 9igg e out H 3a&e H 9ang e H misre-resent H tam-er 9ith [k AGG€AlAT1k AGG€AlATINGndk AGG€AlATIl1k AGG€AlATx€k AGG€AlATIxN ! L<2NmAN: Ke33re4 A an <a=9e / j.out 9ith that at a cr tAt a r is traditiona 4 used in negati(e conte=ts: tAan‚t 4ou gi(e me an4 he .Luit the wishes LAntoN: €1n1GAT1 :e egate is the tit e o3 a -erson e ected to the •nited 2tates Mouse o3 €e-resentati(es to ser(e the interests o3 an organi~ed •nited 2tates territor45 >5 I€€12I2TImn1k I€€12I2TImndk I€€12I2TImInITd [5 x•T xF x€:1€ H x•T xF nIN1 dou 9ere 9e out o3 order ta&ing it 9ithout as&ing 1k AT Ann H IN ANd IAd H Tx ANd :1G€11 H IN TM1 n1A2T H TM1 n1A2T mIT 2ome o3 us are irritated 9hen a grocer4 chec&er as&s t:o 4ou 9ant an4 he .ng Moa pj [k •ncommon 9ords: Saggravate/wors en/exacerbater jk Ao ocation and -hrases: Go for a stroll/walk S .

ng Moa [p cụm Stime consumingS ch‹ . d7ng noun -hrase nên sŒ 0c 0iểm cao &hi dbng cho 9riting 0F:: . c'ch nFi &h'c c6a Sta&e time to do sthS thui/ tu4 nhiên nF .ace in order to ta&e -art in an acti(it4 or a s-ort @5 I<X1€ATIl1 #nwad$% w to do stk that555 k I<X1€ATIl1N122k I<X1€ATIl1nd L€xxTN: XA€!k XA€A!: to ma&e read4/ to get read4/ to -re-are I<!: no/ not H‰ not -re-aring H‰ needing immediate :: 1=: It is im-erati(e to continue the treatment 3or at east t9o months LAd$!2dNN: H•€G1NT H 1221NTIAn H X€122ING H lITAn H A€•AIAn H Ax<X•n2x€d H IN:I2X1N2Amn1 H xmnIGATx€d H 1ZIG1NT LAd$!ANTxN: unnecessar4 H o-tiona H unim-ortant H a(oidab e H nonessentia H discretiona >5 <rs larden turned o(er to the ne=t -ageW then 9ent bac& again to the mxTTx< nIN1 o(er ea3 to be Vuite sure o3 the ast 9ords5 [5 1ZAGG1€AT1k 1ZAG1€ATIxNk 1ZAGG1€ATIl1k 1ZAGG1€AT1:k 1ZAGG1€ATx€dk 1ZAGG1€ATx€ 1> 1/ Redundant language: "It?s not a )ig deal" 2/ Academic words: "Imperati3e/!ompulsor+/o)l igator+” 3/ Idiom and informal expression: " =ottom line 9 main point” 4/ Uncommon words: "exaggerate” / !ollocation and p"rases: (ime consuming " Mo.ace or tra(e to a .and aggra(ated se=ua assau t 3o o9ing his 9ee&end arrest in connection 9ith the <arch 1 abduction o3 his 3ormer neighbor5 ! <i itar4 inter(ention 9i on 4 aggra(ate the con3 ict e(en 3urther5 L2dNN H e=acerbate H 9orsen H e=as-erate H in3 ame #in3orma % L2dNNH anno4 H irritate jk Gx Fx€ 2TM Le=: Gx Fx€ A 2T€xnnk IAn}k :€Il1k :€IN}k55N: to ea(e a .

The A2A ru ed that the banned ad(erts/ created on beha 3 o3 the :e-artment o3 1nerg4 and A imate Ahange #:1AA% to -romote its carbon reduction initiati(e/ made 1ZAGG1€AT1: c aims about the threat -osed to the •} b4 g oba 9arming5 L2dNN: in3 ate H magni34 H o(erstate H h4-erbo ise H am.i r\i =uống s4n: catastro-heH disaster #o=3ord dic% . tO trên tr./ 0hn ngo.i34 H o(erdra9 H en arge H embroider H o(erdo H e=a t H embe ish H o(erem-hasi~e jk TI<1 AxN2•<ING 2orr4/ but I canJt chec& the meaning o3 this -hrasec It on 4 -ro(ided abt 1o bi ion resu ts o3 Stime! consumingS 9hich is an ad$ and means Sta&ing or needing a ot o3 timeJc 1k Me 9as a 9a4s creating about nothing/ 9hich used to gi(e me a -ain in the nec&/ I rec&on5 @k :x<INAT1k:x<INATIxNk:x<INANT The sad truth is that the -o9er o3 1lN groudominate the e ectricit4 mar&et in lietnam is be ie(ed to bring about the un9anted conseVuences5 >k X€1:x<INAT1kX€1:x<INATIxNkX€1:x<INATIxNkX€ 1:x<INANTkX€1:x<INANTndkX€1:x<INATING The (anguard generation 9ho can ans9er the ca ing o3 en(ironment 9ith their true radica actions 9i ho-e3u 4 -redominate on the hori~on [k x•T xF TM1 mn•1: #in3orman% i3 something ha--ens out o3 the b ue/ it is (er4 une=-ected5 15g: It is because o3 his -resence that she hit the ibrar4 out o3 the b ue 4esterda45 1[ Toi4eu(n 1/ Redundant language: "I Xro rec:on" 2/ Academic words: " 6ominate and predominate” 3/ Idiom and informal expression: "5ut of t"e )lue” >@ 4/ Uncommon words: "catastrop"e” / !ollocation and p"rases: !ross t"e )order xut o3 the b ueH une=-ected &iểu nh+ b?t ng.i d• t^nh &hŽng t^nh tr+)c ^ xut o3 the b ue cF thể d`ch 07i o7i .

k his de3eat ended American domination o3 the s-ort 5 Xredominate k -redominant k -redominance k [[ lu Tien liet .e 9or d!9ide are 3acing the di emma o3 en(ironmentAn deterioration 9ith the e(er!increasing occurance o3 natura catastro-he5 15 :x<INANTk :x<INANA1 L€e ati(esN :x<IN11€k :x<INAT€IZk :x<INAT1k :x<IN11€INGk :x<INIxNk :x<IN•n1 L€ootN: :om!: master/ ord !‰ the most common or greatest in number or amount L2dNN:15 H -redominate H -re(ai @5 AATA2T€xXM1 H T€AG1:d H AATAAnd2< H :I2A2T1€ N?m Độc 1/ ngi/ tuong : he is (er4 c e(er/ i rec&on @/ dominatek dominant #a%k dominance#n%k domination : -rice tends to dominate a other considerations k sheJs the dominant chi d in the grou.jk AATA2T€xXM1kAATA2T€xXMIAkAATA2T€xXMIAAnnd: Xeo.e 9or d!9ide are 3acing the di emma o3 en(ironment deterioration 9ith the e(er!increasing occurance o3 natura catastro-he5 24non4ms: catastro-he H ca amit4 H b o9 pk A€x22 TM1 mx€:1€: x9ing to indu ging the i usion o3 u=urious i(es/ man4 -eo.e cou d cross the border 9ith ha(ing no notion o3 such i ega action5 The sad truth I2 that the -o9er o3 1lN groudominate the e ectricit4 mar&et in lietnam I2 be ie(ed to bring abou555t the un9anted conseVuences5 Moa 1@ . Mo.

4 nha T^n5 @ tO n.4 chRng h7n: }hi em muốn nhfc+ sang Anh th* . nFi (•ng (o/ ung tung/ &o nFi thRng (ao mục 0^ch z5 <igrate a di cu ra nc ngoai5tu &ia a nha.-redominant 4 : a sma grou.o(er another >/ Mis resignation came right out o3 the b ue [/ catastro-he #n% k catastro-hic #a% k catastro-hica 4 : the earthVua&e 9as a terrib e catastro-he 1j 1/ Redundant language: "'ooner or later " 2/ Academic words: " $igrate and immigrate” 3/ Idiom and informal expression: "=eat around t"e )us"” 4/ Uncommon words: "e3aporate” / !ollocation and p"rases: life-t"reatening disease Sbeat about the bushS &ieu nhu .has begun to -redominate in -o ic4 ma&ing k the socia ists 9ere -redominant in the ast -ar iament k the -o ic4 is designed to -re(ent the -redominance o3 the one grou.4 #cF thể% =u?t -h't tO 0ộng tO SmigrateS trong 0F emigrate .cu (ao mot nc nao do b a&5 ai -hEn bist gibm em emigrate ()i immigrate 0i hiểu nŽm na thh n. S migrate outS c•n immigrate . Smigrate inS5 Aho (^ dụ c'ch dbng thh n.

i Anh th* em 0ang SimmigrateS # nhf(.i list trong n+)c/ em 0ang emigrate #=u?t ngoai% #emigrate 3rom555to%/ c•n 0ối ()i ng+.1p Ngu4un 1/ Redundant language: Th` :isu "o)3iousl+" ninh 2/ Academic words: " 'imulate and stimulate” 3/ Idiom and informal expression: " In t"e same )oat 9 faced wit" t"e same pro)lem” 4/ Uncommon words:”conformation and confrontation” / !ollocation and p"rases: 2 p"rases 3@i tA Bcongestion: traffic congestion 9 traffic Cam 7:Dt xe8 "oEc nasal congestion 7ng"Dt mFi8 " @k 2imu ate is SgiG (. nh_m con3ormation ()i con3ormit4 r„i/ ngu4 hiểm thft H5H In the same boat co nghia a Scung hoi cung thu4enS ah moi nguoic 1{ 1/ Redundant language: Bseriousl+" 2/ Academic words: " Muong <ai :o: Aome u.o n+)c % #immigrate to5553rom%5 A earccc:S‰ 5 Ahúc thi tốt nha :Z &o cF cmm c6a b7n isu ninh .9ith H ha--en TntTo: 3ina 4/ <ar4 comes u.9ith a decision is ea(ing her $ob right no9 could u tell me what di.S and stimu ate is S&hu4hn &h^chS [k Aon3ormation is Sh*nh d7ngS and con3rontaton is Ss• 0ối 0_uS [ d+)i gFc 0ộ c6a ng+..erent "etween .

an/ a discussion/ a reason/ etc% e5g5: a3ter ha(ing discussed their se(era -oints o3 (ie9/ the4 came u.9ith is a -hrasa (erb5 so its meaning de-ends on the conte=t5 come u. 1/ Redundant language: Btec"nicall+" 2/ Academic words: "Attitude and attri)ute” 3/ Idiom and informal expression: " 6well on 9 )e .Assem)le and resem)le” 3/ Idiom and informal expression: " !ome up wit" 9 de3elop” 4/ Uncommon words:”discrepanc+9 differenceG disagreementG 3ariation” /(A trHi ng"Ia: agree* concur2 / !ollocation and p"rases: B%ut on weig"t 9 gain weig"t Xhat Tran: come u.o3 -rob ems 9hich has re ating -oints5 An issue is a to-ic/such as The candidates 9i discuss the issues at the debate5 That means that the candidates 9i discuss the di33erent to-ics/ or sub$ect areas/ in(o (ed in running our countr45 A -rob em is something negati(e5 A -rob em is something that needs to be so (ed5 A -rob em is something that 9e tr4 to o(ercome5 A -rob em is something that 9e don‚t 9ant5 1.9ith: -roduce or 3ind # an ans9er/ a so ution/ a tit e/ a ist/ a .9ith a com-romise about the disbursement5 pro"lem and issueM isssue is a grou.

o3erl+ concerned wit"” 4/ Uncommon words:”proliferate” / !ollocation and p"rases: Bs"ine t"e lig"t on and s"ed lig"t on" 7JK+ lL 2 cMm n"Nn tOPng giQng n"au mL t"Rc ra lSi :"Hc n"au JT8 .